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AQAP kills 102 soldiers, parades 55 captured soldiers around Jaar

Filed under: Yemen — by Jane Novak at 9:56 am on Monday, March 5, 2012

First a Yemen Times link to “Terrorism operations grow in Hadramout”

Next adding to AQAP’s already substantial list of war crimes, including executions, use of children, amputations and crucifixions, from AJC:

The officials said Sunday’s fighting in Abyan province killed 107 soldiers and 32 militants. Scores were wounded on both sides. The latest death toll was confirmed by medical officials in the area.

The military officials said the militants’ surprise attack on army bases outside Abyan’s provincial capital Zinjibar also led to the capture of 55 soldiers. The captives were paraded on the streets of Jaar, a nearby town that like Zinjibar has been under al-Qaida’s control for about a year…The scale of Sunday’s attack points to the combat readiness of the militants as they launch more and more attacks in a region that the United States considers a key battleground in the war on al-Qaida.

I am naturally curious how many of these terrorist commanders and fighters fought in Saada (2005-2010) against the Houthis when many al Qaeda fighters were allied with Saleh and Ali Mohsen against the Houthis– with the US’s full knowledge and continuing support. As previously documented, some imprisoned al Qaeda were released from jail and send directly to Saada.

My concern, repeatedly expressed, about Al Qaeda fighters in Saada was that they were gaining battle experience. Saada was a training ground for al Qaeda’s army. And once they have been desensitized to the blood on their hands, its very hard to walk back these type of fanatics from continuing bloodshed.

Update: Detained soldiers train Al Qaeda operatives on looted heavy weapons:

About 60 soldiers were detained and taken to the Taliban-style Al Qaeda-declared Islamic Emirate of Jaar in the southern province of Abyan on Sunday morning. More than 110 soldiers were killed and more than 150 other injured when Al Qaeda operatives attacked camps and positions in Dawfas area, at the circumference of Zinjubar, the capital of Abyan.

About 20 from Al Qaeda fighters were killed and dozens were injured, according to sources in Jaar.

“The detained soldiers from Dawfas battles were seen today Monday in Jaar training Al Qaeda fighters on the looted tanks and artilleries,” said the local sources…The authorities were looking for three car bombs that were made in Arhab area, about 30 km north of the capital, where Al Qaeda has historic activities. Arhab is the village of the extremist cleric Abdul Majid Al Zandani, who is accused by US and UN of being a global terrorist. (ed- Arhab also subject to intense bombing 2011.) —

The threats of Al Qaeda to strike outside the battle field came also one day after security authorities said they had intelligence that three car bombs are somewhere ready to implement suicide attacks against Yemeni government and Western interests in Yemen.

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