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The following article is in part a sociological sketch, with interviews and observations of the al Qaeda occupation of Jaar. One interesting point is that among the first tier of leaders are many bitter ex-prisoners of the political security organization. One was tortured and forced to eat from the toileting bowl; his crime was attempting to go to Iraq to fight US forces there. “He added: «I thought the Jews and the Christians were the only ones who should have jihad against them (but) if our fellow Yemenis are cursing God and apply electricity for trivial reasons». He is currently living the best days of his life in Abyan with his brothers «Mujahideen»”

There’s also a reasonable profile of new publicity hound and Prince Abu Hamza, and his depiction of AQAP’s provision of social services, basic needs and “justice.” So far they executed eight Saudis accused of spying, three people have had their hands chopped off. The authors note the Al Qaeda “court” considers defense lawyers irrelevant. Tobacco, qat, alcohol and all smoking is prohibited. “The “popular satisfaction left by those acts and policies (ed- bountiful gas, water and electricity) of some residents of Jaar are offset by resentment at the vast majority of the population of those areas.” They consider Khalidabdul Nabi a Saleh operative, and fought his operatives before gaining control.

The original article is is here and the GT is below. Following that is a GT’d research paper by the Aden Research Center about al Qaeda, then an AP article on the AQAP statement of responsibility, a YT round-up of the Dofus attack and a random southern comment on the whole scenario.

Interesting details about the emirate’s alleged “supporters of Sharia” in Abyan province
Over the Aden .. Rebounds Date: Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 10:43 pm

Visited a few weeks ago my colleague on the team convoy Alawareda Freedom cities of Zanzibar, Jaar, in Abyan province, a stronghold «Supporters of Sharia» as it seeks to declare the Islamic Emirate alleged.

Here he sheds light on the activities of the group and its supporters how to think. During our visit to the province of Abyan, the affected part of a team convoy Freedom Tafna cities of Zanzibar, Jaar, accompanied some of the gunmen who called themselves the «Supporters of Sharia» and claim their belonging to «rule».

We have found in them who is the organizer really holds ideology of al Qaeda, and another on a mission to serve the agenda of a particular, and the third avenger of the system of government dose all the colors of injustice, and a fourth class threw him harsh living conditions into the arms of good at the art of exploitation, the name of religion and law and has a great ability to persuade and work brainwashing .

We met there in Zanzibar and Jaar, and along the road leading to them, Chechen, Afghan and Serbian and Africans, as we met people from different areas in Yemen say they are all there for one purpose is the establishment of an Islamic caliphate governing the law of God and spread justice and prosperity. Among them were the owners of precedents, as confirmed to us some of the members of the Freedom Flotilla, who introduced us people who live with them in the same neighborhood in the capital Sana’a (mostly Msik, Sawan, house him, black) and have the issues of ethical and criminal charges to trade in drugs and alcohol, what qualifies them to be heads of precedents as Narrated by us some of their neighbors who were with us in the convoy.

He also drew our attention the way some of them in shaving beards and mustaches, which suggest that they are new era religiosity and perhaps rule also, and this was obvious through their talk, which shows how bankrupt the cultural, religious, and cost them extra, to the point that they were Ihdthona about Islam as if we were not entitled to maintenance from him and even present themselves to the other that they are agents of God in the land.

But with all that seemed wonderful in their generosity and good dealings and courteous attitude, and proved to us Bbassatthm and modesty and Ostithm and acceptance of the other by facilitating our mission and respond to us – in spite of all provocations – they are just the opposite, which conceived and the local media and foreign affairs in these aspects in particular, with the potential to be of door only improve the image, especially as they were coming to a new phase will talk about later.

Abu prayer and the battle of revenge

Most of the leaders of the first row as well as leaders of combat battlefields are graduates of prisons, and spent two to four years in detention two political security and national security as narrated to us a leaders in the field for the supporters of Sharia in Jaar, Zanzibar, known as «Abu prayer San’aani».

Jamal Haimi nicknamed «Abu prayer San’aani» Msik neighborhood of the capital Sanaa, is married to the Bamehvd Abyan province and father of three children currently live with them in Jaar, which is now called recently and tar.

Arrested by the Political Security in Sana’a in 2006 and stayed four years in solitary confinement received various types of torture and forced repeatedly to eat of the dish, which was relieving himself in it, as well as the insulting offer and all that because it is thought only to go to Iraq for jihad against the American occupation forces stationed there – he said. Joined Haimi to supporters of law for revenge from the state which he said was now reaping the fruit of what committed in his right and the right of others from injustice and attacks, blunders, pointing out that most configurations jihad on the scene including al-Qaeda and supporters of the law is a natural product of injustice and oppression practiced by the security services and intelligence of system for the family.

