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Hardamout Tribal Confederacy rejects any corrupt deal with Nexen to settle environmental damage case

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Update: also read this older news report (Ar) on the toxic lake in Shabwa

HTC statement: An Important Statement for Public Opinion: a Nasty Deal against Hadramout Made by RoY and Nexen Oil Company Regarding a Pollution Case.

Our reliable sources have revealed that there is a nasty compromising deal against Hadramout between the Republic of Yemen (RoY), represented by the Ministry of Oil and Minerals, and Canadian Nexen Company, the former operator of sector 14 in Gail Bin Yamain (Masila). The deal is to settle the issue of environmental pollution caused by Nexen in Gail Bin Yamain and its surroundings as a result of a case brought to the International Court in France for nearly two years by a group of Hadrami engineers and experts in the field of oil and the environment who raised and followed up this issue and formed a pressure on the RoY till a case was submitted to this International Court. The RoY has hired Clyde, a law firm, to plead on behalf of RoY.

A tender has been developed for specialized companies in the detection, examination and assessing the status of Oil wells (Audit) if they are in good conditions. Two companies have applied to this tender and they are 1- Intytech Inc. and 2- United Safety. The second firm was technically unqualified therefore it was excluded, and Intytech Inc. was chosen. But it seems that this choice was disliked and rejected by the Oil Mafia in Sanaa which canceled the subject of examination and assessing the status of Oil wells (Audit) permanently fearing of accusing Canadian Nexen Company which is their partner in plundering the wealth of Hadramout and causing pollution in the region.

In last Ramadan, Clyde, the law firm, has sent an expert in the field of pollution at its own expenses accompanied by a female lawyer of Clyde to Hadramout. This expert submitted a report and confirmed to the people who are interested in the case that the pleadings in the case will start in the month of August of 2014. Due to all of this momentum, Canadian Nexen felt the danger of this case and rushed, through its agents represented by Oil Mafia in Sanaa, to push towards an agreement on an illegal deal to close this case.

Unfortunately, Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals, Dr. Ahmed Basireeh (Hadrami) has been sent to the French capital Paris on 30/08/2014 to settle this issue. This was published as an officially news (government delegation heading to France to resolve disputed issues with Canadian Nexen the former operator of sector 14 and the delegation was headed by Deputy Oil Minister Dr. Ahmad Basireeh). The delegation team included the Ministry of Oil and Minerals and Petromasila Company, the current operator of the sector 14. The strange thing is that Petromasila sent a person who is not a Hadrami and was not one of the engineers or specialists in the oil fields, and he is a Warehouse Manger in the company!!

If this deal is compromised, people of Hadramout are in deep troubles after the things are revealed to everyone as the local proverb explains it: The Guard is the Thief. They have to act as quickly as possible to condemn this disregard of their lives and their environment and to reject any settlement in this case.

We are in Hadramout Tribes Confederacy (HTC) definitely reject any settlement of this issue with Canadian Nexen, and any other issues pertaining to Hadramout only with the knowledge of all Hadrami’s. We are calling upon all of Hadrami’s- scientists, politicians, academicians, engineers, journalists, writers and civil society organizations and all the people of Hadramout to quickly move and stop what is going on and reject it and form a strong pressure on all levels.

We also warn the Canadian Nexen company to stop being manipulative in the case which condemns it and cannot escape it. We also reject its illegal agreements with the Oil Mafia and we consider these agreements invalid and we will prosecute them on these crimes committed against Hadramout. We call on Brother President Hadi to quickly stop the manipulation of what is happening to Hadramout and its human issues. We will let the entire world know what is happening in Hadramout from suppression and killing of its most important issues.

Issued By

Hadramout Tribes Confederacy (HTC).

6th of September 2014.

Update: Government responds , says not settling case: Tuesday, 09-September -2014

Sana’a / Sheba
An official source at the Ministry of Oil and Minerals, the issue of environmental pollution with Canadian Nexen in front of international justice and there is no negotiation.
source explained in a statement (SABA) that the issue of environmental pollution resulting from the activity of the operator’s former sector 14 (Nexen) has been referred to eliminate before more than two years of arbitration in which after the rejection of Nexen reached to compensate for environmental impacts resulting from the activity of the company at that time and the arbitration proceedings ongoing and there is no negotiation in this regard between the ministry and the company and the issue raised before the judiciary.
confirmed that the Ministry of Oil and Minerals and the government will not give up its legitimate rights to compensation project under consideration before the international justice now.
said Source: The ministerial delegation, including the people of the province and the sons of the National Company (Petromcilh) will not be in any day against the interest of the people of the region, but work very hard to protect the rights and interests of the people of the concession area and the nation are year and are optimistic about the integrity of the international court to rule in favor of Yemen in the case of interest to all citizens. ”
and pointed out that the visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Oil and Minerals to Paris come in order to complete financial settlements existing and pending with Canadian Nexen Petroleum Yemen Ltd. operator former Sector 14 in Petromcilh and not to negotiate in the case of environmental pollution.
source explained that the delegation under the supervision of chartered accountant firm Deloitte & Touche task was to complete the financial settlement of the matters pending with Nexen in the field of customs data outstanding tax returns non-updated and cost recoveries and not in the case of pollution Albei..lavta that this chore is with the oil companies after reviewing their records through the legal references.
called source media and websites to the need to investigate the credibility and to seek information from their sources before publishing incorrect information ..mbdia his willingness to meet with people in the region for further clarification about the course of the case.

“Brigade 27 Mika (Mechanical) is the Octopus of Smuggling and Terrorism in Hadramout, Yemen”

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Update: This article (which I did not write) is reprinted from the Hadramout Tribal Coalition website and can be found at

The following article asserts that significant parts of the Yemeni military in Hadramout simultaneously operate as an organized crime syndicate and an incubator for al Qaeda. The configuration is not unusual in Yemen where military fiefdoms spawn local tyrants, loyal jihaddis and unchecked smuggling networks. While some vital security sector reforms have been instituted, like biometric identity cards, dislodging these nodes of criminality is essential to integrating the entire military within an overt command and control structure focused on the security of Yemeni citizens.

Brigade 27 Mika (Mechanical) is the Octopus of Smuggling and Terrorism in Hadramout

Hadramout has not experienced any kind of smuggling such as drug trafficking, arms smuggling and human trafficking in its history like it has now. Unfortunately, Hadramout became unable to maintain its well known a safe and a security place and great values anymore, and it became the home of all kinds of smugglings. Due to Hadramout’s position and to its wide borders, it was and still used to be the station of smuggling into neighboring countries. With time expansion, another task was added to Hadramout which is converting it into an incubator for armed groups (Al-Qaeda) to serve the main purpose of the Big Mafia in the Republic of Yemen (RoY).

The beginning of this story goes back to the 1994 war and the arrival of the armed groups of Mujahedeen to Hadramout coast, who took part against the war on communism (Southern Forces). This decision was taken by the ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh and Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, his brother from a different father, through recruiting those Mujahedeen and they were officially numbered and turn them into a brigade called Brigade 27 Mika ( Mika means Mechanical). Staff Gen. of this brigade since its start is Abdulaziz Makaleh Al Zindani(عبدالعزيز المقالح الزنداني ), one of Al-Qaeda militants and a cousin of Sheikh Abdul Majeed al-Zindani(عبد المجيد الزنداني). With the establishment of this brigade, smuggling and terrorism were strongly started. Its network was strongly developed since then, and is threaded from the coast of Hadramout all the way to the neighboring countries, and even inside some of neighboring territory.

The Brigade 27 Mika site is not in one place, but it spreads gradually from the coast and all the way to the neighboring countries to secure the borders for mainly smuggling and terrorism!! The Brigade 27 Mika consists of five battalions, and they are located in strategic positions with functions as follows:

1- Coast Guard Battalion: It is the one that insures all landings of contraband materials from outside RoY, and it secures all the smuggling of fuel and crude oil from Hadramout by ships to the international black market.

2- Battalion 4: a battalion stationed in the Al Dabah area(الضبه), the official crude oil export port. This battalion led by Mujahid Alkotaiba (مجاهد القطيبي) and it is the smuggling and terrorism operation room. It coordinates with local smugglers, some Local Fish Associations, and international smugglers; and it also protect trafficking along the pipeline into the valley.

3- Oil Companies Protection Battalion: This battalion has 2 tasks: the first one is to protect the collection of illegal dues from the oil companies which is amounted about a quarter of a billion dollars a year; and this amount goes directly to the Oil Mafia as cost of protection, as many press and government reports mentioned this many times, without being remitted to the state treasury. The second task is to secure the lines of smuggling in the middle of the valley and make sure they are not exposed to the obstacles. The person in charged of this battalion is Mohammad Qahm (محمد القحم) regardless of the change of the well know and the highly corrupted battalion commander in a year or so, i.e. Ahmed Al Tharab( ‏احمد الضراب).

4. TOTAL Protection Battalion: TOTAL contributes part of strengthening this network, intentionally or unintentionally, through forming alliance with the traditional power and Oil Mafia to protect them and thus protect the smuggling network.

5. Al Suwairi (السويري) Battalion: This battalion was initially created as a training camp for the Mujahedeen and for the returnees from Afghanistan which follows Ali Mohsen Al Ahmar commands directly. Later on, this Mujahedeen camp was turned into a Mujahedeen battalion which follows Brigade 27 Mika.

The elimination of the smuggling and terrorism threats to Hadramout and to neighboring countries starts with the removing of Brigade 27 Mika away from Hadramout and the dismissal of the battalion’s effective leaders of Brigade 27 and other effective members and Mujahedeen.

By Mohammed Al Haddar

Hadramout tribes warn oil companies against corrupt practices, environmental disasters

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Essentially they are demanding equal access to work as well as the remedying of environmental damage, but the Sanaa oil mafia is very powerful and the foreign companies (TOTAL and DNO) know it:

Warning for Oil Companies

Hadramout Tribes Confederacy (HTC) warns oil companies operating in Hadramout to give any future contracts or duties have been already given to contractors from the concession areas or from Hadramout or outside Hadramout; except for work to remove the remains of the pollution caused by the oil pipeline explosion which damages the local community and the environment.

If this procedure is meant to fulfill one of HTC’s demands, it is not acceptable to be implemented in this way without the knowledge of HTC and without the coordination with HTC. Oil companies have called some contractors from the concession areas, but did not call other contractors, to Sana’a who were given improper and non transparent work contracts. Maybe these contracts were given to concession areas’ contractors in an oblique manner with previous settlement with old influential contractors to continue their business but with Hadrami faces;and this is meant to cause conflict among contractors from Hadramout.

