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US drone target tied to Yemen’s military leader

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US drone strike 11/6 in Sanhan, another mediator killed, tied to 2008 US embassy attack

SANAA: A drone strike near the Yemeni capital killed three suspected Al-Qaeda members including a militant wanted for a deadly attack on the US embassy in Sanaa, security officials said on Thursday. They said the drone strike, believed to have been carried out by the United States, targeted a car near the village of Beit al-Ahmar in the Sanhan region, 15 kilometres (nine miles) southeast of Sanaa. Among the dead was Adnan al-Qadhi, a former jihadist fighter in Afghanistan and Al-Qaeda member wanted for a 2008 car bomb attack on the US embassy that killed six Yemeni soldiers and four civilians.

After a decade of willful ignorance, the US starts tying AQ attacks to the former regime, probably in search of evidence for sanctions:

Yemen Fox: Mareb Press cited diplomat sources as saying that the US Embassy in Sana’a exerts efforts in collecting and documenting many terrorist attacks carried out by al-Qaeda and in which former President Ali Abdullah Saleh was found involved, most important the bombing the US Embassy in Sana’a in 2008. The sources said that the Americans have evidences that some with close links to Saleh’s family are involved in that operation, as US investigations showed that cars used in the terrorist attack were purchased by people close to Saleh’s family, specifically from Sanhan.

Better summary of the relationship

Nasser Arrabyee: The drone- killed Al Qadi was general in Yemeni army

By Nasser Arrabyee,07/11/2012

Adnan Al Qadi, Al Qaeda operative killed by US drone Wednesday, was a lieutenant colonel in the Yemeni army before he joined Al Qaeda, said sources Thursday.

Adnan Al Qadi was working as a commander of brigade in Al Makha under the leadership of Saleh Al Dani, a retired general who is now working with the defected general Ali Muhsen. All of them are from one village called Sanahan, the same village of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Adnan Al Qadi and Aref Al Qadi, were arrested after the bombing of the US embassy in Sanaa late 2008 for being involved. Aref is a nephew of brigadier Abdullah Al Qadi, retired general from Sanhan. Both of them were released secretly because of influence of their fathers and sympathy of general Muhsen.

Recently, Aref Al Qadi, raised the flag of Al Qaeda over his house in village of Bait Al Ahmar, the village of all conflicting guys, according to local sources.

The slain Adnan Al Qadi was one of the mediators between the Yemeni government and slain Sheikh Tarik Al Dhahab, Al Qaeda leader in Radaa last year according to Al Qaeda specialist journalist, Abdul Razak Al Jamal who met Al Qadi and most of the Al Qaeda leaders..On Wednesday November 6th, 2012, a US drone hit a car in the area of Al Nasrin in Sanahan, 30km south east of the capital Sanaa, killing Adnan Al Qadi and two others identified as Rabee Laheb, and Redwan Al Hashidi. Some sources said that the latter two were only injured..

Related: “‏@adammbaron abdulrazak jamal interviewed Adnan alQadhi, target of sanhan drone strike, before his death.” Had the black flag on his roof and door?

The Link: Will Abu Hamza’s trial implicate Ali Mohsen and al Zindani in terrorist acts?

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The kidnappers called General Ali Mohsen as verified by one of the hostages and Mohsen who said they called to negotiate. The following article (manually translated) says that both Mohsen and al Zindani are worried about what information may be exposed during the trial of Abu Hamza al Masiri.

The 2006 book Imperial Grunts by Robert Kaplan talks about the CIA paying “bad guy” General Ali Mohsen earlier in the decade as the cost of doing business in Yemen. Mohsen officially handled “the jihaddist file” for former president Saleh until his defection to the revolution in March 2011. From 2006-2010, Ali Mohsen commanded military forces and jihaddists in Saada against the Houthis in a manner thought to comprise war crimes. State tactics, like the denial of food to the region and mass arrests, were also labeled collective punishment by international rights groups. The pipeline of Yemeni and foreign jihaddists and suicide bombers to Iraq 2004-2007 ran through Mohsen’s camps and safe houses, with Ali Saleh’s full knowledge and approval. Not to mention the USS Cole bombing.

The US is long overdue in recognizing that “some officers hands are stained with the blood of our soldiers”, instead of continually placating and bribing both Saleh and Mohsen, two of the biggest terrorist facilitators in the region. But its a long shot in the absence of a rational US policy on Yemen.

Article below notes Dajalul was appointed a government position in Amran after his release in 2004.

The Link: Trial of Abu Hamza al-Masri, in America, is it going to finish with the request of trial ” Ali Mohsen” and ” al-Zindani ” ?
Recently Britain handed Abu Hamza al-Masri to America for trial in America on terrorism-related offenses, and actually Abu Hamza’s trial began in America .trial will address issues related with Abu Hamza al-Masri , especially those relating to the kidnapping of 16 British and an Australian hostages. it took place in Abyan carried out in 98 and the ( Aden-Abyan ) Army in the province of Abyan , Which claimed the lives of a number of kidnapped when freed. The issue then was about a close relationship with Abu Hamza, according to the confessions of the accused during their trial in Yemen. So Yemeni authorities call on Britain to hand over Abu Hamza for trial, and accused him of officially being behind terrorist operations, and terrorist groups in Yemen.

On the other hand Ali Mohsen was a close relationship with the Army of Aden, and behind the same process , according to the results of trial Abulhassan Almihdhar,the main culprit of the process., Who sentenced to death and executed, he said,” we had informed the commander Ali Mohsen of the process but it is he who instructed us to do to put pressure on the authority to release our detainees” .He added” after kidnapping told him we have got sixteen cartons”, means kidnappers. And he was in contact with us and follow the process , and then reported information said that Abu Hamza al-Masri was on full coordination with the kidnappers side with Ali Mohsen in his activities and relationships in Yemen on the other, in real Ali Mohsen was direct contact with Abu Hamza al-Masri, in Britain, in particular coordination on some financial matters.

Things do not stop at this point, but extends to the bombing, which spilled over to the British Embassy, which was carried out by the time Abu Bakr close Djajul of Mohsen , who appointed him as an officer, and was appointed director of one of the districts of Amran governorate released after the end of 2004.
And who has appointed .

And timely trial revealed elements of the Army (Aden / Abyan) that the army was formed in the (Al-eyman University ) by confessions Abu Huraira Altunisi , also Abu Hassan Mehdar revealed that he was one of the guards ” Sheikh Zindani”, who in turn had a relationship with Abu Hamza, who was sending him students Muslims of Britain and Europe to study at (Al-Eyman University ) Which founded by Zindani and includes a large group of students from different nationalities.

Informed sources said that Mohsen follow Abu Hamza trial with deep concern , and his worried increased after last meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Guard commander, and reportedly that ” U.S. National Security Advisor” said to President Hadi, ” some of your officers their hands stained with the blood of our soldiers “, and benefit information that Mohsen and Zindani formed a team of lawyers those close to them to study and monitor the trial of, in America step by steps, fearing of surprises not agreed with him. and they had told him some specific messages before being handed over to America during his trial in Britain.

due to the relationship between “Ali Mohsen” and ” al-Zindani” with Abu Hamza al-Masri, there is likely to be tried both of them , in the case they discovery that there is a link between ” ali mohsen ” and ” the bombing of the USS Cole ” and other issues related which Abu Hamza al-Masri trial about it currently in America

Original Arabic below: (Read on …)

Yemen Defense Min targeted for assassination for 7th time, AQAP raid

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The assassination spree by the al Qaeda hit squad, or some mercenary facsimile thereof, continues with a gusto. Security officers are targeted and killed in the south with alarming regularity, about once a week. The pattern is highly reminiscent of the period between unity (1990) and the civil war (1994) when al Qaeda targeted YSP leaders and over 150 were killed. The 1994 document of Pledge and Accord begins by demanding Saleh stop employing terrorists and terrorism against southerners to achieve his political goals, but he never did.

The deposed (half of the) Saleh dictatorship continued to conduct false flag attacks (pipelines anyone?) or hired al Qaeda types or used intelligence officers disguised as AQ to conduct operations against internal rivals or to shift the political winds. Its not only a matter of exploiting al Qaeda attacks to gain international support; its also a matter of ordering them.

When is the US going to talk about the tourist murders and the plots against the British ambassador or the South Korean officials as Saleh’s foreign policy in action? Much, maybe most, of the al Qaeda violence in Yemen is self-generated, but some is designed. Its a good thing the US remembered belatedly to add the terrorism exclusion to Saleh’s immunity deal.

Sana’a: Yemen’s Defence Minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed escaped an assassination attempt Tuesday near his home located in the capital city of Sana’a, Xinhua reported. A car bomb was discovered near Ahmed’s house and was removed before it could explode, said police sources.

This was the seventh occasion when militants, suspected of belonging to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), targeted the defence minister since the interim Yemeni government came into existence last December.

On Sep 11, a car bomb attack targeting the defence minister’s motorcade in Sana’a killed 12 people, including his seven bodyguards. The minister was critically injured in his chest, with his face bruised

They probably saved a lot of lives by rolling this one up. The gas cylinders were first used in Yemen in the 2005 twin attacks on the oil facilities.

Reuters: Army and security forces raided a house in the southern province of Aden at dawn, killing three militants in clashes that went on for almost two hours, the Interior Ministry said. Four soldiers were wounded.

“A large amount of various explosives was found in most of the rooms in addition to booby-trapped gas cylinders and cars ready to be used in suicide attacks and weapons including a rocket and explosive belts,” the Defense Ministry website quoted a security source as saying.

The house, in Mansoura city, was used as a headquarters for al Qaeda leaders in Aden to plan for attacks and a bomb factory, the source said.

Security forces seized documents and computers which contained plans to attack vital establishments in the province including military, security and civil buildings, the source said.

A local security source told Reuters among those killed was a Somali fighter, adding that the cell was behind several suicide attacks and assassination attempts in Aden over the past few months.

Suicide bomber targets pro-govt, former AQAP, militia commander, 4 killed

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I remember this guy and three years ago would be likely during the 2009 battle of Jaar when various factions of AQ fought each other for control of the city. The Defense Ministry paid one side. I wonder how many reformed al Qaeda are heading the popular committees and where they are obtaining their weapons, ammo and funding since they are militias and outside the formal military structure. And what was promised in return. Maybe its an authentic ideological reversal. Its the fifth time Latif was targeted for death by al Qaeda. NAA: Sanaa hospitals failed to treat Al Sayed who suffered serious injuries in the suicide bombing of Saturday in Aden, taken to Saudia. Update below: militia attacks al Qaeda who attacked commander.

ADEN (Reuters) – A suicide bomber failed on Saturday in an assassination attempt on a former Islamist in Yemen who helped drive al Qaeda militants out of a southern region this year, a security source and resident said. (Read on …)

“Al Qaeda reiterates the September 11 tragedy in Yemen”

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A tragic essay published by Hour News, the original Arabic below, outlines many of the disasters that Al Qaeda has wrought on Yemen, directly and indirectly. I believe the article is in response to the awful and deliberate murder of a 12 year old boy with a package bomb, that sad article is also below:

Newspapers and magazines — “This report for publication”

Al Qaeda in Yemen declares war on the citizens, and reiterates the September 11 tragedy in Yemen, “the report”

Abdul Karim Hazmi

Al Qaeda in Yemen war on Yemeni citizens in general as well as its war against the government for the establishment of an Islamic state as they called them.

It is noticeable in this war-Qaeda in Yemen that the only loser is the people of Yemen, a victim, a target of this war, economically and militarily.

Since the takeover in the province of Abyan war killed tens of innocent victims of the citizens and the displacement of thousands of them in order to establish the rule of the Islamic state in the nation, forgetting that they are all Muslims and citizens united to God is not a partner, was the victim of most of them innocent civilians. (Read on …)

Sami Dhayan a scapegoat says a statement from his father

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first an update on Sami’s status

Yemen Post: Yemen Arrests Leader of Suicide Cell behind Killing of Senior Commander (Read on …)

Yemen intel chief’s disinfo in cadet attack

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Yemen president launches investigation into cadet attack 14/07/2012

The Yemini Interior Ministry announced that president Abd al-Rab Mansur al-Hadi has formed an investigative committee in order to probe regarding a bombing in Sana’a that killed 10 police cadets this week after the panel misidentified the bomber, media reported on Friday. (Read on …)

Obama admin leaking intl for political payoff?

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An alleged intelligence leak regarding a covert operation that thwarted an “underwear bomb” plot last week is now creating distrust and ill feelings within the U.S. intelligence community and has led to increased talk about intelligence leaks at the highest levels of government, according to terrorism experts on Friday. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda plans to hit US Embassy, other Sanaa targets, after diversionary strike in Mukallah, report; Update: drones in al Baydah & Jaar, Ethiopians in Abyan

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Sounds bad, kind of a vehicular Mumbai style swarm. There’s no way the US embassy doesn’t know this already though right? The article was published last night at 9pm. Also note there’s sources and there’s security sources. This is but one reason why freedom of the press is so important in Yemen–open source AQAP reporting. There’s history and links to news articles on Ibrahim al Banaa below.

Related: Yes they are apparently all over it. US drones strikes kill 25 in Yemen overnight:

US drones raided several hideouts of the Yemen-based Al-Qaeda wing in the southeast restive province of Al-Baydha on Friday night. At least 25 AQAP militants were killed, including senior figures, with several other militants being wounded in an air strike conducted by the United States forces according to local website news…Moreover recent news that al-Shaba’a, the Ethiopian al-Qaeda wing had sent hundreds of Jihadists over to Abyan to join in Ansar al-Sharia, has been the cause of great concerns for both the government and the civilian population, as they feel their land could become the ground of a mighty war.

Ethiopians? al Shaba’a? 1) Maybe these are the nine mystery ships that everyone is talking about arriving before last Sunday’s attack on the military base in Abyan that killed nearly 200 Yemeni soldiers and 2) How weak is AQAP that they need to import fighters?

There’s also reports of drone strikes in Jaar, Abyan that destroyed the military equipment AQAP captured from the army last week-end. Update: The al Baydah airstrikes hit the AQAP training camp and targeted local al-Qaeda leader Abdulwahhab al-Homaiqani, the BBC reports. Its always good when there are no immediate reports of civilian casualties, I would have heard by now.

The Yemeni soldiers captured (who weren’t beheaded or otherwise mutilated) were paraded around Jaar, forced to train the terrorists on how to operate the tanks, and now are threatened with execution if the govt doesn’t release AQ prisoners.

The YO article regarding reports of an impending attack follows: Yemen Observer:

Yemen based al-Qaeda plans strikes on Sana’a and Mukala Reliable sources have said that al-Qaeda has been preparing for its largest operations yet in the capital city of Sana’a, operations aimed at strategic sites including military and security installments and embassies.

Sources said that al-Qaeda cells in the areas of Zindan and Arhab have trained for operations involving the storming of fortified sites, attacking fixed and mobile targets while aboard vehicles and motorbikes, and that al-Qaeda militants have entered Sana’a in preparation for carrying out their attacks in the coming few days.

The sources expect that al-Qaeda’s potential targets include the Airbase in Sana’a, the Interior Ministry, Republican Guard units and a number of embassies, including the American embassy.

The sources confirmed information regarding intentions by al-Qaeda to attack Mukala to divert attention its plans in Sana’a.

Security sources said that over 400 al-Qaeda militants are currently in Shabwa’s Azan Directorate, with three al-Qaeda leaders in charge (Ibrahim al-Bana, an Egyptian, Qasem al-Rimi and Shaker Hamel) of plans to attack vital installations, security sites, and important government facilities as part of a plan to expand their so-called Azan Islamic state to Mukala. (Read on …)

Observations in Jaar, Dofus attack, Aden Research Ctr paper, southern questions, AQAP obit

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The following article is in part a sociological sketch, with interviews and observations of the al Qaeda occupation of Jaar. One interesting point is that among the first tier of leaders are many bitter ex-prisoners of the political security organization. One was tortured and forced to eat from the toileting bowl; his crime was attempting to go to Iraq to fight US forces there. “He added: «I thought the Jews and the Christians were the only ones who should have jihad against them (but) if our fellow Yemenis are cursing God and apply electricity for trivial reasons». He is currently living the best days of his life in Abyan with his brothers «Mujahideen»”

There’s also a reasonable profile of new publicity hound and Prince Abu Hamza, and his depiction of AQAP’s provision of social services, basic needs and “justice.” So far they executed eight Saudis accused of spying, three people have had their hands chopped off. The authors note the Al Qaeda “court” considers defense lawyers irrelevant. Tobacco, qat, alcohol and all smoking is prohibited. “The “popular satisfaction left by those acts and policies (ed- bountiful gas, water and electricity) of some residents of Jaar are offset by resentment at the vast majority of the population of those areas.” They consider Khalidabdul Nabi a Saleh operative, and fought his operatives before gaining control.

The original article is is here and the GT is below. Following that is a GT’d research paper by the Aden Research Center about al Qaeda, then an AP article on the AQAP statement of responsibility, a YT round-up of the Dofus attack and a random southern comment on the whole scenario. (Read on …)

Potshots at US trainers in Aden, bombing at Saada rally, protests in Sanaa, Yemen

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Reuters: – A gunman opened fire on a U.S. security team as it trained Yemeni soldiers in the south of the country, the Pentagon and a security official said on Friday, both denying reports from an Islamist group that a CIA officer was killed in the assault.

In the north of the country, a bomb blast hit an anti-U.S. protest, injuring at least 22 people, a rebel group that controls much of the region said. (Read on …)

Saleh returns, new Yemeni president, suicide bombing in Hadramout

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Barak Obama’s friend, the war criminal Ali Saleh departed the US and is back in Yemen. Saleh’s immunity is a central part of the US sponsored “transition” plan that followed a 48 million dollar, single candidate (sham) “election.”

Yemen’s first new president in 33 years, Abdo Mansour Hadi, previously Saleh’s Vice, was sworn in on Saturday. Hadi received 6.6 million votes of 10 million registered and two million eligible new voters. On election day, the electoral commission said 13 million votes were printed and they had run out of ballots during the day.

Also on Saturday, a suicide bomber in a slow moving pick-up truck killed 28 soldiers in Hadramout. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility via a text message to Reuters.

Link save: April 9, 2010, Yemen National Dialog Coalition Seeks Reform, Broad Political Inclusion

South Korea pays market price for Yemen LNG

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In the first half of the story, South Korea was paying well under fair market price since 2005 despite opposition and activists strenuous objections.

Yemen LNG and Total Gas LIFT gas shipments redirected to Korea
[18 / February / 2012] Saba

Agreed Yemen LNG, Total Gas & Power to increase the number of shipments transferred by 20 shipments per year to Korea during the years 2012.2013 and 2014 m due to the continued low gas prices in the U.S. market.

Under the new agreement which was signed in Paris on the fourteenth of February, the ongoing presence of the Minister of Oil and Minerals Engineer Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, will be selling LNG to Kogas, according to the current price of the market. (Read on …)

Tariq al Dhahab killed by elder brother

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to avoid tribal revenge. Later in the day, Tariq’s gang attacked Hazam’s house and in total 17 are dead. Several articles are citing an inheritance dispute among 20 brothers, but that was in play by 2007 when Nabil was released from prison alongside Anwar al Awalki. The overt enmity between these two began last month when Tariq tried to occupy Raada, al Baydah in order to release his brother, Nabil.

Al-Qaeda leader in southeastern Yemen killed by elder brother

Yemen Post Staff: Hazam al-Thahb, Yemeni tribal chief from the southeastern Yemeni town of Rada, which was briefly taken over by al-Qaeda militants, killed his younger brother, Tariq al-Thahb, a high-profile leader in AQAP.

Hazam broke on Wednesday evening into a mosque, where his brother and some of al-Qaeda militants were living, and killed his Tariq and some of his followers, tribal dignitary from the area told Yemen Post on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

“He has killed his younger brother after he repeatedly warned him not to align himself with the islamists, however his brother was obstinate and did not pay heed to his warnings and advice. That’s why he had to kill him before he is killed by the authorities, said the tribal dignitary. (Read on …)

Nigerian says Anwar al Awlaki gave him airline plot, introduced bomb maker

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Abdulmutallab was found guilty and sentenced to death for trying to murder all the people on the airliner. I’m sure he’ll appeal.

USA Today: According to court documents, Abdulmutallab spent months pursuing American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen, where the two men eventually met and hatched out a plan to blow up an American airliner over U.S. soil on Christmas Day 2009. In the weeks leading up to the bombing attempt, the two men texted each other, spoke briefly on the phone and ended up spending three days together at al-Awlaki’s house planning the attack, the government wrote in court documents. (Read on …)

Fox News only reports al Qaeda activity in Yemen while millions march in child’s funeral

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The western media black-out continues:

Clearly for FOX News, news worthiness depends on who is doing the killing; one person killed by al Qaeda vastly outweighs the hundred killed by the Yemeni government in the last week. For a day, CNN ran the headline: Yemeni women burn veils, wow, interesting, at least they mentioned “Yemen,” as the state was simultaneously pounding residences in Taiz with artillery and shelling villages in Arhab with missiles.

And neither one can find for five seconds for this from today, (if its not working try this direct link.)

Fox News: Car Bomb Kills Anti-Terror Chief in South Yemen.


- Airstrikes on Arhab leave 120 civilians killed, 340 wounded

- Nationwide slaughter since UN SC council resolution 2014

- One million demand regime change

- Yemen Post: Several Million of Yemeni gathered nationwide in the streets of Yemen yesterday, demanding the fall of the regime and Ali Abdullah Saleh’s trial as they say the president is continuing to murder his people.

Protesters had spell out “butcher” across their chest in red ink in denunciation of president Saleh’s many crimes. “He’s using snipers to gun down women and children, Sana’a and Taiz are under shelling attacks everyday…Saleh is killing Yemeni and the World stands silent…We will not,” said Mohamed Hassan Said a defected officer.

In Sana’a, the capital, a funeral march was organized to bury the bodies of the victims of the revolution amongst whom was 4 year-old little Waffa. While carrying the coffins the crowd was chorusing anti-regime slogan, asking the international community to bear witness of the crimes committed against peaceful Yemeni people. (Read on …)

Awlaki’s son death in US drone strike provokes outrage in Yemen

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The Yemeni-American teenager is widely perceived in Yemen as an innocent, and therefore his death in a US drone strike is causing mass outrage on a level much, much greater than that of his father. There is a birth certificate showing he was 16 at the time of his death, and many photos have been posted. Like the December 2009 strikes, its the civilian casualties of US drone strikes that provoke mass public outrage. Yemeni would have liked to see some evidence on Awlaki or better yet, to bring him to trial. But killing his teen-age son, or any innocent teen, is way over the top of acceptable counter-terror collateral damage, Yemenis say.

Yemen Post According to the al-Awlaki family back in Sana’a, the Yemeni capital, Abdul rahman al-Awlaki, the cleric’s son would have run away from home after news of his father’s death in a desperate bid to find him. The 17 year-old was killed subsequently in an American air raid this Friday. Outraged, his family is now speaking out against what they call a murder.

The family’s statements to the WaPo is here. His family says he ran away from home and was having a picnic when the drone hit. However what he was doing with known terrorist Ibrahim al Banaa and Fahd al Quso’s brother is unknown and not raised in the article.

Related: I posted this below but it belongs in a drone-related post: Marib Press Tribes in Marib issued a statement saying Sheikh Saleh al Taaman was killed in the air rad with Ibrahim al Banaa but not reported killed by the regime. The Sheikh was connected to the state’s security policy and paid by Ghalib al Qamish (PSO) 100K YR/month; tribesmen accuse the regime of the manipulating the terror file and US CT ops to retain power. They say the Sheikh was not listed among the dead and that’s reason to ignore the regime’s fatality lists.

French hostages in Yemen face execution deadline

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Yemen Post reports the demands are money and the release of imprisoned terrorists, but the demands themselves and the timing of the kidnapping, following a French call for Saleh to step down, the odd video without any al Qaeda characteristics, the tension with (if not expulsion of) the French ambassador for his remarks, the bombing of TOTAL’s pipeline and the pending UN resolution may all indicate the statement is yet another attempt by the Sana’a regime to spin the media away from the slaughter in the capital.

The situation echos that of the German hostages, a crime thought committed by Saleh loyalists linked to drug smugglers and al Qaeda. As the recent West Point paper pointed out, many of the security officials murdered by al Qaeda were in fact counter-narcotics agents, and that’s another area where the footprints of al Qaeda and the Sana’a regime overlap.

Obama should grab that sleazy slimy mass murderer rat Saleh by the throat and throttle him until he gives up these and all the Yemeni hostages. Dozens more severely wounded Yemenis were kidnapped by security forces in the last days, including women, but likely the Yemenis will get much less publicity. The regime has got to go.

Yemen Post: French Hostages in Yemen Face New Challenges

On May 28th, 2011, 3 French aid workers were kidnapped in the eastern Yemeni province of Hadramaut as they were conducting a field trip near Sayyun. (Read on …)

Suicide bomber detonates at PSO gate in Aden, Yemen, Updated

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Photo from scene; you don’t want to see the close-ups:


Its just doesn’t add up as actual AQAP somehow. Maybe a splinter faction from the amorphous group in Abyan, but its too early to tell. Maybe another one of those last seen arrested in Abyan or one of the 16 AQ prison escapees sheltering in one of the presidential palaces. The 26 Sep says two policemen were injured in the suicide bombing. In addition, a car bomb was planted in an officials car and exploded, killing him, as he left the air base in Lahj; it seems obvious it was planted while he was at the base:

TASS: On Tuesday, an explosion in Yemen killed a high-ranking military commander: Amin al Shami’s car exploded after he left a military aircraft base in the province of Lahej. Two people, who accompanied him, survived. The explosion was set by the same terrorist group which set an explosion at a police station on Saturday, and attempted on the life of Yemen’s defense minister in Aden last month. (ed- the driver of the Def Min’s car said there was slumped body in the car which exploded as they drove by and the bomber was last seen when arrested in Abyan.)

AFP: ADEN — A colonel in the Yemeni air force and a police officer were killed in separate attacks in south Yemen on Tuesday, military and police officials said.
(Read on …)

Suicide bomber last seen in Aden jail, placed dead in car?

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Heavens to Betsy! Not a false flag suicide attack organized by the Sanaa regime and blamed on al Qaeda… I find it interesting how nearly all westerners will reject the notion and the implications entirely, finding it improbable because it is so repulsive. However, the Sanaa regime is certainly in close enough contact to AQAP through an intermediary, and cold blooded enough to order up a suicide bomber. In fact, Saleh bragged repeatedly after the 2006 escape that he was in touch by phone with all the escapees. Or the intelligence services could do some plot themselves and blame al Qaeda, as many assert has happened previously.

The story at Aden Online comes from Major General Major Ahmed Mansour Alsoumma and is that the suicide bomber in the assassination attempt against General Mohammed Naser Ahmed was arrested in Abyan, jailed in Aden and later placed dead in the car which exploded as Defense Minister Mohamed Naser Ahmed drove by. The Def Min hasn’t commented but one of the security guards said the driver (suicide bomber) seemed slumped and sleeping.

Al Qaeda never claimed responsibility. The state announced the the identity of the bomber very quickly as it is prone to, having the fasted DNA lab in the world. Its the second assassination attempt on the Def Min. Aden Online asserts that there are dozens of young men arrested in jail that are held to become suicide bombers.

Update: Xinua 10/8/11:

Yemen Identifies Suicide Bomber in Attack on DM Convoy
2011-10-09 05:53:30 Xinhua Web Editor: Guo
Yemen’s interior ministry managed on Saturday to identify an al-Qaida suicide bomber, who detonated his explosives-packed vehicle on the passing convoy of Yemeni Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, who survived the attack late September in the southern port city of Aden.

The country’s interior ministry quoted a senior security official in Aden province as saying that the 17-year-old buy, who was killed in the blast, identified as the Yemeni national Abdul Rahman Abdu Aziz al-Doarde, an Aden’s native and a member of al- Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

The investigations revealed that al-Doarde has stayed for two years in Abyan province, some 480 km south of the capital Sanaa and one of AQAP’s key strongholds, where the army forces have been battling the terrorists for more than three months, the ministry said, adding that five suspected al-Qaida members involved in the assassination bid against the defense minister were arrested also in Aden.

There have been several reports like this including one suicide bomber, I think it was in Sayoun 2008, who was arrested as a southern activist. He was a student of medicine and a member of the Southern Movement, and the next time he was located weeks later when the state ID’d him as a suicide bomber. The Yemen Times reported earlier the assassination:

The General Mohamed Naser Ahmed, Yemen’s minister of defense in the care-taker government has escaped an assassination attempt targeted his convoy in Aden on Tuesday by a suicide bomb attack in which the government immediately blamed Al-Qaeda for the attack.

