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Jaber Ali Al Qaifi arrested near Lauder, Update: another Gitmo and rehab grad, Jabir Jubran Ali Al Fayfi

Filed under: Abyan, arrests — by Jane Novak at 8:47 am on Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Saudi? Update: Gitmo, Saudi rehab grad, again:

Fox News: A Saudi once held at Guantanamo Bay has been picked up as part of a larger roundup over the weekend of operatives connected to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a source in Yemen with firsthand knowledge of the arrest told Fox News. The suspect uses various aliases, but he was identified to Fox News as Jabir Jubran Ali Al Fayfi. According to defense department documents, he was detainee number 188 at the Navy detention camps.

Fayfi was transferred from the Guantanamo Bay facility to Saudi Arabia in late 2006 after what one official described as a lengthy review. At the time, Fayfi was considered “low risk” and part of a series of test cases to assess whether the rehabilitation program in Saudi Arabia worked. He faces conspiracy charges, including aiding and abetting terrorism.

Yemen Observer (government mouthpiece): A foreign al-Qaeda suspect was arrested in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan, said the ministry of interior on Saturday.

Jaber Ali Al Qaifi, 27, an Arab, was arrested in Mukairas area while riding a motorcycle from the town of Lawdar where fierce confrontations between al-Qaeda and the Yemen security forces killed more than 30 people including 19 militants and 11 soldiers earlier last month.

On Friday, al-Qaeda suspect Saleh Ali Abdullah Al Dabani, 20, was arrested at a security check point in Amshak, Lawdar district, while riding a motorcycle, according to an official statement.

Meanwhile, one soldier was killed and four others were injured in two separate attacks by al-Qaeda operatives and separatists in the southern provinces of Abyan and Lahj, the ministry of interior said Saturday.

Soldier Mohammed Taher was killed and soldier Abdullah Ali Abu Bakr was injured when al-Qaeda operatives attacked a patrol station in Amoudia area in Abyan province late Friday around Iftar (Ramadan dinner) , said the ministry’s statement.

Three more soldiers were injured when outlaws as well as separatists attacked a security check point at the area of Sawad Shalik in Lahj late Friday according to the statement.

Yemeni officials say that al-Qaeda militants and separatists are in full cooperation and are coordinating to undermine the security and stability of the south.

“Al-Qaeda and separatist movement are two faces of the same terrorist coin,” said an official statement Friday commenting on the latest bloody incidents which were mostly claimed by al- Qaeda.

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