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Al-Badawi Never “Re-Arrested”

Filed under: Al-Qaeda, Counter-terror, Yemen — by Jane Novak at 11:33 am on Monday, October 29, 2007

Empty Quarter has a lot of good expert analysis on Yemen in general and al-Badawi’s release in particular, including this gem:

Many news sources out their have al Badawi being “rearrested.” This is wrong on two accounts – first, and most egregiously, the statements from the Yemeni government never indicated that he was rearrested…they simply sought to redefine his current state of custody. Secondly, those sources obviously relied upon the Yemeni government’s English translation of their statement which says that al Badawi is “under arrest.” Technically, if you look at the Arabic versions of the article they all use the word ”محتجز” which is more accurately translated as “detained” (but can also mean anything from secluded to sequestered to isolated). the meaning of “Mohtajz” CAN INCLUDE HOUSE ARREST. If they wanted to say ”arrested” as in being in prison they would have used “عتقل” which cannot be used for house arrest, and is much more clear.

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