This is the second time in which the defense minister targeted in less than a month. In late August Ahmed’s vehicle was struck by RPG shells while he was on visit with other generals to some military units in Abyan south Yemen where Al-Qaeda took over its capital Zunjbar late May.

The original in Arabic: (Read on …)

Drone strike gets bomb maker al Asiri too; Update: No?

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Update: Yemen Officials report he was not killed.

Original: Nice! The death of Ibrahim al Asiri is huge and should quell any whining doubting the threat from Anwar, who in reality was fully operational, focused on the US and associated with numerous plots. Al Asiri was responsible for the bomb in the assassination plot on Saudi Prince Naif, the Nigerian’s underwear bomb, the toner cartridges on the UPS plane, and they were experimenting with poisons including the poison perfume plot and there was the warning about riacin and the castor beans. Bad news dudes all around.

The fact that the Saudi bomb maker al Asiri was in the car with two American al Qaeda jihaddists shows in itself what they were up to. The drone strike likely saved the lives of untold thousands and whether Yemenis believe it or not, saved a lot of misery for the Yemeni people. Also the strike was executed perfectly in that there were no civilians anywhere around.

There has been some confusion that the location of Awlaki’s death (al Jawf en route to Marib) means he wasn’t involved in AQAP (??!! really I read that today) or their occupation of Zinjibar; however, earlier reports indicated the terrorists brought items looted from Abyan residents to Marib to be divided up there, causing tension along regional lines.

Now that they are dead, lets get back to the war of ideas and support representative democracy, equal rights and freedom of the press.

There’s less much grumbling about the strike in Yemen than there is in the US, beyond the expected statement by HOOD. Actually many Yemenis are happy to be free of the burden of Anwar and all are cursing AQAP because of the atrocities the fanatics are committing in Abyan, including executing a suspected witch and another man after a dispute ( link to vid here) and cutting off a teen’s arm for stealing. The boy later died. Over 100,000 fled al Qaeda when they took control of, and looted, the provincial capital Zinjibar and the families are living in schools in Aden since May.

Yesterday’s anti-government protests by millions around Yemen was themed in unity with and support of the Syrian people’s struggle against Assad. A secondary theme was in rejection of the fatwa, requested by President Saleh and delivered by 500 state clerics, that finds public demonstrations against the state and for regime change are illegitimate under Islam. I am quite concerned by the fatwa; through the years, Saleh fatwa’d his opposition before attacking them. Nonetheless I am trying to convince the Yemeni protesters to adopt AC/DC’s Highway to Hell as a theme song.

Saleh continues to dissemble, as he will unto infinity, saying that the protests have to end before the VP can sign the GCC initiative: He pointed out that signing of the Vice President to the initiate depends on the readiness of the other side, adding that the Gulf initiative states to remove the causes of tension as tension elements are known to all and power can not be transferred without implementing this item. Saleh also says General Ali Mohsen and Hamid al Ahmar should leave Yemen before he does. The only bright spot is that Sec. Clinton appears to have moved off the GCC plan to an agreement of principles; nonetheless Saleh has never been motivated to any action by what is in the best interests of the Yemeni people. He only operates in self-interest although not in a rational manner.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two US officials say the drone strike in Yemen that killed Anward al-Awlaki appears to have also killed al-Qaida’s top Saudi bomb-maker.

Officials say intelligence indicates Ibrahim al-Asiri also died in the attack. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the death has not been officially confirmed.

Al-Asiri is the bomb-maker believed to have made the explosives used in the foiled Christmas Day airline attack in 2009 and last year’s attempted cargo plane bombing.

Al-Asiri’s death would make the attack perhaps the most successful single drone strike ever.

(HT: Weasel Zippers)

Suicide bomber in Aden attacks military convoy, Updated

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Some brainwashed teenager pays the price as AQAP tries to burnish its anti-regime credentials as they are being paid by the Saleh family. The perception is so widespread, USS Cole bomber Fahd al Quso had to deny it in an interview, but he’s been Saleh’s boy for a long time, a lot of give and take there.

Mareb Press: Likely another false flag attack, as the explosive was in one of the cars in the convoy, although the regime immediately blamed a suicide bomber of al Qaeda: General al Souma

CBS: (AP) SANAA, Yemen – A suicide attacker driving an explosives-laden car blew himself up Tuesday next to the passing convoy of Yemen’s defense minister, who escaped the attack unharmed, security officials and witnesses said.

The assailant detonated his car as Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Mohammed Nasser Ahmed’s convoy passed by on the coastal highway in the southern city of Aden, witnesses said. The ministry confirmed the attack and said in a statement that Ahmed, who survived another attempt on his life last month that killed two of his bodyguards, was unharmed.

A security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media, said at least 10 were wounded in the blast. It was not immediately clear whether senior military officials were among the wounded.

Another suicide bombing in Yemen

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The fanatics in Abyan are trying to replicate Afghanistan under the Taliban, and there’s little public outcry in Yemen, all to busy with the rev, I guess, but the danger of an al Qaeda state increases daily.

Inquirer: SANAA—A suicide car bomber killed three policemen and injured seven at a checkpoint in the port city of Aden on the Arabian Sea Saturday, a Yemeni security official said. (Read on …)

Cole redux fails or never happened

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This may or may not be true or pure propaganda or the distortion of an event that occurred. The Yemeni government claims it thwarted a maritime suicide bombing attempt:

Yemen Online: Suicide maritime attack foiled: SANAA — Yemen’s navy has foiled a suicide bomb attack on one of its warships off the coast of the Al Qaeda stronghold of Abyan province in the south, the defence ministry said on its Internet site on Sunday.

“A small high-speed boat tried to approach one of our warships on Saturday at around 21:00 hours local time (1800 GMT)” off Abyan, navy chief Rear Admiral Ruiss Abdullah Mujawar was quoted as saying on the site.

The vessel continued on its course despite warning shots being fired, and “naval forces then fired at the craft, which sank along with its occupants,” he said.

The defence ministry said the small boat had been filled with explosives, but gave no information on those thought to have been behind the failed attack.

Attempted assassination

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Yemen’s defense minister on Tuesday afternoon survived the attempted bombing, targeting his motorcade during his visit to the military units of the Yemeni army stationed in Western part of the city of Zanzibar, in Abyan province. The blast, which sources said was a mine planted in the minister’s car, targeted the minister and senior military leader, Major General Faisal Rajab 119 and the brigade commander, who announced his support for the protests against the regime of President Saleh of Yemen. al Teef.

The regime later denied the event occurred. For a wrap up of the last weeks, see Critical Threats Gulf of Aden Security Review.

Two Al Qaeda suicide bombers kill 14 in Yemen Sunday

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Reuters – Two suicide bombs killed at least 14 people in separate attacks in Yemen’s volatile south on Sunday morning, including the bombers themselves, local officials and tribal sources said.

The attacks targeted tribesmen who have sided with the army in an effort to flush Islamist militants out of the south, where the government has lost control of some areas as months of protests against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s 33-year rule drag on.

One of the suicide bombers blew himself up in a vehicle at a checkpoint set up by tribesmen in the al-Arqub area, killing 9 tribesmen and himself and injuring others.

The second attack took place in Mudiyah, where the bomber approached a crowd and then set off an explosion that killed him and three others.

They were coordinated bombings according to the Yemen Times:

Al-Qeada in Abyan escalates by attacking tribesmen

Sana’a, Aug. 21 — Rebel militant groups in Abyan believed to be close to Al-Qaeda escalated violence on Sunday morning by committing two simultaneous suicidal operations. This time the attacks targeted local tribes, rather than military forces.

The attacks took place in two of the central areas of Abyan, Moudia and Lauder. In Moudia three people were killed. In Lauder the attacks left 11 tribesmen dead and injured several others, who were taken to al-Baida Hospital.

Moudia’s attack targeted Abu Bakr Al-Ashal, the head of the ruling party in Moudia. Al-Ashal was also a leading figure of Ashal’s tribes and the brother-in-law of the governor. He was killed by a man wearing an explosive belt.

“The man who committed the suicidal attack came over to Al-Ashal where he was sitting with two others, chatting. The guy greeted them and sat for a bit and then pressed the button that ended him with the others,” said Ahmed Yaslem, a freelance reporter in Abyan. (Read on …)

Houthis accuse US of suicide car bombing in Al Jawf, Yemen

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Its al Qaeda and/or the Saleh regime that uses a remote control device to blow somebody up and/or convinces some hapless teen to become cannon fodder and/or puts a dead body in the car, and the Yemeni DNA lab that comes up with the positive ID in half an hour. As much as the Houthis are rabidly paranoid, its clear to them I’m sure that the long string of suicide bombings in Yemen would point to the AQAP murderers as the culprits in this one, either independently or as mercenaries. Maybe the Houthis are trying to de-escalate the situation by blaming the US because in no conceivable parallel universe did the US stage or execute a suicide bombing against the Houthis.

AQAP previously declared jihad on the Houthis and killed Badr al Din al Houthi (along with 14 others) in a suicide car bombing November 2010, also in al Jawf. Its this kind of irresponsible rhetoric which the Saleh regime uses to manipulate the public that the Houthis have condemned for years.

The national: SANAA // Rebel forces yesterday accused US intelligence agencies of plotting the car-bomb attack that killed two people and injured one in Al Matamma, north-east of Sanaa, on Sunday.

Al Houthi rebels said in a statement that the blast targeted a government complex in which their leaders were meeting.

“This is clearly a US intelligence-style criminal act,” the rebels said, while offering no evidence supporting their claim.

The blast came two days after the Al Houthi rebels and the Islamist Islah party agreed to a truce to end the fighting that had flared intermittently since March when Al Jawf province, in which Al Matamma is located, fell to the anti-government tribes.

The Al Houthis said the attack was intended to “provoke sectarian divisions between Yemenis”, adding that the attack was aimed to “help maintain the unjust regime” of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has been facing six months of protests calling for him to relinquish power.

Bomb in Sanaa, assassination in Amran, truce and car bomb in al Jawf, double dealing in Abyan

Pop quiz: Q: What was the characteristic response of the Saleh regime to power sharing demands following unity in 1990 that precipitated the 1994 civil war? A: Assassinations. Hundreds of southern political leaders were assassinated, often by veterans of the Afghan jihad who were allied with Saleh.

Five protesters wounded in Sanaa by an explosive device thrown from a car with police plates.

War planes bomb Arhab, five dead. Three houses, a mosque and many farms damaged. Clashes in Nehm, 20 km south of Arhab, eight wounded.

The Yemen Post reports Hamid Al-Qushaibi of the 310th escaped a car-bomb assassination attempt in Amran province but al Sahwa reports Major Ismail al-Ghurbani, commander of the 310th Armored Brigade of the 1st Armored Division was shot dead in an assassination in Amran

A truce between Islah and the Houthis in al Jawf will go into effect 8/17 when the JMP declares the national council; Fares Manna, UN sanctioned weapons dealer and long time associate of Saleh, will be replaced as governor by Sheikh Hussein Al-Thaneen from the Islah Party.

One person was killed and three wounded Sunday evening when a suicide car bomber detonated at a gathering of Houthis near the health center in al Jawf, News Yemen reported. The Houthis blamed the US, saying “The process shows the intense action and malicious plots by the Americans and the targeting of Yemen in general and the northern areas in particular.” Mareb Press reports dozens of injuries. Interior Ministery says 14 dead and the hallmarks of al Qaeda.

16 suspected al Qaeda were killed Sunday as clashes in the province take place in seven areas. The tribesmen (like the commander of the 25th Mechanized) say that the government is arming the al Qaeda militants and providing other support.

Yemen Post: Local tribesmen in Abyan province, fighting with government against militants, are accusing the government of helping al-Qaeda fighters stay strong by attacking tribal posts and arming the militants.

According to tribal sources in Abyan, at least 19 tribesmen have been killed by government attacks.

A senior Yemeni Defense Ministry official denies that the toll is that high, but did not deny that government raids did kill tribal fighters in accidental attacks.

Over the last month, tribes have succeeded to retake more than 60 percent of the province from the hands of suspected al-Qaeda militants after the government failed to show progress in its fight against the militants since May.

At least 1600 tribesmen are fighting al-Qaeda militants in the province.

More than 15 al-Qaeda fighters were arrested on Thursday by the tribesmen as their push to cleanse the province from the militants nears the final steps.

Update: Sultan al Barakani says Hamid al Ahmar is the prime suspect in the bombing on the presidential palace because the sims cards used in mobile phones belonged to SabaFone.

Saudi al Qaeda surrenders

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Excellent lets hop ehe brought back a substantial amount of inside information on AQAP. Maybe all their questionable practices like dressing up like women,

Riyadh, 4 Aug. (AKI) – A Saudi fugitive accused of being a member Al-Qaeda and hiding in neighbouring Yemen recently turned himself in to police in Saudi Arabia, according to newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat. (Read on …)

AQAP ransom demand for kidnapped French aid workers

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Ammar wants new toys? There was never a legitimate ransom demand from al Qaeda in Yemen in the past. Its interesting the regime knows the hostages are in good health. But then again, Saleh’s network has many conduits to “al Qaeda.” The French workers were kidnapped after France made a statement urging Saleh to leave the throne immediately.

News 24: Sanaa – Three French aid workers who were kidnapped in southeastern Yemen are held by al-Qaeda members who are seeking a $12m ransom for their release, tribal sources said on Wednesday.
(Read on …)

Aden, Yemen bomber identified as Saudi al Qaeda Turki al Sharani

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Odd the explosives expert would kill himself, normally these cowards send brainwashed teenagers to do the dirty work. We have al Shahrani showing up several times on the lists of the Saudi Most Wanted. Yemen is becoming the proxy location for the conflict between the Saudi royals and the Saudi fanatics. Related: Wahishi pledges AQAP loyalty to Zawaheri, a tad late no? Jealous or under pressure maybe. Wahishi notes both the government and the opposition support the drone campaign.

Yemen Post: The Yemeni authorities identified the bomber who rammed an explosive-laden car into a military convoy on Monday in Aden as Turki Saad Muhammad Qulais Al-Shahrani. (Read on …)

Second car bombing this week in Aden Yemen, a frequent AQAP tactic

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Wednesday a British worker was killed when his car exploded in a terror attack and today, Sunday, a car bomb rammed a military convoy, killing 8. There were many messages of outrage and condolences posted by Yemenis regarding the murder of the British national. Car bombings are a hallmark of the so called AQAP: the tactic was used in the attacks on two oil facilities in September 2006, on tourists in Marib were killed in July 2007, in the bombing at the Sayoun police station in July 2008. The September US embassy attack also included car bombs, as did the suicide attack on a Zaidi religious procession organized by the Houthis in November 2010 which killed 17. That’s off the top of my head. (Yemen released those murderers responsible for training the driver who carried out the 2007 car bombing which killed two Spanish tourists in Marib after two years in jail, if they even served that much time.)

On Wednesday, a car bomb killed David Tom, David Mockett who worked as a marine surveyer through his office in Al-Mualla St, detonated when he left his office. It was followed by an attack today on a military convoy.

Yemen Post An explosive-laden car was rammed into a military convoy on Sunday morning in Yemen’s business capital Aden killing at least six people including soldiers and the attacker, eyewitnesses were quoted as saying.

Almost twenty others were injured, the website said, quoting medical sources as saying that the death toll is likely to rise.

The suicide attack took place near an air force camp in Al-Mansoura district while it was heading to Abyan province, where the army has been fighting Islamists for almost two months, it quoted military sources as saying.

Brits just as loco as US regarding Yemen

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Wow, a Yemen Times interview with the new British ambassador (Wilks) demonstrates the inane talking points of the US/UK position:

1- he urges the opposition not to engage in violence, fails to note all the violence has been perpetrated or initiated by the state forces

2- he says if the Saleh family refuses to engage in dialog, the UK will urge them some more (how’s that working for you?)

3- he urges youth to hold elections for representatives, when the state has been unable since 2006. Parliamentary elections slated for 2009 had to be postponed for two years and there wasn’t even a revolution then. Gee, maybe something like a council might work in this situation.

4- he urges elections but wont recognize the leaders if elected unless it is according to the UK’s plan

5- the UK’s plan is to support inclusive dialog, the magic potion, with no plan B, and here it is six months later and there’s still no plan B.

6- he says Yemen prone to chaos but no chaos by the protesters occurred since protests began; its Saleh’s regime that is prone to chaos.

7- he says the politicians have all the power to resolve the crisis, and over looks the support of the people who are to be governed by them-ie, the UK is urging Yemenis to replace one illegitimate govt with another.

8- he is annoyed by blame on the international community ??!! for not sorting out the problems. Wow, just wow, I think just shut up and stop supporting and legitimizing the failed regime is all anybody wants.

9- He is waiting for a basic agreement? theres been one since Feb but Saleh and Obama rejected it, its been written and presented time and time again. The protesters want a transitional council. Oh, does he mean Saleh should agree to be overthrown? Its a strawman position. (The Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position.)

10- “The political process in Yemen should not just be about seats in government, it should be about dealing with the fundamental economic crisis in the country.” Is it an economic crisis or a glut of corruption that bankrupted the country? Q) Why is there an economic crisis? A) No reform, no diversification, subsidies, poor education, no spending on basic services and elite capture of all resources. The structures of patronage and corruption must be shattered for any hope of an economic recovery. There can be no economic reform without political reform and there’s no hope of political reform without regime change: the last decade has demonstrated the immutability of that truth.

11- The ambassador’s experience of getting kidnapped/besieged by an angry mob of regime thugs was no problem, he smoked and ate and went home. That’s just a great attitude. When Iran captures your ship again, we’ll know its not a problem. I guess the two “al-Qaeda” attacks on Amb. Torlott were no biggie either, when we all know who sent those brainwashed teenagers to bounce off the motorcade, twice.

12- he says freezing assets requires reviewing the UN report on human rights to see its conclusions; so the UK doesn’t know right now whether Saleh’s regime has engaged in human rights violations against the protesters? Uh, there’s over 500 dead, there’s video, eyewitness accounts and reports by HRW.

I had to stop when I got to “no evidence” of UK trained CT forces violating human rights, its both comical and infuriating. Now I know why my British friends are also sputtering. Its a load of propaganda. The entire population of Yemen knows it; they should include the UK in their impending boycott and demand Wilk’s expulsion when they demand Feierstein’s. Full text of the interview below for posterity’s sake:


Armed with his M.Phil in International Relations from St. Antony’s College, Oxford University, and around 22 years of diplomatic experience since joining the British Diplomatic Service in 1989, Ambassador Jon Wilks presents as a capable person who can understand Yemen and all its complexities. He speaks fluent Arabic which he mastered in the early nineties in Cairo, a skill that has come very handy in Yemeni qat chewing sessions with officials, diplomats, activists and Yemeni leaders. (Read on …)

Tribesmen break siege of 25 Mech in Abyan, Yemen;commander alleges conspiracy to empower al Qaeda in Zinjibar

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al Sahwa: Yemen’s defected army in collaboration with tribesmen could halt on Friday ba convey of militants heading the southern town of Zinjibar where government troops.

The defected army supported by General Ali Mohsin Al-Ahmar could defeat al-Qaeda in many areas in Abyan and cleansed several districts from militants who had grasped areas in Abyan after the Yemeni regime help them control the governorate, local sources affirmed.

Local sources said the defected army along with some tribes had secured the road from Shabwa province to Shaqra in Abyan, a main highway leading to Zinjibar which is still controlled by the militants.

Yemen defected generals had accused President Ali Abdullah Saleh of of letting his forces ease their grip around areas suspected of hosting militants, in order to convince foreign governments that only he stands in the way of a militant takeover.

al Masdar reports a senior commander of the 25th mechanized unit alleges a conspiracy by the Southern Military Command and the Ministry of Defense because a) the 25th was twice ordered to surrender to AQAP, hand over weapons and withdraw, b) they have been besieged for weeks without any support, food or resupply of equipment c) the Defense Ministry refused the US demand two weeks ago to supply weapons and food by helicopter (there’s 4 new Hueys, why not use those?) With the support of Yemeni tribesmen he says, they were able to break the siege and make progress.

Civilians killed by Yemeni gov’t as AQAP uses citizens as sheilds

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The article doesn’t make note of the enhanced US role in the conflict, directly and indirectly. But its undeniable that the Yemeni regime is currently committing war crimes, and has committed mass violations and mass murder for years in the Saada War, in the south as well across the nation.

HRW 7/9/11, (Aden) – Yemeni forces may have killed dozens of civilians in unlawful attacks while fighting an Islamist armed group in southern Abyan province since May 2011, Human Rights Watch said today. The militants in Abyan, called Ansar al-Sharia (Partisans of Islamic Law), may have unlawfully placed civilians at risk by deploying in densely populated areas and engaged in looting and other abuses, Human Rights Watch said. (Read on …)

Defense Ministry abandons soldiers, 50 missing

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Not unusual, a unit was left surrounded during the Saada War for six weeks until the soldiers called local media. Its important to recall the Defense Minister hinself was the one who engaged in the hiring of the jihaddists during the battle of Jaar in 09. Meanwhile Tariq al Fahdli is calling for negotiations, no prob I’m sure as US policy now includes negotiating with the Taliban.

Yemen Online: Fifty Yemeni troops have been posted as missing after clashes with militants around the southern city of Zinjibar, a commander said on Saturday, accusing top brass of abandoning them to al Qaeda.

“We have lost all trace of 50 soldiers after an attack by al Qaeda elements enabled them to recapture control of the al Wahda stadium” outside Zinjibar, the commander serving with the 25th Mechanised Brigade told AFP on condition of anonymity.

He was unable to specify whether the troops had been killed, captured or deserted in the battle for the stadium which the army had recaptured from the militants only Friday.

The commander accused the defence ministry of abandoning the brigade’s soldiers to their fate in the face of repeated attacks by the militants of the Partisans of Sharia movement who seized much of Zinjibar in late May. (Read on …)

GPC local council members involved in pipeline, electricity infrastructure destruction

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Sahwa Net – A Yemeni opposition leader in Marib, Mabkhot Al-Shareef, has said that most those people involved in a 43- person blacklist published by the interior Ministry are members of the ruling party in Marib .

Al-Shareef affirmed that most of those included in the list accused of bombing oil pipelines and destructing electricity stations are the ruling party’s members of local councils in Marib. (Read on …)

Clashes in Lahj between armed militants and police

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al jazeera reports clashes in al Houta.

Dozens of alleged al-Qaeda gunmen attacked security and government buildings in the southern town of Huta, killing two policeman and wounding five others, Yemeni medics and residents said.

Fierce clashes broke out at dawn on Wednesday between the armed men and police around the local branches of intelligence and central bank, and the courts in the Lahij province town of Huta, before dispersing toward nearby farms, residents said. (Read on …)

Zinjibar: a would-be Islamist state

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WaPo: SANAA, Yemen — Islamist extremists, many suspected of links to al-Qaeda, are engaged in an intensifying struggle against government forces for control of southern Yemen, taking advantage of a growing power vacuum to create a stronghold near vital oil-shipping lanes, said residents and Yemeni and U.S. officials.

Over the past few weeks, the militants have swiftly taken over two towns, including Zinjibar, the capital of Abyan province, and surrounding areas and appear to be pushing farther south, said Yemeni security officials and residents. Increasingly, it appears as if al-Qaeda’s regional affiliate is seeking for the first time to grab and hold large swaths of territory, adding a dangerous dimension to Yemen’s crisis. (Read on …) reports prison stormed in Zinjibar

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The clufu continues. The following is an excerpt (googlish) of a report from (of the Bakil tribe) on the prison break and chaos in Zinjibar that includes some statements by former Interior Minister Hussain Arab, who issued the travel docs to al Nashiri in 2000. I think the irony of his statement accusing Saleh of activating al Qaeda is lost on him.

And spread by masked gunmen in downtown Zanzibar and streets and government institutions, while the city has been witnessing an exodus of the population. As the region is witnessing violent clashes between insurgents and Brigade 125 in the city of Zanzibar, where the use of various heavy weapons and Alkhvivip. Gunmen stormed the central prison in the city was the release of detainees inside and according to eyewitnesses. The city has the widespread looting on the institutions and government facilities. And accused former Interior Minister Hussein Mohammed Arab regime of President Saleh al-Qaeda support through the “handing over” a number of cities Abyan governorate, which led to a regulation on the control of the reins in Zanzibar. (Read on …)

Militants in Abyan, Yemen are not AQAP, cause humanitarian crisis

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Update: 1) UNHCHR 20,000 internally displaced displaced by the fighting. 2) Residents report severe water shortage, roads cut.

original: So I’m the only one who recalls Saleh’s long time stooge Khalidabdul Nabi ( al Nabi background here) and all that blah blah about reviving the Aden Abyan Islamic Army to establish an Islamic Emirate. As recently as 48 hours ago the USG was talking about AQAP in Abyan. Is it shorthand for any jihaddist, a scare tactic or ignorance? The militants in Abyan are historically more likely to be state jihaddists than the Wahishi death cult. Saleh has corrupted everything in Yemen including its jihaddists.

See 12/28/09 “Nabi calls for an Islamist state in Yemen.” Do we recall the January 09 face to face meeting with Saleh and Nabi and others that culminated in the Feb 09 release of the 109 aged members of the Aden Abyan Islamic Army (as the Yemeni embassy described them at the time, making quite clear at the time they were not al Qaeda). For names of the attendees, see here. There was also a large chunk of cash that changed hands at the time. Earlier on Khanfar, Abyan.

DW “Saleh is known for the creative use of chaos as a means of control, and has pitted jihadists against the South before, so it could be a strategy,” Professor Sheila Carapico, a Yemen expert at the University of Richmond and the American University in Cairo, told Deutsche Welle….Yemen’s elite, American-trained counterterrorism units had been engaging AQAP elements in fierce clashes throughout the region in recent months but were pulled out of Abyan just days before the AQAP raid on Zinjibar took place. Reports from Zinjibar claimed that the militants were unopposed and took over the city without a shot being fired, an unusual event given the severity of combat that had taken place between government forces and militants in the preceding weeks.

Local residents in Zinjibar also claim that, far from being hardcore AQAP fighters, the militants were members of the estimated 300-strong Ansar al-Sharia movement, a group of local tribesman committed to setting up a fundamentalist state in the south of Yemen, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Ansar al-Sharia is thought to have no connections with the protestors in the capital Sanaa or the opposition forces battling his troops elsewhere in the country.

Other reporting (Read on …)

3 French aid workers missing in Sayoun, Hadramout, Yemen

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Many foreigners, dozens, have been kidnapped in Yemen by tribes over the last decade and all have been returned without harm. The timing of this is off though. Some are saying that since the “AQAP take-over of Abyan” didn’t generate a US reversal, Saleh is continuing to play on AQ fears with this incident. Maybe his forces will find and rescue them into order to put Saleh in a good light.

BBC: Three French aid workers are feared kidnapped after going missing in southern Yemen, officials say. The three are reported to have gone missing in Hadramawt in the south-east.

They had been in Seyun since mid-April working for Triangle Generation Humanitaire, a French NGO working in Yemen since 1998. (Read on …)

Checkpoint attack in Mukalla, Yemen kills three

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The spree continues, Yemen Post

At least three people were killed, including two soldiers and another wounded in Yemen’s southern province of Hadhramout.

Private sources said that suspected Al-Qaeda militants attacked a governmental patrol vehicle at a checkpoint belonging to the Central Security Unit in Mukalla, killing two soldiers and a civilian and wounding another. (Read on …)

5 soldiers killed in Marib, 6 in al Baydah, 3 in Shabwa, 1 abducted and 2 killed in Abyan, Updated

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Wired: Also on Friday, another group of suspected terrorists attacked a security checkpoint in the southern province of Shabwa. At least three police officers were killed and another one was injured.

Hindustan Times:
Al-Qaeda militants have kidnapped an intelligence officer today in Yemen’s south while unknown gunmen killed a soldier and a policeman in separate attacks, a security official told AFP. “Masked Al-Qaeda armed men stopped a bus in Loder,” in Abyan province, which has become one of the jihadists’ stronghold, and “abducted a Yemeni intelligence officer named Fadhel Ahmed Mohsen,” said the official. (Read on …)

Yemen frees convicted terrorists after two years in jail for murdering Spanish tourists

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Its unbelievable. These are the guys who were initially repeatedly proclaimed to be going on trial for the pedestrian suicide attack on then UK ambassador Tim Torlott’s convoy. (The attack was widely thought to be a false flag attack by the Yemeni government using its terrorist connections and some clueless teenager to send a message to the UK regarding support for the south.) But the defendants were eventually charged with a hodgepodge of crimes in Marib (which may or may not include the July 2007 car bomb that killed eight Spanish tourists). They were tried in a group that included Badr al Hassani who stated that he was paid by the PSO to train terrorists in Marib in hand to hand combat. The court ordered the Marib Deputy Chief of the PSO to appear in court and then the whole thing just faded away, as it often does in Yemen. Earlier reporting here .

