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More AQAP fighters arrive in Abyan

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The AQAP CF in Abyan continues:

Yemenat: New enhancements to the supporters of al-Qaeda in Abyan

According to local sources in the city of Jaar, in Abyan province, south of Yemen, the city witnessed the arrival of new fighters and additional military reinforcements to support the armed groups that are believed to belong to al Qaeda.

The sources pointed out that the military buildup, which includes a large number of fighters who are nationals of various Asian, African and combat equipment, and arrived to the province of Abyan by sea in the coastal city of Shakra, which is still controlled by armed elements in their hands since the fall several months ago. (Read on …)

AQAP fractures in Abyan

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@intelwire (J.M. Berger) notes “the reported Abyan fitna (was) mentioned earlier on the forums.”

Khaleej Times ADEN — Clashes between rival extremist groups on Monday left four fighters dead and seven others wounded in Yemen’s restive southern province of Abyan, witnesses said.

A group under the leadership of Abdellatif Sayyed, who has distanced himself from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, asked alleged members of AQAP to leave the town of Jaar.

But a witness said the latter, who are loyal to a local Al-Qaeda leader named Abu Ali Hadrami, refused, triggering a series of clashes that caused casualties on both sides.

Jaar is 12 kilometres (seven miles) north of the provincial capital of Zinjibar which was seized in May by Partisans of Sharia (Islamic Law), an organisation linked to the Al-Qaeda network.

I wrote it up Monday at as

Al Qaeda in Yemen alienates local jihaddists

Local jihaddists in Abyan, Yemen are fighting their former allies, al Qaeda militants from other countries and other Yemeni provinces, for control of Ja’ar City. The combined group, which calls itself “Ansar al Shariah,” has been in control of areas of Abyan since May when the military withdrew.

Clashes between local jihaddists and al Qaeda erupted Monday morning, al Teef reported. The local militants’ commander, Abullatif Al Sayed, tried to expel the non-resident terrorists who had earlier joined their operations for control of the province. Many came from Marib and are linked to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). The gun battle that ensued raged for hours and the number of casualties is unknown. (Read on …)

Bomb in Sanaa, assassination in Amran, truce and car bomb in al Jawf, double dealing in Abyan

Pop quiz: Q: What was the characteristic response of the Saleh regime to power sharing demands following unity in 1990 that precipitated the 1994 civil war? A: Assassinations. Hundreds of southern political leaders were assassinated, often by veterans of the Afghan jihad who were allied with Saleh.

Five protesters wounded in Sanaa by an explosive device thrown from a car with police plates.

War planes bomb Arhab, five dead. Three houses, a mosque and many farms damaged. Clashes in Nehm, 20 km south of Arhab, eight wounded.

The Yemen Post reports Hamid Al-Qushaibi of the 310th escaped a car-bomb assassination attempt in Amran province but al Sahwa reports Major Ismail al-Ghurbani, commander of the 310th Armored Brigade of the 1st Armored Division was shot dead in an assassination in Amran

A truce between Islah and the Houthis in al Jawf will go into effect 8/17 when the JMP declares the national council; Fares Manna, UN sanctioned weapons dealer and long time associate of Saleh, will be replaced as governor by Sheikh Hussein Al-Thaneen from the Islah Party.

One person was killed and three wounded Sunday evening when a suicide car bomber detonated at a gathering of Houthis near the health center in al Jawf, News Yemen reported. The Houthis blamed the US, saying “The process shows the intense action and malicious plots by the Americans and the targeting of Yemen in general and the northern areas in particular.” Mareb Press reports dozens of injuries. Interior Ministery says 14 dead and the hallmarks of al Qaeda.

16 suspected al Qaeda were killed Sunday as clashes in the province take place in seven areas. The tribesmen (like the commander of the 25th Mechanized) say that the government is arming the al Qaeda militants and providing other support.

Yemen Post: Local tribesmen in Abyan province, fighting with government against militants, are accusing the government of helping al-Qaeda fighters stay strong by attacking tribal posts and arming the militants.

According to tribal sources in Abyan, at least 19 tribesmen have been killed by government attacks.

A senior Yemeni Defense Ministry official denies that the toll is that high, but did not deny that government raids did kill tribal fighters in accidental attacks.

Over the last month, tribes have succeeded to retake more than 60 percent of the province from the hands of suspected al-Qaeda militants after the government failed to show progress in its fight against the militants since May.

At least 1600 tribesmen are fighting al-Qaeda militants in the province.

More than 15 al-Qaeda fighters were arrested on Thursday by the tribesmen as their push to cleanse the province from the militants nears the final steps.

Update: Sultan al Barakani says Hamid al Ahmar is the prime suspect in the bombing on the presidential palace because the sims cards used in mobile phones belonged to SabaFone.

Saudi al Qaeda surrenders

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Excellent lets hop ehe brought back a substantial amount of inside information on AQAP. Maybe all their questionable practices like dressing up like women,

Riyadh, 4 Aug. (AKI) – A Saudi fugitive accused of being a member Al-Qaeda and hiding in neighbouring Yemen recently turned himself in to police in Saudi Arabia, according to newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat. (Read on …)

Dirty 30

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(Read on …)

Youth militias counter Al Qaeda in Yemen; US trained CT forces elsewhere

In yet another demonstration of the total failure of US CT policy in Yemen, the US trained and equipped CT forces are busy countering the peaceful protesters with violence, while untrained government supporters are armed and roughly organized into militias that will fight the terrorists. The state is also highlighting the new training camp that state jihaddists set up under the government’s nose last month, likely the camp at Qauarir Mountain at Moalla, Aden reported here on 6/22.

By Associated Press, Published: July 3
SANAA, Yemen — Yemeni officials say the government has formed special youth militias to prevent militants linked to al-Qaida from gaining a foothold in the strategic southern port city of Aden.

The officials said Sunday there are signs that the presence of al-Qaida linked militants in Aden is growing. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Authorities in Aden spotted a newly created militant training camp, officials say. They have also detected attempts by militants in Aden to store large amounts of weapons and explosives in rented apartments and houses.

Yemen Wed June 8, updates: Proxy War in Abyan

Late update: Saleh: late night in Sanaa and Taiz, over two hours of heavy gunfire so far from pro-Saleh forces shooting in air at news of his return or good health. Simultaneous in Dhamar, Hadramout. In Aden, govt cars seen shooting live rounds (more celebration?) Over 20 wounded in Sanaa arrive at the field hospital. According to friends in Saudi Arabia, theres no report airing about Saleh’s good health and return, and Mareb Press just retracted the report that Saleh wanted to return in 24 hours. However “celebratory” gunfire continuing for hours already. The RG is going to be cranky tomorrow.