He pointed out that there Haimi many of those who violated the honor and broke into their bedroom and arrested one of the parents and their children, which made them – he said – believe that Jihad in Yemen with groups such as those of the first jihad in Iraq or anywhere else.

He added: «I thought by the Jews and the Christians the only ones who should be jihad against them and if the people of our fellow Yemenis Aspk and cursing God and Asakk electricity for trivial reasons». According to the caruncular it is currently living the best days of his life in the show with his brothers «Mujahideen» from different parts of the world, including Europe, Africa and stationed all across the battlefield, which is absolutely convinced the current situation in particular, and they live – he said – with an Islamic state apply the laws of God is governed by what was revealed.

Continues, saying: «We are fed by the Governments of infidelity and apostasy, and customers, we want an Islamic government are tired of these tyrants want the laws of God to rule us».

Prince «dignity» and First Impressions

After a series of contacts upward with the leaders of a field belonging to supporters of Sharia in Abyan province met Abu Hamza Alzenjabbara, the center of the state and the tar road and the city of Jaar already wearing several war and standing next to him a number of accompanying bodyguards armed with weapons and some children used as a propaganda promoting such thing as coexistence between residents of Jaar and supporters law and the continuation of normal life.

His real name Jalal Mohsen Saleh Blaidy of the tribe Almaraqeshah «Al Belaid» located 70 kilometers from the city of Zanzibar, east and nicknamed physically b «Abu Hamza Alzenjabbara» at the age of 30 years, married with children, and it appears from the last one Altqtnaha him that skinny body , white skin, black hair, a little attention to external appearance, many of which concern his beard keeps reaching out to them from time to time and the other one who did not get used to launch before. It also has a sense of humor and broad smile never leaving his face and has the ability to win the sympathy of others, which together with the careful observation quick-witted, but on the other hand superficial thinking and Itasb very opinion despite pretending its respect for the opinions, and does not hesitate for a minute distrust of exclusion, as was the case with a fellow journalist who said that his questions have a political background and serves the other parties.

Blaidy is the de facto ruler of the Emirate of Zanzibar, which was appointed Emir of her late March 2011, after the withdrawal of security forces and which fall into the hands of supporters of Sharia which is directly linked to the first senior leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Nasser al-Wahayshi. Has earned Blaidy this position because first sons of Zanzibar, then when he owned the stock of jihad and what was known about him from the bravery and courage and statesmanship in the last battle they have fought against the army, and was among the first to have them and they had planned, a position he held for his mandate does not honor – as he says . Abu Hamza was a broad smile and then started his speech by welcoming us as the first team news and my rights up to the province of Abyan, considering it a positive step as long awaited in order to shed light on what he considered crimes against humanity committed by Ali Abdullah Saleh and his gang against the people of the province.

Abu Hamza says: «the whole world piled on the children of the province of Abyan to the client by the State, which bombed citizens and destroyed the infrastructure of the province, and all because the people of this province have decided to rule on the law and Eetmrdoa injustice and corruption with which the province».

He said that this scramble by the world and the regime in Yemen against them is one of them to take up arms as a right project for the defense of themselves and will not leave their weapons – he said – until the arbitration Shara and stop everyone from fighting and abuse in any form


Situation in Abyan

The security situation in Abyan is witnessing steady-state does not exist in the rest of the governorates of the republic as depicted on Abu Hamza, like the living conditions and service, pointing out that the services continue at the level of electricity, water, municipal, and others, affirming their determination to be the state show a model in arbitration law and the payment of injustice and the preservation of human values ​​such as justice, equality, and will be circulated – he said – all over the country. On the nature of the relationship between the supporters of law and citizens in the cities of Jaar and Zanzibar said Blaidy: «our local community are good and based on cooperation and interaction, we find a great response and accept unrivaled by residents of the status quo, and you will be on tour to make sure of it yourself and see how cohesion between us and the citizens». The issue of changing the name of «Jaar» to the «dignity» comes from the door follow the guidance of the Prophet peace be upon him – he said – which was always changing the names to what is the best and our knowledge and we saw the names we know that the dignity of its meaning hyena and this changed its name to Waqar


How are the tar and Zanzibar?

Manages the supporters of Sharia Affairs Zanzibar and dignity (Jaar) across a range of committees including the Social Services Committee with jurisdiction over Fannie calculation associated with advocacy, education, and the Judicial Committee associated with the institution of police, who currently has one police station in the city of Jaar. And the Centre for Police and tar task of reform among the people, conflict resolution and discounts and after reception issues and documented in the records, in addition to the tasks of policing in the city, With regard to the issues that need to be judicial rulings such as the implementation of the provisions of justice and the establishment of the legitimate boundaries Faihalha the police department to delegate the religious judiciary and who is sent to the Judiciary Committee, which includes 6 judges to decide upon.

