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First US airstrike in Saada, Yemen at Wadi Abu Jubarah

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The 2011 AQAP eulogy of Ammar al Waeli said, “His father was a leader in the mujahadin in Yemen who was appointed by (bin Laden) to open a training camp in the area of Saada.” The long established Abu Jubarah training camp is discussed in my 2010 article, Large al Qaeda camp in North Yemen dims peace prospects, politician says or see my category Saada, Abu Jubarah.

Air strike kills three al-Qaeda suspects in Sa’ada: Sa’ada Governor
Sunday 28 October 2012 / 26 September Net

26 September Net – Air strikes killed three Al-Qaeda militants on Sunday in the northern Yemeni province of Sa’ada, Sa’ada governor told “26 September Net”.

“Three Al-Qaeda suspects were killed in the air strike targeted the suspects on Sunday in Wadi Aal Jubara, Sa’ada province” Sa’ada governor said, adding two of those killed were Saudi nationals and the third one is a Yemeni.

One of al-Qaeda chief called Omar Batais was injured in the strike.

It is believed the Saudis possessed money for financing al-Qaeda operations in some provinces, the governor went on to say.

He revealed the terrorists had been trying (ed- and succeeding) for more than five years to turn Wadi Abu Junbara a station for crossing to Mare, al-Jawf, Shabwa and Abyan provinces.

US drone and foreign fighters:

Brach Net – said a government official in the province of Saada, preferring anonymity in an exclusive authorized ¯ “politics”, said the plane that carried out the air strike on the area of Wadi Al Abu Jabara Directorate كتاف yesterday is an American drone.
And confirmed the existence of at least 70 militants of the leaders and elements of the organization in the Valley of the Abu Jabara, where “they have a training camp and allied by with the Salafists in fighting the Houthis in the past period and killed them more than 150 people at the hands of Houthis, including foreigners of different nationalities Saudi and Egyptian.”

AQAP re-establishes at Abu Jabarah, Saada, Yemen

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Related 30,000 Saudi spies in Yemen

NAB: AQAP fled to Sanaa and “One group made a camp in Al Mahfad, a mounteneous area between Shabwah and Abyan, and second group went to the eastern province of Hadhrmout, more specifically in Wadi Dawan in Sayoun, and the third group went to Rada’a in Al Baidha province. The recent estimate of Al Qaeda elements in the whole country is 10,000, according to sources close to Al Qaeda.”

7/6/12 al Hadath: Revealed a Saudi newspaper on Friday that elements of al-Qaeda had infiltrated to some districts in the province of Saada in northern Yemen, disguised in women taking advantage of the sympathy of some members of the tribes who helped them to reach the valley of the Abu Jabara near Saada, and provide safe haven for them. (Read on …)

Tensions Houthis/Dammaj students in Saada, Yemen (Updated)

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Update 3: vid

Update 2: More from the Yemen Post:

One Salafi student was killed in clashes between the Shia Houthi Movement and the extreme Sunni Salafi movement in the northern Yemen Sa’ada province.

The escalations between both groups started when Houthis claimed that Salafis are entering weapons inside their educational institutions in the town of Dammaj, and demanded that all military posts are emptied.
(Read on …)

AQAP’s Inspire 6: Ammar al Waeli dead

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The AQAP eulogy of Ammar al Waeli says, “His father was a leader in the mujahadin in Yemen who was appointed by (bin Laden) to open a training camp in the area of Saada.”

Abu Jubarah anyone? See my article, Large al Qaeda camp in North Yemen dims peace prospects, politician says dated 3/29/10 or my category Abu Jubarah.

During the Saada Wars, both the US and al Qaeda (bin Laden division) were facilitating Saleh’s forces against the Houthis and the residents of Saada. In essence, the US was supporting a state sponsored jihad, as the Saleh regime itself characterized the conflict. Kahlidabdul Nabi, who in theory is heading the current al Qaeda uprising in Abyan, fought in Saada for Saleh in the 2005 and the 2007 rounds of war. Nabi also lead the state jihaddists in the 2009 battle of Jaar. Ayman Zawaheri provided fighters for Saleh and the US provided the money.

