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Yemeni southern activists Anwar Ismail and Khaled al-Junaidi disappeared by security and at risk of torture: Amnesty

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UA: 223/14 Index: MDE 31/009/2014 Yemen Date: 5 September 2014
fear of enforced disappearance of activists
Southern Yemeni political activists Anwar Ismail and Khaled al-Junaidi disappeared within days of one another. It is feared that they have been subjected to enforced disappearance by security forces and are at imminent risk of torture and other ill-treatment.
Anwar Ismail (38) and Khaled al-Junaidi (42) disappeared on 28 and 31 August respectively. Anwar Ismail went missing after a demonstration in the southern Yemeni city of Aden on 28 August where he was seen last, while witnesses say that Khaled al-Junaidi was taken from a gas station in Aden on 31 August after being beaten and dragged into an unmarked car by unidentified gunmen believed to be security agents.
Both activists have been detained by the authorities in recent months in circumstances similar to their current disappearances. Khaled al-Junaidi was arrested by the Special Security, also known as Central Security, on 21 November 2013 and held incommunicado for most of the 21 days of his detention. His family was informed of his whereabouts six days after his arrest. Anwar Ismail was arrested at least twice in 2014, including in early March, and claims to have been tortured by security forces. Both men were held for a period of time ranging from a week to three weeks before being released without charge or trial.
Anwar Ismail and Khaled al-Junaidi are leading activists in the Southern Movement, or al-Hirak, a coalition of political opposition groups in south Yemen that has been demanding secession from the north.
Please write immediately in Arabic, English or your own language:
Urging the Yemini authorities to reveal the whereabouts of Anwar Ismail and Khaled al-Junaidi and to ensure that they are protected from torture and other ill-treatment, and are immediately granted access to their family and a lawyer of their choice;
Urging that they are immediately moved to a recognized detention centre and promptly charged with a recognizable criminal offence, or else released immediately and unconditionally, and stressing that the peaceful exercise of the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly are guaranteed in international law.

Minister of the Interior
His Excellency Abdu Hussein Muhsen al-Turab
Ministry of the Interior
Republic of Yemen
Fax: +967 1 514 532
+967 1 331 899
Salutation: Your Excellency
Governor of Aden
Waheed Ali Rasheed
PO Box: 6013, Khormaksar
Republic of Yemen
Fax: +967 2 224 6996
Salutation: Dear Mr Waheed Ali Rasheed
And copies to:
Minister of Human Rights
Her Excellency Houriah Ahmed Mashhour
Ministry of Human Rights
Republic of Yemen
Fax: +967 1 444 833

Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country. Please insert local diplomatic addresses below:
Name Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Fax Fax number Email Email address Salutation Salutation
Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above date.

fear of enforced disappearance of activists

Protests in the south of Yemen have been taking place sporadically since 2007 when retired soldiers from the south launched protests complaining that they were not receiving the same treatment in employment, salary and pensions as soldiers from the north of the country. Since then, protests against discrimination against southerners gradually changed to demands for secession which continued after the ousting of the former regime in 2011.
The Southern Movement (also known as al-Hirak, a short form of its name in Arabic) is a loose coalition of political groups, many of whom call for the peaceful separation of southern Yemen, which was independent until its unification with the north in 1990. The Movement appears to have emerged following the 2007 protests and began to organize its own demonstrations over what it perceives to be the government’s failure to address discrimination against people from the south of the country.
The government’s response to these protests has been heavy-handed. Dozens of demonstrators have been killed in or near demonstrations; in many cases they appear to have been shot dead unlawfully when posing no threat to the lives of the security forces or others. Since the protests began in 2007, the security forces have arrested and detained, in many cases arbitrarily, thousands of demonstrators and bystanders, as well as leaders and activists of the Southern Movement.
Name: Anwar Ismail, Khaled al-Junaidi
Gender m/f: m

They are believed in Al-Sulaban Prison in Khormaksar in Aden.

Erem News: The brother of Khaled Junaidi indicates that security dragged his brother to “camp twenty” in the Directorate of Crater before introducing it to a large detention center in the Directorate of Khormakser “Alsolban.”

Aden – from the generosity of safety

Arrested by security force late Sunday evening, an activist in the southern movement demands the independence of South Yemen from North Khaled Junaidi in the province of Aden. brother said Junaidi network toss the news that the security force tracked his brother Khalid as he was leaving for a wedding party a friend to them in the Directorate of Crater and heading to one of the petrol stations and arrested him after beating him with rifle butts. added: “The security forces arrested the brother to a nearby camp in the district called Camp twenty before introducing it to Guantanamo large in the Directorate of Khormakser” Alsolban. ”

In the same context arrested a security force last Thursday night the leader of the Union of Southern Youth Anwar Ismail while on his way from the Directorate of Tawahi toward Crater where he lives with his family, and took him to the same prison in the Directorate of Khormakser. appealed to the families of the detainees civil society organizations and human rights organizations to immediately intervene for the release of their two sons, who said they had been subjected to torture in detention. and assume Junaidi and Asmai the leadership of the protest movement in Directorate Crater where settle down, and are implementing with some other activists in civil disobedience Directorate on Sunday of each week, the latest of which was on Sunday, where they had been cut streets and roads with stones and damaged tires and stopped traffic on impact.

Aden, Yemen newspaper employee Ahmed Omar Al-Markashi sentenced to death?

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Ahmed Omar Al-Markashi, the security guard of al Ayyam newspaper in jail since 2008, was reportedly sentenced to death. The ruling is counter-productive to reconciliation, unjust and stupid, especially considering hundreds if not thousands of actual murderers recieved amnesty from the US and Jamal ben Omar in 2011. Also al Ayyam (the oldest Yemeni newspaper and the most reputable) should be allowed to reopen.

نظمة الغد للحقوق والحريات العاملة بمدينة عدن ان حكم الإعدام الذي أصدرته محكمة يمنية قبل أيام بحق المعتقل السياسي “احمد عمر العبادي المرقشي” جاء
مخالفا لتوجهات ومخرجات مؤتمر الحوار الوطني في اليمن .
وقالت المنظمة في بيان صادر عنها يوم الأربعاء ان الكشف عن الحكم الصادر بحق المعتقل “المرقشي” جاء مخالفا لكافة التوقعات التي كان يؤمل منها أنها تتوجه صوب معالجة ملف قضايا الجنوب المعقدة والشائكة بخصوص شكاوى الجنوبيين .
وأشارت المنظمة في بيانها إلى ان مؤتمر الحوار الوطني كان قد اشار أكثر من مرة إلى ضرورة معالجة ملف قضية صحيفة “الأيام ” وتعويضها واطلاق سراح حارسها وذلك ضمن التوجهات الهادفة لحل قضية الجنوب .

وبحسب المنظمة فقد جاء حكم الاعدام مخالفا للبند رقم 7 من النقاط الـ 11 التي طرحها فريق القضية الجنوبية بمؤتمر الحوار اليمني قبل اشهر والذي اكد على ضرورة إصدار التوجيهات العاجلة بدفع كافة المستحقات والتعويضات لمؤسسة (الأيام) وتعويضها التعويض العادل لما لحق بها من أضرار مادية ومعنوية لكي تتمكن من الصدور وإطلاق صراح حارسها في صنعاء أحمد عمر العبادي المرقشي.

وشددت المنظمة على ان مثل هذه الاحكام لايمكن لها ان تساهم في تهدئة الاوضاع في الجنوب بل على العكس من ذلك رأت المنظمة أنها ستصيب الجنوبيين بخيبة امل تجاه تحركات الحكومة اليمنية لحل قضاياهم .

وطالبت المنظمة من الحكومة اليمنية والرئيس “عبدربه منصور هادي” سرعة التحرك لاعادة النظر في الحكم القضائي الذي قالت المنظمة انه يفتقر الى الدعم القانوني والشرعي الكافي.

(Yes its still google translate:)

Tomorrow organization of Rights and Freedoms working in Aden that the death sentence issued by a Yemeni court a few days ago against the political prisoner, “Ahmed Omar al-Abadi Almrakeca” was contrary to the directions and outputs the national dialogue conference in Yemen.

The organization said in a statement on Wednesday that the disclosure of the sentencing of the detainee “Almrakeca” was contrary to all expectations, which it was hoped of them heading towards the south, file handling complex issues and complaints regarding the thorny southerners.

FAO noted in its statement to the national dialogue conference had more than once pointed to the need to address the issue of file newspaper “days” and compensated and the release of her bodyguard as part of trends aimed at resolving the issue of the south.

According to the organization came to death contrary to section 7 of the points of the 11 raised by the case of South conference dialogue Yemeni months ago, which stressed the need for issuing directives immediate payment of all dues and Compensation Foundation (days) and compensated fair compensation to the right out of the material and moral damage in order to be able to immediately release the breasts and her bodyguard in Sanaa Ahmed Omar al-Abadi Almrakeca.

The organization stressed that such judgments can not have that contribute to calming the situation in the south, but on the contrary, they saw the organization will hit southern disappointed moves toward the Yemeni government to resolve their cases.

And called for the organization of the Yemeni government and the president, “Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi” moving speed to reconsider the ruling, which the organization said he lacked legal support and legitimate enough.


حكم مفاجئ وسريع يقضي بتنفيذ الاعدام بحق الأسير المرقشي حارس صحيفة “الأيام”

قالت أسرة المعتقل الجنوبي البارز “احمد عمر العبادي المرقشي” أنها فوجئت بنشر صحيفة تابعة لوزارة العدل اليمنية حكما يقضي باعدام والدها وقالت انه صدر من المحكمة العليا في اليمن رغم عدم مثوله أمام المحكمة وعدم ابلاغه باي حكم قضائي صادر بحقه .

وقالت أسرة المعتقل “العبادي” وهو الحارس الشخصي لناشر صحيفة “الأيام” في افادة خاصة لصحيفة “عدن الغد” انه فوجئت بتضمن العدد الأخير من صحيفة “القضائية” وهي صحيفة صادرة عن وزارة العدل اليمنية حكما بالاعدام على “المرقشي” رغم انه لم يمثل أمام هذه المحكمة مطلقا .

وقالت الأسرة ان الصحيفة نشرت في عددها الصادر يوم الـ10 من يناير 2014 قائمة بالاحكام القضائية وبينها الحكم الصادر بحق الأسير “احمد عمر العبادي المرقشي” والذي قالت الصحيفة انه صدر بتاريخ 19 ديسمبر 2013.

وقال “المعتقل احمد عمر العبادي” المرقشي في تصريح خاص لـ”عدن الغد” انه فوجئ بصدور هذا الحكم مؤكدا انه لم يحضر إي جلسة قضائية مستغربا كيف صدر هذا الحكم دون حضوره .

وقال “المرقشي” ان اسرته دأبت على مراجعة المحكمة العليا أكثر من مرة للسؤال عن متى موعد النظر في القضايا إلا ان المسئولي في المحكمة العليا دأبوا على القول بان القضية لاتزال معلقة ولم يتم النظر فيها .

ويتضمن الحكم الصادر عن المحكمة العليا في صنعاء توجيها للنائب العام يقضي بسرعة تنفيذ الحكم .

كما سيشكل صدور الحكم بهذه الصورة على تفجير غضب عارم في الجنوب، خاصة و أن قضية المرقشي، ذات طبيعة سياسية وسيشكل صدمة بالغة القسوة لقطاع واسع من الجنوبيين حيث ان الإعلان عنه يأتي بعيد الانتهاء من مؤتمر الحوار الوطني في اليمن والذي تعهد القائمون عليه بحل قضية المرقشي و بوقف الانتهاكات الممارسة بحق الجنوبيين.

Sudden and fast rule requires the implementation of a prisoner’s death sentence Almrakeca guard newspaper “days ”

The family of a prominent Southern detainee “Omar Ahmed Abbadi Almrakeca” I was surprised that they publish newspaper belonging to the Yemeni Ministry of Justice ruled her father’s death and said it was issued by the Supreme Court in Yemen, despite his not appearing before the court and not reporting any court judgment issued against him .

The family of the detainee, “Abadi” a bodyguard of the publisher of the newspaper “days” at a briefing a private newspaper “Aden tomorrow,” he was surprised by often using the latest issue of the newspaper “judicial”, a newspaper issued by the Ministry of Justice Yemeni sentenced to death “Almrakeca” although he did not appear before the This court never .

The family said that the paper published in the issue dated on the 10th of January 2014 and the list of judicial verdicts, including the sentencing of the prisoner, “Ahmed Omar al-Abadi Almrakeca” which the newspaper said was issued on December 19, 2013 .

“The detainee Omar Ahmed Abbadi” Almrakeca in a statement the “Garden of Eden tomorrow,” he was surprised by the issuance of this rule, stressing that he did not attend any meeting judicial surprising how this ruling was issued without his presence .

He said, “Almrakeca” The family has been on the Supreme Court review more than once to ask for a date when considering the issues but that the responsible attitude of the Supreme Court have consistently argued that the case is still pending were not considered .

The judgment of the Supreme Court in Sana’a directive of the Attorney General provides fast execution of the judgment .

It also would be a verdict in this image on the bombing of the Maelstrom in the south, especially that issue Almrakeca, political in nature and would be a shock extremely harsh for a large segment of the South, where the Declaration of him comes a long completion of the national dialogue conference in Yemen, who has vowed those responsible for it to resolve the issue Almrakeca and to stop the practice violations against the southerners.

Update: Protests in the south for the political prisoner may escalate to violence depending on the self control of the security forces or an intention to escalate unrest. Its an issue that inflames public opinion and undermines any sense of credibility in the transitional government’s good will.

Al Beidh urges postponing Southern Yemen Conference, Feierstein says al Beidh paid by Iran (true)

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Al Beidh never did anything good for southerners since 2007. As teen age boys died on the streets holding his photo and were jailed by the hundreds by the Saleh War Mafia, he did nothing, not even one English statement or raising a case with the UN or documenting the crimes of a decade. Now al Beidh-for his own reasons- is impeding long overdue efforts to organize a southern conference, establish representatives and develop a consensus that enables southerners to work together to secure rights, aid and progress. (Even consistent electricity would be a great step in Aden, but its very important to get a fair share of the donor funds distributed directly to the families literally starving in the south as elsewhere.)

Below is an interview with US Amb Feierstein about Iran funneling money to Al Beidh in Lebanon, and thats true–the money flows both directly and indirectly. Also the al Faroush have made significant gains in infiltrating Hirak.

Ahmed Al Hobaishi is printing al Beidh’s photos, so broadly the GPC is cloning Hirak, but specifically it leads to the question of the linkage between the Saleh forces and Iran in the south as well as Saada.

We know that Saleh long has had good relations with Iranian intelligence, the al Quds force, so maybe the issue boils down again to Saleh, in this case bringing in the Iranian meddlers to aid in his counter-revolution by bolstering al Beidh and elements of the Houthis. Certainly Iran like AQAP would prefer Saleh back in his seat. The only question is why does the US appear to agree.

The youth and residents of South Yemen might do well to start practicing the democracy and self determination they demand from the UN instead of relying on the self interested al Beidh. Al Beidh has not confronted the southern public with the reality that the UN totally and clearly abandoned the southern cause ( including UN SC res 924 and 931) in the latest UN SC resolutions 2014 and 2051. I received the following al Beidh statement from the same source that has been sending me al Beidh’s statements for years, so its authentic. Googlish below:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الاخ المناضل حسن احمد باعوم رئيس المجلس الاعلى للحراك السلمي لتحرير
واستقلال الجنوب المحترم
الاخوة المناضلين من نواب الرئيس المحترمين
الاخ الأمين العام للمجلس المحترمين والأخ مستشار رئيس المجلس الأعلى
الاخوة المناضلين رؤساء المحافظات ونوابهم المحترمون
تحية نضالية وبعد (Read on …)

DP World sells off Yemen contract

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NYR | DP World sold Thursday its 50 percent stakes at the Port of Aden just four years after taking over operational responsibility.

The Dubai-based terminal operator has received around $27 million for its share in the Aden Container Terminal (ACT) from its joint venture partner Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation, according to the JOC. (Read on …)

Southerners rally to ask Security Council for self determination

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Thats just sad because the Security Council reaffirmed unity and did not affirm resolutions 924 and 931 in res 1520, but demanding a north/south negotiation within the National Dialog is a little more reasonable:

Aden Gulf: 9/18,

of supporters of the Southern Movement evening in Martyrs Square the Mansoura Aden to participate in Falahlmtalibh Security Council the right to self-determination.
The effectiveness within the Revolutionary escalation program of the Southern Movement, in conjunction with the Security Council debate on the report of سيرفعه UN envoy Jamal bin Omar, confirmed the effectiveness of the southern movement’s rejection of dialogue Sana’a which is currently being arranged.
And raise during the event, which was attended by rights activists and legal slogans address the content of the international community, regional, and send a message to the United Nations that “refusal to diialogue only if between two states.”

Baoum and al Beidh
described by one as typical pro-Saleh BS published to instigate trouble but Baoum criticizing al Beidh return and the danger of turning the south into an Iranian client state is not far off from what could be reality. Hard to say.