That is why HTC strongly refuses contracts, whether they are already given contracts or potential ones, to be given in this suspicious manner. At least it should be coordinated with HTC to implement one of its demands and to distribute it equally and transparently among local contractors; in order to stop improper agreements imposed on local contractors and protect their rights, and not being blackmailed by the Oil Mafia in Sana’a.

Based on this, HTC alerts these companies to retreat from these improper methods otherwise they have to bear the responsibility of what may result out of it.

Issued by:
Hadramout Tribes Confederacy (HTC)
15th of April, 2014.

More from the HTC:

Hadramout Tribes Confederacy (HTC) official website issued PR No. 50 on 9th of April 2014 regarding urging Hadrami people to take responsibilities

HTC PR talks of the intended escalation of violence in Hadramout carried by Republic of Yemen (RoY) forces and other groups like what happen in Al Shehar city by shooting civilians and governmental services premises by RoY forces; and shooting in a crazy way at the street of Mukalla and hit the head of Mukalla central Jail by RoY forces.

The PR mentions many incidents which took place in the past few days, from the date of the PR, in Hadramout like killing of innocent people, kidnapping, shooting, threatening by official forces or gangs that are supported by frivolous influential groups.

HTC calls all members of the Hadrami community whether they are working in the government or others to stand united against such lawlessness campaign against Hadramout and its people. It also warns influential groups who wage such campaign and that HTC will not keep quiet about it.

You may need to refer to HTC website (link provided below) for more details in Arabic Language:

Assassin arrested in Yemen

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(Via Twitter) @BaFana3 Developing story in #Yemen : Man arrested for failed bid to kill judge in #Hadhramaut admits he killed 28 others. Who does he work for?


It was really an usual news to hear that a security guy in the Republic of Yemen RY shoot the assassin who was chasing him in the street of Sana’a on the 12th of March 2014; and the assassin was sent to the near by hospital to rescue him. On the same day, another assassin who was trying to kill a judge in the city of Sayoon, i.e. the biggest city in the Valley of Hadramout, was caught as well with others!! Wow very impressive!! Two days later 3 assassin’s were caught in Aden, i.e the capital of the former state in South before 1990.

Lets talk about each case with some details provided from news by public and officials!!

Sayoon Case:
Judge Adana Al Hamid survived miraculously an assassination attempt by Fua’ad Ba Naseeb, the assassin, but the other(s) 1 OR 2 with him was (or were) kept uncovered!!

later on, a “high authority” in Sana’a were insisting to transfer the assassin, i.e. Fua’ad Ba Naseeb, to Sana’a for investigation!! however, the security people in Sayoon refused it at once and insisted to carry the investigation in Hadramout which was welcomed by President Hadi. More news were coming day after day, the officials in Hadramout said they have very valuable information about a call the assassin received regarding the assassination attempt but the ID of the caller was uncovered. Moreover, the authorities in Hadramout mentioned that they arrested 3 who are related to assassination in Hadramout without mentioning names.

Just late last night, the assassin, i.e. Fua’ad Ba Naseeb, admitted that he fired 4 bullets and he hided the gun in Syaoon International Football field. In addition, 2 names came in the investigation one is called “Al Katheeri”!! and the 3rd is called ” Hassan B” but he is not captive!!

Aden Case:

The official news paper Al Jamhoriah mentioned that Judge Mohammed Ahmed Al Shagdari survived an assassination attempt on14th of March 2014 by a group of people while a Political Security PSO guy. i.e. Tariq Sharaf, was passing by the crime scene and exchanged fire with the group and he was killed while injured one attacker whose name is Marwan Mohammed Al Jokar. The other 2, who were arrested later on, are Redwan Ahmed Al Jokar and Sami Kasim ben Kasim. However, NO updates since the day of the indecent!!!!!

Sana’a Case:
On 12th of March 2014, around noon time, an assassin was chasing an officer from PSO but the officer managed to shoot and injure OR kill the assassin who was taken to the near by hospital. The scene was near Coffee Trader area next to Al Khaimah restaurant. No news about the name of the PSO officer or the assassin, and whether he was killed or injured. Everything was kept so uncovered since the indecent and NO updates about what so ever in the news!!!

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Ghalib Al Qamish was appointed as an ambassador after 33 years of being the head of PSO along with Mr. Abdual kader Kahtan, former minister of interior, on the 7th of March 2014.

Update: People in Hadramout are highly interacting with the arrested assassin, i.e. Fua’ad Ba Naseeb, case.

More news are leaked from the investigation room, and more names are discoverer day after day. While a “High Authority” in Sana’a is demanding to transfer him to Sana’a for “Full investigation”, people in Hadramout calling to keep him in Sayoon to uncover all details to the public and to the families of victims as they already know that if he is transferred to Sana’a he will be killed and the case will be closed. A similar case in Sana’a happened at the same day, i.e. 12th of March 2014, and NO news of it at all which makes the calls to investigate Fua’ad Ba Naseeb in Sana’a so fishy. Therefore, there is a big movement among the community in Hadramout to stop the “transfer” to Sana’a and proposals like forming human wall around the lockup place of Fua’ad Ba Naseeb are proposed.

Most, if not all, pro Islah news outlets are accusing Hirak of doing it and suggesting Fua’ad Ba Naseeb being part of Hirak. No one heard of him being of Hirak at all, and his political views are not met with Hirak. If he was with Hirak, then some of Fua’ad Ba Naseeb victims would pro Islah members in Hadramout!! instead, his victims were anti-Oil Mafia and anti-terrorism; while Islah members, Oil Mafia members and fanatics remain untouched for the past 3 years!!!!

Weapons, from same

The Military Police seized 2 trucks, one is of Mercedes brand and the other is of Dyna Toyota brand, full of weapons and explosives were heading to Shabwah!!

The 2 trucks were caught last Tuesday by a military check point and kept at Brigade 27 Mechanical for some days for negotiation which resulted into “royalty payment” of 4 million Yemeni Riyals.

The military check point told the Military Police which seized all of it after the release from Brigade 27 Mechanical. Some news say the loads were unloaded to the General Security Camp in Hadramout.

It has been said that these consignments belong to Mohammed Ali Mohsen (not the son of the famous Ali Mohsen) who is the Yemeni Military attache in Doha now, and he was Pro Ali Mohsen during 2011 against the ousted Saleh when he was the head of the Eastern Military Zone which was based in Hadramout!!! Some suggested that this action comes into escalation of violence game in Hadramout by big players.

It is worth mentioning that this news comes after an indecent of “Al Qaidah” seizing a big weapons consignment, approximatly 10 days ago, between Marib and Hadramout which was coming from Hadramout!! and the number of “Al Qaidah” who seized it were ONLY 2!! very brave ones wow.

You may need to refer to the links below for more details:

Whats old is new again.

The following from the new website, Hadramout Tribes Confederacy HTC, at The site, in addition to reporting Hadramout news and publishing official HTC press releases in Arabic, translates the press releases and news into English for distribution via email. Use their contact button to get on the English mailing list. Here is the press release from the HTC 3/13/14:

Proclamation No. 38
An extended meeting of Hadramout Tribes Confederacy was held this morning, Thursday the 13th of March 2014, which was attended by all tribal leaders and chiefs of Hadramout. This meeting was held in order to discuss and take a decision regarding the verdict to be issued by the Confederacy on the date set in accordance with the agreement concluded between the Confederacy’s leadership and the committee headed by Brother the Governor of Hadramout when part of the compensatory amends were delivered.

The atmosphere of the meeting was permeated by commitment and concern for the demands of the people of Hadramout in accordance with the Confederacy’s proclamations and the Presidential instructions issued by Brother, the President. During the meeting, extensive study was made of the new developments in Hadramout as manifested by the vicious attack on the people of Assay’ar tribe during yesterday and today and the large military reinforcements which arrived at Arrayyan airport yesterday and which are indicative of the intent of the influential forces and robbers of Hadramout resources for escalation and sabotage of the efforts aimed at the implementation of the demands of the people of Hadramout which were taken up and adopted by Hadramout tribes Confederacy. In this meeting, the following decisions were taken:

1. Deferment of the issue of the verdict by Hadramout Tribes Confederacy until the following conditions are met within ten days from today:
A. Completion of the delivery of the rest of the pledges ordered by Brother the President consisting of one milliard Yemeni riyals to the leader of Hadramout Tribes Confederacy and for which the minister for local administration was commissioned and in accordance with the conditions of the arbitrator that signed by the said minister and the instructions of Brother the President to the Prime Minister to commission Brother the Governor of Hadramout to implement what has been agreed upon with the said minister.
B. Cessation of the aggression against Assay’ar tribe and the immediate release of Lieutenant colonel Bin Rameedan and the rest of the detainees from Assay’ar tribe.
C. Putting a stop to the military reinforcements that have been pouring into Hadramout.
D. The return to their homes of the people of Abdullah Gharib village and Ash-Shihr city who were forced from their homes.
E. Removal of the Central security personnel at the Abdullah Gharib Checkpoint who were responsible for forcing the residents of the village from their homes and for provocations of the passers by the checkpoint and their replacement by security personnel from the people of Hadramout.
F. Immediate commencement of the implementation process of the Presidential instructions to the Prime Minister relative to the demands of the Confederacy in accordance with a timetable that would be a proof of the state’s credibility; and in case of impediments those responsible must be identified and brought to account.

2. Every tribe must send ten people fully equipped and with a Shases vehicles to the Confederacy’s headquarters in Ghail bin Yameen for distribution at joint checkpoints of the Confederacy.

3. Preparing a list of the remaining demands about which no Presidential instructions were given and to follow up contacts with Brother the President in order to issue such instructions.

4. The Confederacy stresses the necessity of the continuation of the popular uprising in Hadramout by all the people and tribes of Hadramout and its strengthening until all demands have been met in accordance with the proclamations issued by the Confederacy.

Issued by
Hadramout Tribes Confederacy.
March 13, 2014

Hadramout Tribes Statement #2, regarding impending civil insurrection, dtd 12/15/13

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The statement in sum rejects the legitimacy of the central government and takes on self-rule. The Hadramouti Popular Movement (HPM) derives its legitimacy from the assent of the people as expressed through their tribal representatives.

The statement calls for Hadramoutis to boycott of central government jobs. It announces the launch of the Hadramouti Popular Movement on 12/20, and its structure. The HPM’s goal is to retain local control of “land and wealth.” Corruption in the oil industry has far reaching impacts across Yemen. Both the central government and international community lack the political will, and perhaps capacity, to undermine the upper echelon of the black economy.

The tipping point was the death of Sheikh bin Harish and six tribesmen during a confrontation with soldiers at a checkpoint on December 2. The tribes’ statement number was posted here earlier.