They have – as Prince of Jaar – the rehabilitation of many state institutions, particularly worn-service ones, such as education and health for the benefit of the people, and they have poured water until they reached the army himself, who agreed with him that supplies them with electricity for getting on the water. While the accused supporters of Sharia both allied with the West employment confirmed Blaidy they create a health center within the city of Jaar, in cooperation with the Red Crescent building on the terms of security they made so that the replace-Razi Hospital, which was completely destroyed by the bombing, which suffered by the army . Execution and solid and cut hands but what is not talking about Abu Hamza is the subject of provisions carried out by supporters of sharia law since control of the towns of Jaar and Zanzibar in particular and that the information we have obtained indicate that the group executed 8 people, including Saudis, all of them on charges of spying except for one person from the show is said to be objection to the existence of Sharia supporters urged him to attack each one of the points in


Also carried out have become aware of Ansar al-Sharia three provisions cutting off of hands, the right of one child named Khalid Abdul Aziz -15 years – on charges of theft of copper cables and sell them to a scrap dealers, died two days later from complications following the execution of the judgment obtained by him cut off his hand.

And saw a number of people on death the right of a people which included the provision also crucified for three days at the entrance of Jaar, to be viewed by entering and leaving the city.

Some of the proponents of Sharia have asked us to wait until the next morning to be publicly within the execution of steel and 3 of the population and the Emirate of Qar (Jaar), including a woman said they were accused of spying for the army and the third parties did not disclose them.

More seriously, that the right of the accused in the inauguration of a lawyer to defend him and resume his sentence all of procedures and status in the courts that are not Islamic law irrelevant from the standpoint of the Prince of Qar (Jaar) Jalal Blaidy, who said during a press conference held on the same day «The procedural aspect in the judiciary of the Islamic simple and uncomplicated and consistent with the tolerance of Islamic law ». Qat and tobacco abuse khat and the smoke of the things prohibited in the law of supporters of Sharia in Abyan province and treason to the Prince of the Emirate of Waqar (Jaar) who directed the transfer of qat market only within the city to the outside view to its elimination altogether, and issued a decree to prevent sale of all types of tobacco and punish those who violate it.

And we remember here the story took place for a member of a convoy of freedom Salah Almqpola, during their arrival in the city of Jaar, where leaders «Alolah» – he says – to the grocery store in order to obtain love cigarettes, and there surprised the owner nods his silence, and then reared its head from the door Mtfatta left and right. Continues Almqpola: «D the groceries out to the cabinet secrecy and fear controlled all his movements and then remove the pack cigarette and asked $ 30 riyals a price for the grain of one, over which Afna oaths seriously not to disclose his secret to one does not know that supporters of Sharia Vinzlon by the maximum punishment».

Iron-fist policy between satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the policy of «iron fist», which governs the proponents of Sharia some parts of the show now as far as spreading terror and fear among the rest of the population could, in turn that there is a thing of the security and safety, who missed the citizens there for more than two decades on the state of the unit and put an end to many of the gangs of theft and Almottagtaan. This was accompanied by security that the supporters of law to distribute some food aid, as happened in the last Ramadan and perform some service projects such as surveying and paving of roads and retrieve some stolen items and returned to their owners, and other work that seeks supporters of Sharia through which to present themselves as an alternative to the former regime and in line with the requirements of and the challenges of the stage.

«A. H. S» a population of Jaar, and government employees, we met in the only restaurant in the city assured us that everything is going better than ever and to all the services available from the electricity, water, gas and other necessities they lack the rest of the governorates of the republic, and when we asked him: « Why eat in the restaurant if the situation is as inconceivable to us?! .. Smiled at us and shook his head and said: »I’ve got an ulcer in the stomach and eat a home does not suit my health» .. This popular satisfaction left by those acts and policies of some residents of Jaar offset by resentment at the vast majority of the population of those areas, which we read in the features of the fear that cast the faces of most of those we met in the dignity and Zanzibar as well as the tones of their voices and we have heard publicly from the mouths of displaced people outside the show and who are the vast majority. The first outlet on the supporters of law from the point of view opposed to them are sons of Abyan is a faith of certainty that they are just paper, however, the benefit and the remnants of his regime Family defunct used whenever he wants, which was denied by Amir of Jaar altogether, describing it impossible to recognize the existence of spies and the eyes of the system within the organization.

