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Yemeni state budget F/Y 2012

Filed under: govt budget — by Jane Novak at 11:34 am on Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where is the actual budget break down posted? These numbers are meaningless. The new law of the land in Yemen (the GCC document) guarantees fiscal transparency, and anti-corruption measures are one important demand of the people. Normally there is an end of the year supplemental that increases spending by about 25%.

Bloomberg: Yemen’s government plans to spend 2,111 billion rials ($9.8 billion) this year, according to draft budget plans reported by state-run news agency Saba. The draft expenditure, which requires the approval of parliament in Sana’a, represents a 17 percent increase over the 2011 budget that was approved Dec. 5, 2010. Yemen has been using last year’s budget for the first quarter of this year as unrest forced President Ali Abdullah Saleh from office last month and repeated clashes undermined business activity.

Government recognizes the state budget for fiscal year 2012 by 2 trillion and 672 billion and 740 million rials
[06 / March / 2012]

Sana’a (Saba) -

Council of Ministers approved in its weekly meeting today, chaired by Council President Brother Mohammed Salem Basendwah the draft state budget for fiscal year 2012, and projects of independent and attached budgets and special funds budgets and the economic sector and laws linked to .. And the allocation to the House of Representatives to complete the necessary constitutional procedures.

The Council instructed the Minister of Legal Affairs and Minister of State for the House of Representatives and the Shura Council in coordination with the Minister of Finance to follow up those actions.

The estimated resources of the state budget at both central and local levels for the current year 2012, the amount of two trillion and 111 billion and 129 000 453 thousand, from various sources or resource for linking resources to the last year of $ trillion and 519 billion and 589 thousand, and an increase of 9.38 percent.

The estimated use for 2012, the amount of two trillion and 672 billion and 740 000 773 thousand, distributed at the gates of various budget, compared to connect to the year 2011 of $ trillion and 835 billion and 956 million riyals, an increase of 6.45 percent.

And thus, the estimated deficit in the state budget for fiscal year 2012, a 561 billion and 611 000 320 thousand riyals.

With regard to the draft budgets of the units of independent and supplementary and special funds have been estimated resources and uses balance sheets of individual units and attached to special funds that follow the Unified Accounting System for fiscal year 2012, $ 500 billion and 68,000,231 thousand, and excess activity underway with $ 110 billion and 402 000 779 thousand riyals , while the estimated resources and uses for the budgets of independent and attached units and special funds that follow the accounting system of government for fiscal year 2012, $ 34 billion and 442 000 302 thousand riyals.

With regard to budgets and sector units the general economic nature production were estimated allocations for each of the uses and resources, current and capital for the financial year 2012, $ 4 trillion and 233 billion and 51,000,214 thousand, and excess activity underway for these units is estimated at $ 237 billion and 351 000 400 thousand riyals.

The government contribution of capital projects in the budgets of public sector units of the productive character of $ 61 billion and 345 000 021 thousand riyals.

He estimated the draft general budget of the state total funds for the budgets of public sector units character service for each of the uses and resources, current and capital for the financial year 2012, $ 175 billion and 76,000,897 thousand, and excess activity underway for these units of $ 8 billion and 421 000 350 thousand, the government’s share of the total This surplus of $ 3 billion and 558 000 020 thousand riyals.

While the estimated deficit for the current activity units of the public sector character service 33 billion and 911 million riyals, and the contribution of government capital projects in the budgets of these units 31 billion and 151 000 653 thousand riyals.

The estimated total funds for the budgets of units of the mixed sector for each of the uses and resources, current and capital for the financial year 2012, $ 143 billion and 980 000 085 thousand riyals and a surplus in its current estimated 10 billion and 400.1 million riyals, the government’s share of the total surplus of one billion and 299 000 072 thousand riyals .

And upon his draft state budget for the current year to absorb new jobs for 25 percent of those registered with the Ministry of Civil Service and Insurance until 2010 and of the 50 thousand employees and an employee a cost of $ 28 billion and 820 million riyals, in addition to 11 thousand jobs earmarked in the budget of 2012.

This included the draft budget the costs of the launch of annual increments for the years 2005-2010 AD to state employees in agencies that have not yet been implemented for a total amount estimated at about 65 billion riyals, and the annual increment for the year 2011, about 21 billion riyals, in addition to the adoption of adjustments seniority according to the appointment and qualification about 19 billion and 200 million rials , and address the grievances of transport to the overall structure of about 6 billion riyals.

It also included a draft budget of 2012 cases approved for social security number if the effect of 500 thousand annual rate of about 22 billion and 300 million riyals and implemented in 2011 to waive the cost of benefits for the remainder of last year that did not happen, at a cost of SR 14 billion.

