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Which other Yemeni terrorists besides al Shihri are still alive?

Filed under: Yemen — by Jane Novak at 12:19 pm on Thursday, October 25, 2012

We all knew al Shihri was alive the day after the anonymous Yemeni defense official announced him dead but apparently it takes an audio from the dead man for the MSM to catch up. I’m posting the following article because it says that “many” other AQAP leaders announced as dead are still alive, and that wouldn’t be even slightly unusual.

Yemen al-Qaeda:second man alive, US asks Yemen delay DNA test

Another Abyan source, known to be an al-Qaeda affiliate, said al-Shihri is still alive. “I am one hundred percent sure he [al-Shihri] is alive. So close sources from al-Shihri have also affirmed he is still alive,” said the al-Qaeda affiliate source. Both two sources spoke on anonymity conditions citing personal concerns.

The al-Qaeda affiliate source, reached by mobile from al-Mahfad area which is now under al-Qaeda control, said “many” of al-Qaeda leaders announced dead by government are still alive, too. “Sometimes, they [al-Qaeda leadership] avoid affirming or denying that their members are dead for fear of [government] pursuit,” he said.

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