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Unknown Virus Hits Yemen: Death by Profuse Nose Bleeding

Filed under: Medical, Yemen — by Jane Novak at 2:01 pm on Monday, February 11, 2008

Yemenonline – exclusive – Local sources from Dhamar Governorate’s Wissab Al-A’li reported that unknown epidemic have started to spread in the district’s villages and areas. It has so far killed three people.

The same source pointed out that all causalities belong to Al-Sayyif village and the disease is characterized by continuous nose bleeding resulting in death few hours later. It also hinted that dozens of Al-Ja’aurah area are afflicted by the same disease.

Meanwhile, the sources mentioned that locals contacted the governor’s office for immediate action; however, concerned authorities turned deaf ear to citizens’ appeals.

For his part, head of the district health office Dr. Najm Addin Muzahim noted they received no information about the epidemic and assured his office will pay a field visit to the area to study the disease.

Ebola? The only thing else I could find with similar symptoms is Sarin, which in its impure form caused bleeding from the nose and mouth in the Sarin gas attacks in Tokyo.

Also “Sarin is similar in structure and biological activity to some commonly used insecticides, such as Malathion, and is similar in biological activity to carbamates used as insecticides such as Sevin.” In which case, contamination from illegal pesticides is a strong possibility in Yemen where illegal pesticides are smuggled and used in abundance.

Update; Myiasis outbreak reported.



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2/16/2008 @ 7:43 pm

Nose Bleeding ?

Somebody got his hands on a Penthouse.

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