Sanaa: Ali Mohsen meets US, EU ambassadors; forces intercept two attacks on Acting President Hadi’s compound. Reports also disbursed protesters demanding a transition council, near Hadis compound, dozens injured. Vid, al Khaiwani arguing with Askar Zoail, Ali Mohsen’s extremist office manager who incited soldiers with sermons on jihad against the Houthis at a mosque in the fifth Saada war. Al Khaiwani was later nearly kidnapped. Later video indicates Zoali’s forces shooting into the air. See below for Mohsen’s role in Abyan fighting.

JMP: did not meet with Hadi, expect to meet within two days; seek Hadi’s formal declaration that Saleh’s reign is over, threaten to unilaterally create transitional council with protesters.

Protesters: demand transitional council immediately in mass demo, “In Sana’a, a spokesman for the youth-led protesters in the change square outside Sana’a University said, after thousands of people marched Street 60th, they had given a 24-hour deadline for the concerned political parties to form a transitional council otherwise the revolutionaries will do that.”

Taiz: still tense, sporadic clashes on the outskirts of town. The Al Qaeda district is the name of the suburb, not a AQAP hideout. Three killed Maweah and Thikra

Ibb : YP: Government forces clashed with armed tribesmen in Qaeda district, Ibb province, 30 miles off Taiz province. According to the tribesmen, the goal of the tribes is to get rid of all government forces attacking the people. “Security forces are now using this lawless time in the country to loot and attack civilians. We will not allow our people to be attacked and will ensure that they are safe from any attacks from pro govt thugs,” said a tribal fighter.

Hodiedah: roads leading in blocked by pro-Saleh thugs.

Saudi Arabia, “Yemen’s neighbor and the biggest GCC country, said after a June 6 Cabinet meeting chaired by King Abdullah that the proposal is still viable, and called on Saleh to accept it. Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest crude exporter, will also send Yemen 3 million barrels of oil to alleviate fuel shortages, Yemen’s state news agency Saba reported yesterday.” ( SFgate)

Saada: Mass protests in favor of the end of the regime and against all plots on the rev.

UNICEF: Yemen facing humanitarian disaster.

State Department briefing; must read

AQAP: a decent analysis at Foreign Affairs of relation between tribes and AQAP and prospect in the post-rev phase.

Zinjibar: reduced to “hell” with fighting among unclear sides: < <"There is a cat-and-mouse game going on in the streets now between the army and armed men. I can't tell who's who among them any more,"... The fighting has reduced Zinjibar, once home to more than 50,000 people, to a ghost town without power or running water.>> Most residents of Zinjibar fled to Aden where many are sheltering in public buildings. The Central Security forces of Yahya are attacking the refugees as they flee.

The armed parties appear to be the national military, local tribesmen, local militants (both Saleh’s and Mohsen’s) and the defected army but I’m checking. Update: Gah!!! Armed members of the southern movement also maintaining security on some roads, and for sure they would be described by the regime as al Qaeda. If this is true, southerners carrying arms and creating their own security checkpoints outside local villages in various governorates, its new. (I deleted the areas where they are deployed or the regime will start bombing them.) It needs to be double checked. But being rebuffed after asking to coordinate security with the international community leaves few options. However as security fails, its likely the Southern Movement will reject new deployments by either Saleh’s forces or Mohsen’s forces. The only possibility is Aliwi who has a better reputation in the south than Hadi (as unlike Hadi he didnt attack civilians in the 1986 civil war, according to local lore.) And Mohsen is Mohsen.

Abyan: Local direct reports indicate military airplanes dropped two bombs today recently. Vid here of warplanes that bombed Abyan City, per local sources.

Another says the attack was on tribesmen who took up arms in the face of military assaults. “Ms. Novak – Greetings – I would like to clarify what is happening today in the province of pilgrimage in southern Yemen as a witness elders – the army is firing different weapons on the housing Almutnyen and Batalli tribes touched by the bombing respond and of these forces and drops dead from both sides.” Still no names on the militants leaders, but likely remnants of the localized jihaddist group AAIA operating under another new name. Upon asking, it seems that most discussions on southern forums regarding Zinjibar are operating on the assumption (as am I) that Khaledabul Nabi* is leading the jihaddists in Abyan but no eye witness confirmation. Ja’ar and Zinjibar are close enough. In 2009, Nabi was fighting on the side of Saleh in the battle of Ja’ar, another jihaddist proxy war.

Update, Southern Yemen: Ali Mohsen’s forces are in Abyan, see YT article Rebel soldiers engage militants, but are described below as “gunmen” so these could be the jihaddists as well. Majority of Mohsen’s soldiers are either graduates of Iman Univ or loyal to Zindani, per local buzz. The defected military issued a statement though that they were going to intervene in Abyan as military, and that may be what is triggering an armed (defensive) response by the southern movement if there is indeed an armed response. When the article below talks about forces loyal to Islah, it sounds like they mean armed militants loyal to Mohsen and Zindani. Maybe this is what Nuba meant by an invasion of Zindanis forces.

So Abyan could be a proxy war between Saleh and Mohsen with both sides using militants and military men and equipment. and the southerners who take defensive positions attacked by both. Now I really have a headache. Saada source comments, “That’s exactly whats happening with al Jawf,” and likely why the Houthis are fighting there, as a defensive measure.

Al Jawf/ Marib: Battles reported and continue over last months between Houthis and “Islahis” in conjunction with Mohsen’s forces, with back up from pro-Saleh forces according to news and local sources. Explains positioning of large amounts of troops there. Both the Mohsen forces and Saleh forces, militants and military, are fighting the Houthis in rotation. These developments bring into question both Mohsen’s alleged reformation and his commitment to the youth rev goals. Maybe he is just out to finally wipe out the Houthis and the Southerners. Clarification: There’s no troops on the al jawf/Saada border. Troops and militias of both Saleh (Republican Guards and militias) and Mohsen’s army and militias are on the border of Aljawf/Mareb and also inside both Aljawf and Mareb. There’s quite a number of troops in Saada but they are non-combative.

