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South Korea pays market price for Yemen LNG

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In the first half of the story, South Korea was paying well under fair market price since 2005 despite opposition and activists strenuous objections.

Yemen LNG and Total Gas LIFT gas shipments redirected to Korea
[18 / February / 2012] Saba

Agreed Yemen LNG, Total Gas & Power to increase the number of shipments transferred by 20 shipments per year to Korea during the years 2012.2013 and 2014 m due to the continued low gas prices in the U.S. market.

Under the new agreement which was signed in Paris on the fourteenth of February, the ongoing presence of the Minister of Oil and Minerals Engineer Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, will be selling LNG to Kogas, according to the current price of the market. (Read on …)

FBI Arrives in Yemen

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The Yemenis are in the lead on the investigation. I know its the FBI ( and TSA ) and all, but I hope they remember about the South Korean investigators who were targeted by a suicide bomber after they arrived in Yemen to investigate the murder of the South Korean tourists in March 2009. Al Qaeda obtained the route of the convoy from subverted members of the security forces.

Al Masdar Online: U.S. team arrives Yemen to participate in the probe parcel bomb

Suicider Arrived in a Black Car Five Minutes Prior to Attack on UK Ambassador

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Roads to Iraq picks up a report from Barakish:

Last infor­ma­tion revealed that sui­cide bomber (you can see his decap­i­tate head here), is stepped out a black car with tinted car-windows five min­utes before he com­mit­ted the sui­cide attempt (I don’t think Al-Qaeda mem­bers are dri­ving in the cities with tinted car-windows, P.S. in Yemen and most Arab coun­tries, you need a per­mis­sion to drive such cars).

There are some inter­est­ing analy­sis says that this is an attempt planned by the Yemeni gov­ern­ment to force the coun­tries who promised to donate for the devel­op­ment of Yemen (and broke their promises).

One deduction we can make about the plot against the UK ambassador is that it was hatched by the same planner who previously attacked South Korean investigators in March 2009, also by bouncing an explosives laden youth off of a moving car. In that attack as well, no one was killed but the two suicide bombers.

The other relevant fact of the earlier attack is that al Qaeda admitted their operatives received inside information from the security forces. Even the Yemeni Parliament said the attack was proof the security forces were compromised. If we assume the same planner, we can then reasonably assume the same connections into the Yemeni intelligence and security forces still exist. The yet unconfirmed report that the youth arrived in a black car five minutes before the ambassador passed may indicate that the attacker knew the route and was laying in wait, as in the earlier instance. In the current case, the question remains, did Saleh call in a favor or did al Qaeda?

Yemeni Al Qaeda Vid of Two Suicide Bombers who Targeted South Koreans

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They used a booby trapped picture frame and cassette player according to the vid.

According to al Shayea, they were not trained in Somalia- they send fighters to Somalia and Afghanistan and Iraq, but Hamas rejected Yemeni volunteers who came to Gaza.

Yemen: Al-Qaeda reveals new information on attacks against Koreans from the Yemen Post

The recent suicide attacks against South Koreans tourists in Yemen, four of whom were reported killed last March, have been detailed by al-Qaeda in a new video statement released on June 27 entitled “I Have Won I Swear to Kaaba’s God.”

The videotape was released through the jihadi media outlet Al-Malahim (, June 28), reporting that the two separate attacks against South Korean official investigators and tourists in March were premeditated. An al-Qaeda’s approach which some analysts say it seems destined to damage the government’s reputation. (Read on …)

AQAP Covers for Subverted Yemeni Security

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AQAP are insisting robustly that they knew the route of the Korean investigators though intensive surveillance. Discounting of course the logical and widespread assumption that the terrorists were tipped off, ie- elements in the Yemeni security knew in advance of the plot and provided the route of the motorcade. t gets flakier- the youth wandered around Sana’a for months looking to hook up with Wahishi.

Also the other thing to note, tangentially, is the journalist Abdel-Elah Haidar noted in the article as one who interviewed Wahishi previously is now insisting that AQAP would not have carried out the kidnapping of the medical workers in Sa’ada because it is against their principles. (Killing women like the Belgiams tourists in Hadramout is apparently less of an offense than kidnapping them.) I dont think Haidar would be taking such a strong position in his analysis (which was published in News Yemen) without there being something behind it, one way or another. From Al Masdar:

Al Qaeda announces military intelligence security information on the preparation of new processes and the implementation of Hadramout and Sana’a
المصدر أون لاين – محمد العزكي Source Online – Mohammed Aezzki

كشف تنظيم القاعدة عن معلومات أمنية عسكرية جديدة حول منفذي العمليتين الانتحاريتين في حضرموت وصنعاء ضد السياح والمحققين الأمنيين الكوريين في مارس الماضي، مستهدفا سمعة الأجهزة الأمنية اليمنية وإفشال الحكومة اقتصاديا. Detection al-Qaeda military security of the information on the perpetrators of a new double suicide bombing in Hadramout and Sana’a against the security of tourists and Korean investigators last March, the reputation of the security target and the failure of the Yemeni government economically. (Read on …)

IED Targets South Korean Pipeline in Shabwa, Yemen

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The South Koreans are looking to sell, if I recall correctly.