The children show opposition to the supporters of Sharia, the fall of Jaar and Zanzibar in the hands of insurgents process orchestrated between Ali Saleh and elements belonging to him within the al-Qaeda to surrender the province, in an attempt to intimidate abroad, particularly America and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) from the al Qaeda threat in case of transfer of power in Yemen It also demands that millions of people who came out to the street demanding to drop its …

Supporters of Sharia .. positions and visions

The position of supporters of the canon of the Revolution

Jalal Blaidy agree with the youth revolution in the objective, which bring down the regime, but we disagree with them in the way the grounds that any system of government algebraic does not work with only the language of force and weapons, and if the youth revolution had come out on the system peacefully for 10 months, we went out by the weapons since the decades of time. He added: «to say that the peaceful way is the most effective is the point of view that we respect and we consider is the easiest way to self, but all things have holds firmly to a peaceful and then come in the end and Ikasmk fruit and perhaps pull you to the rug as before the opposition parties in yards and fields of freedom and change».

Position of the Army of Aden-Abyan

Supporters of Sharia to consider what was known as the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, led by Khalid Abdul Nabi, that they follow the group Blatjh Ali Saleh and obey His command has been repeatedly used them to hit al Qaeda in Abyan as well as some of his political opponents.

According to some leaders in the field for the supporters of sharia law, the first battle in the show before the fall of Jaar and Zanzibar in their hands was with the supporters of Khalid Abdul Nabi’s de facto ruler of the province of Abyan, during the period before the recent war and who withdrew at the beginning of the battle, meanwhile, announced nearly 100 armed followers joining Ansar al- law, and was then liquidated during armed confrontations with the army.

Their position on the election

The position of supporters of the canon of the election of Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi, president of the republic is the same as the position of the Salafist extremist in Yemen and also al-Qaeda who are denied the election and see it as a card American in Yemen and the Middle East as a whole, which was confirmed by Jalal Blaidy saying: «We are legally not see the elections and our approach is known in this issue, which is problematic for us in terms of legality ». Indicate the results announced by the electoral commission that the proportion of the province in areas controlled by the advocates of Sharia in Abyan province reached 100 percent, where the Committee was unable to enter the ballot box to those areas, especially Zanzibar and Jaar, which have witnessed a significant strengthening of the forces of supporters of Sharia such as early presidential elections .

Their position on the Houthi

May agree with supporters of Sharia Houthi group in so-called war on America and Israel, which are embodied in the ideology of al Qaeda’s anti-West in general and America in particular, and that you wish to cry Houthi Death to America, Israel and curse the Jews.

But what we heard from the Prince of Qar (Jaar) previously denied the existence of any points of convergence between the two, and confirms their fight against the Houthi group since a period of time on the principle of legitimate is that they Ruad insulting the companions in addition to their crimes they committed against the Sunnis in Saada and other provinces – according to say – and which have become known to all.

Moreover, charge Jalal Blaidy Houthi group they were fighting them now along with Major General 25 Mika.

Their position than in Radaa

Jalal says Blaidy «What happened in Radaa was the will of the people of the same city who are tired of socialism, democracy and secularism which is what happened before Zanzibar and dignity that their children rebelled against the secular system of government and all of us is in the same direction».

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Center for Studies of Aden presents a research study on the objectives of the wars that take place in the south these days

Centre of Aden promising for Research and Strategic Studies, an integrated study on the situation taking place these days in the south, was the head of the center Dr / Mohamed Hamidi to provide a brief summary of this study.

Said at the beginning of his talk that our follow closely what is happening on the land of the south and the monitoring and conservation of the most important information that can be consulted to assess any developments or events.

From this point comes our assessment of what is happening in the south these days of battles between the so-called al Qaeda and the Yemeni military occupation of our land. We can say that these battles artificial and stand behind the conflicting parties and the ruling power in Sana’a, and will demonstrate that the following facts:

First, the elements of the so-called al-Qaeda elements are known to power a long time ago, and some were in prison and smuggled from prison, we did not find a security official has been prosecuted or held accountable on the cause of his shortcomings in this matter. These elements alone have the ability to escape from prison while the other prisoners did not escape them and one for decades.

Second: The authorities in Sana’a use these groups as often as you like and the stoppage of activity at the time as you like, has been recognized by each party during the crisis of Yemen that the other party supports al-Qaeda, and that was the charges are real and not a matter of haggling political, many of the elements of leadership accused of terrorism receive a salary of First Armored Division and some of the Republican Guard and the national security and political security and the Ministry of Interior. The biggest proof of this that the ruling authorities entered with those elements in the dialogue several times, most recently the parties’ agreement to a truce for ten days during the presidential elections in February.

Third, these elements with it’s claim to be the elements of a secret organization, we found related to means of information and images published on the newspapers, and appear in the villages and cities, and thus know that there is no trace of the steps. Authority kill some of them rebel against them only.

