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Protected: Fahd al Quso interview at Marib Press, tries to justify vast AQAP war crimes

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French hostages in Yemen face execution deadline

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Yemen Post reports the demands are money and the release of imprisoned terrorists, but the demands themselves and the timing of the kidnapping, following a French call for Saleh to step down, the odd video without any al Qaeda characteristics, the tension with (if not expulsion of) the French ambassador for his remarks, the bombing of TOTAL’s pipeline and the pending UN resolution may all indicate the statement is yet another attempt by the Sana’a regime to spin the media away from the slaughter in the capital.

The situation echos that of the German hostages, a crime thought committed by Saleh loyalists linked to drug smugglers and al Qaeda. As the recent West Point paper pointed out, many of the security officials murdered by al Qaeda were in fact counter-narcotics agents, and that’s another area where the footprints of al Qaeda and the Sana’a regime overlap.

Obama should grab that sleazy slimy mass murderer rat Saleh by the throat and throttle him until he gives up these and all the Yemeni hostages. Dozens more severely wounded Yemenis were kidnapped by security forces in the last days, including women, but likely the Yemenis will get much less publicity. The regime has got to go.

Yemen Post: French Hostages in Yemen Face New Challenges

On May 28th, 2011, 3 French aid workers were kidnapped in the eastern Yemeni province of Hadramaut as they were conducting a field trip near Sayyun. (Read on …)

Fourth day of state attacks in Sanaa, many fatalities, AQ threatens tribesmen in Abyan, Update: Marib tribes issue statement

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Update 9am EST, Wednesday: “Now We Have 400 youth in Alqaa area , they are surrounded and being blocked by the Thugs and the Family security forces at this time.” I lost track of the fatalities. The CSM has 12 Saturday and 4 Sunday and there was more Monday. AP has seven killed Tuesday, today, already.

A woman, Azeeza Abdo Othman was killed in Taiz, a residential home bombed in Sadaa killing an entire family, the protest square was bombed and clashes are flaring between the AMA pro-rev forces and Saleh’s family’s forces. The Guardian reports protesters are writing their names on their chests to identify them if they get murdered by their government.

Update 2: Marib Press” Tribes in Marib issued a statement saying Sheikh Saleh al Taaman was killed in the air rad with Ibrahim al Banaa but not reported killed by the regime. The Sheikh was connected to the state’s security policy and paid by Ghalib al Qamish (PSO) 100K YR/month; tribesmen accuse the regime of the manipulating the terror file and US CT ops to retain power. They say the Sheikh was not listed among the dead and that’s reason to ignore the regime’s fatality lists.

Update 3: HOOD reports over 400 arrested and dozens of injured protesters were kidnapped–again. The Saleh regime has been taking the injured all along to hide the number of fatalities and at least two credible reports of mass graves were forwarded since February.

Original: The Gulf of Aden Security Review is a great resource. Current updates include the state shelling the protest square in Sanaa, (there’s also fatalities in Taiz) and AQ issues a vid threatening tribesmen who are fighting against the AQ occupation of Abyan.

Yemen Security Brief: Fighting in Sana’a continued into a third day. There have been ongoing clashes between pro-government troops and defected tribesmen, loyal to Hashid tribal confederation leader Sheikh Sadiq al Ahmar, in al Hasaba district and between pro-government troops and defected First Armored Division troops along al Zubayri Street in Sana’a. Witnesses report that three people died when a shell landed near a makeshift hospital near Tagheer (Change) Square in Sana’a as well. Government snipers reportedly opened fire at thousands of protesters from the rooftops. The First Armored Division released a statement saying that a major and nine of its troops were killed “by treacherous sniping and shelling of the positions of the division.” In Taiz, medical officials reported that one woman was killed by government troops and seven others were injured. Government troops killed at least 12 people and injured hundreds in a similar march on October 15. Also, fighting between pro-government troops and opposition tribesmen killed 17 other people in al Hasaba district of Sana’a.[1]—-

Tribal sources reported that tribesmen ambushed at least five al Qaeda-linked militants as they were transporting military equipment in Zinjibar in Abyan governorate. Fighting that followed the ambush reportedly killed four militants and one tribesman. Yemeni security forces reportedly captured three suspected al Qaeda-linked militants.[4]

A video called, “Are the Two Groups Equal,” was produced by al Raya Media Productions, an alleged media outlet of the al Qaeda-linked militant group, Ansar al Sharia, and posted on jihadist forums on October 14. The video features images of martyrs, tribal fighters being killed in a suicide bombing in Abyan governorate, and excerpts from speeches made by al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri. Additionally, Ansar al Sharia threatened death to tribes who are working alongside the Yemeni government.[5]

AQAP claims Awlaki alive: Yemen Post

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Hopefully these unsourced statements will prove to be an embarrassment to al Qaeda:

Yemen Post: “As is happens, al-Qaeda in Yemen is now claiming that both al-Awlaki and al-Asiri are still alive and were in fact nowhere near the explosion.”

But there hasn’t been an actual press release, if we can call it that, from AQAP. Supposedly they promised a video of Anwar disputing reports of his death to Xinjua, but there’s been nothing beyond that a few days ago. ( Here’s the summary of the reports of Anwar alive from 11/1.) Maybe the YP has sources. Marib Press says the local population confirmed to the family that Anwar is alive but has nothing from AQAP itself.

The fact that his family was unable to identify Awlaki from among the body parts was unsurprising. His father has my sympathy for that task alone. YP: “Tribal leaders in Jawf told the family that Awlaqi was not killed in the attack. Tribes in the province say there is no proof that Awlaqi was amongst the killed and DNA tests on the remains of the five killed can prove that.”

At the same time, Yemeni muj are confirming on the forums that he is dead. And DOD would never let President Obama make the statement if there was a chance Awlaki was still alive; otherwise, undead terrorists are quite common in Yemen. Al Reimi was announced dead three times and al Quso twice, but none of these were USG statements.

Religious Decisions For Murder

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The article deals with the fatwa on protests and protesters issued by state clerics on Thursday.

Religious Decisions For Murder
a guest post by Amr Mohammed AL Rishia

The meeting was held in capital of Yemen by the so-called Yemen Clerics Association reached a religious decision for killing opponents of President Saleh .

This meeting was held after it was requested by President Saleh using religion against his opponents and demonstrations held in all around Yemen .

Saleh attempt to use the religious side to create chaos inside of revolution in Yemen , president Saleh evasions had Failed to break down legitimacy of the revolution .

That confirms the success of revolution in Yemen , particularly it has managed realign Centers of power in the Yemeni society tribal , military , parties & youth for one purpose is to remove the corrupt regime.

President Saleh no longer has any political plans in order to destroy the revolution, that why he used the religious side. Actually it reveals to international society Saleh’s intentions to lead Yemen to civil war by using religious decisions for murder.

What I saw on TV screens were a group of normal men did not reach to stage of clerics , in any way regarding about clerics qualifications. Where are they standing from the view of religion in the continuing injustice of 33 years? Where are they from stealing the country?, Where are they from killing Yemenis? Where are they from spread of corruption for 33 years?

It is shameful and ridiculous at the same time. Where are they from regarding the constitution which since the twentieth year allows citizens to demonstrate.

Finally, day after day, President Saleh exposes himself and makes others aware of President Saleh who has ruled the nation as great as the Yemeni people, It became clear to the world that this is how Saleh thinks, killing of Yemenis in order to remain as ruler .

Amr Mohammed AL Rishia

Al Qaeda linked sources deny Al Awlaki dead: BBC; AQAP contradictory: Mareb Press

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Update: Mareb Press report on an AlQuds Alarabia report that PM Mujawir is Anwar Awlaki’s uncle and they are from the same tribe, that this is the reason the Sanaa regime failed to take any action against him for years. If true, it also means the Fahd al Quso is Mujawir’s tribesman.

Update 2: AQAP contradictory, it sounds like they don’t know or havent confirmed themselves: Mareb Press The questioning in the killing of al-Awlaki is reinforced by a conflict of information from sources close al Qaeda, where some close to AQ stress he is not dead, while others assert the news of his death (is correct), while it did not issue any official statement from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula that confirms or denies the news of his death.

Original: Gah! Al Qaeda linked sources tell the BBC that Awlaki is alive and they will produce video to prove it. On one hand, the US said it had definite confirmation and Obama wouldn’t have announced it if there wasn’t. Also there was a witness on the ground, the homeowner. And there was confirmation on one of the forums. On the other hand, the remains were charred and in pieces and his father couldn’t identify him. There’s been so much duplicity from the Sanaa regime on the al Qaeda issue before. However I don’t recall AQAP denying a death that occurred, they are usually more reliable in announcing causalities than Sanaa, which has a habit of announcing kills that weren’t going back to 2004 and Nabi. Likely the BBC’s source is not actual AQAP? Until I see it a reliable Yemeni site that has a statement directly from AQAP, not reprinting the beeb story, then its likely untrue.

BBC, GT: Tribal sources linked to al Qaeda, told the BBC that al-Qaeda in Yemen, Egypt denied the news of killing of Anwar Al-Awlaki, a leading figure in the organization, and vowed to broadcast a video of an interview with Aulaqi prove that he is still alive

But sources close to the father of Anwar al-Awlaki who is a professor at the University of Sanaa, confirmed to the BBC that he went today to the al-Jawf province, eastern Yemen to identify the body of his son, and supervising the burial, if so, then his death.

According to tribal sources is entirely distorted and could not be identified but believed to be Anwar Awlaki.

Similar report at Barakish

Yemen’s major cities prepare for national protests against al Qaeda (AQAP)

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Yemen’s youthful revolutionaries across the country are making plans for a day of protests against al Qaeda in an effort to send a clear message to the American public. Protesters have coordinated their message in the capital Sanaa, Yemen’s largest city Taiz, the coastal city of Aden in south Yemen and Hodiedah on Yemen’s west coast.

There is a near uniform consensus among Yemeni protesters that al Qaeda has been nurtured by President Saleh and that once Saleh and his family are finally deposed, the terror organization will be substantially weakened. They take that as a given and assume the US knows it. Therefore it appears to some Yemenis that the US government seeks to ensure the terror organization’s longevity with its support of the ruling family’s continued power.

When Yemeni protesters call for “a civil state,” they mean a) not under military rule and, b) not a theocracy. The demonstrators have been condemned by religious hardliners (including Abdelmajid al Zindani) for seeking a civil state, and they responded with all vigor that it is an unyielding and legitimate demand. The newspapers are full of articles and statements rebutting al Zindanis denunciation. Yemeni is a religiously pluralistic society and one goal is to ensure equal rights and protections for all sects. The spread of hard line Salafism was a direct function of Saleh’s support and financing of extremists in exchange for their political backing.

Al Qaeda has brought nothing but disaster to Yemen. The downturn in the economy before the revolution was in part a function of al Qaeda attacks in Yemen on tourists, aid workers and the US embassy. External attacks on Saudi Prince Naif and the attempted downing of an airliner over Detroit meant an increase in drone attacks, and civilian casualties. The AQAP takeover in Abyan drove 90,000 from their homes fleeing both the violence and the al Qaeda Taliban-like governance. The upcoming protests are also a national assertion of solidarity with those Yemeni victims of al Qaeda.

The upcoming protests by the Yemeni youth are meant as a clear statement to the American public which has little understanding of the nature of Yemeni society, values and culture. The message is the rejection of all violence. The protesters have demonstrated their commitment to peace every day for six months as the state engaged in vicious atrocities against them, murdering nearly 1000.

The Yemeni protesters written statements have been entirely ignored by a western media that amplifies the statements of al Qaeda fanatics. The Inspire Magazine issued by the Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula distorts western perceptions of Yemen and generates fear of Yemenis. Protesters hope that by overtly condemning both the al Qaeda organization and its media releases, the American public will come to understand that the protesters reject al Qaeda entirely and have suffered more from its violent, supremacist ideology.

On the counter-terror front, Yemenis object to drone strikes when they kill civilians and when no effort was made to arrest the suspect. Yemen’s have no objection to a fair trial that results in a jail term for those who commit or plan violence.

AQAP arrest, statement and drone strikes

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I’m so sick of these al Qaeda jokers.

