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WHO to Test Zindani’s Aids Herbal Cure

Filed under: Donors, UN, Medical, Religious, Yemen — by Jane Novak at 8:05 am on Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Following up on our earlier posting regarding Sheik Zindani’s herbal cure for AIDS, the WHO is conducting tests:

SANAA, Dec. 11 (almotamar net) — An official Monday said during Yemen’s celebration of the World Aids Day, the Health Ministry will register a herbal cure for AIDS discovered by the Chairman of the Consultative Councilat Yemen’s Islamist Congregation for Reform (Islah) Sheik Abdul Majid al-Zindani “as soon as the World Health Organization (WHO) approves it,” adding “a team of specialists from the health ministry and WHO was set up to study the cure.” Sheik Abdul Majid has a treatment centre and thousands of patients seek him for treatment from diabetes, AIDS and kidney diseases. Sheik Zindani claimed he had cured one of the HIV-infected children from Libya using just herbs to the point that there were no traces of the virus and the child was sent to Germany for tests and that doctors there agreed the virus was gone. He also announced the treatment of 10 Aids patients using herbs and Prophetic medicine. Meanwhile, Health MinisterAbdul Karim Rasaa said “Yemen is among the countries with low infection rate of Aids,” adding “the number of reported cases in the country has reached 1,889 since May of 2006.” The celebration was held under the slogan: “Stop Aids .. Keep the Promise

More from the Yemen Observer:

Sheikh Abdul-Majid al-Zindani, president of the Al-Iman University, has announced that he, with the help of a handful of scientists, has crafted a medicine formulated to cure HIV/AIDS patients. The news immediately provoked a flurry of controversy among regional and international health professionals, researchers, and academics, many of whom remain highly skeptical of al-Zindani’s claim.

Al-Zindani, who is the head of the Committee of Scientific Miracles of the Holy Quran, an affiliate of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, claimed that the research carried out by the Research Center at his Islamic school to treat HIV/AIDS carriers has born fruit. The announcement has been made repeatedly on a number of occasions; the most recent of which was during the celebration of the World AIDS Day, held in Sana’a University under the patronage of the Health Minister.

Many people were less than enthusiastic about al-Zindani’s announcement. Dr. Jamil al-Mughales, the head of the Clinical Immunology Services of King Abdul Aziz University, said that if he were the Minister of Health, he would put al-Zindani in jail. “Me and my friends were totally upset about the way he is dealing with the disease,” he said. “I am one of the people who personally saw the blood test of one of the patients, who was told by al-Zindani to have sex with his wife because he is virus-free, but then when I saw the results, he still had HIV,” he said.

“I hope that the mass media does not give him more press, because I think he has some hidden motives, because he is on the list of the terrorist lists,” he said. “He has to follow the scientific ethics by sending his discovery to some specialized authorities to make sure of his discovery,” he said. “It is disastrous that a doctor like Husni al-Jawsha’ai agreed to support al-Zindani,” said al-Mughales. “He is doing research in fields in which he has no specialization.”

Dr. al-Jawsha’ai is one of al-Zindani’s medical team who has made a confirmation on al-Zindani’s statements about the drug at the celebration. Zindani told Al-Jazeera (live) last fortnight that his drug needs to be registered under copyright before he announces its composition. He added that the available anti-AIDS medicines have dangerous side effects, and can damage the liver, kidneys and general health. “But my drug does not have any side-effects,” he said in the celebration of the World AIDS Day.

“Besides, HIV/AIDS patients have to take the other drugs forever. If someone stops taking it for just one week, the HIV virus will return. But my drug cures the patient completely. So, the patient does not need to have my drug for all his life. These other medicines are also very expensive, with average cost between $11,000 -$15,000 per year. So the poor cannot afford treatment. But my drug will be available and very cheap,” he saidAccording to the statistics from the Ministry of the Public Health and Population, the number of people infected with HIV/AIDS in Yemen increased from a single case in 1990 to 60 cases in 1996.

By 2001, that number had increased to 870, and by 2006 it increased to 1,821. But these numbers probably dramatically underestimate the number of Yemeni people with the virus. Many experts believe that 15 cases go unreported for every case that is officially recorded. According to the World Health Organization, 11,227 people in Yemen are infected. AIDS is now a pandemic, with an estimated 38.6 million people now living with the disease worldwide.

As of January 2006, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World Health Organization estimate that AIDS has killed more than 25 million people since it was first recognized on June 5, 1981, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in recorded history. In 2005 alone, AIDS claimed an estimated 2.4 to 3.3 million lives, of which more than 570,000 were children. A third of these deaths are occurring in sub-Saharan Africa, slowing economic growth and destroying human capital. Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said in a speech commemorating World AIDS Day (December 1, 2006) that in the 25 years since the first case was reported, AIDS has changed the world.