The Council authorized the brother of Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to prepare the financial statement of the draft budgets for the fiscal year 2012, in line with general trends included in budgets to accommodate the largest amount of notes of all what can be raised queries about the budgets.

The preparation of the draft state budget for 2012, in response to the growing negative effects of many variables existing and new domestic and external, embodied most notably locally in the events that affected the country in 2011 and the ensuing large financial burden on the budget this year, whether in the form of the results of the implementation of the actual or obligations of the inevitable, while at the external level Vohmha economic consequences of the revolutions that took place in some Arab countries and the consequent decline in the size of the flows of remittances, loans and capital from abroad and other indicators that led to the disruption of major macroeconomic indicators, namely non-exchange-rate stability and high rates of inflation and declining foreign exchange reserves and others.

And taken into account in the preparation of estimates of the draft budget comprehensiveness of the imperatives and obligations that can not be avoided and those needed to restore the economic situation to the state of stability that existed before the events in 2011, and stimulate economic growth within the framework of the theory of the strong push for investment and growth strategy focused on the infrastructure in basic services to the sectors of leaders such as electricity and roads and water.

And preparation of the draft budget was based on a number of economic and financial decisions of the Council of Ministers on the program of financial and administrative reform and rationalization of expenditure and maximize revenue to the government’s program of national reconciliation which was granted under which the trust of the House of Representatives.

He stressed the Council of Ministers not to exceed the size of the actual net cash deficit through the implementation of the general budget for 2012, the amount of local funding can be mobilized from sources other than inflationary.

The Council re-consider the situation of economic units, whether subsidized or those that achieve a reduction in surplus of its activities which will reflect negatively on the State’s share of the surplus of current activity, which contrasts with the aim of the existence of these units .. Stressing in this regard speed work on the revision and correction policies and procedures for the conduct of activities and tasks of these units, as well as to review the financial and administrative systems and to ensure the rationalization of expenditures and the development of resources and control provisions on financial transactions in line with government policies and objectives and content of the program of comprehensive reform.

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3/24/2012 @ 2:51 pm

Tensions in the south of Yemen have increased over the past few years .Because The good organized Southern Movement – for southerners demanding secession – has complained of the illegal acquisition of southern land by the government, forced retirements from civil and military positions for southerners the withholding of pensions for southern military officers, and a sense that central government troops are enforcing a northern occupation of the south I do not know what all this stubbornness and insistence on adherence to military commanders The Leader of tribal who occupied and control of the south Arabian Only looting the date of the south and the Arab occupation of the South by force of arms in 1994 war Whether military leaders .Or tribal tyrants Who is not in their hearts and minds Whit hearts of love and respect of the unit, but to loot the South And control and looting of wealth.
Strange and multi-phases and sizes and shapes are seeking disgusting corruption in the land And walk behind the dreams of false and unknown, to kill southern people during peaceful demonstration can not be achieved even after a while of age. we Have suffered people of the southern Arabian oppression throughout this long period of occupation under the North colonization since 1994
We do not want any military commander in the country, plundering the country’s east and west, turning occasionally .Serial killer and a monster and a great organization pours his wrath towards the southern people kill them every days
The delivery all the weapon from the armed forces of the group against the law and order to destroy of South Arabia turns south to the theater to the ALKAIDA organization and give them all support to control of south yemen to be under southern colonization foreverHave suffered a southern people of the war on terrorist group the ALISLAH Party in the 1994 war and their war against the South who fighting with SALEH northern armed forces.they trying south towards the destruction and devastation Sectarian endless and what happened in the province of Abyan.ALI SALEH And also Brigadier General Ahmed Ali Saleh Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh and Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, Mohammed Saleh, ALAHMER family who take of land of southern people and they have all of petroleum company who located in south yemen.They did built of palaces and villas and installed the most luxurious cars they have bank balances no one know it but God these money took from southern poor people who suffered from this bad regime And killed those who were killed in different ways but the most no reasons only peace for getting their right since 1994 and the tradition of the pyramid of power positions larger than their size, To teach those who are adamant in governance and lust for power who control south that the south is not owned by Ali Saleh and his northern people or to the sons of Sheikh Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar and his entourage, And Hashed tribe or Sanhan or Hamadan The homeland belongs to all Sothern people .stop colonize our land , family rule and domination and force you to south from of a good country to country since 1967 after 14 October r revelation to 1994 destroyed to hatred and and courteous and cultured country to country replete with the problems and oppression, It is a safe and stable country to destroy country

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