Fourth, sometimes appear on behalf of al-Qaida and sometimes on behalf of the Army of Aden Abyan and sometimes as supporters of the law, and establish the Emirate of here today and tomorrow, then there is a period ending after the emirate. Has announced in the past for the Islamic Emirate of Al-Jouf and Marib, the emirate of the UAE and then canceled. In May of last year announced that aggregates all emirates of Zanzibar and Jaar, in Abyan province, has been leaked security services this news a while ago that al Qaeda intends to announce these two regions Lamartine, and here are the security services promoted by the day that these groups plan to announce the provinces of Shabwa and Hadramout Lamartine Islamic groups . It was leaked that it intends to attack the province of Hadramout. However, these devices do not take any measures to counter the potential threat.

Fifth, claiming the ruling authorities in Sanaa said the elements of a terrorist Arab participation in those battles, but did not say how she entered into the country, and declare every day for killing large numbers of them, but it is just lies, if the record those numbers find them in the thousands, while the government itself says Ahsiyatea The number of al-Qaeda in Yemen does not exceed 300 800 element. But it announces the death of some of the neighborhoods they clear.

Sixth, most of these elements receive religious education in educational centers recognized by the authorities in Sana’a, and these institutes and religious schools get public support even from government officials. Most of these institutes and schools belonging to religious currents such as the Yemeni Congregation for Reform and Salafis and Sunnis.

Seventh, despite ongoing hostilities have not found the army seized power and security of one person. This indicates that the battle is being run with those elements of a plan to advance its goals. And owes alone has the power to stop or continuation of hostilities. This owes run the country for decades, crises and wars, and wars, most recently the six-Saada, which claimed the lives of thousands and then a telephone call has been discontinued. Today, armed groups have been battling the state in Saada and accused of murder, terrorism and extremism, and lived together with the army and security units stationed there.

Eighth: Sanaa authorities use those armed groups for political purposes, including obtaining international support, and recognition as an essential partner in fighting terrorism, and to ensure their survival in power and not holding them accountable for their crimes against the people. In order to believe the world that what is happening in the fighting a real war cost the military units and security is trained and is Arefh nature of the region to fight against these groups, allowing those groups take down big losses the army and security, and enable them to obtain weapons and money, and orientation of committing crimes against humanity such as the soldiers killed innocent and the execution of the citizens.

Ninth: these elements did not find targeted actors owes, or the target property subsidiary, or government installations, harm their interests or harm the interests of countries of the ruling authorities to accord fully with them, and in rare cases where there has been some work beyond the prearranged was the mother of a dispute between power and these totals, or the implementation was based on the desire of a Party to owes.

X.: The authorities in Sana’a when you want those items ignite a war in a region activated by all the provinces to that region, so that members of groups do not know each other, what is important to make them a powerful force, but not under one command so as not to rebel against the leadership, and this authorities to ensure the ability to control these groups, in the case of any insurgency group went against the other group.

The objectives of the ongoing war in the south between the so-called al-Qaeda or Ansar al-Sharia and army units, security, it is as follows:

1. Tarnish the image of the people that the people of the south extreme, and that if he left for judgment will turn the land of the south to the hotbed of terrorism.

2. These groups make a tool to attack any forces or personalities demanding liberalization of South-South and the restoration of his state. And transform the conflict into the south south. Instead of north south conflict.

3. Times the mobility revolution, southern and peaceful demands the restoration of his country, through the control of these totals on the important areas in the south, linking the areas of geographical unity, human and economic development of the South. Vsatrh these totals on the city of Zanzibar, the capital of Abyan province, led to the separation of the South Bank from the eastern regions. And has control over the most important area in agricultural productivity and abundance of fish and fauna in the south. And thus deprive the people of the south of its resources.

4. Control of these groups on the regions in the province of Abyan and led to the exodus of its population reliant on agriculture, grazing, hunting and the destruction of their homes and Tqaibdém heavy losses difficult to compensate. As the exodus of the inhabitants of those areas to other southern provinces problematic and cause great burden to the inhabitants of those provinces.

5. Relocation or the field of conflict between the warring parties to the judgment of its land and its cities in the forefront of the capital Sanaa to the land of the south, to ensure that no direct fighting between them and the destruction of property .. Combat losses of human and citizens southern army and those totals and many southern areas, and Shafi’i in Yemen, or what is called the bottom and the material losses are all southern.

6. Divert the attention of the regional and international issue, the South as an issue just to the on-going conflict between extremist elements and the state, and these totals with that all their leaders and members not southerners and administration, however, fighting in the south makes the world is seen that these aggregates extremist whole South.