The HPM will establish semi-autonomous governance structures including security entity to protect residents and foreigners. The statement calls for all southerners to participate in his or her own area of Hadramout, ie-instead of overtly folding itself into the southern movement, the statement calls on southern activists to incorporate themselves into the HPM.

The statement also appeals for material support from abroad, a specific technical phrase in English laden with meaning (and legal ramifications in the west), which may be the result of the linguistic sophistication of the translator. There are many Hadramoutis involved in business and commerce across the world, a legacy of the Silk Road.

Update: Wow. The tribal uprising in Hadramout is invigorating, unifying and mobilizing the entire Southern Movement. One unifying grievance, oil corruption. The (expression of broad support) through out the south is scheduled for December 20. Maybe Hadi’s efforts (see below) will short circuit the momentum.

Press Release by the Alliance of Hadramout Tribes
Representatives of Hadrami tribes, headed by the Alliance of Hadramout
Tribes, have met in the Wadi Nahib in Gail Bin Yamin on Sunday 15 /
December / 2013. The meeting was held to discuss how to work on the
implementation and success of the comprehensive Popular Movement,
which was agreed on at Alliance of Hadramout Tribes last meeting that
took place in the Wadi of Nahib in Gail Bin Yamin on Tuesday, 10 /
December / 2013, for all Hadhrami in the countryside and the urban.
It was agreed by representatives of Hadramout tribes in this meeting
on the formation of the presidency of the Alliance by representatives
of all the tribes and to be headed by Al Homoom representative; and
specialized committees have been formed as the following:

1 – Security Committee.

2 – Coordination and communication Committee.

3 – Media committee.

4 – Finance Committee.

And agreed on the following appeals:

1 – All Hadrami have to be united and unite their word to launch
Popular Movement which will be covering all of Hadramout at the same
time, and everyone in his/her own area, which will be launched
according to its agreed schedule on Friday 20/ December/2013 to enable
the people of Hadramout to control over their land and wealth.

2 – It was agreed that Alliance of Hadramout Tribes is the primary
reference for all the people of Hadramout including employees in
government departments and that applies as well to oil companies
operating in Hadramout.

3 – A call for all political and civil society organizations in the
cities to organize the Popular Movement and to form Popular Escorts to
maintain security and to maintain public, private properties, and
maintain various services of citizens.

4 – A call for religious scholars and imams of mosques to direct their
messages to support the Popular Movement.

5 – A call for all people of Hadramout who work in the top level of
the government, the House of Representatives, the Shura Council, the
members of the National Dialogue Conference, military leaders as well
as members of Local Councils in Hadramout to suspend their work
starting from the Popular Movement.

6 – Alliance of Hadramout Tribes reassures all foreign experts and
foreign workers in the various oil companies and other firms in
Hadramout that they are our guests and they are not targeted by us; as
well as residents in Hadramout .

7 – We highly appreciate the positions of all Southerns, and we want
them to participate actively in the comprehensive Popular Movement,
everyone in his/her area as in Hadramout.

8 – Appeal to the regional and international communities, human rights
organizations, and international organizations to positively interact
to support our just cause.

9 – Appeal to the people of Hadramout at home and abroad to provide
material and moral support for the success of this just cause.

This is what has been agreed upon and God grant us success.

Issued by:
Presidency meeting of Alliance of Hadramout Tribes
Wadi of Nahib in Gail Bin Yamin
on Sunday 15 / December / 2013

Update 2: Mediation begins in standard fashion

News of the Yemeni Revolution

NYR | The Yemeni Government started a tribal mediation process with the families of Radaa, whom there relatives have been killed on Thursday in a drone strike.

The Government paid the amount of 30 million Yemeni Rials (Around 150 Thousand USD), and put a 100 AKs to start a mediation process – which is a tribal tradition done in Yemen to start a mediation that usually ends up by issuing a public apology and paying compensation money.

The tribes of Qaifah blocked the main road of Radaa yesterday, protesting the drone strike on their village.

The Military committee formed to investigate the incident said that there were AQ members amongst the wedding convey, while the mediation said that the Government acknowledges it was a mistake, probably done due to wrong intelligence.

Update 3: YafaNews: President Abdrabo Mansoor responds to the Hadramout tribes ultimatum by offering an independent federal state which will practically mean dividing South Yemen into two federal states (Eastern and Western) and latest official statement (ar) Hadramout demands here

Hadramout tribes issue statement upon the killing of Sheikh Harish

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Report on the outcome of the tribal gathering in response to the killing of Sheik Harish demands a reckoning and addresses long standing issues of contention including security checkpoints and the distribution of oil jobs and revenue.

Huge crowds of Hadrami head of tribes, tribes, representative of
political Hadrami groups, Hadrami social figures, and others have
gathered on 10/12/2013 at “Wadi Nahib” in “Gail Ben Yamin” directorate
in Hadramout governorate to discuss actions to be taken after the
assassination of Sheikh Sa’ad Ben Habreesh of Al Homoom tribe. The
crowd agreed on the following:

1- The killing of Sheikh Sa’ad Bin Ahmed Bin Habreeh Al Homoomi is
considered a crime within several crimes committed by the Yemeni
regime in the governorate of Hadramout, demanding the local
authorities to hand over the killers of the Sheikh Al Homoomi and
those who supported them to get their fair punishment.

2- The cancellation of all military points from all over the
governorate of Hadramout in the coast and in the valley; and handover
all security issues of the governorate, i.e. Hadramout, to the people
of Hadramout.

3- Handover the Oil Companies Protection Forces in the governorate of
Hadramout to the Hadrami people.

4- The gathering have called for an endless escalation and popular
movement starting from 20/12/2013, if the regime doesn’t respond to
the above requests, until a full control of the governorate of
Hadramout by Hadrami people.

5- The funeral of the martyr Sa’ad Bin Habreeh is on the coming Friday
after the Aser prayer at directorate of “Gail Ben Yamin”.

Many ways to go on this depending on where you start from:
1- Necessity of training security forces, establishing command and control, localization
2- Importance of establishing accountability and conflict resolution mechanisms (Whoops, everybody still has immunity.)
3- Demonstrates the difficulty of carrying out ground CT ops in Yemen
4- Demonstrates Defense Ministry’s continuing knee jerk propensity toward calling all opposition, especially dead opposition, “AQAP”. (See YT below.) The Defense Ministry retracted the accusation, not because it was untrue and it was untrue, but because the errant label would have further inflamed the tribesmen; however the entire western media and half of US intel would have bought it hook, link and sinker. And to be fair, it is the US’s formal policy to classify all Yemeni men 16 or older killed in drone strikes as “suspected AQ” and count it as a win.
5- Importance of tribal ties and identity when the state (and its basic services) are absent
6- In the absence of a trusted, or even a rudimentary, judicial system, the importance of tribal negotiations and their ability to defuse volatile situations
7- The nearness of Yemeni tribal norms to democratic norms of self rule, consensus as demonstrated by the meeting itself
8- In the absence of democracy, the ability of the citizen to pressure the state to remedy injustices through the tribe
9- Continuing sense of deep injustice over natural resources (stemming from vast corruption) and a sense of arbitrary punitive state interventions
10- Jobs, everybody needs jobs
11- This is how Yemeni movements are made, a spark in the tinder of burning resentment


SANA’A, Dec. 4—New reports of armed clashes between state forces and alleged Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) emerged Wednesday morning in the Ghail Bawzeer district in Hadramout, according to officials. There were no reported deaths or injuries.

There are security personnel stationed all over the governorate, the Interior Ministry previously told the Yemen Times.

In Ghail Bawzeer, residents have been warned not to go out at night, said Mohammed Bawzeer, the editor-in-chief of the local Shibam Public Newspaper.

“Residents are dissatisfied with the presence of armed men and security forces. There is panic because of repetitive clashes and shootings,” he said.

“The entirety of Hadramout is tense,” said Colonel Hussein Hashim, the security manager of Sayoun in Hadramout.

A security analyst, Mohammed Al-Khalid, said efforts toward an ongoing security campaign in Hadramout will not be successful because it’s not comprehensive. He says those targeted by it—mostly AQAP affiliates—will continue to jump from one area to the next.

Elsewhere in the governorate, in the aftermath of a security campaign in Al-Shehr city that began two weeks ago, dozens of houses were destroyed. The city remains under a 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew.

Markets close at 7:00 p.m., Mohammed Al-Qahoom, a local resident said. Everyone is doing their shopping in the morning, he added.

On Monday in Sayoun, another believed AQAP stronghold in Hadramout (ed- Sayoun as AQAP stronghold hotly disputed by some), Sheikh Sad Bin Harish, the head of Hadramout’s tribal federation in Sayoun, was killed by state forces at a checkpoint right outside the city.

According to local officials, Harish, who was travelling with bodyguards refused to hand over weapons his convoy was carrying at the checkpoint. Officials say Harish’s men fired first and a gun battle ensued. Seven, including Harish, were killed in the clashes and four injured, according to Hashim.

The Defense Ministry’s website published a statement immediately following the incident, saying that Habrish was a member of Al-Qaeda. Later, the ministry retracted the statement and apologized to tribes in Hadramout.

But as many predicted it seems Habrish’s fellow tribesmen may seek revenge against the state for his death.

Hashim said the situation in the city remains tense and that security forces are expecting armed men in the area to mobilize.

Sabri Masoud, the head of Haq Organization for Human Rights in Seyon, said security forces have withdrawn from four security checkpoints to avoid clashes. Hashim did not confirm this. But, Masoud says tribesmen are coming from districts outside of Sayoun to avenge the sheikh’s death.

“They are coming to Seyon to agree on how to respond to Habrish’s murder,” he said.

More here SadaAden and here AdenLife (Ar). Some southerners are characterizing the statement as pro-secessionist, however some Hadramoutis want their own state as in country. The federal option still seems viable in theory but the transitional central government has not engendered broad trust despite some intermittent gestures of reconciliation and is still viewed as an occupation. Nothing can be achieved without financial transparency and elite accountability, otherwise its just a better dressed mafia that’s stealing the money.

Al Hikma in Hadramout prepares for courses

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Some things are proceeding as per usual, al Hikma always runs camps for kids and adults. At least somebody is getting the kids off the streets, but the kids are likely getting indoctrinated in Salafi precepts. One long standing issue is that Zaidis say the public school religious curriculum is skewed against their beliefs and leans Salafi, and many want to send their children to private school for that reason.