SANA’A, May 13 (Saba) – The Specialized Criminal Division in the capital Sana’a is to start on Sunday its first hearing to consider the appeal of two al-Qaeda suspects convicted of carrying out terrorist acts.

On March 15, the Specialized Penal Court in the capital Sana’a sentenced each of Saddam Hussein al-Rimi and Rami Hermel Hans (German nationality) two years from the date of their arrest.

The court ordered them to be put under police surveillance and prevented them from traveling to any province after their release for two years, after they were convicted of committing terrorist attacks on foreign tourists, facilities and interests in Marib province during (2008-2010).

So they got a two year sentence for murdering foreign tourists, which included time served. Now they are free but not allowed to leave the country.

For more see, Yemeni al Qaeda leader: State conducts terror attacks dtd 12/3/08:

Officials earlier announced Dhayani was the recruiter and driving instructor for the suicide car bomber who murdered eight elderly Spanish tourists in Mareb in July 2007. Dhayani is Mareb under the protection of Jahm tribe and granted the interview to Mareb Press after taking several security precautions.

“I am ready to prove the reality that some attacks were planned in co-ordination and agreement of the Political Security and its agents to gain foreign support and to confirm to America that they (the Yemeni state) launch war against terrorism,” Dhayani said in the explosive interview.

Fast forward to today and we have the US government fighting tooth and nail to keep this lying, double dealing, murderous dirtbag in his post despite the fact that the US trained Yemeni counter terror forces are shooting unarmed teenagers in the head because they are demanding democracy. It is thought a more representative Yemeni government would be less liberal in granting CT permissions to the US.

Feds link Asiri to two bomb plots targeting US

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dtd 5/24,


(Newser) – The FBI has now definitively linked top al-Qaeda bombmaker Ibrahim al-Asiri to a trio of explosives used in two recent attempts to attack the US, via a fingerprint and forensic evidence. Al-Asiri, who works in Yemen with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, was already suspected of being involved with the Christmas Day “underwear bomber” in 2009; investigators have pulled one of his fingerprints off that bomb. They also determined that the explosives used in the underwear bomb are chemically identical to those hidden inside two printers shipped from Yemen last year; al-Asiri had also been suspected in that plot.

Al Qaeda slits throats of two soldiers kidnapped in Lawder

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Its been two days and there’s no independent confirmation that this even happened. Its such a murky country due to the censorship. But if true, the incident also shows that AQAP is continuing its violence in Yemen.

4/7/11 ADEN — Two soldiers kidnapped by tribesmen in southern Yemen were found with their throats slit on Tuesday in the restive province of Abyan, an Al-Qaeda stronghold, a security official said.

The two soldiers were murdered in an Al-Qaeda-style execution, the official said, requesting anonymity.

He said the execution of hostages went against the norms of Yemeni tribes, which often resort to kidnapping as a means of exerting pressure on local authorities, implying Al-Qaeda militants could have been behind the killings.

Local residents told AFP the corpses were found with gunshot and knife wounds on the side of a road outside the unrest-strewn town of Loder.

The two soldiers were kidnapped last Thursday in Loder by tribesmen in retaliation for the Yemeni military’s killing of six suspected Al-Qaeda militants last month.

A security official said on March 26 that army troops killed the six as they attacked an army post in Loder.

11 Al Qaeda Killed in Abyan, SABA

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Yemeni forces kill 11 al-Qaeda members
ABYAN, April 11 (Saba)- At least 11 al-Qaeda members, including two foreigners, were killed on Monday in a clash with Yemeni forces in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan, a security source has said.

The source was quoted by the military-run as saying that al-Qaeda members had attacked a checkpoint at Mudia district in Abyan, killing two Yemeni soldiers and wounding five others.

The source added that a number of al-Qaeda members were also injured in the clash.

AQAP did NOT take over Abyan, Yemen or even the city of Ja’ar

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Saleh’s Chaos Game begins in Abyan

At first glance, the FOX News headline, “al Qaeda: Yemen province now an Islamic Emirate,” is pretty disturbing. But it’s not remotely true. The US media is getting played by the King of Spin, President Ali Abdullah Saleh and his legion of Baghdad Bobs, again.

As anti-government protests calling for Saleh’s ouster engulfed Yemen and military commanders defected, the Saleh regime pulled back its remaining military and security forces and distributed weapons to proxies. In Abyan, state-jihaddists looted an ammo factory and took over the building housing a radio station. The terrorist mercenaries made an announcement on the radio that the city of Ja’ar in Abyan was deemed an Islamic Emirate and women were confined to their homes without a guardian. Later over 150 villagers, mostly women and children, scavenging the factory were killed in a horrific explosion. Yemenis claim the blast was remotely detonated.

Yemen’s state-jihaddists are al Qaeda types who work as mercenaries for the regime. The Saleh regime is very good at “cloning,” a tactic to undermine the opposition and confuse the west. The state has created look-alike newspapers, governmental non-governmental organizations (GONGO’s), and fake opposition parties. Beyond deploying security thugs in civilian clothes, as Mubarek did, the Saleh regime has a large contingent of jihaddist mercenaries on the payroll. Many of these “state-jihaddists” were released from jail after a pledge of loyalty to Saleh.

After the tragedy in Abyan, Yemenis across the nation accused Saleh of playing the Al Qaeda card to spin the western media and US, a frequent practice. They say that the state fosters and deploys al Qaeda mercenaries to elicit counter-terror funds, equipment and training, which are then used against internal opposition. As the Senate found last year, Saleh diverted US trained counter-terror units and US supplied equipment to the Saada War. (Indiscriminate bombing displaced over 300,000 residents in the northern Saada province as the state withheld food and medicine in a pattern that constituted collective punishment, Human Rights Watch found.) Beyond the 150 killed in the Abyan blast, dozens of others are suffering severe burns with little medical support.

The leaders of the raid on the ammo factory, Khaledabdul Nabi and Sami Dhayan, have worked for the state for years. Nabi, of the Abyan Aden Islamic Army, trained and led jihaddists into battle on behalf of the Saleh regime during the Saada Wars (2004-2010) against northern Shia rebels who claim religious discrimination. Nabi’s group, not AQAP, made the radio announcement. The residents in Ja’ar formed a local security committee which now has control of the area.

Yemenis are bewildered at the stance of the Obama administration in light of Saleh’s chicanery. Secretary Gates has repeatedly stated that the Saleh regime is an important partner to the US and the protests are an internal affair. At the same time, the US Ambassador in Sanaa is lobbying to keep Saleh’s sons and nephews in charge of the counter-terror units. A former Foreign Minister, long in exile, plotted the regime’s duplicity from the USS Cole bombing to the 2010 US airstrikes in Yemen. Watan, the Coalition of Women for Social Peace, appealed directly to the American people yesterday,

“Our stance depends on evidences proved that Selah is using al-Qaeda, and the American war against terrorism to receive generous financial support, and intensive training for the Special Forces, Central Security, and National Security, which all headed by his son and his nephews and use to suppress the Yemeni for more than a decade.

The last American stance, which was expressed by Robert Gates, reinforces our belief that the U.S. government is not serious in fighting terrorism and promoting democracy. The money is used in the name of the American people and the fight against terrorism to support dictatorial regimes and Al-Qaeda, against nations’ choices and demands for democracy. Yemen comes at the forefront of these nations.

American people, the hands of Yemeni people who have been in the streets in a peaceful revolution since two months, still rose demanding the elimination of the dictatorial regime and establish a modern civil state. However these hands are facing your weapons, your money, and the shameful attitude of your government, which we know that they do not reflect the spirit of the American nation which based on principles of freedom and human dignity.

Lift up your hands against your government that on your behalf and via your money is supporting the repression of peoples, democracy and peace.

Yesterday in Hajjah, 230 were wounded when Saleh’s thugs opened fire from rooftops on the peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators, echoing last Friday’s massacre when snipers killed 53 during a protest in Sanaa, largely by head shots.

Yesterday protesters issued a video statement to US Ambassador Feierstein along with a draft list of demands that represents a consensus among all the protesters around the county. Unlike in Egpyt where protests were centered in Cairo, Yemen is witnessing large sustained anti-government protests in nearly every province and even on the island of Socotra.

Abyan’s Sami Dhayan: State jihaddist, militant, or al Qaeda?

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Sami Dhayan? He and Nabi have been Saleh mercenaries for a long time! Sami Dhayan gave an interview about taking money from the Def. Min. to fight for Saleh two years ago during the last “al Qaeda take-over” of Jaar. And Nabi is a state jihaddist for years. How is the US empowering the moderates and residents to deal with the situation? Does the al Qaeda scare tactic help more interests than just Saleh’s? Is somebody’s budget at stake?

Update: A comment: “Family members of mine have seen Khaled Abdulnabi, years ago, being taken by helicopter (ali saleh). Only to have him return with the keys to a late model land cruiser. Tell me, who else has a helicopter in yemen besides ali saleh? No one. He has always been funded by the Yemeni govt. Its like a bad relationship when one spouse can’t c the obvious signs that the other one is in bed with another person.”

Yemen Post: Jihadists denied on Wednesday they had taken over the radio station in Yemen’s southern province of Abayn.
This week local sources said the Jihadist groups clashed with the security and armed forces in Abyan and took control of the station and other public compounds.
Sami Dayan, a spokesman for the Jihadist groups there, said they did not intervene in the tasks of the station staff, but they assigned citizens to guard it after the security forces had left it.
The Jihadist groups also aired from the station that Abyan had been declared an Islamic state, the sources said, amid the escalating protests calling for the ouster of the regime across Yemen.

Claiming (us) – A prominent leader in the Southern Movement and the Vice-Chairman of the mobility of the southern province of Abyan Khaled Alfayyadi in question by a news agency of Aden for Al-Qaeda in the show that “there is no such regulation alleged but that the organization follows the national security issued by the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh from his palace in Sanaa. ” (Read on …)

Yemeni citizens thwart state-alQaeda IED

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Better translation: local security committee arrests men trying to plant IED targeting foreign oil workers. The bombers drove a military car. Its all part of Saleh’s plot of promoting chaos and al Qaeda to appear irreplaceable in Western eyes.

Marebpress The terrorist ride military truck ,the According to local sources familiar with the “Marib Press: ” A group of citizens of the People’s Committees entrusted with the task of protecting the property of citizens and public institutions in the region Cake thwarted Tuesday morning, a terrorist operation targeting foreign workers in the port of export oil in Dhabba Hadramout. And away the Shehir zone near oil field 50 kilometers east of the city of Mukalla. The sources added that four people traveling in a car Has unnumbered military were about to do planting a land mine next to the main road that passes near the site of oil is connected by wire to a remote bomb, but that elements of the People’s Committees the main dirt drive , which led to the arrest of one of whom subsequently fled Three others on board the vehicle, while the mine was detonated safely in a remote place.

ah English, Yemen Post says land mine, military men and Nexen:

An investigation is underway into a failed attack against foreign experts in Yemen’s eastern province Hadramout, which military plotters are believed to be behind, a local popular security committee said.
Sadiq bin Tair, head of the committee in Shuhair area in the district of Ghail BaWazeer, told the Alsahwa website that the plot targeted experts from the Canadian Nexen Petroleum.
A landmine was planted on the road where two experts escorted by a security patrol passed but no casualties were reported, the website said.
Eyewitnesses were quoted as saying that they observed in the early morning a man in military uniform and another believed to be a soldier out of uniform at the explosion site and that there was a car with an army number plate beside them.
One of the two suspects was arrested and handed to the authorities and the second, who was watching the site, ran away after the explosion.
The incident followed the bombing that targeted a security patrol last week leaving three of those were inside it injured and amid the escalation of the anti-government protests across the republic.

Fahd al Quso’s role in the Christmas Day airliner terror plot on US

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Many in Yemen underestimate the danger of AQAP because they fail to realize that Anwar al Awlaki and thus AQAP are connected to almost every terror plot in the US over the last five years. Its not only the shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, or the attack by Abdulmutallab on an airliner over Detroit in 2009, or the 2010 plot to bomb six planes with toner cartridges, there are also dozen and dozens of smaller plots in the US that never seem to make the news in Yemen. The US is under attack by AQAP. Ali Saleh’s al Qaeda could be a state creation, but the real al Qaeda live in Yemen too and they are not giving up their plans for a catastrophic attack on the US. Reuters Bomb maker Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri added to US terrorist listing, already tops Saudi Arabia’s terrorism list.

CP: While the target and timing were unimportant, the mission itself was a highly organized plot that involved one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists and al-Qaida’s go-to bomb maker, current and former officials said. Before Abdulmutallab set off on his mission, he visited the home of al-Qaida manager Fahd al-Quso to discuss the plot and the workings of the bomb. (Read on …)

USS Cole bomber al Nashiri to be first of renewed trials at Gitmo

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WASHINGTON — The first captive at the U.S. Naval Base on Guantanamo Bay to be charged in a military tribunal during the Obama presidency is expected to be one of the prison’s most notorious inmates — Abd al-Rahim Al-Nashiri, the alleged mastermind of the 2000 USS Cole bombing that killed 17 sailors. (Read on …)

Two al Qaeda killed in Saada, al Tais again, were mourning AQ death in Marib

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The point to note with regard to the following article is the two AQ were killed during a mourning ceremony for another who was killed in Marib. For the readers convenience, I am re-posting my article, Large al Qaeda camp in North Yemen dims peace prospects, politician says to illuminate the al Taiz clan. Saada, as you will note, is where Ammar al Waeli (see the 2002 FBI alert) was, as I heard it, standing on a roof exhorting the residents. In the same ruling last week that released Badr al Hassani, Al Waeli was recently sentenced to fifteen years in jail, in absentia I am assuming. The hostilities between the al Tais and the state began after the Houthis captured their commander, Hussain al Tais, and turned him over to the state. Then AQ captured Col Hosam in Saada and issued an ultimatum. According to local reports, Col Hosam was not killed despite the AQ vid announcing his death (see below). The point is the linkage between the well established al Qaeda presence in Saada and the better understood al Qaeda in Marib and what is currently known as AQAP.

Two al-Qaeda elements killed in Saada north Yemen al Motamar: Wednesday, 09-March-2011
- Local sources in Saada province in north Yemen have confirmed the killing of two elements from al-Qaeda organisation and injury of a third in exchange of fire with gunmen from Al Tais in Kitaf district. The sources clarified that the clashes resulted in the killing of two of al-Qaeda elements; Ali Nasser al-Tais and Abdullah Hassan al-Tais in addition to the wounding of Arif Saleh Rashid. The sources pointed out that the clashes erupted during mourning on the death of al-Qaeda element called Abdullah Hadi al-Tais killed by security men in clashes in Mareb last week.

My article from March 2010: (Read on …)

At least 37 injured and one dead in Ibb as thugs attack protesters

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Its amazing how little coverage western media is giving developments outside the capital of Yemen, Sanaa. Dynamic developments in Libya are naturally sucking up air time, and all the western reporters are sequestered in Sana’a, a function of both state restrictions and reporters’ hesitance. Saada has been cut off from journalists since 2004. Several Yemeni news sites were blocked and hacked this week including al Msadar and Yemen Online- for reporting the news. Several reporters were beaten and harassed. Two al Jazeera reporters were threatened with expulsion. Today’s protest in Ibb is estimated at 200,000 and there’s new violence in Aden. Other estimates of injuries in Ibb go as high as 70.


Ibb, Yemen March 6, 2011

Government supporters attack protesters in Yemen, killing 1: CP: SANAA, Yemen — Government supporters wielding knives and handguns attacked protesters in southern Yemen on Sunday, leaving one dead in the latest in weeks of demonstrations demanding the president step down.

In a separate development in the increasingly chaotic Middle Eastern nation, suspected al-Qaida gunmen killed four soldiers from the elite Republican Guard forces in a mountainous region… (Read on …)

Al Qaeda in Yemen sentences: Ammar al Waeli 15 yrs in absentia & Badr al Hassani released

Its absolutely unbelievable, even for Yemen. This is the cell originally billed as responsible for the attack on the UK ambassador, but that later faded into charges of forming an armed gang. Badr al Hassani, who accused the PSO in Marib of supporting and funding Al Qaeda, was acquitted although the court had previously summoned the PSO deputy to testify. Old timer Ammar al Waeli sentenced for the 2007 attack on Spanish tourists in Marib. Al Waeli is currently in Sa’ada alongside the state forces, or he was last time I checked. Not the mention the whole slew of analysis on AQAP that dismisses the fatal but well timed attacks on tourists in 2007 as the work of the disenfranchised al Jund al Yemen (the Yemen Soldiers Brigade) when al Waeli is an associate of Fahd al Quso as well as an employee of the state, two groups that are most definitely not mutually exclusive. The two convicted were sentenced to jail time of two and three years, although the Marib attacks killed people, to run from date of arrest, basically a walk. The trials were yet another show with no substance, and this is the system that the US is so desperate to maintain.

26 Sept: Specialized Penal Court in the capital Sana’a sentenced on Saturday three al-Qaeda elements from two to 15 years in prison. The three defendants were convicted of committing terrorist acts targeted tourists, foreign and military facilities in Marib province during 2008-2010.

At the hearings presided over by Judge Ridwan al-Nemr, the court sentenced the convicts Sadam Huessin al-Raymi to three years and Rami Hans Hermel (German nationality) for two years from the date of their arrest and put them under police surveillance and forbid them to travel to any province after their release for a period of two years.

The verdict also included the contentment of the jail period for Abdullah Mosaad Abdul-Aziz al-Rawi (Iraqi nationality) and to deport him to his country, while the court upheld the release of Badr al-Husseini for lack of evidence and the confiscation of seizures related to the case.

In addition, the court issued a sentence of 15 years imprisonment against Ammar Abad Saeed al-Waeli, an al-Qaeda element, for his involvement in an armed gang targeting foreign tourists, which resulted in the death of a number of Spanish tourists and their Yemeni guides, by a bomb car in July 2007 in Marib province.

AQAP leader al Shihri dead in Yemen work accident?

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The only credibility this report might have is that its coming out of the Yemen Post and not the Yemeni government, which announced al Shihri’s death three times already. But if its true, its damned good news.

Private sources told the Yemen Post that the second in command of Yemen- based Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was killed in a bomb explosion while he was preparing it to be used against Yemeni and foreign targets.
Last month, Al-Shihri announced a holy war against the Houthi northern Shiites in Sa’ada, Jawf, and Ameran, accusing Iran’s regime of backing Shiite rebels. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda in Yemen executes Col Ali Hosam, PSO officer kidnapped in Saada

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That is really disgusting, and a sad ending to a complicated story. Col Hossam was kidnapped after the Houthis captured Hussain al Tais in Saada and turned him over to the state. Why didn’t the security forces launch some kind of raid on Abu Jubarah? There were pretty good odds that’s were a lQaeda was holding him, as I wrote at the time. Full details, click here. Update: Now in English:

Yemen Online The Yemen-based al-Qaida wing executed a top intelligence official after Sanaa government refused to swap two al-Qaida detainees for the senior official, a video tape posted by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) on the internet on Tuesday said.

“Deputy Director of the Yemeni Political Security Service, Colonel Ali Mohammed Salah al-Husam, was executed, with bullets fired at the back of his head, after he admitted that he had spied on Mujahedeen in the previous years,” they said in the 17-minute videotape. The group said al-Husam was running a network of espionage in Saada for 20 years and had snatched many of al-Qaida-related ideology students and held them incommunicado in prisons.

“The execution of this officer is also a message to those intelligence officers who still work for Sanaa government and the U.S. intelligence agencies,” the group added. Last September, the AQAP set 48 hours for Sanaa government to swap two al-Qaida detainees for al-Husam.

“There will be no way to know the fate of this agent unless the government releases the two brothers, Hussain al-Tais and Mashhour al-Ahdal, within 48 hours,” according to their statement which posted on Sept. 21 website. (Read on …)

Awlaki sought airliner info from BA employee

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Awlaki expressed a strong preference for US targets. See also Critical Threats’ overview of Awlaki, with 104 endnotes.

London (CNN) — Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki tried get information from a British Airways worker for use in a plot to blow up planes, preferably in the United States, prosecutors in London said Tuesday at the trial of the BA employee.

Rajib Karim, 31, exchanged e-mails with the militant cleric — who’s believed to have close ties with al Qaeda — in which al-Awlaki asked him for “limitations and cracks in present airport security systems” with an eye to targeting the United States, prosecutors said. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda attacks official in Ja’ar, Yemen wounding children

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South Yemen official escapes ‘Qaeda’ ambush (AFP) , 28 January 2011,
ADEN, Yemen — The children of a senior Yemeni official were wounded when suspected Al-Qaeda militants ambushed his car in the southern province of Abyan, a security official told AFP on Friday.

“Gunmen, whom I think belong to Al-Qaeda, attacked the car of Ahmed Ghaleb Rahawi,” sub-prefect of the town of Jaar and the third-ranking official in the restive province of Abyan, who was not in the vehicle at the time. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda hits postal payroll, four dead in Hadramout, Yemen

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Update Yemen Post: 1/28/11, Yemen’s Interior Ministry website said that the six suspects were arrested in Al-Shihr district after being hunted by the security apparatus within the province.

Original: 10 million YR is about $50,000 Some sources of Saudi funds have dried up in the last year, and increased Saudi border patrols as well as Houthi dominance of some border areas have impacted drug smuggling.

As Nassar Arrabyee notes: The incident might be the first after the American-Yemeni extremist cleric Anwar A Awlaki instructed Al Qaeda operatives to finance themselves from the money of the “enemies and Qafer”. The instructions came in an article published in the latest issue of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) magazine , Inspire, earlier this month.

al Masdar, 1/26/11

Four soldiers were killed and a local official shot dead by gunmen believed to belong to al-Qaeda in the province of Hadramout, southeastern Yemen. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda kills security official in Marib, Yemen

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Al Ghad reports Lt Col Aklan was targeted last in November when an explosive device planted in his car was disarmed.

People’s Daily: Militants of the al-Qaida wing shot dead a top security official in northeast Yemen, a provincial security official told Xinhua on Sunday.

Lieutenant Colonel Nabil Aklan, deputy director of the investigation unit in the northeastern province of Marib, was gunned down by a group of al-Qaida militants in front of a supermarket, the official told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

“The attack bore the hallmarks of al-Qaida,” the official said.

Anwar Awlaki sentenced in absentia to 10 years

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The judge said Anwar and his cousin incited the security guard, a member of the security forces, to murder the French engineer.

BBC: A Yemeni court has sentenced a man to death for killing a French contractor near the capital Sanaa last year. The court also sentenced in his absence radical US-born Yemeni Islamist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki to 10 years in jail for aiding the gunman. (Read on …)

AQAP has poison capacity: al Faifi

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If so, then why didn’t they add it to the toner cartridges? On the other hand the now deceased Pakistani expert that came a while ago to Marib in theory trained them also on CW as well as explosives.

Znews: Riyadh: Al Qaeda planned to use a powerful poison in a failed attempt to blow up a Saudi deputy interior minister in 2009, a former militant from the terror network said in reports on Wednesday. (Read on …)

Saudi Arabia seeks interpol help to arrest 47 terror suspects

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16 in Yemen they say, names below

Kingdom seeks Interpol help to arrest 47 terror suspects ARAB NEWS Published: Jan 10, 2011

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia on Sunday published a list of 47 wanted terror suspects abroad who are believed to be planning attacks in the country. The Kingdom has asked for Interpol’s help to track them down. (Read on …)

12 soldiers killed in Lauder Yemen, second attack targets commander

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These attacks demonstrate the lack of capacity in the military (a function of patronage and nepotism) and portend the difficulties in establishing and securing the proposed four forward operating bases and their supply chains.

Yemen Post: A military commander was injured and one of his guards was killed and three others seriously injured in a suspected Al-Qaeda ambush, the second on Friday targeting military convoys in south Yemen, an official source said. (Read on …)

AQAP claims 50 operations in Yemen

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GAN: Yemen (Sanaa) – Al-Qaeda Organization in the Arab Peninsula said Saturday it was responsible for some 50 operations carried out in different parts of Yemen in the last five months of last year. (Read on …)

US Embassy staff bombed on pizza run in Yemen, no injuries, Updated: CIA agents

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Its such a dangerous post. Update: M&C, the embassy issued another warning to US citizens in Yemen to be vigilant. Update 2: Again AQAP has an inside track. A U.S. official confirms the four Americans who narrowly escaped a attack on their vehicle in Yemen’s capital worked for the CIA…The official said there was “no indication that the perpetrators knew specifically who they were targeting.” Its important to recall that two UK convoys and one ferrying South Korean officials were previously targeted.

People’s Daily: According to the Yemeni Interior Ministry, the arrested Arab resident (ed-Jordanian according to other reports), identified as 40-year-old M. M. Alia, served as a car mechanic. He allegedly carried out the attack outside a Beirut restaurant in Hadda street in Sanaa frequented by Westerners late Wednesday.

According to reports coming out of Yemen, there was an attack last night on U.S. Embassy personnel at a restaurant frequented by foreign nationals.

There are no reports of injuries, but the vehicle they were travelling in was damaged. The police have captured a 28-year-old Jordanian suspected of being a member of Al Qaeda. (Read on …)

Al Iman University employees linked to al Ghadeer AQAP terror attack, report Update: al Iman students targeted Taiz governor

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‎Al Iman is headed by Sheik Abdulmagid al Zindani, a specially listed terrorist and political ally of President Saleh. Anwar al Awlaki was a teacher at al Iman and is a member of AQAP which claimed the suicide attack in a written statement. The Houthis have denied that Badr al Din was killed in the attack and say he died of natural causes the next day. Update: Below the fold is an article from from Naba that I’ve been meaning to post since last week about the arrest of six al Iman students in Taiz (who trained in at a mosque in Hodeidah) for terror related charges including a plot to attack the governor of Taiz and vital installations. One member of the cell was killed 10/25/10 aboard a motorcycle when his bomb exploded prematurely.

‎”Aden Times – Special Monday 06/12/2010 Announced local sources Yemen on Monday implicated members of the University of Islamic Faith and administered by Sheikh Abdul Majeed al Zindani-a prominent cleric in Yemen- in the assassination of the spiritual leader Badr Eddin al, who had already announced Houthis his death in November 24 (November) last year. The Yemeni police detained a number of employees of the Islamic University, which take from the capital of Yemen, Sana’a based on suspicion of carrying out the assassination of those. (Read on …)

Yahya al Houthi: There is no sectarian conflict in Saada

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After the first car bombing, Abdelmalik made a strong statement that they would not be dragged into a sectarian conflict that artificially pits Zaidis against Sunnis in Yemen. And it makes no sense to frame it that way. AQAP vs. the Houthis, yes. Sunni vs. Shia, no. At Al Mempar Yahya al Houthis criticizes (the IRIN news site of) the United Nations for framing the conflict in Saada as sectarian. He explains

1) the commonality between the Zaids and the four Sunni Schools of Yemen but Wahabbis working for Saudi Arabian intelligence and interests are another story. 2) the checkpoints (as I noted) were there from the inception of the Saada Wars and are not a sign of sectarian strife. Everybody has checkpoints through out Yemen including various tribes as well as bandits. 3) he calls for an apology from the UN although IRIN newsite is a news site not an UN press releases. The offending article at IRIN is here.

US to help establish airport protocals in Yemen

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Control of the airports was transferred from the Political Security to the National Security several years ago when many jihaddists were overtly traveling to Iraq to target American troops. Since then the National Security has done a great job in prohibiting activists, journalists and opposition politicians from leaving the country.

SCD: The US Government is committed to improving airport security at home and abroad. The Transportation Security Administration announced today that a new security program will be established in Yemen, where an Al-Qaeda affiliate is believed to be based. The affiliate, which goes by the name, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has claimed responsibility for a cargo bomb plot in October, which deployed printer cartridges rigged as bombs. (Read on …)

Three al Qaeda listed by Interior Ministry in attack on UK Ambassador, Update 100K reward for 8

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Just adding the names to the database in case they show up three years from now on the local council. The three are wanted in the second pedestrian suicide attack on the UK ambassador. The six on trial including Badr al Hassani were initially touted as the perpetrators but were charged with vague crimes. That trial may just evaporate before the the PSO deputy director in Marib is called to testify about his payments to Hassani. Also below the fold various rewards offered for the capture of AQAP operatives.

