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Misunderstanding the concept of “state”, Hashid tribesmen declare war on Houthis & pledge loyalty to Hadi

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1) head of the PSO Galed al Gamish has to go, neutrality or not, 2) loyalty to the state does not mean taking up arms unilaterally to wage a sub-war 3) the Houthi issue has to be resolved through dialog not arms 4) applying the constitution does not mean taking the law into your own hands or applying a violent tribal remedy, does Sadiq have any idea how contradictory and illogical that position is? 5) the Houthis have to stop expanding and fighting, there is no doubt, but Hashid tribesmen launching a seventh Saada war is only going to be another pointless blood bath and 6) Yemeni politics is comprised of various competing cults of personality in an ever shifting caste system.

Yemen Fox, Tribal unanimous agreement to free Sa’ada of Houthis

Sheikhs and officials of Yemeni Hashid Tribe reiterated their support to President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi in building the new Yemen.

At their Saturday meeting hosted by the Tribe’s senior Sheikh Sadeq al-Ahmer, sheikhs and tribesmen of Hashid stated that they “will not remain tied-handed towards violence ongoing in Raida, Sa’ada, Hajjah and some nearby areas,” calling on other tribesmen to line up and unite position against “enemies of the nation.”

Sadeq delivered a statement in which he called on tolerance to stand against internal and external conspiracies which he described as trying to impede change process in the country and holding counter-revolution because of success of the Popular Revolution. He stressed they will not allow anybody impede change, adding that there is no good in them, and if there is good in them the Revolution would not happen against them.

“We want to build Yemen with one hand, apply the Constitution and obey the law without carrying weapon, blocking roads or scaring innocent. We pray to Allah that we all agree on righteousness as ordered by Quran and Prophet’s Traditions. O men, enough illiteracy, enough injustice,” Sadeq added.

For his part, Maj. Gen. Ghaleb al-Qamesh praised sacrifices offered by Sheikh Sadeq and Hashid tribe in events of the Revolution, calling on searching Yemen enemies to beware of them. He stressed that homeland enemies are known before and after the Revolution.

Brigadier Hamid al-Qushibi make an address in which he called on Hashid to unite and stand against armed groups which he described as evil as they deal with people using force and allege to be from the Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, descendants, however they abuse the descendents of the prophet.
“If they engaged in any political project they have no influence. They only entered some areas to accomplish narrow achievements due to slackness of the State and weakness of a citizen. They kill women and children,” he added.

Hashid sheikhs re-expressed loyalty to Sheikh Sadeq, emphasizing full cooperation with president Hadi to maintain security and stability in Yemen.

Sheikh Sadeq had announced willingness to support the State in restoring Sa’ada and next-door districts from hand of Houthi gunmen.

Calls were more loudly voiced for deepening the State’s control on lands, in particular where Houthis have power, and for forming popular committees like those in Abyan that contributed side by side with the State to expulsion of al-Qaeda.

Hadi stated, in an interview Saturday, that Iran is trying to “thwart the political solution in Yemen” as a hedge against its waning influence in Syria.

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