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The Link: Will Abu Hamza’s trial implicate Ali Mohsen and al Zindani in terrorist acts?

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The kidnappers called General Ali Mohsen as verified by one of the hostages and Mohsen who said they called to negotiate. The following article (manually translated) says that both Mohsen and al Zindani are worried about what information may be exposed during the trial of Abu Hamza al Masiri.

The 2006 book Imperial Grunts by Robert Kaplan talks about the CIA paying “bad guy” General Ali Mohsen earlier in the decade as the cost of doing business in Yemen. Mohsen officially handled “the jihaddist file” for former president Saleh until his defection to the revolution in March 2011. From 2006-2010, Ali Mohsen commanded military forces and jihaddists in Saada against the Houthis in a manner thought to comprise war crimes. State tactics, like the denial of food to the region and mass arrests, were also labeled collective punishment by international rights groups. The pipeline of Yemeni and foreign jihaddists and suicide bombers to Iraq 2004-2007 ran through Mohsen’s camps and safe houses, with Ali Saleh’s full knowledge and approval. Not to mention the USS Cole bombing.

The US is long overdue in recognizing that “some officers hands are stained with the blood of our soldiers”, instead of continually placating and bribing both Saleh and Mohsen, two of the biggest terrorist facilitators in the region. But its a long shot in the absence of a rational US policy on Yemen.

Article below notes Dajalul was appointed a government position in Amran after his release in 2004.

The Link: Trial of Abu Hamza al-Masri, in America, is it going to finish with the request of trial ” Ali Mohsen” and ” al-Zindani ” ?
Recently Britain handed Abu Hamza al-Masri to America for trial in America on terrorism-related offenses, and actually Abu Hamza’s trial began in America .trial will address issues related with Abu Hamza al-Masri , especially those relating to the kidnapping of 16 British and an Australian hostages. it took place in Abyan carried out in 98 and the ( Aden-Abyan ) Army in the province of Abyan , Which claimed the lives of a number of kidnapped when freed. The issue then was about a close relationship with Abu Hamza, according to the confessions of the accused during their trial in Yemen. So Yemeni authorities call on Britain to hand over Abu Hamza for trial, and accused him of officially being behind terrorist operations, and terrorist groups in Yemen.

On the other hand Ali Mohsen was a close relationship with the Army of Aden, and behind the same process , according to the results of trial Abulhassan Almihdhar,the main culprit of the process., Who sentenced to death and executed, he said,” we had informed the commander Ali Mohsen of the process but it is he who instructed us to do to put pressure on the authority to release our detainees” .He added” after kidnapping told him we have got sixteen cartons”, means kidnappers. And he was in contact with us and follow the process , and then reported information said that Abu Hamza al-Masri was on full coordination with the kidnappers side with Ali Mohsen in his activities and relationships in Yemen on the other, in real Ali Mohsen was direct contact with Abu Hamza al-Masri, in Britain, in particular coordination on some financial matters.

Things do not stop at this point, but extends to the bombing, which spilled over to the British Embassy, which was carried out by the time Abu Bakr close Djajul of Mohsen , who appointed him as an officer, and was appointed director of one of the districts of Amran governorate released after the end of 2004.
And who has appointed .

And timely trial revealed elements of the Army (Aden / Abyan) that the army was formed in the (Al-eyman University ) by confessions Abu Huraira Altunisi , also Abu Hassan Mehdar revealed that he was one of the guards ” Sheikh Zindani”, who in turn had a relationship with Abu Hamza, who was sending him students Muslims of Britain and Europe to study at (Al-Eyman University ) Which founded by Zindani and includes a large group of students from different nationalities.

Informed sources said that Mohsen follow Abu Hamza trial with deep concern , and his worried increased after last meeting with U.S. Ambassador to Guard commander, and reportedly that ” U.S. National Security Advisor” said to President Hadi, ” some of your officers their hands stained with the blood of our soldiers “, and benefit information that Mohsen and Zindani formed a team of lawyers those close to them to study and monitor the trial of, in America step by steps, fearing of surprises not agreed with him. and they had told him some specific messages before being handed over to America during his trial in Britain.

due to the relationship between “Ali Mohsen” and ” al-Zindani” with Abu Hamza al-Masri, there is likely to be tried both of them , in the case they discovery that there is a link between ” ali mohsen ” and ” the bombing of the USS Cole ” and other issues related which Abu Hamza al-Masri trial about it currently in America

Original Arabic below: (Read on …)

French hostages in Yemen face execution deadline

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Yemen Post reports the demands are money and the release of imprisoned terrorists, but the demands themselves and the timing of the kidnapping, following a French call for Saleh to step down, the odd video without any al Qaeda characteristics, the tension with (if not expulsion of) the French ambassador for his remarks, the bombing of TOTAL’s pipeline and the pending UN resolution may all indicate the statement is yet another attempt by the Sana’a regime to spin the media away from the slaughter in the capital.

The situation echos that of the German hostages, a crime thought committed by Saleh loyalists linked to drug smugglers and al Qaeda. As the recent West Point paper pointed out, many of the security officials murdered by al Qaeda were in fact counter-narcotics agents, and that’s another area where the footprints of al Qaeda and the Sana’a regime overlap.

Obama should grab that sleazy slimy mass murderer rat Saleh by the throat and throttle him until he gives up these and all the Yemeni hostages. Dozens more severely wounded Yemenis were kidnapped by security forces in the last days, including women, but likely the Yemenis will get much less publicity. The regime has got to go.

Yemen Post: French Hostages in Yemen Face New Challenges

On May 28th, 2011, 3 French aid workers were kidnapped in the eastern Yemeni province of Hadramaut as they were conducting a field trip near Sayyun. (Read on …)

AQAP ransom demand for kidnapped French aid workers

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Ammar wants new toys? There was never a legitimate ransom demand from al Qaeda in Yemen in the past. Its interesting the regime knows the hostages are in good health. But then again, Saleh’s network has many conduits to “al Qaeda.” The French workers were kidnapped after France made a statement urging Saleh to leave the throne immediately.

News 24: Sanaa – Three French aid workers who were kidnapped in southeastern Yemen are held by al-Qaeda members who are seeking a $12m ransom for their release, tribal sources said on Wednesday.
(Read on …)

3 French aid workers missing in Sayoun, Hadramout, Yemen

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Many foreigners, dozens, have been kidnapped in Yemen by tribes over the last decade and all have been returned without harm. The timing of this is off though. Some are saying that since the “AQAP take-over of Abyan” didn’t generate a US reversal, Saleh is continuing to play on AQ fears with this incident. Maybe his forces will find and rescue them into order to put Saleh in a good light.

BBC: Three French aid workers are feared kidnapped after going missing in southern Yemen, officials say. The three are reported to have gone missing in Hadramawt in the south-east.

They had been in Seyun since mid-April working for Triangle Generation Humanitaire, a French NGO working in Yemen since 1998. (Read on …)

Two al Qaeda killed in Saada, al Tais again, were mourning AQ death in Marib

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The point to note with regard to the following article is the two AQ were killed during a mourning ceremony for another who was killed in Marib. For the readers convenience, I am re-posting my article, Large al Qaeda camp in North Yemen dims peace prospects, politician says to illuminate the al Taiz clan. Saada, as you will note, is where Ammar al Waeli (see the 2002 FBI alert) was, as I heard it, standing on a roof exhorting the residents. In the same ruling last week that released Badr al Hassani, Al Waeli was recently sentenced to fifteen years in jail, in absentia I am assuming. The hostilities between the al Tais and the state began after the Houthis captured their commander, Hussain al Tais, and turned him over to the state. Then AQ captured Col Hosam in Saada and issued an ultimatum. According to local reports, Col Hosam was not killed despite the AQ vid announcing his death (see below). The point is the linkage between the well established al Qaeda presence in Saada and the better understood al Qaeda in Marib and what is currently known as AQAP.

Two al-Qaeda elements killed in Saada north Yemen al Motamar: Wednesday, 09-March-2011
- Local sources in Saada province in north Yemen have confirmed the killing of two elements from al-Qaeda organisation and injury of a third in exchange of fire with gunmen from Al Tais in Kitaf district. The sources clarified that the clashes resulted in the killing of two of al-Qaeda elements; Ali Nasser al-Tais and Abdullah Hassan al-Tais in addition to the wounding of Arif Saleh Rashid. The sources pointed out that the clashes erupted during mourning on the death of al-Qaeda element called Abdullah Hadi al-Tais killed by security men in clashes in Mareb last week.

My article from March 2010: (Read on …)

Al Qaeda in Yemen executes Col Ali Hosam, PSO officer kidnapped in Saada

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That is really disgusting, and a sad ending to a complicated story. Col Hossam was kidnapped after the Houthis captured Hussain al Tais in Saada and turned him over to the state. Why didn’t the security forces launch some kind of raid on Abu Jubarah? There were pretty good odds that’s were a lQaeda was holding him, as I wrote at the time. Full details, click here. Update: Now in English:

Yemen Online The Yemen-based al-Qaida wing executed a top intelligence official after Sanaa government refused to swap two al-Qaida detainees for the senior official, a video tape posted by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) on the internet on Tuesday said.

“Deputy Director of the Yemeni Political Security Service, Colonel Ali Mohammed Salah al-Husam, was executed, with bullets fired at the back of his head, after he admitted that he had spied on Mujahedeen in the previous years,” they said in the 17-minute videotape. The group said al-Husam was running a network of espionage in Saada for 20 years and had snatched many of al-Qaida-related ideology students and held them incommunicado in prisons.

“The execution of this officer is also a message to those intelligence officers who still work for Sanaa government and the U.S. intelligence agencies,” the group added. Last September, the AQAP set 48 hours for Sanaa government to swap two al-Qaida detainees for al-Husam.

