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Yemen’s AQAP and the convicted Sami Dayan estranged

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IN the 2009 battle in Jaar, two aspects of jihaddists were fighting each other. Locals and Sami Dayan were on one side, that was clear. AQAP was on the other. I characterized it at the time as local jihaddists verses those from outside and mostly from Marib. Apparently AQAP expelled Sami from Jaar during their takeover and fatwa’d him

The following article says that Sami Dayan and AQAP remained estranged, and covers other important elements of Sami Dayan’s life and seemingly bogus conviction for the murder of the heroic anti- al Qaeda fighter, General Qatan. While AQAP are brutal tyrants and terrorist murderers, they are also a more reliable source than the Yemeni government. When AQAP makes a statement, like they had no connection to him, its most often true. Interestingly Sami Dayan is the nephew of dialoging Judge Hamoud al Hittar (no guilt by association, just mentioning).

The article also says the kidnapping of the Saudi consul was orchestrated with support from state actors (actors who belong to the state apparatus, not on behalf of the state.) who became panicked when the Consul was sold to AQAP who wouldn’t release him for ransom as ordered. Dovetailing with this is the statement by his family that Sami was mediating on behalf of authorities for the Consul’s release and received a large sum of money prior to his arrest.

Also his 15 year sentence is odd and an anomaly. According to the penal code, it should have been more. The normal deal for those who go to jail “for the good of the country” is to serve half the term, if that much.

Yafe news reprinted: Yafa News: Facts and uncover secrets about Sammy and Diane kidnapping and killing of the Saudi Consul General Cotton
Yafa News – particularly in conjunction with the case of Sami Diane is a young man in the three and twenty-year-old was born in Jaar in Abyan province, arrested him Yemeni authorities on June 21, 2012 AD Aden. He was transferred directly to Sanaa aboard a private plane, brought him directly to the U.S. embassy and then moved to a house President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. He is accused by the Yemeni authorities of involvement in most of the operations that targeted officers security in Aden and its suburbs and numbered (41). An officer for more than a year ago, also spoke recently, security sources for his involvement in the abduction of the Saudi consul Abdullah al-Khalidi, and involvement in the assassination of Martyr Brigade Salem Cotton (Katan), commander of the southern military.

However that there is a witness Sami Diane several times wearing a weapon and touring in several places in the provinces of Lahj, Aden and Abyan. The controversy that has prevailed between the leaders of Ansar al-Sharia and Sami Diane recently during their control of Abyan province, they expelled Sami Diane from his home in Jaar, which was confirmed by news journalist then making Sami Diane resort to a mountainous area Baaf. Al Qaeda issued a statement after the arrest of Diane denied it any connection betweem Sami Diane and al-Qaeda, which confirms that the points of a window had been working on the exploitation of stupidity Diane for the implementation of their criminal operations and cancel relevant about Diane, who has not attained the age of more than twenty-three years. (Read on …)

Sami Dayan wrongfully convicted of the assassination of General Qatan?

Either it was murder for hire or someone just picked the nearest jihaddi stooge as a scapegoat, and Sami Dayan was near to certain top Yemeni officials. General Qatan was a very effective leader in the battles against AQAP in Abyan. Knowing who really arranged his murder would indicate where powerful support for al Qaeda exists in the current official state structure.

Googlish, Arabic below Yafa News:

The importance of the subject, and to coincide with a court ruling today, incarcerating him for 15 years, accused of the assassination of the martyr brigade “Salem Cotton” .. re “young News” publication of excerpts from achieving previously published, about the character, “Sami Diane” and accused him of the murder of “cotton” and the kidnapping of the Saudi consul “Abdullah al-Khalidi,” as we publish a message father “Sammy” judge “preferred Diane,” which he sent to the site after the arrest, “his son.”

Who is Sami Diane …?

Is (Sami Awad Abed Rabbo preferred Diane) was born in February 1988 m in Jaar, Abyan province, Yemeni authorities arrested him on June 21, 2012 in Aden, for the assassination of Major General “Cotton”. (Read on …)

Sami Dayan sentenced in General Qatan assassination

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Nice lengthy article from the Yemen Times:

Published on 24 April 2014 in News
Ali Saeed (author)

SANA’A, April 23—The Specialized Criminal Court in Sana’a, which is dedicated to prosecuting suspected Al-Qaeda operatives, on Tuesday sentenced Sami Fadhl Dayan to 15 years in prison on charges of assassination, attacks on security forces and theft of military hardware, according to the state-run Saba News Agency.

The a 26-year-old Dayan from Jaar in Abyan governorate is accused of playing a role in the killing of Major General Salim Qatin on June 18, 2012 in Aden. (Read on …)

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