Yemen cancels DPW’s contract for Aden Port

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A good overview of the economic and political significance:

Yemen’s small step toward independence 11/09/2012
Daily Star via Yemen Online

In late August, Yemen’s National Unity Government took a step toward greater independence and a stronger north-south unity by cancelling a contract to Dubai Port Worlds (DPW), signed by the government of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the country’s erstwhile and longtime ruler. (Read on …)

Bogus trial of Aden newspaper al Ayyam and the late Hisham Bashraheel (and sons) continues

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Update: At today’s session, the court dismissed the charges against the late Mr. Bashraheel but the charges remain against the other defendants. Per AdenOnline, the witnesses’ testimony didn’t match written statements because of death threats and other coercive tactics at the time.

Original: How can this still be going on in the “new Yemen?” To sum it up, the nationally respected al Ayyam – before it was physically attacked and arbitrarily suspended by the Saleh regime – was one of the oldest and largest independent newspapers in Yemen. Based in Aden, al Ayyam reported on both the Saada War and the Southern Movement, along with other news worthy events, provoking the fury of the Saleh regime. (Wikileaks mentions the US State Dept considered al Ayyam as the only factual news source on Saada.) The news article that is thought to have provoked the violent siege was about a demonstration by the Unemployed Youth Organization protesting favoritism in employment, whereas the attackers story was they owned the land that al Ayyam had been operating from for thirty years.

In 2008, regime affiliated gunmen launched a two day siege of the compound with RPGs and gunfire, with women, children and journalists inside. One of the al Ayyam guards was sentenced to death after returning fire and killing a soldier. And apparently the now deceased Hisham Bashraheel is also still on trial as well as his sons who worked at al Ayyam. Four years of judicial harassment isn’t enough?

And the US embassy, which has its hand in every other issue in Yemen, is leaving al Ayyam twisting in the wind. The director of Aden security Col Kiran mentioned below is also implicated in several wholesale massacres of protesters in Aden. After urging from the US embassy, Kiran was transferred to Taiz where the slaughter continued. Kiran was also indicted in the murder of a prisoner Ahmed Darwish tortured to death in Aden jail. But as per normal, the journalist are on trial in Yemen.

To follow is my 2008 post. The state warned other papers from covering the assault on al Ayyam but they did it anyway. Then comes the current update about the ongoing trial, then the embassy cable written after then Ambassador Seche visited the family which notes multiple RPG scarring on the house.

Round-up: The state news agency, Saba News:

Prosecutor warns media of report on al-Ayyam issue [15 February 2008]

SANA’A, Feb. 15 (Saba)- The Public Prosecutor’s Office has warned mass media of covering the issue of Yemen’s leading independent newspaper al-Ayyam, the state-run 26sep. has said.

The office asked the media not to conduct any reports that may affect the judiciary operations in the country, pointing the issue has been before the prosecution to be trialed according to the law.

Late Tuesday tribesmen attacked the paper’s editor-in-chief whose escorts returned fire in the incident, killing one of the attackers and wounding another.

After the shootout the editor instructed to close off the paper and seek asylum abroad.

The CPJ protest: plain clothes “gunmen” attacked Bahsraheel’s home/al Ayyam’s office then uniformed security forces brought the RPGs:

Yemeni security forces lay siege to editor’s home
New York, February 12, 2008—The Committee to Protect Journalists is deeply concerned that Yemeni security forces have laid siege to the home of a newspaper editor following an attack by gunmen on his home and newspaper’s offices in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a. (Read on …)

Dubai Ports Int’l threatens lawsuit after corrupt contract terminated

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Not to mention the grievances of the workers at Port Aden, the mismanagement of Aden port by DPI is thought to be a deliberate corporate strategy, because Aden is the direct competition to Jebel Ali Port in Dubai, also managed by DPI. Kuwait actually had a better bid and many including myself warned against awarding the contract to DPI in 2005.

Yemen Times: : ADEN, Sept. 5 — An official source at the Ministry of Transportation said the Dubai Ports International Company (DPIC) is planning to file a lawsuit against the Yemeni government because of the termination of their contract last month. The source said Yemen’s government could compensate the company an estimated $30 million if DPIC wins.

The source said the company’s evidence and claims are unsubstantiated, considering the company did not keep pledges with regard to operating Aden Port, in addition to its neglect toward the port. The company was not alert to heed Yemeni government cautions, the source said, adding that Aden’s port used to receive 160,000 ships annually under DPIC’s operation of the port; however, the port received 800,000 ships in 2007, prior to the start of the government’s contract with DPIC.

The source said the termination came after a team from the Ministry of Transportation travelled to Dubai in August to inform the company about upcoming procedures, but they didn’t respond. So, the agreement was terminated.

Abdullah Al-Khawlani, director of the Arab and International Economic Department, said in an interview with Al-Thawra newspaper that Yemen should avoid getting involved in international trials with DPIC because trials usually take a long time. He said the cost of the trial could cause more losses than gains for Yemen.

Al-Khawlani said Yemen has to solve the problem amicably, particularly because it could cause a political crisis with the United Arab Emirates, the support of which Yemen needs.

Al-Khawlani said DPIC’s argument could be stronger if they used the pretext of a lack of stability because of the political turmoil in Yemen at the time when they started to work in Aden.

He said DPIC has professional lawyers in maritime disputes, while Yemen doesn’t, giving the company an advantage should the issue require court involvement.

Me, 2005:

Selling the Port: In a stunningly blatant act of economic malfeasance, the Yemeni government recently entered into a 30 year contract for the port of Aden with its largest competitor, Dubai Ports International (DPI). World Bank documents state that Dubai is in direct competition for container transshipment business with Aden. The port of Aden is located along international shipping routes, giving it a strong advantage over ports in Dubai which are 1600 miles away.

The majority owners of DPI also are the managers of the Jabal Ali free zone in Dubai. DPI will pay 83.5 million US dollars as a rent over 30 years for the Aden free zone, an area of 32 million square meters, effectively paying less than one penny per square meter in monthly rent. A Kuwaiti firm’s substantially higher tender was rejected in favor of DPI. (Read on …)

SM leader: Saleh takes profits directly from YMC, moderate SM rejects al Beidh’s Iranian nexus, wants to participate in reconstruction

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Update: As expected howls of dissent from southerners: the new leader is someone else, I hesitate to even write the name as bad things happen sometimes to emerging leaders, Nakhbi now is an Islah operative they say and there are no, repeat no, connections to Iran. But al Beidh has been talking about Iran for a long time, when he even bothers to talk at all, and I think its quite possible. For a run down on Aden TV and all Yemen private broadcasting, see this listing of who owns what at the Yemen Times.

Original: Bingo! I also do not agree with what is happening between al Beidh and Iran. The violence during the election boycott was an entirely new phenomenon which broke with the years long non-violence of the southern movement. As al Nakhbi says, it was likely due to Iranian influence through the al Beidh wing of the SM. Keep in mind Yemen Fox is affiliated with Ali Mohsen, who has his own motives for undermining the SM. But if this is an authentic interview, then that’s what it is.

While there’s noticeably a lot fewer al Beidh photos during the southern protests, its unclear the extent to which awareness of the alliance between al Beidh and Iran has filtered down to the street, although he himself has been threatening the west with Iran for years. General Nuba issued a warning to world about the danger of Iran’s growing influence in the south a few months ago. Many external former leaders are in favor of federalism as expressed at the Cairo conference. I think there’s a few more factions than the two broad ones described.

Al Nakhbi also remarks that the several corporation including the mega Yemeni Economic Military Corp remits its profits directly to Saleh. He notes elite support of al Qaeda and the symbiotic relationship between the including the recent massacre in Abyan. He concludes that Saleh must be excluded from politics. (Actually it necessary to fully depose the Saleh regime in order to integrate the Houthis as well as the southerners.) Its an interesting interview, worth a read:

Yemen Fox: Brigadier General Abdullah al-Nakhbi- Secretary-General of Southern Movement (SM) – said that many politicians believe that who stand behind recent terrorist attacks are remnants of the former regime and that Ali Abdullah Saleh has turned from president of republic to president of terrorism. Priorities of Yemenis whether in National Reconciliation Government or Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) in coordination with Gulf States and Europeans are to dismiss Ali Abdullah Saleh from practicing political action.

Nakhbi added in an interview with “Yemen Fox” that al-Qaeda is supported by Ali Abdullah Saleh, his aides and remnants of his regime, pointing out that supervisors of GCC Initiative should put pressure to implement the second term of the Initiative which is to restructure the army and Republican Guards within Ministry of Defense and Central Security within Ministry of Interior.

Interviewed with Hashem al-Toromah

Yemen Fox: How do you see Yemen after presidential elections?
Nakhbi: after presidential elections, we as Yemenis stand at change door. The new President Abdu Rabo Mansur Hadi should have a courage to start change process. Change process should first prevent Ali Abdullah Saleh from practicing politics because recent events took place after swearing oath starting from Mukalla continuing to Bayda and now in Abyan Province. Many politicians believe that who stand behind that are remnants of the former regime and that Ali Abdullah Saleh has turned from president of republic to president of terrorism. (Read on …)

Potshots at US trainers in Aden, bombing at Saada rally, protests in Sanaa, Yemen

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Reuters: – A gunman opened fire on a U.S. security team as it trained Yemeni soldiers in the south of the country, the Pentagon and a security official said on Friday, both denying reports from an Islamist group that a CIA officer was killed in the assault.

In the north of the country, a bomb blast hit an anti-U.S. protest, injuring at least 22 people, a rebel group that controls much of the region said. (Read on …)

Systematic fraud in voter registration in uncontested Yemeni presidential election?

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This video purports to show SCER workers in Aden have issued several voter cards to the same individual voters as well as certified checks as payment for voting for Hadi. This kind of fraud was quite common in 2006 when registered male voters exceeded Yemeni men. Then the regime also redeployed army units to opposition strong holds as there are several definitions of domicile in the law.

(Update: I posted the video to the SCERs FB page and asked if it was true, and they deleted it, so I guess it is true. They didn’t deny it, explain it as a rogue worker, say they would investigate or call me a zionist, they just deleted it. Update 2: Some Yemenis are saying these are old voter cards from the 2006 election as southerners claim people have been trucked in to vote. )

While its absurd to buy votes in an uncontested election, the registration fraud in Aden is likely meant to undermine the southern boycott of the poll. Its unclear to me from the vid if these are new double registrations or if these are these duplicates from the last “free and fair” election. But they are current checks. With all the new donor cash floating around, there could be quite a high turn out in Aden on paper. With all the prior strong-arming of those who objected to the plan and the election, I doubt the US would discourage buying votes as long as the result looks good in the western media in time for the US presidential election.

The point of the bizarre 48 million dollar single-candidate election is to give constitutional legitimacy to Hadi by a public mandate, but the public overtly and continuously rejected the GCC blueprint which supersedes the constitution and all Yemeni law anyway.

I don’t think it has really sunk in yet to the pubic that GCC document is the law of the land for the next two years and cannot be challenged within Yemen. In the event of a failure of consensus, Hadi makes the final decisions. The plan creates a new dictatorship that is required to accept international supervision. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t widely published or discussed. It’s an international trusteeship, which might not be bad with the right administrators, but the UN and US embassy are trying to sneak it by the citizenry while calling it democracy.

Under the GCC plan, Southerners are invited to the upcoming national conference to discuss how to best accomplish a stable unified Yemen. A future referendum on unity is not an option. (But if the military restructuring is done prior to the enfranchisement of southern citizens, it will inflame passions and harden positions.) The causes of the Saada war will be explored. The new constitution will be written in three months (although the 1990 constitution before the later amendments isn’t so bad, it was just never enforced or interpreted and needs a bill of rights.) There will be some kind of justice for the protesters harmed in 2011. Those injured or killed before are unacknowledged and there’s no proposed remedy for them. Saleh and his regime got immunity and maybe the past war crimes and theft will all fade into smoke.Or else the US is creating another red line, another false reality and another source of tension to bubble on the streets until it explodes.

The framers of the GCC transitional document didn’t study the 2006 JMP National Reform Plan that was published after a year of rigorous discussions, compromise and work. The document reached agreement among the divergent parties on many vital issues including the south and Saada. It created structures for implementation. There were other important reform blueprints including the tribally based National Dialog Committee’s in 2009. The GCC document, now the highest law in Yemen, seems a hastily written, simplistic, non-Yemeni product designed to re-install the regime while convincing the protesters into returning home with a vague assurance of progress.

The US is seeking to replace the regime’s figurehead (temporarily) but not the regime. Saleh is welcome to return as head of the GPC, Feierstein says. Its so disturbing the mass murderer gets to return to the blood stained streets with total immunity and no one has any recourse.

The US ambassador has repeatedly trashed the Yemeni air force pilots (among many other groups) seeking the ouster of Mohammed Saleh al Ahmar, instead of taking this opportunity to push for his resignation. The Air Force is among the biggest financial black holes in the line item military budget. Yemen owes Russia six billion dollars, primarily for Air Force expenditures like MIGs, upgrading and repairing the MIGs and MIG parts, although most of the MIGs are off line. Where all the money actually went is an interesting question indeed. Russian will have a place in the internal political reconciliation process.

Brennan re-creating the Saleh dictatorship as a tactic in the battle against al Qaeda makes as much sense as Holder approving weapons shipments to Mexican drug cartels as a tactic in the battle against arms smuggling, and likely will be just as effective. However Saleh finally and officially dethroned, after 33 years and despite all the earlier US obstructionism, is quite an accomplishment for Yemenis.

(Read on …)

US cannot increase drone use in Yemen without providing shelter for civilians

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Yemenis are fleeing (not joining) al Qaeda where ever they appear. However the vast majority of civilians lack the funds to rent an apartment or to buy food once they leave their farms and possessions behind to be looted by AQAP. But if they stay, they are subject to both al Qaeda dictatorship and US drones. The US may label those who don’t flee as collateral damage or as providing material support (as the Bedouins were in the Dec 2009 US strike in Abyan that killed 43 women and children when General Patraeus implied they were acceptable deaths because they selling vegetable to AQAP, despite the fact the villagers had appealed twice to local authorities to expel the group.)

Certainly AQAP bears the responsibility for sheltering in populated areas in the first place but people in the al Qaeda occupied territories of Yemen want to know where the refugee camps are. Seriously, where are they supposed to go? And it is a US problem when an al Qaeda presence means the potential of US drone strikes. The 120,000 who fled Zinjibar last May are still in the schools of Aden. I know Yemenis’ rights are very low on Obama’s priority list, but there must be a part of the plan to increase US drone use that will deal with the public panic and mass displacement that will occur as US drones follow AQ from province to province threatening people’s lives and homes. Over 15,000 fled Raada within days of Tariq al Dhahab’s (and al Wahishi’s) appearance. They were escaping both the al Qaeda fanaticism and the threat of US drones.

While the Obama administration may try to maintain the myth in the US that they know exactly who they are hitting, and its always a precise targeting, the non-lethal impact on civilians must be considered as well. The US is playing right into al Qaedas hands with nearly every policy from the re-imposition of a dictatorship through the GCC deal to Saleh’s visit to increased drones. The US is focused on vulnerable land when it should be focused on vulnerable people.

Basically, the US is going to bomb Yemen in order to pull off an uncontested election that nobody wants (except the US, the GPC and Islah elites) in the interest of “stability.” If the expired parliament gave Saleh immunity, it can appoint Hadi. The bogus show election isn’t worth more Yemeni lives or the displacement of tens of thousands, and it certainly wont confer legitimacy when there’s only one candidate that was selected by the US. The most politically disenfranchised are going to boycott anyway: civil minded protesters, southerners and Houthis.

The National: Yemen will increasingly rely on US drone strikes to target Islamist militants threatening to disrupt a transfer of power this month, Yemeni government officials said.

The president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, is meant to hand over power to his vice president, Abdurabu Mansur Hadi, on February 22.

The run up to the transfer is being overshadowed by growing protests, including within the military, which have grounded Yemen’s air force across much of the country.

Two aides in Mr Hadi’s office said they expected a rise in drone attacks against Al Qaeda militants.

The strikes will be intensified only if necessary, to ensure that militant groups do not expand in vulnerable areas, said one of the aides. Both asked to remain anonymous. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda blocks food to starving Yemeni children

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Well over 100,000 residents of Zinzibar fled their homes (which were then thoroughly looted by al Qaeda which transported the bounty back to Marib) when al Qaeda occupied the city and others. The areas are still under occupation and only by surrendering their civil and political rights are residents allowed to return. The families are still living in about 60 schools in Aden, causing the city’s children to miss a year of school. The US-allied Yemeni regime is thought to have green lighted the al Qaeda expansion into Abyan, Shabwa and recently al Baydah order to create chaos and delay the political transition.

Yemen Post Yemeni children direly suffer due to the current political conditions and insecurity, particularly in South Yemen, said Rima Salah, Deputy Executive Director of he UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF). (Read on …)

Yemen’s Gen Quiran re Taiz violence

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Qiran is also indicted in the murder of Ahmed Darwish in an Aden prison.



TAIZ, Yemen — Armed tribesmen had finally retreated from a pocket of this city, handing back to the state an education building they had occupied in recent weeks. The governor, elated, called it a breakthrough.

Dozens of people had been killed during weeks of violence. Cease-fires had come and gone. Now, the building handover again raised the possibility of a truce. For eight hours, the streets were quiet.