“There will be no way to know the fate of this agent unless the government releases the two brothers, Hussain al-Tais and Mashhour al-Ahdal, within 48 hours,” according to their statement which posted on Sept. 21 website. (Read on …)

The Houthis view of al Qaeda in Yemen (AQAP): a beneficial clone

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This is not a statement from Abdelmalik al Houthi directly but the analysis does give a good overview of the Houthis world view regarding al Qaeda in Yemen verses the real al Qaeda, and its relation to Saudi Arabia, the Saleh regime and the bombings last week. The thinking is much more sophisticated than “Al Qaeda is an American creation.” What they say is that the al Qaeda in Yemen is distinct from the al Qaeda of bin Laden because the genesis of the organization in Yemen was guided and exploited by both the Saleh regime and the Saudis. The continued presence of al Qaeda operatives and Afghan Arabs in the Yemeni military, intelligence, security forces and mosques and their participation in the Saada War demonstrates that it is a distinct and artificial organism. Other operatives, mercenaries, receive salaries from the state and even health insurance, the author states, and this cloned al Qaeda has carried out numerous plots (from the assassinations of the socialist leaders in the 1990’s to the 2009 kidnapping of the Germans) designed to relieve pressure from Saleh and bolster Saudi Arabia, and it paves the way for US intervention in Yemen. Much of this is historically correct and not a view unique to the Houthis, it overlaps in many places with the southerners and other Yemeni observers’ conceptualization of AQAP in what I call the Anti al-Qaeda narrative. Unfortunately I got the article in Arabic, and the following is a google translation, the original below:

Some still believe the existence of the so-called al-Qaeda in Yemen, as an organization sub-base I’m not den that is hostile to the intervention of the Americans and their allies in the region, and this is an illusion refuted by the reality of this organization and the reality of its operations, and ratings of his enemies, and the source of funding, and the goals established in Yemen for it,

That there is no confusion in Afghanistan organization called al Qaeda linked to bin Laden and Zawahiri, regardless of connections and its role and functions assigned to it hidden a lot of observers, including the relationship between the Americans and older since the wars in Afghanistan and the Soviet Union,

In Yemen, Al-Qaida real it can not be established here, (Read on …)

Saudi doctor abducted in Sa’ada, Update: AQAP demanding release of Hussain al Tais, Update: Dr. released as Ali Mohsen intervenes

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Summary: The Houthis captured AQAP operatives and Dammaj “students” -perhaps teachers- Hussain al-Tais and Mashhour al Ahdel in al Jawf in August. Al Tais, a former Gitmo detainee, was active in Saada, associated with General Ali Mohsen and Ammar al Waeli and thought to be involved with the kidnapping of the Germans in June 09. The rebels turned the two over to the security forces. AQAP then kidnapped the deputy director of the PSO in Saada, Ali Hosam, and issued a deadline for al Tais’s release. There was no further news on al Hosam. The two suicide attacks this week on the Houthis are thought to be in retaliation for al Tais’s capture. Yesterday AQAP kidnapped the head of the hospital in Saada to bargain for al-Tais’s release. They took him to the Wadi Abu Jubarah al Qaeda training camp. Ali Mohsen negotiated successfully with the AQAP kidnappers for the doctor’s release, based on a promise of the prisoners’ release, according to al Eshteraki and Yemen Online. Or possibly blacklisted weapons dealer Fares Manna did the negotiating, according to AFP via al Sahwa:

“Dhafer al-Shihri was freed after mediation led by a tribal chief, Sheikh Fares Mannaa,” the source told AFP, on condition of anonymity. He said the kidnappers who seized the doctor on Sunday had agreed to the release after a pledge that one of the jailed men, Abdullah al-Dibai, held for more than a year on charges of belonging to Al-Qaeda, would be freed…

“The kidnappers drove the hostage to the region of Wadi al-Ghabara,” 70 kilometres (40 miles) north of Saada, a local official who asked not to be identified told AFP. They had demanded the release of nine members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) imprisoned in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

“Among them are Saleh al-Tyss (ed- a/k/a Hussain al Tais) and Abdullah al-Ahdal (ed- a/k/a Mashhour al Ahdal per an earlier AQAP statement), two leaders of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula held in Yemen, and Saleh al-Shihri, another AQAP leader jailed in Saudi Arabia,” the local official added….

Tension has been rife between the Shiite rebels and AQAP in northern Yemen since the rebels detained five Al-Qaeda members whom they handed over to Yemeni authorities over the past two weeks.

Also the doctor in an interview after his release reports seeing three other kidnapped Yemenis, including a military officer, so that’s a hopeful indication of the fate of kidnapped PSO Commander Hosam.

(Read on …)

Al Qaeda in Saada, Abu Juabarah, May Execute Kidnapped PSO Cmdr

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This must mean that Hussain al Taiz is still in custody. Earlier reporting here. If Ammar al Waeli is in Abu Jabarah, along with other top level terrorists, why doesn’t the military launch a raid on the training camp? Oh wait, the military subcontracts their services on a regular basis.

Al Tagheer: قال مصدر أمني بمحافظة صعدة اليمنية ، فضل عدم ذكر اسمه لـ ” التغيير ” ، اليوم الاثنين ، إنه قلق بشان تردد أنباء عن اعتزام عناصر القاعدة تنفيذ حكم الإعدام بحق العقيد علي محمد الحسام نائب مدير الأمن السياسي الذي يعاني من وضع صحي حرج ، خلال الـ 24 ساعة القادمة . A security source said the Yemeni province of Saada, who preferred anonymity for “change”, on Monday, he was concerned about the reports about Al-Qaeda’s intention to implement the death sentence against Colonel Ali Hussam Mohammed, deputy director of political security, who is suffering from critical health status, during the 24 the next hour. (Read on …)

Two arrested in Saada, Updated with Houthi statement

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Update: Houthis issue a statement that seems to indicate that the prior al Qaeda statement demanding Hussain al Tais’s release is bogus and a pretext to begin bombing markets under the guise of counter-terror. And while the Houthis do have quite a conspiratorial view of al Qaeda, the interesting thing about the several questionable al Qaeda attacks over the years, which were claimed in internet statements by al Qaeda, is that if they are false flag attacks, the “real” al Qaeda never disputed that the statements of responsibility. Original Arabic below but my formatting is messed up.

Subject: Houthi: prosecution of al-Qaeda “flimsy excuses”
‫ in a statement issued by the office of Abdul-Malik al-leader of the movement Alhotheip North Yemen, he said that in response to al Qaeda statement and explanation of events and facts were stated, “to the awareness and vision of society in general, shatter all the plots that target directly in order to stir up sectarian strife, sectarian and tarnish the image of the nation which adhered to approach the Holy Quran and the household of prophecy ”

He touched on the statement arrived in the crowd Net to the hijacking of the Deputy Director of Political Security in Ramadan, “In the month of Ramadan have been kidnapped, deputy director of political security of the central governorate of Saada hot Officers On Monday, 9/20/2010 issued a so-called al Qaeda in the island Arabs adopted a statement which the process of abduction, deputy director of political security that have occurred in the 08/26/2010 statement comes after the adoption process (24) days of the kidnapping incident .. ”

The statement added: “Here, put a lot of question marks that confirm that all the incidents that take place in the northern provinces aimed at opening the door of the bombings and killing people in mosques and markets of those flimsy arguments (the so-called pursuit of al-Qaeda members) …. (Read on …)

Updated: AQAP claims Hussain al-Tais and Mashhour al-Ahdal, al Tais a known affiliate of General Ali Mohsen

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Update: Sahwa Net- Qawkban tribes of al-Mahweet province said it would retaliate al-Qaeda in case its fellow member Ali al-Hostam, the deputy head of intelligence in Saada is harmed by al-Qaeda, appealing President Ali Abdullah Saleh to save his life. (text below) Also, the German ambassador met yesterday with President Saleh. The state media reported the meeting was to praise Yemeni unity. Also see my earlier article on an interview with Hassan Zaid about the training camp in Abu Jubara dtd 3/29/10.

Original: The Chinese do very well reporting on Yemen, oddly enough. Al Ahdel, is this a relative of Mohammed Hamdi al Ahdel, the financier of the USS Cole bombing? Or his lesser cousins, Mohammed bin Mohammed al Ahdel and Mohammed Ahmed al Ahdel who, along with Cole bombers Fahd al Quso and Jamal al Badawi, escaped Aden jail in 2003? I think AQAP hung themselves with this one just by claiming Hussain al Tais, a long time known affiliate of General al Ahmar. Its funny the only actual al Qaeda in jail in Yemen was captured by the Houthis, except for the issue of the remaining German hostages.

People’s Daily: The Yemen-based al-Qaida wing set 48 hours for Sanaa government to swap two al-Qaida detainees for a senior intelligence official it captured late last month in the northern troubled province of Saada. (Read on …)

Saada has always been an important base for al Qaeda

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The al Tais al Qaeda group functions as General Ali Mohsen’s al Ahmar’s mercenaries in the Saada War. I have written about them extensively. They have official passports, transit the border with Saudi Arabia easily and many have military positions. They are big in the honey business. Al Qaeda has been active in the Sa’ada War since 2004. Everyone knows this, including the US, but they got a pass as “militants” not necessarily connected to the main Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. This was an entirely incorrect assessment. Additionally, the headquarters of the Dar al Hadieth network is in Dammaj, Sa’ada as well as the Abu Jabarah training camp, which houses about 500 jihaddists on a rotating basis. Last I checked on Abu Jubarah, there’s no women or children there, just terrorists training. The Sa’ada region has been closed to journalists and international agencies since 2004.

Bottom line: the Houthis captured General Ali Mohsen’s boy, Hussain al Tais, and AQAP is agitating for his release by kidnapping a Yemeni official. The primary and pressing issue at this moment though is to interrogate Hussain al Tais about the location of the German and British al Qaeda hostages.