SANAA, Yeman (AFP)–Unknown attackers blew up an oil pipeline in southeast Yemen operated by a South Korean firm, causing a leak, police and industry officials said Thursday.

The attack took place Wednesday night in a region of Shabwa province that produces 10,000 barrels of oil a day.

Local police chief Saïd Saleh al-Souleimany told reporters that the assailants planted an explosive device under the pipeline and detonated it from a distance.

Technicians were sent to repair the damage, which he described as not serious, after the unclaimed attack.

Terror Arrest in Attack on South Korean Tourists

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Security authorities in Hodeidah province announced the arrest of an al-Qaeda affiliate in the west of Yemen last Sunday. The information center of the Ministry of the Interior said that the arrested terrorist was detained for his involvement in the suicide attack that targeted a South Korean group on the road to Sana’a airport on the 18th of March. The suicide attack resulted in the death of the suicide bomber but no other casualties.

The arrested terrorist was identified as A.M. al-A’ameri. Security authorities said al-A’ameri had links to the suicide bomber, Khalid al-Dhayani, and also had links to al-Qaeda high profile member Qasim al-Raimi, who is classified as one of the most dangerous terrorists affiliated to al-Qaeda.

The authorities added that al-A’ameri had been tracked down in a number of Yemeni provinces until security authorities were finally able to capture him in Hodiedah and hand him over to the concerned bodies in the capital Sana’a to refer him to justice.

Security authorities said on Sunday that a terrorist affiliated to al-Qaeda was killed in a blast caused by an explosive device he was preparing to use for a terrorist operation in al-Wadhea’ district of Abyan province in the south of Yemen.

According to the 26 September website, security authorities in Abyan province said that the terrorist’s name was Anwar Mohammed al-Tughaishi, which was included on the wanted list of known terrorists, and that he was tracked down by the security bodies charged with the capture of those affiliated with the al-Qaeda organization, and those suspected of planning and carrying out terrorist operations.

By the end of April, security authorities said that they captured two suspected al-Qaeda members in Aden. The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the two captured were A.Y.D. and M.H.S and that they were captured in the Dar Sa’ad district of Aden, adding that the investigative authorities have begun investigations of the two suspects in preparation to present them to justice.

A few days following the attacks that targeted South Korean tourists in Hadramout province and the South Korean group in Sana’a, security bodies had announced the capture of 16 al-Qaeda suspects, ten of whom were captured in Shabwa province in the southeast of Yemen. The ten are believed to be members of the Qasim al-Raimi cell. The other six were members of another suicide terrorist cell that planned 12 terrorist attacks targeting oil facilities, tourist attractions, and other foreign and local interests.

Al-Qaeda had previously threatened to target security personnel in Yemen and promised to multiply suicide operations in the country. However, the Yemeni Ministry of Interior has responded to the al-Qaeda threats by saying that they were only an attempt to attain media coverage. Interior Ministry leadership described the Al-Qaeda threat to target security officials as also solely to gain attention, adding that the Interior Ministry is not paying much attention to threats such as these.

The information center of the Interior Ministry also published a statement in which it affirmed that the threat released by Al-Qaeda was only a desperate attempt to dissuade security services from pursuing Al-Qaeda elements.

Yemeni security and military forces launched an offensive which lasted several days and resulted in the capture of over 59 Jihadists in Abyan province in the south of Yemen last April. The security bodies said that they concluded investigations with 17 of the arrested Jihadists and would refer them to justice on charges of terrorism, sabotage, hijacking, looting, and attacks on security and governmental facilities. They also revealed that the investigations proved that they were affiliated with terrorist organizations.

Some Ja’ar Detainees Associated with Al Qaeda

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In another statement, they say Jamaat al Jihad is the remnants of al Nabi’s AAIA. Another references al Hitat and Afghan Arabs. Shabwa press

he governor of Abyan Ahmed Almisri The preliminary investigation conducted by the security services with those arrested in the city of Ja’ar revealed links to al-Qaida and some of them involved in terrorist acts. (Read on …)

Second Yemeni Suicide Bomber Identified

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Dont Click the Link! GAhhhh, its a picture of a foot and only a foot remains.