Then the tribesmen retook the building.

“I think we will succeed. Or not,” the governor, Hamoud al-Sofi, said Thursday, sounding exasperated. “We will see.”

Yemen has been caught in a cycle of protest, repression and factional fighting that simply will not let go, even though, as in Taiz, there are many moments that appear to signal a breakthrough, as when the president agreed to step down. The interim government that took power in Yemen last week amid guarded optimism faces an array of daunting challenges. (Read on …)

Yemen gov’t aided Gimto detainee al Nashiri before the USS Cole attack, sheltered him after

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2014 update: this is the correct link for the 2011 CRS report

And other oddities:

The latest news on Gitmo detainee Abd al Rahim al Nashiri, in US custody since 2002, is that the Military Commission can not confirmthat he will be released if found not guilty. Its not in the Military Commission’s jurisdiction to make those kind of pledges. Considering Nashiri was water boarded, its questionable if any of his statements will be allowed at trial, but prosecutors are confident that there is enough other evidence for a conviction.

Al Nashiri is charged with aiding the al Qaeda attack on the USS Cole in Aden port in 2000. The bombing killed 17 US service members and severely wounded dozens more. Al Nashiri selected the targets, the timing and coordinated the operatives. However, unexplored for a decade is the level of complicity by top Yemeni government officials and the failure of US intelligence to get a warning to the ship.

Prior to the attack on the USS Cole, Yemen’s then Interior Minister Hussain Arab issued al Nashiri a travel pass that enabled him to pass Yemen’s many internal checkpoints without search or question in the months preceding the terror attack. Al Nashiri also had a weapons permit issued by the Interior Ministry. These official documents were presented in Yemeni court during the 2005 trials of other conspirators.

In an interesting coincidence, Yemeni President Saleh ordered several top officials, including Interior Minister Arab, to travel from the capital Sana’a to Aden the night before the USS Cole was bombed there.

Saleh denied that Yemen was notified of the impending arrival of the warship. According to Centcom commander, General Zinni, in Congressional testimony, US naval officials followed the standard procedures for refueling including a two week advance notification to the host port.

It was also around two weeks prior to the attack that the military data mining group Able Danger and separately DOD analyst Kie Fallis picked up intel streams about an impending attack. Both made several attempts to obtain authorization to issue official warnings to no avail.

Kie Fallis quit the day of the Cole bombing. Able Danger’s Anthony Shaffer’s information never made it into the 9/11 report, although he tried. DOD later revoked Shaffer’s health insurance and forced him out over a “stolen” pen that he reported taking as a souvenir as a teen.

The NSA had the “Yemen hub” (a phone line in Yemen used by al Qaeda operatives for calls to and from bin Laden and others) under heavy surveillance for over a year prior to the Cole bombing, and for about a year after. There was a satellite trained on the house in Sanaa 24/7. Oddly, the NSA never learned of or reported on the USS Cole plot.

The CIA withheld information from the FBI about an al Qaeda summit, a high level meeting in Malaysia in January 2000, at which both the Cole and 9/11 were discussed. (See former federal investigator Ali Soufan’s excellent book, The Black Banners for more.)

Yemeni officials failed to cooperate with Soufan and other FBI agents in Yemen investigating the bombing. Some like the head of Yemen’s Political Security Organization in Aden, Hussain al Ansi, engaged in active misdirection and stonewalling.

Ten terrorists awaiting trial for the Cole attack escaped Yemeni prison in 2002 and after surrendering, their trials resulted in sentences of five to ten years. Most of escaped prison again in 2006. By 2008, all those convicted in the attack had their sentences commuted and were free. Al Nashiri, in US custody, was sentenced to death in Yemen in absencia in 2005.

The Jurist reports the Yemeni government sheltered (and lied for) al Nashiri after the bombing. The Congressional Research Service details the Cole bombers’ releases and notes that, according to the Washington Post, Al Nashiri had spent several months before his capture under “high-level protection” by the Yemeni government.

After the USS Cole attack, Interior Minister Arab was transferred, appointed by Yemeni President Saleh to the Shura Council. Arab resigned and joined the Pro-Revolutionary Military Council in March 2011.

Previous: (2007) The USS Cole Bombing in Yemen: What We Know Today

Related: Defense argues US was not at war in 2000, thus the Military Commission does not have jurisdiction.

Heavy Shelling in Aden

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It also could be state retribution for the massive pro-independence demonstration in Aden on Oct 14. 9/20 Update: or the whole thing is regime propaganda…

Yemen Post: Thursday evening, residents in Aden reported heavy shelling in the Crater area, saying that the explosions were so numerous and violent that they had to take cover into basements and nearby buildings….In other parts of the city gun-battles are raging between men in civilian clothes and regular Adeni residents.

With so much confusion and contradictory statements, it is really difficult to establish a clear picture. Some anti-regime protesters are claiming that the government is attacking the Revolution, while others are claiming that al-Qaeda elements are trying to take control over Aden as the town is strategically of great importance.


AM Australia: Fears al Qaeda is behind attacks on Port of Aden, Saturday, October 22, 2011 08:03:00

(Read on …)

Yemen’s Southern Independence Movement protests 10/14

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The southern movement held protests across the south yesterday, 10/14/11, the 48th anniversary of the birth of the anti-colonial independence movement in 1963 that led to the expulsion of the UK and the formation of the PDRY in 1967 . Large pro-independence protests were seen in Aden, Hadramout, Lahj and Shabwa in contrast to the previously low, if not non-existent, turn out by southerners for the 2011 Yemeni Youth Revolution protests. Protesters were asked to go to Aden or Radfan if possible. These numbers as shown in the photos are at about the levels that southerners protested from 2007-2010. The Southern Movement seeks an independent state and claims that the south was occupied by Northern Yemen following the 194 civil war, contravening UN SC resolutions 928 and 931.

SM leaders and members within Yemen reject efforts by expats like al Attas and ANM to find a consensus for a federal system, including results of the Cairo conferences. Last month, General Nassar al Nuba invited UN envoy Jamal bin Omar to the south to discuss the SM position and opportunities for resolution. Beyond a handful of individual efforts by YRR activists, no international or official YYR efforts have been made to engage the Southern Movement. Several southern leaders were appointed without discussion to the National Revolutionary Council and all immediately resigned. The photo below was taken yesterday in al Mansoura, Aden:


The following in Radfan, Lahj:



Photos Hadramout here and also here.

Suicide bomber detonates at PSO gate in Aden, Yemen, Updated

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Photo from scene; you don’t want to see the close-ups:


Its just doesn’t add up as actual AQAP somehow. Maybe a splinter faction from the amorphous group in Abyan, but its too early to tell. Maybe another one of those last seen arrested in Abyan or one of the 16 AQ prison escapees sheltering in one of the presidential palaces. The 26 Sep says two policemen were injured in the suicide bombing. In addition, a car bomb was planted in an officials car and exploded, killing him, as he left the air base in Lahj; it seems obvious it was planted while he was at the base:

TASS: On Tuesday, an explosion in Yemen killed a high-ranking military commander: Amin al Shami’s car exploded after he left a military aircraft base in the province of Lahej. Two people, who accompanied him, survived. The explosion was set by the same terrorist group which set an explosion at a police station on Saturday, and attempted on the life of Yemen’s defense minister in Aden last month. (ed- the driver of the Def Min’s car said there was slumped body in the car which exploded as they drove by and the bomber was last seen when arrested in Abyan.)

AFP: ADEN — A colonel in the Yemeni air force and a police officer were killed in separate attacks in south Yemen on Tuesday, military and police officials said.
(Read on …)

Suicide bomber last seen in Aden jail, placed dead in car?

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Heavens to Betsy! Not a false flag suicide attack organized by the Sanaa regime and blamed on al Qaeda… I find it interesting how nearly all westerners will reject the notion and the implications entirely, finding it improbable because it is so repulsive. However, the Sanaa regime is certainly in close enough contact to AQAP through an intermediary, and cold blooded enough to order up a suicide bomber. In fact, Saleh bragged repeatedly after the 2006 escape that he was in touch by phone with all the escapees. Or the intelligence services could do some plot themselves and blame al Qaeda, as many assert has happened previously.

The story at Aden Online comes from Major General Major Ahmed Mansour Alsoumma and is that the suicide bomber in the assassination attempt against General Mohammed Naser Ahmed was arrested in Abyan, jailed in Aden and later placed dead in the car which exploded as Defense Minister Mohamed Naser Ahmed drove by. The Def Min hasn’t commented but one of the security guards said the driver (suicide bomber) seemed slumped and sleeping.

Al Qaeda never claimed responsibility. The state announced the the identity of the bomber very quickly as it is prone to, having the fasted DNA lab in the world. Its the second assassination attempt on the Def Min. Aden Online asserts that there are dozens of young men arrested in jail that are held to become suicide bombers.

Update: Xinua 10/8/11:

Yemen Identifies Suicide Bomber in Attack on DM Convoy
2011-10-09 05:53:30 Xinhua Web Editor: Guo
Yemen’s interior ministry managed on Saturday to identify an al-Qaida suicide bomber, who detonated his explosives-packed vehicle on the passing convoy of Yemeni Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, who survived the attack late September in the southern port city of Aden.

The country’s interior ministry quoted a senior security official in Aden province as saying that the 17-year-old buy, who was killed in the blast, identified as the Yemeni national Abdul Rahman Abdu Aziz al-Doarde, an Aden’s native and a member of al- Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

The investigations revealed that al-Doarde has stayed for two years in Abyan province, some 480 km south of the capital Sanaa and one of AQAP’s key strongholds, where the army forces have been battling the terrorists for more than three months, the ministry said, adding that five suspected al-Qaida members involved in the assassination bid against the defense minister were arrested also in Aden.

There have been several reports like this including one suicide bomber, I think it was in Sayoun 2008, who was arrested as a southern activist. He was a student of medicine and a member of the Southern Movement, and the next time he was located weeks later when the state ID’d him as a suicide bomber. The Yemen Times reported earlier the assassination:

The General Mohamed Naser Ahmed, Yemen’s minister of defense in the care-taker government has escaped an assassination attempt targeted his convoy in Aden on Tuesday by a suicide bomb attack in which the government immediately blamed Al-Qaeda for the attack.

This is the second time in which the defense minister targeted in less than a month. In late August Ahmed’s vehicle was struck by RPG shells while he was on visit with other generals to some military units in Abyan south Yemen where Al-Qaeda took over its capital Zunjbar late May.

The original in Arabic: (Read on …)

Violence flares in Yemen: Sanaa, Taiz, Aden, Abyan

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Telegraph: Artillery and automatic weapons fire broke out near the home of a prominent anti-Saleh tribal leader in the Hasaba district, the site of weeks of fighting that began in May and edged the impoverished Arab state closer to civil war.

Diplomatic sources said mediators from neighbouring powerhouse Saudi Arabia intervened to help end the street fighting, which was the fiercest in recent weeks. (Read on …)

Second car bombing this week in Aden Yemen, a frequent AQAP tactic

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Wednesday a British worker was killed when his car exploded in a terror attack and today, Sunday, a car bomb rammed a military convoy, killing 8. There were many messages of outrage and condolences posted by Yemenis regarding the murder of the British national. Car bombings are a hallmark of the so called AQAP: the tactic was used in the attacks on two oil facilities in September 2006, on tourists in Marib were killed in July 2007, in the bombing at the Sayoun police station in July 2008. The September US embassy attack also included car bombs, as did the suicide attack on a Zaidi religious procession organized by the Houthis in November 2010 which killed 17. That’s off the top of my head. (Yemen released those murderers responsible for training the driver who carried out the 2007 car bombing which killed two Spanish tourists in Marib after two years in jail, if they even served that much time.)

On Wednesday, a car bomb killed David Tom, David Mockett who worked as a marine surveyer through his office in Al-Mualla St, detonated when he left his office. It was followed by an attack today on a military convoy.

Yemen Post An explosive-laden car was rammed into a military convoy on Sunday morning in Yemen’s business capital Aden killing at least six people including soldiers and the attacker, eyewitnesses were quoted as saying.

Almost twenty others were injured, the website said, quoting medical sources as saying that the death toll is likely to rise.

The suicide attack took place near an air force camp in Al-Mansoura district while it was heading to Abyan province, where the army has been fighting Islamists for almost two months, it quoted military sources as saying.

Yemen updates July 6, 2011

- Republican Guard shells a public mini-bus in Taiz, driver killed, 13 wounded including three children, attack occurred in front of a hospital, several other parts of the neighborhoods shelled by tanks and artillery: al Masdar Also Taiz, clashes after security tries to impede a mass rally demanding an immediate formation of a transitional council: al Masdar (Read on …)

Youth militias counter Al Qaeda in Yemen; US trained CT forces elsewhere

In yet another demonstration of the total failure of US CT policy in Yemen, the US trained and equipped CT forces are busy countering the peaceful protesters with violence, while untrained government supporters are armed and roughly organized into militias that will fight the terrorists. The state is also highlighting the new training camp that state jihaddists set up under the government’s nose last month, likely the camp at Qauarir Mountain at Moalla, Aden reported here on 6/22.

By Associated Press, Published: July 3
SANAA, Yemen — Yemeni officials say the government has formed special youth militias to prevent militants linked to al-Qaida from gaining a foothold in the strategic southern port city of Aden.

The officials said Sunday there are signs that the presence of al-Qaida linked militants in Aden is growing. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Authorities in Aden spotted a newly created militant training camp, officials say. They have also detected attempts by militants in Aden to store large amounts of weapons and explosives in rented apartments and houses.

Security committees in Aden

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Popular committees are being formed in Aden because the regime’s forces are contributing to the lawlessness and assassinations. Having the military unit physically walk over the mutinous soldiers at Anad military base is a common practice.

And our sources said: that the situation in Aden heading towards the escalation of lawlessness due to intentional youth revolution has begun the start of the revolution through the will of the people’s committees to maintain security in the city of Aden, (Read on …)

Security forces withdraw from Aden checkpoints, precursor to state-induced AQ chaos, Updated

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Lets predict the future, shall we? The 60 al Qaeda “escapees” who were released with government assistance from the Hadramout prison enter Aden, now that the security is gone, and start shooting in the air, terrifying residents. They take over a recently abandoned radio station and announce an Islamic Emirate. Western media reports a third town has fallen to AQAP.

A few soldiers get sent in to be slaughtered and then the military pulls back. Yemeni government officials announce their deaths in battle against “al Qaeda.” The US trained, funded and equipped counter-terror forces are busy attacking the protesters.

The defected military and/or locals attempting to guard their houses engage the state jihaddists, the so called AQAP. The Yemeni military then bombs those who are fighting the al Qaeda uprising that was fully orchestrated by the state.

Western media runs with the Yemeni government report that the dead were AQAP. Maybe Yemen announces Qasim al Reimi was killed for the fifth time. Some residents flee the state’s bombing and violence on the streets, including the 60,000 displaced from Zinjibar, and are left without food or shelter. Others protest against al Qaeda and demand law and order.

The US lobs some drones, misses and kills civilians, but denies they were civilians because they fit the US’s newly designated “pattern of life” criteria that qualifies them for death. There’s yet another narrow miss on Awlaki. Also killed Saleh’s enemies and/or maybe some actual al Qaeda with inside knowledge of the regime’s dirty deals. When Spain calls for a transition of political power, some Spanish aid workers are mysteriously kidnapped and never heard from again.

The DOD praises Yemen’s efforts against AQAP, continuing the US’s re-branding of the duplicitous, double dealing Saleh regime as a “consistently good partner” in the WOT. The lobotomized media reprints the phrase. There’s some mysterious construction on Perim Island. And the State Department continues its intense lobbying efforts for immunity for Saleh and retention of as much of the US trained CT forces as possible while belittling the protesters as not politically savvy. The protesters however see through all the schemes and continue to demand all Saleh’s relatives go and a restructuring of the security forces.

And that’s roughly what happened in Zinjibar and Loder, except in Loder some extremists from Sanaa were recruited to go command the state financed groups of militants in Lahj as well as recruit brainwashed youths who don’t realize they are dying for Saleh.

Update, and so it begins: Suicide car bomb kills three soldiers in Aden. DNA results on the bomber should be along any minute. Update: Wow that was fast even by Yemeni standards: the regime asserts the bomber was an AQAP member from Abyan, on the list of most wanted. “The sources confirmed that a number of leaders of al-Qaeda were present now in the province of Abyan, led by Fahd al Quso, and Nasser Wahishi, and Qasim al-Rimi, and al-Shihri, and wanted Saudis, Libyans, Pakistanis, Somalis, and believes that they are they planning for the operation.”

The National: US drone attacks in Yemen ignore Al Qaeda for local militants

Yaf3: Popular committees are being formed in Aden because the regime’s forces are contributing to the lawlessness and assassinations. Having the unit physically walk over the mutinous soldiers at Anad military base is a common practice of military discipline.

Arhab: Republican Guard shelling kills 17 including a woman, 35 injured, 86 houses and eight wells destroyed, over 1000 homeless.

In Jaar, Abyan Yemeni war planes bomb house of the former Secretary General of the Yemeni Socialist Party. Military fails to make progress against the militants.

Brigade 119, deployed as reinforcements to brigade 22 Mika, withdraws more then 10 km outside Zinjibar.