Reuters: SANAA (Reuters) – The Yemeni wing of al Qaeda has claimed the August kidnapping of a senior intelligence official in the northern province of Saada and demanded the release of two imprisoned militants. (Read on …)

Deputy PSO Chief Captured by Al Qaeda in Saada, to exchange for their leader Hussain al Tais captured in al Jawf by the Houthis

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At the time of the Germans’ kidnapping, in Sa’ada in June 09, myself and others published reports of Hussain al Tais’s (and the al Tais al Qaeda gang in Sa’ada’s) possible involvement. (Actually for five years I have documenting the al Qaeda in Sa’ada including al Nabi who fought there in 2005 and is now commissioned to fight in the south.) So recently, the Houthis captured Hussain al Tais in al Jawf, handed him over to the PSO in Sa’ada, and then al Qaeda kidnapped the deputy PSO to bargain for al Tais’s exchange. The AQAP statement on al Tais also proves that they are in Sa’ada. Its a very important base for them. But maybe someone should ask al Qaeda to return the other four European hostages, (two German parents, their infant son, and a Brit) before they give him up. But clearly al Tais can’t remain in custody- because he actually knows something. The Yemeni government will release him or kill him. Link at Marib Press. But the one at al Masdar Online translates better:

Source Online – Special
Al Qaeda in Yemen (Base of Jihad in the Arabian Peninsula) claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of Colonel Ali Hussam Mohammed Salah, deputy director of Political Security in the province of Saada.

And demanded that al-Qaeda in a statement in this regard, published positions on the Web site, the government release two members of the al-Qaeda said, “they captured in a point belonging to the Alhouthein in al-Jawf province, after that, the Houthis Shiites surrender them to the Director of the Political Security Saada Yahya Almrani according to confessions deputy director of political security prisoner to us. ” The statement said.

And the granting of the statement of organization, dated today, Monday, 11 October 1431 the government 48 hours to release (Hussein goat and famous VMA) in return for disclosing the fate of the alleged “spy” Deputy Director of Political Security kidnapped al-Qaeda. (Read on …)

Backgrounder on German Girls Release

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Spiegel has some disturbing details.

When Manuela-Anett T. met her cousins Lydia, 6, and Anna, 4, in a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, earlier this week, it was as if the girls they knew had been swapped for others. The girls shyly said that their names were now Fatima and Sarah. And when questioned in German, they answered in Arabic.
(Read on …)

Two Kidnapped German Toddlers Freed in Yemen

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CNN reports a Saudi-Yemeni operation secured the release of two kidnapped German toddlers in Yemen. German authorities report the two little girls are in the hospital and will be flying home tomorrow, but their brother is probably dead. The children were rescued from somewhere in the war torn Sada’a province, the same area they were kidnapped from. The Germans and Saudis are still working to secure the release of their parents. A British engineer is also still being held. (Read on …)

“Hidden roles between Sanaa regime and al-Qaeda”

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More buzz on Ali Mohsen from al Wahdawi below the fold. This investigative report from “Saadaonline” is not too surprising:

Ali Mohsen coordinating with al Qaeda in Sa’ada
Salafi leaders integrated directly into the military
Tribal militias and other groups armed by the military
Zaidi mosques handed over to Salafis
Kidnappers were unable to relocate the hostages initally because of Houthi control of many areas and were forced to leave the bodies inside the military controlled Al Jbarah valley
Yemeni government behind the recent declaration of jihad if western troops enter Yemen

Hidden roles between Sanaa regime and al-Qaeda

Special News Saada

we talk about Saada previously and the hijacking of doctors in
Saada province on the role of a hidden secret and to coordinate with the secret coordination with pro Government:

Especially in the area of Wadi (Valley) Al-Abu Jebara
we talked previously about the history of this valley and where Al Qaedeh fighters training.

Funds, which pumps by Saudi princes and their relationship with Osama bin Laden through private sources, News Saada inside the corridors of military bases and political situation in Saada

During the latest sadah War mostly at Abu Ali font , we got field information that confirm that :ABADAH and TAYS group and other groups from WADY- Valley- Al JBAREH had met with local officials of Sadah and received ammunition and weapons to confront Al Hoothy from behind, and that what really happened .

Those days we got secret and confidential information when news focused on Qaeda in Yemen. The information said that there is currently coordination between military commanders/ eaders loyal to Ali Mohsen Al Ahmar through his office in Saddah, the aim of this coordination is bolstering and unify their actions against Al Hoothy. (Read on …)

Houthis Claim Proof of Yemen Govt Financing and Facilitating Al Qaeda

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Well, I’d like to see their proof. There’s a lot of talk but not many documents, details or witnesses.

Press TV: Yemen’s Houthi fighters accuse the Sana’a government of fueling violence in the country in a bid to attract financial backing from the United States.

The Shia resistance fighters charged the central government with forging an al-Qaeda cell in Yemen, adding that the abduction of foreigners in the country is another part of the scheme planned by Sana’a.

The Houthis insisted that they have evidence showing that the Yemeni government supplies arms to and finances militants throughout the country.

al Qaeda Demands Two Million for German Hostages

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The last time “al Qaeda” demanded money was in August 08, five million dollars. It was the era of the Yemen Soldiers Brigades (now theres a blast from the past). Supposedly, Islamic Jihad and Hamza al Qaiti, claimed responsibility for the car bombing of a police station in Sayoun, and demanded the money to stop future attacks. The very sad incident of the German’s kidnapping has been bizarre from day one. The demand for funds is unusual. Damanding prisoner releases is not. But Saleh says he knows where the German family is being held and is negotiating. The Germans are skeptical.

Speigel: The German government has been presented with a new challenge in Yemen. Kidnappers holding a German family are allegedly demanding $2 million in ransom and the release of several suspected Islamist terrorists being held by the Yemeni government. The demands are being met with skepticism. (Read on …)

Yemen Negotiates for Foreign Hostages

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The Daily Mail: Yemen has started negotiations with kidnappers holding one British and five German hostages. The Yemeni foreign minister has confirmed that talks are taking place to free the Europeans believed to have been kidnapped by Al Qaeda.
(Read on …)

Saleh Knows Location of Five German Hostages and Brit

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Thats just smashing!!! For more, see my category, “9 hostages”, on the side bar.

BBC: German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle has made a surprise visit to Yemen, where five German nationals have been held hostage for six months. (Read on …)

Five Alive

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That’s truely excellent news but I’m dubious about the claims of a joint Houthi- al Qaeda operation.

SANAA — Five Germans, including three children, and a British national who have been held by kidnappers in Yemen for the past six months are still alive, a top official said on Thursday.

“We have confirmed information that they are still alive. They are five Germans and a British national,” deputy prime minister for defence and security affairs, Rashad al-Aleemi, told a press conference. (Read on …)

Three Kidnapped German Children in Video: German NP

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There’s hope yet…

German newspapers are reporting that three children kidnapped in Yemen along with their parents June 13 were seen alive in a video. There’s no indication yet about the circumstances of the video or how it was obtained. The German government hasn’t confirmed or denied the reports.


The children’s parents and four other medical workers in the Sa’ada region were taken at gunpoint by unknown persons. Three young nurses were found murdered days later. Besides the children and their parents, a British engineer remains missing in Yemen. See my category “nine hostages” for full coverage since the incident.

The Yemeni government instantly blamed the Houthi rebels for the kidnapping, although there were no indications at all of who was responsible. Along with western investigators, Yemeni authorities launched a search, discovering an al Qaeda traning camp in an abandoned military outpost. Other hypothesis pointed to a power struggle among major drug dealers with the authorities.

At the time of the kidnapping, the rebels and others postulated that the Germans’ kidnapping was a precursor to another war, pointing specifically to the alleged “false flag” attack on the bin Sallem mosque that preceded the fifth Sa’ada war in northern Yemen. War resumed in August, with devastating consequences on the civilian population. (Read on …)

Yemen Reviews Efforts with Germany, UK in Search for Kidnapped Nationals

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Yemen says every meeting with every foreign official results in lavish praise, but there’s indications of Yemen’s stone walling or at a minimum, extensive political manipulation of the issue. The nine foreigners were kidnapped June 20. Six remain missing – three toddlers, their German parents and a British engineer. Three young volunteer nurses who were with the group were found murdered immediately after the kidnapping.

SANA’A, Aug. 07 (Saba) – Yemen, United Kingdom and Germany reviewed here on Friday findings of the kidnapping crime of nine foreigners, who were kidnapped last June and of whom three female captives were killed in Saada governorate.

Deputy Prime Minister Rashad al-Alimi along with Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi held talks with the UK ambassador to Yemen Tim Torlot and the Charge D’affaires of the Germany embassy Michael Reuss on the investigation results of the kidnapping case and the efforts exerted by the concerned bodies to figure out the kidnapping circumstances and the fate of kidnapped foreigners to be released.

The meeting, which was attended by the German and Britain joint team members partaking in the search and investigation operations, dealt with the machineries to coordinate work between the Yemeni security bodies and the German and Britain joint team in the coming period.

The Britain, German diplomats and the team members hailed the cooperation and coordination level with the Yemeni security apparatuses although the sabotage acts committed by rebels in Sa’ada that were deterred investigation and search operations….

Germany believes al-Qaeda was behind the kidnapping and slayings. The German Intelligence Services has said that the abduction and killing of German nationals along with others bore the hallmarks of al-Qaeda.

The foreign kidnapped all worked for World Wide Services Foundation, a Dutch international relief group that has been helping the medical sector in Saada for 30 years.

There are many possible culprits, but the dearth of information is telling in itself.

Salafis Kidnapped the Germans, Hid Them: Tribal Source

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But where are they now??? According to this report, they are alive and hidden. Please God let it be true. (The parallels to the French aid workers kidnapped in Somalia by al Qaeda are interesting if only in the timing and rationale.) Sheik Haba notes yet another specific camp where the Yemeni military is training Salafi recruits in terror tactics. I think that’s the fifth location of jihaddis traning in military camps published in the recent past. A continuation of the domestic, state sponsored jihad in Yemen naturally has regional security implications.

Yemen Times, SANA’A, July 19 — News reports said that a number of battalions from Yemeni special forces as well as other military units are being deployed in Wadi Jubarah and in other areas of the Wa’ela tribes adjacent to the Saudi borders.

A tribal source told the Yemen Times that military forces were seen moving in three fronts from Mareb, Al-Jawf and Sa’ada city and that they were heading toward Wadi Jubarah and the nearby areas belonging to Wa’ela tribes. The source, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that the military forces told citizens that they were surrounding the house of the tribal sheikh who is accused of kidnapping the six foreigners.