So the question is of course is this Khaled al Dhayani a relative of Hamza al Dhayani, the purported driving instructor for the 2007 Marib tourists’ murderer and later the main suspect in the Embassy attack but who said in an interview that the security forces orchestrate some attacks themselves.

Funny how this DNA test took a few weeks when sometimes in Yemen the results come back in hours.

al Motamar: Yemen identifies identity of Sana’a Airport suicidal operation perpetrator
Wednesday, 08-April-2009 – Yemen Interior Ministry announced Wednesday it has identified identity of the perpetrator of the suicidal terrorist operation committed on the road leading to Sana’a Airport on 18 last March. The Ministry depended on results of DNA examinations.

Official source at the Interior Ministry has said,” Security authorities identified the implementer of the terrorist suicidal operation on the road leading to Sana’a Airport on 18 last March. “ (Read on …)

Yemeni Security Cooperates with Al Qaeda: al-Alimi

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al EShteraki: Rashad Al-Alimi approved by Major General, Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security, on Monday broke the al-Qaeda to the security services. (Read on …)

Yemen’s Three Fronts of Terror

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Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula took credit in an internet statement today for a pair of suicide attacks that targeted South Koreans in Yemen.

A teen-aged suicide bomber killed four South Korean tourists in Shibam, Hadramout on March 15. A second terror attack three days later in Sana’a targeted a convoy of family members and South Korean investigators. The motorcade had left a military camp and was traveling along a highway when a suicide bomber detonated his device between two of the cars. There were no injuries to the passengers.

According to al-Tajamo Weekly, the terrorist obtained information on the route and schedule of the delegation from Yemen’s security forces who were aware of the attack twelve hours in advance.

The AQAP internet statement said the attacks were an effort to “expel the infidels from the Arabian Peninsula” and were in retribution for the killing of Hamza al Qaiti by security forces after a suicide bombing in Sayoun last August. As additional rationale, the group cited South Korea’s “alliance with Crusader forces” in Iraq and Afghanistan, the corrupting influence of tourism and the spread of Christianity. The statement rejected the concept of a covenant of protection for visitors.

At a special parliamentary session, opposition and majority MPs alleged the Yemeni security forces are infiltrated by al Qaeda. MPs also accused the Yemeni government of deploying al Qaeda for political purposes. Independent MP Sakhr Al-Wajih said the government itself was involved in many of the terrorist acts which took place over the last years.

Parliament called for the disclosure of the ambiguous relationship between Yemeni authorities and al Qaeda. A ranking member of the ruling party said the relationship between the government and al Qaeda had harmed the country. Another MP said that it was clear that al Qaeda had penetrated the Yemeni security forces. (Read on …)

Recruited for Somalia, Trained in Marib

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Qaeda bomber behind Yemen attack trained in Somalia, They say his name was Abdel Rahman Mehdi al-Aajbari, al Eshteraki< ?a>

security sources responsible بأن الاجهزة الامنية That the security apparatus تمكنت خلال الايام القليلة الماضية من القاء القبض على عشرة اشخاص من العناصر المنتمية الى تنظيم القاعدة، جميعهم في Able in the past few days of the arrest of ten people from the elements belonging to al Qaeda, all in خلية تعرف بخلية (قاسم الريمي). Cell known as a cell (Kassem Reemy). (Read on …)

Six al Qaeda Arrested in Yemen, Kuwaiti National Released

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Messy messy post but I’m swamped.

al Nedaa: Ssecurity authorities released the young Kuwaiti Alderbas Saif Abdul Latif, 19, detained since late last January in the Political Security Prison as part of a crackdown to hunt down the suspects of belonging to al Qaeda, having proved to be linked to any of the charges against him, and referred the charges attributed to him by the suspected terrorist issues to the establishment of illegal.
Was confirmed by the “call” a diplomatic source in the Kuwaiti embassy in Sanaa Alderbas release, stressing that Kuwaiti citizens only to control the non-renewal of his stay in Yemen, and that his release came after the correction of the legal status, origin and preferred not to engage in any additional details because the case is closed.

