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The new improved Yemeni regime attacks the Life March

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Thousands of bare foot, bare chested Yemeni youth terrify the barbaric Sana’a regime and the international community with their bleeding feet: Livestream.

The Life March from Taiz was attacked by Central Security forces in Sanaa with live fire and tear gas. Nine wounded marchers were transported to the field hospital in Sana’a Change Square. One fatality has been reported, Abeer AlFaten, murdered for walking. As is standard practice for a decade, security forces are preventing ambulances from reaching the wounded pedestrians. NYR

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. By re-branding the Sana’a dictatorship and shoving down the citizenry’s throat. the UN, US, EU and SA are publicly treating the entire Yemeni population like petulant children who don’t know what good for them.

The UN SC statement fails to acknowledge, much less take into account, the demand for political empowerment by both the revolutionaries and the southerners. Ironically, while the international community seeks to secure its own goals, these nations are in fact damaging their own mid-term security and national interests, at a time of opportunity, in facilitating the continued imprisonment of a millions determined for freedom.

From my article: The Obama administration’s insistence in retaining elements of the Saleh administration and security forces has thwarted the regime change demanded by millions and allowed al Qaeda to flourish in southern towns. Although US counter-terror efforts have had more latitude to operate since protests began, the Saleh regime and al Qaeda have long had a symbiotic relationship.

Read Noon’s article at Global Voices here: “These GCC states are not at all competent to deal with popular requests for liberty and freedom, not to mention democratic government, because they themselves are mostly despotic regimes,” observed Yemen’s Coordinating Council of the Youth Revolution of Change (CCYRC). “They themselves would never welcome such requests from their own people, let alone be ready to accommodate such demands by people in neighboring states.”

Protests June 24 Yemen: against foreign interference circumventing the goals of the rev

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Ibb “Revolutionary Will”


Taiz “Revolutionary Will”


Other demos including in Sanaa and Dhamar were held against the inane US policy in Yemen that marginalizes, insults and ignores the millions seeking a democratic future. One person was killed and several wounded during the funeral march of Ahmed Darwish, tortured to death in Aden jail a year ago during the tenure of General Qiran The murdered man, Dr. Jeyab, was the son of Ali Alsaadi a leader in the southern movement. One killed in Republican Guard’s bombing of al-Sama mountain near Arhab. The protesters refused to meet with Feltman, due to the US’s constant obstruction of the rev and continuing support for the barbaric regime, and dedicated this week’s protests to condemning the US and Saudi Arabia.

al Masdar: The demonstrators chanted “O my America .. Saud Ali Saleh will not be back.” And other slogans demanding to drop the rest of the regime.

The (Organizational Committee of the popular revolution of youth) drew in a statement received by the source online, and sent greetings “to all young people who refused to attend the meeting (with Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman).” She stressed that the position of the trip came from the revolutionary responsibility and an expression of absolute rejection of the role of the American Revolution against the scandalous what the U.S. ambassador in Sana’a. According to the statement.

She said that the U.S. ambassador in Sanaa, proclaimed himself “the patron of policy dialogues between the parties and the purpose of lengthening life of the system and try to convert the Revolution to a political crisis despite the barbarism of the system, which reached its case to the siege of ambassadors Gulf and European and U.S. Ambassador without finding a position as a deterrent against such conduct reckless, who abused customs and traditions of Yemeni.”

The committee said in its statement that “the lack of response the U.S. administration to the demands of the rebels for a meeting of the Security Council to discuss the violations of human rights and stand against the serious crimes committed by the regime to benefit in addition to not freeze his assets and his relatives all this strengthens our conviction that the U.S. position is not in the interest of the Yemeni people and stands against his will to freedom and dignity.”

The statement renewed confirmation of the commission to “clear its rejection of the initiative Gulf since the first day of the (…) announced that it does not meet the aspirations of the Yemeni people do not achieve the goals of the revolution to drop the system.”

