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Bangladeshi Editor Beheaded

Filed under: General — by Jane Novak at 11:30 am on Monday, October 4, 2004

The Daily Star: “Assailants killed Dipankar Chakrabarty, a senior journalist and vice-president of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ), at Sanyalpara in Sherpur in the early hours yesterday. Executive editor of local daily Durjoy Bangla, Dipankar, 59,was on his way home after work when the attackers swooped on him near his house and cut off his head with an axe at about 12:30am.”

Does that have anything to do with this? I’m hoping Rezwan is going to explain it.

UPDATE: Rezwan kindly provided a little clarification for us:

The southwestern Bangladesh has witnessed the brutal killings of at least 13 prominent journalists in the last 10 years. As per my information, in this region there are activities of some extremist organizations like Purba Bangla Communist Party -PBCP-Marxist-Leninist (Janajuddha) and Sarbahara group and the notorious Bangla Bhai. The police investigations could not solve the mystery of all the atrocities against journalists but a faction of the Janajudhdha has been indicted for a number of killings including Journalist Manik Saha & Journalist Humayun Kabir Balu.

Thank you Rezwan.

If you know as little about Bagladesh as I did, check in regularly with Rezwan at The 3rd World View for good education and understanding of the complexities of the problems facing Bangladesh and the unyeilding strength of her people.

(If you want to understand Saudi Arabia , see John.)

IFEX UPdate: Police said the assailants were most likely “professionals.” RSF says Chakrabarty had earlier told the press freedom group that he had been threatened for writing about local politicians who were reportedly protecting criminal organisations. ..According to CPJ and RSF, he is the fourth journalist killed this year. In a country where corruption is rife and political parties are highly polarised, reporters are often targeted for covering political violence, graft, and organised crime. However, in the majority of cases where journalists are attacked, it is because of their reports on corruption, says CPJ. In 2003, Transparency International rated Bangladesh the most corrupt country in the world for the third consecutive year.



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Journalist Beheaded in Bangledesh
To all my readers who keep saying that all religion is basically the same thing, I would just note that Dipankar Chakrabarty wasn’t murdered because of his controversial stance on giving the Eucharist to divorcees. The story is here with…


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