7. Sanaa authorities are keen to spread the aggregates in its southern provinces that extract wealth from oil and gas makes the international community to stop for fear of oil and gas exports, and this is what makes him stand by the ruling authorities.

8. Involvement of military and security units, which most of its members from the south to fight against these groups, and this is what leads to the loss of life southern weaken the power of the people of the south. That is why we call on the sons of the south of the military and security leaders, officers and soldiers not to participate in these wars that do not do nothing for them in, the sacrifices in this war in the time and place of sinners.

Eden Centre for Research and Strategic Studies

March 7, 2012 m of Aden.

Good reporting as usual from Ahmed al Hajj

AJC: In the aftermath of the brazen al-Qaida attack, the U.N. envoy to Yemen warned Wednesday that the terror group has gained ground during the country’s political crisis.

Al-Qaida’s Yemen branch said in a statement posted on several jihadi websites that it carried out the attack in reaction to the military’s plans to sweep through its strongholds in the city of Zinjibar, the provisional capital of southern Abyan province.

The al-Qaida assault has stepped up pressure on newly inaugurated President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi to follow through on pledges to purge the army of officers loyal to his predecessor, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

For the third day, tens of thousands of Yemenis demonstrated in cities across the country, demanding that Hadi prosecute army commanders suspected of negligence or collaborating with al-Qaida in the Sunday attack.

In response to the protesters’ demands, the Yemeni interim government pledged to speed up restructuring the army and said that “negligent” army commanders “will be punished.”

Al-Qaida took advantage of last year’s uprising against Saleh to seize several towns in the south. Poorly equipped and trained Yemeni armed forces have failed to regain control.

The U.S. considers the Yemen branch of al-Qaida one of its most dangerous. U.S. aircraft have targeted leaders of the branch in the past.

U.N. envoy Jamal Benomar told reporters after briefing the U.N. Security Council Wednesday that the collapse of state authority in a number of areas around the country has benefited al-Qaida.

Benomar also warned of a growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where he said the political turmoil has left a quarter of the people in the nation of 25 million without enough food.

Witnesses in the town of Jaar, located near Zinjibar, said that hundreds of families have fled the town, fearing new clashes between al-Qaida-linked militants and government forces.

Tawfiq Hashim, a teacher from Jaar, said militants have been distributing flyers urging residents not to leave their houses.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, which has a team treating the wounded in Jaar, said in a statement Wednesday that the situation in the town is “tense.”

The battle “left scores of people wounded or dead on both sides,” said Eric Marclay, the head of the ICRC in Yemen.

In the aftermath of the Sunday attack, military officials said death toll among government forces has reached 185.

Al-Qaida militants overran a base near the town of Zinjibar and shot soldiers in their sleep. Some of the bodies recovered afterward were missing heads, and others were mutilated. Another 55 soldiers were reported captured with 32 attackers killed.

In its statement, al-Qaida gave different casualty figures: 100 soldiers killed and 73 captured. It said only two militants were killed. It was not possible to reconcile the two sets of figures.

The militants’ statement said they captured weapons, including a tank and Katyusha rocket launchers.

Saleh was replaced as president by Hadi last month as part of a U.S.-backed, Gulf Arab-initiated deal, which Washington hopes will allow Yemen’s central government to rebuild its authority and uproot the militants from the south.

Yemeni activists say the army is still packed with Saleh supporters chosen for loyalty rather than competence, who have been lax in taking the fight to al-Qaida and may even have struck local deals with the militants.

A good article from the Yemen Times on the attack in Dofus:

ABYAN, March 7 — At least 150 soldiers died, while another 40 were left injured, as a result of intense fighting with the Ansar Al-Shariah group in Dofus last Sunday.

However, reports on the exact death toll have varied. While AFP sources stated that 185 soldiers from the Yemeni military were killed, different local sources in Abyan have come up with death tolls of 190 and 150. In any case, with continuous battles being fought, the numbers of dead and injured are expected to rise.

That armed men from Ansar Al-Shariah seized weapons and tanks from their opponents only served to increase the military’s death toll.

Details of Dofus attacks

According to eyewitnesses, elements of the Ansar Al-Shariah group who had controlled Zunjubar and Ja’ar in Abyan since May 2011 reached the 39th Armored Brigade’s artillery and canon base in Dofus at 4:00 AM on Sunday.

The military base – located at the Al-Alam checkpoint – is responsible for guarding the 119th and 115th brigades, both of which are stationed on the road to Aden.

Eyewitnesses said that when the armed militants approached the base, military leaders had already left the area. The armed men began their violent attack on the 39th Brigade. In the end, the soldiers had aborted their positions and left their weapons and tanks behind, which the militants soon seized.

