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Sanaa regime steals corpse, offers victim’s family 2m/YR to accuse opposition

Filed under: Protest Fatalities, Sana'a, Security Forces, Yemen, Yemen's Lies — by Jane Novak at 11:20 am on Thursday, November 3, 2011

The propaganda continues:

News Yemen

The official media said he was killed at the hands of the protesters

Family of the martyr Jaradi: we were able to extract his body from the Republican and mediated by the government offered us 2 million riyals 29/10/2011

Said the old family of the martyr Mohammad Jaradi The government offered 2 million riyals for the funeral of their parents in their backs on the seventy-screen TV to accuse the band of Yemen murder.

And subjected to gunshot Jaradi in the eye during the suppression by the security forces

and opposition Blatjh of a demonstration area Iilathaoualmadi bottom.
Family and that martyr’s widow said yesterday in Sana’a NewsYemen The central security forces abducted his body during the massacre committed by the bottom, and took him to the Republican Hospital.

She added that after the massacre has been continued through the mobile phone and emails were received by a woman, as a soldier in the belief the Central Security, and did not show her that he was martyred, but after several contacts at the hospital told her that the republic.

Said his son, the martyr that the government offered 2 million riyals for the funeral of their parents in the seventy-backs on the screen space of Yemen to accuse the band with his murder, but they refused.

The wife of the martyr that the hospital administration refused to remove his body until Wednesday, after the mediation and were able to transfer to a hospital in the sciences.

The wife of the martyr was surprised what she called a slut and the official media (the space of Yemen and Saba), through its exploitation of the martyr and image display, and bring the women lamenting the murder and that of the population of the bottom.

The wife said, “We are not a resident of the bottom, and live in Tunis Street for years,” and my husband went out that day to participate in the demonstration.

She said that her husband was involved in the demonstrations demanding the departure of the benefit system since the launch of the youth revolution.

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