The diversion of US counter-terror aid to Saada was documented by the US Congress. The US was aware of the redeployment of US trained CT units as revealed by Wikileaks. At the same time, the reports of al Qaeda on the same side of the battlefield since 2005 have been consistent, credible and detailed. European nations including the UK and France also provided logistical support to Saleh’s regime including surveillance photos.

The now defected General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar led the Yemeni military against the Houthis in rounds 1-5 of the Saada war (2004-2008). Ahmed Saleh, President Saleh’s son, head of the Republican Guard and the US’s primary CT liaison, commanded round 6 (2009-2010) of the Saada War, the most brutal and lethal.

In Saada War number 6, Saudi Arabia took part in the carnage, bombing residential areas in Yemen as well as refouling refugees who were fleeing the bombing. Over 300,000 residents were displaced in several governorates, international aid was blocked, doctors arrested and hospitals bombed. The internal refugees, mostly women, children and the elderly, received little support from the UN. Only a few thousands were afforded safety in refugee camps where conditions were so abysmal that malnourished infants died all too regularly amid shortages of tents, food and medicine. The rest starved in fields and caves.

The nature and scale of the war crimes against the Yemeni civilian population, based on their ethnic and religious identity, in Saada and throughout the nation, is among the most brutal slaughters of the 21st century. After an investigation, Human Rights Watch said the state’s actions likely violate international law and rise to the level of crimes against humanity. President Obama’s insistence on immunity for his friend President Saleh whitewashes US, Saudi and western complicity in these crimes.

Saudi doctor abducted in Sa’ada, Update: AQAP demanding release of Hussain al Tais, Update: Dr. released as Ali Mohsen intervenes

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Summary: The Houthis captured AQAP operatives and Dammaj “students” -perhaps teachers- Hussain al-Tais and Mashhour al Ahdel in al Jawf in August. Al Tais, a former Gitmo detainee, was active in Saada, associated with General Ali Mohsen and Ammar al Waeli and thought to be involved with the kidnapping of the Germans in June 09. The rebels turned the two over to the security forces. AQAP then kidnapped the deputy director of the PSO in Saada, Ali Hosam, and issued a deadline for al Tais’s release. There was no further news on al Hosam. The two suicide attacks this week on the Houthis are thought to be in retaliation for al Tais’s capture. Yesterday AQAP kidnapped the head of the hospital in Saada to bargain for al-Tais’s release. They took him to the Wadi Abu Jubarah al Qaeda training camp. Ali Mohsen negotiated successfully with the AQAP kidnappers for the doctor’s release, based on a promise of the prisoners’ release, according to al Eshteraki and Yemen Online. Or possibly blacklisted weapons dealer Fares Manna did the negotiating, according to AFP via al Sahwa:

“Dhafer al-Shihri was freed after mediation led by a tribal chief, Sheikh Fares Mannaa,” the source told AFP, on condition of anonymity. He said the kidnappers who seized the doctor on Sunday had agreed to the release after a pledge that one of the jailed men, Abdullah al-Dibai, held for more than a year on charges of belonging to Al-Qaeda, would be freed…

“The kidnappers drove the hostage to the region of Wadi al-Ghabara,” 70 kilometres (40 miles) north of Saada, a local official who asked not to be identified told AFP. They had demanded the release of nine members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) imprisoned in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

“Among them are Saleh al-Tyss (ed- a/k/a Hussain al Tais) and Abdullah al-Ahdal (ed- a/k/a Mashhour al Ahdal per an earlier AQAP statement), two leaders of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula held in Yemen, and Saleh al-Shihri, another AQAP leader jailed in Saudi Arabia,” the local official added….

Tension has been rife between the Shiite rebels and AQAP in northern Yemen since the rebels detained five Al-Qaeda members whom they handed over to Yemeni authorities over the past two weeks.