Yemen Online: Yemen Arrests six suspects belong to an Islamic Center in Sana’a
YemenOnline.March 25- The national security forces in Sanaa arrested four people after surrounding an Islamic institute (Al-Dawaa Center) for two hours on Wednesday. YemenOnline Learned that that the suspects arrested on suspension of of organising two attacks on South Koreans and of plotting another 10 against Western targets, the interior ministry said on Wednesday. “Six members of an Al-Qaeda cell wanted by the security forces have been arrested,” the ministry’s website quoted a senior security official as saying.The cell was suspected of organising two suicide bombings against South Koreans which killed a total of five people, one against a group of tourists visiting the historic eastern city of Shibam and the other against a group of officials who had been dispatched to join the investigation.The cell was also suspected of plotting 10 other attacks against Western targets, including oil installations and foreign tourists, the official said.”The security forces are in the process of hunting down the other members of the cell. Their arrest is only a matter of time,” he said.

(Read on …)

al Qaeda Infiltration of Yemeni Govt

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The admission by the MP’s and al-Alimi that al Qaeda has penetrated the security services is important. Its not a new development but a validation of the configuration that exists.

The issue is two fold: 1) to what extent does al Qaeda deploy its resources within the security services to achieve the jihaddists goals, and 2) to what extent do the security services use the terrorists and their networks to achieve goals of the political elite.

The goals of al Qaeda are recruitment, financing, training and travel to external theaters of jihad. Additional goals domestic include freeing imprisoned terrorists, establishing camps, and social impact. Regional goals include the continued assault on Somalia and attacks in Saudi Arabia,


Quasi-security reserve player .. خبير أمني: القاعدة لاعب رئيس في ظل انفلات خطير Security expert: al-Qaeda’s head of the loose in a serious
الإثنين , 23 مارس 2009 م Monday, March 23, 2009

صنعاء/ التجمع Sanaa / assembly
كشفت العمليتان الانتحاريتان ضد السياح والفريق الامني الكوري في شبام حضرموت والعاصمة صنعاء يومي الاحد والخميس الماضيين مدى الفراغ الامني الذي صار يتحكم فيه تنظيم القاعدة – اللاعب الابرز- الذي فرض قبضته ونجح في السيطرة والتحكم بمفاتيح اللعب, الامر الذي دعا خبيراً امنياً لتشبيه دور الاجهزة الامنية بلاعبين على دكة الاحتياط. The processes Alantharitan against the tourists and the security team in the Korean capital city of Shibam, Hadramout and Sana’a on Sunday and Thursday over the security vacuum, which is controlled by al Qaeda – the most prominent player – which has a grip and control and control keys to the game, which called for security experts to compare the role of the security services players on the reserve bench. (Read on …)

“MPs Say Government Aided Terrorists”

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A recent terror attack on South Korean tourists in Yemen killed four and was followed by an attempted attack days later on South Korean officials which only killed the bomber. The South Koreans are engaged in soul searching and wondering why. The answer probably has more to do with Yemen’s natural gas project (South Korea is a major investor) than with the South Korean position on Iraq or Palestine.

Cracking the wall of silence, both opposition and majority Members of Parliament in Yemen denounced the Yemeni government’s support of terror activities in Yemen for political ends. It is not as some suggest a passive relationship, an incorporation of Islamists into the political system or turning a blind eye; the Yemeni government is directly involved in some “terror attacks” and provides material support for jihaddist groups.

Yemen Post: As the government announced a massive hunt, even with helicopters, for fugitives it says have planned to carry further terrorist attacks in Yemen, MPs said on Monday the government had provided aid for terrorist groups to carry out attacks.

During a closed parliament session to which Deputy Premier for Security and Defense Affairs Rashad Al-Alimi was invited along with the ministers of Culture, Tourism and Guidance and Deputy Minister of Interior, MPs said the government’s support for Jihadist and terrorist networks in the country was politically-motivated.

During the sitting, which was dedicated to discussing the issues of insecurity and soaring terrorist acts, independent MP Sakhr Al-Wajih said the government has been found involved in many terrorist acts which took place in the past years.

In the sitting, which was supposed to be closed and not to be attended by media, MPs urged a transparent dealing with security issues in the country as they reaffirmed previous accusations, by MPs from the ruling party and opposition, that the government had provided aid for terrorists.

In previous sessions, MPs from the ruling party and opposition called on the government to determine the nature of its relationship with terrorist networks and reconsider its policies on the relationship, saying all government acts in this regard are negatively affecting the country.

