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Filed under: Yemen — by Jane Novak at 10:59 am on Sunday, November 4, 2012

National Dialogue in Yemen NOVEMBER 1, 2012 Nasser Arrabyee


*Very good article: Triage for a fracturing Yemen Posted By April Longley Alley

Yemen: Journey to a land in limbo South Yemen

The airstrike in Saada apparently targeted a home owned by one of the al Tais family, four tribesmen were later killed in a dispute over whether the dead were actually al Qaeda.

Cast doubt on the relationship of dead air raid in Saada, al-Qaeda al Masdar: The spin doubts about the relationship between some members of the family goat to al-Qaeda.

In a related context, local sources told «Online Source» Four people were killed Monday evening in the Directorate of ‘filler’ neighboring كتاف because of a dispute over the air strike.

She said the men of my tribe «Al-old» and «Al Qhoush» they chew qat together in the area of ​​muscle when one of the parties said that the house that was bombed by U.S. aircraft does not have income to al Qaeda, while members of the party stressed the other relates to al-Qaeda.

Building a Yemeni state while losing a nation

Yemen uncovers al-Qaeda plot to recapture Jaar 2012-10-26

Yemen Oil Exports Increase 10% in August, Central Bank Says: Yemen’s crude exports advanced 10 percent to 2.83 million barrels in August from a month earlier, the central bank said.

The value of the shipments rose 18 percent to $323.76 million and the average price for each barrel was $114.40 in the month, the Sanaa-based Central Bank of Yemen said in a report.

Banks’ reserves climbed 20 percent to 232.2 billion rials ($1 billion) from a month earlier, while loans to the private sector decreased 1.8 percent to 375.3 billion rials, it said.

Aden: Seized container with ‘Glock’ pistols

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