Also the doctor in an interview after his release reports seeing three other kidnapped Yemenis, including a military officer, so that’s a hopeful indication of the fate of kidnapped PSO Commander Hosam.

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Al Qaeda in Saada, Abu Juabarah, May Execute Kidnapped PSO Cmdr

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This must mean that Hussain al Taiz is still in custody. Earlier reporting here. If Ammar al Waeli is in Abu Jabarah, along with other top level terrorists, why doesn’t the military launch a raid on the training camp? Oh wait, the military subcontracts their services on a regular basis.

Al Tagheer: قال مصدر أمني بمحافظة صعدة اليمنية ، فضل عدم ذكر اسمه لـ ” التغيير ” ، اليوم الاثنين ، إنه قلق بشان تردد أنباء عن اعتزام عناصر القاعدة تنفيذ حكم الإعدام بحق العقيد علي محمد الحسام نائب مدير الأمن السياسي الذي يعاني من وضع صحي حرج ، خلال الـ 24 ساعة القادمة . A security source said the Yemeni province of Saada, who preferred anonymity for “change”, on Monday, he was concerned about the reports about Al-Qaeda’s intention to implement the death sentence against Colonel Ali Hussam Mohammed, deputy director of political security, who is suffering from critical health status, during the 24 the next hour. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda planned Saudi attack during Saada War, undead Naif Qatani along with Ammar al Waeli

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Ammar Al Waeli is apparently multi-tasking in Saada, plotting with Qatani on Saudi while fighting the Houthis for Saleh. Naif al Qatani was reported dead in May by Abdulelah Shaea, normally a credible source on AQAP. The US sanctioned Qatani the same week. The attack was planned for 12/09, about the same time that the US resumed air strikes after a seven year lull.

Al Qaeda Planned to Attack Saudi Arabia during Saudi – Huthi Conflict – Report 21/10/2010
Awasat: Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- Documents obtained by Asharq Al-Awsat reveal that Saudi Arabian national, Ahmed Abdel Aziz al-Jasser – who Yemen yesterday offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to his arrest – was planning to carry out a terrorist operation on Saudi soil during the conflict that took place between the Saudi military and the Huthi insurgents in late 2009. These documents also reveal that al-Jasser was working with 4 other Saudi nationals whose names are included on the Saudi Arabian list of 85 suspected militants wanted around the world. (Read on …)

Ammar al Waeli? What? AQAP Kidnap Update, Dammaj students?

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Update: Yemen Observer (quasi-governmental) says the two al Qaeda members, al Tais and al Ahdal, were “studying” at Dammaj: The men of whom al-Qaeda is demanding the release are Hussein al-Tais and Mash-Hoor al-Ahdal. These men were studying at Dar al-Hadith, the Wahabi religious center known for having a number of students with al-Qaeda sympathies, in Damaj area of Sa’ada province. Then the part of the AQAP statement referencing Dammaj makes more sense. But its quite odd for al Qaeda to publicly tie themselves to Dammaj. So then Hussain al Tais is a link between Dammaj, abu Jubarah, AQAP and General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar. All I need is al Zindani for a full house.

Original Post: I agree with the following article that concerns about incarcerated al Qaeda operative Hussain al Tais’s health are groundless because he is so close to the authority. At the same time the fate of Officer Ali Hosam Mohammed Saleh is worrisome because al Qaeda previously released an execution vid (sick dogs they are) of another security officer. Also its fascinating the AQAP is now claiming the right to retaliate for harassment of Dar al Hadieth (Dammaj) students. And the media previously reported that Ammar al Waeli is in Saada. But what does al Waeli have to do with this case? I think the article is saying that al Waeli and al Tais were accused in the media after the kidnapping of the Germans. And al Waeli belongs to the al Tais al Qaeda gang, which as the article notes, is often given tasks by the authorities. Maybe Ammar has Deputy Hosam at abu Jabarah. Ammar is pretty high ranking and an old timer. Its good the Mawheet tribes issued their threat/request to AQAP, because the state isn’t doing anything for Hosam. Earlier posts on this topic were updated here and here. SITE translation below the fold.

