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Al Beidh boycotts Southern Yemen conference, new reformist Islamic party meets in Sanna, Updates

Filed under: South Yemen — by Jane Novak at 10:12 am on Sunday, September 30, 2012

Update 4: News of the conference

Update 3: Nuba trashes the conference as held by those with a totalitarian mentality and says, “Ba’oum is not one of those who early joined the Movement, but joined in January 2008 and Ali Salem al-Baid joined in May 9, 2009.”

Update 2: a few months old but good analysis of the configuration in South Yemen

Update: Mousa Alnmrani, media officer at Hood, and others announced the first meeting of the new political party, a reformist offshoot of Islah. The legal thresholds to form a political party should be low enough that a multiplicity of political parties can form. Currently the financial requirements as well as the number of initial founding members are high, keeping political party formation an elite activity initially. I guess the Rashad Party is going to keep with established Yemeni tradition of not having an English spokesperson.

Party launched Federation of Yemeni Rashad, on Sunday, September 30 / September 2012, the work of its founding congress, under the slogan “the arbitration law of God and the reform of society and achieving renaissance of Yemen”, in the presence of party leaders and official representatives of the Parties Affairs Committee.
At the opening ceremony, which was launched in any of the Holy Quran, the President of the Federation of Rashad Dr Muhammad ibn Musa al-Amiri speech in which he welcomed the attendees, stressing that the party which declares today its launch will reach out to all forces and parties on the Yemeni arena, without exception, in terms of “virtue, righteousness and piety.”

Southern conference

South Yemen separatist leader Baid boycotts talks (AFP) : ADEN — Yemen’s Southern Movement kicked-off Sunday a meeting calling for independence for the south from the central government in Sanaa, but the conference was boycotted by a leading separatist leader.

Yemen’s prominent separatist leader, Ali Salem al-Baid, a former vice president who lives in exile, boycotted the conference, saying it was not well prepared.

Baid, who a few days earlier had expressed his intention of not attending the conference, and his supporters represent a hardline faction of the movement.

Southern leader Hassan Baoum launched the three-day conference in front of thousands of people in Martyrs’ Square in Aden’s city centre Sunday, an AFP correspondent reported.

Baoum, in a speech to cheering crowd, declared that Yemen’s southerners reject the “occupation of the north” and that the conference would focus on outlining the parameters of a “peaceful struggle” for independence in the south, which was an independent state until it merged with the north in 1990.

Baoum made no mention of the national dialogue, a critical phase in Yemen’s transition process where all parties, including the opposition, the separatists, the youth and the northern rebels are expected to come together and agree on a new constitution and on next presidential and parliamentary elections.

He said the uprising that forced the ouster of long-time president Ali Abdullah Saleh had given hope to the southerners — who have long claimed marginalisation by the north — that their calls for equality, and in some cases independence, would be recognised.

But those “hopes were dashed,” he said, referring to sporadic clashes with troops and increasing unrest in southern towns that have fought for the region’s rights.



Comment by Nezar Al-awlaqi

10/1/2012 @ 12:27 am

Saudi Arabia prefers Ba’aum and attracting him to its side. You know why? He is pure sunni while Al-beidh descends from the ancestors of prophet Muhammed besides his affiliation to Iran. International community again play dirty game in Middle East. In time of cold war, the region was divided between Capitalist and Socialist countries. Russia used to dominate in the region through these socialist countries and now Russia is using Iran and Shiite communities. Well, i think Israel and international Zionism knows how to invest in this regino-international conflict among different powers. The Jews are great nation. Don’t you agree, Jane?


Comment by Jane Novak

10/1/2012 @ 5:44 am

Thats very interesting about Russia and Iran and they blocked the UN resolution on Iran and Syria, also I never thought about Baoum or al Beidh’s religious affiliation.


Comment by Jane Novak

10/1/2012 @ 5:45 am

so al Biedh is a Hashimite? and that’s part of the affinity with Iran? wow am I dumb for not thinking of that before…


Comment by Nezar Al-awlaqi

10/1/2012 @ 10:49 am

Well you know Iran is making an anti-west block by aligning to the socialist countries in Latin America, like Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and the post-socialist countries like N. Korea, China and Russia. Now, Albeidh and supposedly former S. Yemen leaders are post-socialist. In Arabic the word Communism is translated as “Shioiia” much similar to Shiia and that’s what the common people suggest as for their temporary annexed interests against Capitalism, West and somehow Zionism.


Comment by Nezar Al-awlaqi

10/1/2012 @ 11:04 am

By the way Albeidh is truly an Hashimite but he is a sunni Hashimite. There is not even a single Shiite person in former S.Yemen. Even the Houthis in N. Yemen are not the Shiite who turned against the Omayyad Caliph after Yazeid army decapitated Al-Hussein, grandson of the Prophet and his entire family in Kerbala, Iraq.


Comment by Jane Novak

10/2/2012 @ 6:40 am

its funny the way i see everything in yemen from the ground up and everyone else sees it from the sky down

nezar whats your view of a tribal uprising against al qaeda would or wouldnt work, i think thats what they are doing with the popular committees and its a bad idea because they cant keep track of the weapons to the military, so they wont be able to with regards these militias but whats an alternative (not drones) with the military so divided and subverted


Comment by Nezar Al-awlaqi

10/2/2012 @ 12:39 pm

The only way to combat alQaeda is to improve economic situation and increase literacy and modernization. Democratizing and secularizing constitutions and laws. Make people trust the State. Make statesmen love and give priority to the citizens. I am sure those popular committees won’t easily give up their weapons or the power they gained. And after sometime, as a possible result of State inability to do justice (Or what they think justice) to them, they will turn violent and go for terrorist attacks.

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