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Yemen’s Southern commander replaced, Sanaa cargo plane explodes, AQAP takes weapons to Jaar, Suicide car bombs kill 50 soldiers outside Zinjibar Abyan

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Southern Military Commander Magwalah ousted, General Gatan is replacement, whats buzzing is Maqwalah refused Hadi’s orders, then handed the equipment over to al Qaeda, thus the tragic losses today among the Yemeni military outside Zinjibar, upwards of 50 soldiers killed. Al Qaeda brought the “captured” military hardware to Jaar where the locals are under occupation by al Qaeda, and there are no refugee camps for the people to go to even if they could flee without being literally crucified by the fanatics. The 100,000 who fled Zinjibar are still living in misery in schools in Aden without much support, still a better life than under AQAP control Also this school year in Aden is wrecked by AQAP as a result of the mass migration away from areas of their control.

Trojan Ox; oxen are a traditional tribal offering. In 2005, the motorcycle taxi killed two oxen on the steps of parliament in Sanaa to ask for relief from new restrictive laws that diminished their livelihoods

Morning Star At least 30 army soldiers and 14 militants were killed today in Yemen’s Abyan province, according to government officials. The military said that fighters of the Ansar al-Sharia group, which is linked to al-Qaida, had launched a series of co-ordinated suicide attacks on army outposts in the area before attacking in force. Equipment had been seized and “dozens” of soldiers kidnapped, local officers reported.

The attack came a day after suicide bombers hit a Republican Guard camp in Bayda, 75 miles south of the capital Sanaa. Militants gained entry to the camp by bringing an ox they said was a gift for the camp’s commander and then detonated their explosives once inside.

Al Masdar: AlQaeda kills 30 soldiers near Zinjibar: According to military sources and others close to al-Qaeda killed at least 30 Yemeni soldiers in three al-Qaeda carried out since early dawn on Sunday, with two targeting suicide car bombs this morning a launch pad for Katyusha rockets and a gathering of government forces in the outskirts of the city of Zanzibar, Abyan province south of the country.

al Masdar: Blew up a military cargo plane of the type of Russian-made Antonov Sunday afternoon at anchor Daylami air base in the capital Sanaa, where protests demanding its leader, Mohammed Saleh, isolating the red half-brother of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The sources have revealed to Mareb Press that the Mahdi saying rejection of the presidential decree issued by President Hadi, appointed Major General Salem Cotton commander of Military Region South, and the appointment of Major General Mehdi saying Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, has been Major General Salem cotton during the past two days in Dar es presidency city of Aden together with Military Commission, which completed its tasks today.

The military sources have accused the Mahdi saying this morning to hand over heavy weapons for a number of military units of al-Qaeda Among these weapons, artillery and tanks, rocket launchers, “Katyusha”.

Barakish: Brach Forums – Special: A source field in the province of Abyan – South Yemen – that al Qaeda militants had seized military equipment huge military brigades that attacked her in the Dows on Sunday that the death toll of primary military forces of up to 70 people and the toll expected to rise as well to dozens of the wounded, as well as the occurrence of about 56 militants captured a soldier in the organization.

In the meantime, local residents said that militants in Jaar, the base were to the city of Jaar three-tank weapons and machine guns Dushka and different addition to four rocket launchers and a large number of armored vehicles, military vehicles and crews as well as modern and large quantities of ammunition.

According to the source, the Al-Qaeda and they send a painful blow and a large army in Dows and it is considered a major setback due to the enormity of human and material losses.

While a source familiar with the refrigerator Hospital Bazib Aden failed to receive the bodies of the dead coming from Dows, and about thirty bodies outside the refrigerator while the ambulances are still carrying the bodies of dead and wounded, pointing out that the information refers to the high death toll, while still many soldiers missing.

- A first addition: Open meeting room at the hospital to receive the bodies Bazib arrived Aad toll to at least 70.

- Add a second: sources Brach Net in Zanzibar, said 16 al Qaeda militants were killed in the battles of Dows, including Prince “frustration” and that the dead included five of the six Arab and Marib.

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