ABYAN, July 30 (Saba) – A security source said Saturday that senior leader of al-Qaeda “Abdullah Saeed Omar Houbaibat” was captured in Abyan province. (Read on …)

AQAP ransom demand for kidnapped French aid workers

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Ammar wants new toys? There was never a legitimate ransom demand from al Qaeda in Yemen in the past. Its interesting the regime knows the hostages are in good health. But then again, Saleh’s network has many conduits to “al Qaeda.” The French workers were kidnapped after France made a statement urging Saleh to leave the throne immediately.

News 24: Sanaa – Three French aid workers who were kidnapped in southeastern Yemen are held by al-Qaeda members who are seeking a $12m ransom for their release, tribal sources said on Wednesday.
(Read on …)

AQAP’s Inspire 6: Ammar al Waeli dead

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The AQAP eulogy of Ammar al Waeli says, “His father was a leader in the mujahadin in Yemen who was appointed by (bin Laden) to open a training camp in the area of Saada.”

Abu Jubarah anyone? See my article, Large al Qaeda camp in North Yemen dims peace prospects, politician says dated 3/29/10 or my category Abu Jubarah.

During the Saada Wars, both the US and al Qaeda (bin Laden division) were facilitating Saleh’s forces against the Houthis and the residents of Saada. In essence, the US was supporting a state sponsored jihad, as the Saleh regime itself characterized the conflict. Kahlidabdul Nabi, who in theory is heading the current al Qaeda uprising in Abyan, fought in Saada for Saleh in the 2005 and the 2007 rounds of war. Nabi also lead the state jihaddists in the 2009 battle of Jaar. Ayman Zawaheri provided fighters for Saleh and the US provided the money.

The diversion of US counter-terror aid to Saada was documented by the US Congress. The US was aware of the redeployment of US trained CT units as revealed by Wikileaks. At the same time, the reports of al Qaeda on the same side of the battlefield since 2005 have been consistent, credible and detailed. European nations including the UK and France also provided logistical support to Saleh’s regime including surveillance photos.

The now defected General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar led the Yemeni military against the Houthis in rounds 1-5 of the Saada war (2004-2008). Ahmed Saleh, President Saleh’s son, head of the Republican Guard and the US’s primary CT liaison, commanded round 6 (2009-2010) of the Saada War, the most brutal and lethal.

In Saada War number 6, Saudi Arabia took part in the carnage, bombing residential areas in Yemen as well as refouling refugees who were fleeing the bombing. Over 300,000 residents were displaced in several governorates, international aid was blocked, doctors arrested and hospitals bombed. The internal refugees, mostly women, children and the elderly, received little support from the UN. Only a few thousands were afforded safety in refugee camps where conditions were so abysmal that malnourished infants died all too regularly amid shortages of tents, food and medicine. The rest starved in fields and caves.

The nature and scale of the war crimes against the Yemeni civilian population, based on their ethnic and religious identity, in Saada and throughout the nation, is among the most brutal slaughters of the 21st century. After an investigation, Human Rights Watch said the state’s actions likely violate international law and rise to the level of crimes against humanity. President Obama’s insistence on immunity for his friend President Saleh whitewashes US, Saudi and western complicity in these crimes.

“Ansar al Sharia” rejects humanitarian cease fire in Abyan

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Marib Press reports on demonstrations in Abyan against the militants and negotiations for a humanitarian cease fire. Mediators did not meet any known figures of AQAP and the representatives themselves said they were part of the group Ansar al Sharia. Googlish version:

Mareb Press Ansar al-Sharia and reject any mediation or a truce between them and the army, before the departure of the benefit, and the delivery of Aden, and reports on the presence of a number of (militants).

Exposed to local sources in the governorate of Abyan, the presence of mediation, led, currently, a number of religious leaders from the province, and the Sheikhs of Shibuya, to try to cease fire and truce between the Yemeni army forces, and the jihadi groups in control of the show, in order to allow charitable organizations to reach women and children and civilians trapped in areas of confrontation. (Read on …)

Abdulelah Haider Shaea

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Al Jazeera

The kidnapping

Kamal was with Abdelillah when he was first kidnapped in July 2010. Two cars pulled up and eight men in civilian clothes carrying guns violently forced him out of the car.

“You crossed red lines in your statements on satellite television and if you don’t listen to what we say and understand the message we will destroy your life,” they told him.
(Read on …)

AQAP issues statement after bin Laden death

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I would bet a dollar that this article is written by Hamoud Mounasser (at AFP) because whenever “Al Qaeda in Yemen” needs to call a journalist to issue an anonymous propaganda statement threatening the US, that’s the guy. Mounasser is reportedly close to the National Security Office and especially Ahmed Derham. Mansour works at times for AFP and al Arabya. The southern branch of al Qaeda?


ADEN, Yemen — A leader of Al-Qaeda’s branch in restive southern Yemen on Wednesday vowed revenge for the US killing of the worldwide network’s founder Osama bin Laden.

“We will take revenge for the death of our Sheikh Osama bin Laden and we will prove this to the enemies of God,” he told AFP, contacted by telephone from Yemen’s southern province of Abyan, an Al-Qaeda stronghold.

“They will see what they haven’t expected … We are preparing a plan to continue jihad in the coming period,” said the Al-Qaeda leader, requesting anonymity for “security reasons.”

“The martyrdom of Sheikh Osama does not mean that jihad (holy war) will end.”

The official said that bin Laden had “prepared a thousand lions like himself and we will follow his path until we achieve God’s promise to us — an Islamic Caliphate.”

The United States announced on Monday that US commandos had shot dead bin Laden in a raid on his sprawling villa near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

Residents in the Abyan towns of Mudia, Mahfad and Loder — all of which are controlled by Al-Qaeda — said the jihadist network’s supporters, mourning bin Laden, put up black banners at their homes and along roads.

Lots of contradictory speculation on the effect of bin Laden’s death: VOA- legacy strong, CAO- will disrupt

AQAP did NOT take over Abyan, Yemen or even the city of Ja’ar

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Saleh’s Chaos Game begins in Abyan

At first glance, the FOX News headline, “al Qaeda: Yemen province now an Islamic Emirate,” is pretty disturbing. But it’s not remotely true. The US media is getting played by the King of Spin, President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his legion of Baghdad Bobs, again.

As anti-government protests calling for Saleh’s ouster engulfed Yemen and military commanders defected, the Saleh regime pulled back its remaining military and security forces and distributed weapons to proxies. In Abyan, state-jihaddists looted an ammo factory and took over the building housing a radio station. The terrorist mercenaries made an announcement on the radio that the city of Ja’ar in Abyan was deemed an Islamic Emirate and women were confined to their homes without a guardian. Later over 150 villagers, mostly women and children, scavenging the factory were killed in a horrific explosion. Yemenis claim the blast was remotely detonated.

Yemen’s state-jihaddists are al Qaeda types who work as mercenaries for the regime. The Saleh regime is very good at “cloning,” a tactic to undermine the opposition and confuse the west. The state has created look-alike newspapers, governmental non-governmental organizations (GONGO’s), and fake opposition parties. Beyond deploying security thugs in civilian clothes, as Mubarek did, the Saleh regime has a large contingent of jihaddist mercenaries on the payroll. Many of these “state-jihaddists” were released from jail after a pledge of loyalty to Saleh.

After the tragedy in Abyan, Yemenis across the nation accused Saleh of playing the Al Qaeda card to spin the western media and US, a frequent practice. They say that the state fosters and deploys al Qaeda mercenaries to elicit counter-terror funds, equipment and training, which are then used against internal opposition. As the Senate found last year, Saleh diverted US trained counter-terror units and US supplied equipment to the Saada War. (Indiscriminate bombing displaced over 300,000 residents in the northern Saada province as the state withheld food and medicine in a pattern that constituted collective punishment, Human Rights Watch found.) Beyond the 150 killed in the Abyan blast, dozens of others are suffering severe burns with little medical support.

The leaders of the raid on the ammo factory, Khaledabdul Nabi and Sami Dhayan, have worked for the state for years. Nabi, of the Abyan Aden Islamic Army, trained and led jihaddists into battle on behalf of the Saleh regime during the Saada Wars (2004-2010) against northern Shia rebels who claim religious discrimination. Nabi’s group, not AQAP, made the radio announcement. The residents in Ja’ar formed a local security committee which now has control of the area.

Yemenis are bewildered at the stance of the Obama administration in light of Saleh’s chicanery. Secretary Gates has repeatedly stated that the Saleh regime is an important partner to the US and the protests are an internal affair. At the same time, the US Ambassador in Sanaa is lobbying to keep Saleh’s sons and nephews in charge of the counter-terror units. A former Foreign Minister, long in exile, plotted the regime’s duplicity from the USS Cole bombing to the 2010 US airstrikes in Yemen. Watan, the Coalition of Women for Social Peace, appealed directly to the American people yesterday,

“Our stance depends on evidences proved that Selah is using al-Qaeda, and the American war against terrorism to receive generous financial support, and intensive training for the Special Forces, Central Security, and National Security, which all headed by his son and his nephews and use to suppress the Yemeni for more than a decade.

The last American stance, which was expressed by Robert Gates, reinforces our belief that the U.S. government is not serious in fighting terrorism and promoting democracy. The money is used in the name of the American people and the fight against terrorism to support dictatorial regimes and Al-Qaeda, against nations’ choices and demands for democracy. Yemen comes at the forefront of these nations.

American people, the hands of Yemeni people who have been in the streets in a peaceful revolution since two months, still rose demanding the elimination of the dictatorial regime and establish a modern civil state. However these hands are facing your weapons, your money, and the shameful attitude of your government, which we know that they do not reflect the spirit of the American nation which based on principles of freedom and human dignity.

Lift up your hands against your government that on your behalf and via your money is supporting the repression of peoples, democracy and peace.

Yesterday in Hajjah, 230 were wounded when Saleh’s thugs opened fire from rooftops on the peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators, echoing last Friday’s massacre when snipers killed 53 during a protest in Sanaa, largely by head shots.

Yesterday protesters issued a video statement to US Ambassador Feierstein along with a draft list of demands that represents a consensus among all the protesters around the county. Unlike in Egpyt where protests were centered in Cairo, Yemen is witnessing large sustained anti-government protests in nearly every province and even on the island of Socotra.

AQAP’s Inspire Mag #5: Al Qaeda in Yemen in favor of freedom unless you are a woman in Jaar, Awlaki: OK to kill obvious apostates

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The wackos al Qaeda in Abyan’s Jaar restricted women to their homes, via WAQAP radio, so no demonstrations or freedom for them! In this issue, Awlaki says that its fine to kill obvious apostates. A write up at Intelwire:

Ibrahim’s piece makes two more very important points related to the uprisings, which represent a significant shift in AQ rhetoric and even its philosophy. First, he argues that Al Qaeda is entirely in favor of “freedom” in the Middle East, because that gives people the freedom to learn about and understand AQ’s goals…Even more significantly, Ibrahim writes that Al Qaeda is not opposed to regime change through peaceful means. While Ibrahim’s status as an Islamic authority figure in the movement is unclear at best, this represents a pretty significant shift away from a long argument that military jihad is the only acceptable means to achieve Al Qaeda’s long term political goals.

Awlaki: We don’t just assume someone is an apostate without clear evidence. The other thing is who can implement the ruling once one is determined to be an apostate…In brief, if the individual has apostatized publicly, and his apostasy is clear, then this person’s blood and wealth is not protected from the Muslims due to the hadith narrated by al-Bukhari, “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.”

Intelwire’s J.M. Berger notes: AQAP Inspire #5 finished production March 18, so that’s an 11-day wait from production to posting.

Readout of Obama’s call to Yemen’s Saleh: security forces should refrain from violence

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Normally I cant tell what the heck the US statements mean or what the real message is, but this seems pretty clear: don’t open fire on the protesters tomorrow and the promise to reform is nothing without action.

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
February 03, 2011
Readout of President’s Call with President Saleh of Yemen

President Obama called President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen on February 2 to welcome the significant reform measures that President Saleh had announced earlier that day, and to stress that President Saleh now needs to follow-up his pledge with concrete actions. President Obama asked that Yemeni security forces show restraint and refrain from violence against Yemeni demonstrators who are exercising their right to free association, assembly, and speech. The President also told President Saleh that it is imperative that Yemen take forceful action against Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) to protect innocent lives in Yemen as well as abroad. Finally, President Obama expressed concern over the release of Abd-Ilah al-Shai, who had been sentenced to five years in prison for his association with AQAP. President Saleh thanked the President for U.S. support and committed to continuing and strengthening relations with the United States.