“We are sure that the sheikh wasn’t directly involved in kidnapping the nine foreigners or the murder of three of them,” said the source. “The Salafia members that were involved in kidnapping and killing the foreigners persuaded the sheikh to hide the hostages until they can find a way to protect themselves from being held accountable for the murders. The sheikh himself didn’t participate in the kidnapping. He doesn’t belong to any Salafia groups. In addition, he doesn’t object to the existence of Christian missionary groups or any other religion in the governorate.” — Sources reported that the armed group that kidnapped the foreigners is affiliated with Wahabi Salafia extremists who are opposed to the existence of Christian missionaries who have been working at the Al-Jumhuri Hospital in the capital city of Sa’ada for 35 years. (Read on …)

Five Filipino Medical Workers Freed in Sa’ada

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The German family and British engineer kidnapped days later are still missing. So who kidnapped the 26 foreign medical workers and why? This was the original story: June 11, 2009 – Tribesmen in Saada kidnap 24 doctors and nurses with a demand that authorities should free two prisoners. The 24, most of whom were Yemenis but also included Egyptians, Indians and Filipinos are released the next day.

The numbers never match up: Sunstar: Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo said they are grateful for the release of the five Filipino health workers who were abducted last June 11 with 16 other foreign nationals…

MANILA, Philippines – Five Filipino health workers who were abducted with 21 other hospital personnel in Saada, Yemen, on June 11 have been released, the Department of Foreign Affairs said yesterday. (Read on …)

Yemeni Military Training Salafis in Al Qaeda Camps: Rebels

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Can I get some coordinates please, a specific location? Akkk, it wouldn’t matter, would it? Many locations were recently published including the military-supported al Qaeda training camps in the mountains near Ja’ar and the one outside Sana’a with the bus route; nobody cares, not a whit. Its amazing. These religious zealots are traveling to various theaters of jihad all over (including Iraq) with government sanction and aided by instruments of the Yemeni state, and no one cares. There’s a lot of empty talk in the world today, but when “group think”, politics and personal benefit overpower individuals’ and organizations’ dedication to strategic national interest, things are looking bleak indeed.

Sahwa Net – While the uncertainty of kidnapping nine foreigners in Saada province has not disclosed, Yemen’s authorities and al-Houthi rebels are still exchanging accusations on the case.

The spokesman of al-Houth rebels accused the Yemeni authorities of supplying Salafi groups of arms and training them in al Qaeda camps.

For their part, the authorities are still looking for six Germans who were kidnapped on June 13 in Saada. Yemen’s interior ministry explained that it along with counter-terrorism units belonging to the Central Security Organization is looking for the five Germans and a Briton.

It renewed its accusations to al-Houthi rebels of killing two German nurses and a Korean last month as they were in a journey with other six foreigners who their fare is still unknown to date.

When I first read this story, I thought it was an old article that popped up on the reader until I got to the part about the kidnapped Germans. Yemeni military facilitating al Qaeda in a variety of ways is really old news.

Family of Germans Kidnapped in Yemen Pleads for Release

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This is really too long already, somebody must know something that they are not saying and its probably the security. The poor family needs to know what happened and where they are; I don’t know how they can live not knowing. Its over a month already.

Yemen Post: The fate of a group of seven foreigner is still unknown despite the wide campaign launched by security apparatuses and intelligence in Sa’ada and other nearby governorates.

The group, including a German couple with their three children and a Briton, are still kidnapped since June 12 and security apparatuses are incapable to locate their whereabouts. The group’s three fellow members – two German nurses and a South Korean teacher – were found dead two days following the kidnapping incident.

In related news, the parents of the German still kidnapped with his family in Sa’ada pleaded with the kidnappers to release their sons unharmed and healthy.

They told the Second German Channel that the worst thing for parents is lose one of their sons and pleaded with Yemeni and German authorities to work towards releasing their kidnapping people.

Meanwhile, President Ali Saleh received a telephone call from the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier in which both sides discussed aspects of bilateral cooperation between Yemen and Germany.

The calls also touched upon the issue of the German citizens kidnapped early last month in Sa’ada and reviewed the efforts being made so far to locate their whereabouts and to hunt down the kidnappers and bring them before judiciary…He also assured the German officials that investigations are ongoing to find the German family and send them back to their homeland, maintaining the kidnappers will be caught and they will stand trial.

Sa’ada Local Authority Catches Soldier Planting Bomb at Govt Bldg.

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Yemen is a land of dueling accusations, but the Houthis insist to this day that the bombing of the bin Salem mosque that precipitated the fifth war was actually perpetrated by the authority. Similarly, both sides accuse the other of the Germans’ kidnapping. Statistically, the most systematic liar in Yemen through recent history is Saleh’s regime, by far.

Al Estraki: Flag of the Socialist Net-informed sources in Saada that the local authority staff working in the government complex Wednesday morning arrested a person who was trying to plant a roadside bomb in the building

وقال المصدر أن موظفا في المجمع الحكومي لاحظ من نافذة المبنى شخصا يحمل كرتونا ويتردد على اركان وزوايا المبنى وهو يتلفت إلى الخلف فاشتبه به فقام باخبار كل من كانوا موجودين في المجمع من موظفين ومراجعين الذين سارعوا بدورهم إلى الإحاطة بالشخص المشتبه به وإلقاء القبض عليه أمام بوابة المجمع الحكومي The source said an official at the government compound observed from the window of the building and person with a Krtuna frequented corners of the building and staff, which is the successor to the Itfatt Vachtbh the back of the news were in the pool of staff and auditors, who in turn were quick to take the person and the suspect arrested in front of the gate of the compound government

وقد تبين أن الشخص المشار إليه كان يحمل عبوة ناسفة معدة للتفجير وانه جندي يتبع اللواء الخامس عشر مدرع التابع للفرقة الأولى مدرع It was found that the person referred to was carrying a bomb primed to detonate and he was a soldier follows the fifteenth armored brigade of the First Armored Division

وقال المصدر أن الأجهزة الأمنية تسلمت الرجل وبدأت في إجراءات التحقيق معه لمعرفة من هو، وما اذا كان الحادث فردي ام ان جهة ما كلفت الجندي بهذه المهمة الإجرامية الخطيرة؟ The source said that the security services took the man and started with him in the investigation to determine who is, and whether the incident was an individual or whether the soldier was assigned to the point of this task serious criminal? وما هو الهدف الذي أرادت تحقيقه من تفجير مبنى المحافظة أثناء تواجد الموظفين!؟ What is wanted to achieve the goal of maintaining a building in the presence of the staff!?

ولا يستبعد مراقبون أن تكون الجهة التي تقف خلف هذا العمل الإجرامي الخطير الذي كان يمكن أن يودي بحياة عشرات الموظفين والمراجعين قد “استهدفت تفجير الوضع في صعدة وفي عموم اليمن” Observers do not rule out that the entity behind this serious criminal act which could have claimed the lives of dozens of staff and visitors could “blow the situation in and around Saada, Yemen” (Read on …)

More Accusations on Kidnapping

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A group of foreigners were warned against going on an outing before a kidnapping which led to the killing of three of them, Yemen’s interior minister said on Saturday. (Read on …)

“Rebels charge that Yemen’s hunt for abductors is sham”

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The rebels deny kidnapping the foreigners, say security’s announcement of “hunting” for the victims is a sham.

The government’s massive campaign to blame the rebels lacks authenticity, considering the chrages were made with no investigation or proof. The three day delay in expanding the search beyond Sa’ada is bizarre.

Earth Times: A rebel group in Yemen which denies any role in recent abductions there has charged via a statement on their website that government efforts to save the hostages are a sham. The rebels led by Abdul-Malik al-Houthi alleged that two suspects had been tortured by Yemen’s political security forces into uttering a false claim that the rebels were to blame for the June 12 abduction of nine westerners, of whom three were then murdered.

Al-Houthi’s Shiite rebels, who are based in Saada province, put the statement online Thursday evening.

They commented that the likelihood of finding the German family of five and a British engineer were low, because the abductors would fear capture. No one has claimed responsibility for the crime.

The rebels also quoted local eyewitnesses saying that there had never been a systematic search of the region where the westerners were abducted or of the valley where the bodies of three murdered women were found.

Investigations into the kidnapping of 9 foreigners

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Modern military aircraft and foreign wiping Saada and surrounding areas .. مؤشرات قوية على تورط القاعدة ورسائل للسلطة والحوثيين والسعودية Strong indications of the involvement of Al Qaeda and the letters of authority and Houthis Saudi Arabia
الثلاثاء , 23 يونيو 2009 م Tuesday, June 23, 2009 m

التجمع- خاص Assembly – a special
تجددت تحليقات الطائرات العسكرية والعمودية الحديثة على مدينة صعدة وضواحيها وأضيفت الى الطائرات التابعة للجيش اليمني طائرة عمودية حديثة وغريبة يعتقد بانها متصلة او مرتبطة بفريق التحقيقات الامني الالماني-البريطاني. Renewed flights of military aircraft and helicopters on the modern city of Saada and its suburbs were added to the aircraft of the Yemeni army helicopter modern and alien believed to be related to or linked to the investigation team, the security of Germany – the British. (Read on …)

AQAP Covers for Subverted Yemeni Security

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AQAP are insisting robustly that they knew the route of the Korean investigators though intensive surveillance. Discounting of course the logical and widespread assumption that the terrorists were tipped off, ie- elements in the Yemeni security knew in advance of the plot and provided the route of the motorcade. t gets flakier- the youth wandered around Sana’a for months looking to hook up with Wahishi.

Also the other thing to note, tangentially, is the journalist Abdel-Elah Haidar noted in the article as one who interviewed Wahishi previously is now insisting that AQAP would not have carried out the kidnapping of the medical workers in Sa’ada because it is against their principles. (Killing women like the Belgiams tourists in Hadramout is apparently less of an offense than kidnapping them.) I dont think Haidar would be taking such a strong position in his analysis (which was published in News Yemen) without there being something behind it, one way or another. From Al Masdar:

Al Qaeda announces military intelligence security information on the preparation of new processes and the implementation of Hadramout and Sana’a
المصدر أون لاين – محمد العزكي Source Online – Mohammed Aezzki

كشف تنظيم القاعدة عن معلومات أمنية عسكرية جديدة حول منفذي العمليتين الانتحاريتين في حضرموت وصنعاء ضد السياح والمحققين الأمنيين الكوريين في مارس الماضي، مستهدفا سمعة الأجهزة الأمنية اليمنية وإفشال الحكومة اقتصاديا. Detection al-Qaeda military security of the information on the perpetrators of a new double suicide bombing in Hadramout and Sana’a against the security of tourists and Korean investigators last March, the reputation of the security target and the failure of the Yemeni government economically. (Read on …)

Sa’ada Update

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No news on the six missing westerners. Fighting reduced, army moving. US denies claims of mapping project. 1200 remain in jail despite Saleh’s order to the contrary and the truce agreement.

