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Al Beidh denies urged postponement of Southern Conference, maybe

Filed under: Yemen — by Jane Novak at 5:23 pm on Saturday, September 29, 2012

I’ll update my prior post to include al Beidh’s possible denial, which may or may not mean he didnt send the letter, but I still think he’s a non-starter, an opportunist and southern Yemenis could do much better in terms of effective representation and leadership. Or maybe the statement was retracted because it was rejected and Baoum is moving ahead.

More analysis from Marib press with a bit of schadenfreude on the divide between the two southern personalities and the many distinct groups. Baoum’s group is The Supreme Preparatory Committee for the First National Conference of the Supreme Council for the peaceful mobility for the liberation of the south (SPCFNCSCPMLS). Once years ago, there was an announcement of a southern conference and elections of a unified body including General Nuba who later said said he wasn’t even there. So not only is the Southern Movement very complex, with many distinct groupings, loyalties and personalities, its often unclear what is actually happening even after official statements. Its astounding and disappointing at this late date, the southern movement can’t resolve its internal differences or even agree to the rules of the game in order to present a coherent platform and strategy beyond “independence”.

Yaf3e Press: Salem al-Baid on remarks published in the media came in exile who received newspaper Yafea copy said “starting salute fans and rules peaceful movement for liberation of the south on their interaction and their support for the message President Ali Salem al-Baid regarding postponement of the Council peaceful movement to liberate South, dated September 17, 2012, and sent to both the head of the Supreme Council for the peaceful motionless, his deputies and his advisor and Secretary General of the Council and the heads of the provincial councils.

He explained, “The president Ali Salem al-Baid stands at the same distance from everyone, and his hard and obviously what came in that letter, and it deny categorically our news tendentious received in” low home “and passed other sites, which I talked about support President to convene the conference under the current circumstances and to be held in September 30, and unless it gets.



Comment by abumadien

9/29/2012 @ 5:40 pm

I think this blog is great. However, I was wondering why do you translate the news articles you are talking from other newspapers. Google transilation is not accurate… a lot of mistakes and any one cannot understand what is being said. Thanks anyway for sharing this with us.


Comment by Jane Novak

9/29/2012 @ 7:19 pm

Oh thanks for the tip!

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