It has killed 25 million people, and infected 40 million more. It has become the world’s leading cause of death among both women and men aged 15 to 59. “Of course, much more work is needed;” Annan said. “By 2010, total needs for a comprehensive AIDS response will exceed $20 billion a year. But we have at least made a start on getting the resources and strategies in place.”

The National Program to Combat AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, co-organizer of the function at the University of Sana’a, has held many mass, cultural, and educational activities in Sana’a and different governorates. World AIDS Day was held this year under the slogan (Stop AIDS… Keep The Promise). The celebration included carnivals and other activities. Boy and girl scouts, as well as the military orchestra, wandered through the streets of Sana’a. The boys and girls carried various slogans and educational statements about AIDS written on signboards.

The marches eventually reached the Shari’a and Law school, where the event took place. During the celebration, the first episode of a television series called Hayatona (Our Life) was screened. It focused on AIDS, and how to deal with its patients and how to avoid infection. Songs on the same issue were sung. Drawings about the stigma and discrimination against AIDS patients were exhibited, as were photographs, in the hopes of raising public awareness of this issue. Fawzia Gharama, the head of the program, said the world celebrates this day not to celebrate the disease itself, because diseases are not to be celebrated, but to remember HIV/AIDS patients’ pain and suffering.

A part of the audience present at the celebration
AIDS knows no geographical borders AIDS infects about 14,000 persons per day; about 12,000 are between 15 and 49 years old. Sidgi Hassan, an immunologist and the Executive Director of Medical Research Center at the University of Science and Technology, said that he took samples of the drug developed by Zindani’s team. The samples were tested according to world medical methods. After testing this drug on 13 AIDS patients, samples of the patients’ blood were sent to Germany to be tested accurately. “The results shocked me,” Hassan said. “They have proved that this drug is very effective at curing the HIV/AIDS patients completely, and without any side-effects.”

Moreover, he showed the results to an American doctor named Mac Holidnei in Texas, who did not believe his eyes when he saw the results. “I have never seen one patient infected with HIV/AIDS who has the HIV virus and then suddenly does not in only four weeks,” said Holidnei. This drug has also been used by a pregnant woman, infected with HIV/AIDS. The virus has completely disappeared. But the unexpected results came when she had given birth to a baby free of HIV/AIDS. “It came as a surprise to all of us,” said Dr. Hassan. Al-Zindani, who is originally a pharmacist, has refused to disclose the components of his new herbal drug to the foreign companies.

He thinks that they will steal his composition. But he called experts and scientists in this field to visit Yemen and experience this medicine themselves, which was inspired from a Hadith (saying) of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), prophetic traditions. The Yemen Observer tried several times to get blood tests for a patient treated by the sheikh’s medicine, to get proof that the patients were positive for HIV when they checked in for treatment. We also demanded copies of the blood test results during and after the treatment, to confirm that the patient is AIDS/HIV negative. Dr. Hassan said that everything is still confidential and can’t be disclosed at the time being.

“The World International Foundations said that the structure established for such scientific researches is not available in Yemen. They also said that a lot of countries that have progressed in such research failed to find a drug to get rid of this disease completely. The answer is not available in the structure of the scientific researches but it is the inspiration came from God,” said al-Zindani. “The research on patients taking this drug were based on the protocol made by me according to the International Standards,” said Hassan. “A lot of companies give us offers to adopt this drug called Ea’jaz 3, Miracle 3.”

“The patients who take this drug and are cured from HIV/AIDS stop visiting us for one year. After that, they come to be examined again. Samples of their blood are again sent to Jordan and Germen to be tested. The results are negative and I cannot do anything but pray to God,” said Hassan. “I now ask the sheikh to stop announcing any news about this drug and ask him to allow any trusted company to come and discuss the whole issue with me.

Then it can take this drug and complete the researches. I am confident that this medicine is a real cure to the HIV infection. I do not have any other thing to say, but the only thing and the proof lays in the test results and documents,” said Dr. Hassan, who is also the head of the scientific team researching this drug.



Comment by capetonian

1/8/2007 @ 2:17 pm

It’s all plausible…..I am a person that has survived an extreme grade of hepatitus B by only drinking safran tea and buffered vitamin C for the fever (i.e. This transpired in 1976..My friends that attended the nornal GP’s died..I took the alternate root inspired by my late illustrious mother together with the reading of Suras Yasin and Al-Mulk innumerous times per day…) Now,I’m an adult ,happily married to a german girl that gave birth in ten years to three healthy sons and three daughters by the qudrat of The Allmighty AllAH(Swt).We currently find ourselves in Germany persueing an Alternate Healing Degree.We have treated people in South Africa with Cancer with the use of herbal treatments which we have composed from quran and other sources of info.We have attained successfully to dislodge the cancerous tumors and that the persons excreted these tumors .

So ,from my personal experiences I belief it can be done but I’m affraid the conventional approach will stifle research prowess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All our good wish for the extended worry and concern to heal and save life

Aluta continua….forward …..

Brother Africa


Comment by Jane

1/8/2007 @ 6:37 pm

Well thats very encouraging, thanks for commenting.