Interior circulate the names of 3 of the al-Qaeda targeted the British Ambassador
الخميس, 02-ديسمبر-2010 – 11:05:58 Thursday, 2002 – December -2010 – 11:05:58
نبأ نيوز- صنعاء – Naba News – Sana’a -

وذكر مركز الإعلام الأمني أن المطلوبين الثلاثة الذين عممت عنهم قيادة الوزارة هم: The Center for Information Security that the three wanted persons who circulated them the leadership of the ministry are:
1. محمد صالح محمد علي المطري 1. Mohammed Saleh Mohammed Ali Matari
2. محمد عبد الرحيم عبد الله الشميري 2. Mohammad Abdul Rahim Abdullah Shamiri
3. عثمان سراج عبد الله. 3. Uthman Siraj Abdullah.
ورجحت المعلومات إن يكون المطلوبين أمنياً متواجدين الآن في محافظتي شبوة ومأرب. And information likely to be online now wanted security in the provinces of Shabwa and Marib.

More data storage (Read on …)

Houthis arrest Islah student at Saada checkpoint

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The Yemen Post reports a student from the Islah party was arrested in Saada. At least the Houthis acknowledged he is in detention, unlike the Yemeni government which holds people incommunicado for months. Also I think it is unlikely the Houthis are going to get drunk and torture him for fun, like happens sometimes in southern prisons. During the sixth war, the Houthis gave the captured soldiers qat, a true sign of humanity, and released video to show their good health, a comfort to the families. For the first time we get to watch the Houthis rule. They have already arrested some homosexuals who were hanging out in a market. If they continue to arrest people of various stripes, as time goes on they will have to set up some kind of Sharia based court.

When the Taliban insurgency established a judicial system in Afghanistan, they would up whipping many teen age girls and publicly executing Afghan government workers. I expect more maturity and self control from the Houthis and a judicial system is based on individual responsibility and facts, not the global grudge match that characterizes the criminal court system in Yemen. But the issue is, as it is everywhere in Yemen, command and control. The loosely organized Houthis, once they took responsibility for the local population, are also responsible for the actions of every fighter toward the locals.

Yemen Post: Houthis arrested a student participating in a conference for Islah Party that took part in Saada province. Local sources said that Ahmed Ali Alhamati, a student in Saada University, was arrested at a Houthi checkpoint in Aned town and taken to Houthis Headquarters in Thahian district. Tribal sources told Yemen Post that Houthis confirmed the detention of the student, denying any effort to release him.

On the other hand, the General Union of Yemeni Students denounced the detention, asking Houthis to free him, and calling to keep away students from conflict with the authorities. At least 26 people have been killed and several wounded in two suicide bombing attacks against Houthis in northern Yemen two weeks ago.

AQAP claims to have killed Badr al Din al Houthi in car bombing

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On any day, the Houthis are more credible than al Qaeda. But if al Qaeda killed Badr al Din al Houthi, a widely respected scholar by many Yemenis, then Abdelmalik al Houthi–who already defeated two national armies–is going to decimate AQAP or at least entirely expel them from Saada and the surrounding regions under his control. Regardless of what anyone thinks of their goals or ideology, there is no denying the Houthis have already won (by not losing) against two national armies and well stocked air forces. They held out for six years and six wars and Operation Scorched Earth. The Houthis inflicted substantial defeats against the military forces of Ali Mohsen al Ahmar including capturing important territory, large amounts of weapons and numbers of soldiers. Why AQAP would think its strategically a good move now to declare war on the Houthis is a mystery. One explanation is somebody is trying to reignite the war, and AQAP is the last card in the deck. The twist is now both groups are calling each other American agents. But as is very clear by now, the Houthis are not beholden to any foreign power and are not mercenaries-for-hire like AQAP.

Hindustan Times: Al-Qaeda said on Friday the aging spiritual guide of northern Yemen’s Shiite rebels was among those killed in a suicide bombing in November, dismissing accounts that Badreddin al-Huthi died of natural causes. Huthi was among the dead on November 24 when Al-Qaeda bomber Abu Aisha al-Sanaani al-Hashemi struck a Shiite procession in Al-Jawf, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) said in a statement on an Islamist website.

The rebels, observing an uneasy truce with Sanaa since February, said a suicide car bombing killed 23 fighters or backers at the religious procession, but that Huthi, an asthma sufferer, died a natural death a day later. (Read on …)

Al Fayfi performs Hajj

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Well one would assume if you go infiltrate al Qaeda, thwart a plot of mass murder and then make it back alive, you would get a few perks like performing Hajj and getting your name dropped off the MWT list.

Shamar Press – Nasser Hagbani

بين المليونين الذين أدوا الركن الخامس من أركان الإسلام، حاج يحتفظ بأسرار تنظيم إرهابي يعمل على استهداف أمن المملكة ويتخذ اليمن مقراً. Among the two million who performed the fifth pillar of Islam, the pilgrim keeps the secrets of a terrorist organization works to target the security of Saudi Arabia and Yemen to take home. فقد مكّنت السلطات السعودية التائب جابر الفيفي من أداء مناسك الحج هذا العام. Saudi authorities have allowed the penitent Jaber Alfaifi of performing Hajj this year. وكان سلّم نفسه إلى السلطات السعودية بعد التنسيق مع نظيرتها اليمنية في محافظة لودر في أيلول (سبتمبر) الماضي، وأسقط اسمه من قائمة المطلوبين من عناصر تنظيم «القاعدة». He surrendered to Saudi authorities in coordination with counterparts in the Yemeni province of Lauder in September (September) the past, dropped his name from the list of most wanted members of the organization «base». (Read on …)

The Houthis view of al Qaeda in Yemen (AQAP): a beneficial clone

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This is not a statement from Abdelmalik al Houthi directly but the analysis does give a good overview of the Houthis world view regarding al Qaeda in Yemen verses the real al Qaeda, and its relation to Saudi Arabia, the Saleh regime and the bombings last week. The thinking is much more sophisticated than “Al Qaeda is an American creation.” What they say is that the al Qaeda in Yemen is distinct from the al Qaeda of bin Laden because the genesis of the organization in Yemen was guided and exploited by both the Saleh regime and the Saudis. The continued presence of al Qaeda operatives and Afghan Arabs in the Yemeni military, intelligence, security forces and mosques and their participation in the Saada War demonstrates that it is a distinct and artificial organism. Other operatives, mercenaries, receive salaries from the state and even health insurance, the author states, and this cloned al Qaeda has carried out numerous plots (from the assassinations of the socialist leaders in the 1990’s to the 2009 kidnapping of the Germans) designed to relieve pressure from Saleh and bolster Saudi Arabia, and it paves the way for US intervention in Yemen. Much of this is historically correct and not a view unique to the Houthis, it overlaps in many places with the southerners and other Yemeni observers’ conceptualization of AQAP in what I call the Anti al-Qaeda narrative. Unfortunately I got the article in Arabic, and the following is a google translation, the original below:

Some still believe the existence of the so-called al-Qaeda in Yemen, as an organization sub-base I’m not den that is hostile to the intervention of the Americans and their allies in the region, and this is an illusion refuted by the reality of this organization and the reality of its operations, and ratings of his enemies, and the source of funding, and the goals established in Yemen for it,

That there is no confusion in Afghanistan organization called al Qaeda linked to bin Laden and Zawahiri, regardless of connections and its role and functions assigned to it hidden a lot of observers, including the relationship between the Americans and older since the wars in Afghanistan and the Soviet Union,

In Yemen, Al-Qaida real it can not be established here, (Read on …)

Houthis set up checkpoints for al Qaeda, Updated 15

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There’s a lot of related material below, including a statement by Abdelmalik and videos from Badr al Din al Houthi’s funeral. The rebel-manned check points in northern Yemen were established with the advent of the Saada Wars in 2004. Check points in al Jawf and Amran were in place well before the Houthis began their investigations into the two bombings. (Its still unclear if those attacks were suicide bombers or remotely controlled.) Even dignitaries were checked into the region and often escorted since the ceasefire. They caught Hussain al Tais last August at a checkpoint if I recall correctly.

The Houthis area of control is growing, a result of alliances with some tribal leaders including Shaifis and other Sunni sects as recently noted. In addition to mediating and resolving some long standing tribal disputes, they forbid women from shopping alone in the markets, arrested some homosexuals and banned smoking among the ranks. The explicit focus on capturing al Qaeda operatives is new, and following the deadly al Qaeda attacks, logical and necessary. The Houthis turn their prisoners over to state’s security forces at the same time that they forbid residents from cooperating with the state.

According to the Mareb Press article below, Abdelmalik is blaming the US for the deadly attacks last week as a plot against Muslims. Their counter-terror efforts are not a a “tribal awakening” ala Iraq, but an independent uptick in security procedures for the benefit of the residents that converges with US interests. We are under attack by the same enemy, but the Houthis don’t see it that way.

The Yemeni government committed substantial war crimes against the Houthis and more importantly, the civilian population in Saada, since 2005. US acquiescence was interpreted as control. Well over 200,000 remain displaced and starving to death, mostly women and children. The Houthis, like many Yemenis, believe al Qaeda is a US creation and Anwar al Awlaki is a US stooge. The Houthis are going to entirely expel Al Qaeda from their region and find and punish those responsible for the two attacks. But they think the attacks were a part of a US plot for controlled chaos.

The Houthis’ chant is Death to America, and has been since the outbreak of the Iraq War in 2003. They insist it is a nuanced political statement. I have always had an issue with the ability of children and teenagers to discern that difference. At the same time, the evolved Zaidi theology of the Houthis (some say regressive but we can say, revivalist) retains the strong prohibitions against targeting civilians and is generally as counter-takfirist as the various sects of mainstream Zaidi theology.

IRIN Checkpoints: Houthi supporters have set up checkpoints on roads connecting the three governorates (ed-Al Jawf, Saada and Amran) and arrested people suspected of being linked to AQAP. The local independent news website reported that in retaliation for the suicide attacks, Houthi followers arrested several Sunni scholars in Al-Hamati village, Majaz District, Saada Governorate. The village’s population is known to be affiliated with Salafism, a puritanical creed within Sunni Islam. (Read on …)

Saudi doctor abducted in Sa’ada, Update: AQAP demanding release of Hussain al Tais, Update: Dr. released as Ali Mohsen intervenes

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Summary: The Houthis captured AQAP operatives and Dammaj “students” -perhaps teachers- Hussain al-Tais and Mashhour al Ahdel in al Jawf in August. Al Tais, a former Gitmo detainee, was active in Saada, associated with General Ali Mohsen and Ammar al Waeli and thought to be involved with the kidnapping of the Germans in June 09. The rebels turned the two over to the security forces. AQAP then kidnapped the deputy director of the PSO in Saada, Ali Hosam, and issued a deadline for al Tais’s release. There was no further news on al Hosam. The two suicide attacks this week on the Houthis are thought to be in retaliation for al Tais’s capture. Yesterday AQAP kidnapped the head of the hospital in Saada to bargain for al-Tais’s release. They took him to the Wadi Abu Jubarah al Qaeda training camp. Ali Mohsen negotiated successfully with the AQAP kidnappers for the doctor’s release, based on a promise of the prisoners’ release, according to al Eshteraki and Yemen Online. Or possibly blacklisted weapons dealer Fares Manna did the negotiating, according to AFP via al Sahwa:

“Dhafer al-Shihri was freed after mediation led by a tribal chief, Sheikh Fares Mannaa,” the source told AFP, on condition of anonymity. He said the kidnappers who seized the doctor on Sunday had agreed to the release after a pledge that one of the jailed men, Abdullah al-Dibai, held for more than a year on charges of belonging to Al-Qaeda, would be freed…

“The kidnappers drove the hostage to the region of Wadi al-Ghabara,” 70 kilometres (40 miles) north of Saada, a local official who asked not to be identified told AFP. They had demanded the release of nine members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) imprisoned in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

“Among them are Saleh al-Tyss (ed- a/k/a Hussain al Tais) and Abdullah al-Ahdal (ed- a/k/a Mashhour al Ahdal per an earlier AQAP statement), two leaders of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula held in Yemen, and Saleh al-Shihri, another AQAP leader jailed in Saudi Arabia,” the local official added….

Tension has been rife between the Shiite rebels and AQAP in northern Yemen since the rebels detained five Al-Qaeda members whom they handed over to Yemeni authorities over the past two weeks.

Also the doctor in an interview after his release reports seeing three other kidnapped Yemenis, including a military officer, so that’s a hopeful indication of the fate of kidnapped PSO Commander Hosam.

(Read on …)

Suicide bomber in Aden kills self, wounds two, Yemen Denies

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The state of Yemen is denying this incident occurred.

Fears Reemerge as Blast Pulverizes Terrorist Body into Pieces in South
Yemen Post: A terrorist was killed and two others including a taxi driver were injured when the terrorist exploded before he could put an explosive device at a police station in Yemen’s business capital of Aden. An independent source said the terrorist took a taxi early on Sunday morning, about 1:00 am, and headed carrying the bomb to the Al-Mimdara police station. (Read on …)

Report: AQAP claims suicide attacks on Zaidis in al Jawf and Saada

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I don’t know about this, it depends on which website and other variables.

WaPo: Al-Qaida’s affiliate in Yemen has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing killing Shiite tribesmen in northern Yemen. In a statement appearing Sunday on extremist websites, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula described the Shiites as “despicable plants” to be uprooted, according to the SITE Intelligence Unit, which monitors such sites.

In this case, the only thing that would be worse than a false flag attack (al Qaeda as a deniable proxy) is a real attack, but AQAP is insane if they think they can win against the Houthis. The targeting of the al Ghadeer procession and the convoy en route to Badr al Din’s funeral, beyond being horrific, is also insulting on a deep level and in a personal way to Abdel Malik. And the Houthis would be at a tactical disadvantage if they face continued attacks in that they don’t target civilians, and they won’t retaliate in kind, but that may be a strong strategic advantage. This makes no sense on AQAP’s part to open up a new front now. Maybe the Houthi control of some areas of Saada and al Jawf is diminishing AQAP’s capacity, especially with their operational focus on Saudi Arabia and cross border business enterprises.

Reuters:Nov 28 (Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s regional wing has claimed responsibility for a car bombing that killed at least 23 Shi’ites in northern Yemen and threatened more attacks, according to a statement posted on the Internet on Sunday. “The mujahideen … decided to begin with this martyrdom-seeking operation in defence of the honour of our Prophet Mohammad … and in defence of our Sunni brothers,” Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said in the statement posted on Islamic websites….The al Qaeda statement, dated Nov. 25, said the group had formed special units to attack the Shi’ite rebels, whom it accused of killing Sunnis, destroying their homes and forcing them out of areas under rebel control.

Update: well its the same stationary as the AQAP letter setting the timeline for the release of Hussain al Tais…

al Masdar Online: Announced what is known as al-Qaeda in the Arab fault responsibility for a suicide attack targeting Shi’ite al-Jawf province in northern Yemen last Wednesday, killing 17 people and wounding others. (Read on …)

Houthis accuse Feierstein of murder, US “Dismayed” Denies

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The Houthis are doing their own investigation of the suicide attacks which they say points to sheiks in Amran, recently visited and paid by the new US Ambassador. It shows how isolated and out of touch the Houthis are–many have never been out of Saada, much less Yemen. They are out of touch with reality as well as the broader world.After years of chanting “Death to America,” the movement seems more immature, paranoid and conspiracy minded than ever, not ready for prime time at all. Its thoroughly reckless to charge the US Ambassador with paying tribal sheiks to murder worshipers and mourners. “Dismayed” is one of those words the US State Department uses when it is really bothered.

The U.S. embassy in Yemen on Sunday denied allegations that the U.S. government was behind last week’s twin bomb attacks on the Houthi-led Shiite rebel followers in north Yemen, which left dozens of people killed and injured.

“The Houthi media office claimed that the U.S. government planned one or both of these events, which took place on Nov. 24 and 26,” the embassy said in a press release posted Sunday on its website.

“The U.S. embassy was dismayed to learn that the Houthi media office made such ridiculous and baseless allegations. These claims dishonor the families in north Yemen who lost their family members and friends in the twin suicide bomber attacks,” it said. (Read on …)

The common denominator of the two suicide al Qaeda attacks in Yemen, Updated

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Mareb Press reports that a Marib Sheik, Mubarack Saleh Al-Mashan, was at the scene of both al Qaeda suicide car bombings (the al Ghadeer day procession from Marib to Saada and the convoy going to pay respects in Dhayan, Sa’ada to the al Houthi family). The Sheik survived both attacks. Al Mashan is also an adviser to the Ministry of the Interior and recently became a supporter of the Houthis.

Update: Al Mashan blames the US in an interview with Ansar al Allah: after the incident and met with Sheikh Almcn and we had a brief conversation with him which he said…Regarding the incident, the car bomb which we were today, he is a U.S. plan unveiled aimed at the disintegration of Yemen using pretexts and flimsy so-called al Qaeda, and that the beneficiary of and behind this are the Jews, and that the purpose behind all these criminal acts is to turn Yemen into the case like Iraq and Afghanistan. And it didn’t occur to him that he may have been the target? The list of potential puppet masters of the attacks is long.

Update 2: Below is an earlier interview with al Mashan explains why he chose to join the Houthis.

(Read on …)

Feierstein: Awlaki aided airliner plot targeting US

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Awlaki is a bit more than a propaganda threat it seems. I would assume that Feierstein knows more facts than the rest of us. In addition to Awlaki’s role in the cargo plane plot, numerous persons admitted to being “inspired” to murderous violence by Awlaki who has urged and provided a (flawed yet comprehensive) basis for the murder of any American, indeed all Americans. Awlaki has engaged operationally with al Qaeda for years, well before Fort Hood and the Nigerian but he avoided public linkage with al Qaeda and sought protection under the guise of a normal cleric, which the Yemeni government provided.

Xinhuanet — U.S. ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein accused the U.S.-born Yemeni preacher Anwar al-Awlaki of being behind the detected parcel bombs mailed from Yemen to the U.S. late October, Saudi-owned Al Arabiya news website reported Wednesday.

Feierstein confirmed in an interview with Al Arabiya that “al- Awlaki was behind the two al-Qaida-made package bombs shipped through cargo planes bound for the United States late October, a plot that was foiled at the airports of Dubai and London following tip-offs from Saudi intelligence officials.”

Feierstein also said the Washington administration will not grant Yemen with Predator drones, but it will do the job from the Yemeni skies by itself while continuing supporting and training the Yemeni ground troops to combat terrorist militants, including al-Awlaki, who poses threats to Yemen, U.S. and Europe.

Al Qaeda suicide bomber targets Shia mourners in Yemen

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This is such a bad development that I can hardly wrap my mind around it.

Suicide bomber kills Yemen mourner AFP
SANAA — A suicide bomber killed a tribesman on Friday travelling to the funeral of the spiritual head of Shiite rebels observing an uneasy truce with Yemen’s government, a rebel spokesman and tribal sources said.

The bombing in northern Yemen also wounded another eight tribal dignitaries who had travelled up from the east of the country for the funeral of Badreddin al-Huthi, who died on Thursday at the age of 86, the sources said. (Read on …)

Bumped: Suicide car bomb targets al Ghadeer procession in al Jawf, Yemen killing 17, Update: Houthis blame US

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The post was bumped because the suicide attack today may be in retaliation for the Houthis capture of Ali Hussain al Tais and other al Qaeda operatives in Saada, which prompted the al Qaeda kidnapping of Sa’ada PSO deputy Ali Abdul Hosam. Maybe. (The regime’s counter-spin was that al Tais, a former Gitmo detainee surrendered.) What it feels like is the bombing of the al Salman mosque which precipitated the fifth Sa’ada war and the kidnapping of the western medical workers, which precipitated the sixth.

Original: In an overt al Qaeda attack on Yemeni civilians, a suicide car bomb targeted an al Ghadeer procession in al Jawf, Yemen. Fatalities are estimated at 24 including two children and a Sheik in his 80’s. The Saada Wars began in 2004 between the al Qaeda infested Yemeni military and a small group of Shia rebels. The sixth war ended in a truce early this year. Hundreds of thousands of Saada residents are still displaced by the fighting, and many are in al Jawf. Al Ghadeer day, a mainstream Shia holiday, was outlawed in Yemen from 2005 through 2008 and many were arrested for their religious observances. Last year some boys lighting firecrackers (a traditional means of celebrating) were arrested in Sana’a. This year Abdelmalik al Houthi issued a statement urging worshipers to take part in celebrations and to conserve their bullets, and not fire into the air.

I’m curious if this bomb matches any other al Qaeda car bombs including the September 2006 twin attacks on the oil installations, the July 2007 al Qaeda attack on the tourists in Marib, the August 2008 car bombing in Sayoun and the September 2008 attack on the US embassy.

An outbreak of intense clashes near the Saudi border between the Houthis and “pro-government tribes” was already straining the truce. While all of al Qaeda’s tactics are deplorable, targeting people who are going to pray is particularly repugnant. This is the first time there has been an open al Qaeda attack on the Houthis, normally they pretend to be soldiers or tribal volunteers. In this case it may be the inverse, soldiers pretending to be al Qaeda. All the lines become blurred in Sa’ada. Unfortunately there are plenty of brainwashed teen-agers to deploy as suicide bombers.

Update: the Houthis blame the US for the crime, seriously. See statement and article below. In another statement to the WaPo, they suspect al Qaeda, but the Houthis think that al Qaeda is a CIA proxy so the statements are not contradictory.

Update 2, 24 dead including two children, CNN: Almasmari said he had spoken to government officials who blamed al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, as the Yemeni wing of the network calls itself. The officials declined to be named, he said, saying they were not authorized to speak to the media. Almasmari said AQAP recently said the procession was a legitimate target for attack.

Update 3: In retaliation for the Houthis capturing several of the al Tais in August. The Houthis turned them over to the security forces. Al Qaeda then captured the deputy PSO chief in Sa’ada and issued a 48 hour deadline in September. Since then nothing.

YemenOnline.Nov24,2010 – No one claimed immediate responsibility but a tribal leader told Yemen media that Al Qaeda carried out the attack as retaliation against the Houthis for detaining five Al Qaeda operatives earlier this year.The explosion -– believed to have been detonated by a suicide bomber in a car -– targeted Shiite tribesmen on their way to a holy festival, known as Ghadeer, in Jawf province south of the Saudi border. As many as 30 people were injured….Local sources said Islamic militants were likely behind the attack: “Al Qaeda affiliates believe that celebration of Al Ghadeer is not Islamic. The sources said Al Qaeda repeatedly issued fatwas that Al Ghadeer is ‘Bedah’, not (a) truly Islamic occasion to celebrate.”

(Read on …)

Anwar and his cousin Othman and the murder of the French Engineer

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The trial of the murderer of the French engineer continues. The issue is whether it was a personal dispute or an al Qaeda motivated act of violence. Apparently Anwar was renting out a flat and the accused was communicating with him via his cousin. Awlaki was charged in absentia in the same case.

Ray News Sana – UPI – Attorney General introduced the Yemeni state security court in Sana’a, what he saw as evidence to prove the involvement of French is accused of murdering in a relationship with hard-line American of Yemeni origin Anwar al-Awlaki, and his cousin Osman, accused of instigating the killing of foreigners. (Read on …)

AQAP’s Inspire #3: Operation Hemorrhoid

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Al Qaeda in Yemen released their third English “magazine”, Inspire, a month early, eager to explain the UPS plot “Operation Hemorrhage.” I think all the talk about small targets, cheep plots and lone wolves could be a diversion for a substantial plot by another Yemeni cell. Either way, according to their own statements, AQAP clearly has no regard whatsoever for the negative impact of their actions on Yemenis. They talk about disrupting the western economy, but they also destroyed Yemen’s economy without apology. They also continue to insist random murder (of Yemenis and Westerners) is correct according to Islam: “Obama stood in front of the world with a terrified face announcing that his nation is being threatened by terrorism (i.e. real Islam)…” That’s how they said it, terrorism is the real Islam.

Related: Samir under Anwar, not a pretty visual: (Read on …)

Gunmen kill security officer in Shabwa

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People’s Daily: Al-Qaida militants on Tuesday gunned down a security colonel working at the Yemen LNG company in southern Shabwa province, local official said.

“Gunmen of al-Qaida in Shabwa’s provincial capital city of Ataq intercepted the car of Colonel Ali Thwaba, who is also the security director of foreign oil and gas companies in Yemen LNG company in Balhaf city port, and shot him dead,” the official told Xinhua by phone on condition of anonymity.

Bad intel from Yemen to Saudi Arabia promted crisis of confidence

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There have been many false and/or unsubstantiated statements from Yemen to the Saudis, one such incident prompted the canceling of the third donors conference in February 2009 when Yemen had to retract their announcement of seven arrested Saudis. The al Masdar article notes Yemen’s announcement of the arrest of a Saudi financier without notifying the Saudis (and they still have no confirmation) and during the Saada war giving coordinates for the Houthi leadership but really the location was General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar… Part of the difficulty in unpacking the “terror attacks” in and from Yemen is that sometimes different factions of the (Yemeni) royal family acts through their jihaddist proxies.

al Masdar: What is behind the deterioration of the relationship and lack of trust between the security of Yemen and Saudi Arabia?

Along with several other things, the incident revealed “packages” recent deep crisis of confidence between the security of Yemen and the Saudi government, and apparently it is a reflection of the deteriorating relationship between the two regimes, or vice versa. (Read on …)

Saif al Adel ties to Iranian Revolutionary Guards and UPS bomb plot

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One stream of reporting had Iran substantially contributing to the AQAP attack on the US Embassy in Sanna in Sept 2008. (But the brainwashed al Qaeda dilettantes can’t imagine their leadership is cooperating with Iran.) Saif, Saud and Fahd all in the same locale is bad news indeed. WSJ below the fold details links between AQAP and AQ Central.


A key suspect in the Yemen mail bombs plot has had close relationships with the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards, United Press International reported on Wednesday.

Saif al-Adel, a former Egyptian army Special Forces colonel and onetime al-Qaida military chief, was reported in October to be in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan near the Afghanistan border, the news agency said. (Read on …)

Packages addressed to long dead monk-warriors

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I’m A Docile Pupil of a Monkey Monk myself. (Or not.) Today’s monk reference is via Internet Anthropologist, Gerald, (click here):

The address names on the UPS and FEDEX package were Pierre l’Ermite and Diego Gelmírez and the street address was that of only one synagogue in Chicago. Whom are they?
Pierre l’Ermite, is AKA Peter the Hermit, 1050-1115, a French monk. In 1095 he instigated the First Crusade. With help from the Byzantine emperor Alexius I he and his irregular band took Jerusalem.
Diego Gelmírez of Santiago de Compostela conceived of a N African invasion route intending to unite the reconquest of Spain (from Muslims) with the Crusades to the Holy Land, forming a single Mediterranean-wide crusading theatre. He was one of the most famous Spanish monk-warriors leading the expulsion of Muslims from Spain.

Divergant views on al Fayfi

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Maybe al Fayfi is a triple informant, and only surrendered in order to give the package tracking number so AQAP could probe the defenses and response. Maybe he’s psychic and divined the tracking numbers. If al Fayfi surrendered before the packages were sent, then maybe there’s still someone on the inside. Its also likely that the public story is on the source of the intell is a diversion. Considering al Asiri is the bombmaker and all the bombs failed, maybe he’s the mole. In any event, the continued non-lethality of the various plots is a blessing.

Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by

The fact that the Saudis supplied the tip is provoking a range of theories including one that holds the Saudis themselves sent the packages. One new report today said the bomb was dismantled 17 minutes prior to explosion.

Yemen Post: British officials confirm that the information that led to the discovery of the bomb packages came from former of al-Qaeda member, Al-Fayfi, who recently announced his repentance in Saudi Arabia.
In the meantime, Al-Qaeda expert in Yemen Nabil Bukairi doubts that Al-Fayfi could have had any links with the attacks saying, “it hard to believe that Al-Fayfi was responsible for informing authorities of the bomb packages because he left Al-Qaeda more than two months ago, therefore, he would not be trusted with any important information Al-Qaeda might have.”
“Saudi Arabia announced openly that he was in their custody more than 20 days ago, and we are sure Al-Qaeda would have changed its timings at least if he had any sort of information about the matter,” added Bukairi.

The invisible hunt for al Asiri, Local security directors: nothing happening here

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I have little confidence in President Saleh’s alleged reformation. Yemen Observer

The hunt for 28-year-old Ibrahim al-Asiri was launched in the provinces of Marib and Shabwa on Tuesday, a security official told the Reuters news agency.