FNA 19.09.12 Activities of al-Hikma Society, Salafis in Hadhramawt: Al-Hikma Society in Hadhramawt is looking forward to establishing 200 summer centers, starting with a seminar on how to manage a camp, said Ahmed Bahrag. (Read on …)

Gunbattle, explosions in Mukallah, Hadramout

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Large explosion at BWASH TOW at Mukalla Hadramot, and ongoing fighting around the Central Security camp. Locals say it started in the morning and is still ongoing: Update, English:

Yemen Post: Three Yemeni soldiers of the Central Security were killed and several others were wounded in a blast that targeted a commander of the Central Security in Al-Mukala of Hadhramout governorate on Sunday, local sources affirmed.

The sources said that violent clashes between soldiers of the Central Security and unknown armed men followed the explosion, pointing out that the situations are still intense, particularly around a military of the Central Security inAl-Mukla. (Read on …)

AQAP’s Saed Al Shihri killed in Yemen?

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Update: Two US officials confirm. Update 2: Interior Ministry has no info, may be another disinformation job on the US media.

Original: Interesting. Frequently through the years, at politically sensitive moments like before 9/11 or USS Cole anniversaries, the Yemeni government announces a major CT coup that turns out later to be false. So time will tell on this one. Its the fourth fifth time that the Yemeni DOD has announced Saed al Shihri was killed. The fourth time al Shihri was reported killed was Feb 2011, at the outset of the rev against the Saleh regime. It could be true though. There’s somewhat better odds since its a US drone strike, but then again the US is far from infallible as the recent airstrike on a minibus of civilians demonstrates. The minibus was following the targeted vehicle in al Baydah.

From the 26 Sept: Saeed al-Shihri, who was the Saudi national and the second in command of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was killed on Tuesday in a qualitative operation carried out by the security forces in Wadi Hadramout, a senior official told 26 September Net. The official said that six al-Qaeda leaders accompanying him were also killed.

AP: SANAA, Yemen – Yemeni officials say an airstrike has killed al-Qaida’s No. 2 leader in Yemen along with five others traveling with him in one car.

The Defense Ministry officials say Monday’s attack killed the deputy, Saudi national Saeed al-Shihri, as he left a house in the southern Hadramawt province.

They say the missile was believed to have been fired by a U.S. operated drone. The U.S. doesn’t usually comment on such attacks but has used drones in the past to go after al-Qaida members in Yemen.

Related: Yemeni President Hadi says the government officials help al Qaeda. Good, its true and has been true for more than a decade:

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Yemen’s president says some tribal chiefs and government officials are helping al-Qaida fighters hide after the military defeated the militants in the country’s south.

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi says “there are tribal chiefs and senior officials who are covering-up for al-Qaida figures” in Abyan and Shabwa provinces and “impeding security measures to arrest them.”

Hadi spoke to lawmakers and senior officials Sunday night. He did not name any suspects.

Related: Ansar al Sharia update from the Yemen Times:

ABYAN — The People’s Committees and security apparatuses in Abyan governorate are continuing operations to track Ansar Al-Sharia (AAS) affiliates in Abyan to terminate violence and install security.

Ali Abdu, spokesman for the People’s Committees, said on Saturday, the group, backed by security forces, held a large campaign to pursue AAS militants—who are affiliated with Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula—in Shoqra and the controlled Al-Kalasi Mountain. Moreover, They patrolled Moneeb Valley and sent the militants out. (Read on …)

AQAP re-establishes at Abu Jabarah, Saada, Yemen

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Related 30,000 Saudi spies in Yemen

NAB: AQAP fled to Sanaa and “One group made a camp in Al Mahfad, a mounteneous area between Shabwah and Abyan, and second group went to the eastern province of Hadhrmout, more specifically in Wadi Dawan in Sayoun, and the third group went to Rada’a in Al Baidha province. The recent estimate of Al Qaeda elements in the whole country is 10,000, according to sources close to Al Qaeda.”

7/6/12 al Hadath: Revealed a Saudi newspaper on Friday that elements of al-Qaeda had infiltrated to some districts in the province of Saada in northern Yemen, disguised in women taking advantage of the sympathy of some members of the tribes who helped them to reach the valley of the Abu Jabara near Saada, and provide safe haven for them. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda plans to hit US Embassy, other Sanaa targets, after diversionary strike in Mukallah, report; Update: drones in al Baydah & Jaar, Ethiopians in Abyan

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Sounds bad, kind of a vehicular Mumbai style swarm. There’s no way the US embassy doesn’t know this already though right? The article was published last night at 9pm. Also note there’s sources and there’s security sources. This is but one reason why freedom of the press is so important in Yemen–open source AQAP reporting. There’s history and links to news articles on Ibrahim al Banaa below.

Related: Yes they are apparently all over it. US drones strikes kill 25 in Yemen overnight:

US drones raided several hideouts of the Yemen-based Al-Qaeda wing in the southeast restive province of Al-Baydha on Friday night. At least 25 AQAP militants were killed, including senior figures, with several other militants being wounded in an air strike conducted by the United States forces according to local website news…Moreover recent news that al-Shaba’a, the Ethiopian al-Qaeda wing had sent hundreds of Jihadists over to Abyan to join in Ansar al-Sharia, has been the cause of great concerns for both the government and the civilian population, as they feel their land could become the ground of a mighty war.

Ethiopians? al Shaba’a? 1) Maybe these are the nine mystery ships that everyone is talking about arriving before last Sunday’s attack on the military base in Abyan that killed nearly 200 Yemeni soldiers and 2) How weak is AQAP that they need to import fighters?

There’s also reports of drone strikes in Jaar, Abyan that destroyed the military equipment AQAP captured from the army last week-end. Update: The al Baydah airstrikes hit the AQAP training camp and targeted local al-Qaeda leader Abdulwahhab al-Homaiqani, the BBC reports. Its always good when there are no immediate reports of civilian casualties, I would have heard by now.

The Yemeni soldiers captured (who weren’t beheaded or otherwise mutilated) were paraded around Jaar, forced to train the terrorists on how to operate the tanks, and now are threatened with execution if the govt doesn’t release AQ prisoners.

The YO article regarding reports of an impending attack follows: Yemen Observer:

Yemen based al-Qaeda plans strikes on Sana’a and Mukala Reliable sources have said that al-Qaeda has been preparing for its largest operations yet in the capital city of Sana’a, operations aimed at strategic sites including military and security installments and embassies.

Sources said that al-Qaeda cells in the areas of Zindan and Arhab have trained for operations involving the storming of fortified sites, attacking fixed and mobile targets while aboard vehicles and motorbikes, and that al-Qaeda militants have entered Sana’a in preparation for carrying out their attacks in the coming few days.

The sources expect that al-Qaeda’s potential targets include the Airbase in Sana’a, the Interior Ministry, Republican Guard units and a number of embassies, including the American embassy.

The sources confirmed information regarding intentions by al-Qaeda to attack Mukala to divert attention its plans in Sana’a.

Security sources said that over 400 al-Qaeda militants are currently in Shabwa’s Azan Directorate, with three al-Qaeda leaders in charge (Ibrahim al-Bana, an Egyptian, Qasem al-Rimi and Shaker Hamel) of plans to attack vital installations, security sites, and important government facilities as part of a plan to expand their so-called Azan Islamic state to Mukala. (Read on …)

AQAP’s Ibrahim al Banna plans to take over al Mukallah, Hadramout, Yemen?

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Yemen Post: Yemen’s interior Ministry has disclosed on Wednesday that Al-Qaeda has a “terrorist” plan to attack Al-Mukallh of Hadhramout governorate with the aim of declaring it as an Islamic Emirate.

In its website, it said that 300 of Al-Qaeda operatives including three leaders, Ibraheem Al-Bana’a, Egyptian Nationa, Qasim Al-Raimi, and Shaker Hamel were planning to attack strategic government facilities, military and security camps.

This Ibrahim al Banna? ( The undead, previously arrested, tried & convicted somehow free again long time al Qaeda operative? You can just keep clicking the links and trackbacks from post to post. I’m too tired. Supposedly Ibrahim the Egyptian was arrested in Hadramout in 2008 (after the lethal January ambush of a Belgium tourist convoy in Shibam), tried in 2010, and killed in 2011, but then he wasn’t dead after all and it turned out that many of the 21 charged with the terrorist murder of the two elderly female tourists and two Yemeni guides were convicted in absentia.

Qasim al Reimi is also among the repeatedly undead; declared as killed by the Yemeni government at least three separate times although he remains very much alive. Shaker Hamel was arrested and tried with al Banna and apparently is still hanging out with him. Cozy.

(My Ibrahim al Banna search also returned Jaber Elbaneh results but that’s the Lackawanna NYer/al Farouk grad who we haven’t heard from lately. His is another bizarre story that would almost be funny except he’s al Qaeda.)

Saleh returns, new Yemeni president, suicide bombing in Hadramout

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Barak Obama’s friend, the war criminal Ali Saleh departed the US and is back in Yemen. Saleh’s immunity is a central part of the US sponsored “transition” plan that followed a 48 million dollar, single candidate (sham) “election.”

Yemen’s first new president in 33 years, Abdo Mansour Hadi, previously Saleh’s Vice, was sworn in on Saturday. Hadi received 6.6 million votes of 10 million registered and two million eligible new voters. On election day, the electoral commission said 13 million votes were printed and they had run out of ballots during the day.

Also on Saturday, a suicide bomber in a slow moving pick-up truck killed 28 soldiers in Hadramout. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility via a text message to Reuters.

Link save: April 9, 2010, Yemen National Dialog Coalition Seeks Reform, Broad Political Inclusion

French hostages in Yemen face execution deadline

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Yemen Post reports the demands are money and the release of imprisoned terrorists, but the demands themselves and the timing of the kidnapping, following a French call for Saleh to step down, the odd video without any al Qaeda characteristics, the tension with (if not expulsion of) the French ambassador for his remarks, the bombing of TOTAL’s pipeline and the pending UN resolution may all indicate the statement is yet another attempt by the Sana’a regime to spin the media away from the slaughter in the capital.

The situation echos that of the German hostages, a crime thought committed by Saleh loyalists linked to drug smugglers and al Qaeda. As the recent West Point paper pointed out, many of the security officials murdered by al Qaeda were in fact counter-narcotics agents, and that’s another area where the footprints of al Qaeda and the Sana’a regime overlap.

Obama should grab that sleazy slimy mass murderer rat Saleh by the throat and throttle him until he gives up these and all the Yemeni hostages. Dozens more severely wounded Yemenis were kidnapped by security forces in the last days, including women, but likely the Yemenis will get much less publicity. The regime has got to go.