At the same time, Ansar Al-Shariah militants attacked 115th and 119th brigade forces stationed at Dofus in the East Kood district, not far from Zunjubar.

The two brigades fought with the armed men, but were surprised by intense shelling which appeared to come from the 39th Brigade, already overcome by armed militants.

Leaders from the two brigades, under attack from two directions, signaled for relief from Aden. Reinforcements only arrived hours later at 10:00 AM. The Dofus position was regained at 3:00 PM, following a violent battle which lasted five hours.

A Southern Military Region source who requested anonymity said the effort to regain the Dofus position had been directly supervised by the United States military advisors.

The source indicated that airstrikes destroyed all the weapons seized by the armed militants. However, even if the armed group did not maintain control of the seized tanks, they still have 55 soldiers as prisoners among them, more than ten officers.

For their part, Ansar Al-Shariah sources said their militants gained control of one tank, anti-aircraft guns, Katyusha missiles and launchers, one canon, various other arms, and a store of ammunition.

Morgues crowded with corpses

A medical source at Basohaib Hospital stated that the hospital’s morgue and other rooms were crowded with corpses after casualties were received from Dofus on Sunday morning, before adding that even the hospital’s meeting hall was crowded with bodies.

Dozens of the troops’ bodies from the Dofus massacre remain inside the Yemeni Economic Corporation’s refrigeration unit of the Yemeni Economic Corporation. Due to a lack of available space, Basohaib Hospital had been unable to receive them.

Suspicions of collusion

Since last Sunday’s attack, some have pointed fingers at former Military Commander of the Southern Region Mahdi Maqwala, who was set to hand over his position on the same day.

Sunday had been set for the position to be handed over from Maqwala to his successor, Major General Salem Qatan. Maqwala was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff, while Qatan had received the position of Military Commander of the Southern Region by Republican Decree on Friday March 2.

According to military sources, the suspicions of military collusion with the armed groups exist but lack certitude and proof. In any case, there appears to have been a neglect of duty particularly by the Armored 39th Brigade.

One popular local leader, Mohammad Badaib, said that dealing with Al-Qaeda is extremely complicated, and pointed out that differences among some military units represented one of the causes behind a failures to defeat such Al-Qaeda-affiliated forces.

Badaib said that last Sunday’s attacks came as a consequence of Maqwala’s firing by new President Hadi. In his opinion, the firing had negative consequences, as he claimed Maqwala proceeded to hand over huge quantities of weapons and strategic military positions to the Al-Qaeda militants.

Badaib, a leader for the Southern Movement, said that Central Security paid the highest price in the week’s last casualties, as the number of its soldiers killed in a single day – Sunday – reached 89. 70 of the soldiers had been killed inside a dining hall after being held for 15 hours.

Badaib quoted a high-ranking military source as saying that the corpses of over a 100 corpses had been placed inside refrigeration units at the Yemeni Economic Corporation.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meanwhile issued a statement in which she condemned the Al-Qaeda affiliated group’s attack against the Yemeni military, and said that Al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula doesn’t care for the souls of human beings. At the same time, Clinton did not mention the issue of security.

The last deadline

Prominent Al-Qaeda leader in Zunjubar Jalal Balaidi, also known as Abu Hamza, said his group had given the Yemeni government a ten-day deadline in which it must withdraw its forces from Zunjubar. The deadline was given after news reports stated that military forces planned to launch intensive strikes against the group’s positions in Zunjubar and Jaar.

In a statement published by the website Aden Al-Ghad, Balaidi said the Ansar Al-Shariah militants were ready to declare a victory, and that they will proceed with a “flowing river” plan. Details or explanations of what this plan would involve were not provided.

Balaidi also demanded that the government should promptly compensate displaced local citizens for their damages.

An articulate southern view of what al Qaeda is calling “Operation Cut the Tail”

“CUT TAIL” … the name of the latest Al Qaeda attack on Yemeni forces in Abyan South Arabia . as eye witnesses told us and survivor solders said that, the key attack against military camp comes from the sea. One soldier said that he witnessed a ship and small boats beside her in the sea in front of the attacked military camp, and he advised officers one day before attack , but no action by them.

Where is the surveillance electronic system via satellite equipped in coalition forces and US and UK Navy Ships which monitoring and controlling Abyan area from Sea side? .
I don believe that all this CMF Navy forces didn’t discover the small boats on their ships Radar screens!!

The most of websites wrote articles about the movement of Al Qaeda militants from Somalia on board of 9 boats ( dhows ) to join Al Qaeda in Yemen before one week from attack “ CUT TAIL “ and they will establish unified Al Qaeda Center to control all horn of Africa from Yemen .. suppose we ignore this fact, who will tell us, from where the intruders who came from the sea side, and attack the military camp and follow for whom ??????