“Asiri is believed to be hiding and moving with senior al-Qaeda elements such as Nasser al-Wahayshi [the Yemen al-Qaeda leader]. Security intelligence forces are still tracking them down to exactly identify their whereabouts,” the official said to Reuters.

However, Ahmed al-Magdash, the security director of Shabwa, Ahmed Sheikh, the security director of Attaq city, Mohammad al-Gadrab, the security director of Marib, and Nati al-Bogaish, the security director of Hareeb city all denied that there were any new operations being carried out against AQAP currently in an effort to track down Ibrahim al-Asiri. Citizens in Marib and Shabwa also stated that they were unaware of any new military operations in the area.

Fareed Abu Bakr, Sheikh of the al-Saeda district of Shabwa, said to the Yemen observer that there have been no new efforts to track down al-Qaeda but the campaign of tribal cooperation with Yemeni troops to hunt down AQAP affiliates is still ongoing.

Awlaki charged in absentia in murder of French engineer

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For more on the engineer’s murder, click here. It is unclear if Awlaki also had a hand in the plot that prompted Saudi Arabia’s warning to France, but its not beyond reason. Per al Sahwa: Asim communicated with Anwar Awlaki through the Internet via email hotmail and asked Anwar to travel abroad to fight the foreigners, but when Anwar learned that the Assem worked in the Austrian company, he abetted to kill foreign workers in the company.

In predictable related developments, Yemen launched massive manhunt for al Asiri as donors plan to increase aid.

Al Awlaki charged with plotting and incitement to murder foreigners – Yemen charged on Tuesday during a trial in absentia American-Yemeni Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki with plotting and incitement to murder foreigners, including a French expert who was killed early last month in Sana’a. (Read on …)

Cargo bombs designed to fail?

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ABC reports today that US authorities intercepted packages from Yemen in September and “ever since the September discovery US intelligence agencies had specific concerns about AQAP’s interest in Chicago.” Other reports indicate some US authorities are doubting al Fayfi was the source of the tip, whether too early to have know or early enough for AQAP to change its plans. Apparently the Saudis are not as forthcoming about their sources as the US and US media. The Qasim al Reimi audio is getting another look, considering he announced the Ummah will hear good news soon, and predicted that in the near future, jihad will come to the US.

Regarding the premise of a deliberate failure, Boarding Area, FWF quotes a veteran U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) terrorism analyst with “a view of these incidents contrary to the public statements being made from government public affairs offices.” Other attacks where AQAP failed to attain its goal include:
1- a series of mortar attacks on embassies in the capital 3/08
2- the complex attack on the US embassy in Sept 08
3- the pedestrian suicide bomber vs. convoy tactic that targeted a) South Korean investigators 3/09, b) UK Ambassador Torlot 4/10 c) British diplomatic convoy 10/10
4- the attack on Prince Naif 8/09
5- the Christmas day airliner plot 12/09
6- the parcels plot 10/10

This analyst states: “The Yemen terrorist plot was fouled in the way it was fouled because they wanted to be caught. The way I see this going down was that the terrorist organization either wanted to be caught to create a diversion for future plans or they set up the plan to fail in an effort to flush out their own internal leak.”

In regard to the likelihood that these packages were intended to detonate in transit, the analyst does not believe they were ever intended to detonate in flight stating: “This terrorist organization, whether they actually are al Qa’ida or an unrelated organization that al Qa’ida is taking credit for was taking aim at a Jewish community in the US, but packages were shipped on a Qatar [Airways] flight, an Islamic nation’s airline…If a terrorist organization is going to make a statement blowing up a US cargo aircraft they would need to plan better and ensure they shipped in such a way that they knew exactly how that package would travel and its flight path. That planning is possible and it would not have originated from Yemen. This terrorist plot planning was sloppy. Sloppy is not the usual calling card of al Qa’ida unless they are testing the waters or performing some other type of reconnaissance mission we are not completely aware of at this time.”

FBI Arrives in Yemen

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The Yemenis are in the lead on the investigation. I know its the FBI ( and TSA ) and all, but I hope they remember about the South Korean investigators who were targeted by a suicide bomber after they arrived in Yemen to investigate the murder of the South Korean tourists in March 2009. Al Qaeda obtained the route of the convoy from subverted members of the security forces.

Al Masdar Online: U.S. team arrives Yemen to participate in the probe parcel bomb

Al Qaeda in Saada, Abu Juabarah, May Execute Kidnapped PSO Cmdr

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This must mean that Hussain al Taiz is still in custody. Earlier reporting here. If Ammar al Waeli is in Abu Jabarah, along with other top level terrorists, why doesn’t the military launch a raid on the training camp? Oh wait, the military subcontracts their services on a regular basis.

Al Tagheer: قال مصدر أمني بمحافظة صعدة اليمنية ، فضل عدم ذكر اسمه لـ ” التغيير ” ، اليوم الاثنين ، إنه قلق بشان تردد أنباء عن اعتزام عناصر القاعدة تنفيذ حكم الإعدام بحق العقيد علي محمد الحسام نائب مدير الأمن السياسي الذي يعاني من وضع صحي حرج ، خلال الـ 24 ساعة القادمة . A security source said the Yemeni province of Saada, who preferred anonymity for “change”, on Monday, he was concerned about the reports about Al-Qaeda’s intention to implement the death sentence against Colonel Ali Hussam Mohammed, deputy director of political security, who is suffering from critical health status, during the 24 the next hour. (Read on …)

14 “al Qaeda” surrender in Abyan

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Good, maybe another Saudi will flip and spill. The real al Qaeda don’t surrender unless they already have a deal.

Yemen says 14 al-Qaeda suspects surrender,

AFP: Fourteen suspected al-Qaeda members, including senior figures, have surrendered in the restive southern province of Abyan, Yemen’s defence ministry and a source close to the governor said on Monday.

“Fourteen al-Qaeda members have surrendered to Abyan’s governor Ahmed al-Mayassari,” said the ministry’s website,, citing a security official.

Five of them are leaders of the network’s local branch in Abyan, a source close to Mayassari told AFP.
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Last month, another 15 suspected members of al-Qaeda surrendered to Abyan’s governor.

This one one way back in the hopper, so I’m throwing it here.

A suspected Al-Qaeda commander in the southern Yemen province of Abyan has surrendered to the authorities after negotiations conducted by tribal leaders, a security official said on Thursday.

“Jamal Ahmed Mairan, leader of Al-Qaeda in Loder and Modia (towns) handed himself in on Wednesday after mediation by tribal authorities,” the official told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity. (Read on …)

Female student arrested in Yemen bomb plot “subjected to beatings,” HOOD; Update- Released

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NPR: Only hours after White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said he was “confident” that a 22-year-old woman detained Saturday in Yemen had mailed the bomb-laden parcels, government officials in the country said they had released her, citing an apparent case of identity theft.

Update 2: Her father denies the HOOD report of being tortured.

Update: She was released this evening. And her name is Hanan Al Samawi not Sahar Al Samawi. Second HOOD statement below and seems to indicate the phone chip in the bomb was registered in her name. Update 2: Yemeni govt says she is a victim of identity theft.

Original: Yemen follows its normal practices, despite the global attention on this woman: illegal procedures during the arrest, incommunicado detention, failure to charge her or notify her family in a timely manner, beatings and cruel treatment, and denial of access by her lawyers. These are the National Security’s standard routines in dealing with journalists and activists in Yemen as well as random innocent people who get rounded up (alleged Houthis and southern protesters and so on). Its certainly odd she would leave her phone number when mailing the package if she was aware of the contents, and likely she was duped into taking part in the plot. Its not unusual for al Qaeda to exploit vulnerable people, this is the organization that uses mentally retarded children as suicide bombers and blackmails homosexuals to guarantee their participation. At the same time, women have taken a higher profile in the al Qaeda cult.

In related news, students at Sanaa University held a protest because they believe she’s a scapegoat. In an interview with the Yemen Post, the girl’s father, Mohammed Al-Samawi, an Engineer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, said his daughter is innocent and he believes that there is a “big misunderstanding.” The YP reports the suspect’s name as Hanan Al-Samawi, and that her mother, Amatulillah Mohammed, who was also imprisoned, is in bad medical condition according to HOOD.

Called on the Attorney General to assume responsibility

Hanan al Samawi subjected to torture, Moses Alnmrani, HOOD

Hood learned from private sources that Hanan al Samawi had been subjected to beatings and cruel treatment and humiliation during her arrest by members of the National Security Agency, and torture during the investigation within the prison with the National Security Agency, which is a crime punishable under international law and the law of Yemen. (Read on …)

UPS Cargo Plot: Or the tip came from Afghanistan and goal was Lockerbie 2, Updated: Saudis say al Fayfi flipped

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Updated: Saudi sources indicate Al Fayfi flipped entirely after his surrender to the Saudis and was the source for the info on the parcel plot: Shaharah Saudi sources said that Alfaifi which occupies the number (20) in the wanted list of the most dangerous to the Kingdom of the Queen has revealed all information related to the transaction in exchange for not punishing him for trial and to ensure his release after the remand prison in the center of care and counseling.

Original: This Express article has an entirely different origin for the intel tip that began the search for the UPS packages–Afghanistan, where a bunch of intel dudes in a converted shipping container managed to save the world from Lockerbie 2. The significance of this scenario if true is that it would pin the attack back to Afghanistan/ Pakistan border area. The most significant global terror event prior to the UPS plot was the al Qaeda summit in Wazeristan that brought together Saif al Adel, Saed bin Laden, a variety of characters including Brits and Germans and our Yemen representative, the potentially former Fahd al Quso.

And this would make sense to the extent that AQAP learned to handle PETN from a Pakistani bomb expert, and there was another Pakistani who trained them on poison gasses, according to the governor of Abyan in an interview last year. The operational ties between the two organizations are significant.

Express: AL Qaeda bomb plotters hoped to stage a Lockerbie-style outrage over Britain.

Explosives found inside a modified printer ink cartridge on board a cargo plane at East Midlands ­Airport were primed to detonate in mid-air. The device was active when counter-terror police swooped on the aircraft early on Friday. Yemen-based terrorists had built the bomb to go off in British air space, just like the Lockerbie atrocity of 1988 which killed 270 people.

Home Secretary Theresa May yesterday said: “I can confirm that the device was viable and could have ­exploded. The target may have been an aircraft and had it it detonated, the aircraft could have been brought down.” ——– The alert was triggered by intelligence from a unit of GCHQ surveillance experts stationed in Afghanistan, the Sunday Express can reveal. Operating from a converted shipping container in Helmand, the team picked up the words “A wedding gift is being delivered”.

The phrase is an Al Qaeda code meaning a bomb is in transit. With the help of Saudi agents, GCHQ alerted MI6, which raised the alarm in London and Washington.

And investigators are taking a second look at the recent UPS cargo plane crash in Dubai on 9/3/10. Update: the packages were on two prior to arriving in the UAE and Inspire contained the words “cargo planes.”

WASHINGTON – Al Qaeda’s franchise in Yemen offered a hint only a week ago for why they would target U.S.-bound cargo planes, the Daily News can reveal. That’s the type of American aircraft that delivered one of its Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s “commanders” to prison in Guantanamo Bay after the 9/11 attacks. AQAP leader Uthman al-Ghamidi wrote in the new issue of the online “Inspire” magazine that he was flown “onboard a cargo plane for a long journey” in 2002 from Afghanistan to the U.S. naval base in Cuba. Read more: NYDN

WSJ Officials said the two packages intercepted on Friday appeared to contain as much as four to six times the amount of PETN as AQAP used in the Christmas Day plot. Investigators believe both of the packages were shipped by individuals with possible links to the Yemen American Institute for Languages-Computer-Management, known as YAI, or the American Center for Training and Development, or ACT, officials said.

Lawyer for Women Arrested in UPS Bomb Plot Demands Access to Client

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The National Organization for Defending Rights and Freedoms (HOOD) issued the following press release regarding the arrest of two women on suspicion of involvement in the attempted terror attacks on the United States via UPS. The student is Sahar Al Samawi, a fifth year computer sciences major, who was arrested along with her mom. The following is Google translated, original Arabic below.

Arrest of a student at the College of Engineering

Hood: the war on terrorism should not be at the expense of human rights

Moses Alnmrani

Sources close to see that the Yemeni security arrested the magic heavenly student in the Faculty of Engineering, a fifth year in the Department of Computer and her mother after enable security elements from entering the house through a connection from one of the friends of the student detainee in which it operates, and her father, an engineer in the General Establishment for Water and suffering and her mother, who was arrested with the disease chronic, according to sources in the family, the sources also confirmed the absence of any religious interests of the girl out of the ordinary detainee.

It is suspected Yemeni security relationship with the student detainee to send letter bombs were found in two planes according to media reports.

The source said official with HUD that the girl accused of sending letter bombs and the registration name and telephone number and a personal capacity, on the package is mined stupid flattening of the details of the global war on terrorism and contempt for the public’s ability to analyze and access to information (Read on …)

Updated: Ibrahim al Asiri ID’d as likely bomb maker in UPS plot

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Update: al Asiri has “toxins training”: Asia One: According to Asiri’s resume at the Saudi interior ministry, he left the country at an undisclosed time to join Al-Qaeda after a series of 2003-2006 attacks, including assassination attempts and plots against oil installations. “Underwent arms training in Yemen on SAM-7 (rifle), Milan (anti-tank) missiles, RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades), explosive, toxins,” it says. And the governor of Abyan, al Masiri earlier said that Pakistani experts came to Yemen in 2009 to train AQAP on explosives and chemical weapons.

Ibrahim al Asiri is the brother of the suicide bomber Abdullah al Asiri who targeted Saudi Prince Naif in 2009, corroborating earlier reports that a well known terrorist was behind the plot. The devices match and the women who mailed the parcels, if that report is true, may have been used because they were low profile, leaving the question of the odd choice of addressees, the intended targets and goals. Asiri is thought to be in regular contact with Anwar al Awlaki.

Yemen parcel bombmaker believed to be al Qaeda terrorist Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri

Telegraph: The man believed to have made the parcel bombs is Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri, a Yemen-based terrorist described as one of the most ruthless and fanatical of all al Qaeda’s followers.

US intelligence officials say the detonator on one of the devices is almost exactly the same as one he is thought to have made for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the so-called Underpants Bomber.

Originally born to a pious family in Saudi Arabia, Ibrahim is one of 85 people on the kingdom’s list of wanted terrorists. After serving jail time in his home country, he fled to neighbouring Yemen two years ago with his brother Abdullah to become key members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has bases in the lawless mountain areas beyond the writ of central government. (Read on …)

Yemen Says No Packages Shipped from Yemen, Two Women Arrested, 26 Packages Seized

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Yemen often initially blames the deranged loner. For example, the recent murder of a French engineer was said to be a personal matter, however the murderer was later found to be a member of the Yemeni security forces as well as an associate of Anwar al Awlaki.

Yemen Post: According to a senior governmental official who spoke to Yemen Post on anonymity, Yemeni security forces arrested two Yemeni women under suspicion of sending the packages to the United States.

The Yemeni official claims that the two women sent the packages in order to damage the reputation of Yemen and not on links of Al-Qaeda. He denied that Al-Qaeda had links to the packages that were sent.

The source confirmed to Yemen Post that the two ladies are believed to have tried to send the packages to Jewish schools in the United States.

At the same time, Yemen predictably began a duplicitous media campaign for internal consumption denying the bombs shipped from Yemen. Parliament criticized President Obama’s remarks and al Motamar, the paper of President Saleh’s powerful ruling party, continues the misleading meme with an article entitled, Yemen says UPS planes never take off or land in it. “The official wondered how the media mentioned the name of Yemen reporting that an explosive device was found onboard a cargo plane that landed in London coming from Yemen…We urge the media not to make hasty judgments about sensitive issues.”

And its working. One Yemeni wants to know, “Why do not expect that this work was done by America itself for military intervention in Yemen and the control of the strategic location of Yemen?” Another notes, “there are no direct flighs from Yemen to THE UK. How did this happen? can you tell us about this flight of the UPS cargo flight to London? I think that there is something wrong . It is your duty to find out the truth .Otherwise you are no…t journalist .You should write the truth and not just coping what you have heared please.” Another view holds, “This is a dirty game, that was played by these regimes (Saleh’s & Obama’s) and intellegent agencies and we, the citizens in both sides, end up paying the price.”

Meanwhile, the leader of AQAP Nassir al Washishi has bragged that the terror group infiltrated the security forces, and its a charge made by observers across the political spectrum. Yemen airport authorities are very good at preventing journalists and activists from leaving Yemen for human rights conferences. Packages not so much. There’s constant smuggling of a variety of products and persons into and out of Yemen.

The air ports are under the authority of the National Security Organization. President Saleh’s nephew, Ammar Mohammad Abdullah Saleh, is the de facto head of the intelligence organization, which spends much of its energy attacking Saleh’s political opponents, critics and journalists.

As they are denying there are any UPS flights out of Yemen, Yemeni police seized 26 suspect parcels , “A security source said that employees of an unnamed air transport company, and employees from the Sanaa airport cargo-handling division, had been detained for questioning by authorities Saturday.” Also US authorities confirmed the presence of PETN in at least one of the packages. The specificity of the tip from Saudi Arabic indicates they have managed to penetrate AQAP and/or Yemeni tribes in the area which may lead to a fracture among the cult’s leadership.

20 suspicious packages shipped from Yemen to US, Update: explosives found, sent by a known terrorist?

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A package containing a toner cartridge with wires attached to it and white powder and thought potentially to be a bomb was shipped from Yemen to Chicago. It was discovered on a lay-over in the UK, prompting a sweep of other UPS planes in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Other reports indicate all 10-20 packages from Yemen while suspicious were cleared. One report has the packages shipping to a synagogue in Chicago. Frances Townsend tied the incident to, “a tip from a very credible US ally who provided some, I’m told, very specific information about packages coming out of Yemen.” There’s also reports of radioactive substances and that authorities in the UK found 200 to 300 grams of TATP, an explosive used by suicide bombers, along with a cell phone.

Yemen denies: Mohammed al-Shaibah, Air Cargo Director for Yemenia Airways said to Yemen Post, “No UPS cargo plane left Yemeni lands over the land 48 hours. These accusations are false and baseless.” He added, “No UPS or DHL cargo packages heading to Chicago through Yemen took place in the last 48 hours as well…All packages are checked very carefully in Yemen, and there is no evidence to prove that this package came through Yemen.” UPS shipments coming out of Yemen are put on other carriers, so in this respect Shaibah is correct.

There’s so much organized smuggling in Yemen, the entire shipping system is compromised

White House statement: Last night, intelligence and law enforcement agencies discovered potential suspicious packages on two planes in transit to the United States. Based on close cooperation among U.S. government agencies and with our foreign allies and partners, authorities were able to identify and examine two suspicious packages, one in East Midlands, United Kingdom, and one in Dubai. Both of these packages originated from Yemen. As a result of security precautions triggered by this threat, the additional measures were taken regarding the flights at Newark Liberty and Philadelphia International Airports.

Update: WSJ U.S. officials say two military fighter jets are escorting a commercial airliner from the Canadian border to New York City. The plane is carrying cargo from Yemen…Authorities on Friday were investigating whether suspicious packages shipped aboard cargo planes from Yemen to the U.S. were part of a terrorist plot.

Update 2: Officials in Dubai report explosives were found in the package en route to the US from Yemen.
WRAL: A suspicious device discovered in an air cargo shipment in Dubai that was headed for the U.S. contained explosive materials, an official UAE security source said Friday.

Update 3: Marib Press reports: The diplomatic source pointed out that the initial information indicates that the person who sent the packages “has a long history of terrorism.”

Update 4: President Saleh pledged his full cooperation to President Obama in a phone call. Obama was briefed before the first package was found.

Update 5: Tip came from the Saudis, as did the tip to France after the surrender of al Fayfi.

Its an illogical or immature target. The conversion of the ink cartridge is somewhat reminiscent of the March 2009 attack on the South Korean tourists where the terrorists rigged a picture frame and a cassette player as IEDs. I can’t wait to see who is the long time terrorist who shipped the packages, but mailing a bomb from Sana’a seems rather a rather complicated way to blow a synagogue in Chicago.

A write up on the lax security at Sana’a airport yesterday:

CBN: Here are a few interesting details on Yemen that I became aware of this afternoon after speaking with an intelligence source who actually flew out of Sana’a, Yemen to Dubai yesterday, around the time the explosives were found.

1) The source noticed several things which seemed strange or outright alarming at Sana’a International (El Rahaba) airport in Yemen. For one, according to my source, pre-teen boys were pulling bags out of x-ray machines and essentially acting as porters, complete with uniforms. And you thought TSA had problems.

2) The source noticed a good deal of large bags, “30 or 40 of them,” being brought by porters (grown adults, this time) to the personal baggage terminal, rather than to the cargo terminal, which seemed odd. Given the conditions my source described, it obviously isn’t very hard to imagine a suspicious package making its way onto a plane flying out of Yemen. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda planned Saudi attack during Saada War, undead Naif Qatani along with Ammar al Waeli

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Ammar Al Waeli is apparently multi-tasking in Saada, plotting with Qatani on Saudi while fighting the Houthis for Saleh. Naif al Qatani was reported dead in May by Abdulelah Shaea, normally a credible source on AQAP. The US sanctioned Qatani the same week. The attack was planned for 12/09, about the same time that the US resumed air strikes after a seven year lull.

Al Qaeda Planned to Attack Saudi Arabia during Saudi – Huthi Conflict – Report 21/10/2010
Awasat: Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- Documents obtained by Asharq Al-Awsat reveal that Saudi Arabian national, Ahmed Abdel Aziz al-Jasser – who Yemen yesterday offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to his arrest – was planning to carry out a terrorist operation on Saudi soil during the conflict that took place between the Saudi military and the Huthi insurgents in late 2009. These documents also reveal that al-Jasser was working with 4 other Saudi nationals whose names are included on the Saudi Arabian list of 85 suspected militants wanted around the world. (Read on …)

Assassination campaign on PSO continues

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This article from Al Masdar identifies them all as PSO, and there are many groups with a motive to purge the PSO.

The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION Yemen: Suspected al-Qaida gunmen kill intelligence officer, latest in assassination campaign. By: Ahmed Al-Haj, The Associated Press

SAN’A, Yemen – Suspected al-Qaida gunmen killed a senior intelligence officer in an eastern Yemeni province on Friday, apparently the latest in a campaign of assassinations by the militant group, security officials said.
(Read on …)

Airstrikes in Modya Abyan

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News Yemen: The air forces have carried out new raids on suspected al-Qaeda sites in Thaobah in Modiya of the southern province of Abyan on Tuesday.

Local source told News Yemen that at least four missiles were fired at the area and led to the demolition of a number of houses. The strikes did not result in casualties, said the source. Thaobah is a mountainous area, 20 km from the city of Lawdar.

Journalist Ahmed al-Qane, in Thaobah, told News Yemen that the targeted elements have suddenly gathered in the area after they were expelled earlier by sheikhs and social figures to Al-Majala. The government increased campaign against suspected al-Qaeda militants in Abyan after militants ambushed and killed a security official, brother of Abyan’s governor and tried to assassinate the governor himself.

al Motamar: He added that confrontations by security forces and a number of al-Qaeda elements resulted in killing more than 6 of them in the past days and the capture of the main wanted the terrorist Hani al-Thurayah and found in his possession dangerous documents for al-Qaeda revealing plots on targeting security personalities in Abyan province.

Al Qaeda using civilians in south Yemen as human shields: al Fayfi

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The Saudi view of the al Fayfi surrender. Earlier reporting here including the alert on France. The murderer of the French engineer was a fan of Anwar Awlaki.

JEDDAH: The Ministry of Interior is expected to release details soon of a Saudi on its 2009 list of persons wanted in connection with security issues who has expressed the wish to return from Afghanistan, sources have told Okaz/Saudi Gazette.
The move would reduce the list to 70, following the ministry statement Friday announcing the return of Jabir Bin Jibran Ali Al-Faifi from Yemen.
A Yemeni official told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that security authorities in the Lawdar area of the Abyan province in south Yemen took Al-Faifi into custody on Sep. 9 after he had informed them of his whereabouts with other members of the so-called Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and his desire to hand himself in.
The official said that a second member of the organization, Jalal Al-Saidi, handed himself in at the same time in Lawdar, and that the two events happened during a two-week long Yemeni security forces campaign in Ramadan in pursuit of Al-Qaeda members who managed to flee. (Read on …)

Airstrikes on Modya, Abyan displace citizens, draw reinforcements

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New estimates today are 300 more families are displaced from this latest round of fighting, about 3000 people, as always mostly women, children and the elderly. Its hard to say that the fighters arriving for the battle are all currently al Qaeda, but they may be by the time its over. The resumption of air strikes against mountainous hideouts may be effective, but they are counter-productive in residential areas.

WT: Security sources said the Yemen Air Force has renewed operations against Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). They said the Air Force has employed the MiG-29 fighter-jet and helicopters to attack Al Qaida strongholds in southern Yemen. “The Air Force has been assisted by Western trainers to identify and track terrorist targets,” a security source said. On Oct. 16-17, MiG-29 aircraft struck suspected AQAP strongholds in the mountains near Lawder, reportedly killing five operatives. The sources said more than 100 Al Qaida fighters were believed to have fled Lawder for the mountains of the Abyan province.

Army Retiree Killed, Civilians Injured as Planes Strike Al-Qaeda Positions in Abyan

Yemen Post Staff: An army retiree was killed and two women and a child were injured when planes struck a village in Modya district, Abyan, where the army is fighting and hunting murderous Al-Qaeda militants, the Alsahwa website reported on Sunday.

Five homes were destroyed, livestock were killed and many families fled Thauba village heading to nearby areas, it said.

In what seems a retaliatory attack against the escalating large-scale operations against its members, Al-Qaeda attacked today a military vehicle in the Thra Mountain in the district, but the fate of its crew was nuclear. The vehicle, carrying food supplies for the forces, was completely destroyed. (Read on …)

Sunday, bloody Sunday: fighting in Abyan continues, documents

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Just to clarify, there is no Aden Abyan Islamic Army at the moment, and certainly not 12,000 fighters. Its just a dream in al Reimi’s head. There’s several dozens of actual AQAP in Yemen. A total of 300 is still a pretty solid number, scattered around Shabwa, Abyan, Sana’a, Saada and Marib. The jihaddi paparazzi just ran off with that statement of his without reading the part where it said, “we are in the initial stages,” meaning they are dreaming of it.

CRI: At least 11 suspected al-Qaida fighters were killed and dozens including civilians were wounded on Sunday in Yemen’s air raids in the country’s southern troubled province of Abyan, provincial security official and local sources said.

“Initial statistics showed that 11 al-Qaida suspects were killed and perhaps more than 20 others including civilians were injured in Modiya district of Abyan in continuing aerial attacks by the Yemeni fighter jets since Saturday,” the official said.

He told Xinhua on condition of anonymity that the air raids are continuing with intelligence coordination with the U.S. unmanned aircraft.

A source from a hospital in Zinjibar, the provincial capital city of Abyan, told Xinhua that “fierce battles are taking place now between the Yemeni army and al-Qaida fighters in Dahma Mountain close to the highway linking Zinjibar and Modiya town.”

The hospital found foreign nationals among the dead, added the source.

The air strikes against al-Qaida camps began on Saturday after gunmen affiliated to the group ambushed a military patrol en route to Modiya, killing one soldier and wounding two others, according to state media.

The aerial attacks came seven days after the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) declared the establishment of an army of 12,000 fighters in south Yemen to wage a “holy war” against the country’s security services and foreign interests.

Yemeni security seizes al-Qaeda significant documents, SANA’A, Oct. 16 (Saba) – The security services in Abyan province have seized significant documents regarding terrorist plots were prepared by al-Qaeda members to carry out them in the province. (Read on …)

Assassinations in Yemen: History Repeats Itself

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Update: death toll of convoy ambush rises to five.

In 1993 through May of 1994, over 150 Yemeni Socialist Party officials were assassinated. The attacks were thought organized by Yemen’s Central Security forces, then headed by President Saleh’s brother, Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, who is now deceased. The president’s son Ahmed now heads the CSF. The 1993 assassinations were the work of the Afghan Arabs who had returned to Yemen following the Soviet defeat. In return for the attacks, the Saleh regime had promised the al Qaeda leadership to install a more fundamentalist, neo-Salafi doctrine on the nation. The deal went from General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar to Usama bin Laden. This is well documented history. Likely not all of the assassins knew the terms of the deal or even that there was a deal. The rationale of the supposed apostasy of socialists was enough for their leaders to motivate the hit men. The string of murders then looks very similar to what is going on now in the south of Yemen, where dozens of security officers have been killed, primarily from the Political Security Organization.