Saleh’s version from DOD website

26 Sept: In his phone call to President Saleh, Obama praised the initiative President Saleh announced today that included several positive steps, mainly wise and significant reforms. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda in Yemen executes Col Ali Hosam, PSO officer kidnapped in Saada

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That is really disgusting, and a sad ending to a complicated story. Col Hossam was kidnapped after the Houthis captured Hussain al Tais in Saada and turned him over to the state. Why didn’t the security forces launch some kind of raid on Abu Jubarah? There were pretty good odds that’s were a lQaeda was holding him, as I wrote at the time. Full details, click here. Update: Now in English:

Yemen Online The Yemen-based al-Qaida wing executed a top intelligence official after Sanaa government refused to swap two al-Qaida detainees for the senior official, a video tape posted by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) on the internet on Tuesday said.

“Deputy Director of the Yemeni Political Security Service, Colonel Ali Mohammed Salah al-Husam, was executed, with bullets fired at the back of his head, after he admitted that he had spied on Mujahedeen in the previous years,” they said in the 17-minute videotape. The group said al-Husam was running a network of espionage in Saada for 20 years and had snatched many of al-Qaida-related ideology students and held them incommunicado in prisons.

“The execution of this officer is also a message to those intelligence officers who still work for Sanaa government and the U.S. intelligence agencies,” the group added. Last September, the AQAP set 48 hours for Sanaa government to swap two al-Qaida detainees for al-Husam.

“There will be no way to know the fate of this agent unless the government releases the two brothers, Hussain al-Tais and Mashhour al-Ahdal, within 48 hours,” according to their statement which posted on Sept. 21 website. (Read on …)

Saleh orders release of Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Shaea

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Wow, Saleh is really scrambling to appease everybody. Shaea was kidnapped in August and arrested in September, tried and sentenced to five years for supporting al Qaeda after releasing several interviews and statements from Anwar al Awlaki. The YJS and international media advocates have been lobbying for his release. Update: Yemen Post reports he’s out.

News Yemen: President Ali Abdullah Saleh has reportedly ordered the release of imprisoned journalist and expert of terrorist groups’ affairs AbdulElah Haidar Shaye. (Read on …)

AQAP declares war on Yemen’s Houthi movement over Sunni displacement when 300,000 Zaidis fled state bombing

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There’s over 300,000 displaced in Sa’ada by the Yemeni military’s (and Saudi) attacks and bombing, and AQAP is declaring war because the Houthis forced people to move??? Is al Qaeda’s Saed Shihri trying to be stupid or does it just come naturally? Like many, AQAP is out of touch with the moment.

Well thats convenient timing for Saleh. a) The Yemeni military cant re-start the war at the moment but the terrorists can, b) It certainly shows the international community that they neeeeeeeeed Saleh, c) Nothing like a good crisis to distract the people’s hostility toward the state, d) With the Houthis in control of large swaths of those areas, the officially facilitated smuggling operations into Saudi are impacted and profits diminished, e) How can you buy weapons (and resell them on the black market) for a war that’s over? f) Saudi funds rise and fall in relation to perceived threats.

SANAA, Jan. 28 (Xinhua) — Leader of al-Qaida militants in Yemen declared “holy war” against the Houthi-led northern Shiite rebels, in an audio message posted on the internet by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) on Friday.

“To our Sunni fellows in northern Yemeni provinces of Saada, Al- Jouf and Amran, we (AQAP) announced jihad (holy war) against Iranian-backed Houthi Shiite advocates,” Saeed Ali al-Shihri, deputy leader of the Yemen-based AQAP.

“The jihad against northern Shiites has been declared since the implementation of the AQAP’s twin martyred car bombing attacks against convoys of the Shiite rebels’ followers in northern provinces of Al-Jouf and Saada on Nov. 24 and Nov. 26 of the last year,” he said.

In the 17-minute audiotape, the Saudi fugitive al-Shihri justified his group’s war against the Shiite rebels by claiming that the sectarian-motivated Houthi rebels attacked and displaced many Sunni families in the north.

Last December, the Sunni-devoted AQAP claimed responsibility for twin suicide car bombings against convoys of the Shiite rebels ‘ followers in northern provinces of Al-Jouf and Saada on Nov. 24 and Nov. 26, 2010, which left over than 90 Shiite followers dead, including the group’s Shiite spiritual leader Bader al-Deen al- Houthi.

OK maybe they are just idiots:

Opinions: An Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leader warned Sunni Muslims of a rising “Christian-Shiite alliance” against them in an audio message released on jihadist forums late on Friday.

Abu Sufyan al-Azdi called the participation of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Iran’s former foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki at a conference on terrorism in Yemen “is the biggest proof of the Christian-Shiite alliance.”

“America and Iran became one alliance against the Sunni people in the area,” added the Saudi AQAP leader, who was formerly imprisoned for six years at the US detention centre inGuantanamo, in a 16-minute audio message.

Azdi was referring to the annual Manama Dialogue, held in December by the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies and billed as the “most important regional security meeting in the Middle East.”

The AQAP chief also warned Sunnis in Yemen that they risked being massacred at the hands of northern Shiite Zaidi rebels, also known as Huthis, and urged them not to be caught unprepared.

“Sunnis, be careful from the massacres… that happened in Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen to happen to you while you are unarmed… prepare yourselves before it is too late… buy weapons… protect your religion, your lives and your honour.”

Abdulelah Haider Shaea sentenced to five years for facilitating al Qaeda

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Amnesty International is off on the wrong track accusing the US of orchestrating the arrest as retaliation because Abdulelah broke the story of the civilian deaths in the December 2009 US airstrike in Abyan. Its an absurd allegation because he wasn’t the one who broke the story. Everybody knew within hours. Below the fold is a DPA article describing the evidence against Shaea, which seems a little thin from the story.

Yemeni journalist sentenced to five years for terror links By Nasser Arrabyee/18/01/2011:
A Yemeni journalist was sentenced on Tuesday to five years in prisons for links with the Yemen-based Al Qaeda.

The journalist Abdul Elah Haidar Shaea, was sentenced to five years and his colleague Abdul Kareem Al Shami was sentenced to two years in prison. The two men were convicted of forming an armed gang to work with the Yemen-based Al Qaeda branch, Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). (Read on …)

AQAP claims 50 operations in Yemen

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GAN: Yemen (Sanaa) – Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arab Peninsula said Saturday it was responsible for some 50 operations carried out in different parts of Yemen in the last five months of last year. (Read on …)

The undead Fahd al Quso speaks: I’m better off in Yemen

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Convicted USS Cole bomber, Fahd al Quso, who is on the FBIs MWT list as well as the UNs 1267 listing, dispels reports of his death with an interview with a Yemeni journalist, Arafat Mudabish, for Asharq al-Awsat in Yemen’s Shabwa province. Al Quso was previously reported killed in Pakistan in September 2010. Al Quso, wearing the brown scarf, expressed surprise at reports of his death, noting he is better off in Yemen than Pakistan. A write up here at Nasher News:

He was surprised by “rumors” of his death, and also surprised by the reports of its presence in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan. He added “On the contrary I was in Yemen better under crisis situations with the Yemeni government.”

Al Quso did not deny or confirm the existence of the camps of Al Qaeda in the mountains of Shabwa which is protected by the tribes there, but he said that the shelling of his ranch in the area in December of last year, killing five people and destroying farm. (ed-This is was a US air strike, per Wikileaks.)

He criticized the Yemeni government Bowl, and said that it inflated the size of an al Qaeda presence in Yemen in order to “justify the killing of innocent people in the bombing, which occurs in some areas.”

Fahd al Quo stressed that he had received offers from the Yemeni government which invited him to surrender himself in exchange for guarantees and promises did not talk about details.

Asharq Alawasat article below:
(Read on …)

Where’s Fahd al Quso?

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Maybe he’s in Aden at his mum’s house building a bomb in the kitchen, (just random speculation). Fahd was convicted in the USS Cole bombing and granted early release in 2007.

Yemen Observer: Al-Quso is believed to be hiding in the al-Said district of Shabwa, close to the Abyan province border according to Major Mansoor Hadi, security director of the Mayfa district of Shabwa. However, the major was unsure if this location was accurate.

Ahmed Salim abdul Salam, one of ‘Al al-Abdullah bin Dahah Sheikhs in Wadi Rafadh, al-Quso’s hometown, was unaware of his whereabouts.

“He’s not here. They released news about his death and we’re not sure whether he is alive or dead,” said the Sheikh. He also stated that al-Quso, along with Qasim al-Raymi, Nasser al-Wuhayshi, and Said al-Shihri lived in Wadi Rafadh for a period of time following al-Quso’s release in 2007.

“American drones flew over us yesterday and earlier today,” said the Sheikh when asked if he believed that US forces were actively engaged in searching for al-Quso.

Break my heart. He was supposed to be dead in Pakistan. What was that all about?

Yahya al Houthi: There is no sectarian conflict in Saada

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After the first car bombing, Abdelmalik made a strong statement that they would not be dragged into a sectarian conflict that artificially pits Zaidis against Sunnis in Yemen. And it makes no sense to frame it that way. AQAP vs. the Houthis, yes. Sunni vs. Shia, no. At Al Mempar Yahya al Houthis criticizes (the IRIN news site of) the United Nations for framing the conflict in Saada as sectarian. He explains

1) the commonality between the Zaids and the four Sunni Schools of Yemen but Wahabbis working for Saudi Arabian intelligence and interests are another story. 2) the checkpoints (as I noted) were there from the inception of the Saada Wars and are not a sign of sectarian strife. Everybody has checkpoints through out Yemen including various tribes as well as bandits. 3) he calls for an apology from the UN although IRIN newsite is a news site not an UN press releases. The offending article at IRIN is here.

AQAP claims to have killed Badr al Din al Houthi in car bombing

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On any day, the Houthis are more credible than al Qaeda. But if al Qaeda killed Badr al Din al Houthi, a widely respected scholar by many Yemenis, then Abdelmalik al Houthi–who already defeated two national armies–is going to decimate AQAP or at least entirely expel them from Saada and the surrounding regions under his control. Regardless of what anyone thinks of their goals or ideology, there is no denying the Houthis have already won (by not losing) against two national armies and well stocked air forces. They held out for six years and six wars and Operation Scorched Earth. The Houthis inflicted substantial defeats against the military forces of Ali Mohsen al Ahmar including capturing important territory, large amounts of weapons and numbers of soldiers. Why AQAP would think its strategically a good move now to declare war on the Houthis is a mystery. One explanation is somebody is trying to reignite the war, and AQAP is the last card in the deck. The twist is now both groups are calling each other American agents. But as is very clear by now, the Houthis are not beholden to any foreign power and are not mercenaries-for-hire like AQAP.

Hindustan Times: Al-Qaeda said on Friday the aging spiritual guide of northern Yemen’s Shiite rebels was among those killed in a suicide bombing in November, dismissing accounts that Badreddin al-Huthi died of natural causes. Huthi was among the dead on November 24 when Al-Qaeda bomber Abu Aisha al-Sanaani al-Hashemi struck a Shiite procession in Al-Jawf, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) said in a statement on an Islamist website.

The rebels, observing an uneasy truce with Sanaa since February, said a suicide car bombing killed 23 fighters or backers at the religious procession, but that Huthi, an asthma sufferer, died a natural death a day later. (Read on …)

Report: AQAP claims suicide attacks on Zaidis in al Jawf and Saada

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I don’t know about this, it depends on which website and other variables.

WaPo: Al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing killing Shiite tribesmen in northern Yemen. In a statement appearing Sunday on extremist websites, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula described the Shiites as “despicable plants” to be uprooted, according to the SITE Intelligence Unit, which monitors such sites.

In this case, the only thing that would be worse than a false flag attack (al Qaeda as a deniable proxy) is a real attack, but AQAP is insane if they think they can win against the Houthis. The targeting of the al Ghadeer procession and the convoy en route to Badr al Din’s funeral, beyond being horrific, is also insulting on a deep level and in a personal way to Abdel Malik. And the Houthis would be at a tactical disadvantage if they face continued attacks in that they don’t target civilians, and they won’t retaliate in kind, but that may be a strong strategic advantage. This makes no sense on AQAP’s part to open up a new front now. Maybe the Houthi control of some areas of Saada and al Jawf is diminishing AQAP’s capacity, especially with their operational focus on Saudi Arabia and cross border business enterprises.