Yemen Times

SA’ADA, July 1 — The Sa’ada governorate has been relatively calm for the past few days, after a recent series of armed conflicts between the state and the Houthi movement. (Read on …)

“Amidst false rumors of progress in releasing kidnapped foreigners, Houthis warn of a sixth war in three days”

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The Yemen Times gets specific on the timeline, details and geography of the kidnapping and the subsequent events.

Amidst false rumors of progress in releasing kidnapped foreigners, Houthis warn of a sixth war in three days

SANA’A, June 24 – Shiekh Saleh bin Shage’ deputy chief of Waela Tribes at the Yemeni Saudi borders explained that the surrendering of two of his tribes men by his brother Rashad to the Yemeni security in Sa’ada has nothing to do with the missing six foreigners kidnapped on Friday June 12.

“It is a hideous crime that we all condemn, but the two men have nothing to do with it,” he said. “In fact, being easily surrendered to the security without any resistance proves that if they had anything to hide they would have fled.”

Mushin Al-Tam and Hassan Kazman, suspected of involvement in the killing and kidnapping of foreigners were were in the remote area of Nushoor while Yemeni security forces were hunting them. When the two heard they were sought after, they reported to their sheikh’s house, proclaiming their innocence. Waela leaders asked them to surrender to the state and they obliged willingly, according to Bin Shage’.

Most of the locals in Waela belong to the Ismaili sect, which is the second largest part of the Shiite community (Read on …)

The Two in Custody

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There’s 40 rounded up today and these two who are denying any connection. Weapons dealers and drug smugglers.

News Yemen Two men suspected of kidnapping nine foreign hostages and killing three women of the group have been handed over to the security authorities in Sa’ada, a tribal source told NewsYemen.

Waela tribe leader Rashid bin Shaje said the suspected, identified as Muhsin Attam and Hassan Kazman, have denied the kidnapping and killing of foreigners but he has extradited them to the security.

“The first one was an employee in the Economic Corporation’s office in Sa’ada, but he was fired, and the other one escaped from the military service in Hadramout,” a special source told NewsYemen.

The source added that the two suspects are also charged of smuggling drugs and providing al-Houthis and the army with weapons.

The kidnappers handed over the hostages to a tribal leader in Arrozamat area which is under the control of al-Houthi field leader Abdullah Arrozami and headed for Waela tribe where they asked the protection of Sheikh Shaje, one of Waela chieftains.

The office of al-Houthi denied that hostages are in Arrozamat. “Abdullah Arrozami is now some kilometers farm from his home area,” said the source in a call with NewsYemen.

Asked whether hostages are still alive, Sheikh Shaje said he can not talk until investigations with the two suspects are completed.

Local sources said Yemeni security forces and intelligence services continue searching for the six hostages, checking up passersby and confiscating cameras and tape recorders.

Jihaddists Training in “Abandoned” Military Camp

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Yes, I know. There are several military camps that train jihaddists. The military built a camp to train jihaddists in the mountains near Ja’ar.

The following is an important article from al Estreraki that also references the state jihaddists fighting the Saada War. Also apparently the German and British investigators aren’t getting full cooperation from Saleh’s regime, just like the Cole.

The camp in the area between the Center and the Directorate of epaulette Abu Jabara Al near the administrative border of the province of Al-Jawf

وهو في الأصل معسكر رسمي للقوات المسلحة اليمنية تم التخلي عنه ولكن ظل معظم “ضباطه وجنوده” من العائدين من أفغانستان والذين تم استيعابهم في وحدات القوات المسحة بعد حرب صيف 1994م It was originally an official camp of the armed forces of Yemen has been abandoned, but under most of the “officers and soldiers” of the returnees from Afghanistan, who have been accommodated in the units of troops after the war reflects the summer of 1994 (Read on …)

al Nabi

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One of my favorite stories demonstrating the duplicity of Saleh’s regime involves Khaled Abdul Nabi, leader of the Abyan Aden Islamic Army. The Yemeni regime told the US in 2003 that they killed al-Nabi in a shoot-out. Yemeni officials admitted that they let al-Nabi go after he was spotted breathing. In 2005, top Yemeni officials claimed Nabi was completely rehabilitated and living the life of a peaceful farmer. Beginning in 2005 and into 2006 and 2007, local media reported Nabi and his band of fanatics were training a tribal paramilitary for the government to battle Shiite rebels in Sa’ada. In 2007, a newspaper (Al-Sharie) that covered the topic of jihaddists in Sa’ada was brought up on charges of revealing state secrets, and the editor faces the death penalty. Al Nabi was again reported spotted in Sa’ada. In 2008, the Yemeni government announced with great fanfare that they had captured the dangerous terrorist al-Nabi after an intensive five year manhunt. The tickers all said, “Yemen captures al-Qaeda terrorist after five year hunt.” In January 2009, Nabi was at the meeting in Sana’a with Saleh. In March, Nabi (who is from Yafea tribe if i recall correctly) was fighting on the side of the regime in the Ja’ar battle (or as we call it now, Ja’aristan). The April 2009 prison release of 100+ jihaddists was defended by the Yemeni embassy here, which said they were mostly aged members of the Aden Abyan Islamic Army and not real al Qaeda. Update: now Tariq al Fadhli is saying the release was a good faith offering to al Qaeda as part of a deal where President Saleh asked them to leave Yemen for Somalia or Saudi Arabia.

Wahishi is a mediahadeen and was in Shabwa, before that Marib. Al Nabi has had a gun in his hands for years and commands a jihaddist/tribal army in Sa’ada in the service of Saleh.

General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar (President Saleh’s half brother) “holds the jihaddists file” and he is a Wahabbi. Commander of the North West Region, he has been fighting a war against Shiites using extremists and bombing civilians since 2005, but the war extends beyond the battlefield into the courts and mosques. Lets recall the connection between General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar and the Aden Abyan Islamic Army going all the way back to the 1999 tourists kidnapping. In Sa’ada today, we have General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar, Khaled al Nabi and three murdered and six missing tourists in what looks like an al Qaeda operation.

There have never been any reports of Wahishi or his faction of al Qaeda in Sa’ada, and Wahishi has denounced those jihaddists who fight for Saleh. Other al Qaeda factions have made statements that Saleh asked them to fight in Sa’ada.

Sa’ada contains a lot of terrorist training camps, state allied terrorists, and extremist mosques and schools including Dammaj, the Ivy League of hard core Salafi institutes- and a media black out and no access since 2004. Sa’ada is an al Qaeda blackhole, Saad bin Laden could be there and no one would know. The fact that this al Qaeda haven is under the command of “US ally” General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar isn’t that reassuring.

If we were going to get really esoteric, we could also discuss the US intercept that includes a reference to Zawahiri sending fighters to Sa’ada for Saleh, and then a few months later there was an influx of Arab and non-Arab foreign fighters reported in Sa’ada by several media outlets.

Yemeni Govt Now Claiming Alliance Between Rebels and Al Qaeda Kidnapped the Medical Workers

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Oh thats rich and would be funny if we weren’t talking about MURDER and SIX MISSING PEOPLE. During the last five years of war, there was the intense sectarian rhetoric coming out of the Yemeni military. The Yemeni military fatwa’ed the rebels officially. And Ali Mohsen’s preachers did in fact instigate against both the aid workers and the rebels.

YEMEN OBSERVER (owned by President Saleh’s press secretary, Faris al Sanabani) – A Houthi spokesman denied that they received any of the foreigners kidnapped on June 12 more than a week ago saying that these news are baseless.

Some tribal sources said that the six hostages are in the hands of the Houthis, said MP Osman Hussein Mujali for the constituency 262.

A tribal source said today that the six hostages, which consist of five Germans and a British are alive and they are handed over to one of the Houthi leaders.

A source told AFP that the hostages who were among the nine who were kidnapped, were handed to Abdullah al-Rizame a Houthi field leader and now they are in al-Rizmat which a Houthi dominated area in Sada.

According to the same source, the Houthis identified the kidnappers to be Muhsen al-Tam and Fuaz Murki, who is thought to be from the Houthis. Some security sources said that there is a potential and possible alliance between al-Qaeda and al-Houthi rebels as both seek the same think that is creating chaos and instability in Yemen.

Rebels response: Its a frame-up.

According to our own in the province of Saada that the named / Mohsen full
وآخر معه والذين تناولت بعض وسائل الإعلام أسمائهما كونهما And another with him and who addressed some of the media names being
مطلوبين في قضية الاختطاف قد سلم نفسه إلى الشيخ / فايز Wanted in the abduction issue has turned himself in to Sheikh / Fayez
العوجري . Alauajjri.
والتام هو أحد عناصر الشيخ / العوجري ومن المقربين إليه And full-Sheikh is one of the elements / Alauajjri is close to
كما أبدت مصادر سياسية تخوفها من أن العوجري يسعى إلى توظيف Political sources have also expressed concern that seeks to recruit Alauajjri
القضية لتصفية حسابات قديمة ، وأن ما تردد من أن التام مطلوب The case to settle old accounts, and rumors that the total required
هي مسرحية هزلية تخدم العوجري وأهدافه السياسية وحساباته Is a farce Alauajjri and serve the political objectives and its
المعروفة . Known.

Updated: Disputed Report Six Alive and with Rebels

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Updates below the fold.

Reporter Hamoud Mansour is close to the PSO National Security and is the AFP correspondent to whom Islamic Jihad of Yemen emailed their statement after the US embassy bombing, as opposed to you know, a Yemeni and less Crusader-ish media outlet.