The policy of diversion through crisis generation has worked well for Saleh for a long time. The failure of the state to achieve any noticeable progress against AQAP since December may be due to its fragmentation, incompetence and corruption. Often when the Yemeni government fails at implementing even the most basic policy, it is because competing intra-governmental interests are threatened. In Yemen, generally, different militant factions liaise and negotiate with different government intermediaries and presidential relatives. The 2009 battle of Ja’ar was largely a red on red confrontation where the state’s jihaddists including al Nabi fought other jihaddists to return control to the state’s designated proxy. The string of current assassinations targets largely the PSO. Some southerners suggest its a purge. Most people though interpret the bloodbath as hostilities between AQAP and the state, specifically al Qamish, head of the PSO. The last news article about direct state facilitation of AQAP (al-Wahishi) was last year when he was helped out by members of the National Security. (If I have time, I’ll try to find the link to the article. Its posted here somewhere.) The external landscape evolved significantly since then. Currently some element of the state is at war with some element of AQAP. Its the status of the other elements that is unclear.

CNN: Al Qaeda in Yemen is suspected of being behind three separate attacks that have targeted Yemeni security officials, according to a government official.

“In the past 72 hours, there have been three attacks in the south of the country,” the Yemeni official, who was not authorized to speak to the media, said Thursday. “The attacks are getting worse and the scene is getting bloodier.” (Read on …)

12 in court in Mukallah

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They denied planning attacks in Yemen but admitted to fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, not a problem there.

12 Qaeda suspects appear in Yemen court
— Twelve Al-Qaeda suspects appeared in a special court on Monday in the southeastern port of Mukalla charged with terrorism-linked offences, a Yemeni judiciary official said. (Read on …)

Another PSO agent killed, update: on AQAP hit list

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AFP: ADEN, Yemen — A Yemeni intelligence officer has been killed and two policemen and a detained suspect wounded in separate attacks in the south, military and security sources said on Saturday.

Abdul Aziz Abdullah Bashraheel was shot dead on Friday by two masked gunmen on a motorcycle in Foha, west of Mukalla, capital of Hadramawt province, a security official said. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda attack takes eye of passing teacher in attack on UK diplomant

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Al Motamar – Information sources in Yemen have on Monday disclosed that perpetrators of the terrorist operation that targeted the British diplomats in Sana’a last Wednesday had disguised in clothes of cleaning workers and used a plastic bag for collecting garbage. Their aim was to hide weapons and delude the passersby that they were collecting garbage inside those bags. (Read on …)

Nuqum: “a terrorist infested slum”

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AJC: SAN’A, Yemen — Yemeni authorities announced on Thursday the arrest of seven suspects in the attack on the motorcade of the British embassy’s No. 2 — all from an area in the capital that has become synonymous with militancy. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda Defendent Claims to be Intel Agent, Court Summons Marib PSO Official

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There are many, many al-Qaeda on the payroll of the Political Security Organization. Earlier reporting on this trial can be found here. Today’s trial update comes from al Sahwa, also see Yemen Post. Apparently they wanted him to take the fall for the botched suicide attack on the British Ambassador but forgot to tell him. These defendants were touted as the gang that organized the plot on Torlot but the court didn’t charge them with the attack, only with the vague charge of plotting.

Yemen court asks intelligence official witness on al-Qaeda, 3/10/2010 – Sahwa Net

Sahwa Net- The Specialized Penal Court has asked an intelligence official to attend the court on the upcoming Sunday to witness whether an al-Qaeda suspect, Badr al-Hassani was an intelligence informant.

Al-Hasani said his work as an agent would be verified by an intelligence officer named Abdullah al-Ashul, who was summoned to witness before the court.

Al-Hassani along with other three al-Qaeda suspects, including a German and an Iraqi, are being tried on charges of involving in plotting to carry out terrorist acts against tourists, foreign installations, Yemen’s security and military.

Attack on Governor: Yemen blames al Qaeda, then Nuba, now al Qaeda

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I knew they were going to target General Nuba one way or another. See my 9/26 post, “Next Saleh will discover al Qaeda near General Nasser al Nuba’s camp”. I was close, but instead they blamed him for the assault on the governor of Shabwa’s convoy. Its a ridiculous charge. While General Nuba created and leads the association of retired military officers, he’s never organized them into a military unit. Among all the factions, and since 2007, the Retired Military Association has the most self-discipline and has always remained peaceful, in spite of tremendous provocations. The end result will likely be the same. The military is preparing a second wave of assaults in Shabwa, the vicinity of al Hota they say. Also see southern movement statement below. Who the Yemeni state blames for anything is a function of who they are talking to. For CNN, its al Qaeda.

(CNN) — Yemen has dispatched paramilitary forces to a southern province following an ambush on the local governor by suspected al Qaeda militants, a government official said Thursday.

The forces are preparing for a second offensive on Shabwa province “very soon,” said the Yemeni official who did not want to be identified because he is not authorized to speak to the media. (Read on …)

Shabwa governor’s convoy ambushed, Update: Regime blames Nuba

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Update: Regime blames General Nassir al Nuba, after he refused a wedding invitation… Otay. So the al Qaeda spree is over or never was and now its the southerners who are making the attacks? Tomorrow it will be al Qaeda again.

The Interior Ministry said that the Yemeni military campaign of twenty armed men surrounded the shipsets elements of al Qaeda in Icbm Shabwa province (south-east Yemen) against the background of the attack, which targeted the convoy of governor of the province on Wednesday ..

According to the information center security that among the items that targeted the convoy of the governor, Brigadier Nasser Al-Nuba and Ahmed Atef, and that they were among the who fired on a convoy of cars carrying the governor of the province Shabwah and Major General Mohammed Salem Cotton Deputy Reese of Staff for Manpower and a number of military figures and government in the province, which led to the martyrdom of one of the soldiers and wounding 8 others injured in different .. (Read on …)

Two arrested in Saada, Updated with Houthi statement

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Update: Houthis issue a statement that seems to indicate that the prior al Qaeda statement demanding Hussain al Tais’s release is bogus and a pretext to begin bombing markets under the guise of counter-terror. And while the Houthis do have quite a conspiratorial view of al Qaeda, the interesting thing about the several questionable al Qaeda attacks over the years, which were claimed in internet statements by al Qaeda, is that if they are false flag attacks, the “real” al Qaeda never disputed that the statements of responsibility. Original Arabic below but my formatting is messed up.

Subject: Houthi: prosecution of al-Qaeda “flimsy excuses”
‫ in a statement issued by the office of Abdul-Malik al-leader of the movement Alhotheip North Yemen, he said that in response to al Qaeda statement and explanation of events and facts were stated, “to the awareness and vision of society in general, shatter all the plots that target directly in order to stir up sectarian strife, sectarian and tarnish the image of the nation which adhered to approach the Holy Quran and the household of prophecy ”

He touched on the statement arrived in the crowd Net to the hijacking of the Deputy Director of Political Security in Ramadan, “In the month of Ramadan have been kidnapped, deputy director of political security of the central governorate of Saada hot Officers On Monday, 9/20/2010 issued a so-called al Qaeda in the island Arabs adopted a statement which the process of abduction, deputy director of political security that have occurred in the 08/26/2010 statement comes after the adoption process (24) days of the kidnapping incident .. ”

The statement added: “Here, put a lot of question marks that confirm that all the incidents that take place in the northern provinces aimed at opening the door of the bombings and killing people in mosques and markets of those flimsy arguments (the so-called pursuit of al-Qaeda members) …. (Read on …)

10 Intel Agents Wounded in Sana’a

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We need to know which intel agency they were working for, and which division of the royal family, in order to understand the dynamics of this. Its really pathetic though that these fanatics are going around assualting people at will. The tactic follows that of the assault on the Belgian tourists in 2007, when they just opened fire on the car at a speed bump.

Update: ah, its the Political Security. It appears there is some kind of dispute going on between some section of AQAP and al Qamish, head of the political security. However, the good relations between AQAP and other factions within the Saleh government, for example the military and Ali Mohsen al Ahmar, continues unabated. At the same time, this state which has no qualms about the wholesale slaughter of its citizens presumably little hesitation in sacrificing a few low level agents for the greater good. AQAP takes the same position. Update 2: Bill notes the attack was near al Iman University.

al Babwa: Security sources said that 10 Yemeni intelligence agents were wounded Saturday when gunmen opened fire on their bus in the center of Sanaa. A Yemeni security source said that “Unidentified gunmen attacked at about 06:00 (3.00 GMT) a bus for the political security (intelligence in the center of Sanaa. This attack resulted in the wounding of ten elements of the security apparatus.

It was the first such attack inside the capital of Yemen since the attempted attack on the British ambassador in April.

Political Security Chief Paid Transportation Costs, al Qaeda Defendant Alleges

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We have this news posted earlier but not in original English. News Yemen which also attended the session reported Badr al Hassani said he was paid by the PSO to train al Qaeda in Marib in hand to hand combat. Once at a conference, I met some securocrat contractor who said emphatically that the corruption in the security forces and collusion with al Qaeda doesn’t go as high as the head of the PSO, Ghalib al Qamish. I almost spit my coffee on the floor. That was 2008.

SANA’A, Sept. 20 — The trial of two Yemenis, a German, and an Iraqi accused of damaging foreign interests and attacking military targets in Yemen started on Monday at the Specialized Criminal Court in Sana’a.

Badr Al-Hassani, 22, Rami Hens, 16, Abdullah Al-Rawi, 16, and Saddam Al-Raimi, 22, stood accused of “participating in criminal acts, damaging foreign interests in the country, damaging military establishments, facing the state in the Marib governorate, training with weapons, forming secrets cells and being ready to commit suicide operations.” (Read on …)

Updated: AQAP claims Hussain al-Tais and Mashhour al-Ahdal, al Tais a known affiliate of General Ali Mohsen

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Update: Sahwa Net- Qawkban tribes of al-Mahweet province said it would retaliate al-Qaeda in case its fellow member Ali al-Hostam, the deputy head of intelligence in Saada is harmed by al-Qaeda, appealing President Ali Abdullah Saleh to save his life. (text below) Also, the German ambassador met yesterday with President Saleh. The state media reported the meeting was to praise Yemeni unity. Also see my earlier article on an interview with Hassan Zaid about the training camp in Abu Jubara dtd 3/29/10.

Original: The Chinese do very well reporting on Yemen, oddly enough. Al Ahdel, is this a relative of Mohammed Hamdi al Ahdel, the financier of the USS Cole bombing? Or his lesser cousins, Mohammed bin Mohammed al Ahdel and Mohammed Ahmed al Ahdel who, along with Cole bombers Fahd al Quso and Jamal al Badawi, escaped Aden jail in 2003? I think AQAP hung themselves with this one just by claiming Hussain al Tais, a long time known affiliate of General al Ahmar. Its funny the only actual al Qaeda in jail in Yemen was captured by the Houthis, except for the issue of the remaining German hostages.

People’s Daily: The Yemen-based al-Qaida wing set 48 hours for Sanaa government to swap two al-Qaida detainees for a senior intelligence official it captured late last month in the northern troubled province of Saada. (Read on …)

Saada has always been an important base for al Qaeda

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The al Tais al Qaeda group functions as General Ali Mohsen’s al Ahmar’s mercenaries in the Saada War. I have written about them extensively. They have official passports, transit the border with Saudi Arabia easily and many have military positions. They are big in the honey business. Al Qaeda has been active in the Sa’ada War since 2004. Everyone knows this, including the US, but they got a pass as “militants” not necessarily connected to the main Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. This was an entirely incorrect assessment. Additionally, the headquarters of the Dar al Hadieth network is in Dammaj, Sa’ada as well as the Abu Jabarah training camp, which houses about 500 jihaddists on a rotating basis. Last I checked on Abu Jubarah, there’s no women or children there, just terrorists training. The Sa’ada region has been closed to journalists and international agencies since 2004.

Bottom line: the Houthis captured General Ali Mohsen’s boy, Hussain al Tais, and AQAP is agitating for his release by kidnapping a Yemeni official. The primary and pressing issue at this moment though is to interrogate Hussain al Tais about the location of the German and British al Qaeda hostages.

Reuters: SANAA (Reuters) – The Yemeni wing of al Qaeda has claimed the August kidnapping of a senior intelligence official in the northern province of Saada and demanded the release of two imprisoned militants. (Read on …)

Updated: Accused al Qaeda says in court that he was paid by Ghalib al Qamish, Head of the PSO

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Update: And they weren’t even charged with the attack on Torlot.”Four alleged Al-Qaeda militants, including a German and an Iraqi, appeared before a Sanaa court on Monday charged with planning attacks on foreign, government and military targets. No mention was made in the charge sheet however of the defendants’ alleged involvement in a suicide attack targeting the British ambassador’s convoy in Sanaa in April.”

I have to say it: I have been reporting this for five years. And there’s some who acknowledge corruption in the security but think it doesn’t go as high as Ghalib al Qamish, head of the Yemeni political intelligence organization (PSO). Yes it does. And it has for a decade, longer. And it does today. A billion dollars in funding will enhance not diminish al Qaeda. Anyway I added the News Yemen article below, apparently Badr al Hassani wants Ghalib al Qamish to testify on his behalf that he was working for the state when he was training al Qaeda. Oh and John Brennan is in town. Someone should read him a newspaper.

Aden Press: In the first public admission and an official accused of belonging to al-Qaeda and the indoor court specializes in Sana’a the role played by the Yemeni regime of helping Al Qaeda for logistical support to keep this terrorist organization at the disposal of the Sanaa regime to exercise through which the policy of blackmail destructive to obtain international support or threaten these seducer their security and regional and global peace at risk, as the transfer site, “News Yemen” Badr Al-Hassani, admitted his role before the Court in words attributed to him, but he said, explaining rationale for coming to Marib to train young people at martial arts: “Before coming, coordination with Ghalib hay – Chairman of the PSO Yemeni “intelligence” – which gave him the amount of 50 thousand riyals to go, and returned two days later, he was well in touch with the political security officer Abdullah Alocwal. (Read on …)

Deputy PSO Chief Captured by Al Qaeda in Saada, to exchange for their leader Hussain al Tais captured in al Jawf by the Houthis

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At the time of the Germans’ kidnapping, in Sa’ada in June 09, myself and others published reports of Hussain al Tais’s (and the al Tais al Qaeda gang in Sa’ada’s) possible involvement. (Actually for five years I have documenting the al Qaeda in Sa’ada including al Nabi who fought there in 2005 and is now commissioned to fight in the south.) So recently, the Houthis captured Hussain al Tais in al Jawf, handed him over to the PSO in Sa’ada, and then al Qaeda kidnapped the deputy PSO to bargain for al Tais’s exchange. The AQAP statement on al Tais also proves that they are in Sa’ada. Its a very important base for them. But maybe someone should ask al Qaeda to return the other four European hostages, (two German parents, their infant son, and a Brit) before they give him up. But clearly al Tais can’t remain in custody- because he actually knows something. The Yemeni government will release him or kill him. Link at Marib Press. But the one at al Masdar Online translates better:

Source Online – Special
Al Qaeda in Yemen (Base of Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula) claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of Colonel Ali Hussam Mohammed Salah, deputy director of Political Security in the province of Saada.

And demanded that al-Qaeda in a statement in this regard, published positions on the Web site, the government release two members of the al-Qaeda said, “they captured in a point belonging to the Alhouthein in al-Jawf province, after that, the Houthis Shiites surrender them to the Director of the Political Security Saada Yahya Almrani according to confessions deputy director of political security prisoner to us. ” The statement said.

And the granting of the statement of organization, dated today, Monday, 11 October 1431 the government 48 hours to release (Hussein goat and famous VMA) in return for disclosing the fate of the alleged “spy” Deputy Director of Political Security kidnapped al-Qaeda. (Read on …)

Khalidabdul Nabi, Islamist gun for hire in Yemen

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Sana’a re-activates the role of jihadist Khalid Abdul Nabi and gives him 10 million rials to revive his activities on behalf of the state. So the US is now funding the Aden Abyan Islamic Army? Nifty. I’m going to work on getting a better translation: Aden Press

Informed source in the city of Zanzibar Abyan governorate for “Eden Press that” security leaders Northern governorate Mmmthel occupation authority in the governorate of Abyan Ahmed Almisri met with Sheikh Khaled Abdel Nabi, one of the Afghan Mujahideen in earlier, was paid 10 million Yemeni riyals to Abdul Prophet of additional support for the maintenance of the Centre Sana’a to control totals extremist in the Abyan province, is known that the Nabi of Almqrbeyen of Loa Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar Alchksbip radical fundamentalism in the power of Sana’a and half-brother of Yemeni President, on another level took place early in the morning flights of Air Occupation Yemen over the area of the delta show the impact of armed clashes in the area of Jaar – Fort Attia m / Abyan between armed groups, “tribal jihad” with the occupation forces

Yemeni jihadi bling and diversion

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This is not the al Qaeda your mother warned you about. This is at best YSB reincarnated. Its certainly not the plotters and the upper echelon. In a statement dated August 30, AQAP takes credit for a variety of low grade attacks in the south. And its not clear what this is yet. While the step up by the Yemeni security forces itself could be several things at once: a temporary posturing in response to international pressure and US and Saudi intel, an intra-family power play using different jihaddist proxies, and or Saleh trying to cut the legs out from under the southern movement. But its important to recall that after the 2006 jailbreak, the Saleh regime stepped up pressure for a few weeks and assassinated Fawz al Raibi and the Egyptian Dawadier. And then bin Laden’s buddy, al Feida said that the killings of the Al Qaeda operatives would not harm the overall good relations between the Yemeni government and actual al Qaeda. And that’s all that’s going on now, they’re treading water. Saleh didn’t reform, Saleh never reforms in any area, ever.

1-Throwing a hand grenade at a group of Political Security officers in front of the Political Security building, which led to casualties among their ranks.

2-Attacking a ‘first responder’ patrol as it was roaming the al-Quds area in the heart of Zinjibar. It is a patrol known for harming Muslims. The attack resulted in killing three soldiers, capturing two Kalashnikovs and destroying a vehicle. (Read on …)

The southerners explaination for all the al Qaeda attacks in South Yemen

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To wipe out the people with inside knowledge of all the dirty tricks, and that was the buzz on the attack on the prison and they are mysteriously re-zoning all of the Aden free zone. Its a giant conspiracy theory and if one quarter of it is true, then the US is in deep trouble. I like the part where the author analyzes the al Qaeda statements and really al Qaeda has been wheeling and dealing with the Saleh regime for two decades.

Saada Aden Revealed a legal expert and political analyst south of the facts confirm beyond any reasonable doubt and the parking system the occupation of Sana’a and behind all terrorist attacks in the areas of the South recently targeted a number of figures southern security headquarters and facilities of the State under the pretext of “Al Qaeda” emphasizes partnership this system in the industry of terrorism. (Read on …)

Plotters of the pedestrian suicide attack on UK Amb Torlot to trial

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The same failed AQAP strategy that they employed in the attack on South Korean convoy.

SANAA (Yemen) – THE trial of a German, a Syrian and two Yemenis allegedly linked to a failed suicide attack on Britain’s ambassador in Yemen will begin next week, a judicial source said on Tuesday.

‘On Monday, four Al-Qaeda militants, among them a German and a Syrian, suspected of attempting to assassinate the British ambassador, will appear in court,’ a judicial source told AFP. (Read on …)

Freds may or may not charge Anwar Awlaki with something

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they’re not sure, its complicated… BTW, he’s not a cleric, just a lunatic. In related news, Farouk the Nigerian fired his lawyers and wants to represent himself in court. WASHINGTON –The Obama administration is considering filing the first criminal charges against radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in case the CIA fails to kill him and he is captured alive in Yemen. The decision continues the White House’s strategy of fighting terrorism both in court and on the battlefield.

Al-Awlaki, a U.S. and Yemeni citizen born in New Mexico, has inspired a wave of attempted attacks against the U.S. and has become al-Qaida’s leading English-speaking voice for recruiting and motivating terrorists. Counterterrorism officials said al-Awlaki, since mid-2009, has become a key operational figure who selects targets and gives orders. (Read on …)

Baoum joins in accusing Sana’a of using al Qaeda to weaken the SM

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The northern government’s terrorist plot will expand after Eid, Baoum says. Aden Press:

أن هذه الجرائم التي ترتكبها قوات الاحتلال ضد المدنيين الجنوبيين تحت أسم القاعدة تكشف عن مخطط رهيب سيتوسع بعد عيد الفطر المبارك مع أثارة الفتن توصلا إلى تهجير سكان بعض المحافظات والمديريات الجنوبية تسهيلا للأستيلأ على الأراضي والثروة لذا فأن على أبناء الجنوب أن يكونوا متيقظين لمثل هذه الخطط والمؤامرات وأن يعملوا على إفشالها ولابد من العمل السريع والمسئول والحاسم لتوحيد الصف الجنوبي وصيانة أهدافه وضمان استمرارية وجود الحراك ككيان وطني مستقل وموحد يناضل من أجل الاستقلال والتحرر وإستعادة الهوية الأصيلة للشعب الجنوبي التي حاول الأعداء طمسها … That these crimes committed by occupation forces against southern civilians under the name of the rule uncover plot terrible expand after the Eid al-Fitr with sedition reached displacement of residents in some counties and districts south convenience Estela land and wealth, so long as the people of the South to be vigilant to such plans and plots and work to make it fail and must be quick and decisive and responsible for the Unification of the Southern Tier and maintenance of its objectives and ensure the continuity of the existence of mobility as an entity separate national and unified struggle for independence and liberation and recovery of identity inherent to the people of the South tried to obliterate the enemy …حسن أحمد باعوم Hassan Ahmed Ba’oum

رئيس المجلس الأعلى للحراك السلمي لتحرير الجنوب President of the Supreme Council of the mobility for the Liberation of South peaceful

Al Qaeda lists 52 security officials targeted for death, 50 are southerners

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Scan of the document at ANA

He revealed: “Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” in a publication distributed by the city of Zanzibar Thursday in Abyan for a list of 52 security personnel belonging to what he described as “a black-Ansi” deemed “legitimate target” for murder.

وأرفق المنشور الذي وزع في مدينة زنجبار – وتحصلت «وكالة أنباء عدن» على نسخة منه – بقائمة اسمية لأفراد الأمن المستهدفين الذين ينتسبون لأجهزة الأمن السياسي والبحث الجنائي وجهاز الاستخبارات العكسرية ، والذي قال تنظيم القاعدة انهم باتوا “هدفا مشروعا لنا ابتداء من 1 شوال 1431 هجري” أي اليوم الجمعة الموافق أول ايام عيد الفطر. Attached to the publication that was distributed in the city of Zanzibar – and obtained «news agency Eden» a copy of it – a list of nominal members of the security target those who belong to the organs of political security and criminal investigation and intelligence-military, which al Qaeda said they have become “a legitimate target for us, starting from 1 Shawwal 1431 AH “Any day Friday, the first day of Eid al-Fitr. (Read on …)

Three Yemeni soldiers killed in Modia, Abyan, Yemen

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After the “escaped” Lauder, they regrouped in Modia.

SANAA, Sep. 9, 2010 (Xinhua News Agency) — At least three soldiers were killed and four others wounded Thursday in clashes between the security forces and al-Qaida fighters in the province of Abyan in southern Yemen, a provincial police official said.

Nearly 200 al-Qaida militants were involved in the clashes early Thursday in Modia district after they had been defeated in a week-long fight erupted late last month against the security forces and driven out of the neighboring Lodar city, the official told Xinhua on condition of anonymity. (Read on …)

AQAP Claims Six Attacks on Security in the Abyan

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It reminds me of the Yemen Soldiers Brigades and the string of minor attacks on security through 2007 and 2008, which was later determined not to be “real” al Qaeda.

SANAA, Sep. 7, 2010 (Xinhua News Agency) — The Yemen-based al-Qaida claimed responsibility for six deadly attacks against the country’s security forces over the few past weeks in Yemen’s southern province of Abyan, according to a statement issued on jihadist forums on Tuesday. (Read on …)

Saudi Intel Led to Lauder Air Strikes on Saudi Al Qaeda in Yemen

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Al Qaeda using civilians as human shields would only make sense if the Yemeni government or al Qaeda had any respect for civilian immunity, which neither does. How did they “escape” Lauder? Supposedly the Saudi, Battarfi, ordered the attacks on Yemeni security forces in Abyan. All these Saudis should go home and fight their war on Saudi soil not in Yemen.

Saudi named new leader of Al-Qaeda in Arab Peninsula
Saudi Gazette
RIYADH – Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is based in Yemen and using it as a launching pad for targeting the Kingdom, has appointed a Saudi of Yemeni origin, Khaled Battarfi, as the leader of the organization in Abyan Governorate, a Yemeni government official disclosed to Okaz/Saudi Gazette.
The move follows the killing of the former leader Jameel Al-Anbari in an air strike on March 14 that targeted the organization’s members in Moudiah city, said Ahmad Ali Al-Qufaishi, director general of Lodar Province, which is located in southern Yemen. Speaking by telephone, he said Battarfi, 35, who is also known as Abu Miqdad Al-Kindi, is the “Shariah-in-charge” in the terrorist organization in Yemen. (Read on …)

Chanting al Qaeda burn soldiers bodies, Warn Against Regime Media

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Al Qaeda escaped from Lauder somehow (Ali Mohsen). They are correct in noting the official media is a disinformation machine.

Yemen Post: At least 9 soldiers were killed when armed men attacked a security checkpoint in Yemen’s Southern Abyan Province, where many were killed and injured during fierce clashes between the security forces and suspected Al-Qaeda militants last week. (Read on …)

Adel Hardaba, top al Qaeda commander or teen-aged demonstrator?

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UPI: (Yemeni) Authorities claimed they killed 27-year-old Adel Saleh Hardaba in Lawdar, who was described by authorities as the second-in-command of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, al-Jazeera reports.

In an earlier statement, TAJ identified the bystanders wounded as:
 Bassam Saleh Hardabah
 Mohamed Saleh Nasser
 Maged Mohammed Marzouki
 Abdurabbo Ahmed Dhmah
 Bassam Albilali
 Maged Saleh Hardabah
 Abdulla Almanssoury

Adel Saleh Hardaba, according to locals, was 18 years and unemployed. He was not wounded (its not name confusion). The story is he was arrested by the Yemeni regime in Lauder. Apparently he was killed after the arrest.

Four soldiers killed in Zanzibar, CID deputy in Marib and Eight in Jaar

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al Tagheer

A security official said the regional wing of al Qaeda claimed responsibility for an attack on a checkpoint in southern Yemen on Saturday that killed eight soldiers.

وأنحت وسائل الاعلام الحكومية باللائمة في القتال في الجنوب والذي قتل فيه عشرات الاشخاص على مدى الاشهر الثلاثة الماضية على جناح تنظيم القاعدة في المنطقة ومتشددين انفصاليين مسلحين. Sculpture and state media blamed the fighting in the south, which killed dozens of people over the past three months on the wing of al Qaeda militants in the region and separatist militants. (Read on …)

CIHRS: To the Obama administration: Don’t defile your hands with the blood of innocent Yemeni Civilians

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The Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies strongly condemns the Yemeni army’s shelling in the Lawdar district in the Abyan province, Southern Yemen, which has severely harmed the civilian population located there.

It is with deep concern, that CIHRS observes the nearly week-long shelling campaign, supported by heavy artillery and tanks, which has prompted hundreds of Yemeni families to flee the Lawdar district and take refuge in the mountains as the authorities continue their military siege of the area, sealing off all entrances and exits. According to information received from Yemeni human rights organizations and other sources, at least three civilians have been killed and dozens more injured, among them at least two children, while the artillery fire hit a local market and severely damaged homes, agricultural land, and a nursery.

The assault was launched after several Yemeni troops were killed in an ambush by either al-Qaeda operatives, as the Yemeni authorities claim, or elements involved with the Southern Movement. Exiled Southern Yemeni officials and leaders of the Southern Movement state that the attack was launched in an attempt to turn the international community against the peaceful Southern Movement by associating it with terrorism. It should be noted that the Yemeni regime used Yemeni fighters returning from Afghanistan to quell the rebellion in the South in 1994. Consequently, al-Qaeda began to establish a base in the area, which later became the largest in the Arab world.

The Yemeni authorities have persistently sought to stigmatize the popular protest movement and its leadership in the south as terrorists, in an attempt to justify the use of excessive force and increasing repression against citizens in the Southern provinces.