Reuters:Nov 28 (Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s regional wing has claimed responsibility for a car bombing that killed at least 23 Shi’ites in northern Yemen and threatened more attacks, according to a statement posted on the Internet on Sunday. “The mujahideen … decided to begin with this martyrdom-seeking operation in defence of the honour of our Prophet Mohammad … and in defence of our Sunni brothers,” Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said in the statement posted on Islamic websites….The al Qaeda statement, dated Nov. 25, said the group had formed special units to attack the Shi’ite rebels, whom it accused of killing Sunnis, destroying their homes and forcing them out of areas under rebel control.

Update: well its the same stationary as the AQAP letter setting the timeline for the release of Hussain al Tais…

al Masdar Online: Announced what is known as al-Qaeda in the Arab fault responsibility for a suicide attack targeting Shi’ite al-Jawf province in northern Yemen last Wednesday, killing 17 people and wounding others. (Read on …)

AQAP’s Inspire #3: Operation Hemorrhoid

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Al Qaeda in Yemen released their third English “magazine”, Inspire, a month early, eager to explain the UPS plot “Operation Hemorrhage.” I think all the talk about small targets, cheep plots and lone wolves could be a diversion for a substantial plot by another Yemeni cell. Either way, according to their own statements, AQAP clearly has no regard whatsoever for the negative impact of their actions on Yemenis. They talk about disrupting the western economy, but they also destroyed Yemen’s economy without apology. They also continue to insist random murder (of Yemenis and Westerners) is correct according to Islam: “Obama stood in front of the world with a terrified face announcing that his nation is being threatened by terrorism (i.e. real Islam)…” That’s how they said it, terrorism is the real Islam.

Related: Samir under Anwar, not a pretty visual: (Read on …)

Al Reimi’s rebranding AQAP

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Al-Qaeda Says Aden-Abyan Army Underway to Liberate Yemen from Crusaders

Yemen Post: Al-Qaeda has announced in a videotape posted on an Islamic website it is creating the Aden-Abyan army to liberate Yemen from crusaders and their apostate agents.
The military commander of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula AQAP Qasim Al-Raimi said: “We preach the Muslim nation all over the world that we are on the verge of building the first blocks of the army, which would be the line of defense of the nation, its religion and seek the liberation of its sanctities and clearing its territories of the crusaders and their apostate agents.” (Read on …)

Corrupt al Qaeda operative Anwar Al Awlaki brings new disasters to Yemen with new video

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This guy is single handedly doing more damage to Yemen than even the most corrupt minister. He should shut the hell up or go live on a boat in the middle of the ocean where he is not wreaking havoc on all those people around him and in Yemen. Update: “Its us or its you.”??? He sounds like George Bush with the line, “You’re with us or against us.”

Straits Times: SANAA – US-YEMENI radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi has called for the killing of Americans ‘without hesitation,’ in a video message posted on jihadist websites, US monitoring group SITE said on Monday.

‘Do not consult anyone in killing Americans,’ Awlaqi said in the 23-minute video, according to SITE. ‘Killing the devil does not need any fatwa (religious edict),’ he added. ‘It’s either us or you,’ Awlaqi said, addressing Americans in the video which first surfaced on Oct 23 when one minute of footage was posted on jihadist forums.

Kill everybody, that’s his brilliant solution to the world’s issues. He’s not a scholar but he plays one on the internet.

BBC A radical US-born Yemeni Islamist cleric has called for the killing of Americans in a new video message posted on radical web sites. Anwar al-Awlaki said no permission was needed to kill Americans as they are from the “party of devils”. It comes shortly after authorities intercepted air cargo bombs sent from Yemen to the US in a plot linked to Mr Awlaki. (Read on …)

Chicago Chicago that toddlin’ town

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From the second issue of Inspire via Aaron:


Image of Chicago skyline. Inspire was released was released October 10 or 11, surprisingly not on the 10th anniversary of the USS Cole bombing but a day before.

Al Qaeda in Saada, Abu Juabarah, May Execute Kidnapped PSO Cmdr

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This must mean that Hussain al Taiz is still in custody. Earlier reporting here. If Ammar al Waeli is in Abu Jabarah, along with other top level terrorists, why doesn’t the military launch a raid on the training camp? Oh wait, the military subcontracts their services on a regular basis.

Al Tagheer: قال مصدر أمني بمحافظة صعدة اليمنية ، فضل عدم ذكر اسمه لـ ” التغيير ” ، اليوم الاثنين ، إنه قلق بشان تردد أنباء عن اعتزام عناصر القاعدة تنفيذ حكم الإعدام بحق العقيد علي محمد الحسام نائب مدير الأمن السياسي الذي يعاني من وضع صحي حرج ، خلال الـ 24 ساعة القادمة . A security source said the Yemeni province of Saada, who preferred anonymity for “change”, on Monday, he was concerned about the reports about Al-Qaeda’s intention to implement the death sentence against Colonel Ali Hussam Mohammed, deputy director of political security, who is suffering from critical health status, during the 24 the next hour. (Read on …)

Forum: gift of the Army of Aden-Abyan forthcoming, Update: likely a manual of some sort by Sami al Mutairi

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It sounds like it a new training publication, a guide for students, like the two mags they have already aren’t enough. So if its AAIA, is it coming from al Nabi or al Wahishi, joking joking. Al Reimi is trying to rebrand AQAP as an embodiment of a prophecy, but he’s on the wrong side of destiny.

Update: yes its looking to be an instruction manual, based on the author.

5/24/10: Mutairi, who uses the nom de guerre of Abdallah al-Haj, was released from prison in Kuwait in 2007..The documents from the Yemeni rebels indicated that Mutairi, who since his release from prison in 2007 has become one of the top Al-Qaida figures in the Arabian peninsula, has asked a group called the Abdullah Azzam Brigades to assist Al-Qaida in Gaza because “they are fighting against the same enemy.” — Mutairi recently finished writing a detailed document in which he sets out the strategy that should be adopted against Israel and calls for a “missile campaign” from Gaza in order to stir Hamas out of its stupor and fight Israel.

Sounds like he is going to issue a new strategy document for AQAP.

Abu al Feida’s Jihad Think Tank: hidden hands of western zionists plot against Arab countries

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Abu al Feida, Rasheed Mohammed Saed, is an al Qaeda expert because he is a friend of bin Laden

Mareb Press:

تساءل الدكتور عبدالله الزرقة في ورقة قدمها في ندوة أقامها منتدى إب الثقافي بمدينة إب، عن المنهجية التي يتبعها التنظيم و الايدولوجية التي ينطلق منها، معتبرا ما يقوم به التنظيم من استهداف لرجال الدولة امر لا يمت للاسلام بصلة. Asked Dr Abdullah blue in a paper presented at a symposium hosted by Forum Eb Eb cultural city, on the methodology followed by the organization and ideology from which, considering what the organization of the targeting of statesmen is not related with Islam. (Read on …)

Bin Laden justifies attack on France by burqa law

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On October 18, Saudi Arabia confirmed that they issued a warning to French authorities about an impending attack by the Yemeni al Qaeda branch. The alert was issued following the surrender of Saudi AQAP operative Jabir al Fayfi from Yemen. The irony of bin Laden defending woman’s rights is mind boggling.

CNN: A man purporting to be Osama Bin Laden warned France to get its troops out of Afghanistan and not to oppress Muslims at home in a tape broadcast by the Al-Jazeera network Wednesday.

“If you want to oppress us and thought that it was your right to ban the free women to wear the burqa, isn’t it our right to expel your occupying forces, your men from our lands?” the speaker demands, in reference to recently passed French legislation barring women from covering their faces in public. (Read on …)

New Awlaki Video

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Their new plan– to bore us all to death, although the jihaddi paparazzi always gets pretty excited. Adam Gadhan’s 46 minutes snoozer of a video was released yesterday. Today its Anwar, al Qaeda’s Paris Hilton. Last week it was Inspire. Then there was Qasim al Reimi’s audio, rebranding AQAP as a 12,000 man Aden Abyan Islamic Army, which I assure you exists only in his qat addled head. At least now we know what they are scared of–the Mardin Declaration: The scholars meeting in Mardin issued what they dubbed as “The New Mardin Declaration” in which they declared the fatwa of Ibn Taymiyyah unsuitable for our times and should not be used by “extremists to justify violence”. Those are educated Islamic scholars and trained recognized clerics. Adam Gadhan and Anwar Awlaki are neither clerics nor scholars, just megalomaniac psychotic weasels.

Update: One and a half minutes? Not produced by al Malahim? hmmmm…. Where’s your webmaster Anwar? Xinhuanet: “The responsibility lying on the shoulder of the Muslim nation is heavy. The nation needs to be guided under dark circumstances in which the Muslims are exposed to fateful dangers,” Awlaki said in a message criticizing what he dubbed “the Yemeni corrupt religious scholars who are run by the government or political opposition parties.” The one and a half minutes video was not produced by Al-Malahim Foundation, the official media arm of the Yemen-based al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

CNN Yemeni-American cleric and militant Anwar al-Awlaki appeared in a new video message Saturday, saying that Islam is in “severe need for guidance in these dark situations” and that the religion is “exposed to fateful dangers.”

In the limited portion of the video that was immediately available to CNN, al-Awlaki called on Muslim scholars to help address the situation.

AQAP: unhappy wives, butt bombs and women’s clothing

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Unsurprisingly, Saed al Shihri’s wife is unhappy in Yemen after her earlier exodus from Saudi Arabia. I wonder if AQAP is teaching Samir Khan to dance for them like the Talaban’s Afghan boys .

Belaquood Man’s wife, the second at the base of the Arabian Peninsula: I live and my children like prisoners in Yemen
Tuesday, October 12 – October 2010 at 17:00 / unrestricted net – rebounds
(Read on …)

Sami Khan the happy traitor publishes Inspire magazine issue #2

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Is the Ibrahim al Banna on page 23 who graduated from al Azhar in Cairo the same as this Egyptian Ibrahim al Banna with 11 names who was charged in August 2010. More on him here.

Best comment: If he’s hanging out with AQAP, he needs to change his name to Samantha.

Another PSO agent killed, update: on AQAP hit list

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AFP: ADEN, Yemen — A Yemeni intelligence officer has been killed and two policemen and a detained suspect wounded in separate attacks in the south, military and security sources said on Saturday.

Abdul Aziz Abdullah Bashraheel was shot dead on Friday by two masked gunmen on a motorcycle in Foha, west of Mukalla, capital of Hadramawt province, a security official said. (Read on …)

AQAP announces death of member in December raid

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But nothing on Fahd. Update: One in Afghanistan. Gulf News: Sa’ad Mohammad Al Shahri, a suspected terrorist and associate of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, was killed in a US air strike a few days ago in Afghanistan, security sources have said. Gulf News has learnt that Al Shahri was an active Al Qaida militant who featured on a list of wanted terrorists that was issued by the Saudi Interior Ministry on June 28, 2006. Its not AQAP’s Saed al Shehri. Update 2: And apparently they tried to down Saudi Prince Naif’s plane when it was landing in Sana’a in 2009.

al Ghad: Fought battles of the “Tora Bora” and returned from the “Guantanamo” and was killed in a U.S. raid
الإثنين , 4 أكتوبر 2010 م Monday, October 4, 2010

الغد: محمد الأحمدي Tomorrow: Mohammed al-Ahmadi
في سياق إصداراته الإعلامية المتوالية، كشف ما بات يعرف بـ”تنظيم قاعدة الجهاد في In the context of successive publications media, reveal what has become known as “Al Qaeda in جزيرة العرب”، أخيراً، عن تفاصيل جديدة لأحد عناصره العائدين من “جوانتانامو”، يدعى “هاني عبده مصلح شعلان”، قتل في غارة يعتقد أنها أميركية يمنية مشتركة استهدفت مواقع للتنظيم بمنطقة أرحب شمال العاصمة صنعاء في ديسمبر الماضي. The Arabian Peninsula, “Finally, new details of one of its elements returning from the” Guantanamo “, named” Hani Abdu Musleh Shaalan, “was killed in the raid are believed to be a joint Yemeni-American targeted sites of the organization welcome area north of the capital Sana’a last December. (Read on …)

Updated: Nabi doesn’t know which agency is behind attacks on Policital Security, but its not him.