In this report, AFP says the rebels have the six hostages alive. And that would be such a beautiful thing, but the rebels are denying it. An anonymous tribal source and an anonymous Yemeni official are confirming the rebels have them. However, in Yemen the government lies more than it tells the truth, so its harder to assign credibility to their statements like it would with a normal, non-compulsive liar, type government. AFP

Six foreign hostages alive in Yemen: tribal source
By Hammoud Mounassar

SANAA (AFP) — Six foreign hostages kidnapped this month in a restive area of northern Yemen are alive and being held by Shiite rebels, a tribal source said on Monday, after three other hostages were found dead last week.

“The six hostages were found alive and handed over to (rebel) commander Abdullah al-Rizani,” the tribal source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

“They are currently in the Ruzmat area” of Saada province, the centre of the Shiite rebellion in the mountains near the Saudi border, he added.

The source said that the rebels had identified the kidnappers as being two of their own fighters — Mohsen al-Tam and Fawaz Morqi.

A senior Yemeni security official said he too had information that the hostages were alive and in the hands of the rebels.”The rebels are refusing to hand over either the hostages or their kidnappers,” the official told AFP. (Read on …)

Rebels Have Clues in Kidnapping Case

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Oh come on now, its not a time to be coy. That’s ridiculous, why didn’t they just tell the newspaper? Earth times:

A Shiite rebel group in Yemen said Sunday it had gained “vital clues” that could help identify the kidnappers who are holding a German family and a British engineer in north-western Yemen. Muhammad Abdul-Salam, a spokesman for the al-Houthi rebel group, told the German Press Agency dpa: “We have got vital clues that will help the search for the kidnappers and the hostages.” He said the group’s leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, “would provide the information if he is asked to do so.”

Sa’ada Committee Head Faris Mana’a Disputes Houthis

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Faris Manaa is a major weapons trafficker, and thats well known. I had first heard of him four years ago though in the context of drug smuggling. He is the head of the governmental committee tasked with maintaining the cease fire. Faris Manaa is also the brother of the governor of Sa’ada, Hassan Manaa.

There was some whole thing where the 26 Septemper (sic), the military’s website, quoted Faris, the head of the reconciliation committee, and the Houthi website then disputed that he had actually made those statements. Now here he is rebutting their rebuttal. – Chairman of the presidential committee assigned with establishing peace in the governorate of Saada Sheikh Faris Manaa denied on Saturday the lies reported in al-Houthi website in person of Manaa in that he had not given a statement calling al-Houthi to stop the violations and to meet to what had been agreed on.

Manaa has also mocked those leaks, describing them as abnormal means and wondering by saying,” I don’t know who has given them the right to talk on behalf of me.” He added, “I am alive and any media instrument can talk to me instead of attributing statements in a false manner.”

Sheikh Faris has moreover renewed his call on al-Houthi to stop violations and to be loyal to what has been agreed on recently for the evacuation of the district of Shada and Ghamr and the remaining of the district of Razih that has been agreed of evacuating gunmen from it and ending armed aspects in it.

Location Dispute, Image Tarnishing Accusations Traded

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Referring to the newspaper reported on Friday on the Revolution
19/6/2009م عن مصدر امني في محافظة صعدة قوله (إن متهمين في 19/6/2009 m from the source of security in the governorate of Saada as saying (in that the accused
حادثة الاختطاف هما في مناطق تخضع لسيطرت الحوثيين ) فهو كلام Kidnapping incident in the two regions are controlled Houthis) is the Word
غير صحيح وعار عن الصحة Incorrect and untrue

وهي من ادعاءات السلطة التي لا تملك فيها دليل ولا تستند إلى حقائق وإنما One of the allegations which you do not have evidence, not on the facts, but
محاولة لتضييع الحقيقة وتميعها بمثل هذه الادعاءات الباطلة كون الاختطاف وقع An attempt to miss the truth and Tmiaha such false claims that the kidnapping took place
في منطقة ( غراز) بجوار الأمن السياسي بمدينة صعدة . In the region (Graz) next to the Political Security in Saada.

وبالإشارة إلى ما صرح به / فايز العوجري لموقع 26سبتمبر ( من أن الدلائل تشير Referring to what he said / Fayez Alauajjri for September 26 (the evidence suggests
إلى ضلوع أتباع الحوثي في حادثة الاختطاف ) فهو اتهام باطل والعوجري هو To the involvement of followers in the kidnapping incident Houthi) is null and Alauajjri charge is
المعروف بتآمره وسعيه المتواصل لإشعال الحروب Ptamrh known and their ongoing quest for the outbreak of wars
وهو غير بعيد عن مكان الجريمة التي وجدت بها الجثث بين موقع ( القواري ) Which is not far from the crime scene and found the bodies of the site (Alquari)
العسكري ومنزله بمنطقة (نشور)الخاضعة تحت سيطرته . The military and his home district (resurrection) under control.

المكتب الإعلامي للسيد / عبد الملك بدر الدين الحوثي Information Office of the Mr. / Abdul-Malik al-Badr al-Din al-Houthi
26/ جماد الثاني 1430 26 / JUMADA II 1430

Yemeni authorities attempt to keep an open mind and fail.

Sana’a, Yemen – Yemeni authorities are considering “all possibilities” as they try to find the kidnappers still holding six foreigners hostage in the north-western part of the country, Interior Minister Mutahar Rashad al-Masri said Saturday. “We are considering all possibilities,” the minister told reporters. (Read on …)

The German Investigators in Yemen Could be the Next Target

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Considering what happened to the South Korean convoy of officials, (attacked by a suicide bomber), those German and British investigators in Yemen should really keep an eye out and not take the route cleared in advance by the Yemeni government.

How you operate in that kind of enviornment, I don’t know, but in March of this year, there was a follow-on terror attack targeting the South Korean investigators/officials who arrived in Yemen after the murder of the four South Korean tourists. Its just something to keep in mind in the midst of this highly bizarre hunt for the three missing German toddlers, their parents and a British guy. In one scenario, there was a lot of planning involved and it could extend that far.

Apparently, and as promised, the Yemeni government knows the identity of the kidnappers and has released their initials, still blaming Houthi affiliated persons, who have been identified but not captured yet. I hope the kidnappers don’t get killed in a botched shoot-out, ending the prospect of interrogating them. The following from Naba News, government tool:

Security Saada reach important clues about the kidnapping of foreigners
الخميس, 18-يونيو-2009 Thursday, 18 – June -2009
نبأ نيوز- أسرار برس – News report – Secrets of the Press –

كشف مصدر أمني في محافظة صعدة : ان الأجهزة الأمنية توصلت الى معلومات وخيوط مهمة حول جريمة اختطاف الأجانب وقتل ثلاثة منهم في محافظة صعدة. A security source in the governorate of Saada: The security services have reached an important information and clues about the crime of kidnapping of foreigners and killed three of them in the province of Saada.
وقال المصدر ان التحقيقات التي أجرتها أجهزة الأمن توصلت إلى معرفة مشتبهين رئيسيين في جريمة اختطاف وقتل النساء الثلاث , الأول يدعى ( ح . ك ) والثاني يدعى (م , ك ) وهما من أبناء منطقة نشور. The source said that the investigations carried out by the security services had identified two main suspects in the crime of kidnapping and murder of three women, the first called (h. K) and the second-called (m, k) are living in a region of the resurrection. (Read on …)

Military Linked Jihaddists Captured the Germans- Paper

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What the Yemen Times is reporting is a witness who saw the victims with men with long beards, another report of a phone call from the Germans, and the Houthi spokeman Sheik Sabra speculating that Ali Mohen al Ahmar’s intermediary to the jihaddists was involved.

I have to see if this Imam Zuael is the same guy who was previously described as Ali Mohsen’s extremist office manager who fatwa’ed the rebels during a sermon to the soldiers during the 2007 round of fighting.

Also the other news is the doctor in Sa’ada says the women’s bodies were not mutilated. Yemen Times:

SA’ADA, June 17 — Wahabi religious groups were involved in the kidnapping of the nine foreigners in Sa’ada last Friday, which led to three of them being found dead on Monday, according to a local source from Sa’ada who requested to remain anonymous.

The group had been on an outing on a farm in Ghuraz on the outskirts of Sa’ada city on Friday. On their way home, their 4×4 Toyota was intercepted by three armed men with beards in a black Suzuki Grand Vitara.

According to the source, a Yemeni nurse working with four of the kidnapped Germans at Al-Jumhuri Hospital in Sa’ada said she received a call from the Germans as they were harassed by the kidnappers. She reported the attack to the local authority and Houthi leaders. We were not able to contact this lady as she refused to answer the phone.

The bodies of the Korean teacher Young-Sun Ium, 34 and two German nurses Anita Gruenwald, 25, Rita Stumpp, 26 were found by local shepherds on Monday. A German engineer, his wife and their three children as well as the Briton engineer are still missing.

According to Dr. Hamboush Hussein, general director of the Sa’ada Health Office, the dead women were not mutilated. “I had seen the bodies myself and they had several gunshot wounds in the head, chest or back, as if the women were struggling and trying to escape. We found their bodies three days after their death, so they were swollen and somewhat disfigured from being exposed to natural decay in hot weather.”

Houthi spokesperson Saleh Habra speculated that Askar Zu’ael who is a local Wahabi religious leader and imam of a mosque in the Ghiraz area where the foreigners were kidnapped is involved. According to the spokesperson, Zu’ael is Ali Muhsin Al-Ahmar’s delegate in charge of jihad affairs.

Al-Ahmar is the military commander of North West Yemen, and is known for his extremist religious positions and relations with Al-Qaeda, he is allegedly in charge of training jihadis in Yemen before sending them to Afghanistan, Iraq among other conflict zones.

The thing I always found so irksome is sometimes the jihaddis are trained in Yemeni military camps before they go to Iraq to kill American troops. Its no secret that the training of jihaddis for export is largely supervised and facilitatied by military commanders. So maybe if we ask nicely or give Ali Mohsen more US military aid, we can get the kids back, alive.

