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Sami Dayan sentenced in General Qatan assassination

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Nice lengthy article from the Yemen Times:

Published on 24 April 2014 in News
Ali Saeed (author)

SANA’A, April 23—The Specialized Criminal Court in Sana’a, which is dedicated to prosecuting suspected Al-Qaeda operatives, on Tuesday sentenced Sami Fadhl Dayan to 15 years in prison on charges of assassination, attacks on security forces and theft of military hardware, according to the state-run Saba News Agency.

The a 26-year-old Dayan from Jaar in Abyan governorate is accused of playing a role in the killing of Major General Salim Qatin on June 18, 2012 in Aden. (Read on …)

The Link: Will Abu Hamza’s trial implicate Ali Mohsen and al Zindani in terrorist acts?

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The kidnappers called General Ali Mohsen as verified by one of the hostages and Mohsen who said they called to negotiate. The following article (manually translated) says that both Mohsen and al Zindani are worried about what information may be exposed during the trial of Abu Hamza al Masiri.

The 2006 book Imperial Grunts by Robert Kaplan talks about the CIA paying “bad guy” General Ali Mohsen earlier in the decade as the cost of doing business in Yemen. Mohsen officially handled “the jihaddist file” for former president Saleh until his defection to the revolution in March 2011. From 2006-2010, Ali Mohsen commanded military forces and jihaddists in Saada against the Houthis in a manner thought to comprise war crimes. State tactics, like the denial of food to the region and mass arrests, were also labeled collective punishment by international rights groups. The pipeline of Yemeni and foreign jihaddists and suicide bombers to Iraq 2004-2007 ran through Mohsen’s camps and safe houses, with Ali Saleh’s full knowledge and approval. Not to mention the USS Cole bombing.

The US is long overdue in recognizing that “some officers hands are stained with the blood of our soldiers”, instead of continually placating and bribing both Saleh and Mohsen, two of the biggest terrorist facilitators in the region. But its a long shot in the absence of a rational US policy on Yemen.

Article below notes Dajalul was appointed a government position in Amran after his release in 2004.

The Link: Trial of Abu Hamza al-Masri, in America, is it going to finish with the request of trial ” Ali Mohsen” and ” al-Zindani ” ?
Recently Britain handed Abu Hamza al-Masri to America for trial in America on terrorism-related offenses, and actually Abu Hamza’s trial began in America .trial will address issues related with Abu Hamza al-Masri , especially those relating to the kidnapping of 16 British and an Australian hostages. it took place in Abyan carried out in 98 and the ( Aden-Abyan ) Army in the province of Abyan , Which claimed the lives of a number of kidnapped when freed. The issue then was about a close relationship with Abu Hamza, according to the confessions of the accused during their trial in Yemen. So Yemeni authorities call on Britain to hand over Abu Hamza for trial, and accused him of officially being behind terrorist operations, and terrorist groups in Yemen.

On the other hand Ali Mohsen was a close relationship with the Army of Aden, and behind the same process , according to the results of trial Abulhassan Almihdhar,the main culprit of the process., Who sentenced to death and executed, he said,” we had informed the commander Ali Mohsen of the process but it is he who instructed us to do to put pressure on the authority to release our detainees” .He added” after kidnapping told him we have got sixteen cartons”, means kidnappers. And he was in contact with us and follow the process , and then reported information said that Abu Hamza al-Masri was on full coordination with the kidnappers side with Ali Mohsen in his activities and relationships in Yemen on the other, in real Ali Mohsen was direct contact with Abu Hamza al-Masri, in Britain, in particular coordination on some financial matters.

Things do not stop at this point, but extends to the bombing, which spilled over to the British Embassy, which was carried out by the time Abu Bakr close Djajul of Mohsen , who appointed him as an officer, and was appointed director of one of the districts of Amran governorate released after the end of 2004.
And who has appointed .

And timely trial revealed elements of the Army (Aden / Abyan) that the army was formed in the (Al-eyman University ) by confessions Abu Huraira Altunisi , also Abu Hassan Mehdar revealed that he was one of the guards ” Sheikh Zindani”, who in turn had a relationship with Abu Hamza, who was sending him students Muslims of Britain and Europe to study at (Al-Eyman University ) Which founded by Zindani and includes a large group of students from different nationalities.

Informed sources said that Mohsen follow Abu Hamza trial with deep concern , and his worried increased after last meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Guard commander, and reportedly that ” U.S. National Security Advisor” said to President Hadi, ” some of your officers their hands stained with the blood of our soldiers “, and benefit information that Mohsen and Zindani formed a team of lawyers those close to them to study and monitor the trial of, in America step by steps, fearing of surprises not agreed with him. and they had told him some specific messages before being handed over to America during his trial in Britain.

due to the relationship between “Ali Mohsen” and ” al-Zindani” with Abu Hamza al-Masri, there is likely to be tried both of them , in the case they discovery that there is a link between ” ali mohsen ” and ” the bombing of the USS Cole ” and other issues related which Abu Hamza al-Masri trial about it currently in America

Original Arabic below: (Read on …)

Al Beidh urges postponing Southern Yemen Conference, Feierstein says al Beidh paid by Iran (true)

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Al Beidh never did anything good for southerners since 2007. As teen age boys died on the streets holding his photo and were jailed by the hundreds by the Saleh War Mafia, he did nothing, not even one English statement or raising a case with the UN or documenting the crimes of a decade. Now al Beidh-for his own reasons- is impeding long overdue efforts to organize a southern conference, establish representatives and develop a consensus that enables southerners to work together to secure rights, aid and progress. (Even consistent electricity would be a great step in Aden, but its very important to get a fair share of the donor funds distributed directly to the families literally starving in the south as elsewhere.)

Below is an interview with US Amb Feierstein about Iran funneling money to Al Beidh in Lebanon, and thats true–the money flows both directly and indirectly. Also the al Faroush have made significant gains in infiltrating Hirak.

Ahmed Al Hobaishi is printing al Beidh’s photos, so broadly the GPC is cloning Hirak, but specifically it leads to the question of the linkage between the Saleh forces and Iran in the south as well as Saada.

We know that Saleh long has had good relations with Iranian intelligence, the al Quds force, so maybe the issue boils down again to Saleh, in this case bringing in the Iranian meddlers to aid in his counter-revolution by bolstering al Beidh and elements of the Houthis. Certainly Iran like AQAP would prefer Saleh back in his seat. The only question is why does the US appear to agree.

The youth and residents of South Yemen might do well to start practicing the democracy and self determination they demand from the UN instead of relying on the self interested al Beidh. Al Beidh has not confronted the southern public with the reality that the UN totally and clearly abandoned the southern cause ( including UN SC res 924 and 931) in the latest UN SC resolutions 2014 and 2051. I received the following al Beidh statement from the same source that has been sending me al Beidh’s statements for years, so its authentic. Googlish below:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الاخ المناضل حسن احمد باعوم رئيس المجلس الاعلى للحراك السلمي لتحرير
واستقلال الجنوب المحترم
الاخوة المناضلين من نواب الرئيس المحترمين
الاخ الأمين العام للمجلس المحترمين والأخ مستشار رئيس المجلس الأعلى
الاخوة المناضلين رؤساء المحافظات ونوابهم المحترمون
تحية نضالية وبعد (Read on …)

Suicide bomber targets pro-govt, former AQAP, militia commander, 4 killed

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I remember this guy and three years ago would be likely during the 2009 battle of Jaar when various factions of AQ fought each other for control of the city. The Defense Ministry paid one side. I wonder how many reformed al Qaeda are heading the popular committees and where they are obtaining their weapons, ammo and funding since they are militias and outside the formal military structure. And what was promised in return. Maybe its an authentic ideological reversal. Its the fifth time Latif was targeted for death by al Qaeda. NAA: Sanaa hospitals failed to treat Al Sayed who suffered serious injuries in the suicide bombing of Saturday in Aden, taken to Saudia. Update below: militia attacks al Qaeda who attacked commander.

ADEN (Reuters) – A suicide bomber failed on Saturday in an assassination attempt on a former Islamist in Yemen who helped drive al Qaeda militants out of a southern region this year, a security source and resident said. (Read on …)

MEPC lists US’s drone policy in Yemen blowback potential

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In a seven page article, the Middle East Policy Council questions whether signature strikes in particular result in creating a population more prone to accepting an Emirate. I have some quibbles, for example state authority didn’t disappear- it never existed- and much of the local population in Abyan saw Ansar al Sharia as an occupation not a welcome vehicle of lawfulness. But its an interesting report in that the authors extrapolate six distinct negative patters of drone blowback as indicated by earlier events in the FATA region:

Executive Executions and Signature Strikes

Currently, the United States engages in two types of drone strikes, and neither is the surgical excision of HVTs on which the American public’s enthusiasm for drones depends. Until early 2012, the United States only conducted “personality strikes,” in Yemen. These are authorized by the president in a form of executive execution. The targets have not been indicted for a crime, let alone convicted, and have been identified as enemy combatants through an opaque process. A significant percentage of the targets and victims of this type of strike in Yemen have been U.S. citizens (Ahmed Hijazi, Anwar al-Awlaki, Samir Khan and Abdul Rahman al-Awlaki). Their families have recently brought a civil suit in U.S. courts that will help clarify the obscure de facto parameters for executive executions.18

While there have been successful HVT strikes on non-U.S. citizens in Yemen, they probably follow the Pakistani pattern, alienating parts of the local population and increasing the insecurity that often fosters organizational recruitment. In fact, Yemen may provide a more significant example of this effect than FATA because of its complex internal situation, noted above. According to our calculations, only four HVTs have been killed out of 230-270 total deaths. This is roughly a 1:60 ratio of HVT to total deaths, comparable to the ratio in FATA under the Bush administration (before the proliferation of signature strikes).

In early 2012, the White House authorized the use of “signature strikes” in Yemen. This type of targeting allows for wider parameters, quicker response and authorization at a lower command level. Signature strikes have also been used in FATA. They are based on categories of possible target groups and patterns of movement rather than on identified individuals. For example, a group of militant-age men carrying weapons and moving towards a known militant area can be targeted under this practice. As some reports from Yemen note, the populace is not opposed to the use of drones when they target and hit known AQAP members.19 However, the introduction of signature strikes will likely change this dynamic, as it has in FATA. With signature strikes, accuracy in targeting will likely decrease, and more Yemenis unconnected to AQAP will be killed. (Read on …)

Assorted Yemen links

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Influx of Gulf money to al-Qaeda in Yemen (supporters of Sharia) Thursday, July 26, 2012 (ar)

360 cities panoramic photos of Yemen

Abyani Tribes and al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen, Critical Threats, good overview

Official Blind Eyes Thwart Yemen’s Attempts to Rehabilitate Al-Qa’ida Terrorists
Published Wednesday, July 25, 2012, The Media Line on PSO releases of AQAP. Now they are going to Jaar; before the rev they went to Saada.

Tawakkol Karman: I can’t believe that (the U.S.) didn’t know of Saleh’s connection with al Qaeda

Asharq Al-Awsat interview: US Envoy to Yemen Gerald M. Feierstein 08/07/2012, the one where he uses the royal we.

GAO: Uncertain Political and Security Situation Challenges U.S. Efforts to Implement a Comprehensive Strategy in Yemen: 2/29/12 Since fiscal year 2007, U.S. agencies have allocated more than $642 million in security2 and civilian assistance to Yemen. …..However, both State and DOD officials expressed some concerns about future security assistance activities, including identifying who will be the key U.S. partners in the Yemeni security forces. Until 2011, the United States trained and equipped specialized security forces focused on counterterrorism that members of the Saleh family led. While the implementing mechanism for the Gulf Cooperation Council political transition agreement calls for the reorganization of the armed services, it is unclear how or when the military will be reorganized and who will lead it. (ed- the US is apparently still hoping to keep nephew Yahya and son Ahmed which would be a tremendous error.)

Another 20 sitting in drafts were back dated and posted.

and via email, Ali Mohsen and Ahmed Saleh have to go: Karman

Tawakkol Karman: Iran wants to militarily overthrow Yemen. The Houthi should admit into the political process and leave the option of the violence. Tawakkol Karman appreciates Ali Mohsen’s stance with the revolution; the president Hadi should dismiss him, along with Ahmed Ali before turning the Republican Guards into the Revolutionary Guards. (Read on …)

al Shabab, talks in Shaqra, al Mohsen bio

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500 of Islamic militants leaves Somalia to Yemen

Somali embassy in Yemeni capital Sanaa disclosed on Sunday that 500 militants from Islamic Al-Shabab have reached Yemen to join Al-Qaeda in Arabian peninsula. (Read on …)

AQAP re-establishes at Abu Jabarah, Saada, Yemen

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Related 30,000 Saudi spies in Yemen

NAB: AQAP fled to Sanaa and “One group made a camp in Al Mahfad, a mounteneous area between Shabwah and Abyan, and second group went to the eastern province of Hadhrmout, more specifically in Wadi Dawan in Sayoun, and the third group went to Rada’a in Al Baidha province. The recent estimate of Al Qaeda elements in the whole country is 10,000, according to sources close to Al Qaeda.”

7/6/12 al Hadath: Revealed a Saudi newspaper on Friday that elements of al-Qaeda had infiltrated to some districts in the province of Saada in northern Yemen, disguised in women taking advantage of the sympathy of some members of the tribes who helped them to reach the valley of the Abu Jabara near Saada, and provide safe haven for them. (Read on …)

SM leader: Saleh takes profits directly from YMC, moderate SM rejects al Beidh’s Iranian nexus, wants to participate in reconstruction

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Update: As expected howls of dissent from southerners: the new leader is someone else, I hesitate to even write the name as bad things happen sometimes to emerging leaders, Nakhbi now is an Islah operative they say and there are no, repeat no, connections to Iran. But al Beidh has been talking about Iran for a long time, when he even bothers to talk at all, and I think its quite possible. For a run down on Aden TV and all Yemen private broadcasting, see this listing of who owns what at the Yemen Times.

Original: Bingo! I also do not agree with what is happening between al Beidh and Iran. The violence during the election boycott was an entirely new phenomenon which broke with the years long non-violence of the southern movement. As al Nakhbi says, it was likely due to Iranian influence through the al Beidh wing of the SM. Keep in mind Yemen Fox is affiliated with Ali Mohsen, who has his own motives for undermining the SM. But if this is an authentic interview, then that’s what it is.

While there’s noticeably a lot fewer al Beidh photos during the southern protests, its unclear the extent to which awareness of the alliance between al Beidh and Iran has filtered down to the street, although he himself has been threatening the west with Iran for years. General Nuba issued a warning to world about the danger of Iran’s growing influence in the south a few months ago. Many external former leaders are in favor of federalism as expressed at the Cairo conference. I think there’s a few more factions than the two broad ones described.

Al Nakhbi also remarks that the several corporation including the mega Yemeni Economic Military Corp remits its profits directly to Saleh. He notes elite support of al Qaeda and the symbiotic relationship between the including the recent massacre in Abyan. He concludes that Saleh must be excluded from politics. (Actually it necessary to fully depose the Saleh regime in order to integrate the Houthis as well as the southerners.) Its an interesting interview, worth a read:

Yemen Fox: Brigadier General Abdullah al-Nakhbi- Secretary-General of Southern Movement (SM) – said that many politicians believe that who stand behind recent terrorist attacks are remnants of the former regime and that Ali Abdullah Saleh has turned from president of republic to president of terrorism. Priorities of Yemenis whether in National Reconciliation Government or Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) in coordination with Gulf States and Europeans are to dismiss Ali Abdullah Saleh from practicing political action.

Nakhbi added in an interview with “Yemen Fox” that al-Qaeda is supported by Ali Abdullah Saleh, his aides and remnants of his regime, pointing out that supervisors of GCC Initiative should put pressure to implement the second term of the Initiative which is to restructure the army and Republican Guards within Ministry of Defense and Central Security within Ministry of Interior.

Interviewed with Hashem al-Toromah

Yemen Fox: How do you see Yemen after presidential elections?
Nakhbi: after presidential elections, we as Yemenis stand at change door. The new President Abdu Rabo Mansur Hadi should have a courage to start change process. Change process should first prevent Ali Abdullah Saleh from practicing politics because recent events took place after swearing oath starting from Mukalla continuing to Bayda and now in Abyan Province. Many politicians believe that who stand behind that are remnants of the former regime and that Ali Abdullah Saleh has turned from president of republic to president of terrorism. (Read on …)

Observations in Jaar, Dofus attack, Aden Research Ctr paper, southern questions, AQAP obit

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The following article is in part a sociological sketch, with interviews and observations of the al Qaeda occupation of Jaar. One interesting point is that among the first tier of leaders are many bitter ex-prisoners of the political security organization. One was tortured and forced to eat from the toileting bowl; his crime was attempting to go to Iraq to fight US forces there. “He added: «I thought the Jews and the Christians were the only ones who should have jihad against them (but) if our fellow Yemenis are cursing God and apply electricity for trivial reasons». He is currently living the best days of his life in Abyan with his brothers «Mujahideen»”

There’s also a reasonable profile of new publicity hound and Prince Abu Hamza, and his depiction of AQAP’s provision of social services, basic needs and “justice.” So far they executed eight Saudis accused of spying, three people have had their hands chopped off. The authors note the Al Qaeda “court” considers defense lawyers irrelevant. Tobacco, qat, alcohol and all smoking is prohibited. “The “popular satisfaction left by those acts and policies (ed- bountiful gas, water and electricity) of some residents of Jaar are offset by resentment at the vast majority of the population of those areas.” They consider Khalidabdul Nabi a Saleh operative, and fought his operatives before gaining control.

The original article is is here and the GT is below. Following that is a GT’d research paper by the Aden Research Center about al Qaeda, then an AP article on the AQAP statement of responsibility, a YT round-up of the Dofus attack and a random southern comment on the whole scenario. (Read on …)

561 citizens killed in South Yemen protests 8/2007-2/2011 named

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Victims of the Human Rights violations in South Yemen

The people of the South Yemen have on 13 of February each year day of the anniversary of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and their blood for their country. We pray to God to accept them and admit them to be in peace and inspire and for their families’ patience and fortitude. The revival of that day is known by the people of the south and fulfillment and gratitude the sacrifices of martyr’s heroes. We are pledging them for liberalization, which they are ordained and martyred for it, sacrifice and redemption approach to achieve their goals in the return of their independent state.

For the documentation of the martyrs of the South, we are as Southern Observatory issued a list of the killed people with some information beginning on since the start of the peaceful southern movement on the seventh of July, 2007 this day approved February 11, 2012. Based on what was able to documentation these since its inception in February 2010, in addition to what motivated by documented sources. The number of killed in the South Yemen are five hundred and sixty one, and the Observatory calls to add the names of the killed people which they were not covered in this list.

Names of killed in South Yemen (2007-2012)

No. Name Date Province
1. Salah Saeed Alkahoom 01.09.2007 Hadramout
2. Walid Saleh Abadi 10.09.2007 Lahj
3. Mohamed Kaid Hamadi 10.09.2007 Lahj
4. Abdulnasse Hamada (Kiran) 13.10.2007 Lahj
5. Shaafik Haitham Hassan 13.10.2007 Lahj
6. Mohamed Naser Alamri 13.10.2007 Lahj
7. Fahmi Mohamed Algafari 13.10.2007 Lahj
8. Saeed Ali Almatas 21.10.2007 Shabwa
9. Saleh Abubaker Algafari 13.01.2008 Aden
10. Ahmed Ali Mohamed 13.01.2008 Aden (Read on …)

US cannot increase drone use in Yemen without providing shelter for civilians

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Yemenis are fleeing (not joining) al Qaeda where ever they appear. However the vast majority of civilians lack the funds to rent an apartment or to buy food once they leave their farms and possessions behind to be looted by AQAP. But if they stay, they are subject to both al Qaeda dictatorship and US drones. The US may label those who don’t flee as collateral damage or as providing material support (as the Bedouins were in the Dec 2009 US strike in Abyan that killed 43 women and children when General Patraeus implied they were acceptable deaths because they selling vegetable to AQAP, despite the fact the villagers had appealed twice to local authorities to expel the group.)

Certainly AQAP bears the responsibility for sheltering in populated areas in the first place but people in the al Qaeda occupied territories of Yemen want to know where the refugee camps are. Seriously, where are they supposed to go? And it is a US problem when an al Qaeda presence means the potential of US drone strikes. The 120,000 who fled Zinjibar last May are still in the schools of Aden. I know Yemenis’ rights are very low on Obama’s priority list, but there must be a part of the plan to increase US drone use that will deal with the public panic and mass displacement that will occur as US drones follow AQ from province to province threatening people’s lives and homes. Over 15,000 fled Raada within days of Tariq al Dhahab’s (and al Wahishi’s) appearance. They were escaping both the al Qaeda fanaticism and the threat of US drones.

While the Obama administration may try to maintain the myth in the US that they know exactly who they are hitting, and its always a precise targeting, the non-lethal impact on civilians must be considered as well. The US is playing right into al Qaedas hands with nearly every policy from the re-imposition of a dictatorship through the GCC deal to Saleh’s visit to increased drones. The US is focused on vulnerable land when it should be focused on vulnerable people.

Basically, the US is going to bomb Yemen in order to pull off an uncontested election that nobody wants (except the US, the GPC and Islah elites) in the interest of “stability.” If the expired parliament gave Saleh immunity, it can appoint Hadi. The bogus show election isn’t worth more Yemeni lives or the displacement of tens of thousands, and it certainly wont confer legitimacy when there’s only one candidate that was selected by the US. The most politically disenfranchised are going to boycott anyway: civil minded protesters, southerners and Houthis.

The National: Yemen will increasingly rely on US drone strikes to target Islamist militants threatening to disrupt a transfer of power this month, Yemeni government officials said.

The president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, is meant to hand over power to his vice president, Abdurabu Mansur Hadi, on February 22.

The run up to the transfer is being overshadowed by growing protests, including within the military, which have grounded Yemen’s air force across much of the country.

Two aides in Mr Hadi’s office said they expected a rise in drone attacks against Al Qaeda militants.

The strikes will be intensified only if necessary, to ensure that militant groups do not expand in vulnerable areas, said one of the aides. Both asked to remain anonymous. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda blocks food to starving Yemeni children

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Well over 100,000 residents of Zinzibar fled their homes (which were then thoroughly looted by al Qaeda which transported the bounty back to Marib) when al Qaeda occupied the city and others. The areas are still under occupation and only by surrendering their civil and political rights are residents allowed to return. The families are still living in about 60 schools in Aden, causing the city’s children to miss a year of school. The US-allied Yemeni regime is thought to have green lighted the al Qaeda expansion into Abyan, Shabwa and recently al Baydah order to create chaos and delay the political transition.

Yemen Post Yemeni children direly suffer due to the current political conditions and insecurity, particularly in South Yemen, said Rima Salah, Deputy Executive Director of he UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). (Read on …)

Al Qaeda Occupation of Abyan spurs protest march

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NYR | Yemen Fox | Abyan people stage march to lift Zenjbar blockade – Dignity March
(Read on …)

More AQAP fighters arrive in Abyan

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The AQAP CF in Abyan continues:

Yemenat: New enhancements to the supporters of al-Qaeda in Abyan

According to local sources in the city of Jaar, in Abyan province, south of Yemen, the city witnessed the arrival of new fighters and additional military reinforcements to support the armed groups that are believed to belong to al Qaeda.

The sources pointed out that the military buildup, which includes a large number of fighters who are nationals of various Asian, African and combat equipment, and arrived to the province of Abyan by sea in the coastal city of Shakra, which is still controlled by armed elements in their hands since the fall several months ago. (Read on …)

Fourth day of state attacks in Sanaa, many fatalities, AQ threatens tribesmen in Abyan, Update: Marib tribes issue statement

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Update 9am EST, Wednesday: “Now We Have 400 youth in Alqaa area , they are surrounded and being blocked by the Thugs and the Family security forces at this time.” I lost track of the fatalities. The CSM has 12 Saturday and 4 Sunday and there was more Monday. AP has seven killed Tuesday, today, already.

A woman, Azeeza Abdo Othman was killed in Taiz, a residential home bombed in Sadaa killing an entire family, the protest square was bombed and clashes are flaring between the AMA pro-rev forces and Saleh’s family’s forces. The Guardian reports protesters are writing their names on their chests to identify them if they get murdered by their government.

Update 2: Marib Press” Tribes in Marib issued a statement saying Sheikh Saleh al Taaman was killed in the air rad with Ibrahim al Banaa but not reported killed by the regime. The Sheikh was connected to the state’s security policy and paid by Ghalib al Qamish (PSO) 100K YR/month; tribesmen accuse the regime of the manipulating the terror file and US CT ops to retain power. They say the Sheikh was not listed among the dead and that’s reason to ignore the regime’s fatality lists.

Update 3: HOOD reports over 400 arrested and dozens of injured protesters were kidnapped–again. The Saleh regime has been taking the injured all along to hide the number of fatalities and at least two credible reports of mass graves were forwarded since February.

Original: The Gulf of Aden Security Review is a great resource. Current updates include the state shelling the protest square in Sanaa, (there’s also fatalities in Taiz) and AQ issues a vid threatening tribesmen who are fighting against the AQ occupation of Abyan.

Yemen Security Brief: Fighting in Sana’a continued into a third day. There have been ongoing clashes between pro-government troops and defected tribesmen, loyal to Hashid tribal confederation leader Sheikh Sadiq al Ahmar, in al Hasaba district and between pro-government troops and defected First Armored Division troops along al Zubayri Street in Sana’a. Witnesses report that three people died when a shell landed near a makeshift hospital near Tagheer (Change) Square in Sana’a as well. Government snipers reportedly opened fire at thousands of protesters from the rooftops. The First Armored Division released a statement saying that a major and nine of its troops were killed “by treacherous sniping and shelling of the positions of the division.” In Taiz, medical officials reported that one woman was killed by government troops and seven others were injured. Government troops killed at least 12 people and injured hundreds in a similar march on October 15. Also, fighting between pro-government troops and opposition tribesmen killed 17 other people in al Hasaba district of Sana’a.[1]—-

Tribal sources reported that tribesmen ambushed at least five al Qaeda-linked militants as they were transporting military equipment in Zinjibar in Abyan governorate. Fighting that followed the ambush reportedly killed four militants and one tribesman. Yemeni security forces reportedly captured three suspected al Qaeda-linked militants.[4]

A video called, “Are the Two Groups Equal,” was produced by al Raya Media Productions, an alleged media outlet of the al Qaeda-linked militant group, Ansar al Sharia, and posted on jihadist forums on October 14. The video features images of martyrs, tribal fighters being killed in a suicide bombing in Abyan governorate, and excerpts from speeches made by al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri. Additionally, Ansar al Sharia threatened death to tribes who are working alongside the Yemeni government.[5]

Half million IDPs in Yemen; 1/3 kids malnourished, health services nearly non-existant

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IDP’s in Yemen exceed a half million: 300K Saada, 100K Abyan, 200K (at least) Somalis; one doctor per 100K in some areas, one third of children malnourished, education on hold, humanitarian access denied and the whole UN relief project is underfunded by 40%:

Raxanreeb: U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Valerie Amos said millions of people in Yemen face “a daily struggle for survival” due to conflict, poverty, drought, soaring food prices and collapsing state services. (Read on …)

Two killed in drone strike in south Yemen

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Among the week’s dead in Abyan a Pakistani and two Chechans and two civilian anti al-Qaeda activists.