The committee also criticized the regulatory Saudi position, and said “It was clearly evident to all the rebels in the fields and arenas that the Saudi intervention in the course of events has taken a negative attitude towards the revolution in Yemen and is working to prevent the achievement of objectives of the revolution to drop the rest of the staff of government family and about this we should point out that the Saudi position will be has implications for future large are not in anyone’s interest. ”

Update: Sanaa “Revolutionary Will” via twitpic:


The US is on the wrong side of history with a policy that is alienating millions while pampering Saleh and his political tribe. Update: protesters chanting that the US is the enemy of the people:

The demonstrators demanded that Saudi Arabia and the United States to stop playing with the blood of Yemenis at the expense of political interests and carried the United States responsible for the situation catastrophic and tragic for the displaced in Abyan, Lahj and the targeting of civilians by U.S. airline, which violates the sovereignty of the country, allegedly hit the sites of militant groups in Yemen.

And raising the participants in the march, banners refusing to intervene in the U.S. and Saudi support for the Yemeni Shan system in favor of “America the enemy of the peoples of the exciting wars,” “Al Qaeda justified the U.S. occupation of the homeland”

Yemen Wed June 8, updates: Proxy War in Abyan

Late update: Saleh: late night in Sanaa and Taiz, over two hours of heavy gunfire so far from pro-Saleh forces shooting in air at news of his return or good health. Simultaneous in Dhamar, Hadramout. In Aden, govt cars seen shooting live rounds (more celebration?) Over 20 wounded in Sanaa arrive at the field hospital. According to friends in Saudi Arabia, theres no report airing about Saleh’s good health and return, and Mareb Press just retracted the report that Saleh wanted to return in 24 hours. However “celebratory” gunfire continuing for hours already. The RG is going to be cranky tomorrow.

Sanaa: Ali Mohsen meets US, EU ambassadors; forces intercept two attacks on Acting President Hadi’s compound. Reports also disbursed protesters demanding a transition council, near Hadis compound, dozens injured. Vid, al Khaiwani arguing with Askar Zoail, Ali Mohsen’s extremist office manager who incited soldiers with sermons on jihad against the Houthis at a mosque in the fifth Saada war. Al Khaiwani was later nearly kidnapped. Later video indicates Zoali’s forces shooting into the air. See below for Mohsen’s role in Abyan fighting.

JMP: did not meet with Hadi, expect to meet within two days; seek Hadi’s formal declaration that Saleh’s reign is over, threaten to unilaterally create transitional council with protesters.

Protesters: demand transitional council immediately in mass demo, “In Sana’a, a spokesman for the youth-led protesters in the change square outside Sana’a University said, after thousands of people marched Street 60th, they had given a 24-hour deadline for the concerned political parties to form a transitional council otherwise the revolutionaries will do that.”

Taiz: still tense, sporadic clashes on the outskirts of town. The Al Qaeda district is the name of the suburb, not a AQAP hideout. Three killed Maweah and Thikra

Ibb : YP: Government forces clashed with armed tribesmen in Qaeda district, Ibb province, 30 miles off Taiz province. According to the tribesmen, the goal of the tribes is to get rid of all government forces attacking the people. “Security forces are now using this lawless time in the country to loot and attack civilians. We will not allow our people to be attacked and will ensure that they are safe from any attacks from pro govt thugs,” said a tribal fighter.

Hodiedah: roads leading in blocked by pro-Saleh thugs.

Saudi Arabia, “Yemen’s neighbor and the biggest GCC country, said after a June 6 Cabinet meeting chaired by King Abdullah that the proposal is still viable, and called on Saleh to accept it. Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest crude exporter, will also send Yemen 3 million barrels of oil to alleviate fuel shortages, Yemen’s state news agency Saba reported yesterday.” ( SFgate)

Saada: Mass protests in favor of the end of the regime and against all plots on the rev.

UNICEF: Yemen facing humanitarian disaster.

State Department briefing; must read

AQAP: a decent analysis at Foreign Affairs of relation between tribes and AQAP and prospect in the post-rev phase.

Zinjibar: reduced to “hell” with fighting among unclear sides: < <"There is a cat-and-mouse game going on in the streets now between the army and armed men. I can't tell who's who among them any more,"... The fighting has reduced Zinjibar, once home to more than 50,000 people, to a ghost town without power or running water.>> Most residents of Zinjibar fled to Aden where many are sheltering in public buildings. The Central Security forces of Yahya are attacking the refugees as they flee.