So according to this paradigm, which is not confirmed, members of the state affiliated jihaddist militia captured the Germans, either on their own or on orders (with a motive to start the next war, recall how quickly the Yemeni government blamed the Houthi rebels.)

Now that’s the problem right there with state affiliated jihaddst militias, they have a tendency to engage in jihad.

Up to this point, Yemen’s deployment of Jihaddists against the rebels has been tolerated and apparently not seen as much of a threat. The practice is often sympathetically described as “co-option”. But the threat is there. Once fanatics get blood on their teeth, they often never lose the taste. Its very hard to back off an ideology that you have already killed for. Once the war is over, where will these trained and indoctrinated jihaddists deploy next?

On the other hand (or maybe the same hand), according to several announcements, the security forces are going to break the case and find the hostages today, within hours.

UPDATE: Yes, it is the same guy, a report by the Yemen Times in January 2008 noted:

Regarding behaviors believed to instigate a new war, tribal sources noted that an extremist Salafi cleric, named Askar Zuail, who works as Office Manger for Gen. Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, Commander of the Northwestern Military Flank, labeled Houthi followers as disbelievers while giving a sermon in one of the local mosques on Friday. The preacher said that Houthi loyalists are affiliated with the Shiite Ja’afari sect, adding that “the authorities will never negotiate with them.”

The same sources reported that Zuail is leading Salafi groups that support the army in its fight with Houthis, and during the past few months he began to instigate people against Houthis and their Shiite sect in his Friday sermons

Two Videos of the Protests in Sada’a Condemning the Kidnapping, Updated: New Rebel Statement

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Rather a large crowd, I don’t recall the rebel areas having a march before, rallies on al Ghadir day but never a march. This is in a Houthi area, Dhayan City, not Sa’ada city, which is controlled by the Yemeni military.

According to one of the signs, the kidnappings were the work of the pro-American intelligence services and elements connected to Israel and the US (??!!). I really don’t think the US arranged to murder the three nurses. The deafening US silence on the government violence toward civilians in Sa’ada since 2004 enhances the Houthis conceptualizaton that the US supports the Sa’ada War.

New Statement from Abdelmalik al Houthis pledging to cooperate in the investigation:

To the Director of the Republican members of the hospital Saada

الهيئة الطبية الأجنبية العاملة بصعدة Of the foreign medical Saada

بعـــــــد التحيــــــة Sir

نؤكد مواساتنا وتعازينا لكم ولأسر الضحايا واستنكارنا للجريمة Assure you of our sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims and condemnation of the crime
التي ارتكبت بحق مجموعة منكم على أيدي بعض المجرمين الذين Committed against a group of you at the hands of some criminals who
تجردوا من كل القيم الإنسانية والدينية ونحمل مسؤولية Devoted themselves from all religious and human values, and we hold the responsibility

ما حدث أجهزة الأمن والقوات المسلحة ومن معهم من المشايخ كون الجريمة وقعت في What happened the security services and armed forces and their elders that the crime occurred in the
المنطقة الجغرافية التي يسيطرون عليها ، كما نؤكد لكم بأننا سنتعاون معكم في Geographical area under their control, and assure you that we will cooperate with you in
كشف بعض الخيوط التي من الممكن إن توصلكم إلى المجرمين ومن وراءهم إن طلبتم Revealed some leads that could be you from the criminals behind it is that you
منا ذلك وسنسعى لمنع ارتكاب مثل هذه الجرائم في المناطق التي تحت سيطرتنا ، Us and we will seek to prevent the commission of such crimes in areas under our control,
كما قد فعلنا ذلك في الماضي . And have done so in the past.

عبد الملك بدر الدين الحوثي Abdul-Malik al-Badr al-Din al-Houthi

The German Nurses Murdered in Yemen

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SK: Undated picture released by the Immanuelgemeinde church parish and authorized by the families shows German nurses Rita Stumpp, left, and Anita Gruenwald, who were found murdered in Yemen.

News Yemen: The daily al-Shomoa newspaper on Tuesday quoted a source the Yemeni Intelligence Services as expecting to find the kidnappers and hostages within 24 hours.

Nurses Kidnapped in Yemen Tortured, Extensive Mutilation

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The kidnapping and murders may be the work of the group of the foreign (Arab and non-Arab) al Qaeda that began arriving in Sa’ada in April, as we reported here at the time and I think its in one of the articles. It was a substantial number and independently reported by multiple outlets.

If so, it would account for the deviation from the pattern of terror attacks established previously by the indigenous al Qaeda group, which has been to murder foreign tourists by suicide bombing or in one case, by strafing them with gunfire. Kidnapping foreign female aid workers is a standard and current tactic of terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. The arrival and amassing of foreign terror operatives in Sa’ada was certainly not a haphazard occurrance, and this may be not either.

The drug dealers story also seem a reasonable explanation, and it has a lot of resonance on the ground, but it wouldn’t account for the torture and mutilation. The story is that a large shipment of drugs was confiscated by security, who refused to release the drugs back to the dealers after negotiations. The kidnapping was a method of leveraging the talks. The kidnapping of nine persons is certainly the work of a group with prepared logistics, not a temporarily insane person overcome with jihaddist fervor and armed with a jambia.

If the back story relates to negotiations over confiscated drugs, it would account for the Yemeni government’s early and conflicting announcements of the kidnappng itself and the rush to blame the Houthis. As we know, many drug smuggling rings have some association with and support of regime affiliated individuals. The concerns of the Yemeni mafia often run counter to standard governmental administration and violently conflict with other aspects of the regime (like the Coast Guard). There’s big money involved in drug smuggling in Yemen; one shipment of hashish confiscated after an external intel tip had a street value of USD 20 million.

Then of course, as with all terror attacks in Yemen, there is the false flag theory- where some element of the Yemeni security has involvement. This thinking shakes out into two forms- 1) subverted security directs and/or provides logistical assistance to al Qaeda and 2) deliberate acts by the Yemeni government under the guise of al Qaeda (or in this case the Houthi rebels) to manipulate Western sentiment and analysis. In the current scenario, the regime by blaming the rebels for the kidnapping ultimately legitimizes the resumption of the Sa’ada war and gains recognition of the rebels as “terrorists”, something the international community has not done. It also would serve, as it has, to take oxygen away from the growing southern protests and calls for dissolution of the unified Yemeni state. The “false flag” conceptualization as an overall theory of Yemeni government practice has been advanced in Yemen by persons ranging from al Qaeda operatives themselves to mainstream opposition leaders and the former president of South Yemen Ali Salem Beidh.

Independent: The bodies of three women hostages found in Yemen are believed to show signs of torture and extensive mutilation, it emerged yesterday as security officials investigated whether the reasons for the killings were religious rather than purely political.

Two of the murdered women belonged to a Bible school in Germany and had links with a Baptist charity operating in Yemen. The third victim was a Korean who worked for an aid organisation with religious affiliations.

Diplomatic sources said that the savage way the murders were committed did not conform to hostage-taking scenarios associated with a local Shia group, the Houthis, who the Yemeni authorities are blaming, or al-Qa’ida and their associates, who the Americans say have been infiltrating the country.

Yemen Expands Search for German Family

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Well thats a dandy idea. They’ve been missing since Friday.

Sana’a, Yemen – Yemen’s Interior Ministry said on Wednesday it has expanded the search for six Western hostages and their kidnappers to three provinces surrounding the volatile north-western province of Saada where they were abducted five days ago.

‘Security forces in the provinces of al-Jawf, Amran, and Hajjah are now partaking in the search,’ the ministry said in a statement. (Read on …)

Al Qaeda Doesn’t Kidnap Women? Oh yes it does.

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Oh my my, somebody has an overly idealistic vision of the fanatical bloody killers known as al Qaeda. A Yemeni analyst makes the case that al Qaeda couldn’t have kidnapped the women and children because al Qaeda doesn’t kidnap women ON PRINCIPLE. How out of touch is this guy?

Sorry, al Qaeda has been kidnapping women aid workers in Afghanistan for years. Does anyone remember poor Margaret Hassan or the other women kidnapped in Iraq? And shown on video- begging for their lives ? We cannot exclude al Qaeda by attributing some or any standards or ethics to the group- they murder people at random, normally Muslims, including women and children, cut off the heads of Buddhist school girls in Thailand and kidnap female aid workers all the time.

In Yemen, during the attack on the Belgian tourists (Jan 08), they stopped the car and opened fire, and then leaned in to make sure they got some good shots. And they did; they murdered two women. Was that a political statement about the stationing of western troops?

Ruled out a political analyst and expert on terrorism and Haidar Abdel-Elah Al-Qaida and parking behind the abduction and killing of foreign nationals in Saada.
وقال لـ( نيوزيمن) ” عملية خطف وقتل غربيين في محافظة صعدة لا تحمل بصمات القاعدة، لان القاعدة لها مطالب وشروط تتعلق بتمركز ا لقوات الغربية – خصوصا حلف الناتو- في البلدان الإسلامية؛ كأفغانستان والسواحل اليمنية”. The l (NewsYemen) “the process of kidnapping and killing of Westerners in the province of Saada, do not bear the hallmarks of al Qaeda, because al-Qaeda with the demands and conditions relating to the stationing of a Western forces – especially NATO – in the Islamic countries; the coast of Yemen and Afghanistan.”
وأضاف” القاعدة تستثمر عمليات الخطف التي تقوم بها للمطالبة بالانسحاب من أفغانستان او ا لإفراج عن أسرى أو حتى طلب فدية، كما أن مسار عمليات القاعدة في العالم من يوم ظهورها لم يسجل حالة اختطاف واحدة لنساء أو قتلهن أسيرات لان ذلك بحسب أدبيات وبيانات سابقة للقاعدة أن ذلك يتنافى مع دينها وفكرتها وأهدافها الإيديولوجية”. “Al Qaeda has invested kidnappings carried out by calling for withdrawal from Afghanistan or the release of prisoners, or even a ransom demand, and the path of Al-Qaeda operations in the world did not appear on record one case of abduction and murder of women or female, because according to the literature and data base that the pre – This is contrary to religion and ideology, and ideological objectives. ”
AlbaidaNews- NewsYemen _ special

Protest Against Germans’ Kidnapping in Sa’ada, Yemen

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Protests were held today in Sa’ada in the Houthi rebels’ stronghold of Dhayan (which the government carpet bombed during the last war). The protests were against the kidnapping of the German, British and South Korean aid workers and three small children. The bodies of three nurses have been found mutiliated. The where abouts of the remaining six are still unknown.