In Lahj, Southern Movement activists are surrounding army forces on outskirts of city. al Habylean shelled for second consecutive day (6/26)

Hodeidah citizens are holding diesel tankers in Beit al-Faqih and Almaraoeah protesting against the lack of fuel in their province.

The Republican Guard in Al-Samaa renew bombing Nahm, Sanaa with Katyusha rockets

The Chinese news agency is reporting clashes in Aden as spun by government officials.

YOL At least five Al Qaeda militants and one Yemeni soldier were killed in fierce battles between extremists and security forces in south of Yemen Thursday, a military official said.

Heavy clashes broke out at night at the main entrance of port city of Aden, Xinhua reported. Three groups of Al Qaeda militants carried out attacks targeting the main entrance of Aden and led to violent clashes between the two sides.

Heavy machine guns and artilleries were used during the clashes, said the official, who requested anonymity. Local residents said heavy gunshots and rockets could be heard near the Al-Alam entrance.

Al Qaeda militants of its Yemen-based wing have stationed on the eastern outskirts of the country’s Aden city for two days to prepare to forcibly enter the city.

Beaumont Enterprise: Residents of Aden say military forces loyal to embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh recently removed checkpoints at the city’s entrances and withdrew, raising fears that Islamic militants who seized two nearby towns after government forces carried out a similar pullback could attempt a takeover of the strategic port city… (Read on …)

Protests June 24 Yemen: against foreign interference circumventing the goals of the rev

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Ibb “Revolutionary Will”


Taiz “Revolutionary Will”


Other demos including in Sanaa and Dhamar were held against the inane US policy in Yemen that marginalizes, insults and ignores the millions seeking a democratic future. One person was killed and several wounded during the funeral march of Ahmed Darwish, tortured to death in Aden jail a year ago during the tenure of General Qiran The murdered man, Dr. Jeyab, was the son of Ali Alsaadi a leader in the southern movement. One killed in Republican Guard’s bombing of al-Sama mountain near Arhab. The protesters refused to meet with Feltman, due to the US’s constant obstruction of the rev and continuing support for the barbaric regime, and dedicated this week’s protests to condemning the US and Saudi Arabia.

al Masdar: The demonstrators chanted “O my America .. Saud Ali Saleh will not be back.” And other slogans demanding to drop the rest of the regime.

The (Organizational Committee of the popular revolution of youth) drew in a statement received by the source online, and sent greetings “to all young people who refused to attend the meeting (with Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman).” She stressed that the position of the trip came from the revolutionary responsibility and an expression of absolute rejection of the role of the American Revolution against the scandalous what the U.S. ambassador in Sana’a. According to the statement.

She said that the U.S. ambassador in Sanaa, proclaimed himself “the patron of policy dialogues between the parties and the purpose of lengthening life of the system and try to convert the Revolution to a political crisis despite the barbarism of the system, which reached its case to the siege of ambassadors Gulf and European and U.S. Ambassador without finding a position as a deterrent against such conduct reckless, who abused customs and traditions of Yemeni.”

The committee said in its statement that “the lack of response the U.S. administration to the demands of the rebels for a meeting of the Security Council to discuss the violations of human rights and stand against the serious crimes committed by the regime to benefit in addition to not freeze his assets and his relatives all this strengthens our conviction that the U.S. position is not in the interest of the Yemeni people and stands against his will to freedom and dignity.”

The statement renewed confirmation of the commission to “clear its rejection of the initiative Gulf since the first day of the (…) announced that it does not meet the aspirations of the Yemeni people do not achieve the goals of the revolution to drop the system.”

The committee also criticized the regulatory Saudi position, and said “It was clearly evident to all the rebels in the fields and arenas that the Saudi intervention in the course of events has taken a negative attitude towards the revolution in Yemen and is working to prevent the achievement of objectives of the revolution to drop the rest of the staff of government family and about this we should point out that the Saudi position will be has implications for future large are not in anyone’s interest. ”

Update: Sanaa “Revolutionary Will” via twitpic:


The US is on the wrong side of history with a policy that is alienating millions while pampering Saleh and his political tribe. Update: protesters chanting that the US is the enemy of the people:

The demonstrators demanded that Saudi Arabia and the United States to stop playing with the blood of Yemenis at the expense of political interests and carried the United States responsible for the situation catastrophic and tragic for the displaced in Abyan, Lahj and the targeting of civilians by U.S. airline, which violates the sovereignty of the country, allegedly hit the sites of militant groups in Yemen.

And raising the participants in the march, banners refusing to intervene in the U.S. and Saudi support for the Yemeni Shan system in favor of “America the enemy of the peoples of the exciting wars,” “Al Qaeda justified the U.S. occupation of the homeland”

SEYAJ appeals for urgently needed aid for displaced people from Abyan

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The humanitarian crisis is deepening and SEYAJ urges relief convoys to the starving people displaced to Aden and Lahj

An appeal call No(2) to save the people in Abyan

Issued by the Emergency Cell in Seyaj
Yemen- Sana’a- June 22nd -2011

The Emergency Cell in Seyaj organization for childhood protection calls to declare Abyan governorate as a disastrous area by all the standards.

Seyaj directs its second humanitarian appeal to all the Yemeni people to send urgent humanitarian relief convoys to the victims in Abyan of the dirty security political game that displaced , killed and violated the lives, humanity and dignity of at least more than forty thousand families.

Moreover, Seyaj calls the Arabic, Islamic and international associations and humanitarian relief organizations to send urgent humanitarian relief convoys to Abyan victims in Aden and Lahj governorates.

Seyaj also calls the acting president to take concrete actions to save the lives of his people and clan in Abyan.
Seyaj confirms that the areas of war against Al-Qaeda as called are free of country’s institutions that are capable of performing its duty to displaced people in Abyan, Aden and Lahj ,as the first responsibility lies on the Yemeni people in all its political& social activities, humanitarian organizations, religious men , youth , politicians and others of the society components. (Read on …)

Yemen Wed June 8, updates: Proxy War in Abyan

Late update: Saleh: late night in Sanaa and Taiz, over two hours of heavy gunfire so far from pro-Saleh forces shooting in air at news of his return or good health. Simultaneous in Dhamar, Hadramout. In Aden, govt cars seen shooting live rounds (more celebration?) Over 20 wounded in Sanaa arrive at the field hospital. According to friends in Saudi Arabia, theres no report airing about Saleh’s good health and return, and Mareb Press just retracted the report that Saleh wanted to return in 24 hours. However “celebratory” gunfire continuing for hours already. The RG is going to be cranky tomorrow.

Sanaa: Ali Mohsen meets US, EU ambassadors; forces intercept two attacks on Acting President Hadi’s compound. Reports also disbursed protesters demanding a transition council, near Hadis compound, dozens injured. Vid, al Khaiwani arguing with Askar Zoail, Ali Mohsen’s extremist office manager who incited soldiers with sermons on jihad against the Houthis at a mosque in the fifth Saada war. Al Khaiwani was later nearly kidnapped. Later video indicates Zoali’s forces shooting into the air. See below for Mohsen’s role in Abyan fighting.

JMP: did not meet with Hadi, expect to meet within two days; seek Hadi’s formal declaration that Saleh’s reign is over, threaten to unilaterally create transitional council with protesters.

Protesters: demand transitional council immediately in mass demo, “In Sana’a, a spokesman for the youth-led protesters in the change square outside Sana’a University said, after thousands of people marched Street 60th, they had given a 24-hour deadline for the concerned political parties to form a transitional council otherwise the revolutionaries will do that.”

Taiz: still tense, sporadic clashes on the outskirts of town. The Al Qaeda district is the name of the suburb, not a AQAP hideout. Three killed Maweah and Thikra

Ibb : YP: Government forces clashed with armed tribesmen in Qaeda district, Ibb province, 30 miles off Taiz province. According to the tribesmen, the goal of the tribes is to get rid of all government forces attacking the people. “Security forces are now using this lawless time in the country to loot and attack civilians. We will not allow our people to be attacked and will ensure that they are safe from any attacks from pro govt thugs,” said a tribal fighter.

Hodiedah: roads leading in blocked by pro-Saleh thugs.

Saudi Arabia, “Yemen’s neighbor and the biggest GCC country, said after a June 6 Cabinet meeting chaired by King Abdullah that the proposal is still viable, and called on Saleh to accept it. Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest crude exporter, will also send Yemen 3 million barrels of oil to alleviate fuel shortages, Yemen’s state news agency Saba reported yesterday.” ( SFgate)

Saada: Mass protests in favor of the end of the regime and against all plots on the rev.

UNICEF: Yemen facing humanitarian disaster.

State Department briefing; must read

AQAP: a decent analysis at Foreign Affairs of relation between tribes and AQAP and prospect in the post-rev phase.

Zinjibar: reduced to “hell” with fighting among unclear sides: < <"There is a cat-and-mouse game going on in the streets now between the army and armed men. I can't tell who's who among them any more,"... The fighting has reduced Zinjibar, once home to more than 50,000 people, to a ghost town without power or running water.>> Most residents of Zinjibar fled to Aden where many are sheltering in public buildings. The Central Security forces of Yahya are attacking the refugees as they flee.

The armed parties appear to be the national military, local tribesmen, local militants (both Saleh’s and Mohsen’s) and the defected army but I’m checking. Update: Gah!!! Armed members of the southern movement also maintaining security on some roads, and for sure they would be described by the regime as al Qaeda. If this is true, southerners carrying arms and creating their own security checkpoints outside local villages in various governorates, its new. (I deleted the areas where they are deployed or the regime will start bombing them.) It needs to be double checked. But being rebuffed after asking to coordinate security with the international community leaves few options. However as security fails, its likely the Southern Movement will reject new deployments by either Saleh’s forces or Mohsen’s forces. The only possibility is Aliwi who has a better reputation in the south than Hadi (as unlike Hadi he didnt attack civilians in the 1986 civil war, according to local lore.) And Mohsen is Mohsen.

Abyan: Local direct reports indicate military airplanes dropped two bombs today recently. Vid here of warplanes that bombed Abyan City, per local sources.

Another says the attack was on tribesmen who took up arms in the face of military assaults. “Ms. Novak – Greetings – I would like to clarify what is happening today in the province of pilgrimage in southern Yemen as a witness elders – the army is firing different weapons on the housing Almutnyen and Batalli tribes touched by the bombing respond and of these forces and drops dead from both sides.” Still no names on the militants leaders, but likely remnants of the localized jihaddist group AAIA operating under another new name. Upon asking, it seems that most discussions on southern forums regarding Zinjibar are operating on the assumption (as am I) that Khaledabul Nabi* is leading the jihaddists in Abyan but no eye witness confirmation. Ja’ar and Zinjibar are close enough. In 2009, Nabi was fighting on the side of Saleh in the battle of Ja’ar, another jihaddist proxy war.

Update, Southern Yemen: Ali Mohsen’s forces are in Abyan, see YT article Rebel soldiers engage militants, but are described below as “gunmen” so these could be the jihaddists as well. Majority of Mohsen’s soldiers are either graduates of Iman Univ or loyal to Zindani, per local buzz. The defected military issued a statement though that they were going to intervene in Abyan as military, and that may be what is triggering an armed (defensive) response by the southern movement if there is indeed an armed response. When the article below talks about forces loyal to Islah, it sounds like they mean armed militants loyal to Mohsen and Zindani. Maybe this is what Nuba meant by an invasion of Zindanis forces.

So Abyan could be a proxy war between Saleh and Mohsen with both sides using militants and military men and equipment. and the southerners who take defensive positions attacked by both. Now I really have a headache. Saada source comments, “That’s exactly whats happening with al Jawf,” and likely why the Houthis are fighting there, as a defensive measure.

Al Jawf/ Marib: Battles reported and continue over last months between Houthis and “Islahis” in conjunction with Mohsen’s forces, with back up from pro-Saleh forces according to news and local sources. Explains positioning of large amounts of troops there. Both the Mohsen forces and Saleh forces, militants and military, are fighting the Houthis in rotation. These developments bring into question both Mohsen’s alleged reformation and his commitment to the youth rev goals. Maybe he is just out to finally wipe out the Houthis and the Southerners. Clarification: There’s no troops on the al jawf/Saada border. Troops and militias of both Saleh (Republican Guards and militias) and Mohsen’s army and militias are on the border of Aljawf/Mareb and also inside both Aljawf and Mareb. There’s quite a number of troops in Saada but they are non-combative.

Yaf3press: Lapin: genocide and the destruction of cities, “Zanzibar and Jaar .. and forces loyal to the Reform Party (ed-Islah) and Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar involved in control of southern Yemen. (Read on …)

Crater Aden remembering the 2 year anniversary of the closure of Al Ayyam

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Aden youth statement on 4/30 storming of camp in Mansoura, Aden

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Last week, Central Security forces directly attacked the protesters in Aden with armored vehicles, tanks and artillery with such force that the protesters fled. There were several fatalities and injuries as they cleared the square. The protesters later re-grouped. The earliest reports of distributing weapons to regime loyalists came out of Aden a month ago and the tactic is being repeated in other governorates including Hajjah as document leaks reveal. If its a test run, its going to get bloody very soon. Ali Mohsen (and his expanding force) is committed to protecting the protesters in Sanaa, but those in other governorates like Taiz, Ibb, Hodeidah are more vulnerable. Local sources report a build up of state forces on the Mareb/al Jawf border. Very large protests in Saada are under-reported. State forces were being repositioned as Saleh used several weeks of negotiations with the GCC as a hudna to consolidate and prepare for war. Prospects for a deal are dead as Saleh adds new conditions with every meeting with the GCC’s representative.

Today’s protests in Sanaa are dedicated to remembering the Southerners killed this year which is a nice gesture. (The hundreds of southern fatalities prior to 2011 in Lahj, Dahlie, Radfan etc. received little attention from human rights activists in Sanaa at the time. There’s a bit of schism between Aden and the rest of the south for a century.) Secessionists remain committed to an independent state and non-violence. Former politicians outside Yemen are not speaking for the populist Southern Movement, which remains alienated from northern protesters. There hasn’t been much peel off; the protesters in Aden now were not protesting before.

Statement on the events in Mansoura governorate of Aden

Live the city of Mansoura governorate of Aden since the dawn of the day Saturday, 04/30/2011 situation of an undeclared war, where embarked elements of the central security forces opened fire indiscriminately at Martyrs Square in Mansoura, followed by the process of encircling the yard in various armored vehicles and tanks, resulting in storm and to disperse the protestors inside, has also damaged a number of buildings surrounding the arena, and left scores of dead and wounded.

Faced with this tragic situation and the successor of a state of terror among the civilians, the Youth Coordinating Board of the peaceful revolution – Aden declares its condemnation of the use of violence by the Central Security Forces against the protestors peacefully.

Also declares its rejection of various forms of violence, whatever its source or its owner, and demands that the protesters in the various arenas and fields hold the option of peaceful, and miss the opportunity in front of the local authority and security in the governorate and which will spare no effort towards the introduction of everyone in the midst of the chaos, and that arming citizens to engage in work fire on security forces in an intimidating manner to find a pretext to suppress the protesters.

Council warns of the consequences of those actions authoritarian efforts to create a state of chaos and lawlessness in order to distract the attention of people from the basic requirement that fight for him and in favor of departure and his regime.

Council appeals to the various human rights organizations and local and international humanitarian urgent intervention to stop the war launched by the Authority initiated this morning in the Garden of Eden.

Issued by the Youth Council coordinate the peaceful revolution – Aden

April 30, 2011

Other reporting

Yemen Post

The security forces raided the martyr camp in Yemen’s business capital Aden on Saturday and sources confirmed that four people were killed and others injured, as the protests calling for the ouster of the regime continued in many cities. Some homes suffered damages due attacks by the military vehicles.

Hundreds of people were staging a sit-in in solidarity with the popular uprising in the squares of change and freedom in other cities and in solidarity with the families of the protesters killed while calling for the ouster of President Saleh.

The security forces surrounded the camp from all directions and set fire to it, and tanks and armoured vehicles were seen breaking in, local sources said.

The forces pursued the protesters in alleys, while ambulances rushed to the site, the sources said.

Meanwhile, other sources said that unknown armed groups exchanged gunfire with the forces but the protesters affirmed they had nothing to do with the exchange of gunfire.

Also, security sources said that an officer and two soldiers were killed in the clashes, as they justified the action as carried out after armed people attacked guards at the Mansoura police station.

“The authorities were also afraid that the area will be turned into a square for the separatists who are currently taking advantage of insecurity in Aden amid the continuous unrest,” the security sources said.

The youth revolution of February 16 youth peaceful announce at this time for the restoration of the Martyrs Square in the city of Mansoura, after that could youth revolution and a peaceful way out of the army and security forces that stormed the Central on Saturday, 04/30/2011 Martyrs Square, using all types of light and medium weapons and heavy, and was the result of this barbaric act, the fall of the four martyrs and wounded dozens.
The crimes of this regime against humanity did not stop killing people but rather extended to the destruction of rocks and trees and the violation of the sanctity of houses of God, where troops have control of the yard sit looted the contents of the mosque opposite the Martyrs Square and worked to prevent the mosque’s imam and worshipers from entering it, as they burned all camps and the podium scene and destroyed the medical room and a prayer room for women, and tearing down photos of the martyrs and logos of youth revolution.
Showed effects on the front of houses and hotels nearby the large number of missile launchers and the types of bullets of different, and also the effects of storm the hotel and ransacked its contents and all reached their hands dirty, that such acts do not only reflect the face of this system ugly, which holds only a culture of murder, deceit, looting and vandalism and

Clashes in Aden, two dead

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The AP is reporting one killed, seven injured in Aden, but the following report on Mallah and al Mansoura indicates two fatalities. The divisions that are responsible for the violence around the country are the two the US had invested so heavily in for CT ops, the Republican Guard and the Central Security.