Al Eshteraki, website of the Yemeni Socialist Party: وقال البلاغ أن الحسام كان “يدير شبكات تجسس منذ 20 عاماً، وقام بترويع الناس ومداهمة بيوت الآمنين وخطف بعض طلبة العلم من دار الحديث بدماج وتغييبهم في سجون الأمن السياسي ظلما وعدوانا”.، وهو ما يجعل التهديد بإعدامه تهديد جدي كما عملت القاعدة مع رجال امن اخرين وقامت بتصوير ذلك بشرائط فديو وبطريقة اجرامية بشعة The authors (of the al Qaeda statement) state that Hussam had been “running spy networks 20 years ago, and has intimidated the people and raid homes of innocent people and the kidnapping of some students from Dar Al-Hadith Bdmaj and Ngyibhm in political security prisons unjustly and aggressively.”, Which makes the threat of being executed a serious threat as al Qaeda has worked with security men others, and has filmed bands Video heinous crime and in a manner…وقال المصدر ان الخبر لااساس له من الصحة “وان التيس وأمثاله معروفين لدى السلطة والمهام التي يكلفون بها بين الفترة والأخرى ” The source said that the news of his health groundless “and that the goat (al Tais) and his ilk are known to the Authority and the tasks assigned to them from time to time”

وكان اسم حسين التيس وعمار الوائلي قد تم تبادلهما في وسائل الإعلام لأول مرة بعد اختطاف الأطباء الألمان بصعدة قبل أن تعلن السلطة ان التيس سلم نفسه مع آخرين لأجهزة الأمن في سياق الحوار الذي تجريه الدولة مع من تسميهم بالمغرر بهم من عناصر القاعدة The goat’s (al Tais) name was Hussein, Ammar Waili were exchanged in the media for the first time after the abduction of German doctors Saada before announcing the power to ram him with others to the same security in the context of its dialogue with the State of Bamorr designated by their al-Qaeda members

(Read on …)

Updated: AQAP demands release of General’s Operative and Possible Kidnapper of German family

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Update: Click here for the report August 27 on the kidnapping of Ali Hosam by the al Tais family which references their living in Abu Jubarah, extremist affiliations, military commissions and the similarities to the Germans’ kidnapping.

Original: A more coherent summary:

In August, the Houthi rebels captured al Qaeda leader Hussain al Tais in the al Jawf province of Yemen. Al Tais is head of the al Qaeda group active in the Sa’ada province. The group is long thought to report to General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar, the president’s half brother and commander of the six wars against the (Zaidi Shiite) Houthi rebels in the northernmost Sa’ada province. The use of jihaddists as mercenaries by various branches of the military and intelligence is common in Yemen.

Upon capture, the rebels transferred al Tais to the Political Security office in Sa’ada. Yesterday al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) issued a statement indicating the terror group had kidnapped the deputy head of intelligence in Sa’ada, Ali Hosam Mohammed Saleh AQAP has demanded the release of al Tais in exchange for Hosam with a 48 hour deadline that expires Wednesday.

The al Tais al Qaeda group in Sa’ada is suspected to be behind the kidnapping of nine westerners in June 2009 in Sa’ada. Three young nurses were murdered immediately. Two toddlers were released into Saudi custody in May 2010. An infant boy, his German parents and a British man remain unaccounted for in Yemen. The nine were kidnapped near the area of the Political Security, and while Yemen immediately accused the Houthi rebels, the operation bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda. The Houthi rebels have never attacked civilians or Westerners.

Today 200 of the al Tais clan demonstrated in the capital Sanaa for the release of Hussain al Tais. With the clock ticking, the ability of German intelligence to interrogate al Tais about the remaining hostages is questionable. The fact that AQAP is agitating for a known affiliate of General Al Ahmar should put to rest questions on the degree of enmeshment between the al Qaeda terror group in Yemen and some elements of the state.