They are protesting the false accusations by the government that Houthi fighters kidnapped the nine, and consider the entire event an invitation for foreign interference in Sa’ada and Yemen as a whole:


The rebels have also said they consider the event a plot by the government to re-ignite the Sa’ada War into the sixth round of fighting.


And of course the obligatory “Death to America” and “Death to Jews”. Yahya al Houthi claims “The Death to America” is a foreign policy statement and has a nuanced meaning, and reaaaly they bear no malice against the American people, but do the 15 year old chanting recruits know that?


Germans: Brutality of Killing Points to Al Qaeda

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There’s no way rebel leader Abdelmalik al Houthi would order the kidnapping and murder of Germans in particular, when his brother Yahya al Houthi is in exile in Germany. That the Yemeni government spent three days strongly asserting that the Houthis kidnapped them, when lives are on the line, shows their utter disregard for human life. Its odd that the Yemeni regime, usually so eager to show itself as the victim of terrorism, hasn’t said a peep about the possibility of al Qaeda involvement so far- its been five days and its an al Qaeda type operation.

The German comment on the “brutality” of the deaths is distressing; one can only hope the three nurses were shot before they were stabbed and mutiliated. German intel expects they are likely all dead already.

If they are alive, the hostages may be in Saudi Arabia and/or show up in a vid. The terrorists would keep the mother alive to keep the kids calm. Its a bad situation when that’s one of the more positive alternatives. God help them.

SABA: Brutal killing of foreigners in Yemen bears al-Qaeda ‘Hallmarks’, Germany June 16 (Saba) – Germany believes al-Qaeda was behind the kidnapping of seven Germans on Friday and killing two female captives on Monday in Yemen. The German intelligence services expected all the hostages including seven Germans, a Briton and a South Korean, were killed in the hand of al-Qaeda militants in the Yemeni northern Saada region.

The German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung reported Tuesday the German Intelligence Authorities based their conclusions on the brutality of the killing of three female foreigners whose bodies were found in Saada.

“The Germans are particularly in Al-Qaeda’s line of fire. Al-Qaeda is intensifying things. We should prepare ourselves for additional deaths,” an unnamed expert was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

The Saudis have to be searching for the Yemen hostages also, yes?

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Regarding the nine hostages in Yemen, three nurses have been found dead. The missing are two men, three small children and their mother. The Yemenis are searching.

I have been concerned that al Qaeda had a new hostage taking method in the works since the Saudis found that cave on the Saudi/Yemeni border (somewhat near the kidnap site) that had rooms or holding cells in it, clearly designed to imprison captives. The cave overlooks AQAP deputy al Shihiri’s village.

In that kind of scenario, the kidnapped group needs to be smaller than nine for logistical considerations. The Saudis must be frantically checking their side of the border, yes? If we are assuming the remaining six are still alive, which we must, there is NO reason to assume they are still in Yemen. The merger of the Saudi branch of al Qaeda with the Yemeni branch means there is no border in these kind of operations, and the indigenous terror resources of both branches are available to the unified group (AQAP). The cave article from Alshaq Alawasat, dtd June 09:

According to one of the [governmental] escorts, the cave that the Al Qaeda cell used overlooks the village of Said Ali Al Shihri, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who recently appeared in a video attributed to the Al Qaeda in Yemen organization threatening to carry out attacks against Saudi Arabia. The Southern Cave is in close proximity to the border region between Saudi Arabia and Yemen

The main cave was used by members of the cell for the storage of arms and foodstuffs, and occasionally as a temporary place of shelter also. The cave is located 155 km or two hours from the city of Abha, which is the capital of the Asir province. The cave is one of a series of small isolated caves in the Sarwat mountainside, which stretches from the Western region of Saudi Arabia to Yemen. This mountain range is 1000 meters above sea level at its lowest point and 2200 meters above sea level at its highest…

Amongst the items found in the cave were; military uniforms, boots, helmets, knives, various types of weaponry and other miscellaneous items. This gives a clear indication to the type of terrorist operation planned by the cell. It seems that the location of the Southern Cell’s cave was chosen in mind of the difficulty of it being discovered, and the ease with which members of the cell might flee in the event of this actually occurring.

The Al Qaeda cell did not even discount the possibility of escape from the security authorities by use of parachute (ed- hang gliders? ?) , and Asharq Al-Awsat has learnt that a number of the cell members were intending to use parachutes in order to jump from the high mountainside and land safely in an effort to escape the security authorities.

The location chosen for the cave indicates that it was to be used as a safe house for their operations, and may have been used to imprison hostages, and film them for propaganda purposes, as well as in order to shelter the cell members from the security forces.

Names and Ages of Nine Persons Kidnapped in Yemen

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Un Young Sun, South Korean nurse murdered in Yemen. You can really see her beautiful spirit through the photo.

Source: Yemen Post, I put an asterick next to the three poor souls whose bodies were found stabbed and shot.

The family:
Johannes H. (36)
Sabine H. (36)
their kids Lydia (4), Anna (3) and Simon (1)

The nurses:
Anita G. (24)*
Rita S. (26)*
Anthony S. (british)
Young-Sun Ium (korean)*

So what we have still out there is two men, three children and their mother. It says a lot.

DBA: Sana’a/Berlin – Security forces in Yemen continued their search Tuesday for six of nine kidnapped Westerners, a day after the mutilated bodies of three of the hostages were found…Yemeni officials said the bodies of the South Korean and two German nurses were found in a dry river valley in Wadi Nushur, 12 kilometres north-east of the city of Saada in the north-west of the country. They had been killed with pistols and daggers. (Read on …)

New Statement from Houthi Rebel Commander Deploring the Kidnapping and Murders as Inhumane

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Comment by Jane: All the foreigners murdered in previous incidents in Yemen were killed in terror attacks by al Qaeda. The Houthis have never kidnapped any civilians, Yemenis or foreigners, since the war began in 2004.

The multiple foreigner kidnappings by tribesmen occurred in other areas, and not by rebel fighters. The very odd thing is the Yemeni government’s rush to judgement. Caution and concern for the kidnap victims would dictate the state not immediately blame the rebels, which they did in the strongest terms, even though it was a propaganda coup for day. The fate of the children and the men is uncertain at this time, as well as who kidnapped them.

The other story circulating is that drug dealers kidnapped the nine after the security refused to return a shipment of confiscated drugs. (Mareb Press) To follow is the statement of Abdel Malik al Houthi:

*ندين ونستنكر بشدة ما تعرض له أطباء المستشفى الجمهوري من عمل إجرامي بشع**
**يتنافى مع القيم والمبادئ والأخلاق الإنسانية، ويكشف أن من وراء الحادثة** **قد
تجردوا عن الضمير وتحولوا إلى ذئاب بشرية اعمي بصائرهم حقدهم الأعمى**
الخطيرة التي تستهدف البلد** **.* (Read on …)

Female Nurses Shot and Stabbed to Death in Yemen

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The status of the other six has been confirmed as “alive” by the state media but their where abouts are unclear.

Earth Times

Sana’a, Yemen – Yemeni kidnappers shot dead three foreign female aid workers on Monday, three days after nine foreigners, including seven Germans, were abducted in north-western Yemen, provincial officials said. They said two German girls out of the group were found alive after police found the bodies of two German nurses and a South Korean female teacher in the district of Akwan of the of Wadi Nushur area east of Saada. (Read on …)

Hostages in Yemen Found Dead??!! Update: Six Alive??!!

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OK slightly more coherent:

There are conflicting reports coming out of Yemen on the status of nine foreign hostages kidnapped days earlier in Sa’ada, Yemen. One report says three hostages were killed, most say seven were murdered- shot, not beheaded, and two children were left alive. Another very new report from Yemen says six have been recovered alive.

Looking to the question of who murdered them, the least likely group is “tribesmen” who have kidnapped nearly 200 this decade. All those kidnappings were announced at once and all hostages were released unharmed after negotiations with the government. The next least likely is the Shiite rebel group, the Houthis. In four years of war, the rebels have mingled with civilians but never targeted them, and they never engaged in any kidnappings. A more possible culprit is the Yemeni Political Security Organization which has previously, it is said, created terror attacks against western tourists in order to gain counter terror funding for the regime. The most likely actor is Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which has claimed credit for all the prior lethal attacks on tourists. Although the Yemeni government has taken great pains to pin the kidnappings and now the murders on the Shiite rebels, it doesn’t jive with history. The victims were associated with a Baptist medical team and were found in an area where a Baptist doctor was killed by al Qaeda in 2002. They were taken from a zone well controlled by the Political Security that would inhibit access by the rebels, but allow it by terrorists. (The Yemeni government has engaged the services of al Qaeda linked terrorists as mercenaries against the Shiite rebels in the Sa’ada governorate.)

Whoever perpetrated this crime, its an incredible act of brutality, considering they chose to take and not leave the kids to start with, and the victims confirmed dead are the three women- two German nurses and a South Korean nanny. Where are the three kids?

Original post, links, updates, below the fold as well as Abdel Malik al Houthi’s statement yesterday denying the complicity of his fighters in the kidnapping and accusing the government of treachery. (Read on …)

Another Kidnapped Foreign Medical Worker

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A day after the release the 24 doctors and family members kidnapped in Amran (on their was to Sa’ada), a German expert and his family and friends were kidnapped near Sa’ada. The first incident was prompted by demands to release an imprisoned relative. This is likely the same. Before that was the Dutch couple. None of the kidnapping are by al Qaeda and money is not the object, and the hostages never get sold to al Qaeda. The absence of a functional judiciary prompts the tribesmen to these measures to get relatives released- relatives often held hostage for the actions of others.

Sana’a, Yemen – Seven Germans and two Britons have gone missing in the restive north-western Yemeni province of Saada and are feared kidnapped, security sources said on Saturday. (Read on …)

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