The armed parties appear to be the national military, local tribesmen, local militants (both Saleh’s and Mohsen’s) and the defected army but I’m checking. Update: Gah!!! Armed members of the southern movement also maintaining security on some roads, and for sure they would be described by the regime as al Qaeda. If this is true, southerners carrying arms and creating their own security checkpoints outside local villages in various governorates, its new. (I deleted the areas where they are deployed or the regime will start bombing them.) It needs to be double checked. But being rebuffed after asking to coordinate security with the international community leaves few options. However as security fails, its likely the Southern Movement will reject new deployments by either Saleh’s forces or Mohsen’s forces. The only possibility is Aliwi who has a better reputation in the south than Hadi (as unlike Hadi he didnt attack civilians in the 1986 civil war, according to local lore.) And Mohsen is Mohsen.

Abyan: Local direct reports indicate military airplanes dropped two bombs today recently. Vid here of warplanes that bombed Abyan City, per local sources.

Another says the attack was on tribesmen who took up arms in the face of military assaults. “Ms. Novak – Greetings – I would like to clarify what is happening today in the province of pilgrimage in southern Yemen as a witness elders – the army is firing different weapons on the housing Almutnyen and Batalli tribes touched by the bombing respond and of these forces and drops dead from both sides.” Still no names on the militants leaders, but likely remnants of the localized jihaddist group AAIA operating under another new name. Upon asking, it seems that most discussions on southern forums regarding Zinjibar are operating on the assumption (as am I) that Khaledabul Nabi* is leading the jihaddists in Abyan but no eye witness confirmation. Ja’ar and Zinjibar are close enough. In 2009, Nabi was fighting on the side of Saleh in the battle of Ja’ar, another jihaddist proxy war.

Update, Southern Yemen: Ali Mohsen’s forces are in Abyan, see YT article Rebel soldiers engage militants, but are described below as “gunmen” so these could be the jihaddists as well. Majority of Mohsen’s soldiers are either graduates of Iman Univ or loyal to Zindani, per local buzz. The defected military issued a statement though that they were going to intervene in Abyan as military, and that may be what is triggering an armed (defensive) response by the southern movement if there is indeed an armed response. When the article below talks about forces loyal to Islah, it sounds like they mean armed militants loyal to Mohsen and Zindani. Maybe this is what Nuba meant by an invasion of Zindanis forces.

So Abyan could be a proxy war between Saleh and Mohsen with both sides using militants and military men and equipment. and the southerners who take defensive positions attacked by both. Now I really have a headache. Saada source comments, “That’s exactly whats happening with al Jawf,” and likely why the Houthis are fighting there, as a defensive measure.

Al Jawf/ Marib: Battles reported and continue over last months between Houthis and “Islahis” in conjunction with Mohsen’s forces, with back up from pro-Saleh forces according to news and local sources. Explains positioning of large amounts of troops there. Both the Mohsen forces and Saleh forces, militants and military, are fighting the Houthis in rotation. These developments bring into question both Mohsen’s alleged reformation and his commitment to the youth rev goals. Maybe he is just out to finally wipe out the Houthis and the Southerners. Clarification: There’s no troops on the al jawf/Saada border. Troops and militias of both Saleh (Republican Guards and militias) and Mohsen’s army and militias are on the border of Aljawf/Mareb and also inside both Aljawf and Mareb. There’s quite a number of troops in Saada but they are non-combative.

Yaf3press: Lapin: genocide and the destruction of cities, “Zanzibar and Jaar .. and forces loyal to the Reform Party (ed-Islah) and Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar involved in control of southern Yemen. (Read on …)

Ibb, Yemen: three protesters killed by state

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Youtube, military vehicles burned

Two protesters killed 4/25 Ibb and al Beidah

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Two Killed in Anti government Protesters Yemen Post

At least two anti government protesters were killed and several others wounded in two separate clashes with security forces in Ibb and Al-Baitha provinces.

One was shot dead in Ibb province and 30 others wounded, seven of them by live bullets and the others by stones and batons, in clashes between anti-Saleh protesters demanding the fall of embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime and security forces in plain clothes.

The second protester was killed in the southern province of Al-Baitha where tens of thousands of anti-Saleh protesters marched on Monday demanding an end to Saleh’s regime.

Medical and eyewitnesses in the southern province of Taiz said that 250 anti-government protesters were treated for inhaling tear gas and 50 were wounded by live bullets and stones when security forces tried to disperse protesters taking to the streets demanding immediate ouster for President Saleh.