Yaf3press: Lapin: genocide and the destruction of cities, “Zanzibar and Jaar .. and forces loyal to the Reform Party (ed-Islah) and Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar involved in control of southern Yemen. (Read on …)

Rebel military fighting “al Qaeda” in Abyan, Yemen (not Saleh’s forces)

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Its General Aliwa and the other high level military commanders who defected from Saleh’s army who are coordinating the engagement of the militants in Abyan. The pro-change military are trying to restore stability in Abyan in the security vacuum that arose after Saleh withdrew forces. Possibly another goal is to burnish their CT credentials and commitment, however the western media is reporting it all wrong. The following article outlines the structure and intentions of the defected military commanders. The forces loyal to Saleh are now primarily the Republican Guard, headed by presidential son Ahmed Saleh, which are staking out the palaces in the main cities; some RG units are locked down in their camps in other regions by locals. However there have been high level as well as low level defections from the RG. The residents displaced by the militants’ take-over exceed the 20,000 estimated by the UN; some are living in schools in Aden.

Rebel soldiers engage Abyan militants, Yemen Times: SANA’A, June 1 — The Yemeni army has continued its military operations against armed Islamists in Zinjibar, the capital of the Abyan Governorate, where the alleged members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula took control of the city last Saturday amidst local suspicion that Saleh was responsible of handing over the area to such “terrorist groups”.

Defected military generals issued their first statement on Sunday stating, “Saleh is trying to divide the military forces in Yemen by leaving Abyan governorate to terrorists and to scream about the Al-Qaeda threat to the international community, with the aim of quelling the popular uprisings demanding Saleh’s departure.”

General Abdullah Ali Aliwa, former Minister of Defense, Major Hussein Arab, former Minister of Interior, Major General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, commanders of Yemen’s northwestern region and General Mohamed Ali Mohsen, leader of the eastern area were the top defected military figures who signed the statement.

They vowed, “We will not let Saleh use the army to achieve his ill-dream and will pay for his malfeasance.”

They also called on their colleagues who are still loyal to Saleh to join them for “the best for their nation.”

Saleh’s media sources say that the Islamists who took over Abyan are “members of Al-Qaeda and they benefit from any instability to establish their Islamic state.”

However until now, the armed groups have not yet unveiled their identity. They currently occupy two governmental buildings and carry out raids on security headquarters, targeting soldiers coming from other camps to fight against them.

Taiz: tank shells area near palace, hits residential area, kills 3 kids, 1 adult

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The fighting in Taiz is largely between the pro and anti governmental factions of Brigade 33 along with some civilian volunteers, not a tribe. Taiz is not a tribal area, only about 40% of Yemen is tribal.
The military/ security forces fell back from major areas but have not left the city. Al Sahwa and ohter local reporting indicates the shell was fired by the Republican Guard forces headed by Saleh’s son Ahmed.

The situation in Abyan continues to flare, 15 killed, often getting greater attention than anything else in Yemen because of the AQ packaging to the media. The opposition continues to insist its another of Saleh’s elaborate ploys: pulling back security, giving the green light to some of the state’s cadre of loyalist jihaddists and then sending the army in small numbers to be overwhelmed. While the situation remains unclear, there is no doubt that Saleh has the requisite lack of ethics required to send Yemeni soldiers to be slaughtered in order to gain a favorable sounding scroll on the cable news tickers. A good overview here at Muftah of basic fragmentation and groupings in Yemen.

MSNBC: Clashes killed 19 people, including three children, in two Yemeni provinces, military and medical officials said Tuesday.
(Read on …)

Islamic Emirate in Shabwa, Yemen? A seaport in Abyan and militants with links to Islamists

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Certainly in the security vacuum created by the stalled revolution, militants who believe in strict Sharia would try to impose their will on local populations. The pull back of the trained CT units prior to the fall of Abyan to Saleh’s cadre of militants does give rise to questions. As far as I know, AQAP never claimed to have taken over Zanzibar despite widespread media reporting. There was an announcement on the radio station and maybe some internet something. But nothing by Wahishi confirming or denying. The last thing attributed to them as AQAP was a call to AFP by an anonymous leader after bin Laden’s death promising revenge. According to residents, there’s some jihaddists in Azzan, Shabwa but they only come out at night. The reporting from the Chinese news agency though is a serous overstatement and the “local official” quoted is spinning Saleh’s propaganda.

Xinhuanet SANAA, June 1 (Xinhua) — Al-Qaida’s regional branch in Yemen took control over another large city in Yemen’s southeastern province of Shabwa on Wednesday, a week after they controlled the southern Abyan province, local officials and residents said. (Read on …)

Feds link Asiri to two bomb plots targeting US

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dtd 5/24,


(Newser) – The FBI has now definitively linked top al-Qaeda bombmaker Ibrahim al-Asiri to a trio of explosives used in two recent attempts to attack the US, via a fingerprint and forensic evidence. Al-Asiri, who works in Yemen with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, was already suspected of being involved with the Christmas Day “underwear bomber” in 2009; investigators have pulled one of his fingerprints off that bomb. They also determined that the explosives used in the underwear bomb are chemically identical to those hidden inside two printers shipped from Yemen last year; al-Asiri had also been suspected in that plot.

The Rise of North Yemeni Islamism in Birmingham, U.K.

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Nu’man Abd al-Wahid: The Rise of North Yemeni Islamism in Birmingham, U.K.
Published by Diane Warth on 30 November 2010

by Nu’man Abd al-Wahid

One of the reasons generally given for the rise of extreme Islamism is the Arab defeat at the hands of Israel in 1967 in the six day war.

It is theorised that, from this defeat (or Naksa as the Arabs refer to it), loomed the beginning of the end of Arab Nationalism and other, largely secular ideologies, which had hitherto led the struggle to liberate the Middle East from western domination and zionist colonialism. This defeat created the vacuum political Islamism has supposedly filled since. (Read on …)

Saudi al Qaeda coordinator Naif Qatani dead or not dead?

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Generally, the smart money is always on not dead. Click here for earlier on Qatani in Saada and his association with Ammar al Waeli and the (confirmed) deceased Hamza al Qaiti. Qatani was reported killed in Saudi Arabia last May by journalist Abdulelah al Shaea, the same week Qatani was included on the US sanctions listing. The Saudis have no confirmation yet and are keeping him on the MTW list.

