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Al Qaeda holds captive soldiers at (Yahya Saleh’s) al Maz warehouse in Jaar, Abyan?

Filed under: Yemen — by Jane Novak at 8:05 am on Sunday, March 11, 2012

If you are looking for al Qaeda hostages in Yemen, starting with the property owned by the head of the counter-terror unit is usually a good bet. That’s no joke, it should be standard procedure. There were airstrikes in vicinity of the al Maz warehouse in Jaar where the captured Yemeni soldiers are held by AQAP, Aden Tomorrow reports. How to bomb AQAP in Jaar without bombing the 55 hostages (or any residents) is beyond me but the central question. (Update 3/12: Yemen Times: “Dozens of soldiers are held inside the Al-Maz Company, owned by Yahya Saleh, nephew of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The soldiers were captured during armed confrontations in Dofas on March 4.” )

The remnants of the regime and al Qaeda are not beyond placing the hostage soldiers where they know the drones are going to strike, just to generate hostility toward the US and a longing for Ali Saleh. Yahya Saleh, in additional to being the head of several tourist boards, civil society organizations, and the Central Security forces and counter-terror unit, also has controlling interest in al MAZ corp, a huge corporation that deals in part with cotton and there’s questions as to whether al Maz has legal title to the cotton industry or just took it.

اقرأ المزيد من Aden tomorrow | News & Reports | URGENT: war planes bombed the vicinity of an abandoned warehouse includes prisoners from the Yemeni army Bdjaar

Mounted minutes before the planes now believed to be the work of Yemen bombing targeted the vicinity of an abandoned warehouse for cotton holding company which groups dozens of armed soldiers, the Yemeni army, “as prisoners.”

The reporter said “Aden tomorrow,” said city of Jaar aircraft carried out bombing of targeted neighborhoods surrounding the “Almaz company for cotton,” which is located beneath Mount Khanfar the city, adding that huge explosions rocked the company without being available to the moment information on casualties.

And detain armed groups within the company’s hangars one of dozens of soldiers and had threatened to kill them in case the authorities to respond unless the Yemeni government and release a number of its leaders detained in the prisons of the Yemeni government.

Related: Two suicide bombers prematurely detonate in Abyan, 20 & 21 years old, I’m sorry they got sucked in and brainwashed into being pawns in somebody else’s brutal game. Not all al Qaeda in Yemen are mercenaries paid by the National Security or rely on the symbiotic support from the intelligence and security like al Wahishi. Some are mercenaries as well as ideologues and some are just fanatics, but maybe the youngest ones can be pulled back with social support somehow before it is too late for them and Yemen alSahwa (ar)



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