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Political Cartoonist Kamal Sharef Forcibly Disappeared

Filed under: Judicial, Media, Sana'a, poverty/ hunger — by Jane Novak at 10:46 pm on Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At the same time journalist for the state propaganda agency SABA and “al Qaeda expert” Abdulelah Haider Shaer was arrested, political cartoonist Kamal Sharef’s house was raided and he was dragged off to an unknown location and is currently held incommunicado. Topics covered by Sharef include womens’ rights, corruption, bigotry,and child brides and other progressive commentary on social issues.

News Yemen: Security authorities arrested on Monday cartoonist Kamal honor of his home in the capital Sana’a, and confiscated his personal belongings including a laptop computer ..
وقال شقيق شرف لـ(نيوزيمن) أن مسلحين بلباس مدني وعسكري قاموا وقت الإفطار باقتحام منزلهم واعتقال شقيقه، وآخرين قاموا بمحاصرة منزلهم ، ومن ثم قاموا بتكتيف شقيقه ، اقتادوه إلى جهة مجهولة، بناءً على مذكرة حد قولهم باعتقاله. The brother’s honor (NewsYemen) Gunmen in civilian clothing and military as they break into their home breakfast and the arrest of his brother, and others who surrounded their house, and then they Petktev his brother, took him to an unknown destination, according to a warrant for his arrest they said.
وأشار أن مسلحين ملثمين قاموا بتفتيش المنزل والعبث بمحتويته ، وقاموا بمصادر متعلقات شخصية بشقيقه ، إضافة لجهازه لاب توب . He noted that the masked gunmen searched the house and tampering Bmahtoith, and have sources of personal belongings his brother, in addition to using his laptop.
وحمل شقيقه عمر الجهات الأمنية مسئولية حياة شقيقة ، مطالبا منظمات المجتمع القيام بدورها .وقال أنه He held his brother Omar security authorities responsible for the life of a sister, demanding society organizations to play it. He said that
وكمال شرف رسام كاركاتير من محافظة صنعاء ، ينشط بشكل كبير على موقع التواصل الاجتماعي فيس بوك حيث يقود حمله ضد الفساد، ويعمل بوزارة الكهرباء Kamal Sharaf painter Maxton of Sanaa, is active largely on the social networking site Facebook, where lead a campaign against corruption, and works the Ministry of Electricity
وكان شرف قد فاز بالمركز الأول بجائزة الرسوم الكاريكاتورية للتوعية بحقوق المرأة العاملة، التي نظمها مركز الإعلام الاقتصادي. It was an honor and has won first place prize cartoons to raise awareness of the rights of working women, organized by the Economic Information Centre.
وكانت القوات الأمنية اعتقلت بذات الوقت الصحفي عبدالاله حيدر The security forces arrested the same time, the journalist Abdul Ilah Haider



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