Al Riyadh: كشفت معلومات مهمة حصلت عليها “الرياض” عن أدوار محورية ئيسية خطيرة للمطلوب رقم 81 على قائمة المطلوبين ال85 التي سبق أن
أعلنت عنها “الداخلية السعودية” المدعو (نايف محمد القحطاني) في تنسيق التواصل بين خلايا القاعدة في اليمن والخلايا الإرهابية التي فككتها وزارة الداخلية في عدد من مناطق المملكة. Revealed important information obtained by the “Riyadh” on the roles of central and major serious Required No. 81 on the wanted list of the 85 previously announced by the “interior” named (Naif Mohammed al-Qahtani) in the coordination of communications between al-Qaeda cells in Yemen and the terrorist cells that dismantled the Ministry of Interior number of regions of the Kingdom. (Read on …)

Kuwaiti Abu Gaith Joins the Party in Yemen

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KUWAIT CITY: A number of leading Al-Qaeda members, including former spokesman Suleiman Abu Ghaith of Kuwait, have moved from Iran to Yemen, a Kuwaiti daily said Thursday citing an intelligence report. The revelation was made in a classified Western intelligence report sent to security officials in the Gulf and a number of Arab countries, Al-Qabas said, citing unnamed informed sources. (Read on …)

Saif al Adel ties to Iranian Revolutionary Guards and UPS bomb plot

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One stream of reporting had Iran substantially contributing to the AQAP attack on the US Embassy in Sanna in Sept 2008. (But the brainwashed al Qaeda dilettantes can’t imagine their leadership is cooperating with Iran.) Saif, Saud and Fahd all in the same locale is bad news indeed. WSJ below the fold details links between AQAP and AQ Central.


A key suspect in the Yemen mail bombs plot has had close relationships with the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards, United Press International reported on Wednesday.

Saif al-Adel, a former Egyptian army Special Forces colonel and onetime al-Qaida military chief, was reported in October to be in the North Waziristan region of Pakistan near the Afghanistan border, the news agency said. (Read on …)

Al Shabab to Support AQAP Operations

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In an interview al Shabab spokesman Ali Rage said the Somali terror group intended to provide manpower to Yemen’s al Qaeda group, and that Yemen’s al Qaeda had provided generous support to al Shabab in the past.

Closer coordination between Somalia’s al Shabab and Yemen’s AQAP heightens risk of a coordinated attack on the NATO anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden. Currently AQAP is asking for any information on the US vessels in the Gulf including the names and home states of individual American sailors, blueprints, suppliers and operating procedures.

In a missive released yesterday, AQAP said, “Today, the duty of our Muslim nation is to declare Jihad against the infidels and their apostate cooperatives; not only on land but on sea and in the air too. The Crusader warships are present in the Gulf of Aden, in the Arabian Sea and in the Red Sea, and the American surveillance jets occupy the sphere over the Arabian Peninsula..” This echoes an earlier statement from AQ Central calling for naval jihad.

Droves of Yemeni jihaddists and Somalis in Yemen traveled to Somalia when the TFG was battling the ICU. Afterward, the US noted an exodus to back to Yemen. The intersection of piracy, arms smuggling, human smuggling and terrorists has been noted by the UN.

Update: Reuters: AQAP military commander Qasim al-Raymi has fought in Somalia and has written on the need to back Somalia’s revolt… Some others in that founding group had also fought in Somalia. Security experts say Yemenis make up a sizeable part of a foreign contingent that fights with al Shabaab’s Somali rank and file and supplies bomb-making and communications expertise. By one estimate there are about 500 or more foreigners in Shabaab’s ranks, which experts say may number 5,000 or more.

(Read on …)

Kuwaiti Terror Arrest

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Kuwait times

KUWAIT: The consular division of Kuwait Foreign Ministry said it received clarification from the Yemeni side about the detention of Al-Humaidi Hammad Al-Ejl, a Kuwaiti national, on Friday.

Upon receiving notification from the detainee’s brother that his family lost contact with Al-Ejl, the division instructed the Kuwait Embassy in Sanaa to follow up the case urgently, the division’s director Ambassador Humoud Al-Rawdhan said here on Saturday. (Read on …)

Weapons Seized in Ja’ar

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There seems to be several carloads of weapons floating around Yemen this week. – Security sources confirmed Tuesday to that security apparatuses in Jaar district, governorate of Abyan in Yemen on Monday captured a car loaded with weapons intended to be transported to the terrorists led by a terrorist called Tahir Tammah.

The security sources mentioned that security men at Batis checkpoint in Jaar district seized the car loaded with weapons and explosives and was carrying a group of sabotage elements that in interrogation have confessed that the weapons and explosives shipment was meant to be delivered to the terrorist who leads them Tahir Tammah, indicating that the arrested elements have been sent to concerned authorities.

Ja’ar 13 Trial Begins

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Were they targeting Al Fadhli loyalists, or Yafea jihaddists, etc.? Was it inter-jihaddi manouvering or was it just a law enforcement opertation? Its hard to say until we see who is on trial. Why are seven of the 13 being tried in absentia?

Earth Times

Sana’a – A state security court in Sana’a began the trial of 13 men on Monday charged with carrying out sabotage acts and bombing attacks on police stations in southern Yemen. Only six members of the group were present at the courtroom during the first hearing. The other seven are being tried in absentia.

The defendants were charged with “forming an armed gang to carry out sabotage acts and bombing police stations and government installations in Abyan province.”

The accused who were present, aged between 18 and 26, denied the charges and asked the court to appoint a lawyer to defend them.

Prosecutors told the court the men were arrested during a police clampdown on militant groups in the Ja’ar town of Abyan, around 60 kilometres east of the southern port city of Aden.

Ja’ar is known as a stronghold of Jihadi groups in Yemen, which sits on the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula.

English Teacher, Dammaj Student, American Jihaddist

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The murderer was bullied by FBI while in Yemeni jail so he became a fanatic? Oh come on… The first story of being radicalized in Yemeni prison was more believable. ( Update at NPR, a little more realistic. )

Fox: “He said my concern was the FBI agent coming in over there (Yemen) and I thought would be there to help me,” Hensley says. “He was there to torment me a little bit more, to explain that I was in trouble, I was going to be looked after, that I was going to be watched over. And if I ever got out of here I’d have to be concerned with him. That’s what he said.”

That same Ohio mosque. There’s a good blog devoted to jihaddism in Ohio, I’ll try to find it again. ABC

Nuradin Abdi was convicted in 2007 of planning to blow up an Ohio shopping mall. Iyman Faris was convicted in 2003 of planning to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge. Christopher Paul was convicted in 2008 of conspiring to use explosives against targets in the U.S. and Europe.