In related news, al Qaeda member Badr al Hassani, on trial for an attempted assassination of UK ambassador Tim Torlot, said yesterday in court that the head of the Yemeni Political Security Organization (PSO) had paid him to train al Qaeda terrorists in hand to hand combat in Marib province. Al Hassani demanded Ghalib al Qamish, the head of the PSO, be summoned to the trial to testify on his behalf.

Updated: AQAP claims Hussain al-Tais and Mashhour al-Ahdal, al Tais a known affiliate of General Ali Mohsen

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Update: Sahwa Net- Qawkban tribes of al-Mahweet province said it would retaliate al-Qaeda in case its fellow member Ali al-Hostam, the deputy head of intelligence in Saada is harmed by al-Qaeda, appealing President Ali Abdullah Saleh to save his life. (text below) Also, the German ambassador met yesterday with President Saleh. The state media reported the meeting was to praise Yemeni unity. Also see my earlier article on an interview with Hassan Zaid about the training camp in Abu Jubara dtd 3/29/10.

Original: The Chinese do very well reporting on Yemen, oddly enough. Al Ahdel, is this a relative of Mohammed Hamdi al Ahdel, the financier of the USS Cole bombing? Or his lesser cousins, Mohammed bin Mohammed al Ahdel and Mohammed Ahmed al Ahdel who, along with Cole bombers Fahd al Quso and Jamal al Badawi, escaped Aden jail in 2003? I think AQAP hung themselves with this one just by claiming Hussain al Tais, a long time known affiliate of General al Ahmar. Its funny the only actual al Qaeda in jail in Yemen was captured by the Houthis, except for the issue of the remaining German hostages.

People’s Daily: The Yemen-based al-Qaida wing set 48 hours for Sanaa government to swap two al-Qaida detainees for a senior intelligence official it captured late last month in the northern troubled province of Saada. (Read on …)

Saada has always been an important base for al Qaeda

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The al Tais al Qaeda group functions as General Ali Mohsen’s al Ahmar’s mercenaries in the Saada War. I have written about them extensively. They have official passports, transit the border with Saudi Arabia easily and many have military positions. They are big in the honey business. Al Qaeda has been active in the Sa’ada War since 2004. Everyone knows this, including the US, but they got a pass as “militants” not necessarily connected to the main Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. This was an entirely incorrect assessment. Additionally, the headquarters of the Dar al Hadieth network is in Dammaj, Sa’ada as well as the Abu Jabarah training camp, which houses about 500 jihaddists on a rotating basis. Last I checked on Abu Jubarah, there’s no women or children there, just terrorists training. The Sa’ada region has been closed to journalists and international agencies since 2004.

Bottom line: the Houthis captured General Ali Mohsen’s boy, Hussain al Tais, and AQAP is agitating for his release by kidnapping a Yemeni official. The primary and pressing issue at this moment though is to interrogate Hussain al Tais about the location of the German and British al Qaeda hostages.

Reuters: SANAA (Reuters) – The Yemeni wing of al Qaeda has claimed the August kidnapping of a senior intelligence official in the northern province of Saada and demanded the release of two imprisoned militants. (Read on …)

Jihaddists Training in “Abandoned” Military Camp

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Yes, I know. There are several military camps that train jihaddists. The military built a camp to train jihaddists in the mountains near Ja’ar.

The following is an important article from al Estreraki that also references the state jihaddists fighting the Saada War. Also apparently the German and British investigators aren’t getting full cooperation from Saleh’s regime, just like the Cole.

The camp in the area between the Center and the Directorate of epaulette Abu Jabara Al near the administrative border of the province of Al-Jawf

وهو في الأصل معسكر رسمي للقوات المسلحة اليمنية تم التخلي عنه ولكن ظل معظم “ضباطه وجنوده” من العائدين من أفغانستان والذين تم استيعابهم في وحدات القوات المسحة بعد حرب صيف 1994م It was originally an official camp of the armed forces of Yemen has been abandoned, but under most of the “officers and soldiers” of the returnees from Afghanistan, who have been accommodated in the units of troops after the war reflects the summer of 1994 (Read on …)


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