SANAA, Yemen — A U.S. drone strike killed five al-Qaida-linked militants in southern Yemen on Wednesday, Yemeni officials said. (Read on …)

Awlaki preached against US openly in Yemen, Update: family ID’s body

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Awlaki moved between Shabwa and Abyan, preached openly, negotiated with a sheikh for AQAP passage through tribal territories (request denied). If Awlaki was with Saed al Shihri, its pretty clear that he was in AQAP, and pretty high up, I cant believe anybody is debating that point. Update: Anwar’s family

Awlaqi moved freely in Yemen’s lawless regions, AFP

ADEN — Long sought-after US-born Al-Qaeda cleric, Anwar al-Awlaqi, who was killed in a US air strike last week, used to move freely around Yemen’s lawless provinces and even preach in mosques, witnesses said.

During the past few months, the radical cleric had moved between the Al-Qaeda hotbed regions of Abyan and Shabwa in the south and Marib in the east, one tribal chief told AFP on condition of anonymity….Awlaqi and AQAP number two, Saeed al-Shehri, escaped death on September 20, when US drones carried out several air strikes on the village of Al-Mahfad in Abyan, the tribal chief said. (Read on …)

Yemen Air Force bombs soldiers fighting al Qaeda again

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For the second time the Sanaa regime has “accidentally” bombed the troops fighting al Qaeda. The last time in early August dozens of the tribal fighters against al Qaeda were killed as well as four military commanders. The tribesmen later said that al Qaeda fighters were lying in wait after the bombing, as if it was coordinated with them. And this time, the al Qaeda fighters were laying in wait again. The Yemen Air Forces is commanded by the half-brother of Saleh, Mohammed Saleh Ahmar. I used to say the Sanaa regime was like John Gotti with an airforce, but now they are more like Zawaheri with an airforce. Update: Sanaa regime denies but multiple news outlets have local sources confirming.

USA Today: The officials said the bombing, which took place on Saturday evening in the southern Abyan province, targeted an abandoned school used as shelter by soldiers of the army’s 119th Brigade. The school is located just east of Abyan’s provincial capital Zinjibar, where militants linked to al-Qaeda have been in control since May.

Heavy fighting has been raging in the area for days as part of the army’s months long campaign to seize back Zinjibar from the militants.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information, said there were unconfirmed reports that militants arrived at the school soon after the airstrike and killed an unspecified number of wounded troops.

The school is in the Bagdar area, along the frontline between Yemeni forces and militants. On Saturday, fighting in Zinjibar killed at least 28 soldiers and militants.

The 119th Brigade has rebelled against the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to join the protest movement demanding his ouster. It is thought to have received significant support from the U.S. military to enable it to fight the militants in the south more efficiently.

(Read on …)

Video: al Qaeda executes man in Jaar after personal dispute

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Warning: video shows a man getting shot in the head many times:, from the Aden Tomorrow news site

Uploader comment: The killing was not due to the establishment of God’s law, but was because the person who carried out the sentence fought with the man and a group of family members and in clashes with al-Qaeda killed one of them and killed one of his family and then Al Qaeda falsely claimed that it applied the law of God, this is the settlement of political calculation, nothing more to explain

Related: Mukalla Today: al Qaeda releases video explaining the prison break by 67 terrorists from the PSO prison, nice screen grabs.

Brig. General Mohammed Sawmali, Commander of 25th Mech interview

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General Sawmali says few local jihaddist are fighting in Abyan, Khalidabdul Nabi is not. Many have come from other governorates and other countries. Some payments made to fight; its a leaderless amorphous group. They confiscated weapons that were left behind by the Public Security, Police, and Central Security after their sudden withdrawal

“I do not want to cross the line and accuse my colleagues of complicity with Al Qaeda” yes that would be a death sentence

“We receive promises from [Southern military commander] Major General Mahdi [Maqwala] that “tomorrow we will be with you” however when tomorrow comes, nobody shows up.”

“All that we have received from the US side was a shipment of food supplies.”

“The Yemeni Navy bombarded some of Al-Qaeda fortifications for one day, but we need much more than this.”

Yemen Fox translates the Asharq Alawasat interview: In his first media interview, Brigadier General Mohammed al-Sawmali, commander of Yemen’s 25th Mechanized Brigade in an interview to Asharq Al-Awsat , from the heart of the Yemeni forces siege of the city of Zanjibar, the capital of Abyan Governorate, this has become an Al Qaeda stronghold. “Yemen fox” republish the interview. Brigadier General Al-Sawmali spoke through telephone about the 25h Mechanized Brigade’s lone mission to eradicate Al Qaeda from Abyan, particularly after Yemeni military units that were previously stationed in the region withdrew, allowing Al Qaeda to gain its foothold there. Al-Sawmali played down claims that the security apparatus purposefully withdrew from the region and allowed Al Qaeda to gain a foothold there as part of a plot to strengthen Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s grip on power. The Yemeni General insisted that the 25h Mechanized Brigade would not withdraw from Abyan, even in the face of defeat and death.

The following is the full text of the interview: (Read on …)

Interview with Sheikh Hussain al Shuaib, mediator to AQAP

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via email, this is an excerpt that deals with tribal mediation efforts last month in Abyan with top AQAP leaders. Sheikh Hussain is one of the local dignitaries that attempted to convince al Qaeda to lay down their arms and withdraw. Another section regarding evolving concepts of jihad, US counter-terror tactics and other related topics will be published later.

Q4: I learned from XXX you have contributed in mediation between the al-Qaeda, which controls parts of the south, and the tribes. Can you explain to us what kind of mediation and what resulted?

A4: Yes, I mediated after some tribal and other notables asked me, including some leaders of the ruling party in the province of Abyan. I responded to the request and was accepted in the tribes in the city claiming in the province of Abyan. Despite all the good that I do, our efforts are still ongoing, and the most important thing for us is to convince the young al-Qaeda to withdraw from the provincial capital of Zanzibar and return the situation as before, then arrange the return of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Our efforts are underway and there were some obstacles, the most important of which is that there are parties in the State and others that struggle to serve its interests and the achievement of its objectives, but there is no shortage of God’s solution.

Q5: There is a lot of talk that some of the devices of the Saleh regime are in favor of al-Qaeda taking control of some areas of the south. Are you able to confirm that?

A5: The role of the leaders of the brigades of the Saleh regime in Abyan and Aden was clearly evident on what happened and is happening in Zanzibar, the capital of Abyan province. The city was handed over entirely to al-Qaeda. Security pulled out of the military forces that were stationed there, including the central security. The sudden withdrawal from the city sparked surprise among all observers.

The modern Yemeni street and the south know of the existence of a conspiracy by the Saleh regime to deliver Abyan into the situation as it is now. We are accustomed to such policies from the Saleh regime which uses and always used al Qaeda fighters in any internal conflict between him and his opponents. The regime used them in the summer 94 and used them in wars on the Houthis in Saada. It is no secret that those who blew up the U.S. embassy in Sanaa on 17 \ 9 \ 2009, were some military officers and they used a military vehicle and hired al Qaeda fighters giving them military uniforms. The Saleh regime is not to be trusted on anything, it is the cause of all problems of the country.

I think that the situation worsened for Ali Saleh when he learned that the southern movement has almost complete control of the province of Abyan, after control of Lahj, and the young Qaeda fighters were planted there by Saleh, as it is known that Abyan province is representing the South.

Q6: What is your view of the U.S. role in combating terrorism in Yemen?

A6: I welcome the U.S. role in the fight against terrorism through dialogue and scientific discussion rather than violence and military intervention. As I said before, violence only begets more violence, we welcome that any role of the U.S. put an end to violence and terrorism and that is peaceful.

Most Yemenis believe that AQAP operates as an arm of the Yemeni intelligence and security services. There are substantial indications of the relationship. With the revolution in full swing, defectors are starting to come forward with details.

Judge Hamoud al Hittar is the head of Yemen’s now defunct Koranic Dialog Committee that “rehabilitated” 342 hardened al Qaeda operatives. A former Minster of Endowments, al Hittar said recently that the Saleh regime is “supporting a number of al Qaeda members in Abyan to frighten the West, and to suppress the Yemeni revolution.”

Judge Hamoud Al Hittar said many of the top al Qaeda members who he met during dialog sessions are, “dealing with the Yemeni regime and receiving financial rewards.” A well established system of communication and payments to al Qaeda militants is headed by three security officials, “one in a Presidential Guards, the second in the National Security and the third in the Interior Ministry.” (The Central Security forces are within the Interior Ministry and contain one of the counter-terror units.) In essence, the same counter-terror commanders the US is relying on for its national security are paying al Qaeda to engage in violence, foster insecurity and heighten the US’s threat perception.

Former Foreign Minister Abdullah al Asnag wrote in June about the conflict in Abyan, “Although the government has declared the dead as terrorists, a substantial number of these supposed terrorists have turned out to be on the payroll of the National Security Agency (headed by Ammar Saleh). Many families of the deceased and supposed terrorists have reported that their sons were employed by the National Security Agency and some families even presented NSA ID Cards belonging to the deceased.”

Over 100,000 Yemeni civilians have fled the violence in Abyan, and are sheltering in schools in Aden. A military brigade that refused to surrender to the terrorists was left stranded by the Defense Ministry and under assault by al Qaeda for two months without reinforcements or food. The US ultimately resupplied them by air. About 1500 local tribesmen came together to fight alongside the besieged unit against al Qaeda, and in late July, the Yemeni air force “accidentally” bombed the tribesmen, killing dozens.

Al Qaeda warlords cut off boys arm for stealing in Jaar, Yemen

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Coupled with Fahd al Quso’s interview, its is abundantly clear that the Obama administration policy had failed on all fronts in Yemen. The solution, as trite as it may sound, is to take a principled stand. If the current plan is to let Saleh hang on until the US has had a chance to drone all the al Qaeda leaders, it will certainly fail because AQAP has infiltrated the security and military and the regime has an incentive to keep the group strong.

AJE: Al-Qaeda linked militants severed the hand of a 15-year-old boy after he stole electrical cables in a southern Yemeni town, witnesses who had been summoned to watch the punishment said Sunday.

The militants cut off the boy’s hand with a sword in front of dozens of residents of Jaar, in the troubled southern province of Abyan, on Saturday evening before taking the limb around town for all to see.

An AFP correspondent spoke to four witnesses at the scene who confirmed the incident took place. They all requested anonymity due to fears of reprisals from militants.

The witnesses said the militants announced they would also cut off another man’s hand later on Sunday. He too had been caught stealing electrical cables, they said.

Terrorist mercenary Fahd al Quso strongly denies relationship with Saleh regime

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There was a deal from the time of the Cole bombing that is relatively unbroken until today. Fahd had to deny that he is Saleh’s stooge because the public perception is that they are nothing but guns for hire.

Memri: Indicted USS Cole Bomber Fahd Al-Quso Strongly Denies Association with Yemeni Regime

The September 19, 2011 issue of the London-based daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi featured an interview with Fahed Al-Quso, a senior operative of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), wanted by the US for involvement in the bombing of the USS Cole. Al-Quso discusses the situation in Yemen, as well as the ongoing clashes in the south of the country between government forces and a previously unknown jihad group called “Ansar Al-Shari’a,” supposedly linked to Al-Qaeda.

Violence flares in Yemen: Sanaa, Taiz, Aden, Abyan

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Telegraph: Artillery and automatic weapons fire broke out near the home of a prominent anti-Saleh tribal leader in the Hasaba district, the site of weeks of fighting that began in May and edged the impoverished Arab state closer to civil war.

Diplomatic sources said mediators from neighbouring powerhouse Saudi Arabia intervened to help end the street fighting, which was the fiercest in recent weeks. (Read on …)

Zinjibar-separating fact from fiction

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Separating fact from fiction is always quite difficult in Yemen. As predictable both the state’s military forces and the pro-revolutionary military forces claimed credit for freeing Zinjibar, although the extent to which it has been freed is questionable. Certainly some jihaddists fled, because people saw them withdrawing. Some moved to the mountains (Hattat) and some to Jaar, maybe Shabwa, and it is unclear if the split in the al Qaeda forces between northern and southern jihaddists is reflected in the divergent destinations. However residents are currently reporting that Zinjibar has not been liberated, only some sections of it, and fighting continues. The Yemen Times had an article, Who freed Zinjibar? but the paper is entirely off line at the moment. Tribal mediation has thus far failed to bring about a compete withdrawal. It was only with US help that the three month siege 25th Mechanized was broken.

Residents are without water, electricity, food and medical services since the Razi hospital was closed and many have fled to Aden and Lahj where there is no housing or aid waiting. The state announced that it will be moving the internal refugees out of the schools in Aden, but it is unclear where the IDPs will be going next.

Some links: (Ali Mohsen’s news paper): In that context sources familiar with the situation said to “Today’s News” that Secretary of Defense may send a tribal delegation to negotiate with the insurgents and persuade Jalal Blaidy and insurgents that they need to withdraw from the city of Zanzibar, noting that the tribal delegation failed in his mission to persuade the gunmen to withdraw from the Zanzibar and that the insurgents said that they would step up their operations against the army.

News Yemen Local residents: we saw the insurgents moving into Jaar
Army restores Zanzibar and frees 25 Major Mika
10/09/2011 NewsYemen:

Local residents said city of Zanzibar, in Abyan province to NewsYemen that the forces of the army freed today by members of the Brigade 25 Mika besieged by al-Qaeda members in more than four months, and Zanzibar has cleared of insurgents. (Read on …)

Vid: Ja’ar aftermath of bombing

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Mediation leads to AQAP withdrawal from Abyan? Developing

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A rights and media activist and Vice Chairman of the Media Association in the Abyan Province is reporting AQAP has agreed to withdraw from Abyan, with compensation, following mediation. Also he reports a schism between two factions of jihaddists in Abyan in response to the proposal, and some are going into the mountains instead of leaving the province. Separately, I have an interview with one of the mediators that was conducted a few days ago and before the agreement was reached, and that should be posted shortly. (Or not.) There were a few rounds of mediation in the last weeks.

Update: Additional confirmation by residents of large scale withdrawals from Jaar and Zinjibar in Abyan. This is following the Yemeni bombing campaign and the resupply of the 25th Mechanized by the US.The question is where are they going? Update 2: Another report says the withdrawal is from Jaar and those who are agreed are from “the provinces of Yemen,” meaning the north. The red on red fighting a few weeks ago was also between northern and southern terrorists. And it makes sense that southern jihaddists wouldn’t want to relocate to Marib which is the likely destination.

1) Last night, the authorities reached agreement with the militants in Abyan to waive their Islamic Emirate in Abyan in return of their safe withdrawal and compensation for any loses, we actually saw many of them leaving with their weapons, more details later.

2) Agreement has been reached on the withdrawal of militants with their weapons and the abandonment of the name of “Emirate of Abyan” and to stop pressing for prosecution as well as compensating them for their losses according to sources close to both the Authorities and the militants. The agreement has been singed a few minutes before the bombardment threat the Minister of Defence has vowed to carry out against Jaar, which would have “wiped it out” in the event of rejecting (the agreement). But after the signing, a dispute as broke-out between the militants (between supporters and opponents of “the agreement”). Currently, the opponents (of the agreement) are now withdrawing to the mountains. Hence the Abyan show has ended..

Another variation:

The withdrawal of armed groups from the city of Jaar after an agreement with the authorities of the Yemeni occupation regime Breaking News: Private sources: the Yemeni regime makes a deal with armed groups, which occupies the city of Jaar requires their withdrawal with all their equipments to the nearby mountains in Hattat Breaking News: Private sources: Acceptance of armed groups that belong to the governorates of Yemen (ed-northern Yemen) of the agreement with the Sanaa regime has led to splits in the ranks of these groups Braking News: Groups, the so-called Sharia supporters held an agreement with the Authorities of the Sanaa regime leading to the exit from the city of Jaar to the surrounding mountains to carry as much as they can of their equipments

Bombing hits wrong mosque in Abyan: dozens killed, Update: five fatalities

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Update: News Yemen says five fatalities and eight wounded. Also the dead al Qaeda in al Razi hospital is not al Wahishi.

Yemen Post : At least 31 civilians were killed in three misdirected air strikes when the army continued fighting Al-Qaeda militants or Sharia supporters in Abyan on Monday.

The two raids struck a mosque in Jaar city, which is under the control of the militants, the outlets cited local officials as saying.

“The strikes, which also injured dozens civilians, were supposed to target a small mosque of Al-Qaeda in the area,” the officials continued…The Jet fighters flew over the area several times as to identify their targets before launching their bombs onto the city, causing widespread panic amongst the population.

Yemen Post also reports that it was a Yemeni plane. Marebpress reports that the victims may number in the hundreds. It also is quoting a military source as saying the Great Mosque was bombed by “mistake”, as the intended target was Hamza Mosque, Mareb Press

Jaar Abyan FB page, translation indicates the AQAP had advance warning and told at least one person to leave the city before leaving themselves prior to the air attack:

The city of Ja’ar has been bombed today, following is a list of the bombed locations:
The Great Mosque
Al Razi Hospital (ed- YP: Allegedly, al-Qaeda fighters would have used the medical premises to treat their wounded, forcing doctors to cooperate, and preventing residents from accessing the facility.)
Bureau of Education
AlFarooq Secondary School
Ja’ar Court
House of AlWathi
So far, the deaths have not yet been counted, which has reached dozens according to eye-witnesses. Noting that the AlQaida elements have – hastily – disappeared one hour before the bombings – and one of them has secretly informed one of the youths in Ja’ar to get out as the City of Ja’ar will be destroyed today. They (AlQaida) came back after the bombardment and cut-off the roads between Ja’ar and the villages of AlDarjaj, AlMakzan and Abir Othman.

This comes after the burned president’s statement that Abyan will be cleared. It seems the “clearing” is of from the citizens.

Tribesmen battle soldiers to forestall AQAP take-over

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Fearing the soldiers will hand over the town to al Qaeda, tribesmen attacked the soldiers…

Aden al Ghad: Tribal gunmen took control over Musaimeir District in southern Yemen. According to sources said to “Adenalghad website” that clashes broke out in the district continued for several hours between local tribal gunmen and soldiers stationed in a number of government facilities in the district in the early hours of Thursday. (Read on …)

Another suicide bombing in Yemen

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The fanatics in Abyan are trying to replicate Afghanistan under the Taliban, and there’s little public outcry in Yemen, all to busy with the rev, I guess, but the danger of an al Qaeda state increases daily.

Inquirer: SANAA—A suicide car bomber killed three policemen and injured seven at a checkpoint in the port city of Aden on the Arabian Sea Saturday, a Yemeni security official said. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda executes “witch” in Abyan by firing squad at stadium

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News Yemen: “Abyan tribal sources said that armed groups belonging to al Qaeda said on Monday executed a person in Jaar, and accused him of killing someone two weeks ago. The sources of NewsYemen said that the death sentence carried out against Haidara Mansour Jaber. He was executed at a stadium before a crowd of citizens. It is the first death sentence carried out since al-Qaeda control of the Zanzibar.”

Then they executed a “witch.” Jihaddists in Jaar executed four homosexuals in 2009, showing the ideological affinity between the stated al Qaeda doctrine and local jihaddists in Yemen who may or may not have international ties. The merger this year of these two groups in Abyan has led to some dissension arising from both practical concerns and philosophical difference.

al Tagheer

Carried out an armed group affiliated to al Qaeda on Tuesday sentenced to death by firing squad against one of the citizens of the city of Jaar Abyan province, south of Yemen, after less than 24 hours for the execution of another citizen.

Witnesses said the “al Tagheer” that elements of al Qaeda in the city, led by Abu Ali Hadrami raided the eleventh hour yesterday morning the house of Abdo Hussein Baidhani and took him to the Stadium Club Khanfar sports, and carried out the death sentence by firing squad, in front of a large number of citizens and members of the organization al-Qaeda. (Read on …)

Attempted assassination

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Yemen’s defense minister on Tuesday afternoon survived the attempted bombing, targeting his motorcade during his visit to the military units of the Yemeni army stationed in Western part of the city of Zanzibar, in Abyan province. The blast, which sources said was a mine planted in the minister’s car, targeted the minister and senior military leader, Major General Faisal Rajab 119 and the brigade commander, who announced his support for the protests against the regime of President Saleh of Yemen. al Teef.

The regime later denied the event occurred. For a wrap up of the last weeks, see Critical Threats Gulf of Aden Security Review.

AQ is a fake: General Saadi

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al Tagheer:

Brigadier General Saadi

* Al-Qaeda controlled whole cities in Abyan, and may come to get to Eden, what you read in the folds of the ongoing activity for the «base» in the south and those who stand behind him?

- I think that the «base» does not exist in the south, and existing today in the South is a business organizer led from one office, and this play, which is hosted by the system in the show is directed by the security services of the system.

Three dozen al Qaeda killed by air strike in Abyan

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Yemen officials: Airstrikes kill 30 suspected al-Qaida-linked militants in south; 8 troops die Bab al Yemen:
SANAA, Yemen — Military and medical officials say airstrikes have killed 30 suspected al-Qaida-linked militants in southern Yemen. Eight soldiers also died in clashes in the area. (Read on …)

AQAP command center flees to Marib with Abyan booty, in a state of collapse

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Bumped from 8/21: The Arabic article at Yaf3 Press says the intra-terrorist conflict described earlier between the AQAP (Marib, Sanaa and foreign jihaddists) and southern jihaddists (the AAIA types) in Abyan arose from the division of the spoils of jihad. The items stolen in the Abyan fighting were transported to Marib, and southern fighters were told to collect their portion there from the Emir. The vehicles transporting the goods, weapons or money passed all checkpoints including in the capital without a problem according to the article.

Once violent clashes broke out, the fitna as JM Berger called it, the command center (and likely some commanders) was relocated to Marib.

There seems to be a reference to the killing of prisoners and that was the beginning of the dispute between northern and southern terrorists in Abyan. The article also says locals found decapitated bodies. I really hope the word families here actually means fellow tribesmen or allies.

The article is from Yaf3 Press, meaning of the Yafee tribe (but not necessarily an official outlet).There’s an upper and lower Yafee in Abyan and beyond. The news site is Abyan-centric, within its broader pro-southern independence, pro-democracy focus. There are also Bakil and Hashid new sites and the young Marib Sheikhs recently made a Youtube video in order to communicate with the rest of the country.

The google translated version from Yaf3:

Abyan: Facts published for the first time on the sharp differences between the militants as a result of regional distribution of the spoils and they are now in a state of collapse.
Newspaper Yafea / private. / 20 / August / 2011 pm Sat (Read on …)

Al Qaeda has plenty of oil and gas in Abyan, Yemen

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The southern military commander, Maj.Gen. Mahdi Maqualah, Supreme Commander of Southern Region, has been accused many times in directly aiding the AQAP forces in Abyan, as a political tactic to support Saleh. In this case, residents (fishermen and gas station employees) in Shakra, the third Abyan city to fall to al Qaeda, are surprised at the large quantities of oil that AQAP moves repetitively through checkpoints since the beginning of hostilities. There is some collusion by the director of the Aden refinery (again nothing new, the refinery has been a source of AQ funding for a decade). The rest of the Yemen is experiencing severe fuel shortages.

via Yemen Portal blocked sites;

08-22-2011 08:03 Involvement of the military zone in the southern Abyan events .. The forces transferred Abyan get fuel from plants is facilitated by the government Madawa Elahwal

A number in the city of Saedua, Shakra in Abyan province are extremely surprised by the facilities obtained by the al-Qaeda forces and transferred in the show (Abyan), particularly in obtaining large quantities of oil derivatives on a daily basis in order to facilitate the movement and control of the city .. the quantities of up to more than (five thousand liters) per day on average. (Read on …)

Two Al Qaeda suicide bombers kill 14 in Yemen Sunday

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Reuters – Two suicide bombs killed at least 14 people in separate attacks in Yemen’s volatile south on Sunday morning, including the bombers themselves, local officials and tribal sources said.

The attacks targeted tribesmen who have sided with the army in an effort to flush Islamist militants out of the south, where the government has lost control of some areas as months of protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s 33-year rule drag on.

One of the suicide bombers blew himself up in a vehicle at a checkpoint set up by tribesmen in the al-Arqub area, killing 9 tribesmen and himself and injuring others.

The second attack took place in Mudiyah, where the bomber approached a crowd and then set off an explosion that killed him and three others.

They were coordinated bombings according to the Yemen Times:

Al-Qeada in Abyan escalates by attacking tribesmen

Sana’a, Aug. 21 — Rebel militant groups in Abyan believed to be close to Al-Qaeda escalated violence on Sunday morning by committing two simultaneous suicidal operations. This time the attacks targeted local tribes, rather than military forces.

The attacks took place in two of the central areas of Abyan, Moudia and Lauder. In Moudia three people were killed. In Lauder the attacks left 11 tribesmen dead and injured several others, who were taken to al-Baida Hospital.

Moudia’s attack targeted Abu Bakr Al-Ashal, the head of the ruling party in Moudia. Al-Ashal was also a leading figure of Ashal’s tribes and the brother-in-law of the governor. He was killed by a man wearing an explosive belt.

“The man who committed the suicidal attack came over to Al-Ashal where he was sitting with two others, chatting. The guy greeted them and sat for a bit and then pressed the button that ended him with the others,” said Ahmed Yaslem, a freelance reporter in Abyan. (Read on …)

C-130’s, with wrong coordinates, re-supply AQAP?

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Only the US militatry Saudi military will know if this is true but there have been several instances of duplicity by the Saleh regime regarding coordinates: directing the Saudi Air Force to bomb Ali Mohsen’s camp during the Saada War, the awful miss in December 2009, the errant bombing of Sheikh al Shabawni in May 2010, the “near misses” on Awlaki and al Quso, and the state’s own bombing of the tribal force fighting al Qaeda which killed dozens in July. Update: the Jihaddi forums are saying they were Saudi planes and the supplies “blew” over to them, via Critical Threats. Frankly I was hoping it was all anti-Saleh propaganda but now we know AQAP is well stocked.

al Wahdawi: Southern Military Command deliberately gives the wrong coordinates to foreign aircraft that was providing hardware and supplies to the 25th Mechanized Brigade

Confirmed local sources in the city of Zanzibar that four foreign aircraft were carrying supplies to the Brigade 25 Mechanized that is besieged in the capital of Abyan province for two months ago, but instead al Qaeda robbed the load of food, fuel, and other things that was dropped in the area under the control of members of al-Qaeda by the low flying aircraft.

The sources, who declined to reveal their identity and the identity of foreign aircraft said four aircraft type (C-130) were flew to the city of Zanzibar on the evening of 8 August. They were carrying food enough for the military camp for several months, but the Southern Command, led by Maj.Gen. Mahdi Maqualah, Supreme Commander of South Division, gave the aircraft the wrong coordinates to make the cargo delivered into the hands of militants from the al-Qaeda. (Read on …)

The AQAP battle for Shaqra Abyan lasted one hour or several days

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In reporting about Yemen, discrepancies abound. Even before the six month revolution, the dictatorship of Ali Abdullah Saleh was a master of propaganda and constructed complex plots to give the west the appearance of reform or counter-terror cooperation when in fact the reverse was true. By the same token, the newspapers associated with opposition parties have a tendency to skew reporting for political advantage.