CIHRS would like to bring attention to the fact that the Southern province of Abyan has been the target of a series of brutal attacks over the last year. One of the bloodiest attacks took place in December 2009 ; when the Yemeni army, with support from the U.S. government, launched two air strikes on alleged al-Qaeda camps. At least 42 civilians were killed in these raids, most of which were women and children.

CIHRS stresses that counterterrorism efforts against al Qaeda should not be used as a pretext for the international community to turn a blind eye to the grave abuses perpetrated by the Yemeni government against individuals suspected of affiliation with al-Qaeda; or against the regime’s political opponents. A noticeably large segment of the citizenry has become the target for various types of collective punishment in light of the militarization of the country and the civil strife being stoked by the regime in the Sa’ada region, North of Yemen, and the South to secure its monopolization of power. In this context, CIHRS would like to bring attention to the fact that it is these very policies that created such fertile ground for al-Qaeda to grow in the Arabian Peninsula.

Additionally, These policies have created an auspicious atmosphere for the recruitment of more terrorists and terrorist-sympathizers, both from inside and outside Yemen.

CIHRS further warns that the unconditional support given to the Yemeni regime by the U.S. administration and some parties in the EU will only exacerbate the dangers of terrorism. Numerous individuals are swayed to terrorism on a daily basis, driven by their growing sense of injustice and injury, which is fed by the daily practices of extrajudicial killings; abductions; forced disappearances; torture; repression of peaceful protests; vicious attempts to silence the press and human rights defenders; the increasing political, economic, and social marginalization of broad swathes of the population; the rampant spread of corruption; in addition to the spread and ascendancy of an extremist religious discourse fostered by the Yemeni regime itself.

Thus, CIHRS believes that averting the threat of terrorism requires concerted efforts by the international community to push Yemen to construct a rule of law; prevent impunity for grave human rights abuses; adopt an enlightened religious discourse; and refuse to sacrifice human rights under the justification of combating terrorism. Yemen’s allies in the fight against terrorism must guarantee that the military, security, and financial aid given to the Yemeni government is not used to perpetrate more war crimes and crimes against humanities or violate the rights of suspected al-Qaeda members or the thousands of Yemenis civilians who are paying a catastrophic price for the policies of the Yemeni regime, which threaten to bring about the wholesale collapse of the central state.


CIA: AQAP more dangerous than bin Laden

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For the first time since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, CIA analysts see one of al-Qaeda’s offshoots – rather than the core group now based in Pakistan – as the most urgent threat to U.S. security, officials said.

The sober new assessment of al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen has helped prompt senior Obama administration officials to call for an escalation of U.S. operations there – including a proposal to add armed CIA drones to a clandestine campaign of U.S. military strikes, the officials said. (Read on …)

Updated: Yemen hunting Abdel Rauf Nassib, previously arrested in Lauder (2004), released 2006

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They are all coming back to haunt us, every single one. Nassib was a former intelligence officer, acquitted in the USS Cole bombing. He survived the 2002 air strike on al Harithy, was captured with Dr. Fadl in 2004. Nassib was released in 2006, after the big prison break by 23 al Qaeda operatives.

AFP: The latest deaths add to an earlier toll of 11 soldiers and three civilians killed on Friday. The defence ministry said it had managed to identify one of the slain Al-Qaeda fighters as Adham Shibani, adding that the wounded militants were currently being interrogated.

The security forces were tracking “other terrorists” who took part in Friday’s fighting, the ministry said. The militants who managed to flee were named as Ahmed Mohammed Abdu Daradish, Abdel Rauf Abdullah Mohammed Nassib and Jalal Saleh Mohammed Saidi. (Read on …)

AQAP Tracker 2010

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Critical has a lovely timeline.

Al Qaeda Death Squads Kills Two Soliders in Abyan, Yemen (Updated: 12)

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Al Qaeda declared war on all Yemenis in a recent statement: any one with a government job or walking past anything western deserves to die, the statement said. The death squads have killed dozens of police and soldiers.

SANA’A, Aug. 20 (Saba) – Two soldiers were killed in an attack of al-Qaeda on Thursday in Apian governorate, a security source said on Friday. The source told the ruling party-run that the some affiliates of al-Qaeda have carried a sudden attack with machine guns on a number of security men in a public souk and escaped. The attack has left, in addition to the two killed, a wounded soldier. The security authorities have tightened security measures in the governorate and begun hunting the attackers.


SANA’A, Aug. 20 (Saba) - The security services in Abyan governorate managed to find out the identities of the perpetrators involved in killing 36-year-old Sergeant Sultan Abd-al-Karim al-Shar’abi, a security source in Al-Mahfid Security Department has said. The Interior Ministry said that the investigations revealed the involvement of three persons in setting an ambush for al-Shar’abi on 13 August.

The three perpetrators are: Abdullah Muhammad Abdullah (27), Yaslam Ali Hadi Laksar (35) and Salim Ali Hadi Laksar (22). They are all from al-Mahfid District. The Ministry showed that the three perpetrators are at large, but a search operation is underway to arrest them.


(Reuters) - Twelve Yemeni soldiers have died in two days of clashes with gunmen suspected of being al Qaeda militants, a local official said, the latest in a string of attacks on security personnel in south Yemen since June. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda’s Weak and Unsophisticated Attacks

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That’s one way to look at it. Alternately millions in Yemen believe that state contracted out the attacks on the security in the south, and its all another ploy to make Saleh look like a victim of al Qaeda. After his long history of detente with al Qaeda, he has so little credibility that many doubt he is making sincere efforts. But the author of the article is correct in saying the substantial AQAP attacks all failed.

Yemen Post: With the growing number of Al-Qaeda attacks on governmental security officials, some tend to believe that this proves that Al-Qaeda is as strong as ever in Yemen. I believe the opposite. Killing security officials is not a complicated matter to plan nor does it cost a lot.

The effort for killing a government official is little, as it needs little planning and costs no more than $10 dollars! A couple of bullets, gasoline money for a motorcycle and a couple of loyal followers you are willing to do the attack free of charge are all you need.

The last major attack by Al-Qaeda in Yemen was the U.S. embassy attack two years ago. Even that attack was spoiled completely. This only proves that their presence is not what media pictures it to be. The attack on the British ambassador in Yemen is another sign of weak Al-Qaeda presence in Yemen, as the bombing took place nearly 200 meters away from the car of the British ambassador. Original Al-Qaeda attacks are much more accurate and Iraq and Afghanistan are examples of how destructive Al-Qaeda can be when it attacks. (Read on …)

Another assassination in South Yemen, Update: Lahj and Zanzibar

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And another

ADEN, Yemen, Aug 16 (Reuters) – Suspected al Qaeda militants shot dead an intelligence officer in southern Yemen on Monday in at least the seventh attack officials have blamed on the group since June. An official in Abyan province said the officer, Abdulkarim al-Dalei, was killed in the provincial capital Zinjibar….In the capital Sanaa, security forces detained Abdulelah Shai, a journalist who is an expert on al Qaeda, his brother said on Monday. In July, Shai was briefly detained and interrogated about al Qaeda by the intelligence services. Shai, a freelance journalist, has made numerous appearances in international media as an expert on al Qaeda and is often described as having a close relationship with members of the militant group.


SANAA Aug 14 (Reuters) – A Yemeni intelligence officer was killed by gunmen in south Yemen, a security official said on Saturday, in an attack blamed on al Qaeda.

The officer was gunned down by two men as he walked outside of his home late on Friday in the flashpoint southern province of Lahej, the official said, adding that the attackers were suspected al Qaeda operatives.

Al Qaeda in Yemen previously focused on high-impact strikes against Western and Saudi targets, but appears now to be targeting government forces in response to enhanced Yemen-U.S. security coordination in government crackdowns on the militant group.

Lahj Southern Mobility Branch Asserts AQAP is Acting as Regime Mercenaries and Assassins

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The indigenous Yemeni counter al-Qaeda narrative holds that the brothers are corrupt as the regime itself and the state deploys al Qaeda as a political tool to create domestic and international pressure. This statement from the SMM in Lahj asserts the authorities are behind the string of assassinations which targeted southern members of the security forces. Others assert that they are killing off those who know the state’s secrets about its inner deals with al Qaeda. The official story line is that President Saleh reformed and is now facing blowback from his sincere efforts against al Qaeda. Aden :

Indicated that members of al-Qaeda in the south they follow the Sanaa regime and his soldiers:

A statement issued by a branch of the Supreme Council of the mobility of the peaceful province of pilgrimage that the Sanaa regime views the situation in the south read wrong and that he was not aware of the size of the variable that wrought will existed in the People in the south, they failed and failed practices and policies in the south, whatever their plans and their own ends, and the statement described the recent assassinations that targeted the southerners as well as some incidents that killed dozens of people in Aden and Abyan, Shabwa and Dali as a sinister plot designed to the south by the occupation regime in alliance with tribal figures and different terrorist organizations including al Qaeda, which dates back its source origin to the Yemen Arab Republic and tactics shameful and despicable aim to drag the South to the box to violence and fighting procedure and the creation of security chaos Bgit infanticide mobility demands the independence of South peaceful and freedom of the south, which, according to the statement of the impossible to be achieved to the occupation that .. (Read on …)

AQAP Claims Shabwa Attack and Declares War on Yemenis

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Al-Qaeda determines who deserves to live and die. Reuters

DUBAI, Aug 7 (Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s Yemen-based arm said it was behind an attack that killed at least six soldiers in an oil province last month, and threatened more strikes on government targets.

The attack in the southern Shabwa province on July 25 was among five raids on state targets since June which have been blamed on the resurgent militant group. (Read on …)

Sniper Kills Policeman In Shabwa

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Sanaa. A policeman was killed in an attack launched by alleged al-Qaida snipers on a security checkpoint in Yemen’s southeast province of Shabwa on Friday, a spokesman for the local police said, Xinhua informed. The spokesman told Xinhua that “some suspected snipers of al- Qaida group shot dead the policeman this afternoon who was on duty at a police checkpoint located in the south of Ataq, the capital city of Shabwa.” (Read on …)

“Al-Qaeda” attacks checkpoint killing three in Abyan, Yemen

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I think the al-Qaeda losers took “credit” for two of the five recent attacks on security installations in the south, but they may claim them all sooner or later. The Saleh regime has so little credibility in the south that southern leaders are openly asserting that the regime instructed al-Qaeda to carry out the spate of attacks and willingly sacrificed some soldiers to achieve several goals- heighten tension, accuse the southerners of being aligned with al-Qaeda, set the stage for assassinations of southern leaders and of course, dupe the west into increasing support. This latest murder spree took place in the vicinity of Tariq al-Fadhli’s home and near the Political Security headquarters. One of the attackers threw a stun grenade or “sound bomb” before opening fire (well trained and equipped). The attackers escaped. The regime is rounding up all motorcycle drivers. The prior attacks took place in Aden, Abyan and Shabwa where, despite the emphatic southerners denials, there are some al-Qaeda hangouts. Jarr in Abyan was a hot spot for remnants of the Abyan-Aden Islamic Army who began assassinating people suspected of irreligiosity in the spring of 09 until state-sponsored blue on blue fighting brought some control to the city. Shabwa is where al-Quso and Awlaki are, and Aden is Aden.

Sana’a, Yemen – Suspected al-Qaeda militants attacked a police patrol in southern Yemen on Thursday, killing three policemen, security sources said. The attackers threw a hand grenade and opened fire at the patrol vehicle near a checkpoint in Zinjebar city, the provincial capital of Abyan province, the sources told the German Press Agency dpa. (Read on …)

Yemen Suicide Bomber in Dhalie was a Soldier, Theories Abound

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One Yemeni observer notes, “The ministry of interior identified the bomber as a 36 years old Hadi Ahmed Saleh from Kohlan district province of Sanaa. He was a soldier in the 35th brigade based in the city of Dhala.Some of his colleagues suggested that he was unaware that his motorcycle was rigged with explosives. When you have a regime that uses terror to blackmail the international community , the prospect of Yemeni intelligence role in such attacks is not far fetched .”

SaadaAden: Aden news agency suggested that the soldier was a “victim of a conspiracy carried out by malicious military officials in coordination with the intelligence of Yemen, where witnesses confirmed that the soldier came out of the leadership of the camp and started down the road towards the Public Security Department and did not know the mission objective.”

And a truly gruesome video of the deceased at Youtube. A less hysterical rundown from the YT:

Yemen Times: SANA’A, August 4 — Nine soldiers were injured when a soldier blew himself up in front of the Al-Dhale’ General Security Office last Tuesday.

Of the nine injured soldiers, two are said to have been seriously injured. A 15-year-old child was also injured as he was passing near the office.

It was reported on the army website 26th September that the deputy of Al-Dhale’ governorate, Abdulla Husain Al-Haddi, had accused Al-Qaeda of organizing the attack.

According to local sources, the soldier committed this suicide bombing because his salary had been suspended for months and he had not been treated well by his commanding officer.

According to reliable sources, Al-Qaeda cannot be behind this suicide bombing because the group is not present in the governorate, and some even think that the soldier himself may have unknowingly been rigged with explosives. (Read on …)

How Stupid, Al-Qa’ida Accuses the Yemeni Govt of Attacks on Innocent Civilians

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Al-Qaida attacks all over the world kill innocent civilians including in Yemen. One well documented total is about 85,000 Muslim civilian deaths in the last ten years but its a partial listing. The Yemeni government also kills innocent people but al-Qaeda’s convenient outrage is a joke. Another joke is their announcement that they are raising an army of 12,000. Its total propaganda, and as Yemeni power players, they do it very well. The numbers are still around 500 despite all their best efforts including the CD’s in the mosques. Hopefully the securocrats don’t go all knee-jerk as they are prone to. Globe and Mail

Al Qaeda threatened in an internet audio recording on Thursday to carry out more attacks on Yemeni forces following several suspected and confirmed Qaeda strikes on the government that have killed dozens.

Four assaults on state targets have been attributed to Al Qaeda’s Yemen based regional arm since June, though it has only claimed two of the attacks. The most recent attack by suspected militants in a southern oil province killed six soldiers.

Al Qaeda in Yemen previously focused high-impact strikes on foreign targets, but has started to aim them at the state in response to enhanced U.S.-Yemeni cooperation in a crackdown on the militant group that has included air strikes and raids. (Read on …)

Updated: Eight Police Injured by Suicide Bomber in al Dhalie

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Update: The state is blaming the southerners with another theory that the biker was tricked into delivering explosives to the intel HQ. The “suicide bomber” was a soldier from the 35th armored brigade.

Yemen Post: Security sources in Dhale Province said on Wednesday the southern separatist movement was behind the suicide attack against the police headquarters that injured 9 policemen, two seriously.
The Alsahwa website quoted the sources as saying elements from the movement asked the owner of a motorbike to deliver food for a detainee at the building and the meal was an improvised explosive device that was set off when the motorcyclist arrived at the building.
However, the sources revealed the motorcyclist was a soldier from Sana’a Province and his motorbike was packed with explosives while he was shopping in the Dhale market.
Saleh Ali Hadi was one of the personnel at the armored brigade 35, they said.
On Tuesday, the authorities said 8 policemen were wounded when the motorbike exploded at the gate of the police office. The office suffered damages as well.
Initially, they said the attack bore the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which claimed responsibility for recent attacks against offices of public security and intelligence in the south.
But other sources dismissed Al-Qaeda had been behind the bombing, saying the bomber might be used by another group that put explosives in his motorbike.

Original Post: Could be anything from intra-governmental wrangling to propaganda for the west to increasing muscle-flexing by the wild-eyed fanatics or violence by the southern fringe.

Sana’a, Yemen – Eight policemen were injured when a suicide bomber attacked a police headquarters in southern Yemen on Tuesday, police sources said. The sources told the German Press Agency dpa that the attacker blew himself up at the gate of the police building in al-Dhalea city, capital of the province of the same name. They said the attack bore the trademarks of al-Qaeda.

Someone lobs a grenade in Abyan, Yemen Observer: (Read on …)

Al-Qa’ida Kills Six Soldiers in Shabwa, Yemen

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Saudi terrorist Al-Hamami surrenders.

Yemen Online: Yemen arrests the Saudi suspect in Shabwa patrol attack

YemenOnline.Jul25- Yemen security forces have arrested today the saudi suspect whi responsible on the deadly attack on a security patrol south of Yemen last Thursday. Ahmed Saleh Hedeij Al-Hamami was blacklisted on Saturday and his car wanted after the Interior Ministry said it was used by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula AQAP to carry out the attack killing six soldiers. (Read on …)

AQAP Claims Attacks on Security in Abyan, Yemen

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They seem to have it out for al-Gamish, the question is why. There was some flaky back story on al-Gamish earlier retaliating for not getting his cut on some land thefts and the blow-back from that. Earth Times

Sana’a, Yemen – Yemen’s wing of al-Qaeda on Friday claimed responsibility for a pair of week-old coordinated attacks on security agencies in the south of the Arab country, saying they were meant to avenge the killing of two of its members. (Read on …)

Yemeni Mastermind of Bloody Terror Attacks in Uganda that Killed 76

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As reported by Terror Free Somalia:

After 10 days of investigation, leads are pointing to two Pakistani nationals who include a top manager at a Ugandan telecom company as the main financiers, and a Yemeni national as the mastermind of the July 11 synchronised bombings that killed at least 76 people in Kampala, reliable sources say.The new findings widen the investigation that had hitherto largely focused on the Al Shabaab, an Islamist militia in Somalia reportedly with links to Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda that claimed responsibility for the bombings and issued a congratulatory message to the bombers.

The Yemeni national whose identity could not readily be established entered the country in January this year through the eastern Busia border post, sources close to the investigation say. He is then said to have approached a land lady in Kisigula Zone, Mutundwe, a Kampala suburb, for accommodation. He rented her six-bedroom house at Shs 600,000 per month for six months. He paid four months’ rent straight and promised to pay the balance later.The Yemeni man moved into the spacious house quietly, with a young man believed to be of Ugandan origin. In April, the Yemeni man stealthily left the house to the young man, who is now believed to have been the suicide bomber at the Ethiopian Village Restaurant in Kabalagala, according to sources.The land lady, who doesn’t live on the premises, did not notice the suspicious behaviour of the young man and whenever she went to demand the balance on rent, the man would humbly tell her that his boss (the Yemeni) ‘had gone on safari and would be back soon to pay the money,’ our sources told us. In the meantime, the house became a bee-hive of activity with lots of people moving in and out, including teenage girls, sources told us.

Earlier on Uganda.

Al-Qaeda Kills Five Soldiers in Shabwa: Updated

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Update: attack was from a Saudi car registered to one on the Kingdom’s most wanted list. I guess they are not comparing the list of cars entering Yemen with the most wanted list.

SANA’A, July 24 (Saba) – A pickup with a Saudi number plate was used in Thursday’s attack on a security patrol in Shabwa Province in which five soldiers were killed, the Interior Ministry said on Friday.

The white car entered Yemen 17 days ago through the Alwadiah crossing, it said.

The ministry circulated the car throughout the country and blacklisted its owner identified as Ahmed Saleh Hudeij Al-Hamami, a Saudi.

Reuters – Gunmen killed at least five Yemeni soldiers on Thursday in a suspected al Qaeda ambush of a military convoy in the south, the third assault on state targets in five weeks blamed on the group’s resurgent regional arm.

Al Qaeda in Yemen previously focussed on high-impact strikes against Western and Saudi targets, but appears now to be targeting government forces in response to enhanced Yemen-U.S. security coordination and a government crackdown.

“There was an ambush targeting the soldiers’ vehicle and five were killed and a sixth was wounded. There is suspicion that al Qaeda was behind the operation,” an official in the southern province of Shabwa told Reuters.

The attackers then seized the soldiers’ vehicle and weapons before fleeing into nearby hills, another official said. The defence ministry blamed the attack on “terrorists,” using language it typically reserves to refer to al Qaeda…Last month, gunmen raided the regional headquarters of the political security office in Aden, killing 11, an attack al Qaeda said was revenge for a state assault on a militant stronghold. Last week, more suspected al Qaeda gunmen attacked two security buildings, igniting clashes that killed four people.

Gunmen attack security in Zanjabar

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Later reports indicate five dead, three security and two attackers. Al Teef is reporting that the gunmen shot up Tariq al Fadhli’s house after they left the scene of the attack.

At least two people are dead after gunmen attacked two security buildings in southern Yemen on Wednesday, local officials say. (Read on …)

Yemen Convicts al-Qaeda Terrorists Except the One Fighting in Sa’ada

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It seems like such a simple story: Yemen upholds conviction of terrorists.

This is the Tarim cell arrested in Hadramout and convicted in the mortar attack on the US embassy in March 2008 and the murder of two Belgian tourists (killed when terrorists sprayed their car with gunfire in Hadramout) and other attacks during 2007 and 2008 in Sana’a, Aden and Hadramout Provinces against military, security and oil installations and residential complexes as well as security checkpoints, oil pipelines and foreign companies headquarters for a total of 23 attacks including the suicide bombing of the Sayoun police station. They confessed to receiving funds from Saudi Arabia but were planning on robbing banks for more.

In the case against the murders of the Spanish tourists, the al Qaiti cell was charged in the mortar attacks on the US embassy. Al-Waely and al-Dhayani are at large, the state reported in June 2009.

However, Ammar al Waeli is “at large” in Sa’ada fighting on behalf of the Yemeni government, Attagammua reported. See my article, Large al Qaeda camp in North Yemen dims peace prospects, politician says. There are many reports of Salafi on the battlefield.

Hamza al-Dhayani, the supposed driving instructor for the attack on the Spanish tourists and participant in the mortar attack on the US Embassy, recently surrendered from Marib. (Ghalib al-Zaidi also surrendered, to his cousin the governor of Marib.) In a previous interview, Hamza Dhayani accused the state of perpetrating some terror attacks, “I am ready to prove the reality that some attacks were planned in co-ordination and agreement of the Political Security and its agents to gain foreign support and to confirm to America that they (the Yemeni state) launch war against terrorism.” (Dhayani is not among the 16 whose sentences were upheld.)

Maybe next, Yemen will extradite the four Syrians in exchange for Anwar Awlaki’s brother in law, Nabil Al-Dhahab, who confessed on Syrian TV to a terror attack in Damascus.

The Yemen Post article on the ruling is posted below for posterity’s sake: (Read on …)

Al Qaeda Issues Statement on Aden Prison Break Three Weeks Late, Proud to Have Killed 3 Women

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And they executed the police one by one.

AFP: Al-Qaeda’s branch in Yemen claimed responsibility Sunday for a deadly June attack on the country’s intelligence headquarters in the southern port city of Aden.

“Brigades of Jamil Nasser al-Ambari stormed Aden’s intelligence headquarters and the result was killing not less than 24 officers and soldiers,” said a statement posted on militant websites. (Read on …)

Prisoner Dies in Police Custody in Aden Triggering Protests

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This appears to be the sequence of events: the storming of jail in Aden; round-up of suspected al-Qaida; protests; arrests; one dies in from an “asthma attack”; more protests. The people were not protesting the arrests of al-Qaeda suspects as the official media is suggesting. The southerners believe (true or not) the hunt for al-Qa’ida in Aden is a pretense in order to conduct security operations against secessionists. The assault on the jail may go back to some land theft scheme where al Qamish was cut out or that may just be an incidental side story. Its not al-Qaida’s first assault on the regime reflecting a new level of hostility as some suggest.

The National: Clashes renewed between the police and armed gangs after Friday prayers in Al-Saadah quarter in Yemen’s business capital of Aden, independent sources said.

Today’s confrontations were triggered by the death of a prisoner who was arrested when people took to streets on Thursday to protest mass arrests after Saturday’s deadly terrorist attack on the political security office in the province.

The cause of the death remained unclear.

Ahmed Al-Darwish was among about 9 people arrested in connection with the attack that the authorities said bore the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda.

Some reports noted that more than 20 arrests took place when police raided homes and carried out mass arrests in Al-Saadah and Alnasr quarters in Khour Maksar district known as hotbeds of armed outlaws and suspected terrorists.

Most of the arrested were suspected Al-Qaeda operatives, according to security sources. The raids triggered clashes between armed gangs and the police.

On Saturday, gunmen broke into the office in Al-Towahi city shooting bullets and detonating bombs at guards and civilians. Seven soldiers, three women and a child were killed and 15 others were injured.

A day later, the authorities said the mastermind of the attack had been arrested. He was identified as Ghawdal Muhammad Saleh Naji, who the authorities said was a terrorist.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry ordered the security forces to stay on heightened alert to face possible attacks and watch the southern coastline to prevent terrorists from infiltrating into the country.

Ghalib al Gamish to Investigate the Assault on PSO HQ in Aden

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Update: Apparently the security had no bullets. Yemen Times:

Last Saturday, armed people attacked the Political Security office in Al-Tawahi district, Aden governorate. They killed 13 people, including seven soldiers, four women and a child.

“What happened is a scandal,” private sources reported told the Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper. «Armed people attacked the Political Security office in Aden where the security guards could not stop them. They exceeded all the security barriers and entered the security office building without being shot at even once. In the end they departed the place chanting joyfully in a triumphant tone.”

The sources told the newspaper said that there are signs that the attackers were not confronted by the guards who had no guns. According to the locals in Al-Tawahi district, all people who were suspected to be working for political security secretly disappeared during the attack.

OP: That’s hysterical, al Gamish to investigate. Either al Gamish planned it or the arrests and subsequent jailbreak were the result of infighting like occurred with Hamza al Qaiti after all the mortars missed in 2008. There was quite a verbal sparring match between the two in which al Qaiti said he was betrayed by al Gamish. Then he got killed in a shoot-out (like al Fawaz al-Reibi and the Egyptian Dwieder). Head of the PSO, Al Gamish was promoted (or at least got a second position) after the 2006 jail break. He’s been around for decades. The PSO is largely subverted by al-Qaeda but then again, al-Qaeda is also largely subverted by the PSO and sometimes (some of them) act as mercenaries. It was Al-Gamish, along with Saleh who negotiated directly with Abu al Feida on behalf of al-Qa’ida back in 2006. Quite a favorable deal it was for both sides. Al Feida had nothing but praise for the way the Yemeni regime handles the brothers.

Yemen Post: Minister of information , Mr . Hasan Al-lowzi has conformed that Yemen is a partner for the international society in all plans and operations that aim to face terrorism and it is fighting its individuals , Al-thawranet reported.

He said also , responding the question of Al-arabia channel in terms of the armed attack of Al-Qaida in Yemen that aimed political security office in Aden , ” There is a supreme committee presided by General Ghaleb Alqamesh , chief of political security system and the deputy of interior minister , interrogating this event to know every thing about it” .

He clarified that this terroristic work was unexpected for a city that has settlement and security as Aden that he conformed it as a secured city and all its visitors recognize that .

He said ” Today we go to Aden and pass in its streets without escorts and arms , and what happened was unexpected for a city that really distinguished to have a strong security because it is totally forbidden to bear arms in Aden” .

And in terms of security situation in Yemen and efforts paid to face terrorism , Al-lowzi pointed out that there is a fight , country and people are fighting against terrorism works especially Al-Qaida , and war will not be ceased until the specific and marked purposes in security plans to be achieved .

Minister of information also said ” Yemen is fighting really against terrorism , and it is a partner for the international society at facing it and there are threats should be taken to consideration and to be on the alert in the all governorates .

German and Iraqi Among Four in Court for Attack on UK Ambassador

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Telegraph: A German and an Iraqi were among four men accused in a Yemeni court on Wednesday of plotting a suicide bomb attack to kill Tim Torlot, the British Ambassador to Yemen, in the capital Sana’a.

Rami Hens, a German citizen whose mother is Yemeni, was on trial over the alleged plot, a court official said.

The ambassador was in a convoy travelling to the embassy on an April morning when the bomb was detonated.

Al-Shehri’s First AQAP Op is a Pipeline: Saudis

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Moron al Reimi below the fold.

Saudi Gazette
MARIB – Official sources have said that two Saudi nationals named on the Ministry of Interior’s list of 85 wanted terrorists were involved in last Saturday’s oil pipeline attack in the Yemeni region of Marib.
A Yemeni government source said that Saeed Al-Shehri – Al-Qaeda’s “second man” in the Arabian Peninsula – and the organization’s field commander Othman Al-Ghamdi were both involved, making it their first operation since joining up with the group in Yemen. The source added that three Yemenis – Qasim Al-Raimi, Saeed Ali Bin Jameel and Nasser Bin Douha – also took part in the bombing.
(Read on …)

Al Qaeda Injures Three Children in Errant Missile Attack

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Nasser Arrabee: Three children were injured one of them seriously, on Saturday when Al Qaeda in the eastern province of Mareb fired a missile on a military position in Mareb, where the government is implementing a military campaign against Al Qaeda. The local sources said the missile missed the military position and fell in a residential area injuring three children.