One more time: (Read on …)

South Korean Investigators Targeted in Yemen

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Following the suicide bombing that killed four South Korean tourists in Hadramout, Yemen on Sunday, a convoy carrying the team of South Korean investigators was targeted by a suicide bomber en route from the airport. (Update:The attack took place as the convoy was leaving al-Dailami military base. M&C ) Its just unbelievable. Thankfully there were no casualties beyond the bomber. Lets put it in historical context:

1- Yemen has a history of impeding and obstructing terror investigations by “Western” investigators. The prime example is the USS Cole investigation when the Yemeni government and its officials deliberately misdirected, misinformed and failed to inform the FBI or grant direct access to suspects. Following the obstruction of the investigation came the obstruction of justice. All those complicit in the bombing are free in Yemen. Those convicted by a Yemeni court spent less than four years in jail, and many were never brought to trial.

Another example is the 2007 suicide bombing in which killed eight elderly Spanish tourists and two Yemeni guides. In that case, the Yemeni government denied a US offer of forensic assistance and obstructed Spanish investigators. The Yemeni government has accused numerous persons of complicity in these murders and none of the “masterminds” are in jail. However, four teen-agers were convicted recently and 16 other alleged terrorists are about to go on trial.

Now following the suicide attack that killed four Korean tourists and one Yemeni, the Korean investigative team was targeted by another suicide bomber coming from a military base en route to the airport. How did the suicide bomber know when the security team was going to be passing? Clearly its not random.

2- The Yemeni government is currently deploying two separate groups of jihaddists as mercenaries. The first is the al Fahdli group in Abyan, south Yemen and is the “co-opted” jihaddists. There was a meeting, a deal was struck, money changed hands, prisoners were released and the plan is a go. The regime has abdicated control of Jahr, Abyhan to the fundamentalists who have murdered several suspected homosexuals, confiscated property and imposed their hard-core version of Sharia law. New training camps were established.

One new terrorist guesthouse is in Sanhan, President Saleh’s village, and the next stop is a training camp in al-Haimah west of Sanaa. Another camp was recently established in the al-Ahbush mountains in Rumalia near Jahr, with the support of Yemeni military authorities. A third camp established is in Rahbat in Aden.

The second group of terrorists is that assembling in the north, in Sa’ada. This group appears to have been loaned out by Ayman Zawahiri to assist President Saleh in the next war against the Houthi rebels. The group reportedly is comprised of Yemenis and Arab and non-Arab foreigners, which may include Somalis.

The third contingent of violent jihaddists in Yemen is supposedly headed by Nasir al Wahishi and has incorporated the remnants of the Saudi al Qaeda network. This group publicly rejects negotiations with the regime and has threatened shipping routes in the Bab al Mendab. However, some Yemeni security officials are aware of Wahishi’s current location.

So in conclusion, while it is still too early to draw any firm conclusions on this week’s terror attacks in Yemen, the range of possible perpetrators is quite broad. Random factoid: South Korean is a primary investor in and customer of Yemen’s LNG project scheduled to come online within months.

al-Motamar, (paper of the ruling party) Yemen Interior Ministry mentioned Wednesday that a suicide bomber, wearing an explosive belt, has blasted himself near the airport at the time the Korean security delegation was leaving Sana’a Airport.

An official source at the Interior Ministry said the incident did not cause any casualties the suicide bomber body was torn to small pieces.

Security Information Centre said security men surrounded the incident place and experts of criminal evidence began inspecting the place and gathering parts of the suicide bomber body and remains of the explosive charge.

Security apparatuses also embarked on investigating the incident to identify the suicide bomber and will be revealed in the next hours.

Four Tourists Murdered in Bombing in Shibam, Yemen

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This is bad news: al-Tagheer:

Four tourists in Shibam Hadramout killed this evening in a car bomb by a suicide bomber.

He said the correspondent of the “change” in a procession to Shibam for a group of tourists traveling in a vehicle belonging to one of the travel and tourism, one of the persons intercepted a car bomb has exploded cars and a number of dead and wounded.

The correspondent added that the operation took place near a mountain, “Bp” in the Sale of Shibam Hadramout and during the procession of tourists stopped to take pictures of the sunset from the top of the mountain.

The correspondent pointed out that he is still writing, even ambulances transported the injured to more bad in the hospital did not have definitive statistics on the victims of the accident, which, according to preliminary data, which left four tourists from the Korean nationality.

He stressed that the security forces in the region imposed a security cordon at the scene of the incident and prevented from approaching it.

South Korean tourists. This is very sad. Another article says it was remote a controlled device, which if true may indicate prior experience in Iraq or an unwillingness to martyrdom, like the ambush of the Belgians in January 2008.

Updated casualty figures: Four South Koreans, three Yemenis killed, brought to the morgue in Sayoon, four South Koreans wounded.



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