The news that AQAP, the Yemeni affiliate of al Qaeda, took over a third town in the Abyan province, Shaqra, has inconsistencies, depending on who is reporting it. The Chinese news agency, Xinhua, based on statements from regime officials, is reporting the battle for control of the town lasted days, but multiple Yemeni sites have eyewitnesses who say the military abandoned the town after an hour of light skirmishes amid retreat. China is a prime purchaser of Yemeni oil and has thwarted Security Council statements denouncing the state’s slaughter of Yemeni protesters.

One eyewitness reported to al Teef, an opposition site, that, “I saw them (al Qaeda members) this morning entering the city on the cars owned by the Yemeni army. They were carrying machine guns and RPG’s.”

Yemenis from all walks, from politicians to street vendors, are adamant that in May the Saleh regime relinquished control of Abyan’s capital Zinjibar to Al Qaeda as a foreign policy strategy, -i.e., to pressure the US into supporting the widely reviled dictatorship.

In July, local tribesmen began a counter-offensive against the al Qaeda fanatics, driving them back from several areas. The Yemeni Air Force then bombed tribesmen, killing dozens along with two Yemeni military officers. State officials said it was a mistake, although tribal fighters had notified the Air Force of their position.

My article today at the Yemen Times covers earlier developments but provides a little more background: Al Qaeda in Yemen alienates local jihaddists

Shaqra Abyan falls to militants with little resistance from govt forces: News Yemen

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This is what happens when Saleh gets cranky, busy or drunk and exactly why the US can’t rely on the Salehs et al for US national security. The US needs better conduits.

News Yemen: Sharia Ansar militants took control again of the coastal city of Shakra in the Abyan province.
The tribes cleared the city in July from insurgents after fierce battles.

Reuters quoted tribal sources and residents said Wednesday that Islamic militants took control of the coastal town of Shakra in the south of Yemen, which became the third town in their hands (ed-after Znijibar and Jaar.)

The tribal sources said that the government forces offered little resistance. And the militants who the government says are linked to al-Qaeda entered in the town in cars coming from another city they control.

Update: the army fires on the tribesmen, al Teef

Al Qaeda kidnaps 100 teen agers in Zinjibar, Yemen, accuses them of spying

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News Yemen: Aden Online said that militants in Zanzibar, who called themselves (supporters of Sharia) arrested a hundred youths in the city on Friday who were guarding their family homes and facilities, and put them in the political security prison. One of the buildings was targeted by the warplanes and military aircraft missiles – according the parents.

The website quoted sources saying the military commander of Ansar al-Sharia and named (Dujana) lduring the past two days led a campaign of arrests for all those who remained in the city of Zanzibar, accusing these young people of giving the warplanes coordinates of insurgent positions, and thus making them vulnerable to aerial bombardment.

Families of young people, who are all displaced outside the province, placed responsibility for the lives of their sons on “Ansar al Sharia” and appealed to the military and civilians in the provinces of Aden and Abyan to move with speed to save their children from the hands of these killers, noting that they are able to capture all of the city and suspicious political deals delay the process of its liberation – in their words

AQAP fractures in Abyan

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@intelwire (J.M. Berger) notes “the reported Abyan fitna (was) mentioned earlier on the forums.”

Khaleej Times ADEN — Clashes between rival extremist groups on Monday left four fighters dead and seven others wounded in Yemen’s restive southern province of Abyan, witnesses said.

A group under the leadership of Abdellatif Sayyed, who has distanced himself from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, asked alleged members of AQAP to leave the town of Jaar.

But a witness said the latter, who are loyal to a local Al-Qaeda leader named Abu Ali Hadrami, refused, triggering a series of clashes that caused casualties on both sides.

Jaar is 12 kilometres (seven miles) north of the provincial capital of Zinjibar which was seized in May by Partisans of Sharia (Islamic Law), an organisation linked to the Al-Qaeda network.

I wrote it up Monday at as

Al Qaeda in Yemen alienates local jihaddists

Local jihaddists in Abyan, Yemen are fighting their former allies, al Qaeda militants from other countries and other Yemeni provinces, for control of Ja’ar City. The combined group, which calls itself “Ansar al Shariah,” has been in control of areas of Abyan since May when the military withdrew.

Clashes between local jihaddists and al Qaeda erupted Monday morning, al Teef reported. The local militants’ commander, Abullatif Al Sayed, tried to expel the non-resident terrorists who had earlier joined their operations for control of the province. Many came from Marib and are linked to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The gun battle that ensued raged for hours and the number of casualties is unknown. (Read on …)

Fighting between al Qaeda factions in Ja’ar: al Teef

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Local jihaddists are fighting (and seek to expel) their former allies, those al Qaeda militants who came from outside Abyan. It sounds like the indigenous Aden Abyan Army type of fanatic (Nabi, the Dhayans) is fighting with the AQAP type (Wahishi and others from Marib and elsewhere) and Ansar al Shariah is fracturing.

Actually its incorrect to call the local jihaddists “al Qaeda” because they have no transnational coordination, support or goals and never pledged loyalty to any external entity or person (except Saleh). This group has long aspired to an Islamic Emirate in Abyan, going back to the 1990’s, and murdered four suspected homosexuals in 2009 when they were in control of Ja’ar. At that time, they called themselves Jamaat al Jihad or the Jihad group.

After a face to face meeting between Saleh and several of the jihaddists’ leaders in January 2009, Nabi fought in the battle of Jaar alongside the military and Saleh released over 100 of their members in April. The Yemeni embassy here in the US said maybe a few al Qaeda were accidentally mixed in but most of the prisoners released were “aged and harmless” AAIA types, and many had been jailed without trial, or so the justification went.

Al Nabi’s later call for an Islamic Emirate in December 2009 produced some skepticism as he has a long, mutually beneficial relationship with the state and bounces between playing the terrorist villain and reformed jihaddist as needed by Saleh. Also in December 2009, after clashes in Jaar had died down, al Nabi re-took some govt buildings because he did not get some land that Saleh promised him. But things were ironed out between the two as current events demonstrate.

Al Teef, Network Spectrum - Jaar–Monday morning armed clashes erupted between members of Islamist groups claiming affiliation to al-Qaeda in the second-largest city of Jaar after the outbreak of sharp differences between the elements of these groups against the backdrop of the affairs of the city.

According to sources in the town of Jaar speaking to “network spectrum,” the clashes broke out after dawn prayers between the two factions of the armed groups, one follows the leader of these groups, “Mr. Abdul-Latif” (“Abullatif Al Sayed,”) and the other are elements of armed groups from outside Abyan.

There was confrontation during which the machine guns were fired and the outcome of the victims is unknown until the moment within the irrigation district, where elements of Mr. Abdul Latif tried to expel the armed groups coming from other provinces.

The sources pointed out that the elements of the master of the last few days tried to exert control over Jaar and asked members of other groups to leave, an appeal that was rejected and caused the outbreak of fighting at dawn today.

Sharp differences erupted over the last weeks between the elements of armed groups in Abyan after the elements of groups from outside the province were accused of vast destruction and looting while maintaining control of the city.

Another article on the growing schism between the two groups and this morning’s violence in Ja’ar at SaadaAden (ar) indicates the local jihaddists accuse the imported jihaddists of creating “overwhelming discontent” among the population in a war without limits. The stance of the local tribesmen against the militant forces has exacerbated the divisions among them, the article notes.

The Yemen Times reports on the aftermath of seven air strikes in Jaar which destroyed the water tank and hit an empty health clinic over the week-end.

Some of Abyan’s tribe came together to expel the militant groups, according to Ahmed al-Aydaros, the governorate’s council member. After successfully expelling the militant groups from Lauder, they formed popular committees.

“The tribes now discuss their plans to free Zunjbar from the militant groups, but there is a dirty game being played by the authorities to hand Abyan to the militant groups, groups without who believes that the Central Security was under the militant groups without even one bullets” said al-Aydaros.

On the other hand, the main military camp 25 Mika in Abyan has been surrounded by the militant groups for more than three months now. Abdalrahim al-Aswary, public relations officer at the 25 Mika camp, told the Yemen Times that this week things have improved at the camp. “We managed to evacuate the martyrs and casualties from the camp.” Although the camp is still surrounded by al-Qaeda from Zunjbar’s side, the state is using air strikes to free the camp, said Al-Aswary. Food is provided well there but al-Qeada has managed to cut the phone coverage.

Bomb in Sanaa, assassination in Amran, truce and car bomb in al Jawf, double dealing in Abyan

Pop quiz: Q: What was the characteristic response of the Saleh regime to power sharing demands following unity in 1990 that precipitated the 1994 civil war? A: Assassinations. Hundreds of southern political leaders were assassinated, often by veterans of the Afghan jihad who were allied with Saleh.

Five protesters wounded in Sanaa by an explosive device thrown from a car with police plates.

War planes bomb Arhab, five dead. Three houses, a mosque and many farms damaged. Clashes in Nehm, 20 km south of Arhab, eight wounded.

The Yemen Post reports Hamid Al-Qushaibi of the 310th escaped a car-bomb assassination attempt in Amran province but al Sahwa reports Major Ismail al-Ghurbani, commander of the 310th Armored Brigade of the 1st Armored Division was shot dead in an assassination in Amran

A truce between Islah and the Houthis in al Jawf will go into effect 8/17 when the JMP declares the national council; Fares Manna, UN sanctioned weapons dealer and long time associate of Saleh, will be replaced as governor by Sheikh Hussein Al-Thaneen from the Islah Party.

One person was killed and three wounded Sunday evening when a suicide car bomber detonated at a gathering of Houthis near the health center in al Jawf, News Yemen reported. The Houthis blamed the US, saying “The process shows the intense action and malicious plots by the Americans and the targeting of Yemen in general and the northern areas in particular.” Mareb Press reports dozens of injuries. Interior Ministery says 14 dead and the hallmarks of al Qaeda.

16 suspected al Qaeda were killed Sunday as clashes in the province take place in seven areas. The tribesmen (like the commander of the 25th Mechanized) say that the government is arming the al Qaeda militants and providing other support.

Yemen Post: Local tribesmen in Abyan province, fighting with government against militants, are accusing the government of helping al-Qaeda fighters stay strong by attacking tribal posts and arming the militants.

According to tribal sources in Abyan, at least 19 tribesmen have been killed by government attacks.

A senior Yemeni Defense Ministry official denies that the toll is that high, but did not deny that government raids did kill tribal fighters in accidental attacks.

Over the last month, tribes have succeeded to retake more than 60 percent of the province from the hands of suspected al-Qaeda militants after the government failed to show progress in its fight against the militants since May.

At least 1600 tribesmen are fighting al-Qaeda militants in the province.

More than 15 al-Qaeda fighters were arrested on Thursday by the tribesmen as their push to cleanse the province from the militants nears the final steps.

Update: Sultan al Barakani says Hamid al Ahmar is the prime suspect in the bombing on the presidential palace because the sims cards used in mobile phones belonged to SabaFone.

Three Yemen govt airstrikes targeted tribes fighting al Qaeda despite notice

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Update: Reuters reports the tribes have returned to the fight.

Xinhua: Tuesday’s offensive by the 119th Military Brigade in Khamila area in western Zinjibar killed three Islamist militants and wounded seven others, who all were hospitalized in Razi hospital in Abyan’s city of Jaar, a doctor at the hospital told Xinhua. Zinjibar, about 480 km south of the capital Sanaa, has been besieged by the 119th Military Brigade from the west and by the 25th Mechanized Brigade from the east

Original: This is an excellent article from AP and should be read in full. Lets again review the sequence of events. Saleh warns of an al Qaeda take over in Abyan, if he is deposed, then government troops withdraw leaving behind large stocks of weapons. Al Qaeda moves in, takes possession of the weapons and takes over several towns including the capital, Zinjibar, forcing about 90,000 residents to flee from Abyan to Aden. The Defense Ministry leaves the 35th Mechanized Brigade stranded for two months, ordering the brigade to surrender twice. (The US trained CT forces are no where in sight.) Southern tribesmen launch a counter-offensive along with the 35th MB and drive al Qaeda out of Zinjibar. As the fighting moves to the outskirts of town, the Yemeni military bombs the tribesmen three times, although they had notified the military of their position. The Yemeni government calls it a friendly fire incident. Yemenis call it another instance of state collusion with al Qaeda in order to play the western powers, especially the US.

Al Qaeda will be much, much weaker without Saleh and his relatives (including Ahmed) and could be easily conquered, on all levels, by the multitude of indigenous forces that are naturally opposed to them. Its a much more cost effective option as well.

Botched Yemen airstrikes harms anti-militant fight

By AHMED AL-HAJ, Associated Press – 20 hours ago

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemeni government airstrikes that accidentally killed 40 people last week, including four army officers and a tribal sheik, brought an abrupt halt to the largest military effort yet to dislodge al-Qaida-linked militants from a key southern town, officials and tribal fighters said Tuesday.

The airstrikes, which took place late Friday just east of the town of Zinjibar near Yemen’s south coast, outraged pro-government fighters, prompting them to withdraw from the military offensive against Islamist militants. (Read on …)

AQAP arrest, statement and drone strikes

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I’m so sick of these al Qaeda jokers.

ABYAN, July 30 (Saba) – A security source said Saturday that senior leader of al-Qaeda “Abdullah Saeed Omar Houbaibat” was captured in Abyan province. (Read on …)

HOOD investigates Yemeni military bombing civilians, mass executions of prisoners

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Hood said in a statement that it formed the new teams as a result of the tragic events that accelerated in areas of Abyan, Arhab and other flashpoints, and the resulting humanitarian situation and deteriorating conditions of the civilian population especially the vulnerable groups of society including women, children and the infirm, as Hood has received reports of executions of prisoners en masse and the repeated use of weapons in the bombing of civilian areas and military and mosques.

Ahmed Saleh, head of the RG and counter-terror chief, commanded Yemen’s military forces during the 6th Saada War during which many crimes against humanity were committed including bombing refugee camps and a hospital, denial of food, medical care and international aid, and over 300,000 internal refugees were largely left without support. Bombing civilian areas in Yemen since the rev includes Ibb, Taiz, Arhab and Nehm in Sanaa, and others around the country.

Sheikh beheaded in Yemen following MIGs “accidental” friendly fire? Updated

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The tribes fighting al Qaeda in Abyan in support of the 25th Mechanized Brigade were bombed by the state in “accidental (MA)” friendly fire after they drove al Qaeda from Zinjibar and were chasing them down the road. The AQAP counter-offensive occurred in the evening following the state’s bombing the tribesmen, which killed and injured dozens, about 10 km from Zinjiba. The name of the victim beheaded is Sheikh Abdel Mon’em Mohammed Nasser Nakha’i, the Sheikh of all Sheikhs of the Nakhee tribe of the Fahdl clan. Six tribesmen are still unaccounted for.

Several news sites reported the incident, and there was one denial by a purported fellow tribesman on Facebook who said the Sheikh died of three gunshots and was buried in his home town, Amshal. Generally in Yemen, the brutality of the state outpaces that of al Qaeda, for example Ahmed Saleh’s soldiers mutilating tribesmen bodies in Arhab, but this is egregious.

The report from Yaf3 Press hold the government as well as AQAP responsible: “This crime was indicted by a tribal to the security authorities and the Yemeni regime as a major crime joint between Sana’a authority and armed groups (suspected of al-Qaeda) committed against Sheikh Abdel Mon’em Mohammed Nasser Al Nakha’i the sheikh of sheikhs Nakha’i tribe one of the most important and largest tribes of Al-Fadl.” Others hold the Saleh’s plain clothes operatives responsible, and following what happened in Arhab, corpse mutilation, this is also a fair assessment.

Yaf3 Press: Sheikh Nakha’i found slaughtered from vein to vein in common crime and a vehicle in the right. (Read on …)

Yemen Air Force bombs tribesmen who are fighting al Qaeda, kills two army commanders, four soldiers and nine tribesmen

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A Yemeni summarizes, “The Yemeni air force is assisting Ansar Al Shariyah (or AlQaidah) fighters in Abyan by attacking the Tribesmen who are fighting Ansar AlShariyah, and the Army is claiming that the Tribesmen didn’t coordinate with the army about their positions? This could be just another proof that the militia who took over Zinjibar are nothing more than employees with The Yemeni regime using them in times of need.”

The 25th Mechanized Brigade is the unit that was surrounded without reinforcements or resupply for weeks and was ordered by the head of the military’s southern command to surrender to AQAP twice. However with the help of local tribesmen (and the retired southern military), they have largely driven AQAP from Zinjibar. The tribesmen and military battling al Qaeda suffered serious losses when they were bombed by the Yemeni Air Force. Two officers, four soldiers and nine tribesmen were killed, and 18 soldiers wounded in the Air Force’s bombing which they claim was a mistake. Salehs army also blocked the road, preventing the ad hoc force from pursuing the militants driven out of Zinjibar.

The commander of the 25th Mechanized earlier said in an interview that that withdrawing army forces left behind a substantial stockpile of weapons. He alleged a conspiracy to empower AQAP based on the actions of the Defense Ministry and Southern Commander, who by some reports was also instrumental in the suicide car bombing in Aden that killed nine soldiers.

How many of hundreds of times is the US going to be suckered by the Salehs before the light bulb finally comes on? Its gotten to the point the US should bomb the four Hueys recently delivered before they are used in a civilian massacre, and maybe take out the rest of the air force as well: all the Air Force is doing is killing civilians, bombing villages and providing air cover for al Qaeda.

The following is a google translation of al Masdar’s report. (Read on …)

Withdrawing Yemeni security forces fed weapons to incoming al Qaeda: military commander

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This poor guy has been surrounded for some time with no reinforcements or resupply, and he said in another interview that twice he refused orders to surrender to al Qaeda. There’s no way the US doesn’t know that Saleh et al are playing the al Qaeda card. Despite the total absence of US public diplomacy in Yemen, the message to 22 million Yemenis is loud and clear.

Sahwa Net- Commander of the 25th Mechanized Brigade in the Zinjibar city of Abyan governorate has said that Yemen security forces withdrew from Zinjbar and left behind large quantities of arms which al-Qaeda militants gained. (Read on …)

Tribesmen, retired southern military who drove al Qaeda from areas in Abyan withdraw

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What did I say from day 1: the most effective force in the south against al Qaeda is going to be the retired southern (PDRY) military/ tribes because a) they have military training b) they know the lay of the land c) they are against al Qaeda firmly d) they are not connected to Saleh’s regime e) they respect human rights and are concerned for the welfare of the locals. But no, no one from the international community can talk to the southerners, the real southerners, because they want an independent state.

Anyway the retired southern military and tribesmen that drove out al Qaeda from areas of Abyan are now withdrawing because the regime is trying to use them politically, for propaganda, and its just not happening. The media stories that the Yemeni military forced the withdrawal of al Qaeda in some areas are incorrect; according to everything I’m seeing it was the southerners.

The following is google translated from Yafi Press but we have essentially the same story here from al Teef: Withdrew this afternoon, hundreds of tribesmen who had taken over the past few weeks the areas controlled by al Qaeda to the east of Zanzibar to protest the military leaders loyal to the regime of President Abdullah Saleh of Yemen to pay dozens of elements affiliated to these areas.

Yafi Press: He said the activist, a former military commander of the Army (South) Republic of Yemen People’s Democratic Republic, which united with North Yemen in 1990, said “We have confirmed through our presence among the tribes show that we are the leaders of military-trained and have experience in the topography of our land, we do not want the supervision of a not of the power system not from the opposition and brought us out of our homes to fight these battles but jealousy on our province handed over by soldiers into the hands of the Yemeni regime of these groups simply to leave the capital of our province a battleground between the poles of this dying regime (Read on …)

Tribesmen break siege of 25 Mech in Abyan, Yemen;commander alleges conspiracy to empower al Qaeda in Zinjibar

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al Sahwa: Yemen’s defected army in collaboration with tribesmen could halt on Friday ba convey of militants heading the southern town of Zinjibar where government troops.

The defected army supported by General Ali Mohsin Al-Ahmar could defeat al-Qaeda in many areas in Abyan and cleansed several districts from militants who had grasped areas in Abyan after the Yemeni regime help them control the governorate, local sources affirmed.

Local sources said the defected army along with some tribes had secured the road from Shabwa province to Shaqra in Abyan, a main highway leading to Zinjibar which is still controlled by the militants.

Yemen defected generals had accused President Ali Abdullah Saleh of of letting his forces ease their grip around areas suspected of hosting militants, in order to convince foreign governments that only he stands in the way of a militant takeover.

al Masdar reports a senior commander of the 25th mechanized unit alleges a conspiracy by the Southern Military Command and the Ministry of Defense because a) the 25th was twice ordered to surrender to AQAP, hand over weapons and withdraw, b) they have been besieged for weeks without any support, food or resupply of equipment c) the Defense Ministry refused the US demand two weeks ago to supply weapons and food by helicopter (there’s 4 new Hueys, why not use those?) With the support of Yemeni tribesmen he says, they were able to break the siege and make progress.

Yemeni scholars and clerics demand names of Abyan fighters in statement

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In an appeal letter to vice president Mansour “Hadi,” clerics and intellectuals demand revealing the persons involved in the Abyan battles

ADEN 18 JULY A number of clerics and intellectuals in Delta Abyan located in Abyan governorate, south Yemen sent a message of appeal to the vice president Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi and called on him to take a series of procedures to be taken with regard to the bloody events which are taking place in the Abyan Delta region by the armed jihadists militant groups.

Armies of Liberation obtained a copy of the appeal letter which included five points as follows:

1) We praises the steadfastness of 25 Mica camp and assured our confidence in the ability of the various branches of the armed forces to liberate the Delta region, therefore demand quickly clinch the battle.

2) Accelerate bringing security forces in the city after its liberation to fixing security and preserve what remains of public and private property, that the state shall ensure safe return for displaced persons to their homes.

3) Reveal the names of the elements whom involved in the fighting and looting operations and submit them to the justice.

4) Establishing fund to rebuild the affected cities and villages and make statistics, develop plans and budget necessary to restore the infrastructure of electricity, water, and other services that fund will manage by group of people of the Delta.

5) Compensate those affected in military operation (dead, wounded and private property) and make necessary limitation to them and consider the dead as martyrs.

Tribes expel al Qaeda in Abyan without a shot

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Suspected Qaeda chief killed in Yemen: official
ADEN — A leader of suspected Al-Qaeda militants in Abyan province in south Yemen has been killed by the army, a government official said on Tuesday.

The killing comes as tribesmen across Abyan began expelling the militants from the province.

Hassan Basonbol, who went under the alias Abu Issa, was killed in fighting with the army on Monday in Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan, where security forces have battled suspected Al-Qaeda-linked militants since May, the official said. (Read on …)

Civilians killed by Yemeni gov’t as AQAP uses citizens as sheilds

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The article doesn’t make note of the enhanced US role in the conflict, directly and indirectly. But its undeniable that the Yemeni regime is currently committing war crimes, and has committed mass violations and mass murder for years in the Saada War, in the south as well across the nation.

HRW 7/9/11, (Aden) – Yemeni forces may have killed dozens of civilians in unlawful attacks while fighting an Islamist armed group in southern Abyan province since May 2011, Human Rights Watch said today. The militants in Abyan, called Ansar al-Sharia (Partisans of Islamic Law), may have unlawfully placed civilians at risk by deploying in densely populated areas and engaged in looting and other abuses, Human Rights Watch said. (Read on …)

Abyan Yemen, Between the Jaws of the Regime, Death from the North

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guest post

أبين… بين فكي النظام والموت القادم من الشمال؟!

كفى الهاشلي

أبين المدينة التي يقف على عتبات أبواب منازلها غول يدعى الإرهاب وقطعت أوصال جسدها المتهالك الضربات على قرى بلداتها فخرج أهاليها على ذوي الإنفجارات وصوت الرصاص المتناثر هنا وهناك فارين إلى عدن التي لم تضمد جراحها بعد؟!

النظام اليمني – الذي أسقط الشعب شرعيته – يبرر توجيه ضرباته وقصفه بأنه استهدف مجموعات مسلحة إرهابية بسطت على مقار حكومية لكن الشاهد على ما يحدث يقول أن القصف تجاوز حدوده المكانية إلى الكود وبئر الشيخ والمسيمير وجعار وزنجبار والمخزن .

يحكي الإعلام الرسمي عبر قنواته بأن نظامه يحقق انتصارات على تلك المجاميع المسلحة ويقول تارة أخرى أنه يحقق انتصارات على مطلوبين يصفهم بأنهم من تنظيم القاعدة ؟!!!
(Read on …)

“Saleh and Al-Qaeda: Who Empowered Who?”

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SANAA, July 15, 2011

Saleh and Al-Qaeda: Who Empowered Who? BY: Nedhal Moqbel

The current Yemeni scene is full of question marks regarding the country’s present and future. Opponents are still protesting in the North, Southerners are maintaining their call for secession, and violent conflicts dominate the situation of this fragile country. Amidst this dilemma, Al-Qaeda has strongly reemerged and taken over Zinjibar, the capital city of the Southern governorate of Abyan, simultaneously extending its control throughout the entire governorate.

President Saleh did send his intended message to prove right his previous warning. “If I quit, Al-Qaeda could take over,” he once said in response to the mass protests in Taiz and Sanaa. There is no doubt that Saleh is replaying the terrorism card in an attempt to protect his reign. Logically, how could a small number of Al-Qaeda fighters, who came down some Abyan mountains, besiege and defeat two prominent brigades in Abyan (25th Mechanized and Al-Amaliqa)? How could they quickly capture Zinjibar and gain control of the government facilities? How can one believe that an entire government, with huge government troops, could fall into the hands of a few hundred fighters?

On the other hand, one wonders how Southern fighters in Radfan, whose number is much larger that of Al-Qaeda militias, have not been able to defeat only two battalions of government troops there. For several months, these fighters, who came from multiple areas to defend Radfan, could not put an end to their fierce battles with the government forces. These troops have besieged the area, frequently shelled it, and fought with all kinds of weapons.

Therefore, what happened in Abyan was not a real battle but an obvious collusion whose outcome was the handing of the governorate to an armed terrorist group. This collusion reveals close ties and mutual benefits between Saleh’s government and Al-Qaeda, which goes back to the 1990s. Several times, Saleh’s government allowed and eased the escape of a countless number of Al-Qaeda inmates from Yemeni prisons. In 2003, for example, eight of those prisoners involved in the Al-Qaeda Cole operation in Aden escaped, and about twenty-two others followed them later. In 2006, twenty-three Al-Qaeda prisoners fled a Sanaa jail, and much more (around sixty-three inmates) escaped last month from a prison in Mukalla.

Plausibly, Saleh and Al-Qaeda have empowered each other for decades. This group sprang from Saleh’s own Republican Palace to be his fundamental card through which he got more Western support and fought his internal enemies. When the world is angry at him, Saleh would imprison his Al-Qaeda men to calm it down. But when he needs them, the world would wake up to news of their escapes.

Yemen updates July 6, 2011

- Republican Guard shells a public mini-bus in Taiz, driver killed, 13 wounded including three children, attack occurred in front of a hospital, several other parts of the neighborhoods shelled by tanks and artillery: al Masdar Also Taiz, clashes after security tries to impede a mass rally demanding an immediate formation of a transitional council: al Masdar (Read on …)

Youth militias counter Al Qaeda in Yemen; US trained CT forces elsewhere

In yet another demonstration of the total failure of US CT policy in Yemen, the US trained and equipped CT forces are busy countering the peaceful protesters with violence, while untrained government supporters are armed and roughly organized into militias that will fight the terrorists. The state is also highlighting the new training camp that state jihaddists set up under the government’s nose last month, likely the camp at Qauarir Mountain at Moalla, Aden reported here on 6/22.