Aden: 11 killed and 12 wounded as AQAP suspects escape Political Security prison

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Aden: 11 killed and 12 wounded
AQAP suspects set free from Political Security in Yemen

by Abdullah A. Qaid- For Armies of Liberation

Sana’a- 16 June- At least 11 were killed and 12 wounded Saturday morning in Aden, southern of Yemen, as unidentified gunmen attacked the Political Security office. Most of the dead people were soldiers.

The initial fingerprint of the operation is pointing to the al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), security sources said.

About five gunmen wearing military uniforms stormed the security building in Attwahi with fired bullets and bombs that led to clashes inside the building.

During the attack, unknown numbers of prisoners suspected of being members of Al-Qaeda were set free by the operators, security source affirmed.

Although, the clash lasted for nearly half an hour, all the assailants together with the released prisoners escaped successfully.

Three women including the secretary of the director of the Political Security, along with a child was far from the Political Security, were among the dead persons.

The operation comes a day after a release by al-Qaeda threatened to ignite a fire under the earth what it called retaliation for the killing of women and children in Wadi Ubeeda of Marib.

The BBC correspondent in Sana’a quoted as a security source asked anonymity that the incident may come after collusion of security members within the political security.

The Attwahi district of Aden witnessed over the past months two explosions near the building of the Political Security and Television Broadcasting, in which the Director of the Political Security Attwahi and Al-Muala was killed.

According to Yemen News Agency (SABA), the Supreme Security Committee confirmed its intention to pursue the terrorist perpetrators and bring them to justice for their punishment and commended the cooperation of citizens in all provinces with the security services in calling upon everyone to report any presence of these misguided terrorist elements wherever they.


The Political Security building in Aden after today’s attack.

Update, AFP: They brought a bus. Witnesses also said the assailants “were seen leaving the building in a bus, taking people who had been detained there with them,” in what appeared to be a coordinated and well-planned operation.

Oh it just gets flakier and flakier: They all escaped in two cars with no prisoners after an hour of gun battles and RPG attacks. Another update: The local council denies and calls al Jazeera a liar.

(Read on …)

Al Qaeda Kills 37 Officials in 3 Years

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Global Times

Yemen government says al-Qaida kills 37 officials

Yemen’s government said Sunday that al-Qaida group has killed 37 senior army and security officials during the past three years, state media reported. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda Operative Hamza al Dhayani Surrenders in Yemen

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Also we learn that the recently surrendered al Zaidi is the cousin of the governor. Yemen has long had a habit of asking al Qaeda figures to go to prison for a while for the good of the country, i.e.- to take the US pressure off. Propaganda is a main stay of Yemen’s foreign policy. Click here for an earlier report on al Dhayani’s history and an interview where he accused the political security of concocting some terror attacks themselves for political purposes. He says he couldn’t be the driving instructor on the 2007 Marib attack because he doesn’t drive. Its hard to say who is the more credible source here…


SAN’A, Yemen — Yemen said Monday that an al-Qaida operative turned himself in to authorities in the country’s northeastern province, the second such surrender in two days.

The development came as Yemen intensified its campaign to drive al-Qaida militants from their strongholds across this impoverished Arabian Peninsula country.

According to a statement by Yemen’s Supreme Security Committee, the suspect gave himself up late Sunday in the province of Marib, surrendering to the local governor there.

The suspect was identified as Hamza Ali Saleh al-Dayan, who is believed to have trained suicide bombers and helped plan the July 2007 suicide attack that killed seven Spanish tourists and two Yemenis in the same province.

Al-Dayan was among 23 al-Qaida members who escaped from a Yemeni jail in Feb. 2006, through a tunnel dug under the prison. He was later accused of taking part in the 2008 mortar attack against the U.S. Embassy in San’a that killed a policeman and a young girl at an adjacent school. He and three accomplices fled in a car after that attack.

On Saturday, another suspected al-Qaida operative, Ghalib al-Zayedi, surrendered after lengthy mediation efforts to Marib’s Governor Naji bin Ali al-Zayedi, who is also his cousin.

Ghalib al-Zayedi was arrested in 2003 and spent the next three years in detention after being accused of hiding a man believed to be al-Qaida’s number two in Yemen.

al-Qa’ida less of a threat than southern protesters, al-Iryani

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SAN’A, Yemen — Yemeni officials say gunmen from a southern separatist movement ambushed a military convoy, killing two officers a day after a brazen assault on the southern intelligence headquarters.

The early Sunday ambush in the southern Dali province is the latest salvo in increasingly violent standoff between the government and a southern separatist movement. (Read on …)

American among foreigners rounded up in Yemen including Australian woman

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Several other foreigners were arrested in Yemen including Americans, Brits, French, Asians and Africans, at the behest of foreign intelligence agencies. Yemeni security said the group was linked to the Nigerian’s airliner terror plot and Anwar Awlaki who repeatedly announces how proud he is to have been Abdulmattalab’s “teacher.”

An Australian woman, Shyloh Giddins, was arrested in Yemen May 15. Her two children are under house arrest alone, with a neighbor tending to them twice a day. Giddens was associated with some Bengali citizens who were later deported from Yemen. ”

Yemen holds Americans, others in al-Qaida probe

SAN’A, Yemen — Yemeni authorities have detained several foreigners, including Americans, Britons and an Australian woman, in connection with an investigation into al-Qaida’s increased activity in the country, security officials said Wednesday.

The arrests were made after foreign intelligence agencies provided lists of names of people they wanted detained or put under surveillance, the two security officials said. (Read on …)

Backgrounder on German Girls Release

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Spiegel has some disturbing details.

When Manuela-Anett T. met her cousins Lydia, 6, and Anna, 4, in a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, earlier this week, it was as if the girls they knew had been swapped for others. The girls shyly said that their names were now Fatima and Sarah. And when questioned in German, they answered in Arabic.
(Read on …)

Two Kidnapped German Toddlers Freed in Yemen

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CNN reports a Saudi-Yemeni operation secured the release of two kidnapped German toddlers in Yemen. German authorities report the two little girls are in the hospital and will be flying home tomorrow, but their brother is probably dead. The children were rescued from somewhere in the war torn Sada’a province, the same area they were kidnapped from. The Germans and Saudis are still working to secure the release of their parents. A British engineer is also still being held. (Read on …)

AQAP Leader Threatens US if Awlaki Killed

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This is a ridiculous statement. Are they saying if the US does not target Awlaki, then AQAP won’t launch attacks? The statement at a minimum is the second indication that Awlaki is a member of AQAP’s elite. Awlaki’s recent appearance on an AQAP video was the first open acknowledgment of the relationship. Some had contended that Awlaki had no relationship with the group at all, beyond incitement-providing ideological legitimacy for random murder sprees. Naser al Wahishi had been silent following the air strikes in December and January, leading to speculation that he was killed. The prior threats issued from Awlaki’s tribe were shown to be false when the Awlaki Sheik denied that a meeting had occurred or a statement issued.

(Reuters) – Al Qaeda’s regional wing in Yemen has threatened the United States with more attacks should any harm come to a U.S.-born radical cleric wanted dead or alive by Washington, according to an audio tape posted online on Sunday. (Read on …)

AQAP Leader Naif al Qatani Killed in SA Last Month

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Qatani was designated as a member of a terror group this week by the US. State Dept. and the UN along with Qasim al Reimi.

Guardian A senior leader of the al-Qaida cell which attempted to assassinate the British ambassador to Sanaa and blow up a US passenger jet last Christmas has been killed in Saudi Arabia, according to a Yemeni source close to the group.

Nayif Mohammed Saeed al-Qahtani, described as the link man between the Saudi and Yemeni branches of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), was killed in a shoot-out last month with Saudi security forces, according to a Yemeni journalist, AbdulElah Shaea. (Read on …)

AQAP subdivision takes credit for attack on UK Ambassador

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Their statement pretty much echos what al Zindani said earlier in the year about the Brits.

AFP: WASHINGTON — Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed responsibility for the April 26 attack on Britain’s envoy to Yemen Timothy Torlot in a statement posted Tuesday on jihadist forums, the US monitoring group SITE said. (Read on …)

Yemen Arrests Everybody Involved in Tortlet Plot in Record Time

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Rashid Al Masiri says all the financiers, planners and equipment suppliers of the terror plot have been arrested, a major achievement for the security forces.

News Yemen: Interior Minister Mutahar Rashad al-Masri has said that the security authorities have captured masterminds behind terrorist attack on UK diplomat last Monday.

In his speech at the annual meeting of senior security commanders, al-Masri said: “The key planners who planned and funded the terrorist attack on the UK ambassador to Yemen have been captured.”

He did not name the arrested terrorists but said that the capture of terrorists in a short period of time was a great achievement by Yemeni security. Al-Masri said his ministry gives the development of security services more attention.

(Read on …)

Bomber Studied in a Religious School, Then Imprisoned

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The father called the PSO in Taiz to report him missing. Yemen Observer

Ali Noman al-Selwi, the father of the suicide bomber who targeted the convoy of the British ambassador to Yemen, told Yemen Observer that his son went to a religious institute with some al-Qaeda suspects.

“ My son, Othman, completed studying Quran at Ibn al-Ameer institute in the secondary years and then was imprisoned along with a few groups of his colleagues studing Quran, too,” said al-Selwi. (Read on …)

Abdulmuttalab’s Vid a Remix

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Its such a bad training video, really pathetic. Do they think the music will make everyone not notice what a bunch of bumbling idiots they look like, so they released it again???

ABC news: The new al Qaeda video of accused bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab at a desert training camp included footage that had been released previously, in January, 2009, according to a frame by frame analysis by terrorism expert Evan Kohlman of Flashpoint Global Partners. (Read on …)

Suicider Arrived in a Black Car Five Minutes Prior to Attack on UK Ambassador

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Roads to Iraq picks up a report from Barakish:

Last infor­ma­tion revealed that sui­cide bomber (you can see his decap­i­tate head here), is stepped out a black car with tinted car-windows five min­utes before he com­mit­ted the sui­cide attempt (I don’t think Al-Qaeda mem­bers are dri­ving in the cities with tinted car-windows, P.S. in Yemen and most Arab coun­tries, you need a per­mis­sion to drive such cars).

There are some inter­est­ing analy­sis says that this is an attempt planned by the Yemeni gov­ern­ment to force the coun­tries who promised to donate for the devel­op­ment of Yemen (and broke their promises).

One deduction we can make about the plot against the UK ambassador is that it was hatched by the same planner who previously attacked South Korean investigators in March 2009, also by bouncing an explosives laden youth off of a moving car. In that attack as well, no one was killed but the two suicide bombers.

The other relevant fact of the earlier attack is that al Qaeda admitted their operatives received inside information from the security forces. Even the Yemeni Parliament said the attack was proof the security forces were compromised. If we assume the same planner, we can then reasonably assume the same connections into the Yemeni intelligence and security forces still exist. The yet unconfirmed report that the youth arrived in a black car five minutes before the ambassador passed may indicate that the attacker knew the route and was laying in wait, as in the earlier instance. In the current case, the question remains, did Saleh call in a favor or did al Qaeda?

Updated: British Ambassador’s Would be Murderer Studied in the UK? No, in Jail.

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(Update: its his brother at university in the UK.)The, a Web site linked to Yemen’s military and security service, identified the suicide bomber in Monday’s attack on a convoy carrying the British Ambassador as Othman Ali al-Selwi, a 22-year-old student from the southern city of Taiz.

(Head of Central Security and presidential nephew) Yahya Saleh’s newspaper, Naba News reports the suicide bomber studied in Britain for nearly two years on a scholarship awarded by the British embassy and returned to Yemen a few months ago. He had no overt extremist leanings his family said. Naba’s sources theorize that he was radicalized in the UK or else the bombing was a reaction to a personal issue with the Embassy related to his studies.

Other sources say the 22-year old al Selwi was imprisoned in Sana’a and he paid regular visits to the National Security’s headquarters in Sana’a upon his release. News Yemen reports that al Selwi attended a technical institute in Marib after he graduated high school and was jailed for two years in a PSO jail on charges of belonging to al Qaeda.

This, though, is a ridiculous suggestion: WaPo: A statement by the Yemeni Embassy in Washington suggested that the attack may have been in retaliation for a Yemeni operation that killed two suspected al-Qaeda operatives in the western city of Hodeida on April 18.

If we recall, the two “al Qaeda operatives” killed were carrying IDs from the National Security and one was an agent of the Central Security.

An earlier attack on an official convoy targeted South Korean investigators in March 2009. They were in Yemen following the murder of three South Korean tourists. The route of the motorcade was disseminated to the so called al Qaeda by subverted elements within Yemen’s security forces, Parliamentarians charged.

Update: Yemen rounds up usual suspects, father confirms the bomber was recently released from jail:

Reuters, WaPo; Yemeni police arrested dozens of al Qaeda suspects in sweeps a day after a suicide bomber tried to kill Britain’s ambassador to Yemen, security officials said Tuesday.

At the 22-year-old bomber’s home near Sanaa, his father told Reuters that he condemned his son’s actions and that he had tried to get him to marry and find a job, before the young man went missing around six weeks ago.

Othman Ali al-Sulwi, who wore an explosive belt when he threw himself at a convoy taking Ambassador Tim Torlot to work Monday, had spent two years in prison before being released at the start of this year, his father said.

Naba sent the “He studied in the UK” story out as an email alert. Maybe mistaken identity. Update: yes, its his brother.

Update: The Interior Ministry denies the Reuters report of seven arrests in connection to the attack.

AQIY Taught Abdulmatallab to Shoot a Gun with His Toes

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What a pathetic bunch of losers if there ever was one…

ABC: New videos produced by al Qaeda in Yemen show the accused underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and others in his training class firing weapons at a desert camp whose targets included the Jewish star, the British Union Jack and the letters “UN.” (Read on …)

Small Explosion or Suicide Bomber Near UK Amb Car

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No injuries except to the bomber. Some reports said it was a suicide bomber but the Brits say small bomb. The state news agency SABA says the device was a suicide vest and the bombers head was found three houses away. News Yemen identifies the attacker as 22 year old Othman Ali al-Selwi, who was trained in Mareb province. The attack on a convoy is not the first. In March 2009, al Qaeda attacked the motorcade of South Korean officials who were in Sana’a to investigate a lethal suicide attack on South Koran tourists days earlier.

(CNN) — The British ambassador to Yemen survived an attack on his convoy in the capital, Sanaa, Monday morning, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office said.

“There was [a] small explosion beside the British Ambassador’s car. He was unhurt. No other Embassy staff or British Nationals were injured,” a statement said. Initial reports said two Yemenis — a man and a woman — were injured in the attack and taken to a nearby hospital. The convoy carrying Tim Torlot, 52, was near Berlin park and a short distance from the British embassy at the time of the blast.

Nearly related: The Debka spin is Saleh used US counter-terror funds to bribe al Qaeda to leave for Somalia: Failing to eradicate the al Qaeda presence by force, Salah summoned the tribal chiefs harboring al Qaeda centers and through them offered to pay the Islamists to leave the country. The bribe of an estimated $15-20 million was accepted and on April 7, 12 al Qaeda leaders, presenting themselves to the Somali Al-Shebab Islamist rebels as emissaries of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), turned up in Somalia to scout suitable areas under rebel control for new bases, their pockets well lined with US dollars to pay for their lease.

AQIY Responsible for downing Ethiopian Airliner?

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I would think AQIY would haven taken credit as they do for their other failed operations especially after the Nigerian.

Ethioguardinan: British intelligence agents have reopened their investigation into the mysterious crash of an Ethiopian Airlines passenger jet last February after a terror suspect taken into custody in Saudi Arabia confessed it was bombed, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. The information came after the mass arrest of more than 100 al-Qaida terror suspects in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia). (Read on …)

The al Qaeda Magazine and other AQIY updates

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- Nasheri to military trial

- dated 2/14/10, Newsweek: In late January, an Al Qaeda operative headed from Pakistan on his way to Yemen was arrested in the Persian Gulf country of Oman, a U.S. counter-terrorism official confirmed…Even more noteworthy, the postings -written by a fellow Al Qaeda “brother” – reported that Al Eidan had with him 300 “important phone numbers” as well as pictures, names and documents from Afghanistan. (Read on …)

AQAP Received Training on Poisen Gases from Pakistani Expert

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This is all coming from the governor of Abyan, al Maseri. A Pakistani expert came to Yemen last year to train them on smaller, undetectable explosives and he died at some point in a work accident. Another Pakistani gave training on poisen gases. Four months ago they got aid with the help of non-Yemenis in the organization. Al Maseri says the security forces found a similiar substance to that used to attack Prince Naif.

Saudi Gazette Pakistani built bomb to kill Prince, says Yemeni official
By Abdullah Al-Oraifij
ABYAN, Yemen – Dramatic new claims have been made that a Pakistani explosives expert was responsible for manufacturing the bomb that was used by a suicide bomber in a failed attempt to assassinate Prince Muhammad Bin Naif Bin Abdul Aziz, Assistant Interior Minister for Security Affairs at his palace in Jeddah last August.
Talking to Okaz, Ahmad Al-Maseeri, Governor of Abyan in Yemen, said that the man who made the explosive capsule, used by Abdullah Hasan Al-Asiri in his attempt to kill the Prince, was a Pakistani. (Read on …)

“Hidden roles between Sanaa regime and al-Qaeda”

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More buzz on Ali Mohsen from al Wahdawi below the fold. This investigative report from “Saadaonline” is not too surprising:

Ali Mohsen coordinating with al Qaeda in Sa’ada
Salafi leaders integrated directly into the military
Tribal militias and other groups armed by the military
Zaidi mosques handed over to Salafis
Kidnappers were unable to relocate the hostages initally because of Houthi control of many areas and were forced to leave the bodies inside the military controlled Al Jbarah valley
Yemeni government behind the recent declaration of jihad if western troops enter Yemen

Hidden roles between Sanaa regime and al-Qaeda

Special News Saada

we talk about Saada previously and the hijacking of doctors in
Saada province on the role of a hidden secret and to coordinate with the secret coordination with pro Government:

Especially in the area of Wadi (Valley) Al-Abu Jebara
we talked previously about the history of this valley and where Al Qaedeh fighters training.

Funds, which pumps by Saudi princes and their relationship with Osama bin Laden through private sources, News Saada inside the corridors of military bases and political situation in Saada

During the latest sadah War mostly at Abu Ali font , we got field information that confirm that :ABADAH and TAYS group and other groups from WADY- Valley- Al JBAREH had met with local officials of Sadah and received ammunition and weapons to confront Al Hoothy from behind, and that what really happened .

Those days we got secret and confidential information when news focused on Qaeda in Yemen. The information said that there is currently coordination between military commanders/ eaders loyal to Ali Mohsen Al Ahmar through his office in Saddah, the aim of this coordination is bolstering and unify their actions against Al Hoothy. (Read on …)

Bin Laden Claims Yemen Airliner Plot

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In an audio tape broadcast by al Jazeera today, al Qaeda leader Usama Bin Laden claimed credit for the failed plot to bomb an airliner as it was landing in Detroit, December 25. Bin Laden called the Nigerian perpetrator of the plot, Abdulmutallab Al-Farouq , “a hero” and said the plot was intended to send the same message as the attacks of 9/11.

“America will not even dream of security, until security becomes a reality in Palestine. It is not fair that you enjoy your lives, while our brothers in Gaza live in hardship. Therefore, our raids against you will continue, Allah willing, as long as your support of the Israelis continues.”

The attack had earlier been claimed by al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Nasir al Wahishi, a former lieutenant of bin Laden, is heading the terror group’s offshoot in Yemen. The group merged in January 2009 with al Qaeda’s Saudi branch. Saudi Said al Shihri is the military commander of the organization.
ON January 19, the US State Department designated al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. The group and two of its two top leaders Nasir al-Wahishi and Said al-Shihri were also designated under executive order number 13224. The UN’s 1267 committee also designated AQAP as a terrorist organization along with al Wahishi and al Shihir. As a result all UN member states are required to freezes their asserts, ban travel and embargo arms transfers to these entities.

Prior to being read his Miranda rights, Al Farouq claimed that he was trained by al Qaeda in Yemen and many other suicide bombers had undergone training in Yemen. The UK raised its terror threat level to “severe” in advance of a conference on Yemen scheduled for January 27 in London.

DUBAI — Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden claimed responsibility for the botched Christmas Day bombing of a US airliner and vowed further strikes on US targets, in an audio message broadcast on Sunday. (Read on …)

Houthis Claim Proof of Yemen Govt Financing and Facilitating Al Qaeda

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Well, I’d like to see their proof. There’s a lot of talk but not many documents, details or witnesses.

Press TV: Yemen’s Houthi fighters accuse the Sana’a government of fueling violence in the country in a bid to attract financial backing from the United States.

The Shia resistance fighters charged the central government with forging an al-Qaeda cell in Yemen, adding that the abduction of foreigners in the country is another part of the scheme planned by Sana’a.

The Houthis insisted that they have evidence showing that the Yemeni government supplies arms to and finances militants throughout the country.

al Qaeda Demands Two Million for German Hostages

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The last time “al Qaeda” demanded money was in August 08, five million dollars. It was the era of the Yemen Soldiers Brigades (now theres a blast from the past). Supposedly, Islamic Jihad and Hamza al Qaiti, claimed responsibility for the car bombing of a police station in Sayoun, and demanded the money to stop future attacks. The very sad incident of the German’s kidnapping has been bizarre from day one. The demand for funds is unusual. Damanding prisoner releases is not. But Saleh says he knows where the German family is being held and is negotiating. The Germans are skeptical.

Speigel: The German government has been presented with a new challenge in Yemen. Kidnappers holding a German family are allegedly demanding $2 million in ransom and the release of several suspected Islamist terrorists being held by the Yemeni government. The demands are being met with skepticism. (Read on …)

Airline Plot Intell Review

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frick NY Times: WASHINGTON — Worried about possible terrorist attacks over the Christmas holiday, President Obama met on Dec. 22 with top officials of the C.I.A., F.B.I. and Department of Homeland Security, who ticked off a list of possible plots against the United States and how their agencies were working to disrupt them. (Read on …)

Yemen Negotiates for Foreign Hostages

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The Daily Mail: Yemen has started negotiations with kidnappers holding one British and five German hostages. The Yemeni foreign minister has confirmed that talks are taking place to free the Europeans believed to have been kidnapped by Al Qaeda.
(Read on …)

Saleh Knows Location of Five German Hostages and Brit

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Thats just smashing!!! For more, see my category, “9 hostages”, on the side bar.

BBC: German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has made a surprise visit to Yemen, where five German nationals have been held hostage for six months. (Read on …)

20 More Bombers Trained in Yemen?

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WASHINGTON: Twenty other young Muslim radicals have been trained to blow up planes by al-Qaida in Yemen, a young Nigerian charged with trying to blow up a US airliner has told FBI.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, has told FBI that close to 20 other young Muslim men were being prepared in Yemen to use the same technique to blow up airliners, CBS said in an exclusive investigative report.

US surprised by AQAP’s links to Pakistan? Say it aint so…

Newsweek: U.S. officials have been surprised by what they’ve discovered about the resurgence of Al Qaeda in Yemen in the aftermath of the Christmas Day bombing attempt by a Nigerian student who says he was trained and equipped there. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), as this offshoot is called, is linked directly to the “core” group in Pakistan and it is now “one of the most lethal” affiliates, White House counterterrorism coordinator John Brennan said at a news conference.

Times Online:

Yemeni security sources believe that of the 15-20 Britons recently recruited by Al-Qaeda, most have undergone training in camps in Rafad, a mountainous region in the southeast. It lies in the province where Abdulmutallab is thought to have met Anwar al-Awlaki, a radical cleric who is viewed as a big influence in luring foreign recruits to Al-Qaeda.

One institution popular with British Muslims is Dar alHadith in Dammaj, northern Yemen. US defence officials have described the institute as a “known terrorist training centre”. This has always been denied by the institute.

Students can access weapons there, and teachings have traditionally been anti-western. Students are told that democracy is an enemy of Islam and locals are reported to refer to America as “the great Satan”.

Abu Muaz, head of the Salafi Youth Movement in the UK, said about 50 Britons had gone to study at Dar al-Hadith. “Most want to learn about Islam, but there are some jihadi supporters who decide to take up arms,” he said.

Five Alive

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That’s truely excellent news but I’m dubious about the claims of a joint Houthi- al Qaeda operation.

SANAA — Five Germans, including three children, and a British national who have been held by kidnappers in Yemen for the past six months are still alive, a top official said on Thursday.

“We have confirmed information that they are still alive. They are five Germans and a British national,” deputy prime minister for defence and security affairs, Rashad al-Aleemi, told a press conference. (Read on …)

Awlaki Met with Nigerian Airline Bomber

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Anwar’s been a busy bee, issuing fatwas, negotiating tribal alliances, and meeting with would be suicide bombers. In his recent public statements and interviews, Awlaki justified attacks on US military personnel as legitimate jihad. Apparently he also promoted attacks on civilians as acceptable (if not required) by Islamic law. LAT:

Under questioning by the FBI, Abdulmutallab has said that he met with Awlaki and senior Al Qaeda members during an extended trip to Yemen this year, and that the cleric was involved in some elements of planning or preparing the attack and in providing religious justification for it, officials said. (Read on …)

Anwar Awlaki

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Washington Post

SANAA, YEMEN — The Yemeni American cleric at the center of investigations into last month’s massacre of 13 people at Fort Hood, Tex., became more openly radical in Yemen, following a path taken by other extremists in this failing Middle East nation with a growing al-Qaeda presence, according to relatives, friends and associates in Yemen. (Read on …)

Yemeni Terror Fanatics Claim Terror Plot on Airline

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Fox News: CAIRO — Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula on Monday claimed responsibility for the attack on a U.S. airliner bound for Detroit on Christmas Day, saying it was retaliation for a U.S. operation against the group in Yemen. (Read on …)

25 Brits Training in Yemen for Suicide Missions

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How many of the “secret training camps” are actually “abandoned military bases” like the one found in Sa’ada when the Germans were doing a fly-over searching for the children? Or have been built with the assistance of subverted aspects of the security forces, and thats a generous description, like the one in the mountains near Ja’ar?

The Sun COPS fear that 25 British-born Muslims are plotting to bomb Western airliners. The fanatics, in five groups, are now training at secret terror camps in Yemen. (Read on …)

Airline Plot Method Matches Yemen Al Qaeda Attack on Prince Naif

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PETN, our new vocabulary word, was used in both the attack of Prince Naif and in the recent airliner incident. In both cases the explosive device was sewn into underware. The Nigerian says he was trained at a camp near Sana’a (Arhab?), and recruited online by a “radical cleric” who facilitated contact with al Qaeda in Yemen. The Yemeni government hasn’t yet recieved any official communications from the US on the matter. Full coverage of the earlier attack on Prince Naif here in my category, Attacks-Prince.

MSNBC: U.S. agencies are looking into whether al-Qaida extremists in Yemen directed Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab and provided him with the explosives used in the failed bombing of Northwest Flight 253, senior administration officials told NBC News on Saturday. (Read on …)

Airline Plot Links to Yemen?

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Nigerian student studying in the UK flying from the Netherlands to Detroit tries to detonate explosive device he says he obtained from Yemen. BBC:

A Nigerian reported to have links to al-Qaeda is being questioned after an attempted act of terrorism on a plane arriving in the US, officials say.

They say the 23-year-old man was trying to ignite an explosive device as the jet approached Detroit from Amsterdam. (Read on …)

Three Kidnapped German Children in Video: German NP

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There’s hope yet…

German newspapers are reporting that three children kidnapped in Yemen along with their parents June 13 were seen alive in a video. There’s no indication yet about the circumstances of the video or how it was obtained. The German government hasn’t confirmed or denied the reports.


The children’s parents and four other medical workers in the Sa’ada region were taken at gunpoint by unknown persons. Three young nurses were found murdered days later. Besides the children and their parents, a British engineer remains missing in Yemen. See my category “nine hostages” for full coverage since the incident.

The Yemeni government instantly blamed the Houthi rebels for the kidnapping, although there were no indications at all of who was responsible. Along with western investigators, Yemeni authorities launched a search, discovering an al Qaeda traning camp in an abandoned military outpost. Other hypothesis pointed to a power struggle among major drug dealers with the authorities.

At the time of the kidnapping, the rebels and others postulated that the Germans’ kidnapping was a precursor to another war, pointing specifically to the alleged “false flag” attack on the bin Sallem mosque that preceded the fifth Sa’ada war in northern Yemen. War resumed in August, with devastating consequences on the civilian population. (Read on …)

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