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Al Iman South, new religious university opens in Aden

Filed under: Religious, al Iman — by Jane Novak at 6:21 pm on Sunday, October 21, 2012

Aden Tomorrow: Recently opened in the city of Aden branch of the University of faith .. They university founded by and run by Sheikh Abdul Majid al-Zindani, a wanted man internationally on charges of terrorism, has failed the former president and current in his recent visit to the United States to convince the president of dropping the man’s name from the black list as stated in some leaks.

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Comment by Mohammed Taher

12/5/2012 @ 7:02 pm

Written by abdalkader alfaha translate to English by staff colonel mohammed Abd Allah Muthanna Taher
This message to international community
After the southern people celebrated on occasion of 45th independent day from. British colonization and asking to get freedom from northern occupation to leave our land as the security counsel declaration in 1994 which gives the southern right to get back their state asking more support for our peaceful movement revaluation which start in 2007
Northern occupation military forces killed injured. Thousand of peaceful people during demonstration they did lots of humane rights violation against southern people they treat us as slaves by using force kill
Southern people asking international community why they ignore southern issue and they support northern occupation to force unify by force southern people they demonstrated peacefully to show that they want their freedom asking to support their right to live peacefully
Second one to writers and Arabian and international media the southern people thank who see our ceremony of occasion if 45th universary independent day and we asking European media to show our demonstration to all world some news paper show a little bit about our modern peaceful revaluation our million demonstrating in Aden shabwa mukalla asking why of this silence about our revaluation from Arabian and international media they don’t show truth we don’t care about thier ignoring we will show more and more we will raise our revaluation level soon to high level by using lots peaceful demonstration كتب عبد القادر الفحه
ترجمه العقيد ركن بحري محمد عبد الله مثنى طاهر الشعيبي

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