By Associated Press, Published: July 3
SANAA, Yemen — Yemeni officials say the government has formed special youth militias to prevent militants linked to al-Qaida from gaining a foothold in the strategic southern port city of Aden.

The officials said Sunday there are signs that the presence of al-Qaida linked militants in Aden is growing. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Authorities in Aden spotted a newly created militant training camp, officials say. They have also detected attempts by militants in Aden to store large amounts of weapons and explosives in rented apartments and houses.

Defense Ministry abandons soldiers, 50 missing

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Not unusual, a unit was left surrounded during the Saada War for six weeks until the soldiers called local media. Its important to recall the Defense Minister hinself was the one who engaged in the hiring of the jihaddists during the battle of Jaar in 09. Meanwhile Tariq al Fahdli is calling for negotiations, no prob I’m sure as US policy now includes negotiating with the Taliban.

Yemen Online: Fifty Yemeni troops have been posted as missing after clashes with militants around the southern city of Zinjibar, a commander said on Saturday, accusing top brass of abandoning them to al Qaeda.

“We have lost all trace of 50 soldiers after an attack by al Qaeda elements enabled them to recapture control of the al Wahda stadium” outside Zinjibar, the commander serving with the 25th Mechanised Brigade told AFP on condition of anonymity.

He was unable to specify whether the troops had been killed, captured or deserted in the battle for the stadium which the army had recaptured from the militants only Friday.

The commander accused the defence ministry of abandoning the brigade’s soldiers to their fate in the face of repeated attacks by the militants of the Partisans of Sharia movement who seized much of Zinjibar in late May. (Read on …)

Organized jihaddists in Zinjibar, Yemen

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Al Qaeda showing more respect for locals than the US is bad; there should be no comparison. Beyond the drones, Ambassador Feierstein continues meeting with regime officials including military intelligence while ignoring the protesters and their demands. The protest movement nation wide is discussing demanding the US Ambassador’s expulsion from Yemen as a person non grata. This NY Times article accurately covers the Saleh induced developments in Zinjibar.

June 26, 2011
Chaos in Yemen Creates Opening for Islamist Gangs
ADEN, Yemen — The ancient port city of Aden is now virtually surrounded by roving gangs of Islamist militia fighters — some linked to Al Qaeda — who have captured at least two towns, stormed prisons and looted banks and military depots in southern Yemen.

Yet the Yemeni government, still busy fighting unarmed protesters farther north, has done little to stop these jihadists. Members of the military, the police and local officials have fled their posts across much of southern Yemen. The country’s American-trained counterterrorism unit has not been deployed. It is no surprise that many Yemenis believe the president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, intended it all to happen. (Read on …)

SEYAJ appeals for urgently needed aid for displaced people from Abyan

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The humanitarian crisis is deepening and SEYAJ urges relief convoys to the starving people displaced to Aden and Lahj

An appeal call No(2) to save the people in Abyan

Issued by the Emergency Cell in Seyaj
Yemen- Sana’a- June 22nd -2011

The Emergency Cell in Seyaj organization for childhood protection calls to declare Abyan governorate as a disastrous area by all the standards.

Seyaj directs its second humanitarian appeal to all the Yemeni people to send urgent humanitarian relief convoys to the victims in Abyan of the dirty security political game that displaced , killed and violated the lives, humanity and dignity of at least more than forty thousand families.

Moreover, Seyaj calls the Arabic, Islamic and international associations and humanitarian relief organizations to send urgent humanitarian relief convoys to Abyan victims in Aden and Lahj governorates.

Seyaj also calls the acting president to take concrete actions to save the lives of his people and clan in Abyan.
Seyaj confirms that the areas of war against Al-Qaeda as called are free of country’s institutions that are capable of performing its duty to displaced people in Abyan, Aden and Lahj ,as the first responsibility lies on the Yemeni people in all its political& social activities, humanitarian organizations, religious men , youth , politicians and others of the society components. (Read on …)

“Ansar al Sharia” rejects humanitarian cease fire in Abyan

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Marib Press reports on demonstrations in Abyan against the militants and negotiations for a humanitarian cease fire. Mediators did not meet any known figures of AQAP and the representatives themselves said they were part of the group Ansar al Sharia. Googlish version:

Mareb Press Ansar al-Sharia and reject any mediation or a truce between them and the army, before the departure of the benefit, and the delivery of Aden, and reports on the presence of a number of (militants).

Exposed to local sources in the governorate of Abyan, the presence of mediation, led, currently, a number of religious leaders from the province, and the Sheikhs of Shibuya, to try to cease fire and truce between the Yemeni army forces, and the jihadi groups in control of the show, in order to allow charitable organizations to reach women and children and civilians trapped in areas of confrontation. (Read on …)

Local reports from Abyan, Yemen indicate Nabi directed by presidential son, Ahmed Saleh; new training camp

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The group of state jihaddists in Abyan is headed by Khalidabdul Nabi. Nabi has very strong links to the National Security and regularly works as a mercenary according to other jihaddists, prominent politicians, activists, Yemeni political analysts, local witnesses and all known open source documentation, his own interviews and history going back a decade. The al Qaeda uprising in Abyan is directed and funded by Yemeni counter-terror chiefs, Ammar Ali Saleh and Ahmed Ali Saleh. This new reporting dovetails with the earlier report by Abdullah al Asnag which found that many of the supposed jihaddists are members of the National Security.

Ammar, the de facto head of the Yemeni National Security, was injured in an “auto accident” last Wednesday and taken to al Urdy mil camp hospital. He reportedly has a serious head injury.

One local observer reports the sequence of events as follows: the terrorist group in Abyan is a combination of Ahmed Ali and Amar Ali’s al Qaeda forces plus al Zindani’s jihaddi forces and some of Ali Mohsen’s al Qaeda force; this grouping of so-called “al Qaeda” was attacked (and partially defeated) by the defected military coalition led by General Fisal Ragab along with locals. A division of the army under Ali Mohsen’s command is currently engaged in the battle against militants in the provincial capital of Zinjibar, “to show America that we are serious in the fight against Al Qaeda,” said his spokesman, Abdulghani al-Shumeeri.Then General Ragab’s force, after engaging the militants, was attacked by the government’s military force, naval and air, and the National Security, prompting the withdrawal of Ragab’s forces. The state forces attacked the defected military and southern forces which earlier attacked the “al Qaeda” militants in Zinjibar. ( Video 6/6/11 in Zinjibar shows several dead soldiers lying in the street but its unclear which side they were on.)

New training camp: Witnesses have reported activity at Qauarir Mountain at Moalla, Aden by the al Zindani jihaddi force, where they started some sort of training comp with the knowledge of the government. The phrase “al Zindani jihaddists” is used by many in the south and I am not clear if they are referring to al Iman students or the old school remnants of the Abyan Aden Islamic Army or a combination of both. However through the years there have been several credible reports of new training camps established in the south under the noses (and with the aid of) of the state security forces. Another state operated al Qaeda camp is in wadi Abu Jubarah in Saada.

The real AQAP, al Qaeda of al Wahishi, Awlaki and al Reimi is distinct and, according to some, hasn’t moved, although this interview indicates indicates Awlaki left Shibuya on orders from the authorities, probably right before the US air strike.

AQAP has not disowned the actions of the state jihaddists, as usual, likely because the retention of Saleh is in AQAP’s interests as well. Several terror incidents in the last years were attributed to al Qaeda but likely were false flag operations, carried out by state jihaddists under the supervision of the Yemeni security/intelligence including attacks on foreign nationals.

Meanwhile the residents are paying the price of the these games, with large numbers of citizens displaced from Zinjibar and al Hota. Some men have stayed behind to protect their homes. Photos and video here of the aftermath of the bombing in Ja’ar. AFP reports Yemeni government statements on the battles, over 100 military deaths, an army pull back, as well as missed airstrikes, destroyed homes and civilian casualties since hostilities began three weeks ago.

Medical sources say most of the 200 non-military killed were residents, not militants and not al Qaeda, the National ;

Government raids and US drone attacks in Yemen are focusing on Islamic militant targets in Abyan province, ignoring the more dangerous Al Qaeda stronghold of Shabwa province, a senior defence ministry official said yesterday.

Among the targets has been the Jaar farm of Khaled Abdul Nabi, considered one of the most powerful Islamic militants in Yemen since the early 1990s, according to the interior ministry.

“More than 85 per cent of the fighters killed in Abyan over the last three weeks have not been Al Qaeda members. Militants in Abyan and other areas in the south are well-known Jihadists, but we cannot prove their links to Al Qaeda,” said the official. Last week, the interior ministry said it arrested 10 militants in Aden believed to be fighters with links to Mr Nabi. Qasem Bin Hadi, head of security in Zinjibar, Abyan, said that the majority of the militants killed were terrorists.

“Who said that only Al Qaeda is a terrorist group in Yemen? These militants are causing as much problems for Yemen as Al Qaeda,” Mr Hadi said, adding that Abyan has turned into a ghost town and that clashes between government forces and militants are non-stop.

Bombing Nabi? Since when is Nabi AQAP?

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Since when does Khalidabdul Nabi have transnational reach? Nabi is a long time Saleh operative. If al Nabi is leading the insurgency in Zinjibar, then its only with Saleh’s (and the Four Thugs’) approval and direction. If its the Yemeni government bombing him, its 100% a propaganda ploy. In 2009, al Nabi was on the side of the state in the intra-jihaddidi battle for Ja’ar and well paid for his efforts. It is as Yemeni analysts have said: Saleh pulled back his forces and opened the door in order to create chaos. Saleh said in a self-fulfilling speech that “al Qaeda” will take over four provinces without him.

Nabi said in an interview in 2005, after SAleh returned from visiting Bush, that he is only jailed when Saleh wants to impress the US and for future use against Saleh’s opponents. However if Nabi has linked up his extensive yet localized group of militants with AQAP, it would be a concern, if only for the new pool of US citizens that AQAP would have access to. But Nabi, as he has been for the last decade, is a domestic extremist only interested in imposing his version of strict Sharia on a community. Nabi is like the Taliban to Yemen’s al Qaeda. Nabi has very strong ties to the Yemeni security and intelligence services and acts as a mercenary regularly. Maybe the goal is to wipe out Saleh’s (and Mohsen’s) army of militants that the US ignored, excused and tolerated (and funded) for years as they were used to threaten the west with false flag terror attacks and other elaborate propaganda ploys.

The kidnapping of the two French citizens, like the Germans kidnapped two years ago, like the attacks on the UK ambassador, are state sanctioned terror acts. And instead of bombing the palace, the US is bombing Nabi. Is anybody with a beard fair game? Many of Yemen’s militants spent time fighting in the state sponsored jihad in Saada, including Nabi, as the US was allied with Saleh and condoned the collective punishment of an entire province. In Saada, the military was indoctrinated in hard core takfiri Salifism and soldiers were told Houthi blood is free. Suddenly the US is turning on its former allies by association, the previously acceptable “tribal paramilitaries” are now al Qaeda militants and subject to assassination. Its extremely inconsistent. They are all on the state payroll.

Al Harithy Jr., killed in a drone strike this month, had fought in Iraq and was not sanctioned by Yemeni court for those murderous activities. There was no strenuous objection from the US in 2007 at the time of his sentence. At the same time, the US military is staking US national security to the al Qaeda infested Yemeni security services led by Saleh’s relatives. I’ve previously published the names of the members of the counter-terror units who are also affiliated with al Qaeda. Secretary Gates had no post-Saleh planning as the US disrupted, and continues to disrupt, the progress of the Yemeni revolution. Yemen is a complex environment that requires a multi-pronged approach to vanquish al Qaeda, step for step nearly the exact opposite of current and prior US policy. To paraphrase al Asnag, continued US support for murderous criminals is severely alienating the rest of the nation.
Governmental war planes bombarded the farms and property of wanted Islamic militant leader Khaled Abdul Nabi in Jaar, Abyan.

Abdul Nabi has been considered the most powerful Islamic militant in Yemen since the late 1990’s. This is the first time the government raid him directly.

Clashes have been ongoing in the province for the last seven hours and officials in Abyan said that three civilians have been killed in today’s raids.

Over the last two weeks of clashes in Abyan, more than 200 people have been killed, a number of them due to US drone attacks.

Ja’ar residents protest infiltration of “Al Qaeda”; 18 US drone strikes mostly miss

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From the Yemen Post:

A US drone attack took place in Jaar, Abyan, on Saturday injuring six civilians. Eyewitnesses said the attack was expected to be targeting senior Jihadists in the area. No al-Qaeda members were hurt in the attack.Most of the attacks in Abyan have resulted in injuring wrong targets this month. At least 18 US drone attacks have taken place in June, in the highest foreign attack toll on Yemen lands in recent history.

The US is bombing and missing although there is supposed to be a better intelligence stream. In 2009, General Patraeus said the Bedouin locals killed in Abyan by a US missile strike were providing material support to al Qaeda by selling them food, implying the 42 civilians killed weren’t really civilians, and overlooking they had complained about the AQ infiltration to local authorities. What is one supposed to do when al Qaeda moves in? In this case, the residents are actively protesting.

Dawn ADEN, Yemen: Hundreds of residents of a southern Yemeni town in which al Qaeda has embedded itself called on Friday for the departure of the Islamic militants from their neighbourhood, an official said.

“Hundreds of residents of Jaar gathered in front of the town’s mosque to show their opposition to armed groups with links to al Qaeda,” Mohsen Salem Said, a member of the municipal council, told AFP.

He said residents “demanded that these armed men leave Jaar, so it does not befallen the same fate as Zinjibar,” a neighbouring town in Abyan province.

Hundreds of men presumed to be connected to al Qaeda on May 29 took control of Zinjibar after battles with the Yemeni army in which 140 people died, including about 80 soldiers. (Read on …)

Zinjibar: a would-be Islamist state

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WaPo: SANAA, Yemen — Islamist extremists, many suspected of links to al-Qaeda, are engaged in an intensifying struggle against government forces for control of southern Yemen, taking advantage of a growing power vacuum to create a stronghold near vital oil-shipping lanes, said residents and Yemeni and U.S. officials.

Over the past few weeks, the militants have swiftly taken over two towns, including Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan province, and surrounding areas and appear to be pushing farther south, said Yemeni security officials and residents. Increasingly, it appears as if al-Qaeda’s regional affiliate is seeking for the first time to grab and hold large swaths of territory, adding a dangerous dimension to Yemen’s crisis. (Read on …) reports prison stormed in Zinjibar

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The clufu continues. The following is an excerpt (googlish) of a report from (of the Bakil tribe) on the prison break and chaos in Zinjibar that includes some statements by former Interior Minister Hussain Arab, who issued the travel docs to al Nashiri in 2000. I think the irony of his statement accusing Saleh of activating al Qaeda is lost on him.

And spread by masked gunmen in downtown Zanzibar and streets and government institutions, while the city has been witnessing an exodus of the population. As the region is witnessing violent clashes between insurgents and Brigade 125 in the city of Zanzibar, where the use of various heavy weapons and Alkhvivip. Gunmen stormed the central prison in the city was the release of detainees inside and according to eyewitnesses. The city has the widespread looting on the institutions and government facilities. And accused former Interior Minister Hussein Mohammed Arab regime of President Saleh al-Qaeda support through the “handing over” a number of cities Abyan governorate, which led to a regulation on the control of the reins in Zanzibar. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda operative Amar al Waeli killed in Abyan, Yemen?

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To my recollection, a search here on Ammar al Waeli will likely lead to the following history. Al Waeli was the subject of a 2002 FBI seeking info alert generated by an associate of Fawaz al Rabie, killed in 2006. Al Waeli was seen by eyewitnesses on a rooftop in Saada City exhorting residents against the Houthis during the sixth war (2010) while Ali Mohsen’s troops chewed qat. Al Waeli was also involved in the 2009 plot against Saudi CT chief Prince Naif along with Naif al Qatahani. Al Waeli, along with Hamza al Dyanai was allegedly instrumental in the 2007 murder of eight Spanish tourists and two Yemenis in Marib in a suicide bombing by the (also deceased) Hamza al Qaiti group.

Al Waeli was convicted on terror charges in March. My assumption at the time was he was tried in absentia although the Saleh regime didn’t mention that part. Now in theory he is killed exiting Zinjibar, echoing some southerners reports of the RG attacking fleeing residents. Just keep in mind, Qasim al Reimi was reported dead three times by the Saleh regime. Al Waeli was also reported as killed in Jan 2010. Its important to note that different aspects of the Yemeni regime have relations with different groups of jihaddist mercenaries or state jihaddists as I call them, like al Nabi.

The Jaber al Shabwanis are possibly relatives but certainly tribesmen of the tribal sheik/assistant governor of Marib Jaber al Shabwani who was killed in an errant air strike (by who is still a question, in Marib some insist it was a Yemeni plane) as he was en route to negotiate al Qaeda surrenders. Ali Mohsen said recently Saleh orchestrated the hit on Sheik Shabwani. The sheik was the brother of Ayyed al Shabwani, a know al Qaeda operative.

al Motamar

The source made clear that a number of the organisation leaderships and its dangerous elements have been killed in qualitative operations by army men from brigade 201 and mechanized brigade 35 while those elements were fleeing Zanjibar city.

The source added that the operations led to the killing of terrorist Amar Abada al-Waeli, one of the most dangerous leaders of al-Qaeda organisation and with him seven other elements in addition to killing the terrorist Abu Ali al-Harithi , a leading element in Shabwa province , terrorist Abu Ayman al-Masri , media official in the organisation , terrorist Ali Saleh Farhan ‘amir of the organisation in Mareb province an a number of terrorist elements that came from Mareb province , among them the terrorist Mabkhout Ali Jaber al-Shuwani and wounding his brother Fahad Ali Jaber al-Shuwani .

Yemen Wed June 8, updates: Proxy War in Abyan

Late update: Saleh: late night in Sanaa and Taiz, over two hours of heavy gunfire so far from pro-Saleh forces shooting in air at news of his return or good health. Simultaneous in Dhamar, Hadramout. In Aden, govt cars seen shooting live rounds (more celebration?) Over 20 wounded in Sanaa arrive at the field hospital. According to friends in Saudi Arabia, theres no report airing about Saleh’s good health and return, and Mareb Press just retracted the report that Saleh wanted to return in 24 hours. However “celebratory” gunfire continuing for hours already. The RG is going to be cranky tomorrow.

Sanaa: Ali Mohsen meets US, EU ambassadors; forces intercept two attacks on Acting President Hadi’s compound. Reports also disbursed protesters demanding a transition council, near Hadis compound, dozens injured. Vid, al Khaiwani arguing with Askar Zoail, Ali Mohsen’s extremist office manager who incited soldiers with sermons on jihad against the Houthis at a mosque in the fifth Saada war. Al Khaiwani was later nearly kidnapped. Later video indicates Zoali’s forces shooting into the air. See below for Mohsen’s role in Abyan fighting.

JMP: did not meet with Hadi, expect to meet within two days; seek Hadi’s formal declaration that Saleh’s reign is over, threaten to unilaterally create transitional council with protesters.

Protesters: demand transitional council immediately in mass demo, “In Sana’a, a spokesman for the youth-led protesters in the change square outside Sana’a University said, after thousands of people marched Street 60th, they had given a 24-hour deadline for the concerned political parties to form a transitional council otherwise the revolutionaries will do that.”

Taiz: still tense, sporadic clashes on the outskirts of town. The Al Qaeda district is the name of the suburb, not a AQAP hideout. Three killed Maweah and Thikra

Ibb : YP: Government forces clashed with armed tribesmen in Qaeda district, Ibb province, 30 miles off Taiz province. According to the tribesmen, the goal of the tribes is to get rid of all government forces attacking the people. “Security forces are now using this lawless time in the country to loot and attack civilians. We will not allow our people to be attacked and will ensure that they are safe from any attacks from pro govt thugs,” said a tribal fighter.

Hodiedah: roads leading in blocked by pro-Saleh thugs.

Saudi Arabia, “Yemen’s neighbor and the biggest GCC country, said after a June 6 Cabinet meeting chaired by King Abdullah that the proposal is still viable, and called on Saleh to accept it. Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest crude exporter, will also send Yemen 3 million barrels of oil to alleviate fuel shortages, Yemen’s state news agency Saba reported yesterday.” ( SFgate)

Saada: Mass protests in favor of the end of the regime and against all plots on the rev.

UNICEF: Yemen facing humanitarian disaster.

State Department briefing; must read

AQAP: a decent analysis at Foreign Affairs of relation between tribes and AQAP and prospect in the post-rev phase.

Zinjibar: reduced to “hell” with fighting among unclear sides: < <"There is a cat-and-mouse game going on in the streets now between the army and armed men. I can't tell who's who among them any more,"... The fighting has reduced Zinjibar, once home to more than 50,000 people, to a ghost town without power or running water.>> Most residents of Zinjibar fled to Aden where many are sheltering in public buildings. The Central Security forces of Yahya are attacking the refugees as they flee.

The armed parties appear to be the national military, local tribesmen, local militants (both Saleh’s and Mohsen’s) and the defected army but I’m checking. Update: Gah!!! Armed members of the southern movement also maintaining security on some roads, and for sure they would be described by the regime as al Qaeda. If this is true, southerners carrying arms and creating their own security checkpoints outside local villages in various governorates, its new. (I deleted the areas where they are deployed or the regime will start bombing them.) It needs to be double checked. But being rebuffed after asking to coordinate security with the international community leaves few options. However as security fails, its likely the Southern Movement will reject new deployments by either Saleh’s forces or Mohsen’s forces. The only possibility is Aliwi who has a better reputation in the south than Hadi (as unlike Hadi he didnt attack civilians in the 1986 civil war, according to local lore.) And Mohsen is Mohsen.

Abyan: Local direct reports indicate military airplanes dropped two bombs today recently. Vid here of warplanes that bombed Abyan City, per local sources.

Another says the attack was on tribesmen who took up arms in the face of military assaults. “Ms. Novak – Greetings – I would like to clarify what is happening today in the province of pilgrimage in southern Yemen as a witness elders – the army is firing different weapons on the housing Almutnyen and Batalli tribes touched by the bombing respond and of these forces and drops dead from both sides.” Still no names on the militants leaders, but likely remnants of the localized jihaddist group AAIA operating under another new name. Upon asking, it seems that most discussions on southern forums regarding Zinjibar are operating on the assumption (as am I) that Khaledabul Nabi* is leading the jihaddists in Abyan but no eye witness confirmation. Ja’ar and Zinjibar are close enough. In 2009, Nabi was fighting on the side of Saleh in the battle of Ja’ar, another jihaddist proxy war.

Update, Southern Yemen: Ali Mohsen’s forces are in Abyan, see YT article Rebel soldiers engage militants, but are described below as “gunmen” so these could be the jihaddists as well. Majority of Mohsen’s soldiers are either graduates of Iman Univ or loyal to Zindani, per local buzz. The defected military issued a statement though that they were going to intervene in Abyan as military, and that may be what is triggering an armed (defensive) response by the southern movement if there is indeed an armed response. When the article below talks about forces loyal to Islah, it sounds like they mean armed militants loyal to Mohsen and Zindani. Maybe this is what Nuba meant by an invasion of Zindanis forces.

So Abyan could be a proxy war between Saleh and Mohsen with both sides using militants and military men and equipment. and the southerners who take defensive positions attacked by both. Now I really have a headache. Saada source comments, “That’s exactly whats happening with al Jawf,” and likely why the Houthis are fighting there, as a defensive measure.

Al Jawf/ Marib: Battles reported and continue over last months between Houthis and “Islahis” in conjunction with Mohsen’s forces, with back up from pro-Saleh forces according to news and local sources. Explains positioning of large amounts of troops there. Both the Mohsen forces and Saleh forces, militants and military, are fighting the Houthis in rotation. These developments bring into question both Mohsen’s alleged reformation and his commitment to the youth rev goals. Maybe he is just out to finally wipe out the Houthis and the Southerners. Clarification: There’s no troops on the al jawf/Saada border. Troops and militias of both Saleh (Republican Guards and militias) and Mohsen’s army and militias are on the border of Aljawf/Mareb and also inside both Aljawf and Mareb. There’s quite a number of troops in Saada but they are non-combative.

Yaf3press: Lapin: genocide and the destruction of cities, “Zanzibar and Jaar .. and forces loyal to the Reform Party (ed-Islah) and Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar involved in control of southern Yemen. (Read on …)

Rebel military fighting “al Qaeda” in Abyan, Yemen (not Saleh’s forces)

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Its General Aliwa and the other high level military commanders who defected from Saleh’s army who are coordinating the engagement of the militants in Abyan. The pro-change military are trying to restore stability in Abyan in the security vacuum that arose after Saleh withdrew forces. Possibly another goal is to burnish their CT credentials and commitment, however the western media is reporting it all wrong. The following article outlines the structure and intentions of the defected military commanders. The forces loyal to Saleh are now primarily the Republican Guard, headed by presidential son Ahmed Saleh, which are staking out the palaces in the main cities; some RG units are locked down in their camps in other regions by locals. However there have been high level as well as low level defections from the RG. The residents displaced by the militants’ take-over exceed the 20,000 estimated by the UN; some are living in schools in Aden.

Rebel soldiers engage Abyan militants, Yemen Times: SANA’A, June 1 — The Yemeni army has continued its military operations against armed Islamists in Zinjibar, the capital of the Abyan Governorate, where the alleged members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula took control of the city last Saturday amidst local suspicion that Saleh was responsible of handing over the area to such “terrorist groups”.

Defected military generals issued their first statement on Sunday stating, “Saleh is trying to divide the military forces in Yemen by leaving Abyan governorate to terrorists and to scream about the Al-Qaeda threat to the international community, with the aim of quelling the popular uprisings demanding Saleh’s departure.”

General Abdullah Ali Aliwa, former Minister of Defense, Major Hussein Arab, former Minister of Interior, Major General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, commanders of Yemen’s northwestern region and General Mohamed Ali Mohsen, leader of the eastern area were the top defected military figures who signed the statement.

They vowed, “We will not let Saleh use the army to achieve his ill-dream and will pay for his malfeasance.”

They also called on their colleagues who are still loyal to Saleh to join them for “the best for their nation.”

Saleh’s media sources say that the Islamists who took over Abyan are “members of Al-Qaeda and they benefit from any instability to establish their Islamic state.”

However until now, the armed groups have not yet unveiled their identity. They currently occupy two governmental buildings and carry out raids on security headquarters, targeting soldiers coming from other camps to fight against them.

Taiz: tank shells area near palace, hits residential area, kills 3 kids, 1 adult

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The fighting in Taiz is largely between the pro and anti governmental factions of Brigade 33 along with some civilian volunteers, not a tribe. Taiz is not a tribal area, only about 40% of Yemen is tribal.
The military/ security forces fell back from major areas but have not left the city. Al Sahwa and ohter local reporting indicates the shell was fired by the Republican Guard forces headed by Saleh’s son Ahmed.

The situation in Abyan continues to flare, 15 killed, often getting greater attention than anything else in Yemen because of the AQ packaging to the media. The opposition continues to insist its another of Saleh’s elaborate ploys: pulling back security, giving the green light to some of the state’s cadre of loyalist jihaddists and then sending the army in small numbers to be overwhelmed. While the situation remains unclear, there is no doubt that Saleh has the requisite lack of ethics required to send Yemeni soldiers to be slaughtered in order to gain a favorable sounding scroll on the cable news tickers. A good overview here at Muftah of basic fragmentation and groupings in Yemen.