President Saleh’s regime has been facing nationwide protests in 15 of Yemen’s province since the beginning of February.

More than 130 demonstrators have been killed in clashes with the security forces since late January.

JMP issues statements re cooperation and calling for international community to restrain Saleh

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There seems to be a few fake announcements coming out of the south. But the following JMP statement is real enough, a tad late, not issued in English and lacks a contact number etc. Below the fold, JMP calls for international community to take action to stop the blood shed and the US takes a less than clear position.

Yemen Post: Any government after the current regime in Yemen will be a strong ally of the international community in the war against terrorism and Al-Qaeda, spokesmen for the Joint Meeting Parties, the opposition coalition, said on Monday. The statement comes amid U.S. warnings of Al-Qaeda in Yemen amid the escalating unrest, but as the U.S. is now suggesting that Saleh stand down.

Muhammad Qahtan said the coming regime will be better than the Saleh regime which exploited the issue of Al-Qaeda and the war against terrorism to deceive the world and use the anti-terror funds for personal interests.

” Meanwhile, we welcome the interest of the GCC countries in Yemen’s stability and security as well as their support to the choice of the Yemeni people, who have been staging protests and sit-ins to call for the ouster of President Saleh. The efforts of the U.S and EU envoys to Yemen to prevent further deterioration of the country amid the current crisis are also welcome,” he said. (Read on …)

Protest in Ibb 3/30, Saleh’s new offer: caretaker gov’t until elections

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Yemen frees political prisoners: “Decision for their release came for fear that residents might storm jails to free their kinsmen, especially after most of the police units were pulled out due to increasing pro-reform protest movements.”

Protest in Ibb, today’s protests are a mourning day for the citizens killed in the explosion in Abyan after al Qaeda wired the ammo dump:

Another day, another offer: Saleh’s new idea (the sixth in the last week) is that he stays in his post until elections are held but transfers his powers to a caretaker government of technocrats, an opposition source said on Wednesday. It wont fly or come even close. Saleh was on his way out the door last Thursday but got a new lease on the presidency after US statements.

Weeks of protests by many thousands in Sanaa and other cities have sent Saleh’s 32-year rule to the brink of collapse, but the United States and top oil producer Saudi Arabia, a key Yemen financer, are worried over who could succeed their ally.

They have long regarded Saleh as a bulwark of stability who can keep al Qaeda from extending its foothold in an Arabian Peninsula country that many see as close to disintegration.

Yemen’s al Qaeda wing claimed responsibility for a foiled attempt in late 2009 to blow up an airliner bound for Detroit, and for U.S.-bound cargo bombs sent in October 2010.

U.S. officials have said openly they like working with Saleh — who has allowed unpopular U.S. air strikes in Yemen against al Qaeda — and Saleh has said the U.S. ambassador in Sanaa is involved in talks to find a solution.

The only outcome the nation will accept is Saleh’s immediate resignation and the longer he stays, the more damage he does. But Saleh is living in an illusion where the protesters are a tiny minority of extremists and can be deported as occurred in other Yemeni revolutions, al Watan:

Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh said that 95 percent of the Yemeni people support him and the remaining 5 percent are worried about homeland security and are a minority, calling his opponents to leave the country and calling them liars and Badigalin and customers. (Read on …)

At least 37 injured and one dead in Ibb as thugs attack protesters

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Its amazing how little coverage western media is giving developments outside the capital of Yemen, Sanaa. Dynamic developments in Libya are naturally sucking up air time, and all the western reporters are sequestered in Sana’a, a function of both state restrictions and reporters’ hesitance. Saada has been cut off from journalists since 2004. Several Yemeni news sites were blocked and hacked this week including al Msadar and Yemen Online- for reporting the news. Several reporters were beaten and harassed. Two al Jazeera reporters were threatened with expulsion. Today’s protest in Ibb is estimated at 200,000 and there’s new violence in Aden. Other estimates of injuries in Ibb go as high as 70.


Ibb, Yemen March 6, 2011

Government supporters attack protesters in Yemen, killing 1: CP: SANAA, Yemen — Government supporters wielding knives and handguns attacked protesters in southern Yemen on Sunday, leaving one dead in the latest in weeks of demonstrations demanding the president step down.