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Khalidabdul Nabi denies the reports published that he entered into another deal with the Saleh regime to calm the situation in Abyan before the Gulf 20 games. He says his band is not behind the attacks on the Political Security officers in Abyan. The perpetrators are likely tribal, partisan or the state, he says, but he’s not sure which. The name of his group, the Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, is from the Koran and no one should take offense.

A better translation of the last part thanks to Jassim Mohammed, and yes, they are all intelligence officers: “Over the years, sharp differences emerged between him and the intelligence services in the province and shows those differences and reaffirmed the continuation of these differences because of the state « The state took his money and overturned all agreement of promises with him». Its good to mention that abd Al- Nabi and big numbers who had been in Afghanstan are now officers in Intelligence and currently occupy high positions and as managers have been deployed in the provinces of Lehej and Abyan.”

aha, Asharq al Awasat

Sanaa, Asharq Al-Awsat- Sheikh Khalid Abdul-Nabi, A prominent Yemeni jihadist leader and head of the banned Aden-Abyan Islamic Army, has denied any connection to the assassinations that have been taking place for the last three months in Abyan Governorate, in southern Yemen, which has targeted officers of the Political Security Agency (intelligence) and other security men.

In a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat, Abdul-Nabi said that these assassinations are “illogical” and that he does not specifically know the party or parties behind them. He added that these assassinations were “probably tribal or partisan vendetta. I do not know whether the Southern Mobility Movement [SMM] or the state was behind these assassinations.” (Read on …)

Zawaheri notes al Qaeda in Yemen are Saleh’s dogs

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In some whole 12 page lunatic diatribe from Zawaheri about the state of the jihad, there’s
one sentence on Yemen:

Also there in the Arabian Peninsula were those belonging to the Islamic movements who pledged allegiance to Ali Abdullah Saleh as ruler of the Muslims, after America approved him as one of its governors over the Muslims.

Either a) they are plotting something big and he doesn’t want to call attention or b) he couldn’t leave Saleh out all together or it would look odd.

Yemeni jihadi bling and diversion

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This is not the al Qaeda your mother warned you about. This is at best YSB reincarnated. Its certainly not the plotters and the upper echelon. In a statement dated August 30, AQAP takes credit for a variety of low grade attacks in the south. And its not clear what this is yet. While the step up by the Yemeni security forces itself could be several things at once: a temporary posturing in response to international pressure and US and Saudi intel, an intra-family power play using different jihaddist proxies, and or Saleh trying to cut the legs out from under the southern movement. But its important to recall that after the 2006 jailbreak, the Saleh regime stepped up pressure for a few weeks and assassinated Fawz al Raibi and the Egyptian Dawadier. And then bin Laden’s buddy, al Feida said that the killings of the Al Qaeda operatives would not harm the overall good relations between the Yemeni government and actual al Qaeda. And that’s all that’s going on now, they’re treading water. Saleh didn’t reform, Saleh never reforms in any area, ever.

1-Throwing a hand grenade at a group of Political Security officers in front of the Political Security building, which led to casualties among their ranks.

2-Attacking a ‘first responder’ patrol as it was roaming the al-Quds area in the heart of Zinjibar. It is a patrol known for harming Muslims. The attack resulted in killing three soldiers, capturing two Kalashnikovs and destroying a vehicle. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda lists 52 security officials targeted for death, 50 are southerners

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Scan of the document at ANA

He revealed: “Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” in a publication distributed by the city of Zanzibar Thursday in Abyan for a list of 52 security personnel belonging to what he described as “a black-Ansi” deemed “legitimate target” for murder.

وأرفق المنشور الذي وزع في مدينة زنجبار – وتحصلت «وكالة أنباء عدن» على نسخة منه – بقائمة اسمية لأفراد الأمن المستهدفين الذين ينتسبون لأجهزة الأمن السياسي والبحث الجنائي وجهاز الاستخبارات العكسرية ، والذي قال تنظيم القاعدة انهم باتوا “هدفا مشروعا لنا ابتداء من 1 شوال 1431 هجري” أي اليوم الجمعة الموافق أول ايام عيد الفطر. Attached to the publication that was distributed in the city of Zanzibar – and obtained «news agency Eden» a copy of it – a list of nominal members of the security target those who belong to the organs of political security and criminal investigation and intelligence-military, which al Qaeda said they have become “a legitimate target for us, starting from 1 Shawwal 1431 AH “Any day Friday, the first day of Eid al-Fitr. (Read on …)

AQAP Claims Six Attacks on Security in the Abyan

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It reminds me of the Yemen Soldiers Brigades and the string of minor attacks on security through 2007 and 2008, which was later determined not to be “real” al Qaeda.

SANAA, Sep. 7, 2010 (Xinhua News Agency) — The Yemen-based al-Qaida claimed responsibility for six deadly attacks against the country’s security forces over the few past weeks in Yemen’s southern province of Abyan, according to a statement issued on jihadist forums on Tuesday. (Read on …)

Chanting al Qaeda burn soldiers bodies, Warn Against Regime Media

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Al Qaeda escaped from Lauder somehow (Ali Mohsen). They are correct in noting the official media is a disinformation machine.

Yemen Post: At least 9 soldiers were killed when armed men attacked a security checkpoint in Yemen’s Southern Abyan Province, where many were killed and injured during fierce clashes between the security forces and suspected Al-Qaeda militants last week. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda Member Al Zaidi Renounces June Deal with Yemen President Saleh

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Saleh never keeps his promises to anyone. He’s a compulsive liar or has some pathology where he’s unable to keep his word. But this mechanism of negotiation with al Qaeda really isn’t working and hasn’t worked for quite some time. If all the jihaddists Saleh made a deal with band together, its going to get ugly. Al Zaidi surrendered in June after being released from jail in 2006. ( Click here for an interview with al Zaidi in 2009 in which he discusses his imprisonment and prior dealings with Saleh. Al Zaidi says he was never a member of al Qaeda and was imprisoned because he was a personal friend of Mohammed bin Mohammed al Ahdel. )

News Yemen: A leading member of al-Qaeda in Yemen has renounced an agreement with the government to stop violence and terrorist activities in the country, independent source reported on Wednesday.

In an exclusive interview with the Yemeni independent weekly Al-Wasat, Khalid al-Zaidi, a leading member of al-Qaeda in the northern province of Mareb, said that his agreement with the government not to cause any instability in the country has been renounced.

Al-Zaidi said he met with President Ali Abdullah Saleh last June and wrote a pledge not to carry out any sabotage acts in the country on condition that the government releases al-Qaeda prisoners and cancel all convictions against him. He said that “the agreement has failed as the government has not fulfilled what we have agreed upon.” (Read on …)

AQAP Urges Kamikaze Attacks on Isreal

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Apparently Saed al Shehri and the brothers sat around chewing qat and predicting the future and dreaming of destruction and kamikaze attacks.

August 18, 2010 — Brookings: Al Qaeda is warning its supporters and sympathizers to prepare for a new war in the Middle East, which it says will pit Israel against Iran. Al Qaeda’s franchise in Yemen, the self-styled al Qaeda in the Arabian Pennisula (AQAP), issued an audio message this month with a lecture by its second-in-command Saeed al Shehri in which he tells jihadists in the Middle East that “what is expected is for the war to begin by the Jews against Iran.” Israel will stage air strikes on Iran’s nuclear installations to start. Shehri expects the Iranian Shia regime to try to take advantage of an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities to seize the holy cities of Mecca and Medina by blaming Saudi Arabia for helping Israel attack. In turn, the Israelis will seize territory in the Levant to establish “the greater state of Israel.” The Sunni Arab population of the Middle East will be caught between the “Jews in the Middle East and Iran in the Peninsula.” (Read on …)

AQAP Urges Saudi Soldiers to Assassinate Govt, Royals and Westerners

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MEMRI: On August 10, 2010, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a 15-minute audio recording from Sa’id Al-Shihri, aka Abu Sufyan Al-Azdi, the Saudi deputy commander of AQAP, who is also a former Guantanamo detainee. In the recording, Al-Shihri says that the organization has received communications from supporters of Al-Qaeda in the Saudi armed forces, who asked whether they should remain in their positions, or whether they should leave to join up with AQAP in Yemen. Al-Shihri tells them that they should remain in the Saudi armed forces and take advantage of their positions to further infiltrate the armed forces, carry out assassinations against the government, the royal family, and Westerners living in the country, and to provide logistical assistance to the mujahideen. (Read on …)

AQAP Claims Shabwa Attack and Declares War on Yemenis

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Al-Qaeda determines who deserves to live and die. Reuters

DUBAI, Aug 7 (Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s Yemen-based arm said it was behind an attack that killed at least six soldiers in an oil province last month, and threatened more strikes on government targets.

The attack in the southern Shabwa province on July 25 was among five raids on state targets since June which have been blamed on the resurgent militant group. (Read on …)

How Stupid, Al-Qa’ida Accuses the Yemeni Govt of Attacks on Innocent Civilians

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Al-Qaida attacks all over the world kill innocent civilians including in Yemen. One well documented total is about 85,000 Muslim civilian deaths in the last ten years but its a partial listing. The Yemeni government also kills innocent people but al-Qaeda’s convenient outrage is a joke. Another joke is their announcement that they are raising an army of 12,000. Its total propaganda, and as Yemeni power players, they do it very well. The numbers are still around 500 despite all their best efforts including the CD’s in the mosques. Hopefully the securocrats don’t go all knee-jerk as they are prone to. Globe and Mail

Al Qaeda threatened in an internet audio recording on Thursday to carry out more attacks on Yemeni forces following several suspected and confirmed Qaeda strikes on the government that have killed dozens.

Four assaults on state targets have been attributed to Al Qaeda’s Yemen based regional arm since June, though it has only claimed two of the attacks. The most recent attack by suspected militants in a southern oil province killed six soldiers.

Al Qaeda in Yemen previously focused high-impact strikes on foreign targets, but has started to aim them at the state in response to enhanced U.S.-Yemeni cooperation in a crackdown on the militant group that has included air strikes and raids. (Read on …)

Ayyam Zawaheri Wants to Be King of Yemen

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Oh yes, that’s what Yemenis need is another foreigner inciting bloodshed. The lunatic Egyptian wants Yemeni clerics to declare jihad on the US. Certainly strengthens Saleh’s position with the US though, how handy.

Reuters: Zawahri, in his second message this month released on Islamist websites, also ridiculed Yemeni clerics, who he said promised jihad, or holy war, against the United States if it interfered in Yemen, but who he said ignored signs that the government was cooperating with U.S. forces.

Noting that Amnesty International had called on Washington to explain its role in Yemen, Zawahri asked: “Is Amnesty International more concerned about defending the Yemeni people than they (the clerics) are?”

Amnesty International released a report in June suggesting that the United States may be playing a role in Yemen after releasing photographs that showed remnants of alleged U.S. missiles and cluster bombs used in an attack in south Yemen.

“What more are they waiting for to call for jihad? … are they waiting for the U.S. soldiers to appear on the streets of Sanaa in their tanks?”

AQAP Claims Attacks on Security in Abyan, Yemen

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They seem to have it out for al-Gamish, the question is why. There was some flaky back story on al-Gamish earlier retaliating for not getting his cut on some land thefts and the blow-back from that. Earth Times

Sana’a, Yemen – Yemen’s wing of al-Qaeda on Friday claimed responsibility for a pair of week-old coordinated attacks on security agencies in the south of the Arab country, saying they were meant to avenge the killing of two of its members. (Read on …)

Samir Khan in Yemen, Edited “Inspire”

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NYDNA slick new Al Qaeda magazine written in English to lure U.S. jihadists may be the work of a former New Yorker with an eye for graphics – and a lust for American blood. Intelligence officials see chilling similarities between a militant blog Samir Khan produced and the Internet-based magazine Inspire. Khan landed on intelligence radar in 2007, when he was 21, after posting an Osama Bin Laden screed to the blog he maintained from his parents’ basement.

The blog boasted crisp graphics, an easy familiarity with American culture and attitudes, and a pipeline to hard-core rhetoric. Fast forward to last month, when Al Qaeda put out Inspire, with the message that U.S. military action in the Arab world must be avenged. The packaging spooked experts with its potential for recruiting Western youth. It also seemed familiar to those who track militants, like the Jawa Report blog…

Khan has been in Yemen since October – and the mag was posted by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, a Yemen branch with ties to American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Awlaki uses English to get his message out in the West.