MSNBC: Clashes killed 19 people, including three children, in two Yemeni provinces, military and medical officials said Tuesday.
(Read on …)

Islamic Emirate in Shabwa, Yemen? A seaport in Abyan and militants with links to Islamists

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Certainly in the security vacuum created by the stalled revolution, militants who believe in strict Sharia would try to impose their will on local populations. The pull back of the trained CT units prior to the fall of Abyan to Saleh’s cadre of militants does give rise to questions. As far as I know, AQAP never claimed to have taken over Zanzibar despite widespread media reporting. There was an announcement on the radio station and maybe some internet something. But nothing by Wahishi confirming or denying. The last thing attributed to them as AQAP was a call to AFP by an anonymous leader after bin Laden’s death promising revenge. According to residents, there’s some jihaddists in Azzan, Shabwa but they only come out at night. The reporting from the Chinese news agency though is a serous overstatement and the “local official” quoted is spinning Saleh’s propaganda.

Xinhuanet SANAA, June 1 (Xinhua) — Al-Qaida’s regional branch in Yemen took control over another large city in Yemen’s southeastern province of Shabwa on Wednesday, a week after they controlled the southern Abyan province, local officials and residents said. (Read on …)

Militants in Abyan, Yemen are not AQAP, cause humanitarian crisis

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Update: 1) UNHCHR 20,000 internally displaced displaced by the fighting. 2) Residents report severe water shortage, roads cut.

original: So I’m the only one who recalls Saleh’s long time stooge Khalidabdul Nabi ( al Nabi background here) and all that blah blah about reviving the Aden Abyan Islamic Army to establish an Islamic Emirate. As recently as 48 hours ago the USG was talking about AQAP in Abyan. Is it shorthand for any jihaddist, a scare tactic or ignorance? The militants in Abyan are historically more likely to be state jihaddists than the Wahishi death cult. Saleh has corrupted everything in Yemen including its jihaddists.

See 12/28/09 “Nabi calls for an Islamist state in Yemen.” Do we recall the January 09 face to face meeting with Saleh and Nabi and others that culminated in the Feb 09 release of the 109 aged members of the Aden Abyan Islamic Army (as the Yemeni embassy described them at the time, making quite clear at the time they were not al Qaeda). For names of the attendees, see here. There was also a large chunk of cash that changed hands at the time. Earlier on Khanfar, Abyan.

DW “Saleh is known for the creative use of chaos as a means of control, and has pitted jihadists against the South before, so it could be a strategy,” Professor Sheila Carapico, a Yemen expert at the University of Richmond and the American University in Cairo, told Deutsche Welle….Yemen’s elite, American-trained counterterrorism units had been engaging AQAP elements in fierce clashes throughout the region in recent months but were pulled out of Abyan just days before the AQAP raid on Zinjibar took place. Reports from Zinjibar claimed that the militants were unopposed and took over the city without a shot being fired, an unusual event given the severity of combat that had taken place between government forces and militants in the preceding weeks.

Local residents in Zinjibar also claim that, far from being hardcore AQAP fighters, the militants were members of the estimated 300-strong Ansar al-Sharia movement, a group of local tribesman committed to setting up a fundamentalist state in the south of Yemen, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Ansar al-Sharia is thought to have no connections with the protestors in the capital Sanaa or the opposition forces battling his troops elsewhere in the country.

Other reporting (Read on …)

SOHR: indiscriminate bombing by the Yemeni military in Zanjibar, Ja’ar, al Kaud

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Southern Observatory for Human Rights issues distress call to Red Cross and international orgs. Yemen packages it as six civilians were killed and nine others were wounded on Sunday when Yemeni military forces shelled al-Qaida hideouts. They are suddenly fighting al Qaeda now, from the air after withdrawing forces.

Distress call to the international organizations and the International Committee of the Red Cross

May 30, 2011

Sirs and madams in the international organizations and the International Committee of the International Red Cross

The Southern Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) presents its best compliments to you. And it appeals you in an urgent way that does not bear waiting or delaying to meet some demands, since the fact that there are many people of the south are exposed to murder, torture and seizure till this very moment by the Yemeni forces stationed in Abyan, southern Yemen.

According to our own sources that the cities of Zanzibar, Al-Kaud, and Ja’ar are subjected to indiscriminate bombing by the Yemeni military forces stationed in the region, resulting in the death and wounding of dozens of citizens, including many women and children. (Read on …)

Dictator’s forces kill four, shoot 90 in Taiz, Update artillery fired on protesters, Update 2: ongoing, tents burnt, corpses stolen, injured trapped

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51, the deaths so far are tallied at 51, but many corpses and injured were kidnapped by the security forces. The water cannons shot petrol or gas on the protesters tents at 3 am while they were still inside, many burned. Charred bodies of children and the disabled were discovered this morning. Details and sniper videos below the fold.

Summary from the YT:Taiz, May 30 – A group of security force soldiers have raided the protest camp in the heart of Taiz city, known as the “Freedom Square”, at 3:00 AM on Sunday, 30 May, killing dozens of people and injuring others.

The loyalist soldiers attacked the square from all directions and gunmen in police and plain clothes shoot at protesters from the roofs of surrounding buildings. (Read on …)

Zanjibar, Abyan under bombardment: residents, Update: Arhab

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Urgent message to Human Rights Organizations

The city of Zinjibar in the Province of Abyan in Yemen is under heavy bombardment that includes large bombs and rockets, fired on them by the Government forces of the Yemeni Regime. Various reports indicate that there are dozens of civilians are under the rubber of their homes and bodies scattered in the streets of the city. The residents of the city are calling for immediate help to stop the atrocities against them which are being carried out in the pretext of fighting “AlQadia”. They need, on urgent bases humanitarian aid of food & medical assistance and most of all protection from the madness of the regime.

Saleh creates the chaos and then bombs it. Typical.

Bombing Arhab now: the 101 brigade is bombarding Arhub area, attempting to rescue the Rep. Guards 26 Brigade, Mareb Press Update: Zindani’s house bombed.

Pro-Change Military in Yemen accuses Saleh of handing Abyan to terrorists

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This is why I have a category “state jihaddists.”

Update with English subtitles:

Al Masdar: The leadership of the armed forces in support of peaceful popular revolution in Yemen Statement No. 1, followed by Major General Abdullah Ali Elewa and former Secretary of Defense (Read on …)

Hussain Arab, former Interior Minister who gave al Nashiri the travel pass for the bombing of the USS Cole, says Saleh supports Al Qaeda

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Somebody find this guy, former Interior Minister Hussain Arab, and tell him I would like him to interview him to confirm that Saleh had foreknowledge of the USS Cole bombing. Saleh knew in advance and helped plan it. I, here on the US East Coast, know that Saleh knew. It is very likely the US Military (and intelligence) also knows Saleh helped al Qaeda killed those 17 sailors. Whether Sec Def Gates support of Saleh is related to protecting his budget or the last years’substantial investment in the CT forces, its a very sad day for the US when it comes to this.

Not to mention all our soldiers killed in Iraq as a result of the well managed pipeline that starts in Yemen. All the US whining about Syria rings hollow when there was little pressure on Saleh to close the spigot. The years of quietness in Yemen (2002-2007) was not a result of US CT successes, as some have postulated, but rather the result of an explicit agreement between al Qaeda and Saleh. Furthermore, Saleh continues to prove safe harbor. US policy in Yemen is overtly endangering US security and American (and Yemeni) lives.

In this interview, Arab says Saleh handed over Zanzibar to al Qaeda, sacrificing low level Yemeni troops to the theatrics on the international stage. The US is pretending to fall for the AQ threat that Saleh is producing because its convenient.

Al Masdar: For his part, accused the former Yemeni Interior Minister Hussein Mohammed Arab regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to “support Al-Qaeda” cross “handed over” a number of cities in Abyan, which led to the control of the organization in control in Zanzibar.

The Arabs said to Agence France Presse that Al-Qaeda “did not launch any attack on Zanzibar and all what happened was carried out by the process of handing over security leaders in Zanzibar to armed groups, leaving scores of poor soldiers to their fate.”

He added that “President Saleh’s regime wants to dump the southern provinces in the mess by allowing the armed groups that claim affiliation to al Qaeda,” and called the sons of the southern provinces to “confront the armed groups that claim to follow the rule is valid.

Also al Fahdli dishes on Saleh and Abyan via al Jazeera. A summary kindly provided by a viewer: (Read on …)

5 soldiers killed in Marib, 6 in al Baydah, 3 in Shabwa, 1 abducted and 2 killed in Abyan, Updated

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Wired: Also on Friday, another group of suspected terrorists attacked a security checkpoint in the southern province of Shabwa. At least three police officers were killed and another one was injured.

Hindustan Times:
Al-Qaeda militants have kidnapped an intelligence officer today in Yemen’s south while unknown gunmen killed a soldier and a policeman in separate attacks, a security official told AFP. “Masked Al-Qaeda armed men stopped a bus in Loder,” in Abyan province, which has become one of the jihadists’ stronghold, and “abducted a Yemeni intelligence officer named Fadhel Ahmed Mohsen,” said the official. (Read on …)

Drone strike in Abyan 4/24 missed, 5/5 drone targeted Awlaki

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Update: The drone strike in Shabwa around midnight was launched by the US military and targeted Anwar al Awlaki, CNN is reporting. The two killed were Awlaki associates and the intel was not from the several computers seized at UBL compound.

Original: I really did mean to post this at the time. The drone strike yesterday in Shabwa that killed two AQ siblings was preceded by miss in Abyan on 4/24. One predator didn’t explode and the other hit a road. The April strike occured near Amfryad in Mudiyah where in December 2010 US missiles killed 49 civilians along with a few al Qaeda (as a parliamentary inquiry found). The last use of armed unmanned drones was in 2002 and resulted in the killing of al Harithy and US citizen Kamal Darwish, Lackawanna recruiter.

Yemen Times: ABYAN, Apr. 26th – US airstrikes in Abyan governorate are still threatening the lives of citizens. The Al-Ma’jala strike – which took place on 17 December 2009 and killed 55 people, including 14 women, 21 children and 14 alleged Al-Qaeda members – still looms large in the region’s collective memory.

According to Abyan’s security chief, Colonel Abdullah Ali Saeed, a new airstrike hit the small village of Amfryad in Mudiyah district on 24 April 2011. The attack involved two cruise missiles being launched by a US Predator drone.

The Predator was pursuing a pickup truck allegedly belonging to Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) jihadists. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda slits throats of two soldiers kidnapped in Lawder

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Its been two days and there’s no independent confirmation that this even happened. Its such a murky country due to the censorship. But if true, the incident also shows that AQAP is continuing its violence in Yemen.

4/7/11 ADEN — Two soldiers kidnapped by tribesmen in southern Yemen were found with their throats slit on Tuesday in the restive province of Abyan, an Al-Qaeda stronghold, a security official said.

The two soldiers were murdered in an Al-Qaeda-style execution, the official said, requesting anonymity.

He said the execution of hostages went against the norms of Yemeni tribes, which often resort to kidnapping as a means of exerting pressure on local authorities, implying Al-Qaeda militants could have been behind the killings.

Local residents told AFP the corpses were found with gunshot and knife wounds on the side of a road outside the unrest-strewn town of Loder.

The two soldiers were kidnapped last Thursday in Loder by tribesmen in retaliation for the Yemeni military’s killing of six suspected Al-Qaeda militants last month.

A security official said on March 26 that army troops killed the six as they attacked an army post in Loder.

Abyan jihaddists seek Taliban style state

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Its not a widespread goal, and the jihaddists note they are ready to follow Saleh, if they are not doing this on his behalf already. The protesters are determined to have a civil state. Update: I’m starting to see a meme develop here, Nasser Arrabyee reports a well known Salafi cleric urges the adoption of Sharia and the retention of Saleh as a solution to the current impasse.

The Salafi cleric Abdul Majid Al Raimi was blasting opposition statements that the new regime after Saleh would be a real partner with the US and western world in combating the terrorism and Al Qaeda.

“The would-be new regime says it would be a sincere partner with the west in combating terrorism and Al Qaeda, and this a big mistake against Islamic faith,” said cleric Abdul Majid Al Raimi in an article published Wednesday.

Al Raimi, who runs a Salafi school in the capital Sana’a, strongly criticized the Yemeni brotherhood Islamist party, Islah, who leads the anti-Saleh protests in the country, for demanding the ouster of Saleh instead of demanding the Shariah, the Islamic laws. He said President Saleh might agree and the crisis would come to an end if the protesters demand the Shariah.

Article is from the quasi-governmental Yemen Observer.

Yemen Observer: The leader of jihadists in Ja’ar who identified himself only as Abu Basir has said that his group holds the same vision and fate of al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan. (Read on …)

11 Al Qaeda Killed in Abyan, SABA

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Yemeni forces kill 11 al-Qaeda members
ABYAN, April 11 (Saba)- At least 11 al-Qaeda members, including two foreigners, were killed on Monday in a clash with Yemeni forces in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan, a security source has said.

The source was quoted by the military-run as saying that al-Qaeda members had attacked a checkpoint at Mudia district in Abyan, killing two Yemeni soldiers and wounding five others.

The source added that a number of al-Qaeda members were also injured in the clash.

AQAP did NOT take over Abyan, Yemen or even the city of Ja’ar

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Saleh’s Chaos Game begins in Abyan

At first glance, the FOX News headline, “al Qaeda: Yemen province now an Islamic Emirate,” is pretty disturbing. But it’s not remotely true. The US media is getting played by the King of Spin, President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his legion of Baghdad Bobs, again.

As anti-government protests calling for Saleh’s ouster engulfed Yemen and military commanders defected, the Saleh regime pulled back its remaining military and security forces and distributed weapons to proxies. In Abyan, state-jihaddists looted an ammo factory and took over the building housing a radio station. The terrorist mercenaries made an announcement on the radio that the city of Ja’ar in Abyan was deemed an Islamic Emirate and women were confined to their homes without a guardian. Later over 150 villagers, mostly women and children, scavenging the factory were killed in a horrific explosion. Yemenis claim the blast was remotely detonated.

Yemen’s state-jihaddists are al Qaeda types who work as mercenaries for the regime. The Saleh regime is very good at “cloning,” a tactic to undermine the opposition and confuse the west. The state has created look-alike newspapers, governmental non-governmental organizations (GONGO’s), and fake opposition parties. Beyond deploying security thugs in civilian clothes, as Mubarek did, the Saleh regime has a large contingent of jihaddist mercenaries on the payroll. Many of these “state-jihaddists” were released from jail after a pledge of loyalty to Saleh.

After the tragedy in Abyan, Yemenis across the nation accused Saleh of playing the Al Qaeda card to spin the western media and US, a frequent practice. They say that the state fosters and deploys al Qaeda mercenaries to elicit counter-terror funds, equipment and training, which are then used against internal opposition. As the Senate found last year, Saleh diverted US trained counter-terror units and US supplied equipment to the Saada War. (Indiscriminate bombing displaced over 300,000 residents in the northern Saada province as the state withheld food and medicine in a pattern that constituted collective punishment, Human Rights Watch found.) Beyond the 150 killed in the Abyan blast, dozens of others are suffering severe burns with little medical support.

The leaders of the raid on the ammo factory, Khaledabdul Nabi and Sami Dhayan, have worked for the state for years. Nabi, of the Abyan Aden Islamic Army, trained and led jihaddists into battle on behalf of the Saleh regime during the Saada Wars (2004-2010) against northern Shia rebels who claim religious discrimination. Nabi’s group, not AQAP, made the radio announcement. The residents in Ja’ar formed a local security committee which now has control of the area.

Yemenis are bewildered at the stance of the Obama administration in light of Saleh’s chicanery. Secretary Gates has repeatedly stated that the Saleh regime is an important partner to the US and the protests are an internal affair. At the same time, the US Ambassador in Sanaa is lobbying to keep Saleh’s sons and nephews in charge of the counter-terror units. A former Foreign Minister, long in exile, plotted the regime’s duplicity from the USS Cole bombing to the 2010 US airstrikes in Yemen. Watan, the Coalition of Women for Social Peace, appealed directly to the American people yesterday,

“Our stance depends on evidences proved that Selah is using al-Qaeda, and the American war against terrorism to receive generous financial support, and intensive training for the Special Forces, Central Security, and National Security, which all headed by his son and his nephews and use to suppress the Yemeni for more than a decade.

The last American stance, which was expressed by Robert Gates, reinforces our belief that the U.S. government is not serious in fighting terrorism and promoting democracy. The money is used in the name of the American people and the fight against terrorism to support dictatorial regimes and Al-Qaeda, against nations’ choices and demands for democracy. Yemen comes at the forefront of these nations.

American people, the hands of Yemeni people who have been in the streets in a peaceful revolution since two months, still rose demanding the elimination of the dictatorial regime and establish a modern civil state. However these hands are facing your weapons, your money, and the shameful attitude of your government, which we know that they do not reflect the spirit of the American nation which based on principles of freedom and human dignity.

Lift up your hands against your government that on your behalf and via your money is supporting the repression of peoples, democracy and peace.

Yesterday in Hajjah, 230 were wounded when Saleh’s thugs opened fire from rooftops on the peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators, echoing last Friday’s massacre when snipers killed 53 during a protest in Sanaa, largely by head shots.

Yesterday protesters issued a video statement to US Ambassador Feierstein along with a draft list of demands that represents a consensus among all the protesters around the county. Unlike in Egpyt where protests were centered in Cairo, Yemen is witnessing large sustained anti-government protests in nearly every province and even on the island of Socotra.

Abyan’s Sami Dhayan: State jihaddist, militant, or al Qaeda?

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Sami Dhayan? He and Nabi have been Saleh mercenaries for a long time! Sami Dhayan gave an interview about taking money from the Def. Min. to fight for Saleh two years ago during the last “al Qaeda take-over” of Jaar. And Nabi is a state jihaddist for years. How is the US empowering the moderates and residents to deal with the situation? Does the al Qaeda scare tactic help more interests than just Saleh’s? Is somebody’s budget at stake?

Update: A comment: “Family members of mine have seen Khaled Abdulnabi, years ago, being taken by helicopter (ali saleh). Only to have him return with the keys to a late model land cruiser. Tell me, who else has a helicopter in yemen besides ali saleh? No one. He has always been funded by the Yemeni govt. Its like a bad relationship when one spouse can’t c the obvious signs that the other one is in bed with another person.”

Yemen Post: Jihadists denied on Wednesday they had taken over the radio station in Yemen’s southern province of Abayn.
This week local sources said the Jihadist groups clashed with the security and armed forces in Abyan and took control of the station and other public compounds.
Sami Dayan, a spokesman for the Jihadist groups there, said they did not intervene in the tasks of the station staff, but they assigned citizens to guard it after the security forces had left it.
The Jihadist groups also aired from the station that Abyan had been declared an Islamic state, the sources said, amid the escalating protests calling for the ouster of the regime across Yemen.

Claiming (us) – A prominent leader in the Southern Movement and the Vice-Chairman of the mobility of the southern province of Abyan Khaled Alfayyadi in question by a news agency of Aden for Al-Qaeda in the show that “there is no such regulation alleged but that the organization follows the national security issued by the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh from his palace in Sanaa. ” (Read on …)

Saleh’s chaos spreads: explosion in Ja’ar, clashes, assassination plot

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The deluge of confusion begins and the western media is following all of Saleh’s spin about al Qaeda. There have been many reports of Saleh distributing weapons around Yemen in the last week but especially the last 48 hours. There’s conflicting reports of what is going on in Ja’ar over the last few days, but “al Qaeda takes town” doesn’t match many of them. Khaledabdul Nabi has been a regime jihaddist for years and years. An MP says its just local people and others describe “Saleh gives militants Abyan radio station”.There is awful news today of an explosion at an ammunition dump that killed 70 residents in Ja’ar.

The military’s mysterious mass withdrawal from the south and Saada etc. last week is making more sense now . “Yafa tribes have given the military base in Alshor mountain a small period to evacuate or face consequence,” a development may or may not be true and that will probably be described as a clash with al Qaeda. Then there’s Sadeq al Ahmar’s announcement of a hit list which sounds bizarre but its a meme that surfaces often in times of intense crisis. The head of the Hashid tribal confederation, the Yemen Post reported Sheikh Sadeq Al-Ahmer sent a message to President Ali Abdullah Saleh, about the plans to target Yemen’s political and business figures, somehow related to the plot to smuggle 16,000 Turkish guns to Yemen through UAE.

Update: Terrorists seize mercury high explosives, Lahj News: Sources in the area of ​​the fort Abyan governorate that gunmen from the “organization Jihad in Yemen,” they day before the horrific bombing on a stock of ammunition, seizing a stockpile of mercury high explosive used in the operations of incursions of Mnchaouat or Solid Grand detonate, as happened with devastating U.S. S. S. Cole in 2000. In addition to seizing the mercury has captured the sniper rifles accurate focus by the industry which is experimenting with ammunition, as well as the seizure of 30 assault rifles used for the same purpose.

The Arab News says that “Yemeni regime loses grip on four provinces” Saada, Jawf, Abyan and Shabwa based on anonymous sources:

1- Saada: Houthi rebels seized control of the province following clashes with local tribes, a resident told Arab News. The rebels now run government facilities and control checkpoints. Residents approved Faris Manna, a notorious arms dealer, as replacement for the governor who has fled to the capital. Police deserted their posts and relocated themselves to army camps. (Actually the military withdrew and Manna was appointed by Ali Mohsen with the Houthis last on the list to be consulted.)

2- Shabwa, armed men from Southern Movement attacked and looted Central Security camps. They are now in full control of four major districts including Nessab, Al-Saaed, Haban and Maevaa, a local journalist told Arab News by telephone. The government’s writ runs only in Ataq, the capital of the province, and another district, Bayhan. The journalist, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that anti-terrorism forces that were deployed to fight Al-Qaeda in Shabwa, no longer exist. Shabwa is the ancestral land of Anwar Al-Awlaki, a radical American cleric, who is thought to be hiding in the mountainous area. (Why, after four years of peaceful protests, never picking up a gun despite hundreds of protesters deaths, would the southern movement attack? Its not true.)

3-Jaar, Abyan- Extremists raided Sunday a government office and a local TV station and exchanged fire with security forces in Jaar province. Earlier, the same armed group looted a weapons factory. (Yes but no.)

4- Mareb: suspected Al-Qaeda gunmen shot dead seven soldiers and injured nine on Sunday, a local source said. The assailants attacked a military checkpoint in the troubled province, killing the soldiers and took a military vehicle. (I have no idea if that is true but some indications are it was a tribal thing but I dont know.)

Reference: Nabi released from jail 2009, agreed to fight in Saada (again). State’s policy of paying al Qaeda backfired, deputy governor says:

Guardian 8/22/10: Abdul Nabi went on to form the Abyan-Aden Islamic Army in 1998, one of the first jihad-inspired groups operating in Yemen. (Read on …)

Khalid Abdul Nabi takes over Ja’ar Abyan, again

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Nabi takes over Ja’ar, Abyan, as he did a few years ago while Saleh was still president. I wrote some articles about it at the time. Nabi was a jihaddist operative of the Saleh regime for years. His jihaddist group fought for Saleh in Saada in 2005 and on the side of the state in 2009 against Sami Dhayan when al Qaeda declared an Islamic Emirate in Jaar, but then Dhyan made a deal with the state for money. Its hard to say what this is now, it could be Saleh playing a card or it could be Nabi making a move. Nabi is distributing leaflets calling for the soldiers to surrender.Too bad the US abdicated the democracy narrative and doesn’t have any kind of moral standing to comment about the interests of Yemenis. Meanwhile Obama is bombing Libya and condemning violence in Syria.

Trend: Seven suspected al-Qaeda members were killed during an attack on a military post in the southern Yemeni Abyan province on Saturday, security sources said. Initial reports show that police had information about the intended attack, in which a vehicle and a motorbike used by the suspects were burnt.

Meanwhile, gunmen stormed buildings of police and security in Jiar city in the province and took control of the two buildings, a security source told the German Press Agency on the phone.

“There are attempts being exerted by security forces to retake the gunmen controlled buildings and arrest the perpetrators,” the source said. Media reports say that the masked gunmen were scattering leaflets in the city, warning soldiers against fighting alongside President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The flyers were signed “Your Brothers Mujahedin.”

Someone sent this to me earlier, a bit more expansive but translated:

Masked gunmen after dawn today, this Saturday stormed the headquarters of the political security and civilian police Jaar city of the Abyan province, and seized all the equipment located therein.

According to information coming from there that the masked men said they were deployed after that, and in large numbers at the entrances to the city and in the public streets and threw publications appended to the name of (your brothers the Mujahideen) calls for soldiers to surrender and not to fight with those who they called in their statement tyrant (Ali Abdullah Saleh). (Read on …)

New governors sworn in five provinces

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the old governors were reassigned to the Shura council.

New governors swear constitutional oath
SANA’A,March 05(Saba) – The newly appointed governors and the Shura Council’s member took on Saturday the constitutional oath before President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The newly appointed governors are Aden Governor Ahmed Mohamed Qatabi, Hodeidah Governor Akram Abdullah Atyah, Abyan Governor Saleh Hussein al-Zawari, Hadramout Governor Khalid Saeed al-Deni and Jawf Govenror Yahya Mohamed Ghobar.

Furthermore, the newly appointed member of the Shoura Council Salem al-Khanbashi also sworn the constitutional oath before the President.

President Saleh held a meeting with the new governors and urged them to double their efforts in this posts, directing them to work to address the citizens’ problems and issues in their

Bomb kills one protester in Lawder, Abyan, Yemen

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Beyond the issue of Saleh’s use of deniable proxies, I’m curious to see how people in Sanaa, Taiz, Hodeidah, Saada react considering it was a separatist protest. In the last four years, there was minimal public outrage over the hundreds of deaths in the south, but in the last two weeks there is a new solidarity with protesters in Aden.

Update: protests in Al Baydah.

Bikyamasr: A bomb exploded during a protest by southern secessionists in Yemen on Thursday afternoon, killing one person and wounding two according to a local official, reported Reuters.

The explosion happened shortly before noon in Lawdar, in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan. The town is known to be a stronghold of secessionist sentiment.

Yemen has seen increasing demonstrations across the country over the past ten days, inspired by successful uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt. Egyptian president Hosni Mubark stepped down after thirty years in power just ten days ago.

Marib and al Jawf tribes denouce violence toward protesters

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Council of the Alliance of Marib and Al-Jawf tribes denounces the massacre of Aden and salutes Tai’z youth, the station of change and train engine of freedom: Mareb Press.

To recap, both Saleh’s allies and opposition are experiencing fractures. The pillars of the regime are peeling away and causing some polarization of the public. Hussain al Ahmar from Amran is promising Hasid tribal protection for the protesters in Sanaa. The tribes in Marib and al Jawf are throwing in with the democracy movement. al Zindani is calling for replacing the regime with a national unity government and for the people to go peacefully to the streets. Two youth different groups were calling for nationwide protests on the 24th and 25th, but I think its going to happen tomorrow whether they are ready or not. The JMP however has not revised its position to advocate the fall of the Saleh regime, only change and reform. (Read on …)

Zanjibar Abyan Feb 11 “Day of Rage”

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This is confirmed from today and there’s Tariq al Fahdli in his death shroud.