Yemen Post: French Hostages in Yemen Face New Challenges

On May 28th, 2011, 3 French aid workers were kidnapped in the eastern Yemeni province of Hadramaut as they were conducting a field trip near Sayyun. (Read on …)

Video three French citizens kidnapped in Hadramout

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Damn. Its so shocking to see a video like that in Yemen but at least there’s no mention of AQAP or an AQ flag behind them. Article at al Masdar (ar). They were kidnapped after France expressed support for the revolution and urged Saleh to step down immediately.

Update: In French, each said his name and then the man speaks, apparently reading from a paper in front of him, that they were abducted in Yemen. The French man says that he was speaking on the 102 day since the abduction, which means it was registered before five days.

He said that the French government did not do anything for their cause, to free them, and directed his appeal to the French people, before the end of the video cuts off his words.

ah better. English:

ADEN — Three French aid workers feared to have been kidnapped in Yemen appeared in an online video on Monday nearly 11 weeks after they went missing, saying their abductors’ demands have not been met.

Al-Masdar Online, an independent Yemeni news website, posted the video on its website showing a man and two women, and saying that they were the French aid workers taken hostage in the southeast on May 28.
(Read on …)

AQAP ransom demand for kidnapped French aid workers

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Ammar wants new toys? There was never a legitimate ransom demand from al Qaeda in Yemen in the past. Its interesting the regime knows the hostages are in good health. But then again, Saleh’s network has many conduits to “al Qaeda.” The French workers were kidnapped after France made a statement urging Saleh to leave the throne immediately.

News 24: Sanaa – Three French aid workers who were kidnapped in southeastern Yemen are held by al-Qaeda members who are seeking a $12m ransom for their release, tribal sources said on Wednesday.
(Read on …)

Hadramout escape details and list of escapees

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One guard was killed during the 8 am prison break by 63 prisoners through a tunnel 35 meters long, some were convicted some never tried, many arrested for traveling to Syria to go the Iraq. From the info and the names are here.

a) the prison warden was replaced two weeks prior to the escape

b) 12 dangerous al Qaeda transferred in to the Hadramout prison from Sanaa prison prior to the escape (just like Jaber Elbaneh was transferred into Sanaa prison before the 2006 escape)

c) later Wednesday firing heard from jail and strange men wandering the streets with guns asking for water

d) use of a drill (like Sanaa escape 2006, as I noted at the time) (Read on …)

Saleh cronies allow 62 al Qaeda prisoners to “escape” in Hadramout

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The escape is one part of the state’s plan of generating al Qaeda chaos. There is a high likelihood that the escape was arranged by the head of the security forces like Ahmed, Saleh’s son or one of the nephews. These officials are also the US’s important partners in counter-terror efforts and have been the recipients of millions in counter-terror funding.

The Saleh regime has repeatedly released al Qaeda prisoners over the years often in exchange for support as mercenaries. Individual jihaddis were released to go fight in Saada, but larger scale escapes and releases (like the 109 released in 2009 or the escape in 2006) are a habitual characteristic of the Saleh regime and generally part of a much larger deal. . The international media is uniformly reporting idiotic statements like this from Fox: Wednesday’s escape was the latest sign that Yemen’s months-long upheaval has emboldened Al Qaeda militants to challenge authorities in the country’s nearly lawless south. No, they are not challenging the authorities but working in concert with them.

Yemen Post: 62 Al-Qaeda Prisoners Escape Yemen Prison
At least 62 suspected al-Qaeda prisoners escaped from the central security prison in the southern city of Mukalla Wednesday morning.

One security personnel was killed as well as a prisoner. The security official said that a number of the escaped prisoners were arrested after coming back from Iraq, where they were fighting American forces. This is considered the biggest prison breakout for suspected al-Qaeda suspects.

Opposition forces are blaming senior military officials with close links to President Saleh for allowing and easing the escape of al-Qaeda prisoners to cause chaos in the south and get more US support and prolong the Saleh regime.

This comes at the time where the assistant secretary of state is visiting Yemen. He said the the majority of the escapees had court sentences of over five years in prison on terror charges.

More to come

Sahwa Net- Well-informed sources have accused a high-ranking military commander close to President Ali Abdullah Saleh of plotting to release Al-Qaeda suspects in Hadhramout governorate. (Read on …)

3 French aid workers missing in Sayoun, Hadramout, Yemen

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Many foreigners, dozens, have been kidnapped in Yemen by tribes over the last decade and all have been returned without harm. The timing of this is off though. Some are saying that since the “AQAP take-over of Abyan” didn’t generate a US reversal, Saleh is continuing to play on AQ fears with this incident. Maybe his forces will find and rescue them into order to put Saleh in a good light.

BBC: Three French aid workers are feared kidnapped after going missing in southern Yemen, officials say. The three are reported to have gone missing in Hadramawt in the south-east.

They had been in Seyun since mid-April working for Triangle Generation Humanitaire, a French NGO working in Yemen since 1998. (Read on …)

Checkpoint attack in Mukalla, Yemen kills three

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The spree continues, Yemen Post

At least three people were killed, including two soldiers and another wounded in Yemen’s southern province of Hadhramout.

Private sources said that suspected Al-Qaeda militants attacked a governmental patrol vehicle at a checkpoint belonging to the Central Security Unit in Mukalla, killing two soldiers and a civilian and wounding another. (Read on …)

Republican Guard bombs Nehm after tribes prevent re-deployment

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A follow up to our earlier story Nehm tribes take tanks from army, when the tribe prevented the RG from deploying to Hadramout to crack down on the protesters there. The term “heavy weapons” here likely means Kastushka type rockets, mortars etc and represents an escalation of tactics.

Sahwa Net- The Republican Guard bombed on Saturday night Nihm and al-Haima districts of Sana’a governorate as a retaliation of their support to the Yemeni revolution, local sources told Sahwa Net.

The sources said the Republican Guard used heavy weapons wounding two children, an elderly man, and damaging a number of houses.

They said that residents of Al-Haimah and Nihm refused to allow forces of the Republican Guard to enter their areas due to their involvement in killing peaceful protesters in Sana’a.

Meanwhile, major cities witnessed near-daily civil disobedience as shops, schools, private companies and banks were shut down at the request of the protest organizers to force Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh out of power.

The same story as reported by the YT, notes dozens of homes destroyed by shelling, the RG deployed 200 soldiers in the area.

The Yemen Times: SANA’A, May 15 — For the fourth day in a row, Republican Guard soldiers under the command of Ahmed Saleh have been engaged in ongoing attacks against villages surrounding the Al-Manar military base in the Al-Haima area, 60 KM outside of the capital Sana’a, local sources told the Yemen Times. (Read on …)

Nehm tribes, Hadramout, take tanks from army

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Isn’t the 101st the brigade the state denied creating for Saleh’s son when the reports first came out some months ago? This is how the Houthis got a bulk of their weapons during the Saada Wars, from the Yemeni army.

5/10 News Yemen: Yemeni tribal gunmen from the tribes of Nehm, 40 km east of the capital Sana’a, prevented on Tuesday the army from passing to Hadramout province, southeastern Yemen, to repress anti-regime protests.

Local sources said that clashes broke out between forces of the 101 Infantry Brigade and the tribal gunmen who rejected to allow any military force to pass through their territory to crackdown protesters in Hadramout.

The sources added that the army used heavy weapons and warplanes to bomb the tribal men who blocked the main road in Nehm against the 101 Infantry Brigade’s forces, headed by son of President Saleh, but could not unblock the road.

There have been previous reports on casualties among tribesmen and soldiers, but local sources said that only one tribesman was wounded. Sources said that soldiers had surrendered and handed over personal weapons, armored military vehicles and tanks and returned to the capital.

Yemeni citizens thwart state-alQaeda IED

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Better translation: local security committee arrests men trying to plant IED targeting foreign oil workers. The bombers drove a military car. Its all part of Saleh’s plot of promoting chaos and al Qaeda to appear irreplaceable in Western eyes.

Marebpress The terrorist ride military truck ,the According to local sources familiar with the “Marib Press: ” A group of citizens of the People’s Committees entrusted with the task of protecting the property of citizens and public institutions in the region Cake thwarted Tuesday morning, a terrorist operation targeting foreign workers in the port of export oil in Dhabba Hadramout. And away the Shehir zone near oil field 50 kilometers east of the city of Mukalla. The sources added that four people traveling in a car Has unnumbered military were about to do planting a land mine next to the main road that passes near the site of oil is connected by wire to a remote bomb, but that elements of the People’s Committees the main dirt drive , which led to the arrest of one of whom subsequently fled Three others on board the vehicle, while the mine was detonated safely in a remote place.

ah English, Yemen Post says land mine, military men and Nexen:

An investigation is underway into a failed attack against foreign experts in Yemen’s eastern province Hadramout, which military plotters are believed to be behind, a local popular security committee said.
Sadiq bin Tair, head of the committee in Shuhair area in the district of Ghail BaWazeer, told the Alsahwa website that the plot targeted experts from the Canadian Nexen Petroleum.
A landmine was planted on the road where two experts escorted by a security patrol passed but no casualties were reported, the website said.
Eyewitnesses were quoted as saying that they observed in the early morning a man in military uniform and another believed to be a soldier out of uniform at the explosion site and that there was a car with an army number plate beside them.
One of the two suspects was arrested and handed to the authorities and the second, who was watching the site, ran away after the explosion.
The incident followed the bombing that targeted a security patrol last week leaving three of those were inside it injured and amid the escalation of the anti-government protests across the republic.

New governors sworn in five provinces

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the old governors were reassigned to the Shura council.

New governors swear constitutional oath
SANA’A,March 05(Saba) – The newly appointed governors and the Shura Council’s member took on Saturday the constitutional oath before President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The newly appointed governors are Aden Governor Ahmed Mohamed Qatabi, Hodeidah Governor Akram Abdullah Atyah, Abyan Governor Saleh Hussein al-Zawari, Hadramout Governor Khalid Saeed al-Deni and Jawf Govenror Yahya Mohamed Ghobar.

Furthermore, the newly appointed member of the Shoura Council Salem al-Khanbashi also sworn the constitutional oath before the President.

President Saleh held a meeting with the new governors and urged them to double their efforts in this posts, directing them to work to address the citizens’ problems and issues in their

President dismisses “elected” governors & press release on JMP rejection of coalition gov’t

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Yemen Post

President Ali Abduallh Saleh dismissed on Tuesday governors of five provinces in Yemen’s southern and eastern provinces.
New decrees were issued appointing three of them members in Shura Council, and appointing the two others vices of two ministries. (Read on …)

In Mukallah, they wore white

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Update: yesterday’s report of possible fatality at this protest is revised to head shot and unconscious, one student was shot in the leg among other injuries.