The mosque, according to well informed sources, is a small house of worship that has regularly been frequented by foreigners with radical sympathies who, after their stops in Ohio, continued onward. The Imam of the mosque was not immediately available for comment. (Read on …)

Brother of Hamas Chief in Yemen Sentenced in US

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Convicted in the US last November and sentenced this week:

A U.S. judge on Wednesday handed down 65-year prison sentences to two founders of a U.S. Islamic charity convicted of illegally supporting Palestinian group Hamas, in a major U.S.-based terrorism financing case…Abu Baker, whose brother Jamal Issa is the head of Hamas operations in Yemen, was Holy Land’s chief executive officer and the first to be sentenced

Al Fadhli Interview: Ja’ar, Terrorism and Aden Hotel

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Interesting bit about the Yafee tribes and the Ja’ar campaign if only to reinforce the idea of the impact of tribal lines on jihaddists relations with the regime , also he says terrorism in Yemen cooked up in the kitchen (but everyone says that from the terrorists to the politicians), and he had an ordinary relationship with bin Laden, all from an interview with al Fadhli at Ashaq Alawsat:

Q: What happened to you in the Abyan province, and specifically in the town of Ja’ar, gunmen took to the city and then the military campaign to recover .. ما هي إبعاده؟ What are deported?

ـ هذه مسرحية هزيلة مدبرة من جهازي الأمن القومي والأمن السياسي، معروفة، ولو تحب نتكلم عن تفاصيلها يمكن ذلك في وقت آخر. Play this poorly planned from the two national security and political security, known, if you like talking about details that could be at another time.

* ممكن تحدثني جزئيا الآن؟ * Possible in part told me now?

ـ قلت لك إن هذه مسرحية من الأجهزة الأمنية، ومنطقة جعار هي منطقة تتكون من قبائل يافع وقبائل آل فضل وهم (الأجهزة) يريدون أن يزجوا بالقبائل في صراعات قبلية، كما يحدث في مناطق أخرى من مناطق الجنوب بدعم الأجهزة كي يقتتل أبناء الجنوب فيما بينهم. I told you that the drama of the security agencies, and the Ja’ar region is composed of tribes, the tribes of Al-Yafi preferred they (devices) want Izjawa tribes in tribal conflicts, as in other areas of the south in order to incite the support devices of the South with them. وهذا ما حدث في جعار ومن قاموا بتلك الأعمال معروفون ومعروفة المناطق التي يأتون منها، ونعرف أيضا من يتستر عليهم أو يطلق سراحهم عندما يتم إلقاء القبض عليهم. This is what happened in Ja’ar have such work is known and well-known areas in which they come, and we also know of the covers or released when they are arrested. (Read on …)

Three Year Sentence for Planning Suicide Attacks on Tourists

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Including credit for time served… The same court and same judge sentenced al Khaiwani to six years for a demoralizing article, but these planning murder get sentences of 2 1/2 and 3 years. The judicial bias against anything to do with Sa’ada, and in favor of al Qaeda, is dramatic.

Musseik Cell members sentenced to three years imprisonment SANA’A, May 04 (Saba) – Sana’a Primary Specialized Court issued Monday two years and half to three years imprisonment sentences to four persons who are convicted of forming armed gang called Musseik Cell to carry out criminal acts and targeting tourists. (Read on …)

Saleh Supports Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance

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After accusing Hezbollah of supporting the Houthis, Saleh makes nice. Also the Wafa Idris “library of maryterdom” opened in Ibb.

SANA’A, April 21 (Saba) – President Ali Abdullah Saleh received here on Tuesday a letter from Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah.

The letter handed over by Dean of Arab prisoners in Israeli jails Samir Qintar dealt with a number of issues and current developments in the region as well as topics of Arab nation’s concern. (Read on …)

Jews in Yemen Target of Fanatics

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Just one of the many targets though…


April 20 (Bloomberg) — Yemen is in danger of losing what’s left of its Jewish community, which has called the country home for more than 2,500 years and provided its kings for a century.

Growing intimidation and violence are pushing the 300 Jews left in the Arabian Peninsula country to flee to Israel or the U.S. Four months ago, a Muslim extremist gunned down Jewish- studies teacher Moshe Yaish Nahari, a father of nine, in the town of Raida, north of the capital of Sana’a. (Read on …)

Yemeni PLO Embassy Recruiting Terrorists

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No surprise there but this is an odd little story.

Ynet Report: Hizbullah deceived its activists in Egypt:

Sources involved in investigation against members of Shiite group arrested in Egypt tell Arab newspaper terror cell’s leaders misled activists into believing they would be working for Fatah’s military wing

The leaders of the Hizbullah cell seized in Egypt recruited activists by misleading them into believing that they would be working for the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades – Fatah’s military wing, the London-based Arabic-language al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper reported Monday, quoting sources involved in the Cairo investigation.

The sources told the paper that the leaders of the Hizbullah organization in Egypt told the activists they were being recruited by the Palestinian group in order to ease their mobilization.

According to the sources, the organization members also used a worker at the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s embassy in Yemen. (Read on …)

Some Ja’ar Detainees Associated with Al Qaeda

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In another statement, they say Jamaat al Jihad is the remnants of al Nabi’s AAIA. Another references al Hitat and Afghan Arabs. Shabwa press

he governor of Abyan Ahmed Almisri The preliminary investigation conducted by the security services with those arrested in the city of Ja’ar revealed links to al-Qaida and some of them involved in terrorist acts. (Read on …)

Jaar, Abyan al Nabi Remants are Jamaat al Jihad

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Govt paper

May News – The governor of Abyan (South Yemen), Ahmed Ahmed Almisri that preliminary investigations with the subversive elements that have been arrested during the crackdown Almoktefp cells are the last of the invited Khalid Abdul Nabi and call themselves the jihadist groups are engaged in acts of sabotage and terrorist criminal threats to social peace of the province said. (Read on …)

Yemen Retakes Ja’ar, Jama’at al Jihad Pledges Loyalty

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On March 28, Yemen launched a major security operation to regain control of Ja’ar in the governorate of Abyan. Yemeni authorities announced Monday that 45 of 56 wanted militants have been arrested during the operation.