More from today Reuters and

They have been doing this for years.

US drone crashes in Lauder, Yemen

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al Masdar

According to police sources and witnesses said Tuesday that the spy plane without a pilot, believed to be an American crashed south of the city Lauder South Yemen, which is a stronghold of al-Qaeda activists in the organization succeeded in seizing the plane’s wreckage.

وذكر مصدر من الشرطة ان سكانا محليين في لودر التابعة لمحافظة ابين الجنوبية عثروا الثلاثاء “على بقايا طائرة تجسس يعتقد انها اميركية كانت تعمل على رصد تحركات عناصر تنظيم القاعدة”، الذين يتواجدون بكثرة في المدينة. According to a police source said locals in the Lauder of southern Abyan province found Tuesday, “the remains of a plane believed to be an American spy had been working to monitor the movements of al-Qaeda”, who are present in abundance in the city.

واضاف المصدر ان الطائرة هي “طائرة تجسس من نوع “بريداتور” التي تستخدم في أعمال التجسس والمراقبة” وقد سقطت بالقرب من قرية جحين جنوب لودر. The source added that the aircraft is “type of spy plane” Predator “which is used in the work of espionage and surveillance” has landed near the village of South Jehin Lauder.

واكد احد سكان القرية سماع صوت ارتطام الطائرة بالارض على مسافة قريبة من منزله فجر الثلاثاء، كما ذكر شهود عيان ان عناصر الشرطة جاؤوا الى المكان واخذوا حطام الطائرة الا ان عناصر القاعدة تمكنوا من الاستيلاء عليها بالقوة في منطقة العين جنوب غرب المدينة. But one of the villagers heard the plane crash land a short distance from his home at dawn on Tuesday, and witnesses said police came to the scene and took the plane’s wreckage, but the al-Qaeda members were able to seize by force in the eye area southwest of the city.
واكد الشهود انهم لاحظوا في الفترة الاخيرة تحليق طائرات من دون طيار فوق مدينتي مودية ولودر اللتين شهدتا معارك ضارية مع القاعدة. Witnesses said they noticed in the recent flight of unmanned aircraft over towns and claiming Lauder, which witnessed fierce battles with al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda in Yemen: four sentenced, one escape

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One escapes. Why don’t the drug dealers or tribesmen ever escape prison?

YP An Al-Qaeda suspect escaped from an Aden hospital, with reports suggesting an unknown group could have infiltrated into the hospital and helped him escape. Amin Al-Sayed was arrested along with four other terrorist suspects last week, and was hospitalized at the BaSuhaib military hospital. Last week, the authorities announced the arrest of almost ten Al-Qaeda suspects in Abyan and Hadramout, amid the continuous hunt for and large-scale operations against AQAP militants, mainly in southern, southeastern and eastern regions.

Yemen Post: A Yemeni court specialized in the cases of terrorism in Hadramout sentenced four suspected Al-Qaeda militants between three to five years in prison. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda attacks official in Ja’ar, Yemen wounding children

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South Yemen official escapes ‘Qaeda’ ambush (AFP) , 28 January 2011,
ADEN, Yemen — The children of a senior Yemeni official were wounded when suspected Al-Qaeda militants ambushed his car in the southern province of Abyan, a security official told AFP on Friday.

“Gunmen, whom I think belong to Al-Qaeda, attacked the car of Ahmed Ghaleb Rahawi,” sub-prefect of the town of Jaar and the third-ranking official in the restive province of Abyan, who was not in the vehicle at the time. (Read on …)

Tariq al Fahdli disses exiled southern leaders and burns US, PDRY and Yemeni flags

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Tariq al Fahdli striving for relevance again. Update: an interview here at Yemen Today, and he really does sound sick of everybody, calling the exiled southern leaders idols and dinosaurs.

Yemeni former Jihadist burns US flag and ‘dinosaurs’ pictures
By Nasser Arrabyee/20/01/2011
: A controversial Yemeni politician from the south set fire on Wednesday to the American and Yemeni flags and picture of President Saleh, and pictures of the exiled socialist leaders, accusing all those of conspiring against the south.

The feudal lord, and former Jihadist with Osama bin Laden, Sheikh Tarek Al Fadhli said he would lead a revolution to liberate the south from the communists who ruled before unity and also from the “occupiers” of the north as call them. (Read on …)

Abyan official: No coordination between military and security forces

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Abyan official: No coordination between military and security forces
Yemen Observer:

Qasim M. Hadi, General Director of Local Council of Zinjubar district, Abyan province capital, said the leadership of the province lacks the qualifications required to carry out its work. He also said he was disappointed in the different security organizations for their lack of communication and coordination. (Read on …)

Jihaddist Sami Dayan condemns lethal al Qaeda attack on electrical workers in Jaar, Yemen

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Ynet: A Yemeni security official says suspected al-Qaeda militants on motorcycles have killed three electricity department workers and a security guard in an attack on a vehicle carrying government money. (Read on …)

12 soldiers killed in Lauder Yemen, second attack targets commander

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These attacks demonstrate the lack of capacity in the military (a function of patronage and nepotism) and portend the difficulties in establishing and securing the proposed four forward operating bases and their supply chains.

Yemen Post: A military commander was injured and one of his guards was killed and three others seriously injured in a suspected Al-Qaeda ambush, the second on Friday targeting military convoys in south Yemen, an official source said. (Read on …)

AQAP claims 50 operations in Yemen

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GAN: Yemen (Sanaa) – Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arab Peninsula said Saturday it was responsible for some 50 operations carried out in different parts of Yemen in the last five months of last year. (Read on …)

Yemeni military desecrates bodies of persons killed in CT raids in Lauder, Abyan

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Following the counter-terror raids in Lauder, Abyan, the soldiers permit the dead bodies to drag off the back of a truck, and kick them. It reminds me of the much worse cases in 2005 when the Yemeni military tied bodies of killed Houthis fighters to a truck, dragged them through the streets and burned them. If the Yemeni military begins using the same brutal tactics in its CT ops as in its other military operations, it will generate new recruits for al Qaeda as well as give the impression of US acquiescence to the barbarism. The screen cap on the video is too gruesome to go above the fold, so click for more: (Read on …)

Good Luck to Yemen’s Soccer Team in the Gulf 20! Update: Watch streaming live, Update 2, Dang it! 0-4

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Update: a good game but they lost!!! They play again Thursday same time. Original: Yemen playing Saudi Arabia in the opening game today, 7:30 pm Aden time, 11: 30 am EST, Watch the pre-game show and the game live, streaming now at or, if that goes down, click here.


(Read on …)

Yemen: Known al Qaeda operative a member of US trained CT unit

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This is true, and I’m happy to see it in print in the Wall Street Journal: the US trained counter-terror special forces contain al Qaeda members and sympathizers.

Its not that one al Qaeda operative recently infiltrated, its several and they were part of the unit long before the US stepped up its efforts this year. The PSO, the National Security and the Yemeni military all contain substantial elements of al Qaeda, some at the highest positions. And its hard to call them covert or double agents when they are known, protected and facilitated. The challenge in Yemen is elite support of al Qaeda. From the WSJ, via Youweb, an article that explains the very complex events in Mudiyah and the surrender of the 16.

On Oct. 16, al Mai’aser members (the governor’s tribe) surrounded the home of a man they suspected was a key operative in the ambush (on the governor of Abyan). The Yemeni security official says the man is a known al Qaeda sympathizer who also works as an officer in a U.S.-trained counterterrorism special-forces unit deployed in Mudiyah. The military didn’t return calls seeking comment.

When the suspect refused to surrender, a gunfight broke out; one of al Mai’aser’s rivals was killed and at least six others injured, although not the suspect himself, according to local residents.

A day later, tribal elders intervened to mediate a truce, a discussion that involved local government officials and military personnel who were also members of the two tribes. By Oct. 28, in a deal brokered by the tribal mediation, 14 men had surrendered to the governor for their alleged role in the attack on his convoy. The men were taken into tribal custody, to be dealt with under the rules of tribal justice.

Late Monday, the governor announced the 14 men would be handed over to Yemen’s security agency—apparently breaking the tribal guarantees given to the men to surrender.

Update: Those with good will are to be released…

Yemen Post: Abyan Governor Ahmed Al-Maisari said on Monday that 14 Al-Qaeda members handed themselves in to the authorities after they had been convinced by the local government and sheikhs. 5 Al-Qaeda leaders were among the 14 including Jamal Nuairan, said the governor, adding: “We also arrested 3 other terrorists.” — They would be sent to the political security prison in Aden and their investigations would be completed, he said, pointing out that anyone of them would be found guilty of committing illegal acts would be turned over to justice. But those with good-will will be released and rehabilitated, he added, as he said the authorities are continuing a hunt for other terrorist elements.

14 “al Qaeda” surrender in Abyan

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Good, maybe another Saudi will flip and spill. The real al Qaeda don’t surrender unless they already have a deal.

Yemen says 14 al-Qaeda suspects surrender,

AFP: Fourteen suspected al-Qaeda members, including senior figures, have surrendered in the restive southern province of Abyan, Yemen’s defence ministry and a source close to the governor said on Monday.

“Fourteen al-Qaeda members have surrendered to Abyan’s governor Ahmed al-Mayassari,” said the ministry’s website,, citing a security official.

Five of them are leaders of the network’s local branch in Abyan, a source close to Mayassari told AFP.
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Last month, another 15 suspected members of al-Qaeda surrendered to Abyan’s governor.

This one one way back in the hopper, so I’m throwing it here.

A suspected Al-Qaeda commander in the southern Yemen province of Abyan has surrendered to the authorities after negotiations conducted by tribal leaders, a security official said on Thursday.

“Jamal Ahmed Mairan, leader of Al-Qaeda in Loder and Modia (towns) handed himself in on Wednesday after mediation by tribal authorities,” the official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity. (Read on …)

Weekly protests in eight southern cities, Updated with video

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Update: a vid of a march in al Dhalie yesterday 10/28 posted at SadaAden

With the Yemeni government’s concerted crackdown on the media, internet, journalists, bloggers and newspapers, these protests are not getting much media attention inside or outside of Yemen, but its a weekly occurrence.

Siyas: 8 southern Yemeni cities protested on the Southern Prisoner’s Day, that is staged every Thursday in order to demand the release some Southern Movement detainees and to support the movement’s demands that seeks to separate and restore the former state of South Yemen, that merged with North Yemen to form the recent Republic of Yemen in 1990. (Read on …)

Assassination campaign on PSO continues

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This article from Al Masdar identifies them all as PSO, and there are many groups with a motive to purge the PSO.

The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION Yemen: Suspected al-Qaida gunmen kill intelligence officer, latest in assassination campaign. By: Ahmed Al-Haj, The Associated Press

SAN’A, Yemen – Suspected al-Qaida gunmen killed a senior intelligence officer in an eastern Yemeni province on Friday, apparently the latest in a campaign of assassinations by the militant group, security officials said.
(Read on …)

Some Al Qaeda escapes to Somalia?

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Its Naba News, so its hard to say, but its the third report in the last months. And who knows if they stay in Somalia or move on.

According to sources familiar with the “news News” that the information received by the security forces during the past two days revealed the flight of a group of al Qaeda in Yemen towards the African coast, after coordination with elements of the “youth movement” Somali, weighted by their move to Somalia. (Read on …)

Gulf 20 Reinforcements Heading South

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Yemen deployed 30,000 troops to south Yemen in advance of the Gulf 20, scheduled for Nov. 22-Dec. 4 in Aden and Abyan. Since May, al-Qaida has been blamed for the deaths of more than 55 officers, mostly in the PSO and exclusively in the south. Southerners see the military build-up as an effort to quell the independence movement in advance of the Parliamentary elections schedule for early next year.

Airstrikes in Modya Abyan

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News Yemen: The air forces have carried out new raids on suspected al-Qaeda sites in Thaobah in Modiya of the southern province of Abyan on Tuesday.

Local source told News Yemen that at least four missiles were fired at the area and led to the demolition of a number of houses. The strikes did not result in casualties, said the source. Thaobah is a mountainous area, 20 km from the city of Lawdar.

Journalist Ahmed al-Qane, in Thaobah, told News Yemen that the targeted elements have suddenly gathered in the area after they were expelled earlier by sheikhs and social figures to Al-Majala. The government increased campaign against suspected al-Qaeda militants in Abyan after militants ambushed and killed a security official, brother of Abyan’s governor and tried to assassinate the governor himself.

al Motamar: He added that confrontations by security forces and a number of al-Qaeda elements resulted in killing more than 6 of them in the past days and the capture of the main wanted the terrorist Hani al-Thurayah and found in his possession dangerous documents for al-Qaeda revealing plots on targeting security personalities in Abyan province.

Al Qaeda using civilians in south Yemen as human shields: al Fayfi

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The Saudi view of the al Fayfi surrender. Earlier reporting here including the alert on France. The murderer of the French engineer was a fan of Anwar Awlaki.

JEDDAH: The Ministry of Interior is expected to release details soon of a Saudi on its 2009 list of persons wanted in connection with security issues who has expressed the wish to return from Afghanistan, sources have told Okaz/Saudi Gazette.
The move would reduce the list to 70, following the ministry statement Friday announcing the return of Jabir Bin Jibran Ali Al-Faifi from Yemen.
A Yemeni official told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that security authorities in the Lawdar area of the Abyan province in south Yemen took Al-Faifi into custody on Sep. 9 after he had informed them of his whereabouts with other members of the so-called Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and his desire to hand himself in.
The official said that a second member of the organization, Jalal Al-Saidi, handed himself in at the same time in Lawdar, and that the two events happened during a two-week long Yemeni security forces campaign in Ramadan in pursuit of Al-Qaeda members who managed to flee. (Read on …)

Airstrikes on Modya, Abyan displace citizens, draw reinforcements

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New estimates today are 300 more families are displaced from this latest round of fighting, about 3000 people, as always mostly women, children and the elderly. Its hard to say that the fighters arriving for the battle are all currently al Qaeda, but they may be by the time its over. The resumption of air strikes against mountainous hideouts may be effective, but they are counter-productive in residential areas.

WT: Security sources said the Yemen Air Force has renewed operations against Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). They said the Air Force has employed the MiG-29 fighter-jet and helicopters to attack Al Qaida strongholds in southern Yemen. “The Air Force has been assisted by Western trainers to identify and track terrorist targets,” a security source said. On Oct. 16-17, MiG-29 aircraft struck suspected AQAP strongholds in the mountains near Lawder, reportedly killing five operatives. The sources said more than 100 Al Qaida fighters were believed to have fled Lawder for the mountains of the Abyan province.

Army Retiree Killed, Civilians Injured as Planes Strike Al-Qaeda Positions in Abyan

Yemen Post Staff: An army retiree was killed and two women and a child were injured when planes struck a village in Modya district, Abyan, where the army is fighting and hunting murderous Al-Qaeda militants, the Alsahwa website reported on Sunday.

Five homes were destroyed, livestock were killed and many families fled Thauba village heading to nearby areas, it said.

In what seems a retaliatory attack against the escalating large-scale operations against its members, Al-Qaeda attacked today a military vehicle in the Thra Mountain in the district, but the fate of its crew was nuclear. The vehicle, carrying food supplies for the forces, was completely destroyed. (Read on …)

Sunday, bloody Sunday: fighting in Abyan continues, documents

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Just to clarify, there is no Aden Abyan Islamic Army at the moment, and certainly not 12,000 fighters. Its just a dream in al Reimi’s head. There’s several dozens of actual AQAP in Yemen. A total of 300 is still a pretty solid number, scattered around Shabwa, Abyan, Sana’a, Saada and Marib. The jihaddi paparazzi just ran off with that statement of his without reading the part where it said, “we are in the initial stages,” meaning they are dreaming of it.

CRI: At least 11 suspected al-Qaida fighters were killed and dozens including civilians were wounded on Sunday in Yemen’s air raids in the country’s southern troubled province of Abyan, provincial security official and local sources said.

“Initial statistics showed that 11 al-Qaida suspects were killed and perhaps more than 20 others including civilians were injured in Modiya district of Abyan in continuing aerial attacks by the Yemeni fighter jets since Saturday,” the official said.

He told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that the air raids are continuing with intelligence coordination with the U.S. unmanned aircraft.

A source from a hospital in Zinjibar, the provincial capital city of Abyan, told Xinhua that “fierce battles are taking place now between the Yemeni army and al-Qaida fighters in Dahma Mountain close to the highway linking Zinjibar and Modiya town.”

The hospital found foreign nationals among the dead, added the source.

The air strikes against al-Qaida camps began on Saturday after gunmen affiliated to the group ambushed a military patrol en route to Modiya, killing one soldier and wounding two others, according to state media.

The aerial attacks came seven days after the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) declared the establishment of an army of 12,000 fighters in south Yemen to wage a “holy war” against the country’s security services and foreign interests.

Yemeni security seizes al-Qaeda significant documents, SANA’A, Oct. 16 (Saba) – The security services in Abyan province have seized significant documents regarding terrorist plots were prepared by al-Qaeda members to carry out them in the province. (Read on …)

Former Gitmo, Al Fayfi arrested in Lauder, surrenders to Saudi Arabia

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Al Fifi was arrested in Abyan on September 4. At least he didnt have a bomb up his butt like the last AQAP who surrendered to the Saudis. Our earlier post on al Fayfi is here. More at Naba.

SABA: Wanted Saudi surrenders to authorities

RIYADH, Oct. 15 (Saba)- A former Guantanamo prisoner who later joined Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), has repented and given himself up to the Saudi security authorities. In a statement issued on Friday, the spokesman of the Saudi Interior Ministry said that the wanted Saudi national Jabir Bin-Jubran Bin-Ali al-Fayfi has surrendered to his country’s authorities. The Saudi official added that al-Fayfi’s return to Saudi Arabia was coordinated with the security authorities in Yemen.

Assassinations in Yemen: History Repeats Itself

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Update: death toll of convoy ambush rises to five.

In 1993 through May of 1994, over 150 Yemeni Socialist Party officials were assassinated. The attacks were thought organized by Yemen’s Central Security forces, then headed by President Saleh’s brother, Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, who is now deceased. The president’s son Ahmed now heads the CSF. The 1993 assassinations were the work of the Afghan Arabs who had returned to Yemen following the Soviet defeat. In return for the attacks, the Saleh regime had promised the al Qaeda leadership to install a more fundamentalist, neo-Salafi doctrine on the nation. The deal went from General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar to Usama bin Laden. This is well documented history. Likely not all of the assassins knew the terms of the deal or even that there was a deal. The rationale of the supposed apostasy of socialists was enough for their leaders to motivate the hit men. The string of murders then looks very similar to what is going on now in the south of Yemen, where dozens of security officers have been killed, primarily from the Political Security Organization.

The policy of diversion through crisis generation has worked well for Saleh for a long time. The failure of the state to achieve any noticeable progress against AQAP since December may be due to its fragmentation, incompetence and corruption. Often when the Yemeni government fails at implementing even the most basic policy, it is because competing intra-governmental interests are threatened. In Yemen, generally, different militant factions liaise and negotiate with different government intermediaries and presidential relatives. The 2009 battle of Ja’ar was largely a red on red confrontation where the state’s jihaddists including al Nabi fought other jihaddists to return control to the state’s designated proxy. The string of current assassinations targets largely the PSO. Some southerners suggest its a purge. Most people though interpret the bloodbath as hostilities between AQAP and the state, specifically al Qamish, head of the PSO. The last news article about direct state facilitation of AQAP (al-Wahishi) was last year when he was helped out by members of the National Security. (If I have time, I’ll try to find the link to the article. Its posted here somewhere.) The external landscape evolved significantly since then. Currently some element of the state is at war with some element of AQAP. Its the status of the other elements that is unclear.

CNN: Al Qaeda in Yemen is suspected of being behind three separate attacks that have targeted Yemeni security officials, according to a government official.

“In the past 72 hours, there have been three attacks in the south of the country,” the Yemeni official, who was not authorized to speak to the media, said Thursday. “The attacks are getting worse and the scene is getting bloodier.” (Read on …)

Yemen installs radicals in Abyan mosques: YAATC

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The sermons reinforce the point that disobedience to a Muslim ruler makes one an apostate, in their view.
(Read on …)

Security personnel close road after paycut

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We’re going to be seeing more of this as the budget crunch hits. There are hundreds of thousands of tribesmen who have military ranks and paychecks but never perform service. These protesters though were state employees in the literal sense. Also the YP confirms two were wounded (not killed) yesterday.

Yemen Post: Tens of the public security personnel closed on Monday the international transport link in Yemen’s Southern Province of Abyan in protest against salary cuts, informed sources said.

Central security forces could not break up the protest and convince them to leave reopen the route because the personnel were armed, the sources said.

Separately, two people were injured in the clashes that erupted when police dispersed rallies organized by the secessionist movement in the cities of Dhale and Lahj.

The rallies coincided with a large-scale strike paralyzing the life in a number of the districts in both cities. Stores were closed down in response to the strike call by the movement.

Updated: Nabi doesn’t know which agency is behind attacks on Policital Security, but its not him.

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Khalidabdul Nabi denies the reports published that he entered into another deal with the Saleh regime to calm the situation in Abyan before the Gulf 20 games. He says his band is not behind the attacks on the Political Security officers in Abyan. The perpetrators are likely tribal, partisan or the state, he says, but he’s not sure which. The name of his group, the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, is from the Koran and no one should take offense.

A better translation of the last part thanks to Jassim Mohammed, and yes, they are all intelligence officers: “Over the years, sharp differences emerged between him and the intelligence services in the province and shows those differences and reaffirmed the continuation of these differences because of the state « The state took his money and overturned all agreement of promises with him». Its good to mention that abd Al- Nabi and big numbers who had been in Afghanstan are now officers in Intelligence and currently occupy high positions and as managers have been deployed in the provinces of Lehej and Abyan.”

aha, Asharq al Awasat

Sanaa, Asharq Al-Awsat- Sheikh Khalid Abdul-Nabi, A prominent Yemeni jihadist leader and head of the banned Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, has denied any connection to the assassinations that have been taking place for the last three months in Abyan Governorate, in southern Yemen, which has targeted officers of the Political Security Agency (intelligence) and other security men.

In a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat, Abdul-Nabi said that these assassinations are “illogical” and that he does not specifically know the party or parties behind them. He added that these assassinations were “probably tribal or partisan vendetta. I do not know whether the Southern Mobility Movement [SMM] or the state was behind these assassinations.” (Read on …)

Protests Across South Yemen Call on International Community

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ADEN, Sep 23, 2010 (AFP) – Thousands of supporters of Yemen’s Southern Movement demonstrated on Thursday ahead of a key meeting of the “Friends of Yemen” donors group in New York, local officials and witnesses said.
Prostestors in several cities, including the restive Loder, carried flags of former South Yemen and anti-North placards, the officials told AFP. Tribal sources estimated that 8,000 people, most of them carrying firearms, took part in the demonstration in Loder, shouting slogans against Yemeni unity.

Last month, Loder was the scene of fierce clashes between Yemeni forces and alleged Al-Qaeda militants as Sanaa charged that members of the Southern Movement fought alongside Al-Qaeda. A Southern Movement source told AFP his supporters “carried arms after the Yemeni army, which has been imposing a blockade on Loder since August, threatened to crush the demonstration.” (Read on …)

Protest in Lauder, Yemen against army blockade and against al Qaeda

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ADEN — Thousands of Yemenis demonstrated on Thursday against an army “blockade” of the southern city of Loder, where clashes with troops killed dozens last month, a member of the Southern Movement said.

“Thousands arrived since Wednesday evening in the city of Loder to participate in the protest aimed at lifting the army blockade imposed by Yemeni occupation forces since August,” said Aydarus Haqis, a leader of the movement calling for self-rule that called the demonstration. (Read on …)

Khalidabdul Nabi, Islamist gun for hire in Yemen

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Sana’a re-activates the role of jihadist Khalid Abdul Nabi and gives him 10 million rials to revive his activities on behalf of the state. So the US is now funding the Aden Abyan Islamic Army? Nifty. I’m going to work on getting a better translation: Aden Press

Informed source in the city of Zanzibar Abyan governorate for “Eden Press that” security leaders Northern governorate Mmmthel occupation authority in the governorate of Abyan Ahmed Almisri met with Sheikh Khaled Abdel Nabi, one of the Afghan Mujahideen in earlier, was paid 10 million Yemeni riyals to Abdul Prophet of additional support for the maintenance of the Centre Sana’a to control totals extremist in the Abyan province, is known that the Nabi of Almqrbeyen of Loa Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar Alchksbip radical fundamentalism in the power of Sana’a and half-brother of Yemeni President, on another level took place early in the morning flights of Air Occupation Yemen over the area of the delta show the impact of armed clashes in the area of Jaar – Fort Attia m / Abyan between armed groups, “tribal jihad” with the occupation forces

Three Yemeni soldiers killed in Modia, Abyan, Yemen

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After the “escaped” Lauder, they regrouped in Modia.

SANAA, Sep. 9, 2010 (Xinhua News Agency) — At least three soldiers were killed and four others wounded Thursday in clashes between the security forces and al-Qaida fighters in the province of Abyan in southern Yemen, a provincial police official said.

Nearly 200 al-Qaida militants were involved in the clashes early Thursday in Modia district after they had been defeated in a week-long fight erupted late last month against the security forces and driven out of the neighboring Lodar city, the official told Xinhua on condition of anonymity. (Read on …)

Jaber Ali Al Qaifi arrested near Lauder, Update: another Gitmo and rehab grad, Jabir Jubran Ali Al Fayfi

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Another Saudi? Update: Gitmo, Saudi rehab grad, again:

Fox News: A Saudi once held at Guantanamo Bay has been picked up as part of a larger roundup over the weekend of operatives connected to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a source in Yemen with firsthand knowledge of the arrest told Fox News. The suspect uses various aliases, but he was identified to Fox News as Jabir Jubran Ali Al Fayfi. According to defense department documents, he was detainee number 188 at the Navy detention camps.

Fayfi was transferred from the Guantanamo Bay facility to Saudi Arabia in late 2006 after what one official described as a lengthy review. At the time, Fayfi was considered “low risk” and part of a series of test cases to assess whether the rehabilitation program in Saudi Arabia worked. He faces conspiracy charges, including aiding and abetting terrorism.

Yemen Observer (government mouthpiece): A foreign al-Qaeda suspect was arrested in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan, said the ministry of interior on Saturday.

Jaber Ali Al Qaifi, 27, an Arab, was arrested in Mukairas area while riding a motorcycle from the town of Lawdar where fierce confrontations between al-Qaeda and the Yemen security forces killed more than 30 people including 19 militants and 11 soldiers earlier last month. (Read on …)

Renewed clashes in Lauder, Abyan, Yemen

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Aden News Agency:

Armed clashes renewed in the southwestern outskirts of the town of Lauder, between unidentified gunmen and military units belonging to the occupation forces. Local residents, in Lauder said to “Aden news agency that” armed clashes took place at the dawn at 2.00am on Sunday in the vicinity of the power station and army post near Zara town, west of the town of Lauder.

At the time of writing the news, the clashes are still ongoing and it did not know whether they have resulted in casualties. The clash came at dawn today after days of relative calm in the city, despite a state of siege imposed by the occupation authorities in the town since more than two weeks.