In a separate development in the increasingly chaotic Middle Eastern nation, suspected al-Qaida gunmen killed four soldiers from the elite Republican Guard forces in a mountainous region… (Read on …)

Yemen: 2nd highest rate of child stunting globally

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These figures are up slightly since 2005. The good news is that one million poor Yemeni women and children who never had access to health services in their lives will now receive some support from the international community. Less than half of Yemenis have access to medical services. Clean water, sanitation, electricity, and other basic services are similarly lacking. This World Bank press release contains the appalling medical current stats. Update: Neonatal tetanus kills 30,000 new born Yemeni babies a year. Pampers SA is chipping in for some vaccines, but over three million doses are needed. (Read on …)

Marib and al Jawf tribes denouce violence toward protesters

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Council of the Alliance of Marib and Al-Jawf tribes denounces the massacre of Aden and salutes Tai’z youth, the station of change and train engine of freedom: Mareb Press.

To recap, both Saleh’s allies and opposition are experiencing fractures. The pillars of the regime are peeling away and causing some polarization of the public. Hussain al Ahmar from Amran is promising Hasid tribal protection for the protesters in Sanaa. The tribes in Marib and al Jawf are throwing in with the democracy movement. al Zindani is calling for replacing the regime with a national unity government and for the people to go peacefully to the streets. Two youth different groups were calling for nationwide protests on the 24th and 25th, but I think its going to happen tomorrow whether they are ready or not. The JMP however has not revised its position to advocate the fall of the Saleh regime, only change and reform. (Read on …)

Yemen: $7 million on qat daily

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Yemen Post: Late last year, I met with the Minister of Water and he clearly said that it is impossible to end qat plantation in Yemen. He himself is known to have massive qat farms in Ibb region, while he admits that he would not stop qat plantation in his farms until the government gives him other options. The minister is saying that he wants options from the government in order to stop qat plantation, as if he is not in the government and responsible for this tragic file. He forgets that it is his duty to save Yemen from water depletion.

Yemen Chewers Spend $ 7 Million on Khat a Day: Yemeni people spend about $ 7 million a day on khat, a stimulus tree chewed by 75 per cent of males, compared to 33 per cent of women, an official has said.
(Read on …)

Judge in Ibb, Yemen jails a raped pregnant child

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A 14 year old girl was raped by her father and became pregnant. For God’s sakes, why would the judge put her in jail and not a hospital?

al Tagheer: Lawyer Adnan Al Jabri, who pleads in the case of a child raped in the governorate of Ibb, expressed his displeasure at what was happened to Sumaia M. A. A. (14 years) who was raped by her father and then sent to prison, when he tried to release her through a number of memoranda from many authorities, including human rights, but all the attempts have failed.

The Yemeni police has arrested on October 5, 2010 a person accused of raping his daughter, who made pregnant.

According to exclusive sources of “Al Thagheer” the Security Administration in Khadeer Al Odein in Ibb governorate accused “M. A. A. 37-year-old,” of raping his daughter (Sumaia) 14-year, last month.

Lawyer Al Jabri, said in a statement to “Al Thagheer” that the head of Mudaikhara Court, Judge Ali Issa, is insisting on imprisoning her without justification.

Al Jabri added: she was investigated just as a defendant and was taken into the custody of the central prison in Ibb, rather than taking care of her in any social department, and her only fault that she was raped by her father and made her pregnant, which caused her psychological health to decline, as well as the continuous delay of the DNA examination, pointing out that the lack of such tests in such issues, which happen to lives of female children, that the scarcity of centers or private hospitals is the biggest obstacle in the proceedings of the case, stressing that such an examination identifies the perpetrator of the crime and according to it the litigation continues. (Read on …)

Security Forces Torture One of the Al Jasheen with Electricity

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Video of the victim’s testimony here.

Ahmed Saif Hashed website: On Tuesday Oct 21th 2010 , a peaceful rally held by Alga’ashin displaced people in front of the Sana’a-based Algumhuri Hospital was suppressed by security forces. Most of the participants in the rally were arrested, including Fuad Ahmed Naji; one of Alga’ashin’s displaced, who was moved to Alnasr police station, having been beated by those forces. He was also tortured by electricity and live cigarettes by group of the soldiers, taken to hospital after a deteriorated health. (Read on …)


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