Commanded by Defense Minister Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, hundreds of Central Security police were supported by troops from the 312th Military Brigade. Security forces deployed helicopters, tanks and armored personnel carriers. Several police were injured in the clashes which have locked down the city for a week under heavy fighting. The militants are well armed, some with experience in Iraq, and coordinated defensive tactics, including snipers.

The fighting in Ja’ar is ongoing. A large explosion in Khanfar was heard Monday followed by prolonged gunfire.

The operation is targeting militants outside the scope of the Yemeni government’s truce agreements signed with the jihadists in January. In recent months, fundamentalists attacked government facilities and summarily executed citizens including suspected homosexuals, “wine drinkers,” and a woman. Homes were leafleted with warnings against “immoral behavior”. (See LWJ report, A city falls to jihadists).

Four terrorists are reported to have been killed, including jihadist commander Mohammed Hussain al Atif. More than 300 terrorists in are estimated to be in Ja’ar. Authorities said Monday that they had captured “Haliman”, one of the militants who stormed a police station in Khafar, Abyan last month. It is unclear if jihadists Alaa al Hulba, and bin al Sha’ir were among the arrested.

Abyan is home to numerous groupings of jihadists with cross cutting affiliation by tribe, ideology, and relation to the state and external terror organizations. Tribes in the region include the Fadhli and the upper and lower Yafae tribes. The current campaign is directed at a Jama’at al Jihad (the Jihad Group) splinter group which had targeted government installations. As a result of the campaign, government facilities closed by militants have begun to re-open.

The siege of Ja’ar followed a January meeting between Yemen’s President and several jihadist factions that culminated in the release of 108 prisoners (See LWJ report, Yemen strikes multi-faceted deals with al Qaeda).

Some militants are fighting on the side of the state. The weekly Al Tajamo noted, “Those who pretended to give up on the work of jihad and acts of violence during the recent years were seen carrying weapons and fighting alongside government forces… (including) Mujahideen affiliated to the security and military leadership in Sana’a, including those who had received the money and jobs paid in February and early March in the wake of the meeting of the President of the Republic Ali Abdullah Saleh.”

Hassaan Dayyan, representative of the Jama’at Al Jihad, said the group met with Defense Minister Ahmed before the assault began and provided information on wanted members. Nadir Al Shaddadi said Jama’at al Jihad planned another meeting the defense minister and the governor of Abyan to “reaffirm our commitment to the agreement with the State” and discuss the state’s obligations to the group. Members of Jama’at al Jihad were among the militants released from prison in January and promised payments.

Ja’ar offensive may be part of wider campaign in the south

The military buildup extended to Hadramout and included stationing two additional Central Security brigades in Sayoun. Dozens of tanks were shipped by sea to Mukallah’s Khalf Harbour.

The assault comes in the midst of increasing tensions in South Yemen. Civil unrest has wracked the southern governorates since 2007 (See LWJ report, Security forces blanket Aden). Dozens of protesters have been killed by security forces and over a thousand protesters arrested.

The southern opposition is factionalized in structure but unified in its viewpoint and goals. The southern opposition defines the unified Yemeni state as illegitimate as well as illegal under international law. Southerners reference the non-implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions 924 and 931 that governed the end of the civil war.

Widespread popular grievances center on institutionalized regional discrimination in the years that followed the 1994 civil war. Many southerners consider themselves “occupied” by northern forces and see the wealth of the south as “looted” by Saleh’s regime. The goal of the southern opposition is a shift in the unipolar balance of power within the state. The remedy advocated by various opposition leaders range from a confederation to independence. The concept of an internationally supervised referendum on the issue of unity or independence has broad support.


Yemen and International Terrorism

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Article Translation from the mailbag

The relationship between the Yemeni regime and the international terrorism

Since the beginning of the current year 2006, the media circulates respectively news on the frantic activities of the terrorist groups in Yemen. Observers will find that these activities are directly and actively mixed with the state and with the head of the system .

Late February of this year news carried the incident of (escape) of 23 figures and activists from al-Qaeda organization from the (prison) of the Political Security in Sana’a in a silly and senselessness play, after they dug a tunnel under the land from (prison) to the courtyard of one of the mosques nearby of whom using the eating tools such as spoons, dishes etc. News were published by Saba News Agency and by the Conference Net which is belong to the ruling party and by September Net; the close site to the Presidential Office.

At the end of February 2006 the president; the Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh made a statement to the Hayah newspaper (the Life) indicated that there is (possibly) collusion. He added that there are dialogues and contacts with the fugitives to return to prison, (note dear reader that the Yemeni president refuses to conduct a dialogue with the Southerners from the Reform Movement who struggle to bring the Unification to its right course).This and earlier incidents of significant activities of terrorist groups prompts us to try -without experts claim in the religious groups or terrorists issues- to know the relationship between the political regime led by the Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh and these groups. Hence we can note a number of important observations in this context: -

There is a correlation between the Yemeni political system, and its top, the Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh, who came to the power in 1978 and the religious groups, which their activities are characterized in accusing the society at infidelity, violence and terrorism against adversaries to local and foreign as well. They were not known at the whole Yemeni arena that these activities did not become known and did not have the role that we come to mention some of it later, before Saleh seized the governance in the Arab Republic of Yemen, and did not have a presence in the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen previously as well.

But the presence of the Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh on the power enabled these groups to establish their solid material base and to secure the environment for knowledge, which enabled the dissemination of the ideas of these religious groups across the country (Arab Republic of Yemen) before the unity through establishing thousands of religious schools and institutions, which amounted with more than 4,000 religious schools with their curricula and special training programmes that are not subject to the ministry of education according to the current prime minister; Mr Abdulkader Bagammal in his statement Thanks to the huge support and care given by the system, their followers spread in the South after the unity.

Thanks to the support, nourish and protection of the president, Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh in the presence of these groups, it is also a fact that these extremist religious groups has been very generous to his rules in giving intellect, blood, men and the lives of their young people who scarified for the regime of the president Saleh in the Central Region at early 80s of last century when they launched what they considered a holy war against the communism. They also contributed generously in the war of their government against the scientist diligent clergyman Hussein Badr Eddin Alhouthi in Sa’dah Governorate by direct participation with a large number of their members in that war also in supporting the regime in legal opinions (Fatwa) that accused the adversaries with infidelity. They always ready to provide fighter men to defend the interests of the system of Saleh wherever is required.