Comment by dody

1/25/2007 @ 1:45 am

i dont believe what dr jamil almugales said and i think he is trying to defame the shiekh`s name…….we all know shiekh abdulmajeed for so many years and he never let us down but who are mughales…there are so many people who are suffring becuase of this disease ….go to hell ya mugales


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Comment by ayesha

2/19/2009 @ 3:23 am

if there is a treatment please let us know. Wats the use in just publishing articles without address, contact info,etc.


Comment by hamse

7/7/2009 @ 3:14 am

Mr Suleman firstly im greating you as Islam Great ASALAMU CALAYKUM, After that i wana to tel you some thing with a problem. firstly im living in malaysia and im study here and originaly im from in somali so before 3months i make medical check then we say the doctors you are positive in HIV so at that time realy very confused but then i remem my ALLAH then i always praye for ALLAH and i TOOk always then i research by internet so i see your contact so MR suleman i need more information so can u help for that HIV or not so im waiting your answers sir thanks


Comment by Jane Novak

7/7/2009 @ 9:12 am

The doctors have a good mixture of drugs that helps people live for decades and a lifetime. The herbal cure claimed by Sheik Zindani is different and has never been made public. Maybe you can take the normal medicine until the herbal cure gets testing.


Comment by Ahmad

7/31/2010 @ 10:50 pm

Do you know what is going on with that cure?He found it 2006 now is 2010 and… nothink.The people are diying everyday from aids.Why everythink stoped?Is someone is knowing what is going on with this cure pls let us know!Thank you


Comment by Jane Novak

8/1/2010 @ 10:18 am

it was never proved to be authentic in a scientific lab other than al Zindani’s, its good question


Comment by Ahmad

8/2/2010 @ 2:08 am

That dosn`t matter!!!There is somethink wrong!!!I think the WHO don`t want aids to be cured!That is the reason!!Haw can i find the number of al Zindani??If he know how to cure that and dosn`t do it,he is at wrong way!!Where are the people?Where are the sick people of that illness?Why they dosn`t say anythink??Are they dosn`t want to be alive??


Comment by Jane Novak

8/2/2010 @ 8:54 am

Ahmed, I dont understand it myself. The WHO asked for the formula to test it and al-Zindani said the western companies would steal his formula and he never talked more about it. Then he said he cured something else, maybe H1N1 virus or something. But the herbal cure for AIDS was never really shown to be true, and maybe some people got better or not. There’s no case studies so we dont really know. Its a terrible illness and many in the world are suffering, and maybe al-Zindani thought he had the cure but then later it didnt work. There was never anything except his announcements. He didn’t show the patients who got the treatment to any other doctors. But the regular medicine can control the disease very well if its taken every day. Al-Zindani is the head of al-Iman University in Yemen and Im sure it has a website and probably a contact email on the page. Im sorry that there’s not better news about it.


Comment by Ahmad

8/3/2010 @ 3:08 am

Haw that person can sleep??Wneh he give hope to these people?And everyone was so happy,becouse thinking all the problems are finish,and can be cured?!I made the biggest mistake in my life!Before 4 mounths ago i made the mistake.Now i have all the symptoms of that disease and i`m so so so frightened!!I can`t go to be tested becouse i know the result.I want to have wife,famyli and children!!But i want to ask that person why gi give hope to the people?Why?Please you are a journalist and people like you have to be interested on that.So please if you can learn more about this let me know.Becouse hi have to give us answer,why gi gived us hope?Someone have to ask him aboust that!!!And i`m saying one more time to the sick people-DON`T BE LIKE THAT!!!DO EVERYTHINK TO GET ANSWER!!!


Comment by Jane Novak

8/3/2010 @ 8:24 am

Ahmed, its a very scary disease and the al-Zindani announcements gave a lot of people what was false hope, but there is true hope in the medicine that is tested and works for millions around the world. You are really not alone although Im sure you feel that way. Its important to start taking the medicine as soon as you can and you can have a normal life, so you have to get the test and talk to a doctor. Maybe you are wrong and its not AIDS or maybe you are right, then you can start with the medicine. But doing nothing and not knowing must be very stressful. I think you will feel better knowing what is going on with your health one way or the other. so Im urging you to go to the doctor. I will try to find out what al-Zindani says now to the millions in the world but the bigger issue is not to get distracted by his announcement and to go forward with your life.


Comment by Ahmad

8/4/2010 @ 2:26 am

Thanks a lot!Please try to find what he is says!I will wait for your answer!Thanks again!


Comment by Jane Novak

8/4/2010 @ 9:15 am

I’ll try to get an answer but I dont have a direct contact for him. Also he may not answer my inquiry because Im a Christian woman. Its kind of funny that Al-Zindani also made a big announcement about his important discovery that women cannot talk and remember at the same time and that’s why everything women say is stupid. So if you could remind me of the question… (I’m joking!)

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