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Senior Yemeni al Shabab al Qaeda commander killed in Mogadishu

Filed under: Al-Qaeda, Counter-terror, Somalia, TI: External, arrests, pirates — by Jane Novak at 10:31 pm on Sunday, December 5, 2010

No link, sorry, it kinda looked like a news site but then it didn’t. The most senior foreign fighter in al Shabab was the now deceased Yemeni AQAP Rajah abu Khalid. Update: Rahm has the same story, unsurprisingly. Update 2, Garowe: Officials with the UN-backed Transitional Federal Government (TFG) claimed that a Yemeni-born foreign fighter named Rabah Abu-Qalid was killed during heavy clashes Sunday in Mogadishu…The group has close links to Al Qaeda has brought foreign fighters to southern Somalia to provide training with military tactics, explosives and suicide bombings, which were alien to Somalia’s anarchy before 2006. The foreign fighters in Somalia number 300 to 1,200, according to Somali and U.S. intelligence estimates. Most are from neighboring countries such as Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, and Yemen.

The militant commander, who was named Rajah Abu Khalid, a Yemen national, was reported that he was seriously wounded with 13 other fighters and was taken to an Alshabab medical facility in Jowhar district, 90kms from the north of Mogadishu.

Martyr Rajah Abu Khalid, succumbed in Jowhar hospital last night, he died several hours later when he was wounded said an Alshabab sources in conditions of anonymity.

He was the replacer of Abu Musab, the commander of Alqaeda cell in Alshabab in East Africa who died in Mogadishu several months ago the source added.

The transitional government forces confirmed the death of Rajah Abu Khalid and called his death as a loss to Alshabab and its Alqaeda allies.

The commander of governments infantry forces told Sunatimes that they killed several foreign fighters including the commander of Alqaeda cell in Mogadishu who was leading the fighting in north of Mogadishu.

The commander said that On Saturday they killed 13 foreign fighters, among them the most senior of the Alqaeda armed cell in Alshabab Rajah Abu Khalid.

He promised to confirm the names of the others and published them to the media. According to the government the man was the most senior foreign fighter killed in Somalia since the death of Abu Musab, his predecessor, who was killed by the government forces in fighting.

Alshabab militants and its Alqaeda ally are fighting to overthrow the transitional government of Somalia led by President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, a relatively moderate Islamist who is backed by the international community.

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