Since nine O’clock this morning and the city of Aden is facing a brutal attack against the peaceful protesters by the Central Security and the Republican Guard Forces who belong to Saleh’s regime. At least two protesters killed in Al Mu’alla and Al Mansoura districts, but no accurate information on the total number of victims has been confirmed yet. Appeals for rescue been flown by Aden women and men citizens since this morning. Aden now is crying.

Yemenis as calling people of the world, especially people of the Gulf to urge their governments to stop the bloodshed in Yemen, they at the same time holding international and Gulf governments the responsibility and accountability towards the massacres conducting in Yemen for the reason of been supportive to Saleh illegitimate regime. Is Yemeni blood that cheap? What a shameful deed!

Aden, Yemen: security beats imprisoned activist for names

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The Yemeni security authorities campaigns of mass arrests and torture
And growing persecution of the population of the governorate of Aden and other governorates.

He said a number of activists Thursday that the leader known as Abdullah Al
Ahmed Hassan Aldhalai was severely beaten several times by security officers at a
Prisons in the province of Aden in an attempt to obtain the names of other activists in the province.

وتقوم السلطات الامنية اليمنية بحملات الاعتقالات الجماعية والتعذيب
والاضطهاد المتزايد لسكان محافظة عدن و المحافظات الآخرى.

وقال عددا من النشطاء اليوم الخميس ان القيادي المعروف المهندس عبد الله
أحمد حسن الضالعي تعرض للضرب المبرح عدة مرات من قبل ضباط الأمن في أحد
سجون محافظة عدن في محاولة للحصول على أسماء ناشطين آخرين في المحافظة .

Also protest in Radfan for independence, the regularly scheduled “prisoners day” march

Violence in Mallah, Aden, Yemen 3/19

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Eight persons were injured when security forces shot at the protesters’ tent in the main road of Maalla city.

The shooting came on the protesters at 9:45 AM when republican guard elements along with armored vehicles stormed the camp to evacuate it and eliminate any manifestations of the events held by the protesters in the city.

Aden and all its districts had witnessed from early morning demonstrations including various departments in solidarity with the protesters in the square of the change in Sanaa after the massacre which committed the Saleh regime when 52 people were killed and more then 200 injured.

After the clashes many of angry protesters in Aden marched to the police station but the armored vehicles prevented them from approaching.

SOHR reports on Aden, Feb 2011

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30 dead, 216 injured, 130 in jail, 36 properties damaged

Security chief transferred from Aden attacks protesters in Taiz, scores wounded and other Thursday updates

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Well over 100 protesters were injured in Taiz today, ambushed shot and gassed under the stewardship of the newly transferred Gen Qairan. US Ambassador Feierstein said on Sunday that General Qairan’s removal from Aden would be a sign of good faith from Saleh regime* and chided the Yemeni public for having no faith in Saleh’s recent round of promises. I wonder how long it is going to take for him to come to the inescapable conclusion that Saleh is a compulsive liar and not reformable. The US wanted Qiran out of Aden, so Saleh sent him to attack civilians in Taiz. Is that some kind of sick joke? There’s 140 in the field hospital in Taiz, gassed and shot, including 16 girls who tried to stand their ground. This is video of the school girls talking about getting kicked out of school for joining the protests.

*The exact quote from Feierstein was, “We think that it would be useful to remove some of the senior security officials who have been involved in some of these violent or forced confrontations with demonstrators, particularly in Aden.”

In other news, the new governor in Aden promised not to use bullets in countering protesters: The security forces in Aden will not use live bullets in demonstrations following four protesters were killed in clashes with police, the newly appointed governor of Aden Ahmed al-Qa’tabi said on Wednesday in a news conference. “We have agreed with the security committee not to use live bullets…. after four persons were killed last Saturday in clashes happened in Dar Saad district of Aden”, he added.

Clashes at Marib check point kill three AQ Nasser Arrabyee reports and:

Meanwhile, two Al Qaeda operatives were arrested in a check point in the central province of Taiz where big anti-regime protests started about 40 days ago. The two men were identified by the security officials in a statement, as Khalid Saeed Ba Tarfi, alias Abu Mekdad Al Kanadi, and Ahmed Omar Abdul Jalil, alias, Al Lahji. They were described as dangerous operatives.

Ba Tarfi was known as one of the spokesmen of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular (AQAP) and he is the local Emir of AQAP in the southern province of Abyan. Ba Tarfi succeeded Jamil Al Ambari, who was killed in an air strike on March 14th, 2010, in Mudiyah of Abyan province.

Alternate spelling from al Motamar: “Khalid Saeed Batarfi surnamed Abu Miqdad and called Emir of Abyan, and the second terrorist is Ahmed Omar Abdul Jalil al-Khadhmi with a surname of Amer Obel.” This could be a real capture or something for the benefit of the US, that latter more likely statistically.

In Sanaa, police opened fire and used tear gas against protesters, wounding four. Estimates are 150 people were wounded on Wednesday when security forces tried to break up a demo in Hodeidah.

Saleh released southern prisoner al Ghabari after 16 years in prison in Sanaa.

Now that the foreign journos are gone, heat ratchets up on the locals: “Journalist Fouad Rashid of the YJS Hadramout branch called on the International Federation of Journalists, the Organization of the international press and the Arab Journalists Union to intervene to stop the regime’s orders compelling broke into his house and arrest and terrorize his family, noting that it is in the public square city of Mukalla, which would not leave under any reason.”

Short vid of Saudis unloading military equipment in Aden.

“Saleh does not [need] to dialogue with anyone to start applying the rule of law.” Truly excellent analysis of overall picture from Abdulghani al Iryani, very well worth a full read: “This current regime chose to host every violent extremist that came down the road from the period since the early 1980s onwards. And so we are paying the price. Al-Iman University, a major ideological centre for violent extremists, is being supported by the regime. And it just started new branches in Omran and Hadramout with government support.”

Good write up of Zindani’s double game includes Zindani’s early history and current deals with Saleh.

Captured Brit in Libya says he is member of LIFG, “Speaking through an interpreter, Mr Aboaoba said he moved from Yemen to Britain in 2005 and travelled to Libya late last year.”
Gaddaffi using for propaganda purposes.

World Threats: Mohammad al-Zawahiri, the brother of al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was released Thursday from Egyptian prison after more than ten years of incarceration. Extradited from the Yemen in 1999, he had been held on charges of conspiring against the government in relation to the assassination of former Egypt’s former President Anwar Sadat.

In Dhalie, al Masdar reports the usual Thursday marches for the prisoners and an independent state. Although the former presidents and southern officials abroad announced a joining to the protest movement, from what I have seen and learned, there are very few in the south of Yemen whose position (the demand for an independent state) has changed since the outbreak of protests in Sanaa and Taiz. Its a major issue in that northerners are widely unaware on the depth of the southerners sentiment, their sense of separate identity, and determination to continue their struggle. Northerners who discuss it, often do it with derision.

Thousands of supporters of the movement in the southern regions of Dali and Lahj and Shabwa southern Yemen on Thursday and called on the detainee, which falls on Thursday of each week.

The demonstrators chanted slogans calling for disengagement and re-southern part independent state on what it was before 1990. Photos and raise thousands of former Yemeni Vice President Ali Salem al-Beidh, and photographs of detainees at the disposal of the southern movement and the flag of the south earlier.

The leaders of the southern movement announced its accession to the protests in Yemen to demand the toppling of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, but other militant leaders refused, saying that her case is the issue of “occupation” of the South.

vid Crater Aden, for the freedom of Baoum and a separate state:

Aden security chief General Qaeran transferred to Taiz and other musical chiars, Update: US suggested removal

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This is a bad guy for Adenis, extremely corrupt and brutal, and I’m happy to see him go, but moving him to Taiz isn’t really an improvement. New heads: Aden, Brgdr Ghazi Ahmad Ali mohsn; Taiz, Abdullah Kairan and Dhalie, Lt.col.Ali Alamri From what I can gather these are all bad guys just shifted around: General Al Omarai who is moving to Dahlie was the deputy head in Taiz where he is “famous for immoral behavior”, I’m quoting. And the head in al Dhalie is going to Aden. All are well known for arbitrary violence against citizens but Gen Qiran is the worst. Update: The new ambassador, Feierstein, said in his interview Sunday, Yemen Observer: “We think that it would be useful to remove some of the senior security officials who have been involved in some of these violent or forced confrontations with demonstrators, particularly in Aden.” So what happened was Saleh shifted him to Taiz, which answers another of the ambassador’s points- give him a task and see if he completes it. And in this case and all cases the answer will be no. The US is asserting that Saleh changed, just as they did after the 2006 prison break and numerous other incidents, and he gets a fresh slate. Well he failed this test and will fail all the rest.

: News Yemen: Interior Ministry issued a resolution to transfer security chief Ghazi Dali Ahmad Ali Mohsen Director of Aden Security, (Read on …)

Protesters demand firing of Abdullah Queran head of Aden security

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The head of security in Aden is a major criminal kingpin and smuggling facilitator for high ranking officials. Abdullah Queran is also the head of the regime’s smuggling operations in Aden, see here.) Queran is prohibiting some wounded from entering hospitals.

Protesters demand government to sack director of security in Aden south of Yemen threatening to turn the city to another Benghazi Yemen Online:
Protestors in Aden province south of Yemen demanded Yemen government to sack director of security in Aden south of Yemen threatening to turn the city to another Benghazi. People have the right to defend ourself against oppression and violence the director of security in Aden and his soldiers .. We will be armed resistance because security attacks and kills the orders of the Director of Security .. We are not animals’ demonstrators said to YemenOnline.

The siuation in Aden city is very serious and sensitive, People feel aggrieved that their right to peaceful resistance is violated daily by the security forces’ Ahmed Hobieshi editor in chife of 14 October daily newspaper .Meanwhile, A group of protestors attacked and burned a police station in Al-Mansoura city in Aden south of Yemen. They used Molotov cocktails and weapons while the soldiers fled, allowing the protesters ransacked a number of weapons inside the police building .

2 dead as security opens fire on protesters in al Mansoura Aden

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Various reports are coming in from Aden.

1 confirmed dead at Al-Naqeeb Hospital + 6 injured
1 confirmed dear at Al-Wali Hospital + an unknown number of injured

Demonstrators have surrounded the house of Abdullah Queran, the police commissioner. (Queran is the head of the regime’s smuggling operations in Aden, see here.) Queran is prohibiting some wounded from entering hospitals.

Security forces on Friday afternoon proceeded to commit an atrocity towards the civilian demonstrators in the city of Mansoura governorate of Aden, South Yemen when the soldiers opened fire on thousands of civilians who were in the process of peaceful anti-Yemeni regime march that was heading towards the city Khormaksar (Read on …)

HRW report on protester fatalities in Yemen understated still bad

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Its a comprehensive report but there are many more fatalities than those listed.

HRW: From February 16 to 25, 2011, Yemeni security forces in the southern city of Aden repeatedly used excessive force, including live ammunition, against largely peaceful protesters. They killed at least nine and possibly twice as many protesters, and injured up to 150, some of them children. (Read on …)

New slaughter in Yemen: Sanaa University

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Yemen entered the fourth week of anti-regime protests with a late night onslaught of state violence against protesters at Sanaa University who were demanding the resignation of long-ruling president Field Marshall Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The attack began two hours ago when security forces opened fire on the protesters. Early conflicting reports indicate three have head wounds and died or are in very critical condition. Over 30 were wounded by gunfire and another 40 were injured after being beaten with clubs or choking on tear gas.

Several witnesses reported the medical professionals rushing to the scene were stopped by police. At the same time, the protesters appealed for blood donations and medical supplies via twitter stating several people are bleeding out near the gates of the university. Two medics were beaten by state security.

The crowd that gathered today, international Woman’s Day, had a larger number of women and girls than on prior days.

Witnesses said members of the Republican Guard opened fired along with Central Security forces. The Republican Guard is headed by President Saleh’s son Ahmed, and has received US counter-terror training, .The Central Security forces are under the command of President Saleh’s nephew.

The assault began late in the evening, about 11:00 as protesters were mostly hunkered down for the night or trying to set up new tents. Central Security officers were spotted removing their uniforms before entering the university square. The officers had arrived in government vehicles, witnesses report. The situation remains tense as it nears 1:00 am in Sanaa and the wounded have yet to receive treatment.

Widespread protests

The deaths in Sanaa were preceded by fatalities among protesters on Monday in outlying the provinces of Ibb, Aden, Dhamar when state forces opened fire on protesters. In Ibb over 70 were reported injured with bullet wounds at a protest that drew several hundred thousand. Protests have spread as far as Socotra Island. Sanhan, President Saleh’s home village was marked with anti-regime graffiti.

The war torn Saada province saw the resignation of Faris Manna from the ruling GPC party, the latest of over a dozen high profile allies to desert President Saleh. Manna, a long time regime ally, was the state’s mediator to the Houthi rebels. A major weapons dealer, Manaa was sanctioned by the UN in 2010 for smuggling arms to Somalia. Along with Manna, an estimated 300 ruling party officials also resigned leading to what a partisan site called “the emancipation of Saada from the corrupt regime.”

Military deploys in cities

The violence came after a meeting between Saleh and his relative, General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar, perhaps the most powerful man in the military. After the meeting last night, military units were deployed in Sanaa, Taiz and Aden today. Large scale protest were held in 12 provinces.

In Sanna, Al Masdar Online reported the “widespread and unprecedented presence of armored vehicles.” The day’s violence marked the first time soldiers had shot at the protesters in Sanaa. Previously the Saleh regime used paid thugs as deniable proxies as well as members of the security forces including the National Security.

Prison Riot

A riot at Sanaa Central Prison left at least three dead and four injured. Prisoners were chanting anti-government slogans, which led to an assault by guards. Authorities say they shot tear gas and fired over the inmates’ heads and acknowledge one prisoner was killed, but the prisoners report three fatalities and several serious injuries. The prison guards withdrew from the prison and are massed outside the gates along with security forces.

The prisoners have indicated they wished to make a peaceful surrender in a statement that read in part, “Prisoners of the Central Prison in Sana’a appeal to international organizations to intervene and save them from a real massacre which might take place today after guards retake control of the prison.”

Media Manipulation

The Yemeni state-owned ISP blocked al Masdar Online last week, the latest among dozens of independent Yemeni news websites to be blocked within Yemen. Internet access is strictly controlled by the state. Yemen Online was hacked by pro-regime operatives. Dozens of what appear to be government operatives have flooded pro-revolutionary Facebook groups. The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate detailed 53 cases of attacks on journalists including assaults, threats against their children, expulsion and in one case, arson.

“Beating up journalists is a blatant attempt by the authorities to prevent the Yemeni people and the world from witnessing a critical moment in Yemen,” Sarah Leah Whitson, director of Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa division, said in a statement.

A Reuters report today quoting an individual in Sanaa who “heard” that in Aden southern protesters threatened to burn schools in Mallah and al Mansoura was hotly denied by dozens of residents in those neighborhood when contacted. The residents also pointed out that the state has forced school children to participate in pro-regime rallies for years without parental approval. It is well documented that students who refused were denied sitting for their exams along with other punitive measures.

Yemen’s history of crimes against civilians

The atrocities against protesters that have garnered global attention are a continuation of the pattern of Yemen’s inhumane treatment of its citizens since at least 2005. In 2009, human rights organizations began calling for an investigation into the Sana’a regime’s potential war crimes and crimes against humanity. The military actions during the Sa’ada Wars and with regard to the southern protest movement are well documented but did not draw condemnation from the Obama administration or the EU. Some of these habitual patterns include:

- Punitive denial of medical services to injured civilians

- Arbitrary arrests

- Incommunicado detention

- Shooting unarmed protesters

- Use of deniable proxies including tribesmen to harm citizens

- Shelling residential areas

- Denial of food as policy

- Denial of access by international humanitarian groups to internal refugees

- Targeting journalists and rights activists

- Torture in jail

Jane @

The mass grave in Aden

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Protesters killed by security forces were buried in a mass grave in Aden on February 27, a ranking Yemeni official confirmed today.

The grave site is on the eastern edge of the Salahu Deen military camp, near little Aden, and was first reported here last week.

The official said 15 protesters were buried together in an unmarked single grave about eight meters long, speaking anonymously due to the high risk of government reprisal.

On Friday, February 25 Yemeni security forces launched a broad assault in Aden resulting in twenty-two fatalities among residents who have been identified, a number likely to rise. Over 100 demonstrators were also wounded by gunfire. The deaths occurred in several locations across Aden in what appears a pre-planned onslaught of state violence in the governorate which had seen increasing numbers of anti-government protesters.

