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AQAP’s Ibrahim al Banna plans to take over al Mukallah, Hadramout, Yemen?

Filed under: Hadramout, Islamic Imirate, obits — by Jane Novak at 7:03 am on Friday, March 9, 2012

Yemen Post: Yemen’s interior Ministry has disclosed on Wednesday that Al-Qaeda has a “terrorist” plan to attack Al-Mukallh of Hadhramout governorate with the aim of declaring it as an Islamic Emirate.

In its website, it said that 300 of Al-Qaeda operatives including three leaders, Ibraheem Al-Bana’a, Egyptian Nationa, Qasim Al-Raimi, and Shaker Hamel were planning to attack strategic government facilities, military and security camps.

This Ibrahim al Banna? ( The undead, previously arrested, tried & convicted somehow free again long time al Qaeda operative? You can just keep clicking the links and trackbacks from post to post. I’m too tired. Supposedly Ibrahim the Egyptian was arrested in Hadramout in 2008 (after the lethal January ambush of a Belgium tourist convoy in Shibam), tried in 2010, and killed in 2011, but then he wasn’t dead after all and it turned out that many of the 21 charged with the terrorist murder of the two elderly female tourists and two Yemeni guides were convicted in absentia.

Qasim al Reimi is also among the repeatedly undead; declared as killed by the Yemeni government at least three separate times although he remains very much alive. Shaker Hamel was arrested and tried with al Banna and apparently is still hanging out with him. Cozy.

(My Ibrahim al Banna search also returned Jaber Elbaneh results but that’s the Lackawanna NYer/al Farouk grad who we haven’t heard from lately. His is another bizarre story that would almost be funny except he’s al Qaeda.)



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Comment by Nezar Naji Al-awlaki

3/11/2012 @ 4:56 am

People have rights for better life. Wherever poverty is found, illiteracy will spread and there we will find AlQaeda. This organization is not all the way devilish. Its agenda includes rights that stem from natural needs for power, dignity, identity and well-being. We are indebted to the late Bin Laden and all those who belong to AlQaeda that they played as a timely alarm to remind us, i mean we all the residents of this globe as individuals and countries that reform is a must and that the demands of others should be entertained in a reasonable way to avoid humanitarian atrocities. Well, in the Arab Spring aftermath, let the Islamist classes reach power and express themselves properly. I think this would be the best strategy to dry up the sources of Terrorism.

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