The timing of attack and coordination communication plan between Al Qaeda militants and high tactics which resulted big lose of souls, 185 victims most of them southerners. this mystery confused everyone !!!!!!!

The main questions is:

What are The parties which benefited from this Al Qaeda attack “ CUT the TAIL”?

1 – conflicted parties in Power centers in Sanaa- Yemen

2- some west states use the timing of Al Qaeda activities for their election propaganda to convince their people. Who paying Tax, that they are fighting Al Qaeda in the world !!

Who affected from Al Qaeda activities in Yemen?

- Yemen occupying the South Arabia ( PDRY) as named before unity , So the Yemeni regime making artificial al Qaeda in Sanaa and transfer them to the occupied South. The aim is to convince the World that Al Qaeda is in the South , and Yemeni regime supported by Yemeni people said: if the southern people get independence, Al Qaeda will still there for ever .
In other hand, Sanna Regime blackmailing USA in the name of fighting Al Qaeda.

The Yemeni Regime has failed during the past five years to exterminate the southern peaceful movement. For this , the Regime decided that, the only way to eliminate the SPM is the deployment of extremist groups and Al Qaeda militants to the South.

The Proof of that, there is no Al Qaeda in Yemen taking over areas in the (North), only this Al Qaeda in the South!!!
In order to trick the world that, Al Qaeda existed in the North also, as will as South, they sent a group of Al Qaeda militants to North City Rdaa, then returned them again a week after to Abyan in the south!!

- The only affected part form Al Qaeda Activities is Southern people. as will as affected from the occupied Yemeni regime for the South.
Help Southern people to get independence and restore State, Southern people will be a partner in fighting terrorism and better and les cost than your Yemeni partners .

The Yemeni Regime has failed during the past five years to exterminate the southern peaceful movement. For this, Yemeni Regime decided that, the only way to eliminate the SPM in the South is the deployment of extremist groups and Al Qaeda militants to the South to be the substitute of Southern Peaceful Movement.
The Proof of that, there is no Al Qaeda in North taking over areas in the ( the North) Like in the South!! Does this raises doubt or not?

In order to trick the international community that Al Qaeda existed in the South and the North also, Regime sent a group of Al-Qaeda militants from the city Abyan ( South ) to city Rdaa in the North, and returned them again to the city Abyan after a week, making show that Rdaa people ruined Al Qaeda in Rdaa City. ha ha ha !!

My comment on the previous: The Al Qaeda doesn’t fly the black flag on their boats, just like they ignore all international norms. To say the western nations purposefully ignored the arrival of nine small boats of al Qaeda is unrealistic. The international anti-piracy coalition has been patrolling the Bab al Mendab since 2009; they have been unable to stop hundreds of highjackings of western ships. Over 50,000 Somali refugees arrive in Yemen every year in little boats carrying 200 at a time. The weapons smuggling in small boats is a big active business. then there’s the thousands of Yemeni fisherman. How are they supposed to differentiate among them all on radar?

And finally the new obit,

CNN: Mohamed Ahmed al-Haniq, a commander in the volatile Yemeni district of Arhab, died Sunday from an illness, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula announced Thursday on jihadist forums. The announcement was picked up by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors terror-related websites.

AQAP described al-Haniq as one of the terror group’s “wise men” and praised him as “one of its sheikhs of jihad and support,” SITE said.

Al-Haniq was wanted by Yemeni authorities for attacks against its security forces.

He was believed to be behind terrorist threats in 2010 that forced the temporary closure of the British and U.S. embassies in the capital city of Sana’a.




3/9/2012 @ 4:10 pm

After the Yemen civil war in 1994 ali saleh used all weapons to attack for south , and used militants helped North Yemen defeat its southern counterpart, Tensions in the south of Yemen have increased over the past few years because of organized Southern Movement southerners demanding secession – has complained of the illegal acquisition of southern land by the government, forced retirements from civil and military positions for southerners, the withholding of pensions for southern military officers, and a sense that central government troops are enforcing a northern occupation of the south.
Freedom of Speech and Press saleh regime use all forces against the southern governorates, and was often accused of using excessive force during crowd control
force abuses, and killed a lot of them they had the right freedom of peaceful gathered
, including the NSB and elements of the military, threatened and harassed southern journalists and put them in prisons and kill peaceful people during demonstration because they asking for their right for freedom , justice ,and self determination to get back their independent state which take from them by force we asking international community and our friend around the world to help us .



Comment by Jane Novak

3/10/2012 @ 5:40 am

all of that was forgiven by the international community and the UN Security Council when they granted Saleh’s immunity

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