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Filed under: Yemen — by Jane Novak at 8:09 am on Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy voter via “twitpics


Ibb votes in a robust orderly fashion:

Not that the vote tampering matters in the least: Cute kids vote

00:00: Man speaking; (This is) Polling Station 15,
00:00: Man speaking; Most of the voters are children,
00:09: Man speaking; who voted?
00:10: Child speaking; I voted
00:11: Man speaking; unclear… MarshAllah (God Willing) you all voted.
00:17: unclear… MarshAllah (God Willing) you are all good boys.

Dollars to donuts, after all the chaos and violence in the south, there won’t be an English language spokesman to explain where the boycott was or why: Mob takes boxes in Mallah, Aden

Explosions in the background during Al Jazeera report from Aden

Having a boycott is one thing, but rock throwing and stealing the ballot boxes is not how people who want a democratic state act:

Sanaa: when people start yelling, shoot in the air and swing your gun:

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