Student protesters in Mukallah, Hadramout yesterday. As reported below, the protesters were later attacked with live fire and tear gas, several injuries and arrests but it appears the early report of one fatality was incorrect.

Mukallah, Hadramout: 5 injured, 20 arrested, possible death

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Note 2/24: report of possible fatality at this protest is revised to head shot and unconscious, one student was shot in the leg among other injuries.

An eye witness report collected by a reliable source, working on secondary confirmation. Update: second report below describing widespread protests in Hadramout with serious injuries, and third report of security firing on medical workers in southern provinces. al Masdar also reporting protests and live fire with injuries in Mukallah, Hadramout. Update: Kenda, the female activist in Hodeidah whose arrest I wrote about here remains in jail. Also, many resignations from the ruling GPC, seven MP’s and others.

Many major city in south are protesting. Today in Mukalla (Hadramout) high school students protested in morning. It was peaceful. Later Central Security forces attacked the students and were shooting live bullets. An eye witness reported that more than 20 were arrested and 5 injured. Two students are in serious condition. Later Central Security forces along with thugs of the regime were breaking shops and cars and stoning peaceful protesters in Mukalla.

Yesterday woman was knocked over by police car. One teenage died in Mukalla from gunshot wounds. The eye witness also reported injuries and live bullets were shot towards protesters. The teenagers burnt a police car and blocked roads after news of the fatality spread.

These protesters were not south movement. Please be informed that the students were protesting against regime and asking for it to step down.

Update: Also Hodeidah via al Masdar Online paraphrase Dozens of security men in civilian clothing attacked dozens of protestors in front of People’s Park in Hodeidah Governorate. Protesters were in favor of dropping the system (the Saleh government) on Wednesday. More than 10 protesters were wounded in the attack of the “bullies”, and they used batons to disperse the protestors who refused to leave the place.

Hadramout email update: Students of primary and secondary schools came out today in demonstrations and rallies demanding to bring down the system in the whole city of Hadramout and other cities in the south. The Central Security Forces used live bullets and batons to disperse them and until now cars of the security and police including armored vehicles are deployed in the streets and neighborhoods. The security forces have opened fire on ambulance crews to prevent them from doing their humanitarian duty particularly in Aden and Hadramout and the whole southern provinces. .

Marib and al Jawf tribes denouce violence toward protesters

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Council of the Alliance of Marib and Al-Jawf tribes denounces the massacre of Aden and salutes Tai’z youth, the station of change and train engine of freedom: Mareb Press.

To recap, both Saleh’s allies and opposition are experiencing fractures. The pillars of the regime are peeling away and causing some polarization of the public. Hussain al Ahmar from Amran is promising Hasid tribal protection for the protesters in Sanaa. The tribes in Marib and al Jawf are throwing in with the democracy movement. al Zindani is calling for replacing the regime with a national unity government and for the people to go peacefully to the streets. Two youth different groups were calling for nationwide protests on the 24th and 25th, but I think its going to happen tomorrow whether they are ready or not. The JMP however has not revised its position to advocate the fall of the Saleh regime, only change and reform. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda in Yemen: four sentenced, one escape

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One escapes. Why don’t the drug dealers or tribesmen ever escape prison?

YP An Al-Qaeda suspect escaped from an Aden hospital, with reports suggesting an unknown group could have infiltrated into the hospital and helped him escape. Amin Al-Sayed was arrested along with four other terrorist suspects last week, and was hospitalized at the BaSuhaib military hospital. Last week, the authorities announced the arrest of almost ten Al-Qaeda suspects in Abyan and Hadramout, amid the continuous hunt for and large-scale operations against AQAP militants, mainly in southern, southeastern and eastern regions.

Yemen Post: A Yemeni court specialized in the cases of terrorism in Hadramout sentenced four suspected Al-Qaeda militants between three to five years in prison. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda hits postal payroll, four dead in Hadramout, Yemen

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Update Yemen Post: 1/28/11, Yemen’s Interior Ministry website said that the six suspects were arrested in Al-Shihr district after being hunted by the security apparatus within the province.

Original: 10 million YR is about $50,000 Some sources of Saudi funds have dried up in the last year, and increased Saudi border patrols as well as Houthi dominance of some border areas have impacted drug smuggling.

As Nassar Arrabyee notes: The incident might be the first after the American-Yemeni extremist cleric Anwar A Awlaki instructed Al Qaeda operatives to finance themselves from the money of the “enemies and Qafer”. The instructions came in an article published in the latest issue of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) magazine , Inspire, earlier this month.

al Masdar, 1/26/11

Four soldiers were killed and a local official shot dead by gunmen believed to belong to al-Qaeda in the province of Hadramout, southeastern Yemen. (Read on …)

Names of 81 protesters arrested in Hadramout, jailed in Mukallah under risk of torture

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Also in Hadramout, editor Fuad Rashid was released again after being arrested again and held for 11 days. More on Hadramout protests here. Following is a listing of southern protesters in Hadramout jail without charge; many have been tortured and denied medical care:

هذا ولازالت أسماء كثيرة من أبناء الجنوب في سجون حضرموت لانعرف عنهم شيئاً وعدد كبير منهم تعرض للضرب والشتم والتعذيب والكثير منهم في حالة صحية

صعبة وترفض الأجهزة الأمنية بالمحافظة نقلهم للمستشفيات وجميعهم معتقلين خارج القانون .

1 صبري سالمين بن حطيان سجن أمن مديرية المكلا

2 محمد سعيد سويدان سجن أمن مديرية المكلا

3 عارف سالمين بازرعة سجن أمن مديرية المكلا
(Read on …)

21 Katyusha Rockets found buried in Hadramout, Yemen

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al Tagheer

Police in the Directorate of bad in Hadramout Governorate on 21 Katyusha rockets IBM buried in the sand.

وقالت الشرطة لمركز الإعلام الأمني أن الصاروخ عثر عليه مدفونا في الرمل بمنطقة عمد ، إحدى مديريات وادي وصحراء حضرموت ، موضحة بأن طوله 3 أمتار ، وقد مضى على وجوده في المنطقة التي عثر عليه فيها فترة طويلة ، مشيرة أن فريقا من الأدلة الجنائية وخبراء المتفجرات قاموا بالنزول إلى مكان وجود الصاروخ ونقله إلى إدارة أمن عمد للإجراءات القانونية . Police said the Center for Information Security said the rocket was found buried in the sand area mayors, one of the directorates of the valley and desert, Hadramout, indicating that the length of 3 meters, has been in existence in the region that was found in a long time, noting that a team of forensic and explosives experts have to get off to the whereabouts of the rocket and move it to the Security Department baptized in legal proceedings.

AQAP claims 50 operations in Yemen

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GAN: Yemen (Sanaa) – Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arab Peninsula said Saturday it was responsible for some 50 operations carried out in different parts of Yemen in the last five months of last year. (Read on …)

Three sentenced to 4-6 years

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Al Sahwa: Sahwa Net- A Yemeni court in the southern province of Hadhramout sentenced on Monday three suspected al-Qaeda members to jail terms ranging from four to six years. Saleh Jabir was sentenced to six years in prison, while Mohammad Batarfi and Salem Bin Massud were both sentenced to four years in prison. The prosecution accused the suspects of possessing arms and forming a group to carry out raids against oil installations and the security forces

South Yemen: Protests in Radfan, Lauder, Shabwa and Hadramout

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The widespread civil unrest was triggered by multiple arrests, see list of 90 in Aden below. The most high profile detainee currently is Hassan Baoum, who returned from China several months ago to great celebrations. A general strike was held in Mukallah. From Aden News Agency:

Several protests were organized in southern Yemen by the Southern Movement on the Southern Prisoner’s Day that is staged on Thursdays to demand the release of Southern Movement leaders and activists in local jails and others in the Yemeni capital (Sana’a.) (Read on …)

Al Qaeda planned Saudi attack during Saada War, undead Naif Qatani along with Ammar al Waeli

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Ammar Al Waeli is apparently multi-tasking in Saada, plotting with Qatani on Saudi while fighting the Houthis for Saleh. Naif al Qatani was reported dead in May by Abdulelah Shaea, normally a credible source on AQAP. The US sanctioned Qatani the same week. The attack was planned for 12/09, about the same time that the US resumed air strikes after a seven year lull.

Al Qaeda Planned to Attack Saudi Arabia during Saudi – Huthi Conflict – Report 21/10/2010
Awasat: Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- Documents obtained by Asharq Al-Awsat reveal that Saudi Arabian national, Ahmed Abdel Aziz al-Jasser – who Yemen yesterday offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to his arrest – was planning to carry out a terrorist operation on Saudi soil during the conflict that took place between the Saudi military and the Huthi insurgents in late 2009. These documents also reveal that al-Jasser was working with 4 other Saudi nationals whose names are included on the Saudi Arabian list of 85 suspected militants wanted around the world. (Read on …)

Assassination campaign on PSO continues

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This article from Al Masdar identifies them all as PSO, and there are many groups with a motive to purge the PSO.

The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION Yemen: Suspected al-Qaida gunmen kill intelligence officer, latest in assassination campaign. By: Ahmed Al-Haj, The Associated Press

SAN’A, Yemen – Suspected al-Qaida gunmen killed a senior intelligence officer in an eastern Yemeni province on Friday, apparently the latest in a campaign of assassinations by the militant group, security officials said.
(Read on …)

al Shawish, an AQAP Hamza al Qaity disciple, sentenced to death

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Al Qaity was killed in August ‘09 after the attack on the security station in Sayoun. Al Qaity and al Qamish, the head of the PSO, became antagonistic after the mortar attacks on the embassies early in ‘09. al Qaity was enraged with al Qamish about something or other. The odd thing about the mortar attacks is the streets were clear afterwards, and in three attacks, the attackers got away clean every time and all the mortars missed.

CRI: A Yemeni security court on Monday sentenced convicted al-Qaida bombmaker Saleh al-Shawish to death, official Saba news agency reported.

Al-Shawish made no appeal against the verdict as he proudly admitted to be affiliated to the Yemen-based regional wing al- Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), said Saba. In the previous trial by the Sanaa-based security court, al- Shawish confessed to the jury that he had taken part in seven military operations planned by the AQAP. (Read on …)

The BPMLSPHBSCMPLS has a meeting

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Really, the entire southern movement and all its subdivisions need better English names.