Nuba: Yemen’s Terrorism Industry

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al Masdar Online: شن القيادي البارز في الحراك الجنوبي العميد ناصر النوبة هجوماً لاذعاً على السلطة. Launched a leading figure in the southern movement Brigadier Nasser Al Nuba a scathing attack on power. ورداً على اتهام وزارة الداخلية للحراك بالتحالف مع تنظيم القاعدة لاستهداف شخصيات أمنية وعسكرية وزعزعة الأمن والاستقرار في المحافظات الجنوبية، اتهم النوبــة السلطة بـ”صناعة الإرهاب”. In response to the charge of the Ministry of Internal mobility in alliance with al-Qaeda to target the security and military figures and to undermine security and stability in the southern provinces, the Nuba accused the Authority of “terrorism industry”.

وقال إن “الإرهاب جزء لا يتجزأ من المنظومة السياسية الحاكمة التي تستغله كورقة سياسية لتلقي الدعم المالي الخارجي ولإسكات الصوت الجنوبي المنادي بالاستقلال” حسبما قال. He said that “terrorism is part and parcel of the political system exploited by the ruling as a political card to receive external financial support and to silence the sound southern pro-independence,” he said.
وأضاف العميد النوبة الذي كا يتحدث في أمسية رمضانية للحراك أقيمت مس الجمعة بمدينة يشبم محافظة شبوة (جنوب شرق اليمن) “إننا في الحراك الجنوبي نستنكر وندين بشدة الأعمال العسكرية الإجرامية التي تقوم بها قوات نظام صنعاء تجاه إخواننا المدنيين في مدينة لودر تحت ذريعة الحرب على الإرهاب والتي أدت حتى الآن إلى قتل وجرح عدد من المدنيين بينهم شيوخ وأطفال ونساء والى تهجير مئات من الأسر من منازلهم قسرا بسبب القصف العسكري العشوائي”. Brigadier-General Nuba Ka speaking at an evening Ramadan mobility held mass Friday in Icbm Shabwa province (south-east Yemen) “We are in the southern movement deplore and strongly condemn the military actions criminal by the forces of the Sanaa regime against our civilians in the town of Lauder, under the pretext of the war on terror which have so far been killed and several wounded civilians, including elderly, children and women and to displace hundreds of families forced from their homes because of the indiscriminate bombing military. ” حد قولــه. He said. (Read on …)

Arrest in Lauder: Salah Ali Abdullah al-Dammani

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al Motamar A security source has told that security forces arrested on Thursday one of al-Qaeda elements in Luder district, Abyan province.

The source added that the terrorist that was arrested is Salah Ali Abdullah al-Dammani and considered one of the dangerous elements active among al-Qaeda ranks in Abyan. (Read on …)

Adel Hardaba, top al Qaeda commander or teen-aged demonstrator?

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UPI: (Yemeni) Authorities claimed they killed 27-year-old Adel Saleh Hardaba in Lawdar, who was described by authorities as the second-in-command of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, al-Jazeera reports.

In an earlier statement, TAJ identified the bystanders wounded as:
 Bassam Saleh Hardabah
 Mohamed Saleh Nasser
 Maged Mohammed Marzouki
 Abdurabbo Ahmed Dhmah
 Bassam Albilali
 Maged Saleh Hardabah
 Abdulla Almanssoury

Adel Saleh Hardaba, according to locals, was 18 years and unemployed. He was not wounded (its not name confusion). The story is he was arrested by the Yemeni regime in Lauder. Apparently he was killed after the arrest.

Four soldiers killed in Zanzibar, CID deputy in Marib and Eight in Jaar

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al Tagheer

A security official said the regional wing of al Qaeda claimed responsibility for an attack on a checkpoint in southern Yemen on Saturday that killed eight soldiers.

وأنحت وسائل الاعلام الحكومية باللائمة في القتال في الجنوب والذي قتل فيه عشرات الاشخاص على مدى الاشهر الثلاثة الماضية على جناح تنظيم القاعدة في المنطقة ومتشددين انفصاليين مسلحين. Sculpture and state media blamed the fighting in the south, which killed dozens of people over the past three months on the wing of al Qaeda militants in the region and separatist militants. (Read on …)

Or maybe the Yemeni government was shelling Loder City, Abyan, provoking clashes (Updated 21 Dead)

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And then called them al-Qaeda. The local story seems to be the Yemeni security forces attempted to arrest some activists in the southern movement in Loder City, Abyan who argued and refused to go. The soldiers opened fire randomly, provoking clashes. Then they began shelling the city. Three civilians killed and five wounded. Shelling continues. The RPG attack came after the civilian deaths in this version.

The official version: M&C The sources told the German Press Agency dpa that the (al Qaeda) militants fired rocket-propelled grenades at an armoured personnel carrier in the Loudar district of Abyan province, killing eight policemen on the spot.

Update: What a disaster. Now 21 dead. Clashes lasted three hours.

This seems reliable: By AHMED AL-HAJ (AP) –: A Yemeni security official says a clash between troops and civilians at a market in the country’s restive south has left 13 people dead — including 10 soldiers. The official says the clash erupted after military vehicles drove into a market in the town of Lawdar in Abyan province, setting off a quarrel with the townspeople that eventually escalated into an exchange of gunfire…He says three of the townspeople died in Friday’s clash and one military vehicle was set ablaze.

Aden News Agency: استشهد مالايقل عن ثلاثة أشخاص وأصيب خمس آخرون بجراح خطيرة جراء قصف مدفعي نفذته وحدات عسكرية تابعة لقوات الاحتلال اليمنية بمدينة لودر كبرى مدن المنطقة الوسطى عصر اليوم الجمعة Cited at least three people and wounded five others were seriously injured due to artillery shelling was carried out by military units of the occupying forces the Yemeni town of Lauder, the largest city in the central region on Friday afternoon
وقالت مصادر محلية بمدينة لودر كبرى مدن المنطقة الوسطى بمحافظة أبين لـ”وكالة أنباء عدن” ان قوات الجيش اليمنية نفذت قبيل دقائق من الان حملة قصف بالمدفعية استهدفت وسط المدينة وان عدد من قذائف المدفعية سقطت في محيط روضة الأطفال بالقرب من سوق السمك رافقها إطلاق نار من أسلحة متوسطة وخفيفة مسفرة عن سقوط ضحايا . Local sources said the City of Lauder, the largest city in the central province of Abyan of “the news agency of Eden” that the army of Yemen carried out, such as minutes from now campaign artillery shelling targeted the city center and the number of artillery shells in the vicinity of the kindergarten near the fish market was accompanied by fire from Medium and light weapons, thus giving casualties.
وتحصلت “وكالة أنباء عدن” على أسماء عدد من الشهداء بينهم رياض محمد ناصر ناصروه وهو مالك متجر صغير كان بداخله لحظة القصف وادهم الشيابي قتل أثناء مروره وسط السوق العام في المدينة. And social development, “news agency of Aden,” the names of a number of martyrs, including Nasroh Riaz Mohammad Nasser, a shop owner was inside a small moment of the bombing and Adham Alhiappi killed while passing through the center of the public market in the city.
وقال شهود عيان لـ”وكالة أنباء عدن” ان عشرات الشباب من أبناء المدينة هاجموا مدرعة تابعة للجيش ردا على القصف وشوهدوا وهم يقومون بإحراقها بعد هروب الجنود من عليها . Witnesses said the “news agency of Eden” that dozens of young people of the city attacked an armored military response to the bombing and burning were observed after the escape of soldiers from them.

OK they admit bombing the city and it is still going on. MOI is certain its al Qaeda; other officials say maybe members of the Southern Movement. Southerner spokesmen deny.

(AFP) ADEN, Yemen — Eleven soldiers were killed on Friday as the Yemeni army fought gunmen in the southern city of Loder, the interior ministry said, and medics said three civilians also died. The soldiers were killed “in an ambush set up by Al-Qaeda terrorists and outlaws cooperating with them,” the ministry said. (Read on …)

Another Miss

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Al Masdar Online

Local sources said the “online source” The flight carried out midnight on Thursday, an air strike targeted a gathering of al-Qaeda in a mountain Department Lauder Abyan governorate (South Yemen).
لكن المصادر أشارت إلى إن القصف لم يخلف أي ضحايا بشرية، ما يرجح أن الضربة أخطأت الهدف. However, the sources pointed out that the bombing did not leave any human victims, what is likely to strike missed the target.
يأتي ذلك في الوقت الذي ارتفع عدد ضحايا الهجوم الذي نفذه مسلحون يشتبه بصلتهم بتنظيم القاعدة ضد دورية عسكرية تابعة لقوات الجيش المرابطة في مديريـة لودر مساء الخميس ليصل إلى 4 قتلى في صفوف قوات الأمن.

Al Qaeda Death Squads Kills Two Soliders in Abyan, Yemen (Updated: 12)

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Al Qaeda declared war on all Yemenis in a recent statement: any one with a government job or walking past anything western deserves to die, the statement said. The death squads have killed dozens of police and soldiers.

SANA’A, Aug. 20 (Saba) – Two soldiers were killed in an attack of al-Qaeda on Thursday in Apian governorate, a security source said on Friday. The source told the ruling party-run that the some affiliates of al-Qaeda have carried a sudden attack with machine guns on a number of security men in a public souk and escaped. The attack has left, in addition to the two killed, a wounded soldier. The security authorities have tightened security measures in the governorate and begun hunting the attackers.


SANA’A, Aug. 20 (Saba) - The security services in Abyan governorate managed to find out the identities of the perpetrators involved in killing 36-year-old Sergeant Sultan Abd-al-Karim al-Shar’abi, a security source in Al-Mahfid Security Department has said. The Interior Ministry said that the investigations revealed the involvement of three persons in setting an ambush for al-Shar’abi on 13 August.

The three perpetrators are: Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah (27), Yaslam Ali Hadi Laksar (35) and Salim Ali Hadi Laksar (22). They are all from al-Mahfid District. The Ministry showed that the three perpetrators are at large, but a search operation is underway to arrest them.


(Reuters) - Twelve Yemeni soldiers have died in two days of clashes with gunmen suspected of being al Qaeda militants, a local official said, the latest in a string of attacks on security personnel in south Yemen since June. (Read on …)

Updated: Eight Police Injured by Suicide Bomber in al Dhalie

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Update: The state is blaming the southerners with another theory that the biker was tricked into delivering explosives to the intel HQ. The “suicide bomber” was a soldier from the 35th armored brigade.

Yemen Post: Security sources in Dhale Province said on Wednesday the southern separatist movement was behind the suicide attack against the police headquarters that injured 9 policemen, two seriously.
The Alsahwa website quoted the sources as saying elements from the movement asked the owner of a motorbike to deliver food for a detainee at the building and the meal was an improvised explosive device that was set off when the motorcyclist arrived at the building.
However, the sources revealed the motorcyclist was a soldier from Sana’a Province and his motorbike was packed with explosives while he was shopping in the Dhale market.
Saleh Ali Hadi was one of the personnel at the armored brigade 35, they said.
On Tuesday, the authorities said 8 policemen were wounded when the motorbike exploded at the gate of the police office. The office suffered damages as well.
Initially, they said the attack bore the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which claimed responsibility for recent attacks against offices of public security and intelligence in the south.
But other sources dismissed Al-Qaeda had been behind the bombing, saying the bomber might be used by another group that put explosives in his motorbike.

Original Post: Could be anything from intra-governmental wrangling to propaganda for the west to increasing muscle-flexing by the wild-eyed fanatics or violence by the southern fringe.

Sana’a, Yemen – Eight policemen were injured when a suicide bomber attacked a police headquarters in southern Yemen on Tuesday, police sources said. The sources told the German Press Agency dpa that the attacker blew himself up at the gate of the police building in al-Dhalea city, capital of the province of the same name. They said the attack bore the trademarks of al-Qaeda.

Someone lobs a grenade in Abyan, Yemen Observer: (Read on …)

Al-Qaeda Attacks Strengthen Yemeni President Saleh: Editorial

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Bingo. Yemen Post

Government Hoping for more Qaeda Attacks in South

The more attacks in the south means that the international community will support Yemen’s unity, fearing that if separation takes place, the south could be an Al-Qaeda safe haven.
Every Al-Qaeda attack in the south comes with great relief for the government and more pain for those who call for separation. The government gains even more financial support from the international community as it is funding Yemen’s fight against extremism.
So, it seems like President Saleh is finally getting something his way.
The last three Al-Qaeda claimed attacks took place in less than a month, and in three different provinces in the south, first in Aden, then in Abyan and Shabwa. It seems to me as if the government is linked to the Al-Qaeda attacks as it is the only one benefiting from the attacks and losing nothing.
Yemen is trying to picture to the world that the south is the backbone of Al-Qaeda, as it is also the homeland for its leader Osama bin Laden.
We also need to remember that Anwar Awlaqi, a Yemeni American preacher is from the south of Yemen. He is now internationally wanted for terrorism related claims.
Yemen is receiving almost $500 million dollars annually from western countries to fight extremism.
So, from the south comes oil, gas, cement, international support to fight Al-Qaeda, a 2000 kilometer coastal line, and 2/3 the size of the current Yemen, which proves that the northern part would do anything in its power to keep Yemen united.
We do not believe any attacks will take place in northern Yemen anytime soon, while on the other hand, we will see another attack in a different part of the south, maybe Mukalla or Seiyun. Such attacks will convince the west that southern Yemen could never be an independent state if it’s goal is to fight Al-Qaeda.

AQAP Claims Attacks on Security in Abyan, Yemen

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They seem to have it out for al-Gamish, the question is why. There was some flaky back story on al-Gamish earlier retaliating for not getting his cut on some land thefts and the blow-back from that. Earth Times

Sana’a, Yemen – Yemen’s wing of al-Qaeda on Friday claimed responsibility for a pair of week-old coordinated attacks on security agencies in the south of the Arab country, saying they were meant to avenge the killing of two of its members. (Read on …)

Gunmen attack security in Zanjabar

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Later reports indicate five dead, three security and two attackers. Al Teef is reporting that the gunmen shot up Tariq al Fadhli’s house after they left the scene of the attack.

At least two people are dead after gunmen attacked two security buildings in southern Yemen on Wednesday, local officials say. (Read on …)

18 Killed, 120 Wounded in 245 Protests since Jan. UPDATE: 36 Southern Civilians

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The civilian fatalities seem low. I’ll check with the record keeper of the south.

Update: According to southern sources, “the report figure is (36) Southern civilians. Some were killed while protesting, and some killed at security forces check points, their houses, farms, or assassinated by northern security forces.”

SANAA — Eighteen people were killed and 120 wounded in south Yemen violence during the first quarter of 2010, according to a report presented to parliament on Saturday by the deputy interior minister.

Ten members of the security forces were killed and 48 wounded while eight civilians were killed and 72 wounded, the defence ministry’s news website quoted the report by Saleh Zuari as saying.

The unrest centred on the southern province of Daleh and some districts in Lahij and Abyan provinces, said the report, according to the website.

The report also said there were “245 protests and strikes” and “87 bombings and shootings” in the same areas during the first three months of the year.

Robbery in Abyan, YR79 million, Health and Education Salaries

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What is that, about 400K US? And the story is the Health and Education Ministries withdrew the 400K for salaries from a bank in Zanzibar, Abyan and were driving back when they were highjacked and robbed, and no one could call the nearby military camp because the phone lines were cut by the state earlier in the month. There was an earlier bank robbery in Aden.

Yemen Observer Unknown gunmen seized a car carrying the salaries of the Education and Health Ministries in Loder District in Abyan on Wednesday in the biggest armed robbery operation. (Read on …)

Airstrike on al Qaeda camp in Abyan, Updated

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After a bit of a lull following the December air strikes, the campaign may be resuming. Lets hope the intel is spot on, after the 43 civilian deaths in the December 17 strike.

Update: There was the one on Sunday that reportedly killed two and three more strikes Monday in Abyan. Jamil Nasser Abdullah al-Ambari, 25, believed to be the leader of Al-Qaeda in southern Abyan province, was one of two militants killed in the overnight raid, the security official told AFP, requesting anonymity. – Security and local sources in Abyan province told Monday that Yemeni air force dealt an air strike more than an hour ago to a hideout for the Qaeda organization in Yemen, in the district of Modia…in an area called Al-Hamra Thiraa Mountain Jeezat Al Ghanam in the district of Modia, province of Abyan, pointing out that the area has lately witnessed noticeable activity of elements from the Qaeda organisation and was monitored by security authorities.

AQIY announces death of fundraiser:

Al-Malahim Media Foundation, the media arm of the Yemen-based AQAP, identified the militant as Ibrahim Saleh Mujahid al-Khalifa (alias Abi Jandal al-Qisaimy), saying the militant is a Saudi national.

“Al-Qisaimy was responsible for collecting and raising money from inside Saudi Arabia and transferring them into al-Qaida wing in Yemen,” al-Malahim said in a statement posted on the Internet. It added that “al-Qisaimy was also the coordinator behind smuggling groups of wanted Saudi militants to Yemen through the Saudi-Yemeni joint border.”

Yemeni al Qaeda investigated in in Jordan:

Amman – A Yemeni was on Sunday interrogated by the public prosecutor of Jordan’s State Security Court on suspicion of belonging to al-Qaeda and plotting acts of terrorism inside the kingdom, judicial sources said. The Yemeni national, Ammar Barouti, is believed to be one of al- Qaeda’s leaders in Yemen, tasked with recruiting fighters before sending them to Iraq for fighting US forces there, the sources added.

Barouti was arrested at Jordan’s Queen Ali International Airport five months ago during a flight from an Arab country on his way home. “He was suffering from wounds during battles he fought against US forces in Iraq,” the judicial sources said, without giving into further details.

Yemen Admits al Qaeda Raid was a Mistake

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A senior Yemeni defense official admitted on Wednesday that a December 17 air strike against al Qaeda in southern Yemen killed scores of civilians and not 30 al Qaeda operatives as the government previously insisted.

The strike has been touted by both US and Yemeni officials as evidence of Yemen’s newly found commitment to battling an increasingly active Yemeni al Qaeda affiliate. Within hours of the bombing, U.S. President Barack Obama called Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, saying the operation “confirms Yemen’s resolve in confronting the danger of terrorism represented by al Qaeda for Yemen and the world,” Yemen’s state media reported.

Witness testimony and photographic evidence disputing the Yemeni government’s claims surfaced within a day of the air strike. A parliamentary fact finding committee documented that 42 civilians, mainly women and children, were killed. Seventy were hospitalized with injuries.

After months of delays, Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Rashad al-Alimi appeared for Parliament’s debate on the air strike. “We work, and anyone who works makes mistakes,” he said.

“We apologize to those innocent citizens killed in the operation against al-Qaeda organization in Abyan,” al-Alimi said. He also said the government would pay compensation.

State Jihaddist or Al Qaeda?

Only two al-Qaeda members were killed in the raid including Mohammed Saleh al-Kazemi, a Saudi living in Yemen since his return from fighting in Afghanistan. Al Kazemi was imprisoned in Yemen for two years before his release in 2005 without a trial. He was on a most wanted list of 154 al Qaeda-linked militants, a Yemeni official told the New York Times. Al Kazemi helped plan a July 2007 suicide attack that killed seven Spanish tourists and two Yemeni guides in Marib and also provided safe haven to foreign al Qaeda militants operating in Yemen, the official said.

However a Member of Parliament for the opposition Islah party said the al Kazemi had close ties to Yemeni security forces. In a February interview with al Sahwa, Abdul Karim Shiban said that the two alleged al Qaeda operatives traveled back and forth from Shabwa to Abyan openly since their release from prison. The men were digging a well at the time of the raid, and could have been easily captured he said. Mr. Shiban also said the men used to chew khat with security officials and received an allowance from the state.

The enmeshment of al Qaeda and Yemen’s security forces complicates counter-terror operations. Yemen’s Political Security Organization was not informed of the air raid until it was over, the Washington Post reported.

At a Parliamentary session in March 2009, MPs from both the ruling party and opposition said that the Yemeni government had provided aid to terrorists, the Yemen Post reported. MP Sakhr Al-Wajih said the government was involved in many terrorist acts in the past years. The session followed a suicide attack on South Korean investigators who were in Yemen to aid authorities in the investigation of the murder of four South Korean tourists.

The US is increasing military funding to Yemen from the $67 million spent in 2009 to $150 million for fiscal year 2010. The funds are to be used to repair and service 10 Mi-17 helicopters, and to provide four Huey IIs and train Yemeni crews to operate and maintain them.

Air raid kills Central Security members?

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Renewed air strikes in the province of Abyan Aden News Agency:

أبين / وكالة أنباء عدن / خاص / 15 مارس آذار 2010 Show / Agency Aden / private / 15 March 2010
قال سكان محليون بمحافظة أبين شرق عدن أن طائرات حربية استأنفت صباح اليوم غارات جوية على مديريتي لودر ومودية من دون الإشارة إلى وجود ضحايا. Local residents said in Abyan governorate of Aden warplanes resumed air raids Friday morning on the departments of Lauder and claiming without reference to the presence of the victims. (Read on …)

More on the Abyan Airstrike: killed “al Qaeda” chewed qat with officials and were on state payroll

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An Islah MP gave an interview to al Sahwa following the delay in the parliamentary session meant to discuss the airstrike in Abyan that killed dozens of civilians. Abdul Karim Shiban said that the “al Qaeda” killed in the strike were released from a PSO prison two years earlier. Since then, they moved back and forth from Shabwa to Abyan openly and freely. It was known by the security forces who would have been able to capture them easily. In fact, the men used to chew khat with security officials and received an allowance from the state.

al Sahwa Those targeted in the strike were closely linked to power (Read on …)

Maybe 146 Civilians

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A quick note on the post below: casualty number 87 through 135 were killed in the December 17th air raid in Abyan on the Qaeda camp next to the Bedouin village. There’s at least one al Qaeda terrorist in there, maybe more. By the same token, there are also several children among the 48 causalities listed by name. The villagers complained to local authorities about the al Qaeda presence in the weeks before they were bombed.

This was the raid that prompted President Obama to call President Saleh with congratulations, even before the full details had emerged. There was never any mention of the civilians by the US, and western media outlets still refer to 30 terrorists killed. The air strike was widely perceived at the time in the south as the beginning of an air war against the southerners, similar to the carpet bombing of Sa’ada and the earlier bombing of civilians in Lahj. There was a great deal of insecurity, and little has been done since to alleviate that sense of deliberate targeting of political opposition.

However since that time, as I mentioned before, the US flag has been raised (not burned) at southern protests. Its quite an unusual occurrence in the Middle East and worth a second look. I wish I could think of a better analogy than Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who (We are here! We are here!) but that’s what’s coming to mind after a week of being snowed in with my kids. Then there’s al Fadhli and the Star Spangled Banner. That was funky. Yes, I realize the stripes are going the wrong way on the photo below, but they get points for effort.


Yemen Murdered 147 Southern Civilians Last Year

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The citizens killed range from age 18 months old to 70 years. For example, #36 this poor dude, Wadhah Husseen Ali, was shot in the head by security forces at a checkpoint a week after this photo was taken. They sought him out among the crowd. The opposition leadership vacuum in Yemen is not for lack of courage.

Wadhah Husseen Ali.bmp

I have the original PDF of the following report. It comes with photos, brutal photos. If anyone would like a copy, email me at

Illegal killing committed by the Yemeni occupation forces against the Southerners during the period of February 9, 2009 to February 9, 2010

Victims of the Massacre

Preparation and drafting: Awad Ali Haidarah

Introduction:This is the second report of its kind, which we issued on extra-Legal killing and political assassination by the Yemeni occupation forces against the southern civilians and activists. The first report covered the period from July 7, 1994 until February 9, 2009. It documented 215 murders and assassinations of political cases; including 13 children, 10 women, and 3 elderly. This report covers the period from February 9, 2009 to February 9, 2010. The report publication coincides with the celebration of Memorial Day on February 11. (Read on …)

Southern Politician Assassinated

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World Bulletin

A Yemeni provincial opposition politician thought to be active in a southern separatist movement was gunned down in south Yemen, his party and local residents said on Monday.

The Yemeni Socialist Party said Saeed Ahmed Abdullah bin Daoud was shot dead on Friday in the southern town of Zanjibar in Abyan province, adding on its website that the province was in “an unprecedented state of disorder”.

Zanjibar residents said bin Daoud, a member of the Socialist party’s leadership committee in the town, was also involved with southern separatists seeking independence from the central government.

There was no immediate word on the reasons for the killing.

AQAP Received Training on Poisen Gases from Pakistani Expert

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This is all coming from the governor of Abyan, al Maseri. A Pakistani expert came to Yemen last year to train them on smaller, undetectable explosives and he died at some point in a work accident. Another Pakistani gave training on poisen gases. Four months ago they got aid with the help of non-Yemenis in the organization. Al Maseri says the security forces found a similiar substance to that used to attack Prince Naif.

Saudi Gazette Pakistani built bomb to kill Prince, says Yemeni official
By Abdullah Al-Oraifij
ABYAN, Yemen – Dramatic new claims have been made that a Pakistani explosives expert was responsible for manufacturing the bomb that was used by a suicide bomber in a failed attempt to assassinate Prince Muhammad Bin Naif Bin Abdul Aziz, Assistant Interior Minister for Security Affairs at his palace in Jeddah last August.
Talking to Okaz, Ahmad Al-Maseeri, Governor of Abyan in Yemen, said that the man who made the explosive capsule, used by Abdullah Hasan Al-Asiri in his attempt to kill the Prince, was a Pakistani. (Read on …)

Fighter Jet Crashes After Buzzing Protest in Zanjibar

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Photo Aden Press


(Read on …)

Abdullah not Qasim al Raimi (Raymi)

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This one totally went by me the first time I read it. Abdullah al Raimi is thought complicit in a major terror attack in Saudi Arabia in 2003. According to the Yemen Times, Abdullah al Raimi was in the crowd when al Qaeda showed up at the protests in Abyan. Having escaped prison in the 2006 big al Qaeda escape, he was recaptured and released. He was thought cooperating with Yemeni authorities. (Another individual with the same name spent a year in jail and was recently released although it was immediately clear that it was a case of mistaken identity.)

Yemen Times: Al-Jazeera Channel showed part of the protests, Abdullah Ahmad Al-Raimi, Al-Qaeda leader who is currently on the Yemeni government wanted list, was recognized in the crowd. Al-Raimi had escaped from Yemeni security after serving three of the four year sentence he was given by a Yemeni court after he was handed over from Qatar.

from Global Jihad website, a refresher on Abdullah al Raimi:

On 01/09/2004, the Swiss police arrested 10 suspects related to the financing of the Riyadh Suicide Attacks in Saudi Arabia, on 05/12/2003. (Read on …)

Fahd al Quso’s Relative, Mohammed Saleh Al Awlaki, al Qaeda motivational speaker

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Yemen got a total pass for releasing Fahd al Quso from jail early. Al Quso spent about three years of a ten year sentence after his conviction in a Yemeni court as a conspirator in the USS Cole bombing which killed 17 US service members.

Al Qaeda under fire in Yemen

The Thursday’s operations, which targeted an Al Qaeda training camp in the south, and a group of 8 would-be suicide bombers in the north, have gained a regional and international support. (Read on …)

Ja’ar, Zanzibar Controlled by Militants

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Khaled al Nabi is cranky because the Yemeni president didn’t give him the land he was promised. Al Nabi took over some government buildings to express his displeasure. Saleh doesn’t keep his promises to the militants any better than he does to the US, meaning they feel no compunction to honor their own parts of the deals. All those presidential agreements with major terrorists are meaningless in terms of real containment.