This fateful interdependence between extremist religious groups and the Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime was translated strongly in the war that was launched by the regime against the South in 1994.It was known worldwide how big the role was contributed by those militant groups. They have been recruited for that war and summoned hastily from Afghanistan to contribute to the war on Southerners during the summer of 1994. That was found later through interviews of some of their leaders recently published in local newspapers and in the Arab press and other widespread newspapers such Ashsharq Alawsat (the Middle East) and Alhayah newspaper (the life).

It is known that Yemen has facilitated and sponsored in a wide scale other terrorist groups, which have emerged during the previous years in Chechnya. Despite the fact that Yemen tried to deny its relationship with what is happening on the territory of the Russian Federation, however during the visits of the Yemeni president to Moscow 2003 the Russian president Putin has brought forward some of the personal documents and identities before Saleh and made his complain from Yemeni terrorism in Chechnya,.

As it was published by the international media, including the American that arms of Yemeni government were found among the weapons that were used in the attack against the American consulate in Jeddah in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Newspapers and other mass media touch in stories of the wide flow of arms shipments to Somali factions, which they are fighting each other in that country, which has been ravaged by the civil wars. News has quoted the presence of a number of Somalis scholars affiliated to extremist religious groups study in Yemeni religious institutes.

The activity of the Yemeni regime in supporting groups of global terrorism has arrived in Chechnya and Somalia, at the same time the countries of the Arabian Peninsula have experienced a great deal of the Yemeni terrorists activity .
Late February 2006, Ashsharq Alawsat newspaper (the Middle East) has disclosed some information about the arrest of terrorist groups with relation to Yemen., I think the reader still remembers the failed terrorist attack on Saudi oil refinery in Abqiq, then Saudi newspapers published in on the relationship with the source of terrorist groups from Yemen in a clear allusion to the fact that one of the terrorism’s leaders was running criminal acts inside (prison) in Yemen.

Until recently, President Ali Abdullah Saleh was talking frequently about his partnership with the USA in its war against global terrorism, trying to delude everyone about his relevance his rules with the terrorism. President Saleh has achieved much success in doing so and was masterful in misleading a while the whole world, including the Americans that he is a real partner in the war against terrorism and therefore who has nothing to do with terrorist organisations, at the local level, regional or global level.

With the increasingly numbers of Yemenis involved in terrorist acts in Iraq the situation began to be more complicated and hard to be believed. How comes that Yemen is declared that it is a partner in fighting against terrorism in ally with the United States of America, at the same time it allows the flow of those terrorists to Iraq. An investigation was initiated and led to significant facts, which took the observers in surprise. The facts stated that an integrated system stands behind this extensive work including the operations of persuasion and recruitment, training and insuring documents and the provision of money, etc…

The investigators reached to serious and terrifying facts as well. It is for the first time facts, events and documents demonstrate that the Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh’s regime is closely linked to terrorism both locally and on Arabic level. The tragic has reached its top with the fact that the regime has a link with the destructive terrorist operations which was carried out by suicide bombers at Dhahab tourist resort in Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. That attack has called the Egyptian government to send urgently the head of the intelligence; Major General Omar Suleiman to Yemen. He was received by the Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, the head of the Political Security Apparatus Major General Ghaleb Al-Qamesh, the head of the National Security Ammar Mohammed Abdullah Saleh and by the director of the office of the president Mr Ali Alanesi, according to the news broadcasted by the Yemeni satellite channel yesterday 27th April 2006.

In a very impudence declaration, the system called a number of domestic terrorism activists who carried out a campaign of systematic terror during the early 1990s against the cadres of the Yemeni Socialist Party in Sana’a. On 29th April 2006 the Yemeni media declared that the presidential guidance instructs to release a number of leaders of the Islamic Aden Abyan Army. The organisation was established after the war in 1994 and its followers carried out a massacre of Australians tourists in Abyan governorate in Yemen in late 1998. Also it is well known about the relationship of this organisation with a number of high influential leaders of the Yemeni regime.

All those activities and actions taken by the president Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh and his regime declare to the world openly and without any equivocation or disguise that the Yemeni system is sponsoring enshrining the terrorism. He provides it with protection and secures proliferation. At the same time these connections between the Yemeni regime and terrorism reveal the nature of the regime and its danger to the security and stability of the peoples of the region and the world at large. The system warmly embraces the forces of terrorism and provides with protection and security to be deployed and to reach Chechnya and Sinai to cause the devastation and destruction in Iraq and Egypt Also he already made every country in the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf under the threat of terror.

The Yemeni regime has no hesitation and will not refrain from disseminating these groups in the countries of the civilized world in Europe and America to carry out killings and destruction and disseminating terror among the population. Such acts will find a religious cover and the turban of the (Dailami) who will not withhold from legal opinions when necessary as provided similar opinions during the declaration of the war on the South and Southerners, also when perfidy hands fired in assassination of the martyr Jarallah Omar and the killing of the doctors in Jebla city in Yemen. He is also expert in launching legal opinions (fatwas) feeding the propitiatory and obscurant forces of terrorism in Iraq.

He also has been generous in issuing his legal propitiatory opinions (fatawi) against cleric and scholar man Alhouthi and against the followers of the Shiite doctrine. It should be mentioned here that the movement of Yemeni terrorism to Europe and America is a matter of time only. As according to the information that was published and announced previously by the local press and on the electronic sites such as News Yemen, that the Yemeni system has announced to form an organization under the responsibility of the official government security apparatus dealing with what it is called (plucking up courage through external support) and working actively amidst Yemeni communities abroad. In my opinion the terrorist groups has already started to put its plan on practice and I belief that the aim of this organisation is not only to terrify the opposition abroad by also to use the government terrorism (state terrorism).It is clear that this organisation will be used as an official and formal cover for spreading terrorist activities whom will be led and managed by symbols from Al-Qaeda’s leadership and other terrorist organization. With no doubt this terrorists will be ordered out and used effectively by various means and under many different names, whenever the need arises.

After this brief narrative we come to a compendium that the president; the Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh has returned to the square one of his political coalition. He has built a militarily foundation sincere to the tribe and allied with the forces of obscurantism. These are the main forces, which rule the Yemen Arab Republic’s system and justify its existence. The story of the alliance between Saleh’ regime and the terrorists started early when the terrorist religious factions supported the system’s war in the Central Region in Yemen Arab Republic, then they moved together to the formation of militant groups and to the recruitment of the volunteers’ batches to fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Further more moved to the establishment and deployment of more than 4,000 religious schools according to the statement of the Yemeni Prime Minister Abdulkader Bagammal.

