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HRW: “The (Yemeni) Central Security Forces’ failure to stop the shooting suggests either gross negligence or complicity with the gunmen”

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This is a thorough summary of the March 18, 2011 massacre in Yemen including the literal firewall that kept protesters in the square after the snipers opened fire and the role of Yahya Saleh, head of one of the US supported CT units. The US desire to retain Yahya and Ahmed Ali in their roles as heads of the CT forces is one of the main obstacles to a peaceful transition of power so maybe Obama should sanction himself.

The March 18 massacre was so egregious and barbaric that half the corrupted regime defected to the side of the protesters. The US however withheld from calling for Saleh’s removal. In fact, US Def Sec Gates announced days later that the US had done no post-Saleh planning and, “We’ve had a good working relationship with President Saleh. He’s been an important ally in the counter-terrorism arena.”

BTW the son of the governor of Mahweet from post, Yemen: Son of governor escapes justice after massacre:


And yes, the US/SA/UN granted immunity for the Saleh regime does tend to complicate matters.

Yemen: Massacre Investigation Badly Flawed
Conduct New Probe Into 2011 Killings of 45 Protesters

(Sanaa, September 27, 2012) – The previous Yemeni government’s investigation into the so-called Friday of Dignity massacre on March 18, 2011, in Yemen’s capital is marred throughout by flaws and political interference, Human Rights Watch said today.

The Yemeni authorities should order a new inquiry into the attack, the deadliest by pro-government gunmen on protesters during the 2011 uprising, Human Rights Watch said. The attack in Sanaa killed 45 people and wounded up to 200 others, and became a symbol of resistance to then-president Ali Abdullah Saleh. The criminal trial of 78 defendants in the case is scheduled to begin on September 29, 2012.

“The previous government’s investigation of the Friday of Dignity killings was deeply flawed and may have been a brazen attempt to shield government officials from prosecution,” said Letta Tayler, senior Yemen researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Yemen’s new government should demonstrate its commitment to justice for serious rights abuses by carrying out a new inquiry.” (Read on …)

Yemen: Son of governor escapes justice after massacre

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Protesters hold General Ali Ahmed Ali Al-Ahwal (and his band of thugs) who works in the security services responsible for the Sanaa massacre on Al-Karama (dignity) Friday, March 18 2011 during which snipers killed more than 52 protesters and 200 wounded. His absence from court is the reason the families of the slain are boycotting the trial.

He is son of the governor of Mahweet. Both are members of the GPC. His uncle Mohamed Ali Mohsen (Mohammed al-Ahwal) is the Yemeni ambassador to Saudi Arabia who sided with the protesters on March 21. The family is from Shabwa. At the time of the massacre, reports noted the snipers were shooting from the rooftop of the governor of Mahweet’s home.

Ammar al Waeli? What? AQAP Kidnap Update, Dammaj students?

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Update: Yemen Observer (quasi-governmental) says the two al Qaeda members, al Tais and al Ahdal, were “studying” at Dammaj: The men of whom al-Qaeda is demanding the release are Hussein al-Tais and Mash-Hoor al-Ahdal. These men were studying at Dar al-Hadith, the Wahabi religious center known for having a number of students with al-Qaeda sympathies, in Damaj area of Sa’ada province. Then the part of the AQAP statement referencing Dammaj makes more sense. But its quite odd for al Qaeda to publicly tie themselves to Dammaj. So then Hussain al Tais is a link between Dammaj, abu Jubarah, AQAP and General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar. All I need is al Zindani for a full house.

Original Post: I agree with the following article that concerns about incarcerated al Qaeda operative Hussain al Tais’s health are groundless because he is so close to the authority. At the same time the fate of Officer Ali Hosam Mohammed Saleh is worrisome because al Qaeda previously released an execution vid (sick dogs they are) of another security officer. Also its fascinating the AQAP is now claiming the right to retaliate for harassment of Dar al Hadieth (Dammaj) students. And the media previously reported that Ammar al Waeli is in Saada. But what does al Waeli have to do with this case? I think the article is saying that al Waeli and al Tais were accused in the media after the kidnapping of the Germans. And al Waeli belongs to the al Tais al Qaeda gang, which as the article notes, is often given tasks by the authorities. Maybe Ammar has Deputy Hosam at abu Jabarah. Ammar is pretty high ranking and an old timer. Its good the Mawheet tribes issued their threat/request to AQAP, because the state isn’t doing anything for Hosam. Earlier posts on this topic were updated here and here. SITE translation below the fold.

Al Eshteraki, website of the Yemeni Socialist Party: وقال البلاغ أن الحسام كان “يدير شبكات تجسس منذ 20 عاماً، وقام بترويع الناس ومداهمة بيوت الآمنين وخطف بعض طلبة العلم من دار الحديث بدماج وتغييبهم في سجون الأمن السياسي ظلما وعدوانا”.، وهو ما يجعل التهديد بإعدامه تهديد جدي كما عملت القاعدة مع رجال امن اخرين وقامت بتصوير ذلك بشرائط فديو وبطريقة اجرامية بشعة The authors (of the al Qaeda statement) state that Hussam had been “running spy networks 20 years ago, and has intimidated the people and raid homes of innocent people and the kidnapping of some students from Dar Al-Hadith Bdmaj and Ngyibhm in political security prisons unjustly and aggressively.”, Which makes the threat of being executed a serious threat as al Qaeda has worked with security men others, and has filmed bands Video heinous crime and in a manner…وقال المصدر ان الخبر لااساس له من الصحة “وان التيس وأمثاله معروفين لدى السلطة والمهام التي يكلفون بها بين الفترة والأخرى ” The source said that the news of his health groundless “and that the goat (al Tais) and his ilk are known to the Authority and the tasks assigned to them from time to time”

وكان اسم حسين التيس وعمار الوائلي قد تم تبادلهما في وسائل الإعلام لأول مرة بعد اختطاف الأطباء الألمان بصعدة قبل أن تعلن السلطة ان التيس سلم نفسه مع آخرين لأجهزة الأمن في سياق الحوار الذي تجريه الدولة مع من تسميهم بالمغرر بهم من عناصر القاعدة The goat’s (al Tais) name was Hussein, Ammar Waili were exchanged in the media for the first time after the abduction of German doctors Saada before announcing the power to ram him with others to the same security in the context of its dialogue with the State of Bamorr designated by their al-Qaeda members

(Read on …)

Yemeni Soldiers Riot for Back Pay

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The end is near when soldiers begin rioting for back pay. Recently tribesmen who fought in the Sa’ada war also held protests for back pay. Clearly Saleh wont be able to meet his payroll of salaries and bribes with oil revenue down 75% from last year. Maybe that’s the plan, let the chips fall where they may, but its going to get messy. The most obnoxious thing, maybe one of the most obnoxious things, about the current economic disaster is that the warnings for the last five years were all dismissed as opposition propaganda from people wearing dark glasses, a Crusader plot by the World Bank and/or totally misguided with no relation to reality as Yemen’s oil reserves are fine, just fine.

Yemen Post: More than 30 central security personnel are besieging the house of Mahweet Governor Ahmed Ali Muhsen and the governmental building in the province as well as closing the highway in protest at halting their salaries.

The protesting security came from the south and are determined to get their rights.

A security source said that the personnel received their salaries but when they were absent the salary of this month was halted.

‘They tried to break into the governmental building after they had detonated a bomb in front of it but their attempt was repelled by the guards.’

They also besieged security patrols and all efforts made to convince them to leave the site failed.

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