Jihadists and insurgents in control of the government institutions in Jaar, Zanzibar
الأحد , 13 ديسمبر 2009 م Sunday, December 13th, 2009 م

جعار/ التجمع Jaar / assembly
اقتحم مسلحون تابعون للجهادي خالد عبدالنبي عدداً من المؤسسات الحكومية وسيطروا عليها كتعويض للأراضي الذي يدعي خالد عبد النبي انه يمتلك الحق فيها. Fatah gunmen to jihad Khalid Abdul Nabi a number of governmental institutions and took it as compensation for the land, which named Khalid Abdul Nabi, he has a right to them.
وقال عبدالنبي: إنه يمتلك توجيهات خطية من رئيس الجمهورية بتعويضه عن أملاكه التي صرفت كتعويضات لكن السلطات ماطلت لسنوات في تنفيذ توجيهات رئيس الجمهورية ما دفعه لاحتلالها بالقوة. Nabi said: It has written instructions from the president to be compensated for his property that has been spent in compensation, but the authorities procrastinated for years in implementing the directives of the President of the Republic to pay for the occupation force. (Read on …)

Airstrike Blowback

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Blowback 1: Vid: al Qaeda rallies the crowd, that’s so bad, especially in the absence of a competing narrative.

Blowback 2: Conflating air strikes on al Qaeda with air strikes on the Houthis.

CSM: The strikes comes just three days after The New York Times reported that the United States has provided weapons and logistical support to Yemeni government strikes against “suspected hide-outs of Al Qaeda within its borders.” That involvement has raised questions over whether the US has been active in Yemen – and Saudi Arabia’s – fight against the Houthis as well.

Mullen Applaudes Air Strike, MPs Demand Inquiry

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In an effort to diminish the blowback, would it have been so difficult for Mullen to mention something about the importance of distinguishing between combatants and civilians? He must have heard the reports of the women and children killed. I understand the onus is on the spree-killer al Qaeda fanatics who do not wear uniforms and who shelter among the local populations. Nonetheless, its an honor based society, the kids are dead and its possible that Saleh will be gone soon.

AP, ABOARD A U.S. MILITARY AIRCRAFT — Adm. Mike Mullen is applauding a military strike in Yemen against suspected members of the al-Qaida terrorist group. (Read on …)

US Continues Failed Policy in Yemen with Airstrikes

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When a counter-terror air strike kills more civilians than an average suicide bombing, can it be called a success? Discounting the dead kids for just a minute and using even the coldest pragmatic standards, the US air strikes in Yemen did much more harm than good to the US on multiple levels and will negatively impact security for a decade. Despite the broad pro-democracy sentiment in Yemen, and increasingly vocal popular frustration with Yemen’s brutal and incompetent dictator, Ali Abdullah Saleh, the only allies the US has in Yemen now are the genocidal Saleh and his corrupt cronies. (Read on …)

Yemeni Opposition Parties Denounce “Massacre” and False Hunt for al Qaeda

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Sahwa Net – Main Yemeni opposition parties, the Joint Meeting Parties, in Abyan governorate has denounced assaults launched by Yemeni forces on alleged al-Qaeda sites on Thursday in Abyan, describing the strikes as a “brutal massacre”. (Read on …)

New Spin from the Yemeni Govt: The dead supported al Qaeda with financing and shelter

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Five unidentified foreign “al Qaeda” killed in the preemptive airstrikes were buried already. I guess we’ll just have to take Saleh’s word on the fact that they were indeed terrorists. Did they take DNA? The official story now is these persons provided logistical support to al Qaeda. Shared the cloth houses I guess. And thats bad if its true, dont get me wrong, but it begs the question of why the US air raid and not just go arrest them? Because al Reimi was supposed to be in Arhab? Too bad, yet entirely predictable, that al Reimi slipped away at the last moment. (Read on …)

“The United States provided firepower, intelligence and other support”

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Al Qaeda in Yemen has a recruiting tool for a decade now, locally and internationally.

Gulf News: The leader of Al Qaida in Abyan, Mohammad Saleh Al Kazimi, was confirmed to be among those killed. The second man in Al Qaida in Yemen, Qasim Al Raimi, reportedly survived the attack. Ten of the Al Qaida members killed in Thursday’s attacks were not Yemenis, according to the report. Between 24-34 Al Qaida members were reportedly killed in the attack, but independent sources and eyewitnesses say that nearly 50 were killed and 60 injured including women and children.

So 25 innocent people were killed and 60 wounded preventing a possible terror attack in Yemen. What is the calculus? The value of 25 unidentified dead possible al Qaeda outweighs the loss the 14 dead dirt poor Bedouin kids? That seems a bit racist. Would the equation be acceptable if they were European kids? What is the ratio of the death value of Yemeni kids to foreign tourists? The celebratory call that followed the air strikes was premature.

WaPo: The United States provided intelligence and other assistance to Yemeni forces in attacks Thursday against suspected al-Qaeda targets, according to officials from both countries…U.S. officials refused to comment Friday on a report by ABC News that U.S. air-launched cruise missiles had been used in two of the attacks. The network said that the launches had been approved by the White House and that President Obama had called President Ali Abdullah Saleh to congratulate him on Yemen’s efforts against al-Qaeda.

Maybe its hard to get good intell from under the bus…

NYTimes: U.S. Aids Yemeni Raids on Al Qaeda, Officials Say

WASHINGTON — The United States provided firepower, intelligence and other support to the government of Yemen as it carried out raids this week to strike at suspected hide-outs of Al Qaeda within its borders, according to officials familiar with the operations. The officials said that the American support was approved by President Obama and came at the request of the Yemeni government.

The American contributions were intended to help Yemen to prevent Al Qaeda from mounting attacks against American and other foreign targets inside its borders. Officials declined to say whether those targets were embassies, businesses, schools or other sites. (Read on …)

Saleh Pwns Obama

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The choice for the US was a) bring Saleh to the ICC on “crimes against humanity” charges or b) join the air war that already constitutes substantial war crimes. Hmmm…

And in order to select option B, you have to believe that President Ali Abdullah Saleh has one sincere bone in his body despite the magnitude of his lies.

I’m surprised Secretary of State Clinton didn’t smell a rat. She was through this before when Yemen obstructed US investigations after the USS Cole bombing. The State Dept. earlier this year advanced the idea of a major crimes tribunal in Afghanistan. It would have been better suited in Yemen. Now Clinton and Obama are tied to Saleh, against the Yemeni people who are rightfully very cranky after all these decades of incompetent dictatorship. 1431 is going to be rough.

Four Wounded “al Qaeda” Captured in Hospital, Dead al Qaeda Unidentified

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At the risk of stating the obvious, if they are unidentified, how does the Yemeni government know they are al Qaeda? Because they’re dead and the right age? The four listed as arrested in Abyan were found in hospitals.

Al Motamar: The Interior Ministry said the elements of al-Qaeda organisation who were arrested were wounded on Thursday in the raid that targeted al-Qaeda training camp, three kilometers from Al-Maajala area. (Read on …)

Yemen Govt, “airstrike targeted a training camp with tents” in Abyan

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It was a training camp with tents, the Yemeni government says, not a traditional Bedouin village in Abyan. And they surrounded the “al Qaeda camp” and launched a ground assault after the bombing. CNN doesn’t mention the civilian casualties (broadcast on al Jazeera) or MPs statements calling for an inquiry into what appears to be a airstrike on a civilians or even former president al Beidh who predictably issued a long poetic missive in Arabic only. They, and many others, regurgitated the Yemeni government’s line in its entirety. The language barrier is the opposition’s to overcome. Love this: “Qassim Al-Raymi, the military commander for al Qaeda in Yemen and two ‘known’ accomplices were able to flee…” Unbelievable. Presumably they meant the Arhab raid, not the Abyan one, although its muddy from the reporting.

(CNN) — An airstrike in Yemen earlier this week killed a leading al Qaeda figure there, a Yemeni government official said Friday.

The official, who is not named because he is not authorized to speak to the media, told CNN that Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Ali Al-Kazemi was killed in an airstrike in the southern province of Abyan on Thursday, along with “scores of operatives.” (Read on …)

Yemeni MP Calls for Investigation of Civilian Slaughter Under Guise of Counter-Terror

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After all this time and all the lies and all the elaborate hoaxes on the al Qaeda issue, who in the world takes Ali Abdullah Saleh at his word? Who, really?

The tens of millions offered by the Millennium Challenge Account didn’t spur any real reform, and apparently the winning smile just doesn’t cut it in Yemen either.

There’s been enough civilian slaughter in Sa’ada under the guise of counter-insurgency to warrent a war crimes tribunal. And there’s been enough in the South. A bogus counter-terror operation (or a sincere one, but we’ll never see that) doesn’t legitimize US support of a mass murderer.

SANAA (Reuters) – Yemen’s opposition accused the government on Friday of killing dozens of civilians, including whole families, in raids a day earlier which the authorities said had killed about 30 al Qaeda militants. (Read on …)

Obama to Saleh: Go Ahead and Murder Your Citizens, We Don’t Care

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The wholesale slaughter of Yemenis by their government is well documented. Tactics include bombing, shooting in the head, and intentional starvation. The recent HRW report on the deliberate killing of protesters in Southern Yemen is augmented by their earlier reports on the withholding of aid to Sa’ada civilians, indesriminate bombing and mass arbitrary arrests. Yemeni prisons are filled with innocent people. The US can really no longer say that “Sa’ada is a mystery” or the situation in the south is confusing. Apparently the Obama adminstration is willing to trade off 22 million people for an occasional al Qaeda raid here and there. More frustrating is that Yemen’s counter-terror efforts, when they infrequently occur, are more smoke and mirrors. The bombed children and starving families and activists in jail have been sacrificed for nothing.

Saleh gets telephone call from U.S. President Barack Obama
Thursday, 17-December-2009, Saba – President Ali Abdullah Saleh received on Thursday a telephone call from U.S. President Barrack Obama. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda Raids in Yemen: a Show and a Massacre, US Applauds

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Lets review. a) Qasim al Reimi manages to escape just minutes before the raid north of Sana’a in Arhab. Looks good on paper if you believe in fairy tales. b) Yemen bombs a Bedouin village in Abyan, where separatist sentiments are running high, killing over 60. The Yemeni military say the dead number 30 and were al Qaeda but the photos show women and children. The casualty lists show extremely poor Bedouin families wiped out en masse c) Obama calls Saleh and says “Good Job!” The Western media uses headlines like “Yemen Forces Strike Al Qaeda, Kill 34.” Its like deja vu all over again.

YemenOnline.Decembe 18- Three of al Qaeda members escaped from the last military attack carried out by security forces in a number of areas in Yemen yesterday.Kassim Al-Reami,Hisam Mogali and the third one is believed to be a non-Yemeni have escaped during the attack into unknown area .

al Jazeera: At least 34 people have been killed in raids on suspected al-Qaeda hide-outs and training sites in Yemen, security officials have said. (Read on …)

Updated: Arrests in Marib, 34 Killed in Abyan and Sana’a Raids

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Update 5: Mareb Press: Where said raw statistics obtained by the site of Marib Press Fifty people were killed in the Abyan province, mainly women and children in addition to the death of eighteen an element of al Qaeda were killed and more than seventy other people were taken to each hospital in the Abyan and Al-Razi hospital in Aden, Captain , while the outcome of the confrontations in the Directorate of four people, welcome to Al Qaeda and three wounded were in critical condition and expected death, some by private sources. (Read on …)

Ja’ar, al Nabi and his brother Captain Ahmed

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From al Teef, this is a google translated part of an longer article.

Spectrum network – report – and a serious public

حقيقة ما يدور في جعار..!! The truth of what is going on in Jaar ..!!

ما أن تطال قدماك مدينة جعار وشوارعها ينتابك إحساس وشعور غريب ما يجري في دهاليزها المخيفة, مع تعتيم على حقيقة الوضع هناك، فهي تعاني كثيراً من المشاكل والصراعات “الكيدية” بين اتهامات السلطة ومقاومة المجاميع المسلحة التي تنتقم لجماعاتها وأقاربها الذين قتلوا في مواجهة حطاط”2003″م وما لحق بهم من أضرار بين ما كان يسمى بجماعة خالد عبد النبي المتهم بزعيم جماعات الجهاد الإسلامي جيش عدن أبين, وبين قوات الأمن والجيش في ضل غياب الحقيقة واعتماد الرأي العام على المصدر الرسمي , وتعتمد عليه الكثير من وسائل الإعلام المختلفة, دون البحث عن حقيقة ما يجري في أرض الواقع. What your feet do not reach the city of Jaar and streets you just get a strange feeling and a sense of what is happening in the corridors frightening, with blackout reality of the situation, they have a lot of problems and conflicts, “malicious” charges between power and resistance to armed groups that are retaliating to their own and their relatives who were killed in the face of Hatat “2003 “M and the damage suffered what was called the group Khalid Abdul Nabi, the accused leader of the militant groups Islamic Army of Aden-Abyan, and between security forces and the army lost in the absence of truth and public opinion on the adoption of the official source, and depend upon a lot of different media, without searching for what is happening on the ground. (Read on …)

New Training al Qaeda Camps in the South

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Dude! Sanhan is the President’s village. Somalia, yes. But who owns that website,Saru Hamyir? I never heard of it. From the Long War Journal:

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has opened a new training camp in the South. The new camp highlights Yemen’s value to al Qaeda in waging its global terror campaign.

The camp is based in the Al Jaza area in the district of Mudiyah in the southern province of Abyan. The camp is said to house more than 400 local and foreign fighters. Yemenis, Saudis, and Somalis make up the vast majority of the fighters.

The camp was established with the approval of the central government, according to a report in Saru Hamyir, an Arabic-language Yemeni news website. The existence of the camp was confirmed by US military and intelligence officials familiar with the region.

The weak Yemeni government is known to support al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula while targeting jihadi groups that do not adhere to a peace agreement signed in January. (Read on …)

Tariq al Fadhli Bio and Relation to the Southern Movement

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All militants are not jihaddis, and all jihaddis are not al Qaeda. In fact, most Yemeni jihaddis (and there’s thousands) are not al Qaeda in the strict sense of the term. In southern Yemen, the minute al Fadhli joined the Southerners, all his militants and jihaddists became “freedom fighters.” It was pretty funny considering the Southern spokesmen labeled them as terrorists before. My issue is the core values of the Southern Movement. Is it still the secularist, egalitarian, democratic movement it once espoused to be? Are women equal in southern Yemen or have they been thrown under the bus in order to appease the jihaddists? If the Southerners win at all costs, do they still win? Can anyone join the Southern Movement or only those who agree with its principles? And/or does it have principles anymore?


Earlier this year Tariq al-Fadhli, the prominent jihadist leader from South Yemen, broke his 15 year alliance with the Yemeni government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Al-Fadhli, who was a member of the anti-Soviet Mujahideen movement in Afghanistan, is often described as the founder of the jihadi movement in Yemen. His break with the government was reported in the mainstream Arab and Yemeni media but was also noted on pro-jihadist websites (, April 18). Al-Fadhli’s new position provided momentum to the Southern Movement (SM) and its struggle for secession and he soon became a leading figure in the alliance. (Read on …)

Yemen Arrests Sami Dyan Trying to Flee Country

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Yemen Post:

Yemen said on Thursday the police had arrested ten fugitives including seven Qaeda suspects. The arrested included the leader of Al-Qaeda in Abyan Sami Dayan who was held on the Yemeni-Saudi border while trying to leave Yemen. (Read on …)

The Ja’ar Jihaddists Clash with Security Again, Updated

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Sami Dyan is the brother of Hassan Dayyan, if I recall correctly, and Khanfar, Abyan has been a hot spot for quite some time. The murder of suspected homosexuals and loose women were symptomatic of the extreme Talabanization of areas of Abyan last last year. Jamaat at Jihad, the Jihad Group, kidnapped an official and stormed a prison, killing one policeman, attempting to release their recently arrested commrade who was earlier released from prison during Ramadan, possibly by al Fadhli, but thats just buzz and besides they are freedom fighters now (joking joking).

Yemen Observer: Extensive gun fire was exchanged between the security forces and Jihadist militants groups in Khanfar district, Abyan province in the south of Yemen, last Saturday, said a source at the local council of Khanfar district.

A soldier was killed and two other soldiers were wounded, after the security forces arrested Fikri Ammorah , a member of the Jihadist group in Ja’ar of Khanfar district, said the source.

“Following Ammorah’s arrest, the jihadist groups, lead by Amir Sami Dyan, launched an offensive at the security center in Ja’ar, in an attempt to release Ammorah.” said the source. Ammorah is being detained for committing a number of crimes including murder and looting. (Read on …)

Yemen Security Overview by Governorate

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This is quite an interesting report from the Yemen Post that focuses on the absence of state control in many areas and identifies what alternate power structures are in place. Regarding Marib, the report notes, “Al-Qaeda is strongly present in Wadi Abeedah, a wide desert district with some rugged and mountainous areas. The same holds true for Al Shabwan.” The various southern leaders are noted by their level of popular support by location.

Several areas witness resurrection against the state, tribal conflicts, mobility or violent acts and these acts are associated with complete absence of state presence. In most governorates, the state does control only the main cities.

Bani Dhabian, Sana’a

Bani Dhabian is a tribal district in Sana’a province’s Khawlan region whose tribesmen implement constant kidnapping operations. There is no presence for security or the state apparatuses there and the last kidnapping incident targeted Businessman Tawfiq Al-Khamri’s brother. Prior to this, the tribesmen released the business manager of Shahr Abdul Haq following tribal mediation efforts. The tribesmen make big sums of money, as kidnapping is a source for wealth and it is a direct result for the lack of trust in judiciary. (Read on …)

Bomb Near Ayban Police Station, Another Defused

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Its quite similiar, nearly identical (timing, target, ordenance, location, damage) to the dozens of nuisance attacks in 2007/8 by the jihaddist “Yemen Soldiers Brigades” which took credit in a variety of internet statements. From al Sahwa:

A bomb exploded near a police building in south Yemen, authorities said, and security forces defused a bigger device set to go off outside a government office in the region, where secessionist feeling runs high.

A blast blew a hole in a fence outside a criminal investigation department building in Abyan province but caused no injuries, the website of the ruling party quoted security sources as saying.

A larger device, made of a mine attached to a timer, was defused after being planted and set to explode near the fence of the offices of a government watchdog in Abyan. (Read on …)

Weapons Seized in Ja’ar

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There seems to be several carloads of weapons floating around Yemen this week. – Security sources confirmed Tuesday to that security apparatuses in Jaar district, governorate of Abyan in Yemen on Monday captured a car loaded with weapons intended to be transported to the terrorists led by a terrorist called Tahir Tammah.

The security sources mentioned that security men at Batis checkpoint in Jaar district seized the car loaded with weapons and explosives and was carrying a group of sabotage elements that in interrogation have confessed that the weapons and explosives shipment was meant to be delivered to the terrorist who leads them Tahir Tammah, indicating that the arrested elements have been sent to concerned authorities.

Military Linked Al Qaeda Murderers Busted by Accident in Marib, Yemen (?)

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Update: thanks everybody!!!! It says its Ali Mohsen al Ahmar’s faction of al Qaeda…The jihaddists who killed the four soldiers were found with military cards and dead bodies in their car. Thats what the articles say.

Whether Ali Mohsen was trying to make the southerners look bad or he was making a move during an internal power struggle, the bottom line is – according to the articles- terrorists acting as agents of the Yemeni military killed other soldiers in a propaganda ploy.

They have been doing things like this all along, cloning their opponents to perpetrate various false flag attacks. The idea that al Qaeda when allied with the Yemeni regime is any less dangerous is absurd. If anything, the access to state resources increases their capacity.

Update 2: al Motamar reported the arrests (and blamed al Fadhli) and later began denying the arrests – which may mean they were released after some high level intercession: An official security sources has on Thursday denied the information reported by some newspapers and electronic papers on arresting, by security authorities in Mareb, the perpetrators of the crime of killing four security soldiers and injuring a fifth in Um Ayn the day before yesterday.

How complicated! The soldiers were killed in Abyan. And there’s fighting in Marib between al Qaeda and some security. This may take days to shake out.

Original post: I have to figure this out (or rather get someone to explain if it says what I think it says- HINT HINT.) Its a google translation of the latest scandal. It seems to say the perpetrators of the murder of the four Yemeni soldiers were state jihaddists but I need confirmation of who they belong to. There’s several groups of state jihaddists. From Aden Press (and below from Marib Press):

Control group of armed Bmorb followed involved the murder of Muhsin Red Yemeni security soldiers Babin

News مأرب_لندن “عدن برس” خاص: 29-7-2009 Marib-London, “Aden said,” special: 29-7-2009
تمكن أفراد إحدى النقاط العسكرية التابعة للجيش اليمني بمحافظة مأرب صباح اليوم من اعتقال منفذي الهجوم على إحدى نقاط الانتشار الأمنية الواقعة بمنطقة العين مديرية لودر والتي راح ضحيتها 4 جنود وأصيب خامس بإصابات بالغة . Enable members of one of the points of the military army of the Yemeni province of Marib on Monday morning from the arrest of the perpetrators of the attack on one of its proliferation in the eye of the security directorate for the generation that killed 4 soldiers and wounded a fifth was seriously injured. واكتشف الجنود تورط الجماعة الإرهابية المسلحة وذلك حينما مرت السيارة التي تقلهم بالنقطة وخضعت لعملية تفتيش روتينية عثر الجنود خلالها على جثتين لأشخاص قتلوا بالرصاص الحي . The soldiers discovered the involvement of the armed terrorist group, when the car passed the point of them underwent a routine check during which the soldiers found the bodies of people killed with live bullets.

وحينها قام الجنود بإلقاء القبض على من كان في السيارة بعد أن تم سلبهم أسلحتهم الشخصية وبتفتيش السيارة عثر بداخلها على بطائق عسكرية تخص الجماعة المسلحة حيث اتضح أنهم عسكريون يتبعون المنطقة العسكرية الشمالية التي يقودها علي محسن الأحمر احد اكبر الشخصيات المثيرة للجدل داخل صنعاء. And then the soldiers to arrest those who were in the car after it had been robbed of their personal weapons and searched the car found inside the military cards belonging to the armed group, where the military found that they follow the northern military region, which led to an improved one of the largest Red controversial figures in Sanaa. إحدى القيادات العسكرية في اللواء 315 مشاة من أبناء محافظة أبين والذي كان مشاركا في عملية توقيف السيارة واحتجازا فرادها قال في اتصال هاتفي بـ”عدن برس” طالبا عن عدم الكشف عن هويته أن عملية الإيقاف جاءت عن طريق الصدفة وعبر عملية تفتيش روتينية مؤكدا أن الجماعة المسلحة التي تم إيقافها تم العثور بحوزة أفرادها على مبالغ مالية وهواتف خليوية تعمل بنظام “الثرياء”. One of the military leadership in the 315 infantry brigade from the province of Abyan, which was involved in the process of arrest and detention car Fradha said in a telephone call to “Aden said,” students not to be named, that the suspension came about by accident and through a process of routine inspection, stressing that the armed group was stopped was found in possession of its members on the money and cell phones operating system “Althreya.” وكانت المفاجأة التي فجرها هذا القيادي هو تأكيده على أن مسئولين في العاصمة صنعاء ومسئولين عسكريين في المنطقة الشمالية قد حاولوا التدخل لأجل الإفراج الفوري عنهم وقبل ان يتم إبلاغ الجهات الرسمية في مر كز العاصمة صنعاء والتي أصدرت بدورها تعليمات فورية ومشددة بضرورة التحفظ على من تم اعتقالهم حتى وصول قوات خاصة من صنعاء لاستلامهم . It was triggered by the surprise leader, is the assertion that officials in the capital Sanaa, and military officials in the northern region had tried to intervene for the immediate release them and be informed before the official authorities in the capital Sanaa over Kz, which in turn issued instructions for immediate and heavy need a reservation to have been arrested so The arrival of special forces from Sanaa to receiving them. (Read on …)

Terror Arrest in Attack on South Korean Tourists

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Security authorities in Hodeidah province announced the arrest of an al-Qaeda affiliate in the west of Yemen last Sunday. The information center of the Ministry of the Interior said that the arrested terrorist was detained for his involvement in the suicide attack that targeted a South Korean group on the road to Sana’a airport on the 18th of March. The suicide attack resulted in the death of the suicide bomber but no other casualties.

The arrested terrorist was identified as A.M. al-A’ameri. Security authorities said al-A’ameri had links to the suicide bomber, Khalid al-Dhayani, and also had links to al-Qaeda high profile member Qasim al-Raimi, who is classified as one of the most dangerous terrorists affiliated to al-Qaeda.

The authorities added that al-A’ameri had been tracked down in a number of Yemeni provinces until security authorities were finally able to capture him in Hodiedah and hand him over to the concerned bodies in the capital Sana’a to refer him to justice.

Security authorities said on Sunday that a terrorist affiliated to al-Qaeda was killed in a blast caused by an explosive device he was preparing to use for a terrorist operation in al-Wadhea’ district of Abyan province in the south of Yemen.

According to the 26 September website, security authorities in Abyan province said that the terrorist’s name was Anwar Mohammed al-Tughaishi, which was included on the wanted list of known terrorists, and that he was tracked down by the security bodies charged with the capture of those affiliated with the al-Qaeda organization, and those suspected of planning and carrying out terrorist operations.

By the end of April, security authorities said that they captured two suspected al-Qaeda members in Aden. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the two captured were A.Y.D. and M.H.S and that they were captured in the Dar Sa’ad district of Aden, adding that the investigative authorities have begun investigations of the two suspects in preparation to present them to justice.

A few days following the attacks that targeted South Korean tourists in Hadramout province and the South Korean group in Sana’a, security bodies had announced the capture of 16 al-Qaeda suspects, ten of whom were captured in Shabwa province in the southeast of Yemen. The ten are believed to be members of the Qasim al-Raimi cell. The other six were members of another suicide terrorist cell that planned 12 terrorist attacks targeting oil facilities, tourist attractions, and other foreign and local interests.

Al-Qaeda had previously threatened to target security personnel in Yemen and promised to multiply suicide operations in the country. However, the Yemeni Ministry of Interior has responded to the al-Qaeda threats by saying that they were only an attempt to attain media coverage. Interior Ministry leadership described the Al-Qaeda threat to target security officials as also solely to gain attention, adding that the Interior Ministry is not paying much attention to threats such as these.

The information center of the Interior Ministry also published a statement in which it affirmed that the threat released by Al-Qaeda was only a desperate attempt to dissuade security services from pursuing Al-Qaeda elements.

Yemeni security and military forces launched an offensive which lasted several days and resulted in the capture of over 59 Jihadists in Abyan province in the south of Yemen last April. The security bodies said that they concluded investigations with 17 of the arrested Jihadists and would refer them to justice on charges of terrorism, sabotage, hijacking, looting, and attacks on security and governmental facilities. They also revealed that the investigations proved that they were affiliated with terrorist organizations.

Yemen: New terror camps as a city falls to jihadists

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Yemen: New terror camps as a city falls to jihadists
By Jane Novak March 3, 2009 12:04 AM

In January, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh asked his network of loyalist jihadists to prepare for offensive operations against domestic “enemies of the state.” In return, Saleh has ceded authority to fundamentalist fanatics who seek to impose a neo-Salafi theocracy in the religiously pluralistic country. It is unclear if this is the full extent of the quid pro quo. (Read on …)


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