The official death toll is four. The state blamed opposition parties for the deaths.

Residents reported homes were strafed, and police shot directly into crowds, Human Rights Watch reported. Many protesters were arrested, some pulled from hospitals by security forces. Ambulances were blocked and the dead, dying and injured on the streets were pinned down by gun fire.

In an apparent effort to mask the death toll, Yemeni security forces raided hospital morgues in Aden and transported corpses to the Basuhaib military hospital in Tawahi. Medical sources at Basuhaib hospital confirmed the protesters bodies were later taken away by the military.

The burial took place in the early morning, Sunday, February 27 after the bodies arrived from Taqahi in two military trucks.

The state continues to withhold information from families regarding the identities of arrested protesters.

Rights groups have urged Yemen to halt assaults on peaceful protesters.

Dozens of reporters were beaten and harassed during the protests.

Tens of thousands gathered Friday, March 4, in a massive funeral march for Hael Waleed Hael, 18, that began in Mallah, Aden and ended at the Alqatee cemetery in Crater City. Mr. Hael was shot to death on Mallah’s main road during the assault on Aden.


16 arrested in Aden, third day of protests in Shabwa, GPC resignations

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will trigger more protests, lather rinse repeat. Update: the 16 arrested were ranking police officers who participated in the protests.

Yemen police arrest 16 anti-regime protesters AFP
ADEN, Yemen — Yemeni security forces arrested 16 protesters in Aden on Saturday, as thousands continued to demonstrate in the south demanding the fall of the regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The anti-government demonstrators were nabbed as police dispersed protesters who were gathering to hold a sit-in outside Al-Nur mosque in Aden, police said. (Read on …)

New governors sworn in five provinces

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the old governors were reassigned to the Shura council.

New governors swear constitutional oath
SANA’A,March 05(Saba) – The newly appointed governors and the Shura Council’s member took on Saturday the constitutional oath before President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The newly appointed governors are Aden Governor Ahmed Mohamed Qatabi, Hodeidah Governor Akram Abdullah Atyah, Abyan Governor Saleh Hussein al-Zawari, Hadramout Governor Khalid Saeed al-Deni and Jawf Govenror Yahya Mohamed Ghobar.

Furthermore, the newly appointed member of the Shoura Council Salem al-Khanbashi also sworn the constitutional oath before the President.

President Saleh held a meeting with the new governors and urged them to double their efforts in this posts, directing them to work to address the citizens’ problems and issues in their

Victims of Aden massacre buried in mass grave in Salahu Deen military camp , 3 more fatalities ID’d

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The massacre in Aden Feb 25-26 killed many. We previously identified 19 by name, and about half of the 122 wounded. With the addition of the three fatalities listed below, the new total is 22 killed. As earlier reported, bodies of dead protesters were collected from hospitals in Aden and sent to Basuhaib Military hospital in Tawahi. The new information is that early Sunday morning, Feb 27, the military buried some of the corpses stored at the Ba-Suhaib military hospital in one grave at a military camp in Salahu Deen just outside little Aden. Many protesters in Aden were arrested, some pulled wounded from hospitals. The state continues to withhold information from families regarding who is in state custody in jail.

1. Mohammed Ahmed Saleh
2. Tareq Khalid Alwan
3. Waseem Ali Taha

in Arabic: (Read on …)

President dismisses “elected” governors & press release on JMP rejection of coalition gov’t

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Yemen Post

President Ali Abduallh Saleh dismissed on Tuesday governors of five provinces in Yemen’s southern and eastern provinces.
New decrees were issued appointing three of them members in Shura Council, and appointing the two others vices of two ministries. (Read on …)

19 fatalities of Aden’s February 25 massacre identified, updated 69 wounded named

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Yemen is refusing to release names of dead and arrested in Aden, increasing stress on families. The following is a listing of the 19 killed in the February 25th- 26th massacre compiled by highly reliable sources. We initially reported 17 were killed, ( write up here) and the death total may rise again in coming days. The address refers to the individual’s hometown, not location of death. Update: Below is list of 69 wounded, a partial list and Arabic only.

no. -name- age- address

1. Mohammed Ali Baashan 19, Mansoora
2. Yaseen Ali Ahmed AlSuraihi 19, Mansoora
3. Fadel Mubarak Al-Khanshi 23, Mansoora
4. Aref Mohammed Ali 18 , Mansoora
5. Abdullah Mohammed AlBan, 27, Mansoora
6. Mokbel Mohammed Ahmed AlKazemi, 18, Khormakser (AlAreesh)
7. Abdul Hakeem Mohammed AlKaladi, 21, Mansoora (Omer AlMukhtar)
8. Hani Mohammed Haitham, 22, Khormakser (Alsaada St.)
9. Hameed Hussain Hameed, 23, Dar Saad
10. Gassan Ahmed, 18 , Al-Memdara
11. Ali Mahmood Nagi Ali, 23 , Sheekh Utman
12. Mohammed Muneer Khan, 15, Mansoora (Omer AlMukhtar)
13. Ahmed Zaki, 16, Shekh Uthman
14. Ayman Ali Hussain Al-Naqeeb, 20, Shekh Uthman
15. Hisham Mohammed Qaed, 25, , Shekh Uthman
16. Ali Abdulla AlKhulaqi, 15, Khormakser
17. Ahmed Sabri, 19, Lahj
18. Hussain Al-Gahafi, Lahj
19. Aref Mohammed Awad, 17 Mansoora

the names in arabic
. الشهداء الرقم الاسم العمر العنوان

1 محمد علي باعشن 19 عاماً المنصورة
2 ياسين علي أحمد السريحي 19 عاماً المنصورة
3 فضل مبارك الحَنَشي 23 عاماً المنصورة
4 عارف محمد علي 18 عاماً المنصورة
5 عبد الله محمد البان 27 عاماً المنصورة
6 مقبل محمد أحمد الكازمي 18 عاماً خور مكسر – العريش
7 عبد الحكيم محمد الكلدي 21 عاماً عمرو مختار
8 هاني محمد هيثم 22 عاماً خور مكسر – حي السعادة
9 حَميد حسين حَميد 23 عاماً دار سعد
10 غسان أحمد 18 عاماً الممدارة
11 علي محمود ناجي علي 23 عاماً الشيخ عثمان – السيلة
12 محمد منير خَان (موت سريري) 15 عاماً عمرو مختار
13 أحمد زكي 16 عاماً الشيخ عثمان
14 أيمن علي حسين النقيب 20 عاماً الشيخ عثمان – السيلة
15 هشام محمد قائد 25 عاماً الشيخ عثمان
16 علي عبد الله الخُلاقي (موت سريري) 15 عاماً خور مكسر – حي الجمهورية
17 أحمد صبري 19 عاماً لحج
18 حسين الجُحَافي لحج
19 عارف محمد عوض 17 عاماً المنصورة

Names of 69 of the wounded, there are an additional 53 wounded yet to be identified

1 سعيد غالب ناصر
•2 محمد غالب محمد عبدالله
3 عسكر علي عسكر
4 أيمن سلطان
5 وجدان صالح أحمد
6 علي محمد عبدالله
7 فضل الشرفي
8 راجي عطان
9 محمد أحمد ناصر
10 فضل محسن
11 خالد سالم عبدالله
12 حسن فضل علي
13 عماد محمد حمود
14 محمد خالد محمد عبدالله
15 سراج اليافعي
16 محمد محسن محمد
17 محمد الزيدي
18 وجدان طانجو
19 علي الزُبيدي
20 سالم أحمد سالم
21 غسان سعيد إسماعيل
22 سالم محمد علي
23 عبادي عُمر
24 هادي عبد القوي
25 رائد محمد عبدالرحمن
26 إبراهيم سيف محمد
27 سامي محمد عوض
28 صلاح عبد القوي
29 عبدالقوي ناصر أحمد
30 عبد الرحمن أحمد سعيد
31 أمجد محمد عبدالله
32 محمد أحمد أرشد عبدالله
33 عمار اليافعي
34 عمار علي مثنى
35 محد عوض الحنشي
36 عبد القوي عليوة
37 ثابت أحمد سالم
38 عفان سعيد إسماعيل
39 قائد محمد عبدالرحمن
40 حاشد عبد الرضي علوان
41 عماد عُمر حمادي
42 أحمد عبدالله أحمد
43 سالم جمال سالم محمد
44 حسين الحاج محمد
45 أحمد عُمر سيف مقبل
46 أحمد حسن محمد
47 محمد صبري
48 هشام محمد أحمد
49 أسامة عبد الدائم محمد
50 أصيل فيصل محمد
51 خالد سالم
52 محسن فضل
53 فضل علي صالح
54 محمد حسن محمد
55 أكرم محمد
56 محمد بن محمد صالح
57 وضاح حريري
58 ناجي عطاء علي
59 عبدالله فضل
60 حسين عبدالله باعقيل
61 محمد أحمد سالم
62 أمجد محسن
63 ثابت عبيد حازم
64 حاشد عليوة
65 جلال الغشمي المرزوقي
66 راجي محمد عبدالله
67 عوض الكازمي
68 أسامة مهدي العقربي
69 أياد فيصل الصبيحي

Aden: dead bodies transferred to Basuhaib Military hospital in Tawahi to hide death toll

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I try so hard not to curse and some days its really difficult. Al Masdar and very credible local sources are reporting that security forces collected the dead from Aden hospitals and moved them to Basuhaib Military hospital in Tawahi, controlled by the defense ministry. Security forces at the Basuhaib hospital refused to release the corpses to their families, as Yemeni authorities are attempting to disguise the scale of yesterday’s death toll.

Related: HRW

, YEMEN, FEB 26: The casualty toll from last night’s attacks on protesters in Aden is rising. This afternoon, we spoke to doctors from two out of three hospitals that received the victims last night. One hospital treated 29 wounded victims, one of whom died and two remain in critical condition. The wounds, according to the doctor, were mostly in the legs.
Two victims had been wounded by machine-gun bullets, the doctor said. (Read on …)

Seven dead ID’d in Aden, Houthis protest again

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A report from the Jakarta globe identifies four dead in one protest in Aden yesterday and 40 injured, as government blames the protesters for the deaths. Also Houthis protested yesterday as well. Another report below in Arabic lists seven killed and 49 wounded last night. There are more bodies in refrigerators to be ID’d according to the note. Earlier 19 fatalities were identified killed in Aden and 124 injured from Feb 16-21.

The lying dogs deny any security forces were shooting protesters, instead they blame the southern movement. It would be funny if there weren’t so many killed and injured.

Saba: Yemen denies media reports on shooting protesters in Aden
ADEN, Feb. 26 (Saba) – A security source in Aden governorate denied on Saturday reports of mass media on shooting protesters in Mo’alla city of Aden by security forces on Friday night. “An armed group of separatists belong to what is called “the movement”, who fired aimlessly from some buildings the protesters, security men, electricity office’s employers and citizens”, the source said.

According to an AFP tally based on reports by medics and witnesses, at least 19 people have now been killed in almost daily clashes at anti-regime protests since they erupted on February 16. (Read on …)

Slaughter in Aden Yemen, Update: 17 reported dead in six locations

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Update: As the sun rises in Aden Saturday, 17 were killed overnight in six locations, but people are still trapped in their homes. Dozens were wounded. For details and links, click here. Live blogging the massacre below. (Read on …)

List of 30 wounded protesters in Khormaksar, Aden, Yemen

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Message 5:00 pm: Saleh’s army forces opened anti-aircraft machine guns at civilians houses in Mualla, and armored vehicle run over a kid in Crater. That caused the people to rage and trying to storm a police center there and they were faced with heavy gun fire, this happen before 2 hours.

Update: rather a quick point, yesterday Saleh ordered the security forces to protect the protesters , and there were no injuries in northern protests (Sanaa and Taiz) while Aden in the south is a pool of blood today after police repeatedly opened fire. Is he expecting another pass? Update: al Masdar: women of al Mansoura and Crater march.

Today, day 15, M&C reported tens of thousands (pro and anti govt) protesters rallied in Sanna. Al Masdar has good photos and a write up of the protest in Sana’a (ar). In Taiz, about 20,000 anti-government protesters marched. Nine were wounded in Aden per M&C when police opened fire on a large gathering. However, according to my local sources, and preliminary reports, 30 protesters shot by police were received at the hospital including a 10 year old in critical condition. Others are reporting multiple fatalities; the LA Times is confirming two deaths.

حصيلة أولية

أسماء بعض الجرحى التي وصلتنا حتى الآن من مستشفى النقيب ومن مستشفى الجمهورية التعليمي (خور مكسر ) عدن

1-عميد مثنى ناجي (24 سنة).
- 2جبريل صالح محمد ناجي
(Read on …)

HRW: Two Protesters Die in Sanaa, Aden

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Police beat a student trying to bring medical supplies. Yemen government claims one death is of a pro-Saleh protesters but it is a bogus assertion, HRW.

Yemen: Two Protesters Die in Sanaa, Aden

(Sanaa, February 24, 2011) – A second protester died on February 23, 2011, from an attack by provocateurs on anti-government demonstrators at Sanaa University the night before, Human Rights Watch said today. Another protester died shortly after the Sanaa attack.

Demonstrators in Sanaa told Human Rights Watch that police had harassed them and other protesters near the university. At least three were detained for several hours, and one said a police officer beat him for trying to deliver medical supplies to the protest. (Read on …)

How to disburse a peaceful protest

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if you are a low life, flea bitten dictator

Al Mansoura Aden 2/17

Yemen: AI appeal for Hassan Baoum, southern leader

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Baoum’s three prior arrests caused a palpable uptick in frustration and tension in the south, leading to more popular protests, and more arbitrary arrests.


Hassan Ba’oom, a leader of a political opposition group in southern Yemen, has been held incommunicado detention since 20 February. Amnesty International fears for his health and is concerned that he may be held solely for the peaceful expression of his right to freedom of expression and therefore be a prisoner of conscience. (Read on …)

Yemen: 2nd highest rate of child stunting globally

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These figures are up slightly since 2005. The good news is that one million poor Yemeni women and children who never had access to health services in their lives will now receive some support from the international community. Less than half of Yemenis have access to medical services. Clean water, sanitation, electricity, and other basic services are similarly lacking. This World Bank press release contains the appalling medical current stats. Update: Neonatal tetanus kills 30,000 new born Yemeni babies a year. Pampers SA is chipping in for some vaccines, but over three million doses are needed. (Read on …)

SOHR statement on violence in Aden

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Urgent communication to the international organizations on the bloody violations in Aden

SOHR, February 18, 2011

Sirs and madams in the international organizations for human rights
The Southern Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) presents its compliments to you and informs you of horrible crimes against citizens staging peaceful demonstrations in the city of Aden during the last three days, raising banners demand freedom, democracy and the departure of the regime of the Yemeni President.

A number of demonstrators were demonstrating in al-Rwishan Square for more than a weak, led by young people who were launching a sit-in peacefully for more than a week in al-Rwishan Square in al-Mansoura city – Aden, until Wednesday 16.02.2011, after the noon prayer, when Yemeni security forces came unexpectedly using tear gas grenades which led to dispersing them to residential neighborhoods,
but the security forces continued to chase them using live bullets against them, which resulted in the murdering of a number of people and wounding many others, amounted to 4 dead and 32 wounded.
As a result of the people’s anger at that, the demonstrators set fire to the headquarters of the Local Council, the municipality and burned vehicles belong to the municipality, and they also burned the headquarters of the General People’s Congress / Mansoura Branch, after that they went to besiege the police station in al-Mansoura city. Everyone was in hit and run with the armed forces that went in using live ammunition to disperse and chase the protesters. (Read on …)

Yemen arrests Hassan Baoum in Aden, again & updates

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Day 10: other developments; Al Tagheer: Taiz: police, professors join protest, more women, GPC local council officials resign

SIFY: Aden resident kills policeman? Protester? We don’t know. – There was no protest in all Aden’s districts today, but in Khour Maksar district, around 10 protesters armed with rifles gunned down a police officer while he was standing near a police patrol car. The gunmen disappeared in the neighbourhood,’ a police officer said. Same link: 1500 in Ibb but its not the first protest.

Sanaa: Al Masdar: protesters control the University square and are setting up tents. Saleh holds big conference and blames foreign influences.A vid of the shooting in Sanaa yesterday is on FB. I didn’t count but it was about a dozen shots randomly fired into the crowd.

Yemen police arrest southern opposition leader: son (AFP) : ADEN, Yemen — Yemeni police arrested the main southern opposition leader, Hassan Baoum, on Sunday, shortly after he arrived in the regional capital Aden to take part in an anti-government protest, his son said. Baoum was arrested along with his son Fawaz at the Naqib hospital after he had undergone some medical tests, another son said.

He said that Baoum arrived in the port city from nearby Lahij earlier in the day with the intention of joining the protest. Police have killed 10 people in Aden in the past week, according to an AFP tally, as they resorted to gunfire to disperse frequent protests against the government of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.
(Read on …)

Protests gather for Friday prayer in Taiz Yemen

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This was the first Friday before many thousands more arrived. Protesters in Taiz have one chant: Ali Saleh must go

Amnesty International: arrested Aden protesters at risk of torture

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Police torture in Yemen is systemic and brutal. Several prisoners have died in police custody in the last year or two. Click here for MP Ahmed Saif Hashid’s 2007 interviews with prisoners in jails around Yemen where prisoners including 12 years describe brutal torture by authorities.

