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Yemeni Interior Min has no info confirming death of AQAP #2 Saed al Shahri

Filed under: Air strike, Military, obits, personalities — by Jane Novak at 3:09 pm on Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dagnabbit. In an interview in the Saudi Okaz, the Yemeni Interior Minister says he has no info on whether AQAP #2 al Shihiri was killed, and he says to ask the Defense Ministry. Meanwhile AQAP denies he’s dead, and confirms Ahmed al-Daradish and Albatar al-Baydani were killed and the terrorists are usually much more accurate than the Yemeni govt in this situation, unfortunately.

Its quite possible the US media was spun again, just in time for the 9/11 anniversary, as they have been many times before. I thought it was way too quick for all the al Shihri obits, because the Yemeni Defense Ministry has released total disinformation time and time and time again, see my earlier post. I don’t know if hes dead or not, but I wouldn’t count on it. Its the fifth time he’s been announced as killed or captured. So its more likely that al-Daradish and al-Baydani were killed in yesterday’s strike and Al-Shihri is still alive, but really its too early to know.

al Masdar:

Yemeni Interior Minister skeptical of information killed Qaeda’s second-in-Said al-Shihri

Interior minister said Qahtan in a statement quoted by the Saudi newspaper Okaz he had no reliable information on the monthly killed in the bombing of Air Yemeni al-Qaeda sites in the province of Hadramout.

The «If you want to know information pursuing instead an site and the Yemeni Ministry of Defense to ensure the validity of the news and its source.

The September Net site of the Ministry of Defense quoted a senior official did not disclose his identity as saying that Saeed Monthly second man in al-Qaeda on the island of the Arabs and the Yemen-based activities.

A source close to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula denied killing Monthly in the recent air raids in the province of Hadramout. The transfer site News Yemen source as saying that among the dead in U.S. air strikes leaders two of them are not happy areas monthly, adding that the death toll from the two leaders: Mohammed Ahmed Dradec, and forearm Baidhani.

The Yemeni defense ministry said on Monday that monthly, nicknamed «Abu Sufyan al-Azdi» killed in the process of the army, without specifying the time he was killed or give more details, how Associated Press quoted French security source confirmed killed in U.S. raid last in the eye area Hadramout.

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