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Yemenis rally to ask for presidential pardon for Lalji

Filed under: Yemen — by Jane Novak at 8:39 am on Sunday, September 16, 2012

Strengthening Yemeni judicial institutions is a vital function of the transitional government, but in this case the judicial system failed and Lalji exhausted all appeals of his death sentence. The only thing that can save him is President Hadi. I’m sure Ahmed and Moatz Hobaishi of the 14 October would oppose the move but its really the best thing for Yemen instead of getting into some high profile international campaign.

Marib Press: The Organization against detention, torture and enforced disappearance (under construction), they followed since vigil on Sunday, Re President of the Republic Field Marshal Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi on its submission to him on the issue of Abdul Karim Lalji and Hani Ahmed religion has not received a response from the President on the subject, according to promise.

The organization added in a press release issued by, received «Marib Press» copy of it, they are still waiting for a positive response from President Hadi, calling to reconsider protest on Sunday in front of the home of President Hadi ten o’clock am; demanding the release of prisoners Abdul Karim Lalji and Hani Ahmed religion and drop judgments against them in response to repeated calls from Sanaa and Aden.

The press secretary to President Yahya Aerasa had received from activists involved in the vigil in solidarity with Abdulkarim Lalji and Hani Dean sentenced to death message from the Organization of Al-Faisal on Sunday and promised to respond within two days which has not been.

The organization said in a statement: «Our solidarity with Lalji and religion, and the rejection of arbitrariness and injustice done to them, confirm what we seek justice and independence of the judiciary and equal citizenship», stressing that it will continue to pursue the case and the escalation in order to achieve equity and justice.

And called upon everyone to interact and solidarity and attendance on Sunday in front of the home of President Hadi «the embodiment of supreme values ​​that we seek as a people, and as defense of the oppressed to defend ourselves and our rights, according to the statement.

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