(Read on …)

Anwar Awlaki fatwas Molly and the entire US, again

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The new Al Qaeda mag in English had pages of corrupted code but the second release includes an article by Anwar Awlaki calls for death for a cartoonist in Seattle. But since we all pay taxes and vote, everybody in the US is a “combatant” according to Awlaki and deserving of death, so it doesnt matter either way what anybody says or does,

Google News “The proper solution to this growing campaign of defamation” of the prophet is “the execution of those involved,” reads the article in web magazine “Inspire,” in a text provided by the US monitoring service SITE on Sunday. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda Issues Statement on Aden Prison Break Three Weeks Late, Proud to Have Killed 3 Women

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And they executed the police one by one.

AFP: Al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen claimed responsibility Sunday for a deadly June attack on the country’s intelligence headquarters in the southern port city of Aden.

“Brigades of Jamil Nasser al-Ambari stormed Aden’s intelligence headquarters and the result was killing not less than 24 officers and soldiers,” said a statement posted on militant websites. (Read on …)

Al-Qa’ida distributes CD’s in Sana’a Mosques calling for jihad on U.S.

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Really getting desperate, aren’t they? I guess the Saudi women didn’t come flocking to Yemen after al-Qa’ida’s last appeal to them for suicide bombers. Short of funds they are as well. Interesting how AQIY can distribute the CDs in such a systematic manner without drawing the attention of the state-funded Imams and security. Oh yes, it was actually the state funded Imams who first warned against US intervention in Yemen, threatening jihad in a statement. Yeah that was it. The AQIY zealots are hoping that US backing of the widely reviled dictator and his messy messy methods of counter-insurgency will create a backlash in their favor, not an improbable outcome even without the CDs, but there are a lot of other options for those with anti-government inclinations. Anti-US sentiments grew geometrically after the slaughter in Abyan (cluster bombs??!!) and the US’s extremely poor follow-up. (Nary a word. Even after the Yemeni government apologized, the US kept congratulating.) Inciting against US intervention incidentally and conveniently dovetails with Saleh’s position. This Abdulelah mentioned works for (gets a paycheck from) the state news agency SABA and is the brother-in-law of Abdulmajid al-Zindani, a long time Saleh loyalist. Abdulelah is the one who manages to interview all the top al-Qa’ida (including his bestest friend Anwar Awlaki, Nassir al Wahishi and Fahd “but I thought he was reformed” al-Quso) without a problem as we noted first in January 2009. We’ll file this about the CDs under the heading “flaky stuff”.

Yemen Post An unidentified group has distributed a CD at a number of mosques in Yemen’s capital of Sana’a that some people said contained interviews with Al-Qaeda leaders and videos about U.S. raids on terrorist targets in the country, independent sources said on Thursday.

Uthman Al-Ghamidi, Fahd Al-Qusa, Abu Musab Muhammad Saleh Umair and Saeed Al-Shari, all of the most wanted terrorist suspects by Yemeni and Saudi authorities, appeared in the CD speaking about U.S. crimes and calling for reviving Jihad, holy war.

They talked about terror raids that took place in late last year and early this year in Abyan, Shabwa and Sana’a with a focus on the raid in Almajalah district, Abyan, in which many were killed including civilians. Murdered terrorist Abu Umair was seen discussing Jihad with young Jihadists.

Abdul Elah Shaea, a local expert in terrorism issues, also appeared speaking about Al-Qaeda in Yemen including remarks he previously gave to Aljazeera Satellite Channel.

The CD was intended to incite the people against the U.S. intervention as concerns, mainly by the west, continued to grow about Al-Qaeda presence in the country and to praise the role of Al-Qaeda and its acts.

It also contained photos of some Arab leaders described as agents for the west including Egypt’s Mubarak and President Saleh.

Al Qaeda Statement Calls on Tribes Not to Turn Them In

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In this statement, Al Qaeda also denied issuing the prior statement that claimed responsibility for Sheik al Shabwani’s death. So then who issued that statement, the government? Holy Moley Batman, could someone be issuing false statements on behalf of al-Qa’ida? Gee, then there was the other false statement on behalf of the Awlaki tribe threatening the US…

For more see the Yemen Post and the following from M&C

Cairo/Sana’a, Yemen – The al-Qaeda network on Friday urged tribal leaders in Yemen not to turn over its fighters – also known as the ‘mujahidin’ – to the government, according to a statement published on Islamist websites.

The statement accused the government of killing ‘the innocent people as well as children and women, under the pretext that some members of these tribes are wanted,’ referring to the death of the deputy governor of Yemen’s Marib province last month. (Read on …)

Aden: 11 killed and 12 wounded as AQAP suspects escape Political Security prison

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Aden: 11 killed and 12 wounded
AQAP suspects set free from Political Security in Yemen

by Abdullah A. Qaid- For Armies of Liberation

Sana’a- 16 June- At least 11 were killed and 12 wounded Saturday morning in Aden, southern of Yemen, as unidentified gunmen attacked the Political Security office. Most of the dead people were soldiers.

The initial fingerprint of the operation is pointing to the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), security sources said.

About five gunmen wearing military uniforms stormed the security building in Attwahi with fired bullets and bombs that led to clashes inside the building.

During the attack, unknown numbers of prisoners suspected of being members of Al-Qaeda were set free by the operators, security source affirmed.

Although, the clash lasted for nearly half an hour, all the assailants together with the released prisoners escaped successfully.

Three women including the secretary of the director of the Political Security, along with a child was far from the Political Security, were among the dead persons.

The operation comes a day after a release by al-Qaeda threatened to ignite a fire under the earth what it called retaliation for the killing of women and children in Wadi Ubeeda of Marib.

The BBC correspondent in Sana’a quoted as a security source asked anonymity that the incident may come after collusion of security members within the political security.

The Attwahi district of Aden witnessed over the past months two explosions near the building of the Political Security and Television Broadcasting, in which the Director of the Political Security Attwahi and Al-Muala was killed.

According to Yemen News Agency (SABA), the Supreme Security Committee confirmed its intention to pursue the terrorist perpetrators and bring them to justice for their punishment and commended the cooperation of citizens in all provinces with the security services in calling upon everyone to report any presence of these misguided terrorist elements wherever they.


The Political Security building in Aden after today’s attack.

Update, AFP: They brought a bus. Witnesses also said the assailants “were seen leaving the building in a bus, taking people who had been detained there with them,” in what appeared to be a coordinated and well-planned operation.

Oh it just gets flakier and flakier: They all escaped in two cars with no prisoners after an hour of gun battles and RPG attacks. Another update: The local council denies and calls al Jazeera a liar.

(Read on …)

Al Qaeda Kills 37 Officials in 3 Years

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Global Times

Yemen government says al-Qaida kills 37 officials

Yemen’s government said Sunday that al-Qaida group has killed 37 senior army and security officials during the past three years, state media reported. (Read on …)

Al Shihri Threatens Kidnappings after al Qassir arrest

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Earth Times

Istanbul – A top official of terror network Al Qaeda called Thursday on followers to kidnap Christians and members of the Saudi royal family to help gain the release of jailed group members.

The audio message from former Guantanamo prisoner Said Ali al- Shihri, Al Qaeda’s number-two man in the Arabian Peninsula, was carried on various Islamic websites.

In it, he called on Muslims to help to take “Christians and princes of the Al-Saud family, as well as ministers and officers” as hostages. These would then be used to gain the freedom of jailed members, including women who were subjected to torture, he said. (Read on …)

New AQAP head, Gitmo Grad

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Yemen Post

Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula AQAQ has revealed that the wanted terrorist suspect 53 on the list of 85 wanted terrorism suspects made public by the Saudi authorities in early last year Othman Al-Ghamdi has become a leader in the organization.

The new leader, who was released from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo bay, Cuba, four years ago, appeared in a videotape speaking about U.S. strikes in conflict and disturbed regions.

Al Umairah Al-Ghamdi entered Yemeni territory illegally to join Al-Qaeda wings like other Saudis who were released from Guantanamo bay when Al-Qaeda wanted to regroup.

In early last year, AQAP was announced in Yemen after local and Saudi wings merged. Since then, the organization has claimed responsibility for most terrorist attacks in the world; the last the suicide attack against the UK’s envoy to Yemen Tim Torlot.

The videotape also disclosed that three Qaeda leaders were killed in raids Yemeni counterterrorism forces carried out in late last year and early this year including Abdul Al-Mehdhar, in Shabwa, and Muhammad Al-Awlaki and Muhammad Saleh Al-Kazemi, in Abyan.

Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH/TAIF – A fugitive Saudi Arabian man, who is on the Kingdom’s most wanted list, was named as a senior member of Al-Qaeda’s Yemen wing, according to a tape by the group shown on Al-Arabiya television Friday.

The tape also confirmed the deaths of three leaders killed in December and January during Yemeni air raids.
Among those killed were Abdullah Al-Muhdar, the leader of Al-Qaeda in Yemen’s Shabwa province, Mohammed Amir Al-Awlaki, and Mohammed Saleh Al-Kazimi.

Othman Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, the 31-year-old man named as a leading Al-Qaeda operative Friday, had spent four years in Guantanamo after he was captured in Afghanistan. He was released in 2006.

Meanwhile, the mother of one of the wanted terrorists named on the Ministry of Interior’s 2009 list of 85 has said that Othman Al-Ghamdi “kidnapped” her son. (Read on …)

Fahd al Quso in new Al Qaeda in Yemen video threatens US

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Short version: Al Quso attended the al Qaeda summit in Malaysia in January 2000 that planned both the USS Cole attack and 9/11. Other attendees included Nawaf Alhazmi, Khalid Almihdhar, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. Khallad bin Attash, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, Hambali. Yazid Sufaat, and Ramzi bin al-Shibh. Al Quso was part of the conspiracy that targeted the USS Cole in October 2000 in the port of Aden. On day of the attack, al Quso was supposed to video the attack, which killed 17 US service members and wounded 49. He told investigators that he overslept. He was jailed in 2002, escaped prison in 2003 and indicted on 50 counts of terror related charges in US Federal court. He was returned to jail in 2004. In 2007, al Quso was given a early release by the Yemeni government within a larger pattern of al Qaeda releases, defended by many as “co-optation” by the Saleh regime, when it is the Saleh regime itself that has been co-opted. Here in 2010, al Quso makes an AQAP video threatening the US.

The danger of al Quso in particular is that he is trusted by bin Laden, has operational experience, international connections and already blew up a US warship, so we could expect his next plan to be even bigger. On the other hand, my take on Al Qaeda in Yemen’s strategy is that they are trying to suck the US troops into Yemen. And their media strategy reflects that. And that would generate substantial opposition in the heavily armed country from many with no affiliation or sympathy to al Qaeda.

Memri: On May 26, 2010, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released a 55-minute video containing new statements by Fahd Al-Quso, a senior Al-Qaeda operative who is under U.S. indictment for his alleged role in the USS Cole bombing. This is the first time that Al-Quso, whom Yemen released from prison in 2007, has appeared in an AQAP production. The new release is also the origin of the footage of Christmas Day bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab that was leaked to ABC. In addition, the video contains statements by Othman Al-Ghamdi, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee whom the video now refers to as an AQAP commander, as well as Qasim Al-Rimi, AQAP’s chief military commander. The video is dated Rabi’ I 1431, i.e. February-March 2010. The video praises the Yemeni tribes and mentions the tribal affiliations of the various AQAP operatives it eulogizes. A number of them are from the ‘Awalik, Anwar Al-Awlaki’s tribe. Fahd Al-Quso, himself from the ‘Awalik, specifically mentions Anwar Al-Awlaki.

For a comprehensive overview of the bombing, see my earlier report The USS Cole bombing, a seven year perspective. Excerpt below:

(Read on …)

AQAP Leader Threatens US if Awlaki Killed

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This is a ridiculous statement. Are they saying if the US does not target Awlaki, then AQAP won’t launch attacks? The statement at a minimum is the second indication that Awlaki is a member of AQAP’s elite. Awlaki’s recent appearance on an AQAP video was the first open acknowledgment of the relationship. Some had contended that Awlaki had no relationship with the group at all, beyond incitement-providing ideological legitimacy for random murder sprees. Naser al Wahishi had been silent following the air strikes in December and January, leading to speculation that he was killed. The prior threats issued from Awlaki’s tribe were shown to be false when the Awlaki Sheik denied that a meeting had occurred or a statement issued.

(Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s regional wing in Yemen has threatened the United States with more attacks should any harm come to a U.S.-born radical cleric wanted dead or alive by Washington, according to an audio tape posted online on Sunday. (Read on …)

Abdulmuttalab’s Vid a Remix

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Its such a bad training video, really pathetic. Do they think the music will make everyone not notice what a bunch of bumbling idiots they look like, so they released it again???

ABC news: The new al Qaeda video of accused bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab at a desert training camp included footage that had been released previously, in January, 2009, according to a frame by frame analysis by terrorism expert Evan Kohlman of Flashpoint Global Partners. (Read on …)

AQIY Taught Abdulmatallab to Shoot a Gun with His Toes

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What a pathetic bunch of losers if there ever was one…

ABC: New videos produced by al Qaeda in Yemen show the accused underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and others in his training class firing weapons at a desert camp whose targets included the Jewish star, the British Union Jack and the letters “UN.” (Read on …)

Anwar Awlaki in AQIY vid

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Will this cause consternation among Awlaki’s English language devotees? Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Anwar and the Pussycats. The vid at least puts an end to the speculation as to whether Anwar is an official and operational member of AQIY, although that was pretty clear in 2007.

Meanwhile its interesting that Awlaki is trying to blame violence against Muslims on some super secret western plot, when the al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and Yemen take credit for it themselves, and his boy toy al Wahishi gave a whole dissertation on why it is legitimate for them to murder Muslims who happen to be standing near a Western visitor in Yemen. Update at Jarret Brachman: Forum Members Debate Awlaki Contradictions

The Indian: Anwar al-Awlaqi claimed to have trained UK-educated Nigerian Islamist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who attempted to blow up a jet bound for Detroit Dec 25, 2009. He also said he was “proud” to have trained radical Islamist Nidal Hassan, a US-born doctor of Palestinian descent who shot dead 13 people and wounded 30 others at the Fort Hood military base in Texas in November last year.

“I am proud to have been their teacher,” al-Awlaqi, who has dual Yemeni-US citizenship and was an imam of mosques in San Diego and Virginia, said in a video aired by Al-Jazeera channel.

(CNN) An– An American-born Muslim cleric has appeared in a video released by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula for the first time.

Anwar al-Awlaki, an al Qaeda recruiter and supporter based in Yemen, is on the United States’ list of al Qaeda leaders targeted for capture or assassination. He has appeared in other videos but has never before been featured in an official video by AQAP. (Read on …)

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, analysis by Abdulelah Shae’e

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Scaled down attacks, pleading with lone wolves to attack and bypassing controversy by keeping focus on the US are all indications of weakness.

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Part 1/3)

Yemen Times
(Read on …)

Al Libi Trashes Saleh But Urges Focus to Remain on US

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A good pdf round-up from ICT’s Internet Monitoring Group notes the recent issue of Sada al Malehem contains an article by Qasim Al-Rimi, “who was declared killed in the attacks by the Yemen Army, has published an article in the twelfth issue of the organization’s magazine,“Sada Al-Malahim”, where he threatens to attack the US, as it attacked the homes of the Yemeni people.34 It should be noted, that previous threats made by AQAP, were directed in a more general manner against US targets abroad and this could be the first direct publicly made threat against the US mainland.”

Also al Libbi authorizes the jihaddis to murder Yemeni soldiers but urges them to remain focused on bringing the battle to US soil. (Read on …)

Awlaki Audio Calls for Jihad on US

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- Urges American Muslims to commit jihad against the US
- Says the US is withholding the Nidal Hassan emails because the US is trying to convince the American public that it was an individual act
- US officials confirm Mobley left to US to seek out Awlaki and found him

London, England (CNN) — American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki is calling for jihad against America, claiming “America is evil” in a new audio message obtained exclusively by CNN.

“With the American invasion of Iraq and continued U.S. aggression against Muslims, I could not reconcile between living in the U.S and being a Muslim, and I eventually came to the conclusion that jihad against America is binding upon myself just as it is binding on every other Muslim,” he says in the recording that runs more than 12 minutes.

Al-Awlaki is believed to be hiding out in hills of southern Yemen with the protection of his very powerful family tribe.

CNN could not authenticate the recording as being by al-Awlaki, but sources have told CNN that they believe the voice on the recording is him and that the recording is genuine. (Read on …)

AQAP: Will Use CW in Future Attack, Mag #12

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A Strafor article discussing Sada al Malahim issue number 12


In an article called “The Secrets of the Innovative Bomb” published Feb. 15, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula discusses its innovative designs for improvised explosive devices. The article offers useful insights into the group’s use of such explosives, highlighting the growing threat to security screening. (Read on …)

The al Qaeda Magazine and other AQIY updates

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- Nasheri to military trial

- dated 2/14/10, Newsweek: In late January, an Al Qaeda operative headed from Pakistan on his way to Yemen was arrested in the Persian Gulf country of Oman, a U.S. counter-terrorism official confirmed…Even more noteworthy, the postings -written by a fellow Al Qaeda “brother” – reported that Al Eidan had with him 300 “important phone numbers” as well as pictures, names and documents from Afghanistan. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda’s Goal to Draw in the US to Yemen

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This is one of the better analysis on the overall strategy of al Qaeda with regards to AQAP or AQIY as NEFA is calling it. (I also use AQIY, just because the terrorists prefer AQAP.) While AQIY does have autonomy, Yemeni al Qaeda have always been a major strategic asset to the central organization, including during those years (2003-2006) when it was less apparent to the naked eye. The author places the current AQIY in context of the evolved thinking of the organization.

Jamestown: It appears that al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is currently following a new version of a classic al-Qaeda strategy. Developed by al-Qaeda’s strategic thinkers, the strategy behind AQAP’s latest operations is to draw American military forces into Yemen. If successful, AQAP would strengthen its position in the near term within the traditional tribal structure and potentially benefit its recruitment efforts and broaden its financial support. Such an outcome would also open another front in a strategic location, even as the United States is planning and executing a drawdown in Iraq. In light of the United States’ current refusal to take this bait, we should expect AQAP to attempt further provocative operations aimed at America.

The problem is that the US is failing to offer a coordinated counter-strategy that destroys al Qaeda’s base of support among the general public (which would be easy) and among the elite, which requires a somewhat more creative approach.

Related, Xinhuanet: al Libi, al Qaeda has no links with Houthi rebels. Al Libi previously said that Al Qaeda does not support the seperatist movement in the south because the goal of al Qaeda is to foster global unity among Muslims, under their tyrannical leadership of course.

Bin Laden Claims Yemen Airliner Plot

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In an audio tape broadcast by al Jazeera today, al Qaeda leader Usama Bin Laden claimed credit for the failed plot to bomb an airliner as it was landing in Detroit, December 25. Bin Laden called the Nigerian perpetrator of the plot, Abdulmutallab Al-Farouq , “a hero” and said the plot was intended to send the same message as the attacks of 9/11.

“America will not even dream of security, until security becomes a reality in Palestine. It is not fair that you enjoy your lives, while our brothers in Gaza live in hardship. Therefore, our raids against you will continue, Allah willing, as long as your support of the Israelis continues.”

The attack had earlier been claimed by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Nasir al Wahishi, a former lieutenant of bin Laden, is heading the terror group’s offshoot in Yemen. The group merged in January 2009 with al Qaeda’s Saudi branch. Saudi Said al Shihri is the military commander of the organization.
ON January 19, the US State Department designated al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The group and two of its two top leaders Nasir al-Wahishi and Said al-Shihri were also designated under executive order number 13224. The UN’s 1267 committee also designated AQAP as a terrorist organization along with al Wahishi and al Shihir. As a result all UN member states are required to freezes their asserts, ban travel and embargo arms transfers to these entities.

Prior to being read his Miranda rights, Al Farouq claimed that he was trained by al Qaeda in Yemen and many other suicide bombers had undergone training in Yemen. The UK raised its terror threat level to “severe” in advance of a conference on Yemen scheduled for January 27 in London.

DUBAI — Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the botched Christmas Day bombing of a US airliner and vowed further strikes on US targets, in an audio message broadcast on Sunday. (Read on …)

Yemeni Terror Fanatics Claim Terror Plot on Airline

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Fox News: CAIRO — Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on Monday claimed responsibility for the attack on a U.S. airliner bound for Detroit on Christmas Day, saying it was retaliation for a U.S. operation against the group in Yemen. (Read on …)

Fahd al Quso’s Relative, Mohammed Saleh Al Awlaki, al Qaeda motivational speaker

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Yemen got a total pass for releasing Fahd al Quso from jail early. Al Quso spent about three years of a ten year sentence after his conviction in a Yemeni court as a conspirator in the USS Cole bombing which killed 17 US service members.

Al Qaeda under fire in Yemen

The Thursday’s operations, which targeted an Al Qaeda training camp in the south, and a group of 8 would-be suicide bombers in the north, have gained a regional and international support. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda in Yemen Issues Assassination Video

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The video is of the assassination of a security chief who al Qaeda claimed was complicit in the death of al Harithy in 2002. What a crazy world, the poor guy. At least they didn’t behead him, the way these murderers do in other parts of the world. Its interesting the way al Harithy’s death is considered un-avenged, while Fawaz al Raibi’s 2006 killing didn’t strike the same tribal cord. One distinction is that the US killed al Harithy (and US citizen Kamal al Darwish) with Predator drone. Perhaps the broader message is a threat against the same type of (rather effective) aerial targeting of terrorist leadership by the US as occurs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and in parts of Africa. The video doesn’t show the moment of death and follows the other “al Qaeda assassination” of the three security chiefs in revenge for the killing of Hamza al Qaiti that triggered the protests in Hadramout, demanding the regime bring the true killers to justice.

DUBAI, Nov 26 (Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s wing in Yemen said it shot dead an abducted Yemeni security official, and issued a video showing him on Islamist websites on Thursday.

“I advise people not to get involved in actions (such as mine) … and not to be drawn into working for American intelligence,” said a blindfolded man, identifying himself on the video as Bassam Tarbush, a provincial security official. (Read on …)

Anwar Awlaki: Mass Murder at Fort Hood Permissible Jihad

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Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Shaea interviewed proponent of violent jihad and blogger, Yemeni-American Anwar Awlaki about his relationship with Nidal Hasan who carried out the random murder spree at Fort Hood in Texas. On behalf of the Washington Post, Shaea traveled to Anwar’s home in Shabwa governorate. (The Yemeni government claimed they couldn’t find Awlaki…) Awlaki maintains that he did not instigate Hasan to engage in any specific acts of violence, although he approves.

Aulaqi said Hasan viewed him as a confidant. “It was clear from his e-mails that Nidal trusted me. Nidal told me: ‘I speak with you about issues that I never speak with anyone else,’ ” he told Shaea…

Of the dozen or so e-mails, said Shaea, Aulaqi replied to Hasan two or three times. Aulaqi declined to comment on what he told Hasan. Asked whether Hasan mentioned Fort Hood as a target in his e-mails, Shaea declined to comment.
Aulaqi said Hasan’s alleged shooting spree was allowed under Islam because it was a form of jihad. “There are some people in the United States who said this shooting has nothing to do with Islam, that it was not permissible under Islam,” he said, according to Shaea. “But I would say it is permissible. . . . America was the one who first brought the battle to Muslim countries.”

The cleric also denounced what he described as contradictory behavior by Muslims who condemned Hasan’s actions and “let him down.” According to Shaea, he said: “They say American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan should be killed, so how can they say the American soldier should not be killed at the moment they are going to Iraq and Afghanistan?”

Wahishi Urges Attacks by Independent Western Cells

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* Leader says easy to make small bombs at home

* Calls for attacks on writers backing Middle East rulers

* Al Qaeda active mainly in Muslim countries in recent years

DUBAI, Nov 2 (Reuters) – The leader of al Qaeda’s wing in the Arabian Peninsula called on militants to attack airports and trains in the West and said they could easily make bombs from household materials, the group’s Internet magazine said.

The Islamist group has been trying to secure small victories to maintain its feared image after its leaders’ threats to carry out large-scale attacks on Western targets have been discounted as words without deeds, analysts say.

Abu Basir Nasser al-Wahayshi, in an article in the e-magazine Sada al-Malahem, also urged militants to assault secular media figures and columnists who promote the policies of rulers in the world’s top oil exporting region. (Read on …)

Al Shehri’s Dad: My son is a begger for al Qaeda

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Saudi Gazette The father of Saeed Al-Shehri, the second man in the Yemen-based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), has warned against answering the call for funding made by his son recently in a video message broadcast on the Internet.