Scores of protesters arrested following demonstrations in the city of Aden, in southern Yemen, are being held incommunicado and are at risk of torture or other ill-treatment. Amnesty International is concerned that they may be held solely for the peaceful expression of their right to freedom of expression and assembly, and therefore may be prisoners of conscience. (Read on …)

Marib and al Jawf tribes denouce violence toward protesters

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Council of the Alliance of Marib and Al-Jawf tribes denounces the massacre of Aden and salutes Tai’z youth, the station of change and train engine of freedom: Mareb Press.

To recap, both Saleh’s allies and opposition are experiencing fractures. The pillars of the regime are peeling away and causing some polarization of the public. Hussain al Ahmar from Amran is promising Hasid tribal protection for the protesters in Sanaa. The tribes in Marib and al Jawf are throwing in with the democracy movement. al Zindani is calling for replacing the regime with a national unity government and for the people to go peacefully to the streets. Two youth different groups were calling for nationwide protests on the 24th and 25th, but I think its going to happen tomorrow whether they are ready or not. The JMP however has not revised its position to advocate the fall of the Saleh regime, only change and reform. (Read on …)

Updates: Live fire and injuries at al Manousar Aden protest Yemen 2/17

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Update: people in Aden are saying there are government snipers on the roofs. One fatality today, Mansoorah is Aref Mohamed Ali. 22, in addition to four yesterday. Also reports indicate that a security official was captured and beaten. possibly to death.

The Yemeni state has been murdering its citizens for a long time in the south. I am glad the youth got the hang of youtube.

Two wounded in al Habylean Lahj as Yemen protests spread

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Update: Hodeidah and Ibb also protesting. The opposition parties were absent in Hodeidah and protests are in their second day. Their statement below.

Many injuries in Sanaa estimated 40, but SIFY says 15, described as a riot, and protests in al Beidha. The demonstrations in Taiz are in their seventh day and new protesters are joining from outside the city. Dhalie, Abyan report protests. Aden’s protests started earlier than scheduled today. The following video is of a protest in Lahj in support of the youth in Aden. link.

Hodeidah (Read on …)

“Thousands of police confront protesters in Yemen”

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Nice round-up of Sanaa, Aden, Taiz and judges protests, also Feb 24 group.

Daily caller: SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Authorities flooded the streets of Yemen’s capital with 2,000 police Wednesday to try to halt six days of Egypt-style demonstrations against the president of 32 years, a key U.S. ally in battling al-Qaida. One person was killed when police and protesters clashed in the southern port of Aden in the first known death during Yemen’s political unrest.

The police, including plainclothes officers, fired in the air and blocked thousands of students at Sanaa University from joining thousands of other protesters in the capital of the Arab world’s most impoverished nation.

A call spread via Facebook and Twitter urging Yemenis to join a series of “One Million People” rallies on a so-called “Friday of Rage” in all Yemeni cities, seeking the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. (Read on …)

Two protesters killed in Aden, video and updates

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Update: 4:30 pm EST, tanks in streets now: witnesses. four dead, two dozen injured, statement from one of the supreme council of the mobility below the fold.
Update: Third person dies of injuries.
Update: This youtube vid shows the crowd milling, one person shot in the leg and a tear gas canister marked Made in US.

One fatality identified as Mohammed al-Alwani, died in Aden hospital, others injured. Youth attempt to storm police station after protester died from police live fire. Second fatality identified as Yaseen Aske. (Yasin Ali Ahmed Naji Jehafi) Protests in southern Yemen began in 2007 and hundreds have been killed by live fire by police. In a 2010 statement, the US deemed the ongoing unrest “an internal affair.” Days after that statement, the state cut the phone lines in Dhalie and started using artillery. AJE reports one of today’s fatalities was shot in the back. For video police shooting click here. For vid of
the peaceful protest before shooting started, click here

The names of the wounded: Lashkar-e-Ali, Mohamed Hassan Mohamed, Ali Zaidi,
Mohammed Zaidi, Saleh Ahmed Muthana Tanju, Alia Faraj, Muhammad Akram, Mohammed Thabet Saleh

Beyond the student clashes in Sana’a today, protesters in Taiz have been on the street for days. About 165 were arrested and 17 wounded.

Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) — One person was killed in an anti-government protest in the Yemeni city of Aden on Wednesday, eyewitnesses reported, while human rights activists accused pro-government demonstrators of beating students after a similar protest in the capital, Sanaa. (Read on …)

Video: Security in Aden Yemen fires over crowd

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abeenpress | February 13, 2011أسامة الشرمي/دارسعد/ خاص
خرجت اليوم في مديرية دار سعد بمدينة عدن مسيرة جماهيرية، نظمها نشطاء من الحراك الجنوبي، للمطالبة بإطلاق سراح المعتقلين
(Read on …)

HRW: pro-govt thugs attack protests in Sana’a

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But no body every gets to Aden, Dhalie, Radfan, Lahj, Hadramout to witness the atrocities there… The Yemeni regime often withholds permits to travel outside the capital. (The northern Saada region was under a media blockade for six years, while the state bombed the hell out of it. Its only a rare reporter that gets to the south.) The al Jazeera and satellite correspondents are routinely beat up if they try to attend and report on recurring pro-independence protests in the South.

HRW Press 7:37 PM, For Immediate Release

Yemen: Pro-Government Forces Attack Demonstrators

(Sanaa, February 11, 2011) – Hundreds of men armed with knives, sticks, and assault rifles attacked anti-government protesters in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, as Yemeni security forces stood by, Human Rights Watch said today. Within an hour, the 1,000-plus protesters had been pushed from the square and at least 10 had been detained by security forces, Human Rights Watch said.

Human Rights Watch witnessed at least 10 army trucks carrying men in civilian clothing to Sanaa’s Tahrir Square, where a crowd of around 1,000 Yemenis had been demonstrating in support of the historic changes in Egypt and against the Yemeni government. Hundreds of men, their arrival coordinated by uniformed security agents, attacked the anti-government protesters with knives and sticks, prompting the majority to flee. (Read on …)

Yemen police open fire on demonstrators in Aden, Kohrmakser

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Update: 10 pm Yemen time (1/2 hour ago) police drag wounded protester, Ali Naasra lkadhi, from hospital to jail. He was shot during protest today in Mansoura, Aden. the Situation is tense in Sanaa where police surrounded a spontaneous pro-Egypt demonstration that turned against Saleh and in Aden (Crater) where youths are still on the streets burning tires. In both locations, reports indicate that police are firing live rounds over people’s heads.

One dead. And I dont know where the Wall Street Journal got its information but none of the protests in the South today were against Mubarak. They were for independence and against Saleh. I checked. They are saying, “Ali Saleh get out of the South.” Update: Police surrounded the Hyasaad in Khormaksar and are currently shooting at the protesters with live rounds. I hate when people are getting killed real time. If it remains one dead, it will be a miracle.

Youtube link here.

Yemen Post: Protests held in southern provinces

Thousands of protesters in Aden, Abyan, and Dhale provinces took to the streets in huge rallies after a call for the Day of Rage to be held in southern provinces on Friday.
In the rally in which several Southern Movements’ followers chanted anti-government slogans, protesters carried photos of the main leader of Southern Movement, Ali Salem Al-Beith, who is currently in exile. Protesters also carried the flag of the former southern republic.
In Abyan and Dhale provinces protesters took to the streets in rallies peacefully.
In Mansora, Aden, several protesters were arrested by the security forces in which tear gas and gun fire were used to disperse the protesters. No further details were reported.
Hassan Baoum, Southern Movement’s leader, and tens of youths belonging to the Southern Movement called for the Day of Rage to be held on Friday.
Last week, military reinforcements deployed to Aden and other provinces in an attempt to stop protesters from holding anti-government demonstrations.

Crater Aden, Yemen, Feb 11, “Day of Rage” Update: 2/4

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Update 2: lets stop and have a party now that Mubarek is history!!!

Update: this video is last Friday’s protest in Crater. There was a protest today, I’m getting photos. I really do not think today’s protest in Aden was against Mubarek, as the Wall Street Journal is reporting, but I’m checking that also. (Read on …)

Regime change in Tunisia, protests in Egypt, trigger Yemen demonstrations in Sana’a, Taiz and Aden

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Its not just Sana’a and Tawakkol Karaman, demonstrations were held all around Yemen this week. The factor in determining if protests continues to spiral in Yemen may be what happens in Egypt tomorrow, and it really doesn’t look good. With the internet cut in Egypt, people are expecting a blood bath. Worse yet, I don’t think either the JMP or GPC in Yemen have a plan if the protests outstrip the leadership that called them, beyond making a deal or opening fire, respectively, as they usually do. The US can’t be caught as flat footed as it appears at the moment. Thirty years may be the natural expiry date for dictatorships.

Demonstrations and protests in TaizPublished:27-01-2011, SANA’A, Jan. 26 — Popular protests and demonstrations have expanded to include Aden and Taiz, and the Joint Meeting Parties have threatened to start more protests in other governorates. (Read on …)

Churches in Aden and the persecution of Christians in Yemen

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Below the fold is a write up on the churches in Aden that omits that there are many secret converts to Christianity in Yemen who are ostracized and threatened and several Christians are in jail for the crime of conversion. The following article is about Open Door’s annual listing of 10 worst persecutors of Christians and Yemen retains its place at number seven.

WND Exclusive FAITH UNDER FIRE, “Of the top 10 countries on the 2011 WWL, eight have Islamic majorities. Persecution has increased in seven of them,” the ministry reported today. (Read on …)

Southern activist, Zahra Salih, jailed incommunicado since Nov. 8 in Yemen

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Amnesty International statement on behalf of Zahra Salih follows. God help her. She certainly is at risk of torture or ill treatment.

FEMALE activist detained incommunicado

Zahra Salih, an activist in the Southern Movement in Yemen, has been held incommunicado since 8 November. She is at risk of being tortured or suffering other ill-treatment. Amnesty International is concerned that she may be held solely for the peaceful expression of her right to freedom of expression and assembly, and therefore may be a prisoner of conscience.

Zahra Salih, aged 39, was arrested by security force members on 8 November in Aden, southern Yemen, while she was in a car on her way to a hotel. She has since been detained without access to a lawyer or her family. She is believed to be held at the Criminal Investigation Unit in Aden. (Read on …)

Yemen: why southern protesters oppose the stadium bomber’s death sentence

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Why would people protest the imposition of the death penalty when five people were killed in the bombing? Generally the prevailing sentiment is that it is a politicized, unjust verdict:

1- Previously the Governor of Aden, Adnan al Jifri, held a news conference during which he accused the Director of Aden Security, General Abdullah Abdo Kiran, of being behind the bombing. The two are in competition for the title King of Graft. Then the head of Aden Security retaliated by organizing a protest against the governor.
2- Allegations of torture to gain a confession, as usual
3- Irregular trial proceedings, as usual

Update: News Yemen reports that southern gunmen kidnapped five soldiers and an officer in Dhalie and two others in Lahj. Unfortunately kidnapping is a time honored and ofter effective tactic to press demands on the government. The southern movement: still not ready for prime time. There’s much more modern and effective methods they could have used to counter and discredit the verdict. Update 2: HOOD condemns everything: the bombing, the unfair verdict, the suppression of the protests and the kidnappings. Dittos.

Death sentence against Aden sporting club bomber By Nasser Arrabyee/11/12/2010:
A Yemeni young man was sentenced to death on Saturday after being convicted of bombing a football club in the southern city of Aden where five people were killed and 17 others injured last October. (Read on …)

Media seige continues in Yemen: YSP’s al Thawry confiscated, ANHRI

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Yemen : Opposition Socialist Party Newspaper Banned in Aden The Arabic Network Denounces Confiscating “elThowry” Newspaper
Cairo December 4th , 2010
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information today denounced the Yemeni political security (intelligence) stopped the distribution of “elThowry” newspaper ,a publication of the Yemeni opposition socialist party in Aden , south of Yemen .The newspaper reported the recent arrests in Aden itself as the detained citizens were celebrating the independence day which happened to fall in the days of the Gulf Cup football competition “Kkaliji 20″held in Yemen. (Read on …)

TAJ (London) appeals for 90 activists detained in Aden

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The Southern Democratic Assembly (TAJ), appeal to all the countries of the free world, the Arab League, Secretary-General of the United Nations, and the UN Security Council and all international and humanitarian organizations concerned with human rights to act urgently against the practice of the Yemeni Authority and the siege imposed on cities and villages of South Arabia, and especially in the Capital Aden.
(Read on …)

Suicide bomber in Aden kills self, wounds two, Yemen Denies

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The state of Yemen is denying this incident occurred.

Fears Reemerge as Blast Pulverizes Terrorist Body into Pieces in South
Yemen Post: A terrorist was killed and two others including a taxi driver were injured when the terrorist exploded before he could put an explosive device at a police station in Yemen’s business capital of Aden. An independent source said the terrorist took a taxi early on Sunday morning, about 1:00 am, and headed carrying the bomb to the Al-Mimdara police station. (Read on …)

Yemen arrests al Shabab members in refugee camp

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The arms flow between the two is well established. If we recall the eight foreigners arrested, and later released, for trying to ship weapons to Somali’s ICU in 2006. And the connection of Anwar al Awlaki with that case. Afterwards, numerous Somali Islamists came to Yemen. The weapons have been flowing from Yemen via Faris Manna, legally he claims. The boats delivering the refugees over the last several years wouldn’t return empty.

Telegraph: Yemeni officials have claimed that members of the al-Shabaab terrorist group have been arrested in refugee camps for Somalis. The government fears that refugee camps such as Al-Kharaz, which now houses 18,000 out of an estimated 2-300,000 Somali refugees in Yemen, could become recruiting grounds for radicals.

Officials also claim there are “regular links”, including arms transfers between al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the group accused of planting parcel bombs on planes last month.

“I see Shabaab people on the streets of Aden,” said one former Somali airport official who fled with his family when he was threatened and now lives in a fly-blown two-room hut in the al-Kharaz refugee camp, two hours’ drive into the desert from the port city.

Good Luck to Yemen’s Soccer Team in the Gulf 20! Update: Watch streaming live, Update 2, Dang it! 0-4

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Update: a good game but they lost!!! They play again Thursday same time. Original: Yemen playing Saudi Arabia in the opening game today, 7:30 pm Aden time, 11: 30 am EST, Watch the pre-game show and the game live, streaming now at or, if that goes down, click here.


(Read on …)

Yemen contracts new complex in Aden Free Zone

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Yemen (Aden) – Aden Free Zone (AFZ) and the International Center for Auction Co., Ltd has signed a memorandum of understanding to set up a trade and storage complex and a global complex to organize and manage all kinds of auctions, Global Arab Network reports according to Saba. (Read on …)

Urgent appeal: Freedom for one of the smallest political prisoners in the world

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Aden Gulf Net: Urgent appeal: Freedom for the smallest political prisoner in the world

To all activists in the field of human rights,
To all human rights organizations in Yemen, the Arab countries and world wide,
Herewith I would like to inform you about one of many cases of human rights violations that the people of South Yemen are exposed to. We consider this case as a major violation of the human rights of a 14 year old child. It is a case of a young boy called Moataz Al-Essawi who was arrested on October 13th 2010 on his way from Aden to the province of Radfan to participate in a festival organized and hosted by the Peaceful Southern Movement. (Read on …)

Yemen Evicts 400 Southern Students Prior to Gulf 20 in Aden

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Amnesty International issued a report today on its top human rights concerns in Yemen as 400 Yemeni students issued an urgent appeal because they are being evicted from student housing until the conclusion of the Gulf 20 in Aden.

An urgent appeal from the 400 students from South Yemen to human rights organizations, Arab and international humanitarian

Hundreds of students in this southern Yemen on Sunday October 31, 2010 sent a letter of appeal wherein they raised an urgent SOS to the public and to all human rights organizations, Arab, international and humanitarian to protect them from criminal acts, and arbitrary law as they are being swallowed by the Yemeni authorities without evidence or proof.
The estimated 400 students sent an urgent letter of appeal to all entities, political parties and civil society organizations and local public opinion, Arab and international that the Yemeni authorities in Aden, “South Yemen” has warned the more than 400 students originating from the province of Dali that they will be cast out of student housing, “housing Abd al-Hadi,” in the city of Sheikh Othman,” Aden, South Yemen. The students were surprised when they heard this decision which is wrong and beyond the law. It is not for nothing except the Gulf Twenty in Aden, where authorities warned the students to get out of housing on Wednesday, until the end of the Gulf 20 in Yemen.

Aden Port Troubles Redux

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More corruption, thievery, oppression and mismanagement, Attagammua:

لجنتان برلمانيتان لتقصي الحقائق حول ادارة دبي لميناء الحاويات بعدن و(PIL) تغير اتجاه حاويات الترانزيت من ميناء عدن الى ميناء جيبوتي Two parliamentary committees to investigate the facts on the management of the Dubai container port in Aden and (PIL) change the direction of transit containers from the port of Aden port of Djibouti
الثلاثاء , 26 أكتوبر 2010 م Tuesday, October 26, 2010 (Read on …)

Gulf 20 Reinforcements Heading South

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Yemen deployed 30,000 troops to south Yemen in advance of the Gulf 20, scheduled for Nov. 22-Dec. 4 in Aden and Abyan. Since May, al-Qaida has been blamed for the deaths of more than 55 officers, mostly in the PSO and exclusively in the south. Southerners see the military build-up as an effort to quell the independence movement in advance of the Parliamentary elections schedule for early next year.