The regime expends funds of billions of Riyals on this branched network; supports the activities of Al-Imaan University(Faith University), the university, which has received donation from the president Saleh with amount of 1 billion Riyals.The university is headed by the Sheikh Abdul-Mageed Alzendani who is formally accused by the United States of America of terrorism and supporting terrorism. All these evidences are really proved that the president really has returned to his first square and to his origins and beliefs. It is a clear evidence that any pretending of supporting democracy, human rights, women’s rights or fair elections or any similar terms that were imposed by the necessities of the present era; the era of science and technology, technical revolution and satellites, is only way to keep up with new variables and to avoid collision with them. It is also to maintain the major material and technical base of the rule (the political system) which is fully belonging to the tribal and military coalition and allied with the religious terrorism and its obscurantist and expiatory forces. These forces are foster-parent to the Saleh’s regime and we have to comprehend that the regime well takes care of them, and to ensure the environment for their proliferation in all corners of the earth whenever possible. That is the rule, what else is the exception.

Ambassador: Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hasani

If this article is only 25% true its very scary. This al-Hasani is the former head of Yemen’s navy who defected to England and stated that al-Qaeda sympathizers are in high level positions in Yemen’s security forces and that Saleh knew in advance about the Cole bombing.

AAIA Leader Nabi Targeted

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What is this saying, the AAIA (which doesnt exist according to the govt) thinks the govt put a hit out on Nabi? He has been talking a lot, in the last interview with Asharq Al-Awasat he denied there were training camps in Abyan, he said there may be some in other locations, which he named. Nabi is the same guy the Yemeni govt reported to the US as dead several times in 2003 before finally admitting they pardoned him and let him go.

Sanaa, Asharq Al-Awsat- A source from the outlawed Yemeni Aden Abyan Islamic Army has stated that the group’s leader, Sheikh Khalid Abdul Nabi was the target of an assassination attempt. The source, which refused to be identified, told Asharq Al Awsat that a plot was revealed to assassinate Abdul Nabi at the hands of an armed group in Jaar, a province in Abyan Governorate, south Yemen.

The source asserted that several participants of numerous assassination plans for the Islamic Army leader were identified and admitted their involvement. However, a security source denied this information and stressed that President Ali Abdullah Saleh had pardoned Abdul Nabi.

The source accused a person called “W.H.” of trying to recruit several Aden Abyan Army members to carry out the operation, and added that the defendant has links with the security services and tried to deceive cadres in the army “but they discovered his lies.” It added that the information obtained from “some youths” included the monitoring of Khalid Abdul Nabi’s movements between his house, the mosque in which he prays, and his farm and pointed out that the aforementioned person “was infiltrated to penetrate the youth’s ranks, in an outwardly religious way but covertly for security reasons.” It denied that the person who tried to assassinate Abdul -Nabi was an Aden Army member and said, “This person has no connection to the Aden Abyan Army. We want to know whether these actions are personal ones from the directorate or if they come from a higher authority.”

On its part, a security source in Abyan Governorate strongly denied this information. The official who refused to be identified told Asharq Al Awsat, “The Aden Abyan Army does not exist. Khalid Abdul Nabi had given himself up in the past, President Saleh pardoned him and he is now living as an ordinary citizen and has a farm.” He added, “Abdul Nabi has disagreements with a farmer and he complains about some people and some people complain about him.” He also denied that there are detainees from a group called ‘Monotheism and Jihad’ in Abyan and stressed, “If there are detainees, then they are held because of disagreements amongst them about land etc and not in connection with other cases.”

Saddam’s Nephew in Yemen a Major Terrorist: Iraqis

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The Iraqis are talking about current support of terrorists. He is leading and financing terrorist operations in Northern Iraq, causing death and destruction.

BAGHDAD, Nov. 17 (Xinhuanet) — Iraqi Attorney General Chathanfar Hmod Al-Jasim presented Interpol with an extradition request to bring Saddam Hussein’s nephew from Yemen back to Baghdad to standtrial for “committing acts of terror,” the US military said in a statement on Thursday.

Omar Sabawi Ibrahim Hasan Al-Tikriti, the son of Saddam Hussein’s half brother, has been sought by Iraqi officials for his leading role and financial support to “terrorist organizations”,the military said in a statement.

Omar, 35, “focused much of his financial support and leadership on terrorist activities throughout northern and central Iraq,including Mosul,” the statement said.

“His efforts resulted in many deaths, injuries and destruction of property,” it added.

Omar’s father, Sabawi Ibrahim Hasan Al-Tikriti, former director of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, is a waiting trial for committing crimes against humanity. Enditem

Many of Iraq’s upper generals who fled Iraq as the regime fell were recruited by the Yemeni military. (That’s like recruiting French generals, what’s the point?)

Lets put this together with the published report a few months ago by an anonymous official of “subersive” (al-Qaeda) elements in Yemen’s military and security forces that have established training camps for the Baathists.

Also recall the top Zaidi scholar said that the Iraqi generals in the Yemeni military urged Saleh to slaughter the Shiites like Saddam, at the same time as the reports of targeting civilians in Saada began to emerge and Sistani called it a jihad. Do we remember all this: dragging the burnt bodies behind the military vehicles, trashing the libraries, arresting doctors who were caring for the wounded, mass arrests without trial of whole villages including young boys. Currently the region is still closed of to everyone, and the jails are still filled.

Wasn’t there just a highly publicized trial of some Iraqi “terrorists” (that were in jail for two years) who were said to be in possessionof some handgranades. There was less publicity when they were acquited by a judge who said there wasnt a shred of evidence against the four teachers who insisted all along they were tortured into confessions.

But Saddam’s Nephew, son of the Iraqi Chief of Intelligence, is running terrorist operatations out of Yemen where there’s military checkpoints every ten feet, and Saleh doesn’t know and there’s no support for al-Tikritis operations from the Yemeni military, our important Partners in the WOT with whom we do mil-to-mil. Either Saleh is completely incompetant or he’s knowingly permitting big terrorists to operate from Yemen. My guess is both.

More from ADNKI: Last month, one of Omar’s brothers, Yassir Sabawi Ibrahim, was captured in Baghdad, accused of being one of the main financiers for the insurgency activities. Following his arrest, the Iraqi interior minister Bayan Jabr said Yassir had told interrogators he had been receiving money from someone “from the family of Saddam” living in “other Arab countries” to deliver to insurgents in Iraq.

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