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Yemen Youth Revolution urges UN to take seven steps

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The Yemeni Youth Popular Revolution urges United Nations to take seven steps

Change Square, Sana’a Yemen, October 4, 2011—The Organizing Committee of the Yemeni Youth Popular Revolution issued an urgent appeal to the United Nations today. The letter outlining seven actions the protesters in Yemen’s nine month revolution is below:

To Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General, United Nations, Dear members of the United Nations, and Dear persons dedicated to human rights in the world:

Ali Abdullah Saleh, his family and his followers have surrounded us and obliged a collective punishment which prohibited us from having electricity, blocked roads which banned people from moving between governorates and militarized the cities and brought a collective punishment targeting us to obey his dictatorship and regime by force.

Saleh’s regime has killed the protesters, destroyed the houses of citizens, and kidnapped the youth activists and still threatening us with more destruction, burning, kidnapping and murder with his religious Fatwa from some of his supportive religious men taking an advantage of the world’s silence of his crimes.

We’re calling out to the living consciousness, sincerity and holy humanity in you.

Dear persons committed to human rights in the world.. We are being murdered once by Saleh’s regime weapons and his children, and we’re being murdered more by your silence. For the sake of humanity, we call you to support our right to live, our right of freedom and dignity, and for the sake of humanity; stop the shedding of blood in Yemen. And we provide you with primary statistics of the crimes of Saleh, family and thugs against the youth in Change Squares all across the country: Aden 33, Sana’a 358, Taiz 83, Hodiadah 7, Mareb 23, Hadramout 2, Ibb 4,al Baydah 5, Hajjah 2. Total fatalities are 517; injuries exceed 5000.

And for this, we ask the UN for the following:

1- Sending an international investigation envoy to stop the crimes of Saleh’s regime and family against the peaceful youth protesters.

2- The referral of Saleh’s crimes, his family and his regime to the international criminals court.

3- Not providing any guarantees that provide immunity to Saleh and his family from prosecution.

4- Freezing the financial assets of Saleh, his family and his regime responsible persons.

5- Stopping the military aid to Saleh’s regime

6- Stopping all sorts of financial and technical support.

7- We’re calling you based on the UN Charter and the International Declaration of Human Rights, and the international agreements, charters and covenants, and the statute of the International Criminal Court to stand on the side of the young males and females and the people of Yemen to achieve their legitimate demands in change and establishing a civil, modern and democratic country.

The Organizational Committee of the Youth Popular Revolution

For publication

(this video is a female Yemeni revolutionary reading the statement, Link here)



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