Aden Port frozen out by its proprietor, Dubai Ports World

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I wrote about this issue on October 14, 2005: the Yemeni government recently entered into a 30-year contract for the port of Aden with its largest competitor, Dubai Ports International (D.P.I.). World Bank documents state that Dubai is in direct competition for container transshipment business with Aden…The majority owners of D.P.I. also are the managers of the Jabal Ali free zone in Dubai. D.P.I. will pay $83.5 million as a rent over 30 years for the Aden free zone, an area of 32 million square meters, effectively paying less than one penny per square meter in monthly rent. A Kuwaiti firm’s substantially higher tender was rejected in favor of D.P.I. As expected, DPI is raising birthing costs in port Aden, making Dubai port much more attractive to international shippers. Today’s news, Yemen’s Parliament begins a probe of the issue:

Yemen Post: Parliament approved on Saturday forming a panel to probe what MPs said were plans of the Dubai Ports World aimed at striking Aden Port, excluding it from providing services for ships and shifting international navigation route to Djiboutian and Dubai Ports.

The panel will comprise members of the Oil and Development and Transport and Communication Committees.
MPs urged to seriously address the issue of the port, which has already lost its prestige and significance as one of the old and strategic ports in the world due to irresponsible acts by the DP World.

MP Muhammad Abdu Saeed revealed that he had received a complaint from an international navigation company saying the consistently increasing fees for ship anchorage forced ships to redirect to Djibouti Port. He considered increasing the fees was aimed at striking Aden Prot through forcing ships to abandon it.

For his part, MP Ali Al-Maamari said Dubai World Ports is seeking to exclude Aden Port from international navigation route and switching the route to Djiboutian Port because the latter boosts the importance of Dubai Port. While MP Sakhr Al-Jeeh requested to turn who brought about the agreement between the government and the DP World to investigation.

Protests Across South Yemen Call on International Community

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ADEN, Sep 23, 2010 (AFP) – Thousands of supporters of Yemen’s Southern Movement demonstrated on Thursday ahead of a key meeting of the “Friends of Yemen” donors group in New York, local officials and witnesses said.
Prostestors in several cities, including the restive Loder, carried flags of former South Yemen and anti-North placards, the officials told AFP. Tribal sources estimated that 8,000 people, most of them carrying firearms, took part in the demonstration in Loder, shouting slogans against Yemeni unity.

Last month, Loder was the scene of fierce clashes between Yemeni forces and alleged Al-Qaeda militants as Sanaa charged that members of the Southern Movement fought alongside Al-Qaeda. A Southern Movement source told AFP his supporters “carried arms after the Yemeni army, which has been imposing a blockade on Loder since August, threatened to crush the demonstration.” (Read on …)

Five political prisoners in Dhalie

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In our Regional this address the issue of five young detainees from the Dali in the central prison in Mansoura Aden in the capital are:
1-Sayyaf Saleh Nasser Almoaker
2 – Alaa Seif al-jaoof
3 – Mohmmad Ali al-Obeidi
4 – Ali Mohsen Ali al-Hassani
5 – Nadhm Alobjar‬
Had been held nearly seven months in the city of Dalia, then deported to the capital of Aden, kept in the central prison was supposed to have been all of the various kinds of torture and forced many of them to sign the papers and records of achievement fake was referred for investigation to the prosecution and the charges of maliciously false, ensuring that a number of lawyers members of the Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights to defend them, lawyers Salam Jehafi Yahya Alsaglde, two lawyers, who remain seized of the case, said lawyer Abdul Salam Ahudaani for “Forum Juhav” earlier that the case file is available from the Attorney General in Aden, and that they (ie lawyers) seeking to launch the release of five detainees without trial by the decision of the presidential pardon and promises of release may be obtained. We contacted them where they live behind prison walls, and find them waiting for the moment of departure and return to their families and relatives

Al-Qaeda Attacks Strengthen Yemeni President Saleh: Editorial

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Bingo. Yemen Post

Government Hoping for more Qaeda Attacks in South

The more attacks in the south means that the international community will support Yemen’s unity, fearing that if separation takes place, the south could be an Al-Qaeda safe haven.
Every Al-Qaeda attack in the south comes with great relief for the government and more pain for those who call for separation. The government gains even more financial support from the international community as it is funding Yemen’s fight against extremism.
So, it seems like President Saleh is finally getting something his way.
The last three Al-Qaeda claimed attacks took place in less than a month, and in three different provinces in the south, first in Aden, then in Abyan and Shabwa. It seems to me as if the government is linked to the Al-Qaeda attacks as it is the only one benefiting from the attacks and losing nothing.
Yemen is trying to picture to the world that the south is the backbone of Al-Qaeda, as it is also the homeland for its leader Osama bin Laden.
We also need to remember that Anwar Awlaqi, a Yemeni American preacher is from the south of Yemen. He is now internationally wanted for terrorism related claims.
Yemen is receiving almost $500 million dollars annually from western countries to fight extremism.
So, from the south comes oil, gas, cement, international support to fight Al-Qaeda, a 2000 kilometer coastal line, and 2/3 the size of the current Yemen, which proves that the northern part would do anything in its power to keep Yemen united.
We do not believe any attacks will take place in northern Yemen anytime soon, while on the other hand, we will see another attack in a different part of the south, maybe Mukalla or Seiyun. Such attacks will convince the west that southern Yemen could never be an independent state if it’s goal is to fight Al-Qaeda.

Al Qaeda Issues Statement on Aden Prison Break Three Weeks Late, Proud to Have Killed 3 Women

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And they executed the police one by one.

AFP: Al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen claimed responsibility Sunday for a deadly June attack on the country’s intelligence headquarters in the southern port city of Aden.

“Brigades of Jamil Nasser al-Ambari stormed Aden’s intelligence headquarters and the result was killing not less than 24 officers and soldiers,” said a statement posted on militant websites. (Read on …)

Updates on the south: unrest continues after death in jail, 1500 arrested

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Unrest in southern governorates Yemen Times


ADEN, July 4 – Last week security forces released 23 of the 24 men who were arrested in Aden after being suspected of executing the attack against the political security building two weeks ago. The suspect who was not released is Ahmad Al-Darweesh, who died of his injuries the following day to his arrest. A funeral tent was erected by Al-Darweesh’s family to allow people to console them. (Read on …)

Saleh Hunts for al Qaeda: 21 protesters arrested, one dies in custody

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Al Jazeera

At least 30 people have been arrested in the Yemeni port city of Aden during a two-day hunt for suspected al-Qaeda operatives behind an attack on an intelligence building. More operations will continue in Saada province for suspected fighters, Yemen’s defence ministry said in a statement on Saturday. (Read on …)

Prisoner Dies in Police Custody in Aden Triggering Protests

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This appears to be the sequence of events: the storming of jail in Aden; round-up of suspected al-Qaida; protests; arrests; one dies in from an “asthma attack”; more protests. The people were not protesting the arrests of al-Qaeda suspects as the official media is suggesting. The southerners believe (true or not) the hunt for al-Qa’ida in Aden is a pretense in order to conduct security operations against secessionists. The assault on the jail may go back to some land theft scheme where al Qamish was cut out or that may just be an incidental side story. Its not al-Qaida’s first assault on the regime reflecting a new level of hostility as some suggest.

The National: Clashes renewed between the police and armed gangs after Friday prayers in Al-Saadah quarter in Yemen’s business capital of Aden, independent sources said.

Today’s confrontations were triggered by the death of a prisoner who was arrested when people took to streets on Thursday to protest mass arrests after Saturday’s deadly terrorist attack on the political security office in the province.

The cause of the death remained unclear.

Ahmed Al-Darwish was among about 9 people arrested in connection with the attack that the authorities said bore the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda.

Some reports noted that more than 20 arrests took place when police raided homes and carried out mass arrests in Al-Saadah and Alnasr quarters in Khour Maksar district known as hotbeds of armed outlaws and suspected terrorists.

Most of the arrested were suspected Al-Qaeda operatives, according to security sources. The raids triggered clashes between armed gangs and the police.

On Saturday, gunmen broke into the office in Al-Towahi city shooting bullets and detonating bombs at guards and civilians. Seven soldiers, three women and a child were killed and 15 others were injured.

A day later, the authorities said the mastermind of the attack had been arrested. He was identified as Ghawdal Muhammad Saleh Naji, who the authorities said was a terrorist.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry ordered the security forces to stay on heightened alert to face possible attacks and watch the southern coastline to prevent terrorists from infiltrating into the country.

Aden Free Zone Redefined

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Yemen Observer

The presidential committee for completing housing in Aden, Lahj and Abyan governorates disclosed a governmental approval on the geographical redefinition to the lands allocated to Aden Free Zone area activities.

The cabinet has recently agreed to correct its decision number 65 for the year 1993 for defining the lands allocated for the free zone activities, said News Yemen website. (Read on …)

Aden: 11 killed and 12 wounded as AQAP suspects escape Political Security prison

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Aden: 11 killed and 12 wounded
AQAP suspects set free from Political Security in Yemen

by Abdullah A. Qaid- For Armies of Liberation

Sana’a- 16 June- At least 11 were killed and 12 wounded Saturday morning in Aden, southern of Yemen, as unidentified gunmen attacked the Political Security office. Most of the dead people were soldiers.

The initial fingerprint of the operation is pointing to the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), security sources said.

About five gunmen wearing military uniforms stormed the security building in Attwahi with fired bullets and bombs that led to clashes inside the building.

During the attack, unknown numbers of prisoners suspected of being members of Al-Qaeda were set free by the operators, security source affirmed.

Although, the clash lasted for nearly half an hour, all the assailants together with the released prisoners escaped successfully.

Three women including the secretary of the director of the Political Security, along with a child was far from the Political Security, were among the dead persons.

The operation comes a day after a release by al-Qaeda threatened to ignite a fire under the earth what it called retaliation for the killing of women and children in Wadi Ubeeda of Marib.

The BBC correspondent in Sana’a quoted as a security source asked anonymity that the incident may come after collusion of security members within the political security.

The Attwahi district of Aden witnessed over the past months two explosions near the building of the Political Security and Television Broadcasting, in which the Director of the Political Security Attwahi and Al-Muala was killed.

According to Yemen News Agency (SABA), the Supreme Security Committee confirmed its intention to pursue the terrorist perpetrators and bring them to justice for their punishment and commended the cooperation of citizens in all provinces with the security services in calling upon everyone to report any presence of these misguided terrorist elements wherever they.


The Political Security building in Aden after today’s attack.

Update, AFP: They brought a bus. Witnesses also said the assailants “were seen leaving the building in a bus, taking people who had been detained there with them,” in what appeared to be a coordinated and well-planned operation.

Oh it just gets flakier and flakier: They all escaped in two cars with no prisoners after an hour of gun battles and RPG attacks. Another update: The local council denies and calls al Jazeera a liar.

(Read on …)

Police Storm Al Tariq, RSF says “What happens in Yemen is hallucinating,”

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I think President Saleh is hallucinating and US and European policy makers are in their own pipe dreams. Attariq publishes in the state run 14 October’s building. When al Hubaishi enters the 14 October building, he has some drummers and musicians precede him like he’s a king, seriously. And the two Bashraheel sons are still in jail.

SANA’A, Yemen: Soldiers stormed the building of 14 October, a national media company based in Al-Ma’ala, in the southern province of Aden, on the evening of 21 April in order to seize the latest issue of Al-Tariq, a daily newspaper it publishes. The building remained surrounded until yesterday morning. (Read on …)

3 of Khaled Abdul Nabi’s Group Arrested

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All of a sudden Nabi is al Qaeda again. Last year, he was leading a group of jihaddists for the state during the battle in Ja’ar. In the years before, state officials insisted he was a peaceful farmer and then that they captured him after a five year chase. In 2004, they reported al Nabi dead to the US. In 2005 (after Saleh visited Bush) Nabi was jailed and in an interview said that they were only jailed when the regime needed to use them as mercenaries against opposition of some sort or another.

AFP SANAA — Yemeni authorities arrested three alleged Al-Qaeda members accused of killing two policemen and blowing up an official’s vehicle in the southern province of Abyan, the defence ministry said Wednesday.

The three men, identified as Mujib Hafsah, Mohammed al-Bakawi and Mohammed Ismail, were arrested in the southern province of Aden on Sunday, the ministry’s news website said, citing a security source.

They are accused of blowing up the car of a local government official on April 19, while Bakawi and Ismail are also suspected of killing two policemen, the website said.

“During interrogations, the suspects admitted that they were appointed by Khaled Abdulnabi, a member of Al-Qaeda in Abyan province,” it said.

Abdulnabi was a leading member of the Aden-Abyan Islamic army, an armed group which was active in the south before it went into oblivion a few years ago.

Al Ayyam Staff to be Released?

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That would be very good.

France24: AFP – Yemeni authorities have reached agreement with management of the banned Al-Ayyam daily to free three detained staff members, the newspaper’s director told AFP on Wednesday.

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh met with Al-Ayyam staff members Tuesday and promised to ensure the trio would be freed, said the director, Bashraheel Hisham Bashraheel.

He named the three as Hani Hisham Bashraheel, Mohammed Hisham Bashraheel and Arhab Hassan Yassin. (Read on …)

Yemen Murdered 147 Southern Civilians Last Year

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The citizens killed range from age 18 months old to 70 years. For example, #36 this poor dude, Wadhah Husseen Ali, was shot in the head by security forces at a checkpoint a week after this photo was taken. They sought him out among the crowd. The opposition leadership vacuum in Yemen is not for lack of courage.

Wadhah Husseen Ali.bmp

I have the original PDF of the following report. It comes with photos, brutal photos. If anyone would like a copy, email me at

Illegal killing committed by the Yemeni occupation forces against the Southerners during the period of February 9, 2009 to February 9, 2010

Victims of the Massacre

Preparation and drafting: Awad Ali Haidarah

Introduction:This is the second report of its kind, which we issued on extra-Legal killing and political assassination by the Yemeni occupation forces against the southern civilians and activists. The first report covered the period from July 7, 1994 until February 9, 2009. It documented 215 murders and assassinations of political cases; including 13 children, 10 women, and 3 elderly. This report covers the period from February 9, 2009 to February 9, 2010. The report publication coincides with the celebration of Memorial Day on February 11. (Read on …)

Yemeni Government Says “40 Al Qaeda” Were in Al Ayyam Editors Home

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Such total garbage, but its a good example of how the Yemeni government spins every event for the western audience.

Free Media : VIENNA, 7 Jan. 2010: The arrest on 6 January of the editor and publisher of Yemen’s Al-Ayyam newspaper, Hisham Bashraheel, has reinforced concerns that Yemen’s high-profile clampdown on militants is being used as a pretext to further suppress media freedom. (Read on …)

Yemen Arrests Editor after Strafing Civil Rights Demonstrators

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Saleh has a blank check to target his domestic opposition with violence and the judiciary. Odds on how soon Yemeni authorities will try to re-package it as a counter-terror raid?

SANAA- Yemen police Wednesday arrested the owner and editor of the main southern newspaper, Al-Ayyam, following clashes between police and armed guards of the banned daily, a security official said.

Hisham Bashraheel, 66, was taken into custody over clashes since Monday in which a policeman and a guard were killed and seven people were wounded, the official said from the southern city of Aden. (Read on …)

16 Year Old Suicide Bomber Wandering Aden?

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Sounds hokey, hopefully its a false report, not that I would expect less of al Qaeda than to send a boy to murder himself and others to further their imperrialsit agenda. Now with the threat in Aden, Saleh can blame all the raids, checkpoints and round ups on the hunt for the boy. I wonder if they will say he was at the compound of al Ayyam newspaper that they they shot up and set fire to last night…

DUBAI — Counter-terrorism authorities are said to be hunting for a 16-year-old boy from northern Yemen suspected of having been recruited by Al Qaeda to be a homicide bomber at one of five foreign targets in the southern port city of Aden, according to Western sources close to Yemeni security officials. (Read on …)

Dubai World, Aden Port Operator, Unable to Pay Debts

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BBC: Assets (of Dubai World) include DP World, which caused a storm when trying to take over six US ports (and operates Aden Port.)

DPI corporate page here. Kuwait had a better bid than Dubai for Aden Port, but Dubai World got the contract, which was heavily weighed in their favor initially and even after the contract’s revision. But with DWI currently unable to pay its debts, development at Aden Port may stall. There is an the ongoing strike at Aden port for more than a year, prompted by DWI’s unfair labor practices. I have a copy of DWI’s employment contract and it allows for arbitrary dismissals among other discriminatory actions. DWI has called for the dismissal of union leaders. DWI took control of container operations in November 2008.

Yahoo: DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – A top Dubai finance official said the emirate fully expected fallout from its debt problems and assured foreign creditors that Dubai World’s request to postpone payment on some of its $60 billion in debt was “carefully planned.” (Read on …)


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