Announced the components of the southern movement province of Hadramout after a meeting of the unification problem over the weekend that the meeting today, “culminated in agreement on the dissolution of these entities above in a new component under the name: The Board of peaceful movement for the liberation of the south province of Hadramout branch of the Supreme Council of the mobility of the peaceful liberation of the south,” according to statement from the meeting .The statement results Alajt … shiny as a “consensus Memon,” noting that the present Declaration “coincide in the midst of celebrations of our people in the South Forty-seventh anniversary of the Revolution of the Fourteenth of October Eternal.”According to the statement, obtained by news agency, a copy of Aden has “the whole audience in the form of the presidency made up of 21″ under the chairmanship of Abdul Majeed and bounds as league for six months.A source in the Presidency that the announcement today is the “dissolution of the components of the movement that has befallen the Declaration of integration and Council Branch peaceful movement to liberate the South in the province.”He also noted the source to “complete the configuration in the coming days‬

Assassinations in Yemen: History Repeats Itself

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Update: death toll of convoy ambush rises to five.

In 1993 through May of 1994, over 150 Yemeni Socialist Party officials were assassinated. The attacks were thought organized by Yemen’s Central Security forces, then headed by President Saleh’s brother, Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, who is now deceased. The president’s son Ahmed now heads the CSF. The 1993 assassinations were the work of the Afghan Arabs who had returned to Yemen following the Soviet defeat. In return for the attacks, the Saleh regime had promised the al Qaeda leadership to install a more fundamentalist, neo-Salafi doctrine on the nation. The deal went from General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar to Usama bin Laden. This is well documented history. Likely not all of the assassins knew the terms of the deal or even that there was a deal. The rationale of the supposed apostasy of socialists was enough for their leaders to motivate the hit men. The string of murders then looks very similar to what is going on now in the south of Yemen, where dozens of security officers have been killed, primarily from the Political Security Organization.

The policy of diversion through crisis generation has worked well for Saleh for a long time. The failure of the state to achieve any noticeable progress against AQAP since December may be due to its fragmentation, incompetence and corruption. Often when the Yemeni government fails at implementing even the most basic policy, it is because competing intra-governmental interests are threatened. In Yemen, generally, different militant factions liaise and negotiate with different government intermediaries and presidential relatives. The 2009 battle of Ja’ar was largely a red on red confrontation where the state’s jihaddists including al Nabi fought other jihaddists to return control to the state’s designated proxy. The string of current assassinations targets largely the PSO. Some southerners suggest its a purge. Most people though interpret the bloodbath as hostilities between AQAP and the state, specifically al Qamish, head of the PSO. The last news article about direct state facilitation of AQAP (al-Wahishi) was last year when he was helped out by members of the National Security. (If I have time, I’ll try to find the link to the article. Its posted here somewhere.) The external landscape evolved significantly since then. Currently some element of the state is at war with some element of AQAP. Its the status of the other elements that is unclear.

CNN: Al Qaeda in Yemen is suspected of being behind three separate attacks that have targeted Yemeni security officials, according to a government official.

“In the past 72 hours, there have been three attacks in the south of the country,” the Yemeni official, who was not authorized to speak to the media, said Thursday. “The attacks are getting worse and the scene is getting bloodier.” (Read on …)

12 in court in Mukallah

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They denied planning attacks in Yemen but admitted to fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, not a problem there.

12 Qaeda suspects appear in Yemen court
— Twelve Al-Qaeda suspects appeared in a special court on Monday in the southeastern port of Mukalla charged with terrorism-linked offences, a Yemeni judiciary official said. (Read on …)

Egyptian Arrested in Yemen, Ibrahim al-Banna, Headed Iraqi al-Qaeda

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Earlier report on the trial. Update: note “al Banaa” translates as “construction.”

al Watan مصري درب خليفة الزرقاوي ويرأس استخبارات القاعدة يحاكم في اليمن Egypt trained Zarqawi’s successor is headed by al-Qaeda intelligence on trial in Yemen
الاثنين, 16-أغسطس-2010 Monday, 16 – August -2010
الوطن – كشفت مصادر أمنية عن معلومات جديدة بشأن المصري المقبوض عليه الأسبوع الماضي في محافظة حضرموت اليمنية، على خلفية تولّيه منصباً قيادياً في تنظيم ‘القاعدة’ في اليمن. Home – security sources disclosed new information on the Egyptian arrested last week in the Yemeni province of Hadramaut, on the background taking a leadership position in the organization of ‘bottom’ in Yemen. (Read on …)

28 al-Qaeda on Trial in Yemen

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Arrested in 2008 in Hadramout, charges filed in 2010, trial date to be determined:

Yemen Observer: A total of 28 Al Qaeda suspects including a Saudi and an Egyptian nationals will be put on trial for charges of forming an armed gang for carrying out terrorist acts in Yemen, a prosecution statement said Saturday (8/7/10).

The statement said the Saudi national is called Abdullah Faraj Mohammed Al Jawbar, and the Egyptian is called Ibrahim Mohammed Saleh Al Bana’a. The Egyptian had 11 different names, the statement said.

Seven of the defendants will be tried in absentia including Shaker bin Hamel, Saleh bin Ali Jaber, and Mutaz ba Zabad, as fugitives from justice. (Read on …)

Yemeni-Americans Mobilize to Draw Attention to Children in Prison and other Political Prisoners

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A letter to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch from southern Yemenis in the US:

The South Yemen community in U.S.A sincere regards, and thank you for your efforts for the past years and your positive interaction, whether by descending on the ground in the south and especially the governorate Aden, and some nearby provinces, Your meeting with some of the families of the martyrs and prisoners, or through your reports on the bitter reality and the serious daily violations of human rights in under the occupation of Yemen, and heinous practices against the people of South Arabia are engaged in struggle for independence.

We appreciate these efforts and urge you to exert more pressure on the occupying government in Sana’a to stop all methods of repression, torture and killing, siege and arrests, and pursuits, committed against peacefully protesters and activists, and move quickly to rescue the Political prisoners of Sana’a regime, and the rest of the detainees from daily torture of those who are still in detention including minors.

First the Political Security prison in Sana’a

Ahmed Alkuwma – correspondent

Maged Althammah – Age 14 years (Read on …)

Yemen to Extend Coast Guard to Hadramout

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This is good. The Border Guard and the Coast Guard regularly duke it out when the Coast Guard interrupts the Border Guards’ smuggling. The president’s nephew reportedly had a private dock set up to receive shipments of drugs and the UN found most of the illegal gun shipments depart from the Mukalla area, but now that Faris Manna was designated by the UN as a illegal weapons smuggler, I’m sure all that will end. At the same time, the services of the Yemeni Coast Guard are being sold to private shipping firms for protection against pirates, which must make them in a little less productive in other areas. What ever happened to the radar system announced in 2006 that the Italians were financing?

Yemen plans setting up Coastguard branch in Hadramout
[10/يونيو/2010] MUKALLA, June 10 (Saba) The Yemeni Coastguard Authority is planning to set up a branch in the eastern Yemeni province of Hadramout within its efforts to secure the 2000 km long coastline of the country.

The Commander of the Yemeni Coastguard Forces Brigadier General Ali Rasa’a and the governor of Hadramout Salem al-Khanbashi paid Thursday a visit to a site devoted to the establishment of a strategic port in Hadramout. (Read on …)

More 10 Year Sentences for Southerners

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AFP SANAA — A Yemeni court sentenced four southern separatists activist to 10 years in prison on Saturday for “harming national unity,” Saba state news agency said.

Abdullah Rajeh al-Yahari, Salem Ali al-Habshi, Nasser Mahfuz Baqazquz and Nasser Abdullah Bamithqal were convicted by a criminal court in Hadramut of “committing criminal acts aimed at harming national unity,” it said.

The list of charges included “violating the constitution, instigating armed rebellion, mobilising people to disobey constitutional authorities and the laws and spreading false information aimed at jeopardising peace and security.” The same court jailed Khalid Khamees Batalila to one year, followed by a year under surveillance, after convicting him of “chanting slogans that called for disobedience,” Saba said.

Saleh orders protesters, rebels and journalists freed

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I really hope this is true, not only for the individuals detained but also for the chance of a lasting peace in the Sa’ada War. It would be the first evidence of learning I’ve seen yet, usually its the same mistakes over and over, and bigger and bigger. The political prisoners are a hot button issue that just creates more instability and resentment. Of course this is coming on the heels of the sentences in the south including the college professor sentenced to three years for an article. As always the same caveat, I’ll believe it when I see it. The regime announced the release of 635 Houthis several times from 2005-2008, but they were never actually released. Now they are announcing 161 prisoners were released but no one can confirm it yet. Another tangential question is, are there going to be al Qaeda mixed in, as an accommodation to the fact that some of the leadership fled to Somalia.

News Yemen: President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered the release of all detainees in connection with anti-government protests in Hadramout province over the past months including journalist Fuad Rashid.

President Saleh’s order came in response to a call by leading members of the Joint Meeting Parties, political and social figures and members of the local authority and the Shura Council for the release of all detainees, MP for Islah party Mohsen Basura told News Yemen.

The JMP’s members have urged President Saleh to release detainees in order to pave the way for a national dialogue and making peace in Hadramout, Basura said.

On Monday, President Saleh ordered the authorities in Hadramout to release journalist Awadh Kashmim who was detained for two weeks.

The authorities have also recently released 161 Houthi rebels arrested during conflict with the army in northern Sa’ada.

Last Wednesday, the opposition Joint Meeting Parties demanded that the authorities release detainees and stop pursuing political activists and journalists as one of several conditions to start a real dialogue on political and economic reforms in the country.

Assorted Updates: North, South and “AQ” Assassination

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Two more Saudi soldiers killed. Over 400 Saudi villages evacuated and reports emerge from regime of Pakistani (?) fighters with the Houthis. Abdullah al Houthi arrested inside SA, amid reports the rebels are intercepting Saudi communications. A bunch of arrests but longtime commander Yousef al Madani got away. Saudis still bombing miles inside Yemen.

Expat Southern leaders can’t get it together. Al Beidh’s Iran idea didn’t go over well, I hope. Its not a good idea at all. Regime accuses al Fadhli of mobilizing his
fighters. The movement is more fractured than ever. YP reports it was “Samih Ahmed Awadh Al-Halbeh one of Sami Diyan’s group who was caught at Hardh area while he was trying to escape outside the Yemeni territories.”