Speaking by phone Sunday from the family residence in Khamis Mushayt, Ali Jaber Al-Khutheim said that his son accused him of being an “infidel” before he left for Yemen and stopped praying with the neighbors in the local mosque because he though that they were infidels for taking monthly salaries from the government. It was only his “corrupt way of thinking,” the father said.
“He himself was earning free SR3,000 a month from that government,” the father said. Saeed’s marriage expenses and home furniture were paid by the government, he added. (Read on …)

Yemen’s Al Qaeda Sets Targets as Gulf Oil

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First, Indonesia kills Yemen-educated (take a wild guess where) recruiter for deadly hotel bombing: Syaifudin Zuhri or Jaelani is regarded by police as the chief recruiter of suicide bombers for the Al Qaeda-linked terrorist leader Noordin Mohammed Top, who was killed in a police raid last month. Educated in Yemen, Jaelani is accused of recruiting the two so-called “bride grooms” who blew themselves up inside Jakarta’s Marriott and Ritz Carlton hotels on July 17, killing seven people. There’s more Yemen links to that Indonesian terror attack somewhere on here.

Now to the local yokels. Many Americans joined them, they say, assistance from western professors (in addition to the normal leftist academic propaganda apparently) and families of fallen soldiers. And al Qaeda has no love for Texans who are very warm people in fact. They consider Dubai immoral. But fear not, al Masri is monitoring them closely. Maybe if the GCC coughed up more than the few billion dollars that they donated to Yemen in 2006, the Yemeni security might actually catch a few before they bomb Dubai. I’m being entirely sarcastic of course. The statement may be a diversion. Yemen Tribune

SANAA, 09 Oct — In a statement published by Islamist internet websites, al-Qaeda network Friday said its operatives in Yemen “constitute an advanced front to strike oil installations in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries,” and condemned what it dubbed “perversion and immorality in Dubai.” (Read on …)

Yemen Jihad Org Claims Ineffectual Mukalla Attack

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Backdated, 8/10/08 News Yemen

SANA’A, NewsYemen

The al-Qaeda Jihad Organization in the Arab Peninsula claimed its responsibility for attacking police patrol in Mukalla last Thursday that did not result in any material losses or human casualties.

In a statement posted on Islamic website,, al-Qaeda said this operation was one of a series to get imprisoned militants released. “The al-Qaeda Jihad in the Arab Peninsula, Yemen’s Soldiers Brigade, has carried out this holy operation, throwing a grenade to a police patrol under a bridge linking Mukalla to al-Sharj of Hadramout in solidarity with our brothers who are in custody of autocrats” said the statement.

An official source in the local authority of Mukalla said last Thursday that a group of men boarding a car threw a grenade to police patrol guarding a bridge at Banks Zone in Mukalla, but no casualties reported.

The attack came after al-Qaeda detainees in al-Mansoura prison in Aden have allegedly sent a letter to leaders of al-Qaeda in Yemen Nasser al-Wahaishi and Hamza al-Qaiti asking for.

Al-Qaeda in Yemen has claimed responsibility for most of terror operations occurred in the country since the begging of 2008.

Jihaddist Groups in Yemen

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HT to Minerva at Terrorism Unveiled for pointing out this very interesting article at Asharaq Al=Awsat:

Asharq Al-Awsat visited the small city of Ja’ar in Abyan, which is located to the east of Aden, and met with Sheikh Khalid Abdul-Nabi, leader of the banned Islamic Aden Abyan Army. At first, Abdul-Nabi said that “there are jihadists and non-jihadists. Jihad was ordained by Almighty God as every Muslim’s duty. My situation is very normal; however, we faced some incidents and were described by some sides as a jihadist group.” Abd-al-Nabi, who noted that he engaged in “jihad” in Afghanistan, said that he belongs to the Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jama’ah group, whose aim is to establish the call to Islam, teach people the correct Islamic approach, fight the innovation of religious beliefs, abide by God’s rule and the prophet’s teachings, to fight moral or ideological corruption (any corruption that conflicts with Sharia law). Based on this premise, Abdul-Nabi does not believe in the legitimacy of western democracy. He said that elections and democracy in his country are “corruptive.” Commenting on the upcoming presidential elections in Yemen, scheduled for September 2006, he told Asharq Al-Awsat that they are “against the law of Almighty God, and they cause confusion, chaos, and dispute.”

There have recently been reports that the Yemeni Political Security apparatus (the Intelligence) arrested in Abyan a number of the Aden-Abyan Army members, as well as members of other groups who agree on the principle of “jihad.” They were interrogated in the presence of US investigators about their preparations for travel to Iraq to engage in “jihad” against the foreign forces. In his first interview about this issue, Khalid Abdul-Nabi confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat the accuracy of these reports, which were also confirmed by an independent source close to the government. The source stated that what took place were the “mistakes of the security services,” because the arrest was made on suspicion of intending to travel to Iraq. This, he noted, might increase the number of fundamentalists.

Sheikh Abdul-Nabi believes that the issue of jihad in Iraq is purely based on the Sharia, because a religious truth does not require a fatwas (religious edict). As long as Muslim land is invaded, the blood of Muslims shed, and their money stolen, it becomes every Muslim’s duty to support their Muslim brothers in any part of the world, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Chechnya.” At the same time, he urged those whom he called the Al-Sunna wal-Jama’ah scholars to issue fatwas about current issues, including jihad in Iraq and to explain the matter.

On training young fighters to travel to Iraq, Abdul-Nabi said, “we have not organized these such activities.” He added, “most of the youth arrested by the state were arrested against the backdrop of reports drafted by people who held felt resentment against these youths.” He said, “Even if people got to Iraq, no one can tell them that God would not accept. Whoever wants to go to Iraq already has a justification.” He added, “These matters do not require discussion or fatwas. These are individual duties. There is the rule that no permission is needed to perform individual duties. Would you ask the permission of your father or mother to perform prayers? This duty was ordained by God; whoever wants to obey the order and support his brothers will be rewarded (by God), even if imprisoned, he would still be rewarded.”

Abdul-Nabi denied the presence of training camps for Islamic fighters in the southern Yemeni governorate of Abyan. He said that such camps were sometimes set up in the areas of Hattat and Al-Maraqishah, the former of which was famous for bloody military confrontations between the Yemeni Special Forces and militants from the Aden-Abyan Army three years ago. He accused media persons in the Yemeni Socialist Party of exaggerating the matter, saying “there are fabrications, such as that camps were set up, training was carried out, and even that the state is protecting and supporting them.”

On their current situation after the arrest of some jihadists, Abdul-Nabi affirmed that their relationship with the state is stable and that there is no friction or any problems. He added, “We are disciplined and quiet. Our lives are normal. When there are some problems, certain sides use them to create problems.” He stressed that they are still complying with the agreement signed with the government through the ideological dialogue with Al-Qaeda members and those who returned from Afghanistan. The dialogue is supervised by Judge Humud al-Hattar, Chairman of the Committee for Ideological Dialogue.

Discussions have increased lately inside and outside Yemen about government support for jihadist groups, including the Aden-Abyan Army. It is believed that these have groups been receiving support since their participation in the fight against the Yemeni Socialist Party alongside the government forces in the civil war of 1994. Major General Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar, who has military and family ties with President Ali Abdullah Salih, was mentioned as one of the supporters. Major Gen. Muhsin al-Ahmar is the commander of the First Armored Division and is considered a strong military figures in the country. Some consider him the second man of the regime, and there have been rumors that he is working to absorb and train some jihadist group members and grant them military ranks. An unexpected visit by US Charge d’affaires Nabil Khuri to the camp of the division led by Major Gen. Al-Ahmar raised many questions about this issue. Abdul-Nabi, however, denied having any link to or being supported by Major General Al-Ahmar.

Asharq Al-Awsat tried to obtain statements from Major Gen. Al-Ahmar, however, refused. Sources close to him confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat that some jihadists have been integrated into the Armed Forces and have been given military ranks and salaries. This was part of a comprehensive effort by the government, not an individual effort by Al-Ahmar, to contain the mujahideen and so they would abandon their ideology and give up their extremist acts.

Dr Abdallah al-Faqih, professor of political science at the University of Sanaa and a well-known writer, believes that the Yemeni Government is dealing with the jihadist groups in two ways. On the US and western position towards the presence of jihadist groups in Yemen, he told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Americans show an understanding of the way the Yemeni regime is dealing with these groups, which is based on dialogue, containment, and the close surveillance of their activities. On another level, the Americans, and the west in general, are extremely concerned that the current regime may not be able to implement its strategy, and that these groups may therefore become uncontrollable.

He added, “From the perspective of the Americans, what is important is to neutralize the ability of these groups to carry out acts which could harm the US and western interests. If the regime manages to neutralize these groups through dialogue or by arranging their conditions in the security and military institutions, where they can be put under constant watch, then that is what is needed.” On western concerns over the way the Yemeni regime is dealing with these groups, Al-Faqih said that there are a set of reasons for that: First, there is a state of mutual distrust between the US Administration and the Yemeni regime, which was caused by some incidents, such as the discovery of Yemeni fighters in Iraq or the discovery of rifles belonging to the Yemeni Army, which were used in the terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Jeddah. The Americans are afraid that all President Salih is doing is trying to maintain the security of his regime without giving sufficient attention to the price America, or the west in general, could pay. The Americans are also afraid that the regime in Yemen may be covering up the activities carried out by those groups — activities which would make these groups more capable of harming the west in the future. There is also the concern that the Yemeni regime’s ability to control these groups is weak and ineffective.”

On his part, judge Humud al-Hattar defends the strategy of integrating Islamists and defends those who were released from prisons in the wake of the dialogue held with the committee. He said that all those released repented their extremist ideas and are still committed to the results of the dialogue. On the threat these groups pose to the regime and Yemeni society, Al-Hattar said that Yemen managed, to a large extent, to overcome the problem, but it believes that the problem should be contained through many ways. The chief method is “dialogue, the effective cure in this case, which aims (to persuade these groups) to change their convictions and behavior voluntarily, because violence breeds violence and an ideology can be faced with a counter-ideology.”

Al-Hattar denied rumors that the state used some jihadist elements to confront opposition parties and activists, because “the Yemeni state, as long as it is based on democracy and political pluralism, does not need these youths to settle its scores with others.” He stressed that the dialogue the state is holding with those who returned from Afghanistan and other followers of the extremist jihadist ideology aims to “eradicate the ideological roots of extremism and terrorism.”

Over the past few years, Yemen sought to improve its security and military performance in order to fight terrorism, and it received great international support. The international community, particularly the United States, helped the Yemeni Government to establish a coastguard force. Forces on the border were supplied by Washington with weapons, not to mention the US supervision in running the affairs of the coastguard force. In addition to the political security apparatus, a new Intelligence body, the National Security (apparatus), was established. A special department for combating terrorism was founded in the Public Criminal Investigation (Directorate), as well as courts specializing in state security and terrorism. These courts are trying and have tried scores of people.

Although the war on terrorism targeted many prominent Islamic religious leaders in Yemen, Khalid Abdul-Nabi was fortunate, as he did not spend much time in the Intelligence prisons. He left the prison and returned to his area, Ja’ar, in the Abyan Governorate in eastern Aden. Asharq Al-Awsat had interviewed him here previously, inside the Hamzah Bin-Abdul-Muttalib Mosque, which was under the control of his group since they established it after the 1994 civil war. The mosque was built on the grounds where a cinema used to stand and was demolished for this purpose.

Over the past decades, and even during the civil war, Ja’ar, like other cities in southern Yemen, was an open city, which disregarded tribalism and its rigorous conventions, and in which women enjoyed many rights. A visitor to this city and other cities and villages in southern Yemen these days would find that the situation has changed. There are new streets with names that never existed before. The streets no longer carry the names of the martyrs of the Yemeni revolution against British colonialism or the national holidays, but rather the names of other martyrs.

Groups such as the Aden Army have begun to be active in commanding good and forbidding evil and moral corruption, as Abdul-Nabi told Asharq Al-Awsat. Citizens have asserted the presence of groups, which harass citizens whom they believe to be sinners. These days you can see that all women in the streets and schoolgirls, even young girls, wear the veil. A visitor to Ja’ar would also notice bearded boys with long hair wearing short robes, which they believe conform to the teachings of the Prophet, as well as the wearing Afghan garments with kaffiyehs.


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