The murky story of the three assassinated security chiefs continues with Hadhramout tribes holding a meeting Monday in Taribah about the killings of the 3 security officers. They are expected to demand that Sana’a bring the actual killers to justice. The families have the same demand, and the funerals have not taken place yet. One theory is its yet another false flag attack and the killers were assassins paid by powerful and well-connected drug traffickers. Before Ali Salim Al Amri (from Hadramout) was appointed in July 2009, the traffickers had a good working arrangement with the previous security bosses who were northerners. All of which begs the question of Al Qaeda’s claim of responsibility as beautifully demonstrated by the following Yemen Observer write-up: Yemen Observer (Read on …)

The Drug Angle on the Hadramout Attacks

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The Yemen Post has a write up of the attack on the three security officers. AFP reports AQAP said the attack which was “in support of our brothers in the prisons of Hadramut, Sanaa and others and in revenge for anyone who has the intention of harming the mujahedeen.” But like the kidnapping of the foreign medical workers, theres an overlay of a substantial criminal drug syndicate in the landscape. Who benefits financially from the murders is a legitmate question. To follow is a bad google translation of an article from Aden Press, a Yemen southern opposition publication.

Aden Press
Hadramout – London “Aden Press” special: 4 – 11 – 2009
في الوقت الذي أعلنت وسائل الاعلام في صنعاء عن بدء فريق الادلة الجنائية بإجراء تحقيقا واسعا وجمع الاستدلالات عن منفذي الهجوم الارهابي الذي نفذته مجموعة من المهربين تنتمي للمحافظات الشمالية واستهدف حياة مسئولين أمنيين للامن العام والسياسي وإصابة (3) أخرين في العملية التي لم تعلن أي جهة مسئوليتها عن الحادث وسط معلومات ترجح أن تنظيم القاعدة في اليمن وراء العملية While the media announced in Sanaa, the start of forensic team to conduct an investigation and a wide collection of evidence and for the perpetrators of the terrorist attack carried out by a group of smugglers belonged to the northern governorates and the attempt on the life of the security officials of public security, political and injury (3) others in the process that no one has claimed responsibility about the incident, amid suggest that al-Qaeda in Yemen was behind the operation ، غير أن مصادر خاصة في حضرموت أكدت لـ” عدن برس ” بأن المنفذين للعملية جماعة تنتمي لمهربين من كبار قادة الاجهزة الامنية المحافظات الشمالية . , But private sources in Hadramout confirmed for “Eden Press” that the perpetrators of the process group belonging to smugglers top security chiefs to the northern governorates. (Read on …)

3 Security Killed in Ambush

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Earlier, child kidnap hostage freed from tribesmen after gunfight, see update.

Redux: from The New York Times:

Gunmen ambushed a government motorcade in the eastern Yemeni province of Hadramawt on Tuesday, killing three top provincial officials and three guards in an attack that had all the hallmarks of Al Qaeda’s regional arm…. (Read on …)

Three Security Officials Assassinated

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The police commissioner, the PSO chief and the investigative department head for the Wadi in Hadramout were assassinated when their car was attacked and sprayed with bullets. Considering their substantial role in drug smuggling to Saudi Arabia, the murders could be crime related, in addition to political violence or a type of terror attack. And that’s also what we said about the kidnapping of the nine foreigners in Sa’ada in June, it could be the drug smugglers or al Qaeda. The regime of course is trying to spin it as an al Qaeda attack, and it could well be. Update: The New York Times has an excellent version of the standard analysis and lays it out well.

Yemen Today: Three security officials were killed and three soldiers Tuesday in an ambush by gunmen in Hadramout governorate, according to official said. وقال هذا المسؤول لوكالة فرانس برس رافضا كشف هويته “قتل الضابط علي سالم العامري مدير الأمن في وادي حضرموت واحمد باوزير مسؤول امن الدولة في المنطقة اضافة الى ثلاثة عناصر امنيين في مكمن”. (Read on …)

Sheik Bawazir, Hadramout and the Tarim Cell

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YEMEN- Omer Salim Bawazir (AbuAlharith), 37, is among the handful of Hadramout’s scholars who has dialogued with some of the homegrown terrorists. Raised and educated in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Bawazir proudly states that he was a student of prominent Saudi scholars like Bin Authaimian and Al-Jabreen. He is an imam of AlKhair mosque in Mukalla and the head of Rawabi Al-Khair for Development. (Read on …)

Belgian Tourists Murdered

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Update: The murdered tourists were women.

Original Post:
This is terrible. A guy opened fire on a group of tourists and killed them in cold blood in an unsophisticated attack targeting the economy as much as the foreigners. The attack follows a web statement calling for more releases. The prior attack in Marib in July that killed seven Spanish tourists also followed a web statement with the same demands.

It could be:

a) a fanatical guy who wants to cleanse Yemen of the infidels defiling it b) senior al-Qaeda using terror attacks as a bargaining chip with Saleh c) a disenfranchised splinter group on its own path rejecting the alliance with Saleh d) somehow related to the Southern protests e) or possibly tribal says the Belgian FM

For the first time: foreign tourists killed in Hadramout?
Exclusive – Yemenonline – Two Belgian tourists and a Yemeni driver were killed by anonymous people on Friday afternoon in Hadrmaout’s Ghar Sawdi area. Other two including a tourist and a Yemeni tourist guide were injured. In a telephone call, Hadramout governor Taha Hajar told Yemen on Line that unknown people trapped a car boarding Belgian tourists killing two of them and injuring another. A Yemeni driver was killed as well and his fellow guide was injured. Hagar also noted that security authorities in collaboration with army have closed all the outlets leading to the area where the incident took place. Further, helicopters were recalled to hunt for the perpetrators. Special sources indicated that security sources sought the help of a helicopter to remove the corpses from the crime scene, hinting the injured were rushed to Al-Hajreen Hospital. The attack is timed with unprecedented and intense political situation in southern provinces, particularly Aden and Hadramout. It is note-mentioning that foreign tourists were attacked by what is known to be Aden-Abyan’s Islamic Army in Abyan governorate’s Hatat area in December 1998 and several British tourists were killed then. Some observers believe the incident is connected with the recent developments witnessed in the southern areas.

Two Belgian tourists shot dead in Yemen

SANAA (AFP) — Two Belgian tourists were among three people killed, with four more Belgians wounded, when gunmen opened fire on them in Yemen’s Hadramut province on Friday, a local official told AFP.

The tourists’ Yemeni driver was also killed by the unknown attackers in the southeastern province of the impoverished Arabian Peninsula state.

The attackers were said to have targetted the tourists in the province’s Do’an Valley, before fleeing the scene in a car.

The tourists were travelling to the historic city of Shibam, which lies around 450 kilometres (280 miles) east of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

The 16th century city has been dubbed the “Manhattan of the Desert” for its distinctive, tower-like structures.

Last July, seven Spanish tourists and two local drivers were killed when a suicide bomber rammed his explosives-laden car into their convoy at an ancient temple in Yemen. Six Spaniards, two Yemeni drivers and four police guards escorting them were wounded.

That bombing was the worst attack against Westerners in the Arabian peninsula country since Al-Qaeda extremists struck the USS Cole off the southern port of Aden in 2000, killing 17 US sailors.

Al-Qaeda has been blamed for a series of attacks in Yemen, the ancestral homeland of its leader, Osama bin Laden. Some of them predated the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

Yemen announced in December that it had foiled an Al-Qaeda suicide attack in the country and captured two members of a terrorist cell in Sanaa. It said they were wanted in connection with a number of security cases.

The Yemeni branch of Al-Qaeda recently announced in an internet statement that it would carry out operations to free imprisoned members of its group held in the country.

The killing of tourists in Yemen is rare, but foreigners are frequently seized by powerful tribes for use as bargaining chips in disputes with the central government. More than 200 have been abducted during the past 15 years.

All have been freed unharmed except for three Britons and an Australian seized by Islamist militants in December 1998. They were killed when security forces stormed the kidnappers’ hideout.


SANAA, Yemen — Gunmen opened fire on a tourist convoy Friday afternoon in the eastern Hadramawt region, killing two Belgian women and two Yemeni drivers, Yemeni officials said.

The attack was the first aimed at foreigners in Yemen since last summer, when a suicide car bomber attacked a group of tourists visiting a temple in central Yemen, killing eight Spaniards and two Yemenis.

The Yemeni state news agency identified the Belgian women as Klaudi Klawy and Catharine Glory. One of the drivers was identified as Ahmed al Amiri. Their bodies were being flown back to the capital Friday night.

The attack took place in the Wadi Dawan district, about 180 miles east of Sanaa. Four gunmen waiting in a pickup truck near a speed bump along a rural road ambushed a four-car tourist convoy, said a tourist official who asked not to be identified. Two Belgians and one Yemeni were also wounded.

The attackers then fled, said Yemen’s tourist minister, Nabeel al Faqih.

The area where the attacks occurred, near a famous group of ancient multistory mud dwellings in the town of Shibam, is not considered especially dangerous. There have been kidnappings in the area, but they have subsided in recent years after a government crackdown.

Al Qaeda in Yemen has claimed a number of recent attacks, including the killing of the Spanish tourists in Marib. In recent days Internet statements purporting to be from al Qaeda in Yemen have issued threats.

The Yemeni government’s statements on Friday hinted that al Qaeda might be responsible for the latest attack. But one government official said it was not yet clear who was to blame, and added that it was possible the attack was related to recent unrest in the south, where demonstrations by former military officers have spread into a broader antigovernment movement and triggered periodic violence. Last Sunday, police fired on demonstrators in the southern city of Aden, killing two.

The Yemeni government has also been fighting a sporadic war against rebels in the northwestern Saada province, where violence has erupted again over the past week after months of relative quiet.

A dangerous country

Belgian response

Karel De Gucht, the Belgian foreign minister, said the two women killed in the attack should have known the risks.

“Someone who leaves for Yemen knows that it is a dangerous destination,” De Gucht told a press conference in Brussels.

“When you travel with a group specialising in adventure holidays, you also know that there is a risk.”

Belgium’s foreign ministry website warns against non-essential travel to Yemen, explaining that “the permanent terrorist threat must be taken very seriously in this country”.

Yemeni officials said the attackers were believed to be from a group of al-Qaeda fighters hiding in the valley.

But in Belgium, De Gucht did not confirm any al-Qaeda link with the attack.

“The region is known for its Islamist extremism but we have no indication that al-Qaeda or any other extremist group was involved,” he said, adding that the area also had “tribal problems”.

“We are asking the [Yemeni] authorities to shed light on the attack, but it’s not easy. The authorities do not control the territory,” he said.

Attacks on tourists

Tourists often travel through the Wadi Dawan on route to see Shibam, a historic town of mud-brick houses, some as many as nine stories high.

An interior ministry official, quoted anonymously by the Associated Press, said that Yemeni authorities had received email and telephone threats of imminent attacks over the past two days.

The official said al-Qaida militants were pushing for the release of jailed comrades.

In July, a suicide bombing killed seven Spanish tourists and wounded six at a historic site in the Arab country. Two Yemenis were also killed.


EU calls on Yemen to bring the murderers to justice. Good luck.


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